Florida Woman is Beaten Near Death- How Funny!

A Deland, Florida woman was severely beaten by her husband and found half naked and semi-conscious in her car by police.

Lenora Shorts, whose last name also describes the only thing she was wearing, was so badly beaten that she was able only to mumble to police, and point in the direction her husband had run after getting so, ahem, short with her.

Short with her, get it?

Police were summoned to the scene after a caller reported seeing a woman being dragged across the street, giving new meaning to the term, “ball and chain.”

Mr. Shorts, who was found later hiding in the bushes, suffered dog bites when a police dog attacked him.  It is not known at this time whether those injuries were serious, or if he suffered any muscle strain dragging around and beating his old lady.


There now, are you sufficiently disgusted? After all, no decent individual would find humor in such a sickening scenario, would they?

Well, they do at the New York Daily News [sic], but only if the victim is male.

Let’s take a look at the “journalism” behind this, one of their December 17 headlines:

Berlinda Dixon-Newbold arrested for allegedly setting boyfriend’s crotch on fire, police say

Oh, but you can already hear the one liners coming, can’t you?  And NYDN reporter Sean Alfano doesn’t disappoint.

The first words of reporting he penned on a story in which a female psychopath tried to set her man on fire:

“This couple gives new meaning to the phrase heated argument.”

Ta dump!!

Most of the remainder of the write up stuck to the alleged facts; in this case that Dixon-Newbold got upset at her boyfriend for taking a nap, and decided to wake him up by sexually mutilating him with fire.

I am sure that Alfano and his buddies haven’t had belly laughs like that since Lorena Bobbit bobbed it.

Ta dump-dump!

And it doesn’t help that the less than razor sharp victim was turning it into a joke himself, but that could be a preemptive move on his part. Maybe he’s a regular reader of mainstream news and decided it would be better to laugh with, versus just being laughed at.

Whether he has learned anything from the experience may have to wait for his next girlfriend.  As Alfano so wittily reports near the end of his story, the relationship between he and Dixon-Newbold has “flamed out.”

Ta dump-dump crash!!

Is it any wonder why these mainstream nimrods can’t seem to get a grasp on why their work increasingly ends up lining floors for not yet housebroken puppies, and not being read?

I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re using misandry (Yes, Sean, that’s a real word) as filler between cosmetic ads, but there is a side to this even darker than Alfano’s hateful sense of humor.

The efforts to make mainstream media user friendly to narcissistic female consumers is bad enough in sitcoms, commercials and the Hollywood production of vapid romantic comedies.  But we have finally arrived at the point that nothing is left for this ideological contagion to infect. Straight journalism was the last domino to fall.

So now, when it comes to violence against men perpetrated by women, it is either completely ignored, or, as in this case, it is just a scenario ripe to be mocked in newspapers and sneered at by the ignorant, morally deficient masses on which they so completely depend.

For women, it’s a different story.  Newspaper ad sales would drop like media stock if they were equal opportunity sexists. So they are careful to convey, subtly or not, their moral indignation at the harming of the fairer consumer. But for men, every attack they suffer is a handy joke; every punch a punch line.

Godfather Harry summed it up just right. “I don’t know who you are, sir,” he said, “But I can tell you what you are worth. If your partner was to cut off your penis tonight, the world would laugh. What a piece of shit is man.”

Harry, you’ve have been proven once again to deserve your good reputation. Man is a piece of shit.  I’ve gotten the latest confirmation, courtesy of Sean Alfano at the New York Daily News.

Note: The interpretation of the Lenora Shorts story is satire. There is nothing funny about what happened, or about the Dixon-Newbold story. If you struggle with the meaning of satire, please check here. If it still bothers you, you may qualify to report for the New York Daily News.

  • Peg

    Ugh. I’m sick to my stomach after both of those stories, but especially after your report of the make-light coverage of the poor man whose “girlfriend” set his crotch on fire. SO NOT FUNNY!

  • Aharon

    America has long become a Beacon of Indecency and Vulgarity. Men and women from around the world are watching how we are sliding further downhill year after year. Regardless of what happens to us (all civilizations collapse) my hope is that other societies and countries learn from our mistakes for having allowed in the ideologies of political correctness and feminism.

    • Jimmy K.

      Yep. We in Europe tend to think of America as a country of hypocrites (no offense!). But Europe doesn’t learn from it. I guess we’re also sliding further and further downhill. Maybe a collapse of western civilisation is what human kind needs. I’m very curious how long it will take before women will fall back on men in a society run by ‘warlords’.
      Maybe a little off-topic: I tend to think most women are very opportunistic and their self-criticism stops at the frontend of the mirror. Yesterday evening I was reading the internet and when I saw for the 5 millionth time the damage that women cause to our society while losing theirselves in their narcistic dreamworld, I suddenly thought by myself: ‘estrogen is the cancer of this planet’. I know this is an extreme and emotional inspired thought instead of a hard truth, but should someone be surprised that men reading all the sh*t about them starts to think in that way?

      • Aharon

        Jimmy K.

        I can relate very much to what you wrote. Under normal and natural circumstances with two reasonably decent people, there is an old spiritual teaching:

        ‘When a woman marries she enters into a world more realistic than her own and when a man marries he enters into a world greater than his own’. Unfortunately, in modern western society we are producing so many people who are extremely narcissistic and shallow.

    • Edmond

      It is not only in the US, it is worldwide.

      • http://men-factor.blogspot.com The ScareCrow formerly known as Richard

        No offense Edmond.

        Prove it.

        • The White Rider

          I can confirm it’s the same way in Canada. Certainly was when the Bobbit case was an international media circus.

  • mongo

    What’s truly sad is how we have to repeat, spell out and insist that we don’t find the beating and mutilation of the opposite sex funny – because we know if there’s the slightest, minuscule chance that that meaning could be taken, we would be accused of the worst possible thing in the world: being just like women.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam


      Once again I am frustrated by only having the option to up vote your comment once.

      So true it hurts.


        Paul if you have the time can you write an article about the blog at


        by Nina Funnell

        Paul check out her piss weak defense of her narrow expertise I have lifted below, from the bottom of the comments section.


        ‘@Sentient Being:

        You are correct in that I am a violence against women campaigner. This does not mean I am pro violence against men. What it means is that under the umbrella issue of violence you need people to specialize. Just as under the umbrella issue of cancer you need doctors to specialize. Working in breast cancer does not mean you are pro prostate cancer.

        Similarly those who work to prevent homophobic bashings are not pro-hetero bashings. Just because I work in preventing violence against women (google me, you’ll pretty soon find out why… ).- this doesnt mean I am pro-violence against men. It simple means I have specialized and it would actually be inappropriate for me to write about violence against men when there are others far more qualified in those fields… I don’t know if you know how journalism works (the fact that you have referred to previous titles of my work suggests that you know very little- if you did you’d know that I have not written a single title- as these are chosen by sub-editors…) anyway- if you knew anything about journalism you’d know that editors look for experts to comment in their own fields. This is why I don’t ever write about economics… it’s not my place or expertise… likewise, I shouldn’t write about Violence against men given that is not my expertise…Just because I don’t write about it doesn’t mean I endorse it.

        I sometimes wonder at those of you who take such exception to people saying that violence against women is wrong…
        Nina Funnell – December 22, 2010, 4:54PM’


        Now people as Nina Funnell says

        ‘ likewise, I shouldn’t write about Violence against men given that is not my expertise’

        This is due to the fact she does not care and does not have the intellectual horsepower to realize that violence – domestic or otherwise, physical and mental – is often a two way street.

        • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

          I am booked solid, I’m afraid. Perhaps you could write it?

          • KARMA MRA MGTOW

            Ok I will in the next few days I will submit it VIA email :)

            I will also use my real name.


            John Narayan.

          • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

            Sounds great, John. Give em hell and I look forward to seeing it.

        • Don

          I don’t understand? She knows everything there is know about violence against women, but knows nothing about violence against men and men are supposed to be the perpetrators of violence on women?

          Usually being educated on or about violence they are not going to teach just violence against women without getting the full spectrum of who it effects. Unless she was taught by a feminist that only wanted her to know one side! What do you think?

  • http://counterfeminism.info/ Porky D.

    “When Sheldon Gonzalez got home from work late Tuesday night, he wanted to sleep”

    Ah ha! I knew he must have done something egregious to drive the angelic creature to such an extreme act!

    • Kratch

      I (tried to) post a reply, but it appears the comments were closed as I was writing…

      “The overabundance of focus on men as perpetrators (regardless of whether it occured in this article or not, though it clearly does in the title), is highly damaging to our society, and in ways demonstratable in this very comments section. No less then four times, it has been stated that it is indeed “FACT” that men commit the inordinate amount of Domestic violence (and at least a half dozen more people haved stated it to be their belief)… yet not a single link to anything that proves this “FACT”…Well, here are a few examples that show this “FACT” to be wrong…


      At the very least, these links prove that no “FACT” has indeed been determined. (as an Aside, I’d like to note that in the 3rd link, the Canadian governments on Stats-Can study doesn’t even look at the instance of Female to male Violence. This alone should be evidance of gender bias in government and the DV industry, and give you a hint as to where your “Facts” are coming from)

      So the result is, the disproportionate focus on women as victims has indeed biased the vast majority of people into actually believing that the instance of intimate partner violence somehow relates to the instance seen in add campaigns. and in doing, it denies men the resources they need.”

  • Watcher

    @Brendan – December 22, 2010, 9:48AM

    Actually it’s your lack of understanding of domestic violence that is disturbing, women constitute at least HALF of the problem!

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/learnercurious1 Richard Brown

    “End Human Bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

  • Aharon

    “I sometimes wonder at those of you who take such exception to people saying that violence against women is wrong…”
    Nina Funnell


    I’m not sure if I fully understand the above comment and I can only speak for myself in replying.

    I sense that comments posted by men being indifferent to violence against women are mostly more of an emotional ‘tit for tat’ reaction to the massive humor overtly expressed by women and the media about how funny it is when men are victimized. Legitimate DV study after study indicates, from teenage dating to married couples, that men are increasingly the majority of victims. The CDC has published many statistical findings documenting female violence and other scholars have too yet the media and politicians of course keep to the feminist propaganda line.

    I sometimes wonder if females pop out of the womb whining about being a poor innocent victim of a male conspiracy.

  • pbw

    Women engage in emotional violence. Men engage in physical violence. It is unfortunate the courts do not factor in emotional violence as it has often more serious and long term consequences. Physical harm often heals with little after afffects whereas emotional scars often last a life time. Emotional violence needs to be recognized as a legitimate form of illegal activity under the law.

    • Don


      You are correct! I was raised in a broken family with my father and my stepmother. And let me tell you the things she used to do to me and tell me I still have nighmares about today and I’m 49. And my Father used to beat the crap out of me just for being a kid and the only things I remember the most is what my stepmother did to me and my siblings. SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!! I’d rather get the beatings anyday!

  • AntZ

    Analysis of 56 comments as of 12:00 EST Dec 22:

    Making fun of the male victim: 18 (32%)
    Making fun of the situation in general: 9 (16%)
    Critical of female abuser/supporting male victim: 8 (14%)
    Critical of male victim/supporting female abuser: 5 (9%)
    Critical of the author/story: 5 (9%)
    Other: 9 (16%)

    The good news is that a single comment pointing out the misandry of the story (by Kpett) half way through the discussion clearly changed the tone of many of the subsequent posts — all 5 serious posts that questioned the absurdity of making fun of such a hateful act occurred after Kpett’s post.

    The bad news is that, amazingly, 5 people supported the woman’s actions, on the grounds of infidelity, also spurned on by Kpett’s post.

    It seems that the feminists were mad that someone dared to point out an instance of their treasured double standards.

    • Peggy Spencer

      I assume you are analyzing comments on another site. It is appalling that anyone would make fun of the male victim or support the woman who set him on fire. Unbelievable. As Paul rightly pointed out, if the tables were turned and someone tried to make fun of the woman victim, all hell would break loose.

      • AntZ

        The original story linked in the article accepts comments.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com The ScareCrow

    Personally, I prefer the story about the man who violently attacked several women’s feet with his face on a public bus:


    • Lovekraft

      lol!!! Yes, didn’t he know that this bus represented a phallic symbol of male control and that he was an unwanted sperm?

    • !!SPARTA!!

      Yeah, I would have straight knocked that bitch out. I mean, seriously, she put a lot of effort into positioning herself to kick him in the face like that.

  • Aharon

    I just visited a blog and read about what is perhaps the most disturbing thing to me yet on the gender war: the male suicide rate and especially the stories and stats for young men. Too much reading for too long on feminism and the discrimination against us men can be depressing. Nothing actually moved me to shed a few tears as reading about how the discrimination against us males is going so far as to create such a spike in suicides.


  • Mr. J

    How about that sickening tv program “americas funniest home videos”, where they think its funny when a man gets hit in the crotch…………..that program in infuriatingly sickening.

  • Primal

    Trying to beat feminists at their own game, that is who can be the biggest victim, is unlikely to succeed for us…because frankly women won’t offer ‘love’ unless we are ‘cool’ that is dignified, confident and powerful. Therefore, I’d rather see potent people who call this crap than to constantly highlight the idiots among us. Are there any men who write about domestic violence who are solid that we can count on for some good sense?

    The one great strength we have up against the feminist flunkies is that we DO know how to suffer and die for what they lie, cheat and steal for. In the end, courage always wins. I’d like to see more courage, more creativity and less victimhood here.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Trying to beat feminists at their own game, that is who can be the biggest victim, is unlikely to succeed for us…because frankly women won’t offer ‘love’ unless we are ‘cool’ that is dignified, confident and powerful.

      Are you personally at the mercy of what women want in exchange for their “love?”

    • Jean Valjean

      My friend women are as vulnerable to loneliness as men are. The moment a man won’t put up with her bullshit is the moment a woman is forced to “improve”.

      You have to remember that our desire for sex is a genetically programmed mandate to reproduce that has been selectively bred into us through female mate selection for millions of years.

      But they have not bred out our intelligence and reason. And because of this we can decide that having sex with a woman does not define our self-worth or what a “real man” is. In my opinion a real man doesn’t allow others to define what a real man is.

      Why do you think women surgically alter themselves to be prettier? Shove plastic into their chests, scrape their skin, color their hair, suck out fat, inject fat? It’s because women are in a hyper-competition mode for the few remaining high achieving males left. With female competition the number of men who are high achievers is falling and the level at which we judge “success” has risen. Women instinctively know this which is why they mutilate themselves to try to attract those men.

      Also, I believe that all women on some level sense that men are pulling away from marriage and relationships and if they have the looks for it are willing to objectify themselves to attract the man they want.

      When we accept that having sex by ourselves is better than with a woman and does not demean our masculinity but enhances it women will go crazy.

      A recent conversation with some women on a local social networking site bears this out. They were dumbfounded when I told them that sex with a pocket pussy was superior to a woman. They always claim that dildos aren’t a “threat” to men. But when I told them I would rather not have sex with a woman their interest in me skyrocketed. They even wanted to see pics of what a PP is.

      Rarity = value. If we adopt and popularize a belief that banging strange women is unmanly and that being indifferent to female sexuality is “male strength” then I believe there is no limit to what we can do.

      • http://huntingforarchetypes.blogspot.com Factory

        “If we adopt and popularize a belief that banging strange women is unmanly and that being indifferent to female sexuality is “male strength” then I believe there is no limit to what we can do.”

        There is wisdom in these words.

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  • Jean Valjean

    Haven’t you all figured it out yet? Slaves are supposed to be beaten. But when slaves strike their master that’s the most terrible offense.

    Women’s job is to consume and control and your jobs as males is to work and provide and allow her to control you. If that means she must beat you and abuse you then this is her right because as a male your duty is to serve the needs of women.

    Remember, we’re all equal, but women are more equal.