Facebook is feminism’s admission of failure

If you criticize feminism, or any of that ideology’s major dogmas, you will be silenced.

That appears to be the message conveyed by the recent campaign to co-opt Facebook’s moderation policies. It is now against Facebook’s community standards to criticize the religion of gender-hatred and violence. The ideology which pretends to humanism, but which is even named by a contraction, using an expression for sexually selective supremacism.

On the largest social networking site in the world, if you criticize feminism, you will be silenced.

This is the work, obviously of more than some small handful of ideologues on the fringe. This is the will of a major segment of public, activist adherents to that ideology.

Many individuals in the non-feminist public have already objected to the imposition of censorship into their communications, their relationships, and their friendships. Their objections are justified and correct. Although critics of social media have appropriately used the term “antisocial media,” it’s also true that social media has become one of the significant environments through which people maintain friendships and relationships. Now, with the advent of overt censorship of any criticism of the popular ideology of gender, the adherents of that violent cult apparently want to do more than just silence any differing point of view. The goal appears to be social isolation for anyone who dares to criticize their ideology.

For the record, that’s an ideology the principal tenets of which are lies and thought-stopping cliches. It’s an ideology built on hatred and violence by proxy, and one which insists that women are inferior–in need of constant propping up, artificial advantage, coddling, and endless condescending affirmation. In fact, it’s an ideology of gender which informs public policies which purposefully ignore peer-reviewed research on domestic violence. Thus, gender-ideologically driven policy opposes Domestic Violence (DV) in its public rhetoric, but maintains the conditions which perpetuate that violence. That’s right, feminist-driven policy on DV purposefully perpetuates domestic violence.

Qui bono? Who benefits?

That’s simple: follow the money.

But what are the adherents of an ideology to do when their claims, dogmas and foundational myths are repeatedly and exhaustively shown to be false? Not just incorrect, but willfully fraudulent? What are such ideologues to do when personal smears against their critics have ever diminishing effect? What do the hard-core proponents of such ideology to do when their own long-standing policy of using ad-hominem attacks and other logical fallacies to marginalize their rational critics is identified in public, and laughed at with deserved and undiluted scorn?

Lacking an evidence-based argument, lacking the ability to formulate a rational defense of feminism’s hatred and violence, publicly exposed in maintenance of naked falsehood and fraud, feminists have abandoned any pretense of credibility or legitimacy. Now it’s just censorship. If you criticize feminism, you will be silenced. And when that fails to work, as it is already failing, there will be direct and brutal violence for those who dare to object. For individuals with the integrity to oppose that cult of hatred and lies, feminism’s only remaining options are enforced silencing, and brutal violence. That’s all the gender ideology of feminism has left. And that won’t work either.

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  • judgybitch

    Shameless self-promotion here, but I took a stroll through Facebook looking for pages that explicitly incited violence and gender based hatred against MEN and BOYS, and you might be truly sickened by what I found.

    Murder, castration, jail, beading, throwing rocks, running boys over with cars, stabbing out their eyes, girls proudly wearing shirts with “I hate boys” emblazoned on them.

    Pretty nasty stuff. All of which is allowable under the new policy.

    Why isn’t feminism a hate movement again?

    • Isaac T. Quill

      Yes it is shameless, but also high quality.

    • Heisenberg

      There is no shame in promoting the truth.

    • judgybitch

      I meant beheading

      although somehow I think beading might be grotesque,too

      • Isaac T. Quill

        Don’t give um more ideas. It takes so long to get people to deal with the realities. that if they start beading (Even Just as Slang) it will take forever to get people to listen.

    • Zarathos022

      Thank you for reinforcing my decision to just stay single, JB.

    • Stu

      If we were wondering where the defunct radfemhub went, maybe facebook is the replacement.

      • Isaac T. Quill

        Nope – but apparently the radfem Hub will be having a meeting this weekend in London – Just Google for details – Camden+centre+radfem+equality

        They are staying very quite they want the Radfem Hub Owner Cathy Brennan to be allowed into the UK and not turned back at passport control or even denied on the flight from DC. If they can ban radical clerics who preach hate why not radical fems and hate mongers like The Bug?

    • Morso Denutink

      I have a better question: What are we going to do about it?

  • El Bastardo

    At some point, we have to figure how it is we make money for others, other than government. If government is included, we are exactly the same as feminists looking for victim-hood status and hand outs.

    However, if we make a business model with each other and try to do business with each other first, we establish ourselves as a group with money to be catered too!

    I do cruises, and I make things, and fix things. Anyone in the Wisconsin area come check me out. We need to grow locally, but network nationally and internationally as MHRAs!

  • Hippie Redneck

    If you have the truth on your side, censorship isn’t necessary.

  • MrShadowfax42

    Great article JtO, agree 100% as usual. Any chance you can share this meme that I put together onto the AVfM facebook page?

    or ask somebody who can? I will also add the link to this story to the meme’s FB description, along with the other 2 I have there.

    • The Real Peterman

      I love that picture. Did you draw it?

      • MrShadowfax42

        No, I wish I was so talented! I poached it and left an attribution in the description.

    • John Hembling (JtO)

      I’ll have to do it later:

      tried to share it, got this notice

      “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. Learn More.

      To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you’ve read and understand Facebook’s Community Standards.
      The block will be active for 6 hours more.”

      • MrShadowfax42

        Yeah, I assumed as much after thinking it through. If you like, and can drop the image you used that got you blocked, I will upload it also. Not sure how much it will help but happy to give it a go.

  • M3

    “Why isn’t feminism a hate movement again?”

    Not enough men have absorbed the red pill. One day not to far off into the future, there will come a time when you can hold that poster up ‘Have you had enough of this shit yet?” and you’ll get a loud resounding HELL YA coming back at you.

    Then feminism will cease to exist as soon as it is the vast majority of the public sees and reacts to it as it would any other hate movement.

  • re-construct

    The root of modern American gender-feminist “Empowerment” which makes all these other facebook type perversions possible; Is their perverse manufactured statistics Alliances with American law enforcement.
    I believe the perverted “manufactured statistics Alliances” between American gender-feminists and American law enforcement are the biggest constitutional stains on American law enforcement we have seen in decades.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Never never never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon. That picture is a perfect illustration of feminism – empowered incompetence. I’ll go read the article now.

  • onca747

    Fine, they want to play it that way. Just flag every FB page, post and image (like those listed in Judgybitch’s blog) that promote hatred and violence against men/boys.

  • Zarathos022

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you are only telling the world that you fear what he might say”.

    Why do I say this?

    Simple. Because these reptiles have proven this true time and time again.

    Radfem Hub proved this when they tried to have this site classified by the SPLC as a “hate site”.

    The University of Toronto Student Union proved this when barred the entrance to ANY presentation that showed that men are actual human beings and when they tried to get this site removed.

    The feminazis (yes, I’m calling them feminazis because at this point they deserve it.) running WAM are proving it right here and now with their little censorship stunt.

    If it wasn’t clear by now, it should be.

    Feminism is not, never was, and never will be about achieving true equality between men and women.

    They only care about seeking revenge on men and boys for what they imagine to be past wrongs and silencing ANYONE who catches on to their bullshit.

    Well done, Feminism. Keeping showing us all why your ideology is nothing more and possibly less than a great big steaming pile of misandric bullshit.

  • David Sutton

    WAM. That DOES mean Women Against Men, doesn’t it?

  • MGTOW-man

    You are darned right JTO, nothing will stop us from our mission of true equality— not the current “equality” version propped up and artificial that provides superiority for women, and that, at the expense of men and boys.

    They are desperate to silence uncomfortable truth of nature and commonsense. This latest FB manifest reflects it.

    Something else. Women receiving special preferential treatment with just about everything under the sun, in order to feign equality, is also an admission of failure. They will never achieve actual equality until they learn to “walk” on their own fully able and responsible, blaming no one else for things central to being the equals they claim. Piling up favoring rules, laws, and plans is not a replacement for actual reality—one they can’t see because their perspectives are clouded by their emotions gone overload.

    It is up to sensible men and women to stop this hijacking of everything we know, with their feelings being their weapon of exploitation.

    Finally, I would like to suggest you and the others in admin/editor status to collaborate on a book…one that rocks this world in a way never seen relative to the subject matter. One that forces our way into the mainstream media, and done so that almost no one can ignore us. This is a fitting replacement for what is being stole from us by FB cowards.

    We should all put our differences aside, work together, and make a super, history-making book all the new rage. With this in mind, if some of admin/editors can’t agree on A book, then perhaps a bunch of books could hit the shelves, creating a storm of truth the feminist camp will despise for years to come!

    If I sound over-dramatic, to the contrary. I firmly believe you and others there at AVfM are very capable of writing the book(s). The wit, the understanding, the skills, the passion, the bravery, the scope of influence, the full capacity is yours and I have full confidence it will succeed. Just write the way all of you editors do here, with the intelligence, the substantiation, the context, the angles, the proof, the rock-solid commonsense way of presenting things, and it it will be very popular. One word of caution, (and please take this constructively because I mean well and want to win this war that we did not start but have a right to win), but the average reader may not be on the college level and having to reach for a thesaurus/dictionary every other sentence, while highlighting the writers skills fairly, it also makes some readers disinterested and put the book down. THAT is the last thing we need.

    We have come closer to our inevitable success, but we should seize this opportunity to make a splash much bigger and louder than a mere WAM!. (Pun definitely intended).

    The proceeds, may I suggest, should help AVfM and true equality initiatives.

    Let’s work together. Come on, let’s rock this world!

  • sasha

    The first record I can find where a feminist proposes censoring Facebook ‘in order to stop women and girls feeling bad about themselves’ and banning ‘misogyny online’ is here:

    Watch the recording of this seminar from 0.50mins in and you’ll hear Emily Bell make the case.

    • Isaac T. Quill

      Interesting – she first talks of Cultural Frames of Reference – Framing Of Language – and also Sheryl Sandberg and how she has control of the future on line …. and then she starts in on how It’s All Misogyny (I’d start at 47 Min 6 seconds as it gives a better context. Cued Up Here … and of course the language and ideas referenced are all “deeply misogynistic” as opposed to being … I would have to suppose… shallowly misandrist?

      • Alogon

        I love this vague scenario she paints. Everything is so non-specific, “there were numerous articles in the U.S. and Britain”, “there was a page named something…rape van or something misogynistic”, “writing about women’s righ..uh, women expressing themselves and men generally feeling threatened”, “women receive vile linguistic replies more so than a male writer”.
        Just what in the hell are you actually speaking about lady? I can also just talk about random shit with no facts, figures, or even specific names, quotes or dates too. – Men are using social media less than women and I think this is obvious that it points to a deeply misandrist atmosphere where men are sort of being flogged for their feelings. We’ve seen this for a hundred years as women have dominated the social fabric of human relations and shut men out. We see on social media many shaming and unfair characterizations of men and this ultimately silences them in a prison a matriarchal oppression from which their souls never recover. Clearly women are using their innate socio-sexual power over men to exert a manipulating and insidious campaign of wage and reproductive slavery. Men have never been in control of the womb and so their lack of voice in this realm has led to a correlating absence in the social media realm and thus a lack of opportunities. I don’t think speech about women’s rights is free speech because they have had so much power and such speech makes men fearful of legal and financial ruin and I just don’t think we should allow that…because our opinion on what people should think, feel and do is solely relegated to my left testicle as ordained by god and Phoenix Online University.
        And I just love how Ms. Educated mispronounced “mores” like a first-year liberal-arts student trying to pick-up at a bar during Frosh Week.

  • Redfield

    Facebook has only prolonged the inevitable, the femcensor will have to do quite a bit of overtime to repress the truth! But Isn’t that good? It means they feel vulnerable! I guarantee they won’t have enough fingers or fingers big enough to plug the ideological leaks in their dykes … These dykes are showing their age! It won’t be long before a sea of equality and truth overcomes all before it! Best advice for those who have been protected from the truth is to immediately remove your finger and seek the higher ground!

  • re-construct

    A bold man way back in the earlier days of my mens rights education (back in the “mens news daily” days); said something very inspirational.
    He said speak the truth, and don’t worry about the outcomes…”For the truth always multiplies”.
    The mens rights community is growing wider everyday, and within a few years i predict we will have our own social networking site. Some would argue we already do!!!

  • MGTOW-man

    Now there is a great idea! Really! Let’s start our own social networking site. If under the name of something else, but not supported by advertizing, then the bullies who hate truth will not be able to get to us…to stop us.

    We can promote it as the first site to allow truth to prevail. Won’t this just rob them? Poor, poor pitiful….