Father's Day

#EndFathersDay: Happy Father’s Day, You Piece Of Shit

In light of the disparaging #EndFathersDay campaign currently playing out on twitter, we thought we’d bring you this old classic written by Tom Snark in 2011 that captures the spirit of what fathers and Father’s Day have become in the eyes of a misandric world. PW

Hey, fathers!

It’s your special day!

It’s the one day of the year that we take a break from exalting mothers and actually acknowledge your contributions to creating life and raising children. (Well, all right, we acknowledge your contributions all year round when they are of the financial sort and we want you to pay up.)

So, how shall we celebrate this special day?

A new necktie, perhaps; a silk leash around your neck, a symbol of your bondage, just to make it perfectly clear what your family keeps you around for.

Along the same lines, how about a new wallet?

Or how about you just get called a piece of shit?

That’s what Prime Minister David Cameron has done, in so many words.

Runaway fathers are like drink-drivers, blasts David Cameron

David Cameron is launching a full-scale attack on fathers who abandon their families – calling for them to be “stigmatised” by society in the same way as drink-drivers are.

The Prime Minister’s intervention – in an article for The Sunday Telegraph to mark Father’s Day – is one of the most outspoken he has ever made in defence of traditional family life, which he describes as the “cornerstone of our society”.

Mr Cameron said Britain needs to be made a “genuinely hostile” place for runaway fathers, who deserve the “full force of shame heaped upon them” and are “beyond the pale”.

So, on Father’s Day, of all days, Cameron has launched an attack on absent fathers, without any thought given as to why fathers might become absent in the first place. And the reason for this has nothing to do with male fecklessness or irresponsibility, despite what traditionalists and feminists preach.

No, the reason why fathers leave their families is because they are forced out. Britain is already a genuinely hostile place for fathers, who have to deal with the full force of shame heaped upon them, and who are already seen as ‘beyond the pale’.

Blaming men for being forced out of their own homes by ex-wives ‘looking for a better deal’ and the state mafia which Cameron himself ultimately controls is a whole new level of sick.

But, of course, there is rhetoric and then there is politic. The government is committed to making significant cuts all round, which means that the baby mammas won’t be able to depend on the timely arrival of a welfare check as they once did. Cameron (or whoever writes his speeches) is not stupid; his government has already faced criticism and protest for scaling back public sector jobs and services. He knows that the clucking hens of Mumsnet could cost him the next election if he appears to be denying single mothers the cash they are accustomed to receiving.

So he covers his own ass by picking a target that he knows a lot of women love to hate: men.

And so the grand project of scapegoating men continues.

But, in regards to those men who have children and make no effort to be a father emotionally or to hand over their cash: can there be a moral case for blaming them, given that they have no reproductive rights to speak of?

Men cannot choose to terminate a pregnancy; whether or not a child is born is a decision left entirely up to the mother. It is entirely her choice; he has no rights, and no say on the matter.

But still, he will be expected to pay; even in the case that the mother commits fraud to access his frozen sperm without his permission and has children without telling him.

Even Keith Macdonald, dubbed “Britain’s worst father” by the Daily Mail for fathering at least ten children by ten different women, did not choose to become a father.

So why should he be held financially responsible for the choices of their mothers?

Indeed, since no man has the right to have children, no man chooses to become a father.

Another mother of one of his children, Stacey Barker, 22, said: ‘Men like him should be made to have a vasectomy or be fined or even jailed.’


The mothers are entitled to jobseekers’ allowance, income support, child tax credit and child benefit. Most also get housing benefit.

Yes, a lot of women would rather subject a man to genital mutilation or debtor’s prison, than give up the perks of single motherhood. And yet, these women all chose to have sex with this man; and they all chose to carry his children to term. While Keith Macdonald could have chosen not to have sex with the women, he had no choice about whether or not the children were born. Each of the women could have chosen to have an abortion; none of them did. So why should he pay a single penny for someone else’s choices?

Speaking of debtor’s prisons, they actually have those in the United States, for ‘deadbeat dads’ – a feminist slur against alienated fathers who lose their jobs and can no longer afford crippling child support bills. This is a particularly cruel slur given that feminists have actively kept unemployed men out of work:

Originally, the “stimulus” (which was supposed to keep the official unemployment rate well below its current level) was supposed to be spent on infrastructure. The I-35W Mississippi River Bridge collapse in Minnesota in 2007 and the DC Metro crash earlier this year in June […] showed that spending on maintaining current and building new infrastructure has been insufficient for a long time. The stimulus would have been a good opportunity to begin to correct this massive error as solid infrastructure is necessary for long term economic growth (not to mention safety), but womens’ (such as NOW) groups objected. They called the original stimulus “burly”, “macho”, and “sexist” demanding that the stimulus be spent on women. This was despite the fact that millions of men were losing their jobs, and education and health care added jobs primarily benefiting women. NOW and the other womens’ groups were successful with the stimulus was skewed towards education and health care leaving infrastructure in the same dangerous state it was before. In addition the gap between male and female unemployment is the largest in the history of unemployment data going back to 1948 when such data began.

This “women oriented stimulus” along with other things has caused the federal deficit for this year to surpass 1.8 trillion dollars, far beyond the deficit of any previous year. This causes more men to be unemployed since this massive federal debt is sucking capital out of the private sector which destroys jobs. Literally, there is no capital for new business creation and business expansion that would create jobs.

Not content to keep men (many of whom are fathers owing child support) out of work, NOW has also been pushing to reduce the amount of owed child support needed to chuck an unemployed man in prison:

RI NOW Supports

Promoting Economic Justice

Would decrease the amount of child support arrearage constituting a felony from $10,000 to $5,000

In feminist thinking, ‘economic justice’ equates to criminalising and imprisoning as many men as possible – particularly those already victimised by circumstance or the feminist groups themselves. There is a certain inefficiency to their cruelty, however, since a man’s child support debts continue to accumulate while he sits in prison, obviously unable to work.

The feminists have a solution to this, though, and if you guessed slave labour camps, you would be right. I wish I was joking. I quote April McCaffery, who writes for Examiner as the LA single parenting correspondent:

Deadbeats don’t mind going to jail because then they have food and shelter paid for by YOUR tax dollars.


Deadbeat dads should be forced into slave labor. It’s the only possible solution that might actually lead to results.

Since we’ve moved onto America, how does the Premier of the most powerful country in the world acknowledge the role of fathers on Father’s Day?

Well, typically, he uses the occasion to bash fathers. In 2008 he said the following:

if we are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that what too many fathers also are is missing – missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it.


We know the statistics – that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.

Perhaps somebody should have mentioned to President Obama that around three quarters of divorces are initiated by women, who proceed to use the biased family court system to impoverish men and strip them of the right to even see their children. When the President blames a group of people for suffering at the hands of the state, it is hard not to see it as blatant oppression.

We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception. We need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child – it’s the courage to raise one.

More unconstructive ‘man up’ nonsense. More to the point, a man’s responsibility does indeed end at conception. There are no responsibilities without corresponding rights, and a man has no rights over the foetus growing inside the mother’s womb. The decision to keep or get rid of it is hers and hers alone, enshrined in law; that is a decision she has to make, based on the evidence at hand.

Will I be able to raise this child? Will I be able to if I am on my own? The failure to ask these questions of oneself does not mitigate one’s moral obligations. Reproductive rights are entirely hers, and therefore so are reproductive responsibilities.

Obama continued to lecture fathers on the one day, in 2008, dedicated to them:

our young boys and girls see that. They see when you are ignoring or mistreating your wife. They see when you are inconsiderate at home; or when you are distant; or when you are thinking only of yourself.

He even used the occasion to venerate mothers:

We need to help all the mothers out there who are raising these kids by themselves; the mothers who drop them off at school, go to work, pick up them up in the afternoon, work another shift, get dinner, make lunches, pay the bills, fix the house, and all the other things it takes both parents to do. So many of these women are doing a heroic job

We might compare this to his Mother’s Day speech this year. Did he criticise feckless, gold-digging single mothers, and pay tribute to the struggles of fathers? Of course not. He venerated mothers again.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the extraordinary importance of mothers in our lives. The bond of love and dedication a mother shares with her children and family is without bounds or conditions. Whether an adoptive mom or grandmother, mother or partner, the women who raise us show us that no hurdle is too high, and no dream is beyond our reach. As sons and daughters, we show our gratitude for the women in our lives who care for us, shape our values, and set us on the path to a limitless future.

Throughout our history, mothers have made remarkable sacrifices for the well-being of their loved ones […] Mothers are the rocks of our families and a foundation in our communities. In gratitude for their generous love, patient counsel, and lifelong support, let us pay respect to the women who carry out the hard work of motherhood with skill and grace, and let us remember those mothers who, though no longer with us, inspire us still.

Notably, he has not taken the opportunity of Father’s Day this year to chastise fathers. A part of me likes to believe that the storm kicked up by the Men’s Rights Movement after his previous speeches attacking fathers has persuaded him to tone it down somewhat. Rather than speaking of ‘deadbeat dads’, he refers to fathers serving abroad in the armed forces, and those who have lost jobs in the recession (in some cases thanks to him caving in to feminist demands to redirect that stimulus package, although he curiously omits this one detail). All in all, this year’s speech is a lot more positive towards fathers than those of past years, but he still holds back from really giving fathers their due; compare it to the Mother’s Day speech cited above.

So, back to David Cameron. Attacking fathers on Father’s Day is a pretty disgusting thing to do, not to mention cynical. He is attempting to deflect blame from government by stirring up hatred towards common men – always an easy target. And yet, men cannot honestly be held morally responsible for creating children until they actually have the right to do so.

This old article sums up the position of Legal Choice For Men:

Contending that women have more options than they do in the event of an unintended pregnancy, men’s rights activists are mounting a long shot legal campaign aimed at giving them the chance to opt out of financial responsibility for raising a child.


The gist of the argument: If a pregnant woman can choose among abortion, adoption or raising a child, a man involved in an unintended pregnancy should have the choice of declining the financial responsibilities of fatherhood.


“There’s such a spectrum of choice that women have — it’s her body, her pregnancy and she has the ultimate right to make decisions,” said Mel Feit, director of the men’s center. “I’m trying to find a way for a man also to have some say over decisions that affect his life profoundly.”

For as long as men lack reproductive rights, and for as long as we allow women to force men to become fathers when they do not want to, then of course we are going to have ‘feckless, irresponsible, deadbeat dads’ – although I don’t blame them, and I won’t call them that. I will call them victims of fraud and financial manipulation. Consenting to sex is not the same as consenting to fatherhood, and any man who has not consented to the latter owes the world nothing.

And that’s why Legal Choice For Men seems reasonable to me. A woman does not ‘abort’ the baby so much as she ‘aborts’ herself from a lifestyle she does not want. Why should a man not have the right to an ‘abortion’ on the same grounds? In that case, inviolable contracts could be drawn up, prior to the birth of the child (or even prior to conception) in which the father signs up to fatherhood. If he doesn’t sign, he can’t be held liable, because it was never his choice to have a child; thus there can be no grounds for requiring him to sweat and toil for the mother’s sake.

Strange how feminists are unwilling to commit to this version of ‘my body, my choice’.

Happy Father’s Day!


  • Nephanor of Fraal

    Okay, two things: from all evidence, this hashtag was a trolling attempt by 4chan on feminists. A rather successful trolling, as not only did they fall for it, they grabbed it and ran with it. So while the intent was to make the feminists look like idiots (which they happily did), it wasn’t started by feminists. Secondly, what is funnier is the few feminists with 2 brain cells trying to perform damage control on the out of control monster. It’s like that scene in Naked Gun when the exploding car goes into the fireworks factory and Frank Drebin is standing there going “Nothing to see here! Please move along”

    • http://thedamnedoldeman.com Walter Romans

      Yes, it apparently was a setup for feminists. It was also highly successful. Far too many feminists picked up the ball and ran with it and in the process bared their hateful, misandrous faces to the world. Now they are upset at being exposed for the man-haters they are.

      • Nephanor of Fraal

        What’s even funnier is when pointed to actual hateful feminists, the ones trying to cover it up immediately claim it as a troll.

        • Mark

          No sorry, I’ve facepalmed over this. I don’t want to argue with a made-up strawman feminism, I want to tackle the logical inconsistencies in actual feminism. This makes both sides look like idiots.

          I assume the instigator of the prank was an anti-feminist trying to discredit feminism (or maybe an extreme misandrist looking for validation. We don’t actually know the motivation of the instigator, do we?). Not all anti-feminists are MRA as we have established. But they are naturally going to think it is an MRA so that’s giving us the rep of using disinformation and agent provocateur tactics – it doesn’t look good. And for all those that reacted against it – we’ve all fallen for the prank, so again it makes us look like idiots. This is a no-score draw in the debate.

          And at the time I was actually having an intelligent debate about the illegitimacy of feminist Patriarchy theory, for about two hours – discrediting feminism the way it should be discredited – by proving it wrong. Meanwhile all this dumbassery is going on. It is dumbassery and I can’t revel in it.

          • Cylux

            I suppose you do have a point, NAFALT gains an undue legitimacy as a debating tactic if they can actually point to ‘twitter feminist profiles’ spouting filth that are known fakes. From those outside looking in it is unlikely that they’ll grasp the nuance of the fact that genuine feminists ended up agreeing with and sharing said points, and instead concluding that they must be fake profiles as well. Those feminists familiar with the actual actors involved however might feel a tinge of embarrassment over their peers behaviour, but I’ve noticed doubling-down or sweeping under the carpet tend to be the main response rather than a period of self reflection and hard questioning along the lines of “Why did we find ourselves openly embracing hatred?”

            If nothing more it might just contribute to the death of Twitter as a serious public advocacy platform and news source, which probably only has positives all round really.

          • Mark

            Yeah who’d have thought that 140 characters wasn’t enough to discuss serious complex issues, but plenty enough to say something dumb?! 😉

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        So it started out as a hoax, and actually was embraced by those cuntemptibles?

    • Clint Carpentier

      Just cuzz…

      • Nephanor of Fraal

        Comic GENIUS! I miss that man’s deadpan more than I can say.

    • Cylux

      Yeah I’ve noticed that /pol of 4Chan has been doing a lot of ‘psy-ops’ of this sort lately. From what I can gather there’s some nasty far-right politics behind it, but at the same time all they are merely doing is exploiting hypocrisies and bigotry held by social justice warriors, and if they weren’t hypocrites and were in fact the noble campaigners for equality they claim, then the ‘fascists’ wouldn’t have any material to exploit.

      • Anonymous

        They came to 4chan and poked the hornets nest. In response several boards including /pol/ and /b/ are running a nonstop troll campaign on SJW activism. Operation Freebleeding, operation bikini bridge, #endfathersday, #yesallcats was all us. Hilariously #killallmen was actually legit, but they tried to blame it on us. Every time we convince scores of insane feminists and SJW’s to take the bait and watch it all explode in their faces. It works because we are just extending their own line of reasoning. It works because they’ve bought into a flawed ideology. By the time we’re bored with it nobody will be able to tell the difference between feminists and trolls and their internet activism becomes meaningless. Nobody will know who’s jewing who.

        Don’t provoke 4chan.

  • Doug Hart

    Rarely am I ahead of the curve on much of anything, but as soon as I could find a urologist to give me the snip, I did just that. (age 30). It wasn’t that I didn’t want kids, I just didn’t want them with the skank I was married to at the time. We ended up divorced, and seeing how she stole our community property, I don’t think my sanity would have survived having her use our children as a tool to hold me hostage for the next 18 years.

  • Dennis Markham

    Yeah, men just magically transformed into “deadbeats” after Second Wave Feminism and LBJ’s Great Society. Sure. It’s just a historical fluke that single motherhood increased 6X (despite the incredible advance in birth control that should have moved things in the opposite direction) in half a century.

    If you don’t want “deadbeat dad’s”, STOP FUCKING PAYING WOMEN FOR DRIVING THEM AWAY! That’s what welfare and child support is.

    • Tom Mack

      A broken populace is more profitable and docile as far as the Government’s concerned.

    • peter parker

      Men magically transform into deadbeats whenever there isn’t a war on….

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        Here’s my personal favorite. Men only become good fathers for their children to live with once the child support ends.

        • peter parker

          Foster carers all….disposable income the rest

    • TPH

      Exactly. If you stop making it financially advantageous for women to ditch their husbands/boyfriends for the piece of meat on the platter, then the situation men face with the continued bashing of fathers would slow down.

  • Dennis Markham

    “Deadbeat dads should be forced into slave labor. It’s the only possible solution that might actually lead to results.”

    They were, dumbass. That’s why they’re in jail.

  • Jacket

    “Follow the money.” “Who benefits?” Ask the questions and investigate. Problem is…bureaucracies have been created and they refuse to go away once a problem has been fixed (within reason and feasibility). Too much money is to be made and the largest voting demographics refuse to gift up benefits/entitlements.

  • 2cyar

    This article is the cold, hard, truth.

    • Doug Hart

      I, just now this minute was watching a commercial that started out with one man receiving a fathers day gift and it then morphed into how fathers day is for “all of us” and proceeded to be commandeered by the smiling faces of no less than two women one after another smiling and hamming for the camera. .

  • Greboada

    A small detail: it seems that EndFathersDay was (or started as) a prank. The problem is that some people took it seriously.


    • Doug Hart

      Give those chicks on that twitter screen shot a couple of years to find a wealthy Doctor or Lawyer to marry and no one will ever see them again.

    • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

      Perhaps it’s me as a professional cynic, but when I was made aware of #EndFathersDay it took me 5 seconds to Sniff Out Poe’s Law – hence my responses;

      “The Consensus is Tis Just Poe’s Law In Action – Vacuuming Up Idiots #NoMRA”

      What I did see clearly is just how fed up so many are with Feminist Dogma, Diatribe and Damselling so the hastag touched a well exposed nerve and revealed not Mysogeny (as all good feminist ideologies would opine) but a Back Lash to the excesses of Juvenile College Feminism and the Princess Ways of so many. I can’t say that people view it as Misandry yet, but that message is growing and so many people are fed up with the abuse and negation of men, unless they are controlled an leashed by privilege princess.

      SlutWalk Imploded – the Rape Culture Meme continues to Implode The #YesAllWomen Co-opting of others tragedy and deaths to demand opportunities for damselling has made people angry .. and the none stop incessant abuse of social media is antisocial. And then they blame others for how they get treated and viewed?


  • Mark Samenfink

    I had rather a long argument with feminists on twitter over this. They made 1 fairly strong point, but the rest was a bunch of discrediting crap and obstinate bull. That’s what I get for putting myself out there like that, I guess.

    • Mark Samenfink

      This article is good stuff though. I was not a viewer of AVFM when this originally was shown, a lot of good reading.

    • Doug Hart

      Illegitimum non carborundum

  • napocapo69

    Actually, if there is something that I despise more than feminism, it is men like Cameron, the prototype of the semi-alpha politician who buys women votes selling the blood of men.

    It is pretty much like Obama, without the international relevance of Obama.

    To the men out there, understand this, expecially you, young sex-addicted men, 20-35 yo, looking for women’s approval trying desperately to build the profile of the good man for 15 minutes of pleasure.

    Her body her choice, your body your choice.

    And I mean also you, pathetic man who decided to be a father in a society who has chosen to destroy fatherhood by design a long time ago. You, who ignored the warnings of your peers and older men, because they were the bad men, and decided to give “your woman’s child” a temporary supporting human role and a permanent supporting bank account.
    If you got a son, teach him a lesson: “her body her choice, your body your choice”.

    Is the message clear?

    • Sadman365

      Thank you. I loathe those men as much as I loathe the selfish narcissistic women who have babies -I actually hate to use the word “babies” because it makes the act of CREATING another HUMAN being less serious- just to satisfy their purely selfish desires and wants. That’s why I have NO respect for any of them. They chose to bring a life into this misery and suffering in a hostile world -ESPECIALLY TO MEN AND BOYS- so the missus can be happy.
      Yes. Satisfy your desires and wants at the expense of that “bundle of joy” who will most likely pay the price later.

  • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

    I find it fascinating how Media is reacting to #EndFathersDay – and the most interesting so far comes from TIME. “Enough With Father’s Day. You Heard Me: #EndFathersDay”.

    I wonder at the sentiments expressed, many that I agree with concerning commercial exploitation, but I can’t help taking away the impression that the writing is “Defensive” and having to agree with a social meme that It’s normal, acceptable and even required to abuse the male and speak negatively.

  • snoochieboochies

    David Cameron was interviewed by a feminist magazine last year and asked if he was a feminist. He answered that he stood for equality, but didn’t class himself as a feminist (which i thought was a fairly reasonable response). Feminists were outraged! Several tabloid atricles were printed about it, he was then grilled on TV and eventually, through gritted teeth, he was shamed into declaring himself a feminist. The irony was that he then came second place in misognyst of the year awards – Robin Thicke came first. Cameron should grow a spine.

    • MrSonicAdvance

      He’ll have to ask his wife permission first.

  • Mike Fleming

    End Father’s Day! AND End Mother’s Day. If you need a special day on which you have to buy something for someone, (because TV ads tell you to), then the relationship isn’t really that special or strong. Ditto for Valentine’s Day.

    • Peter Wright

      I happen to like father’s day, thanks….. it’s a day when I can ritually express my deep love for my father, and my children can do the same to me – because they want to. Saying every day is father’s day ends up being a weak statement.

      Nothing wrong with a ritual day to make a statement.

      • Aimee McGee


        • Odin

          I agree with Aimee McGee.

          • Aimee McGee

            Rare I know…normal service will be resumed soon

    • OldandNavy

      Eh. Retailers say fathers’ day is a day to buy fathers gifts.

      I say phooey. Fathers’ day, in my community, anyway, is a day to honor fathers specifically, same as mother’s day is to do the same for mothers.

      It’s only a gift buying holiday if you decide it is.

    • Dan Slezak

      End’em all Is fine with me. Men get out of buying jewelry, expensive dinners, flowers etc…And women can keep their ties/socks. Sounds good to me!

  • Rob

    Can I make a suggestion for an article involving fathers day for any aspiring writer?

    an article that perhaps is an open letter to president obama( and prime minster cameron)

    one that relates the d-day anniversary and the sacrifices the veterans made with their lives to enable freedom from harm for their families and subsequent generations, one that enables freedom of speech to protest and not threaten those who want to talk about their rights ( eg. the MRA in detroit).
    the freedom and right to be a parent in the lives of their children and not be lambasted as deadbeats because of a system that deliberately and knowingly harms children with its exclusion principles.

    One that asks did the veterans sacrifice their lives just so that they and their subsequent children could be robbed of their rights as a father and a parent?

  • http://swiftfoxmark2.blogspot.com/ Mark Fox

    Let’s not forget all the churches that pull this same shit too. They venerate mothers on Mother’s Day but chastise fathers on Father’s Day.

    And then wonder why their congregations are dwindling and men aren’t coming back.

  • scanspeak

    Typical gifts for Mother’s Day include perfume, flowers, chocolates and jewellery.
    Typical gifts for Father’s Day include power tools, garden equipment, and other work related materials.
    Says it all really.

    • MrSonicAdvance

      It just says what men and women are pretty likely to be pleased to receive as gifts. 😉

      • scanspeak

        I wonder how a lady would react to receiving an ironing board for mothers day.
        If there’s a difference, why is it so?

        • Dan Slezak

          See what happens next Mothers Day, if you show up with a new vacuum.

        • MrSonicAdvance

          Men and women like different stuff. Hell I bough my wife a set of saucepans one Christmas and she was delighted with them. A feminist at work made a big fuss about my “sexist” present, but that’s her problem. I’ve had tools given me as presents and been happy to receive them.

    • Dan Slezak

      I could use a new set of tires. So I can get too work.

    • jbantifem

      What it says to me is that men enjoy gifts that are practical. Women like gifts that are pretty much useless, or perhaps only useful to them. Sorry, but I see perfume and jewellery as useless. Flowers and chocolate aren’t too bad though. lol.

      The ironic thing is that even a hardcore feminist would appreciate the same gifts. But she’d call you a sexist to your face in public of course. She can’t lose face, after all.

      • Aimee McGee

        Anyone ever gives me a useless gift and I’m unimpressed. Best gifts are things I use

    • 98abaile

      Honestly, if someone bought me a decent drill, I’d be their best friend.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    There was discussion of sending these people to a place where they could be alone and build their utopia.

    I came up with these:

    At least these places are known for keeping people away from the rest of the world.

    I was going to recommend here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilha_da_Queimada_Grande, but I realized that I would be damning those poor snakes to death by feminism.

  • Reason

    Sitcoms, movies and commercials alike are complicit in reducing fathers to bumbling, balding, incompetent, impotent, harmful losers whom neither child nor woman would want. Well, white fathers, anyways. For example, the Kickass movies seem more propaganda films promoting racist misandry than comedies. Good films for study of contemporary gender representations in the media at large.

    • Sadman365

      Don’t forget the cartoons. Even cartoons (aimed at the impressionable minds of children) carry the same misandric message -fathers are stupid and clueless idiots while mothers are wise know-it-alls . But it doesn’t end with men or fathers. Even boys are demonized and portrayed as evil and stupid, while of course girls are all good and geniuses …
      And they tell us “misogyny” is everywhere!

  • peter parker


    Now here is one seriously mentally damaged lesbian feminist pumping out tons of tweets filled with hate and homophobia against gay men and all men. So how comes Twitter don’t pull her account for clear hate speech and anti-gay men speech?

  • Sadman365

    “Another mother of one of his children, Stacey Barker, 22, said: ‘Men like him should be made to have a vasectomy or be fined or even jailed.’
    OMG! No you fucking piece of shit, it’s you who should be sterilized, fined, and thrown in prison, along with every other woman who commits this CRIME. What the fuck is wrong with these people? This is really, really, really disgusting. She CHOOSES to spread her legs to any man (a man she thinks should go to jail….), she CHOOSES to get pregnant, she CHOOSES to carry the victim (fetus) to full term WITHOUT THE MAN’S CONSENT OF COURSE, then the whore has the gall to blame the man and say he should have a vasectomy….! Typical. Isn’t she? It’s all your fault (the man’s) but it’s NEVER her fault of course. You know, he “got her pregnant”! She didn’t choose it or anything. It’s “her body her choice”, but somehow it’s his fault because she CHOSE to get pregnant!! If this isn’t mental illness I don’t know what is.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I remember a conversation on 9GAG with a bloke in the comment section about the fact that women can choose to have sex without condoms yet it’s always the man’s fault when she gets pregnant and if his life is ruined by a baby that ”he should’ve kept it in this/his pants”, no matter with how much logic this bloke was faced all he kept thinking was ”he should’ve kept it in his pants”, no matter how little rights men have, some people simply blame men for everything, the man who impregnated more than 10 women chose to have sex with them, but he didn’t choose to make them pregnant, as women have more reproductive rights than men they should also have more financial responsibilities, I simply can’t believe that people don’t find any inconsistencies, I hope that our culture will change soon. :-

  • Bob Loblaw

    #endfathersday was started by 4chan to troll feminists, and I’ve already seen feminists blame it on the MRA. Just like Elliot Rodger the feminists will pin anything on MRAs with absolutely no evidence.

    • TPH

      Well it was a successful troll, feminists came out of the woodwork while frothing at the mouth about their hatred of fathers and fathers day. They showed everyone their unabashed hatred and now they are starting with the DARVO techniques after being caught in mid rant.

  • Doug Hart

    • Dan Slezak


  • Alpha Wolf Male

    If you are not ready to raise children then wear a condom.

    That’s assuming any of you fuckers could even get laid in the first place.

    • Bill98

      Unlike you, who need not wear a condom. When your mistress does you, you’re facing the wrong direction for birth control to be of any concern.

      • Alpha Wolf Male

        Seriously you virgin douchebag, wear a condom so you could spare the world the agony of reading your shitty opinions on paying child support and losing child custody in the future.

  • Chris Mackney

    Yes I remember austerity measures. Which provoked these attacks on absent fathers.

    Pushed on us by…..libertarians. Funny how these things come back so quickly. Not excusing this deflection of blame, just saying how the partisanship of libertarians can be leveraged against fathers and MRMs.

  • zx74125800

    Sorry, but “Keep it Tucked Away”, is good advice to live by. 10 kids, he should and did know to use protection, both from a legal and sexual standpoint. It is his choice to be a fool. So the state should not have to support his kids, he should.

    Your argument would hold water if you held him and his kind accountable.

    • Dan Slezak

      Oh, I think the State is doing a fine job holding men accountable, financially for a womans reproductive choice.

      “Men cannot choose to terminate a pregnancy; whether or not a child is born is a decision left entirely up to the mother. It is entirely her choice; he has no rights, and no say on the matter.”

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ Paul Elam

      Sure, good advice. So is keep your legs closed.

    • Daniel Freeman

      Hey, why don’t you try treating women like adults that are responsible for their decisions, you misogynist. They had two choices: first to have sex, and then to procreate. He only had one. They are obviously solely responsible for the procreation, since they had sole decision-making power over it.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I keep cracking up over the premise that the man is responsible for getting women pregnant? Seems to me that a woman can get knocked up by multiple men. So you are going to try and teach all of those other men to use the few birth control methods available to them, rather than the one woman who gets knocked up multiple times to use the numerous birth control methods available to her? Seems that the common denominator should be the responsible party. The actual gatekeeper to the womb wouldn’t you think? It only takes one to make the decision to keep or not. Shouldn’t that person with all the decision making power also assume all the responsibility?

  • Nightwing1029

    End fathers day?
    Just as soon as you end mothers day.
    You want equality, and want to end fathers day, you also need to end mothers day.
    Still want to end fathers day?

  • Flo

    Great article.

  • 808maui

    So I am a women, an RN believe in Pro choice, equal pay, etc. And I also fully agree with this author when it comes to pregnancy. Women call all the shots and have all the rights in the US, unless they are in a state that makes it almost impossible to have an abortion, but adoption is still possible and women do have the bigger risk due to biology. That means as a women if we do not want to get pregnant the responsibility is 100% ours. Certainly if you have already had children with a partner and have been a parent, that’s a different story, both parents need to be responsible and the system needs major overhaul. But men should not have to be responsible for an unwanted pregnancy unless they want to be, that is really just nuts.

    • Aimee McGee

      That’s why as women and health professionals we need to be promoting the Vasagel trials, which are being crowd funded. Men need a reliable reversible contraceptive

  • mythago

    Looks like Jessica valenti is doing some back-peddaling damage control over at the guardian regarding this brilliant hoax. She sure gets raked over the coals with her petty man hate articles by those Brits lol, but she was a real sweetie pie on this one. Maybe it’s a fathers day gift for her milquetoast husband. Interestingly one poster states according to her twitter feeds she doesn’t read the comments, but I’d lay a nickel bet she will this time.

  • John Durant

    The way things are these days, the heck with becoming a father. I am better off wanking off into a tissue. Women these days are the most narcissistic, greedy and self absorbed people on the planet. I decided to go my own way a LONG time ago.

  • Cristina

    Consenting to sex IS consenting to possible parenthood, for both parties.

    The author of this article is, quite honestly, a pussy. You don’t want a child, but you want sex? Pussy. You think the responsibility of having an abortion is solely for the mother to bear? You’re a pussy. You think paying for a mother to raise your child shouldn’t be your deal, cause dang, you were just having fun? Pussy.

    Sadly, males that think like this (they cannot be called Men), are taking the man-bashing society’s view on real men and twisting it to fit their agenda. Their lazy, self-serving, boy-minded, pussy selves just cannot comprehend that a real man doesn’t just sleep around. A real man not only takes responsibility for his own sexual discipline, but for that of the woman in his life, thereby ensuring his children are supported by both parents and are wanted and loved.

    Pussies. Man up!

    • Frodo

      Strike 1: This is a friendly warning that you may need to re-read our Comment Policy, in particular the bits about bigotry, ad hominem, general insult (particularly with respect to staff and authors) and general contempt for the work AVfM does. [Ref: 1624]

      • Cristina

        You can block me. This article and it’s writer deserve no respect. Fathers are amazing sometimes (my husband is), and sometimes they’re crap (my father was). But to say that all fathers and all mothers are crap, because the author wants sex but not children (you can’t choose – – sex OR children), is disrespectful to humans.
        Suck it.

        • driversuz

          What kind of a twisted, bitter mind does it take to see “all fathers and all mothers are crap” in this article? (And yes if you’re a woman, you CAN choose whatever the fuck you want, which is kind of the point of the article.) You are a sick, hateful, malicious person; with a mother like you it’s good your children have an amazing father. Fuck off.

        • driversuz

          You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (general attack and trolling). [Ref: 1626]

          Additional remarks:

          Irrational vitriol.

        • Frodo

          Dont want to be a mother?

          1)Birth Control Implant (Implanon and Nexplanon)
          2)Birth Control Patch (Ortho Evra)
          3)Birth Control Pills
          4)Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)
          5)Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)
          6)Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing0
          7)Cervical Cap (FemCap)
          9)Morning-After Pill
          12)Female Condom
          13) Abortion
          14) Tubal ligation.

          15)Keeping your legs closed (Absence)

          Yea sex is not consent to parent hood YOU lying pile of shit FUCK OFF

          Dont want to be a father?


          2)Keep it in your pants.

          You gynocentric CUNT im sure you dont give a dam about that so FUCK OFF

          #2)Keep it in your pants.(real good idea)

          And dont marry because
          Husbands can be sued for that



          And you better hope you dont have a son raped by a grown woman.because

          Female unearned privilege and entitlement.



          Im sure you dont give a dam so FUCK OFF.


          Your daughters and their daughters and their daughters are going to need more and more of these.

          #MGTOW so FUCK OFF

          I second what driversuz said who happens to be a woman:

          FUCK OFF


        • Frodo

          Is this your mother?


          Billions of boys have suffered because of it ,while the mother looks the other way.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ Paul Elam

          “Suck it.”

          But what would your amazing husband say?