Emma Kadey placed on offenders registry

Emma Kadey (aka Emma Claire) is a 19 year old student and feminist activist at the University of Toronto. In November of 2012, Kadey took part in a protest against a lecture on the problems faced by boys in western culture presented by Dr. Warren Farrell. The protest became violent, with police and students attempting to attend the lecture being assaulted. As “Emma Claire,” she used the social network site to incite students to destroy private property, defacing and destroying posters that promoted the event.

Additionally, Kadey has made frequent disparaging and bigoted remarks about men as a class, and has publicly stated that she wished to cause trouble at events that were intended to address concerns that affected men and boys.

For these reasons Kadey has been identified as a bigot and listed on the registry at

Kadey will soon be listed in the sidebar of AVFM in the Featured Offenders category.

You can access her profile at here.

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  • gateman

    Welcome to “owning your shit”.

    • Dr. F

      For any prospective employer of Emma Claire (Kadey)

      Please know that this woman is also registered with a baby sitters data base and here is her resume.

      She smokes like a chimney and has made multiple references online regarding her difficulty in giving up the cigarettes. Her resume says she doesn’t indulge in this poor habit, and this is a minor transgression in the face of it.

      A filthy mouth she has, it seems, in both ways but more importantly – do you really want this woman near your young boy?

  • scatmaster

    FTSU baby

    • Ray

      @ gateman and scatmaster:

      This sites frequent use of the term “FTSU” reminds me of what an old Plumbing Contractor once told me, when we were working together on a plumbing project. He said, “Your $h@t is my bread and butter.”

      Given that a part (1/6th) of my job duties as a Maint. Supv. involved supervising the plumbing trade, I guess I could have validly employed the same metaphor.

      On another occasion, when all the supervisors at my work were ordered by administration to re-write their job descriptions to make their job duties more efficient, I tried to dump (no pun intended) my entire plumbing duties, but to no avail.

      In the literal world of poop wrangling, it seems that nobody really wants to own anybody’s $h@t – even their own. They just want to get rid of all of it as quickly, and oderlessly, as possible. :-/

  • misterbill

    Actions have consequences. This one should have taken physics rather than women’s studies. Welcome to the University of Hard Knocks.

  • Zarathos022

    I’m sure she’ll feel right at home.

  • Ray

    …but, but, but they never taught female students the concepts of responsibility, or accountability, in women’s studies classes. :-/

  • John the Other

    Unfortunately, due to the apparent stupidity of some, it’s necessary to preemptively address some of the predictable criticisms of this post.

    The claim that inclusion of Emma Kadey on RH constitutes “doxing” is stupid on its face. She was bragging about her participation through her own facebook and twitter accounts prior to publication by us. The closure and switching to private of her social media accounts indicates her own consciousness of guilt. She was perfectly happy to have her name, face, and actions tied together when the only people taking notice were her fellow sociopaths, it’s only the touch of public criticism that’s motivating her to hide her online social media accounts.

    Also, to the predictable idiots claiming we’re facilitating violence by this publication – you’re morons. The only people advocating or engaging in violence in this drama are the activist feminists. This MRM is strictly non violent, a fact demonstrated so often it is monotonous and boring. If some pea-brain wishes to claim that publication and public accountability is dangerous because it might facilitate some bad-brained moron to engage in retributive violence – kindly provide a workable mechanism for public accountability which is totally and perfectly safe – then criticize us for not using it. Until then, SFTU.

    • Ray

      “She was perfectly happy to have her name, face, and actions tied together when the only people taking notice were her fellow sociopaths, it’s only the touch of public criticism that’s motivating her to hide her online social media accounts. “

      In my lay opinion, AVfM is very therapeutic for the vitriolic and human debasing ideology (disorder) known as gender feminism. IMLO, AVfM is even more curative than having a gender feminist sit in a corner with a dunce cap and say 100 times: “I am conscious of my conscience, I am conscious of my conscience, I am conscious of my conscience…”

    • mongo

      “The claim that inclusion of Emma Kadey on RH constitutes “doxing” is stupid on its face.”

      I beg to differ. The doxing claim is not stupid, it is malicious. It is the signature feminist tactic – the false accusation.

      • cvar

        I think it could go either way. I suspect many of them only entered into internet culture after cyber-bullying became a thing. Given their ideology, they also use either Tumblr or Reddit as their primary hang out.

        To them, in such over protective safe spaces, where swearing at people is bad, telling the world that you’re a hateful bigot must seem vicious. MODS OMG BAN PLOX, seems about right for their cries. Since they’ve been posting in places where their brand of bigotry is supported and encouraged, they’ve never had to have a reality check. It’s the sudden realization that the world is not their echo chamber that makes them scramble. It’s a world shattering slap in the face when somebody they can’t just shut down and ban steps up and says “This person is a violent bigot. Everybody, this person, this person right here, is a bigot. Think long and hard on how you feel about associating with that person.”

        Scurry back into the darkness little ones. The adults are speaking now and we don’t have the patience for your tantrums.

    • bowspearer

      JtO. 2 problems I see with the pre-emptive measure.

      1 – it’s not in the article proper. Yes it’s high up in comments, but how many people blindly following feminist rantings about this are likely to check the comments. Sure it’ll be pointless for those on the extreme end of the spectrum. However for those on the other end of the extreme of that segment of the spectrum, it could prove crucial. Some might argue it’s overkill, but the way I see it, any possible weakness in strategy could be a costly one.

      2. Place the disclaimer in the register her article. As those defending her might link straight to the article on RH rather than here, it shuts them down from that angle too.

  • Cumbria

    It’s a real shame but it doesn’t take much common sense to understand the wrongness of her actions. Just senseless stupidity! I hope she and all her pathetic little friends will try to learn something from this experience. Personally, I am pulling for them. There is nothing good that can come from this kind of destruction — for them or anyone else. I recommend they spend some time reading the articles here. They may be very surprised by what they learn. Think: Equality!

    On the other hand, I’m sure they are thinking what losers we all are. At that age, they already know everything, right?

  • scatmaster

    You are number 1, Emma.

  • Dr. F


  • Suz

    In the spirit of “outings,”

    Suzanne McCarley, Honey Badger
    I own my shit.

    I do hope “Ms.” Kady enjoys her initiation into adulthood.

  • Jay

    Hey, she’s 19 and an adult, it’s fine.

    I would encourage you folks to send a letter with the various AVfM Farrell and Emma Kadey posts and the Register-her information to one or more of:

    A) Campus Paper
    B) Local Paper
    C) Dean of Students
    D) Head of the Department of Women’s Studies
    E) President of the University
    F) Regents of the University

    I would ask the department head and the president, specifically, as official representatives of the college, if they are okay with Ms. Kadey’s statements and behaviors, if these represent what she has been taught in her women’s studies department, if not, how is her behavior contrary to their women’s studies curriculum, why the women’s studies department should not be seen as a locus and amplifier of hate speech, and why Canadian taxpayers should be paying to support the women’s studies department.

    You might also suggest that the Women’s Studies department sponsor talks or debates with Warren Farrell.

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    ‘Lyk oh em ef gee! Hateful actions have consequences?

    Thats lyk sooooo not fair! All duh critics must be misogynysts! They don’t agree with my skewed 19 y/o pseudo opinions!’

    ^Lol I can hear all of that now

    How’s that “legacy” working out for you?
    Are you realizing you’re a hateful piece of walking self flattering shit?

    I hope so princess

  • wrenscarlet

    I honestly fail to see how this isn’t bullying.

    To me it seems that all it’s doing is terrorizing an individual who has literally no political power in the larger scheme of discourse, when you could be putting those efforts towards actually lobbying local and federal leaders for the awareness and treatment of male rape survivors. And worse, if this type of doxing becomes the norm, it’s not going to be safe for anyone to protest anything every again, including the issues that A Voice for Men stands for. A profound chilling effect like that wouldn’t exactly bode well for the future of freedom of speech.

    I just don’t understand how this is helping any cause at all.

    • mongo

      You appear to be concerned about power imbalances, male rape survivors, and chilling effects on freedom of speech. Yet you don’t take the trouble to know what doxing is before leveling an accusation of it.

      I hope it is just carelessness, and not an awkward attempt at false accusation.

    • Suz

      *sigh* Here we go again.
      “Honestly” my ass.
      She has plenty of power – she’s a woman. It is up to her how she chooses to use it. She has made statements; AVfM has publicized those statements. They are HER statements, and she has published them all over the internet because she wants everybody to KNOW they are her statements. This is not doxxing, it is giving her the publicity she so obviously craves. AVfM is not repressing free speech in any way; it is exercising and celebrating free speech, including Emma’s.

      Activity such as this will not make it unsafe to protest anything, ever. It will, however, make it extremely risky for anonymous mobs to intimidate and attempt to terrorize the innocent, in the name of oppressive ideologies.

      AVfM and numerous volunteers already spend countless hours “lobbying” for a hell of a lot more than “the awareness and treatment of male rape survivors.” It’s important work, but it’s not enough. Just ask the men who have been doing it for decades.

      If you “don’t understand” this, you are either ignorant or stupid. If you have the capacity to understand this, spend a few weeks reading this site, and the sites it links, with your hand firmly folded in your lap. If you lack the capacity to grasp these ideas, go back to the kiddie pool; “Little Mermaid” water wings are inadequate here.

    • Bev

      She was trying to shut down free speach not enable it. she is an adult and IS responsible for her actions.

      Hate speach is not free speach.

      Male rape victims? Feminists have been successful in denying help to them to the point that I would consider it a crime against humanity and hope that one day those feminists involved would appear before the international justice court at the Hague to answer for their actions.

      • gwallan

        Am contemplating a class action against the Australian Labor Party for mid nineties actions which institutionalised discrimination against male victims.

    • gwallan


      I’m one of those advocates for survivors. Your reference to male survivors in this context is appalling.

      Were I involved at that university I would certainly have attended the Farrell event. I suggest it would have appeal to male survivors for obvious reasons. Understand that upon entry to university there will be as many boys who are victims as there are girls and the boys are as likely to have been abused by either sex. In my case it was an aunt around my eighth birthday.

      Consider the behavior of Emma Kadey and other protesters and the abuse THEY engaged in. I can just about guarantee there were victims among the meeting attendees. That young man we saw being attacked could have been myself or any other survivor. Did ANY of the protesters ever consider this possibility?

      • typhonblue

        The guy being attacked as a “rape apologist” was a survivor. He was subject to sexual assault.


      “To me it seems that all it’s doing is terrorizing an individual who has literally no political power in the larger scheme of discourse, ”


    • Suz

      Here, wrenscarlet, I’ll put this in terms you might grasp:

      Innocent Kid is stuck in a class, for the whole semester, with none of her friends, and a handful of Mean Girls. The MGs pick on IK mercilessly, in part because the teacher ignores their nasty behavior, and the other students laugh along. There’s a chance that the principal would punish the MGs, but IK dares not report them lest she be called a whiner and suffer retribution.

      The bullying escalates, as the MGs are never punished, and are rewarded with laughter. It moves out into the hallways between classes. Every day, every chance they get, they harass IK. IK knows if she fights back, she’ll likely be the one who gets in trouble, but she done taking their crap. She changes her strategy for getting through the day. She recruits a friend to follow her in the halls for a few days, and to keep a video camera ready.

      Sure enough, a few days later a couple of MGs manage to “bump” into IK, trip her, and kick her books several feet down the hall. On camera. Helloooo Youtube! Facebook anyone? Twitter? MySpace? Tumblr?

      By the end of the week the entire town knows what the MGs are all about, and a surprising number of the citizens are NOT pleased.

      Is IK a bully?

      • cvar

        That depends Suz, was the one with the camera a man?

        • Suz

          Ah. Good point. Of course it depends. We hold men to a “different” standard.

    • Paul Elam

      I honestly fail to see how you draw the conclusion that it is bullying.

      She has exercised her right to free speech, and has spoken her values quite clearly.

      We have responded with the same.

      Know this, and this goes for the other rescuing ideologues that I know read these comments: There is much more to come.

      If you don’t like it, the solution is simple. Join us in making the hatred of men and boys as socially unacceptable as it is for any other group. Participate in creating a better way to get the message across that the problems faced by males are important, and do not require the approval of gender ideologues to be addressed.

      If you won’t do that, then shut the fuck up.

      • Ray

        “Know this… There is much more to come.”

        You sure know how to put a smile on the faces of beat-dead dads and men at a time of year when some of us (maybe a lot of us) have trouble putting on a happy face. :-) Thanks.


      “To me it seems that all it’s doing is terrorizing an individual who has literally no political power in the larger scheme of discourse, ”

      “terrorizing” an IED under dad’s top of the line Mercedes?

      Bad Jokes aside.

      I am sure many said the same of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc in the early days before the terror started. ALL tyrants start of playing the victim card….ALL.

      If she had “literally no political power” we would not be having this discussion.Everyone in Western society has political power, but the majority are lazy and/or have their head buried in the sand and/or are happy to just complain.This helps explain the current situation between the sexes I suspect.

      Emma Kadey is an evil thug using a culture and system that condone, assist and expunge her in this conduct, the classic conduct of a spoiled, immature, ignorant, self-hating coward.

      Emma Kadey is free to flex some of the political power she does not have by submitting an article to AvFM and/or participating on the radio show.

    • Booyah

      Dr Farrell was trying to raise awareness and people were physically barred from gaining access. Despite the fact that these ideologues have both governments and the media under their control they can not handle one little function in opposition. Fighting this behaviour is fighting for male victims and male rights. Your post here brings a feminist term I often hear to mind. Victim blaming.

      Oh but men can’t be victims I can almost hear you think it. Well you’re wrong. We’ve been painted as the monsters for as long as I can remember. Look at what calls us monsters. Look at the behaviour on both sides there. Who was the monster? Didn’t look like the people that wanted to attend the lecture to me.

      If feminism is so noble and infallibly reasoned then why do feminists get so sociopathically distraught when any opposing viewpoint is offered?

      Is this not the breach of freedom of speech you speak of? How about the fact that men need a website where they can speak their minds freely like this? All for the simple reason that their rational mind rejects the tin cans rattled at them for the last 50 years but they are not generally free in public to express that. How does that look like for freedom of speech?

      You should go and preach your freedom of speech spiel at the feminists not us.

    • Roger O Thornhill


      Well, you know, like, just suck it up!

    • Raven01

      Joining a mob to prevent others from exchanging ideas you don’t agree with (You know ones like, “maybe we need to focus on helping young boys in school with the same energy we did for young girls when they were falling behind”) is not “political clout”? Especially when until this type of action was used the usual response was a pat on the head and a cookie if the mob thug was born female. This time there is a potential that she may be shamed by so many around the U of T campuses knowing (through her own words, yeah we go evidence before making such claims) that she is a sexist bigot, advocates for the use of violence and, is selectively for and against free-speech depending on whether or not she agrees with you.

      Further, she was not doxxed. Learn what doxing is before making BS claims. She could easily have been doxxed I’m sure but, you won’t see many opting for the low road around here.
      P.S. I don’t recall Adam Nobody hiding behind a mob and not owning his part in a large protest. Might that be a difference between a legitimate protester and an adherent of violent bigotry such as Emma?

    • harrywoodape

      @ wrenscarlet
      I’ll keep this short cause you are trolling but …what everyone else said in response.
      Bullying is not broadcasting what one has publicly put out there. She is an adult. We supposedly curb hate speech. I say monitor it.
      If little Emma pussybaby feels so fucking threatened let the little snowflake go file a report with the Torontp Cops (mostly male) that she insulted while she publicly advocates gendercide.
      Does she have political power? She has a lot more than I do or my son does because of her gender alone.
      With gendercide apologists like you around I guess she gets a free pass from all criticism. Why? Because she is female.
      Fuck you.

    • harrywoodape

      Regarding protesting. It is too safe for people like Emma and their point of view.
      Actually AVfM is helping keep it safe for Emma and the other nose ring bitch to do what they do by providing some sort of outlet to express disgust at what is disgusting.
      If there wasn’t AVfM, then it might come down to face to face confrontation and you know who would win that battle without police intervention. (. Psttt…it won’t be the parasitic bigots like Emma).

      • Suz

        Now harry, some skank is going to mine this thread, and use your comment to claim that you kindasortamaybe vaguely threatened a face to face (and without a doubt violent) confrontation. Hi Boobzie!

        You naughty man.

    • Teerex

      wrenscarlet, there is an easy cure for not having to be embarrassed by your own abhorrent behavior. And blaming others for pointing it out isn’t it.

      No men’s rights activist will ever be haunted by putting up posters proclaiming men’s rights to be human rights or pointing out the inherent misandry in the feminist ideology. Do you think Emma will feel this way in the future regarding her behavior?

  • hypergamic

    As the parent of a young male child, I need to say thank you for all the work you invested in exploring and exposing the hatred and general danger that this woman represents.

    Although, I never use baby sitters, Emma marketed herself as one and your exposure of her reminds me to be very careful of every neatly presented young female I might ever have considered leaving my child with.

    The fact that the bulk of society refuses to acknowledge her and the very large but generally more cautious group of women she represents makes me even more greatful for the dangerous work avfm engages in.

    Thanks for the very real help you’ve all given.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      “John Walsh, host of Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted,” began advocating for missing children in 1981, after his son was killed by a stranger. He knows some men are offended by his advice to never hire a male babysitter. But as he sees it, if a teenage boy wants to experiment with sex, you don’t want him using your kids.

      “It’s not a witch hunt,” he says. “It’s all about minimizing risks. What dog is more likely to bite and hurt you? A Doberman, not a poodle. Who’s more likely to molest a child? A male.”

      See now? You can hire Mz. Nosering and HOPE she doesn’t hate your son enough to traumatize him for life.

      Cuz girlz are good, and boyz are bad.

      • Ray

        Speaking of nose rings, why oh why, would anyone claiming they want to be free of oppression wear a nose ring?

        Here’s this from Wiki

        “Historically, the use of nose rings for controlling animals dates to the dawn of recorded civilization.”


        “The nose ring assists the handler to control a dangerous animal with minimal risk of injury or disruption by exerting stress on one of the most sensitive parts of the animal, the nose.”

        When I look at the nose rings in these young women, the imagery that comes to my mind is one of addled, young females being manipulated (led around by the nose) by gender-feminist, women’s studies curriculum, without a clue as to how un-liberated they truly are.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Ya know….I once had a worshipful boyfriend whose best buddy sarcastically threatened to give him a nose ring for his birthday, complaining that I “lead him around by the nose”…

          That was long, long ago, before tattoos and piercings, when nose rings were only found in National Geographic or between the nostrils on pig’s snouts.

          …Can’t help remembering ‘ol Tommy saying that whenever I see those nose ringed harpies.

          I’ve toyed with the idea of wearing a nose ring between my nostrils for a Miss Ann Dre parody youtube.

    • harrywoodape

      You bring up a good point. I’m looking for male childcare for my son. I want him to be safe from Emma.

    • harrywoodape

      An adult female left in a position of care and control over a younger boy is more capable of abusing that boy undetected compared to any male.
      An adult woman may have the superiority in physical strength over the child to force it but far more characteristic is the female abusive caregivers use of her gender alone in abusing a boy or girl in her care.
      If a female caregiver abuses your son you have the possibility of having a false accusation of sexual assault lobbed at you in response. Most women that abuse children like this are not going to roll over and admit it. Why wouldn’t they play their gender advantage?
      That’s it …male caregivers only for my son.

      • Kimski

        Another important point is, what could a female caregiver possibly have to offer your son, that would teach him to be a male?

        With the malicious viewpoints the majority of young females have regarding males today, anything coming out of that camp will very likely be equally toxic to a boy, and leave him emotionally scarred in one way or another.

        No need to allow the shaming tactics to begin, before he actually understands what is going on, and are mature enough to deal with it.

        Or the hidden violence..

        • hypergamic

          I learned a lot about helping my child by watching women. The difference between Emma and the women I observed was most likely close scrutiny, a very real understanding that boys struggle in todays educational environment and direct accountability to parents who can watch every gesture made around a child. These are rare circumstances so although I can’t morally condone a never hire a woman for this job stance, I won’t judge such a decision in a negative way.

          The hidden violence you mention is really all I care about, its the worst and I often hear women mention the same feelings about it. This has nothing to do with men or some annoying patriarchy that hold them down. It simply is how they want to act, their version of self gratification. Emma, aside from being a very poor choice for child care worker, proved that as she published angry revenge blog, sympathy plea posts and so on…

          • Kimski

            @Hypergamic & OHPC:

            Youtube are filled with hidden camera recordings of female childsitters and caretakers violently abusing children and the elderly.

            This is another one of society’s dirty little secrets that we never talk about, and the main reason I am all in favour of separation of the sexes at an early age.

            I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t let any outside female come anywhere near my son, if I actually had one, given todays climate.

            The thought of someone like ‘adorable’ little Emma as a childsitter to any son of mine always makes me think of that screenshot from the Agent Orange files, where another sick and twisted RadFem confess to having fantasies about throwing a 5 year old boy through a closed window, for being a “possible future rapist”.

            “Girl Power” seems to be working at it’s finest when your target is someone unable to defend themselves, and then we wonder why some men grow up to be violent rapists.

          • hypergamic

            I concur with you completely kimski. Much of my motivation for not being concerned when a female Crosses the line and uses a fist is that we all get that such actions will destroy the society we’ve built and eventually the main stream media will spot light it and women will stop themselves.

            But in general they never need to go so far, its frankly stupid to bother with direct violence for a female. Its so much more effective to use a sociopaths tools for them. This I think the media will never deal with and that is sad especially so as the west continues to attempt to export our culture around the world.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Mr. Walsh – ANY dog can be a dangerous dog! A Poodle can be as vicious as a Doberman.

          My sister in law used to laugh about molesting baby boys as a teen baby sitter. She went into “Child Development” in college ’cause she just looooved children!

          She said the parents walked in on her once and caught her. I asked what they did.

          “Nothing. They never said anything. They just never asked me to babysit again”.

          I shudder to think how many parents blindly believed John Walsh.

    • harrywoodape

      I liked your comment hypergamic. From the heart.

  • TheBiboSez

    Emma, you have been a very naughty little girl, and you need to be punished.

    I hope that you learn from this spanking that your actions have consequences, and can help, or hurt other people, men and women, who matter, too. All adults who are worthy of being called adults know this.

    Someday, when you grow up and become a real life adult who willingly takes on adult responsibilities, you will be thankful that we set strong boundries for you, even if this lesson seems painful and unfair to you now.

  • rper1959

    Congratulations Emma Kadey, welcome to true equality and accountability for your actions. I guess acting as a adult offering an apology to those whose constitutional and human rights your chose to abuse is unlikely, but one can only hope.

  • Kimski

    A nest of vipers.

    There’s no other term that fully describes what you’ve stumbled upon here.

    Congratulations with your newfound home at, Emma Kadey.
    Hope you’ll enjoy the stay for many many years to come. Rest assured that we will continue to supply you with room mates.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    What can I add here? Oh I know, BRAVO everyone! ENCORE, ENCORE!

  • bugger22

    Looking for a male sitter…need to keep my baby safe from Emma….so true

  • Falland

    We need to look at this incident from the “Broken Windows” theory of sexist behavior standpoint. Emma Clair, Kadey, or whatever she chooses to call herself should really be thanking us. Women are so rarely held accountable for their actions that had she not been caught and identified her behavior would have simply escalated. Unchecked, this type of angry passive aggressive belligerent behavior would have gone from physically blocking people on public property and in-your-face slanderous fighting words to something much worse. I have no doubt that she is fully capable of physical assault, making false claims of physically and sexual harassment (always the favorite of feminists), as well as a myriad other malicious attacks against people she simply does not like. Doubtlessly, she feels no remorse or shame for what she has done but she is now aware that her disgusting behavior has been recorded and can be used against her if she ever tries to pull this shit again. Any time she makes an accusation against anyone, goes to court, gets married or divorced, or has a dispute with an employer she have this thrown back in her face. Nothing she does can erase this, ever. My Dear, You have been hoisted upon your own petard.

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    It amusing how this worthless twat can be a violent hateful individual in public, around cops, and towards others who are peacefully ENTERING A BUILDING.

    Yet when its brought to the attention of the public internet and she has to own her shit… well it must be bullying!!!!


    I hope the rest of the 18-25 year old feminists read this.

    You aren’t special
    You aren’t important
    Your vagina doesn’t entitle you to special or preferential treatment.

    Grow the fuck up if you can’t handle criticism then dont post your personal thoughts or life details online.

    Get some

  • Suz

    I’m going to be a little redundant here and say that “outing” such thugs is vitally important. The only evidence needed to prove it is the frantic, screeching “defense” mounted many people who have a lot to lose if this continues. I do find it odd that these very vocal critics didn’t have nearly as much to say about the article profiling Danielle Sandhu.

    And what on earth will there be left for them to say in the near future when Danielle and Emma are no longer being “singled out,” as they will be sharing their very special platform with a nice little crowd of previously anonymous thugs?

  • 4thtroika

    Let this be part of her “legacy” as well.

  • equalright

    Why wasn’t she arrested for these criminal activities?

    • Suz

      Because she’s a “little girl.”

      • yinyangbalance

        because Women are “harmless” no matter what they do or say…and if they do harm someone its ultimately a Man’s fault.

        THATS WHY!

  • UKMan

    I think AVFM should send her an invoice for kindly aggregating and publicising her beliefs to more people than she ever imagined. That kind of advertising doesn’t come cheap; the least she could do is make a donation.

    This is a gift, surely? She should use the extra traffic to promote more man-killing, the screaming of incoherent abuse at people attending a public lecture, the tearing down of innocent literature regarding problems facing males…oh, and her child-sitting services.

    However, I suspect her bravado has now vaporised since her once impervious feminist unaccountability bubble was popped, and everyone outside is now looking in. The only thing needed to hurt this person is the truth.

  • Teerex

    Being held fully accountable for her actions is going to be something new for little Emma. Quite a shock indeed. Some of us seem to be decent human beings naturally. Others, it seems to take a firm kick in the ass. Sometimes, repeatedly. Emma would obviously fall into that latter group. Hope she’ll enjoy her orientation period at the finishing school of life.