Nicki Minaj

Don’t be THAT bitch

“Misandry isn’t a real thing. Misandry is an empty word that doesn’t refer to any real thing or any real experiences of men-in-general. Sure. There may be one-off examples of individual women who hate a particular man or men-in-general, but that’s not misandry. Unlike misogyny, there are no widely exercised cultural norms that perpetuate misandry, not of the sort that men-in-general would experience. Misandry is simply a made-up word and may as well be the present king of France or the bald emperor of Kentucky.” ~Some Douche

If there is any doubt about the existence of misandry within our popular culture, consider some of the blatantly misandric things said by the pop-culture icon, Nicki Minaj. In this article by Gordon Smart, she says that men want to be treated like dogs and that there is nothing wrong with being a bitch to men.

Gordon Smart Article

Also consider that in one of Nicki’s music videos she had this to say about men.

Find me da best ass-eater…kiss my ass and my anus ‘cos I’m finally famous. Give me all of yo money and all of yo residuals…now suck on my ass!

The prurient talk doesn’t bother me. I’m no prude. However, the blatant misandry is troublesome. Her comments are representative of speech that normalizes the dehumanization of men.

If Nicki Minaj wasn’t a significant contributor to popular culture, she’d just be a “one-off” example as described above by Some Douche. However,  Nicki Minaj is a pop icon with a large fan base of “barbz,” as she calls them—her 16+ million twitter followers. Her “ass-eating” video (the one quoted above) has almost 60 million views. She has sold millions of albums and was the first female solo artist to have 7 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, all at the same time. She recently finished up the 12th season of American Idol, serving as a judge.

Clearly, Nicki Minaj is a cultural influence. As such, there are a lot of people who listen to her and there are a lot of people who practically worship her, as if she bestows upon them great misandric words of ass-eating wisdom.


Love Nicki

She's Da Queen

Baddest Bitch

The illiteracy of her fans is irrelevant. They love her and she is “insperation” to many of them as their “Queen Bitch” and Nicki loves her “bad bitches.” That’s her “fuckin problem,” as she barks below in one of her tweets.

I love Bad Bitches

Regardless of what you think about her “ass-eating” music, her misandric comments, or her cultural influence, referring to women as “bad bitches” seems dehumanizing to women. Notice how one of the commenters on the Instagram photo below wrote that Nicki is a “horrible example for young kids.” However, her bad bitch fans quickly jump in to defend the Queen Bitch, saying that she is an example of success for other bitches…because ass-eating is the pinnacle of success for a Queen Bitch and all her bad bitch followers.

Bad Bitches
Perhaps I’m simply anthropomorphizing the Queen Bitch and all her bad bitches. Perhaps Queen Bitch Nicki and all her bad bitches really are just a pack of ass-eating dogs?

ass licking dog peanut butter
If that’s the case, then I suppose it’s my bad for projecting human characteristics on the Queen Bitch Nicki and her bad bitches. Yes, bitches will be bitches, not humans-being. Apologies to the Queen Bitch and her bad bitches for thinking that they might actually be humans-being. I won’t make that mistake again, even if the Queen Bitch asserts her humanity and claims to be a “genuine human being,” as she does when asked about her role as judge on “American Idol.”

The perception that people had of me completely changed because there are no cue cards, there’s no scripts, it wasn’t me performing a song…My core is a genuine human being who roots for other people. I didn’t want to blow smoke up their ass. I wanted every contestant to leave with something that they could remember.

Funny how she believes that at her core is a “genuine human being” who doesn’t want to “blow smoke up” the asses of other people, yet, at the same time, the Queen Bitch takes great pride in being a Queen Bitch who wants others to find for her “da best ass eater.” She has moral problems with blowing smoke up somebody’s ass, but no problem at all with dehumanizing men as ass-eating dogs—too incompetent to “touch the dishes or wash the clothes,” as barked in the tweet below.

Men should never touch the dishes

I hate cornballs

Yup, “cleaning is 50/50,” but men shouldn’t be doing dishes or washing clothes. Nope. They should only be cleaning out the Queen Bitch’s asshole, like a good dog, getting every last “cornball” and dingle-berry—paying her with “residuals.” It’s a privilege bestowed upon them by the Queen Bitch. This seems more a 99/1 split against the guy, but Queen Bitch isn’t known for doing math, so I’ll let that math problem slide like a turd off the tongue of an ass-eating dog.

Here are some more misandric turd nugget barkings of ass-eating wisdom from the Queen Bitch’s Twitter account.

Man who can cook

Hands smell like seasoning

Even though it might be “cute,” men shouldn’t bother with cooking either. Their hands might smell of seasoning. The Queen Bitch prefers her dogs to smell of ass. The smell of seasoning isn’t nearly as sexy as the smell of ass, not for the Queen Bitch who prefers the butthole pleasures of “da best ass-eater.” Even though these ass-eating dogs may look “cute” while trying to cook, the Queen Bitch’s dogs have to learn their boundaries.

The Queen Bitch can’t have her dogs straying far from home.

Scolding the Dog

It’s important for the Queen Bitch and her bad bitches to train their dogs right, giving them a treat or a scolding accordingly.

Nicki Minaj Lick the ass holeBitches can’t have their dogs wandering about, off the leash—eating another bitch’s ass. Nope. Ass-eating dogs must learn to crave the Queen Bitch’s treats, a mash-up of some ass with some Queen Bitch cooking; keep that cute little doggie confused about sex and food and ass-eating.

Crave your cookingAnother lesson that the Queen Bitch bestows upon her bad bitches—the importance of extending that confusion on to her children.

Mommy's Cookin'
The Queen Bitch barks that she wants to be a mom one day and that she wants to “start becoming the woman who I want to parent my child.” I’ve already apologized for anthropomorphizing the Queen Bitch, so I won’t make that same mistake here and again. I can only assume that when she barks of having a child that she actually means having an ass-eating puppy.

Ass Licking Dog

Given all the above examples, it’s clear that the Queen Bitch has very little regard (if any at all) for the humanity of men. The initial misandric barks made by the Queen Bitch—the ones that dehumanized men as dogs who want to be treated like pets, those are “widely exercised cultural norms,” as Some Douche would say. If they were not cultural norms, then they wouldn’t be part of our popular culture. As Madonna and other celebrities from years past brought forward into popular culture the humanity of folks within LGBT communities, this Queen Bitch does the inverse. She brings forward into popular culture the normalization of dehumanized men.

I am a man. I am not a dog and I do not want to be treated like a pet. I certainly do not want to be “da best ass-eater” for a solipsistic narcissist like Nicki Minaj…and neither would anybody who values their own humanity. If you’re a man and you value your humanity, realize that this Queen Bitch and her pack of bad bitches are nothing but ass-eating dogs and that is all.

ass licking dog peanut butter

Editor’s note: feature image by Christopher Macsurak. –PW

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  • TexasIsPangea Greg

    Maybe Nicki is actually endorsing sexism like all the songs from males which talk about women in a sexist tone. I don’t however recall a guy refer to a woman in a derogatory term as in calling her a dog.

    It is funny, because there is this guy who has a Youtube account which is called the IgnoredGender, and he talks about the misandry that people just aren’t able to pinpoint when it comes to commercials. He sometimes talks about the women who critique these commercials that show misogyny and yet completely ignore misandry altogether when it applies to men.

    There has been some shit that he has received from people that try to make it into a non-issue. They seem to want to not accept that it has anything to do with the bigger scope of women being encountered with misogyny. But I wonder if in thier minds that they’ve absorbed equal takes of misogyny and misandry in these commercials and thought that this shit shouldn’t ever happen, and we should not perpetuate the hypocrisy.

    • Zyavol

      Speaking of commercials, since joining the MRA, I have been paying attention to commercials on TV in a new way. I have noticed commercials such as a certain commercial about “Hotshot” chicken bites where a man offers a woman a bite, after which she slaps him. It just seems to me that a large majority of commercials carry a subtle implication that it’s okay to treat men like that under the cover of promoting a product. Quite disturbing to realize this is going on. Also, I start to wonder about the other methods the media uses to promote misandry.

  • Mike Buchanan

    Jason, an impressive article. I’ll put a link on the blogs.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

  • donzaloog

    And these are the kinds of people the young girls have to look up to today. Nicki likes to go to the extreme of everything she does. I think she’s a very self centered woman. I pity the man who ends up with her if that’s her real personality.

  • Mickster66

    I find it difficult to understand why anybody would find this vile creature anything but revolting, she only dehumanizes herself, God help her children if the bitch ever finds a dog stupid enough to mate with it.

    • Theseus

      I think it’s mostly a freak show of misandry for her persona and her fans.

      Let’s face it, if she stays ethnocentric and in the music biz, there ain’t too many dudes in hip hop that are gonna take her shit (literally and figuratively).

      • Jason Gregory

        There is no shortage of Nicki Minaj ass-eaters.

        • Theseus

          Holy Cthulu!

          There’s always one in the crowd. I stand corrected sir.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Many readers will already be familiar with this, but for those who are not I provide this link (about the “made up” word that represents nothing and has no history behind it)”

    “Misandry” the Word – Its Origin

    Earliest citation: 1803 (misandry, German)

    • Jason Gregory

      Great link. Fascinating that it originates from German usage and that the word is well over 200 years old. It’s also fascinating that I have to add the damn word to the spell-check dictionary of every word processor–Microsoft, Google, WordPress, comment threads, and etc.

      Even though it wasn’t widely used, it’s a legit word and there isn’t a good reason to exclude it from software dictionaries. It’s kind of like a word that was crammed down an Orwellian memory hole.

  • scatmaster

    Jason: You forgot one. What you see in public is her in disguise. She is actually.

    • Jason Gregory

      Hahaha…that’s the best one!

    • Strength

      That’s pretty spot on. Haha.

    • Kimski

      A couple of tits with legs and vacuum above.

      The real money makers in the music business are having a field day screwing that ass on a daily basis.

  • ChitownMaverick

    In all fairness, both “kiss my ass and my anus ‘cuz I’m finally famous” and “I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin’ problem” are references to other songs.

    Minaj can’t write, sing or rap, and her foul attitude towards everyone around her makes her a terrible role model for young people. But again, in fairness, she’s just doing what makes her money. It’s the reason she’s topping the charts and coming away with millions.

    THAT is the problem–why was there a need for women like Minaj in popular culture? WHY does she have so many fans? Why do her handlers convince her that acting the way she does is the path to being “finally famous?”

    Because they’re right. THAT’s the issue, not Minaj herself–she is an expression of a cultural need and belief system. The system, of course is not only “men are below me” but basically “everyone is below me,” revealing a culture of not only misandry but also promoting the USA step-on-everyone-to-get-to-the-top idea.

    She is just a symptom.

    • Mike Buchanan

      One can only hope that the rhyming dictionary which paired ‘famous’ with ‘anus’ is now out of print.

      Mike Buchanan


      • Fredrik

        While it might not be able to compete with Famous Amos as a brand of vending-machine cookies, I suspect that Famous Anus would work quite well for media that appeals to a less innocent appetite.

    • Jason Gregory

      Ann Coulter is a hateful bigot, but in all fairness, she does sell a lot of books…presumably because the culture demands it. As such, Ann Coulter is a victim/symptom of culture?

      I don’t know, man. Sure. There is always interplay between art and culture. Does the culture make the artist? Or, does the artist make the culture? I don’t think there is a definitive answer…just chicken or egg questions.

      One thing that is definitive–the blatantly misandric crap said by her…and that’s not something I’m willing to overlook as a symptom of her being a victim of culture. She openly promotes the idea that men are dogs. Fuck her.

      • Theseus

        Fuck her indeed.

        It’s funny that you mention Coulter. I don’t think she truly believes half of the outrageous shit she says. It’s the same M.O…the same formula every time she she has a book coming out; she says something polarizing and provocative, gets a lot of people pissed, gets trad/cons cheering, does a talk show circuit, sells books. Ching. Ching.

        How much is dog and pony from these skags like Minaj? Who knows. But as you say, the message is harmful regardless; a lot of people look up to these morons and take them seriously.

        • Kimski

          “How much is dog and pony from these skags like Minaj?”

          She has no say in it, whatsoever. That’s what the fine printing at the bottom of the contracts says, nowadays.

          From personal experience I can tell you that every little detail is carefully planned, rehearsed, and re-rehearsed all over again, for maximum effect and earnings.

          She may appear as being all that to the public, but when the money behind the machine starts making demands, she’s all “Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir”.

          There’s a very good reason we’ve been fed a consistently growing amount of these young women, who are getting all the PR funding and economical back-up for studio productions, over the past twenty years.
          They’re so much easier to control, than any artist who actually has spend the years learning how to play an instrument, and know his or her own worth.

          Hell, most of these chicks can’t even carry a tune, which is the main reason for the excessive use of vocoders, in the vast majority of today’s recordings.

          They can wiggle their ass, shake their boobs, and that’s just about it.
          Basically what you could ask of any cavewoman 300.000 years ago, and the only difference would be the lighting, the stage, and the language to some extend.

          -And apparently that is also the extend of message that kind of audience is content with.

          The whole concept is the equivalent to what you would hear in elevators and airports:

          Background noise for profits.

          • Theseus

            Ahhh, yes.

            “It’s Alive! Alive!”

            The Frankenstein or created and packaged act. No creative direction allowed from the (ahem) “artists” themselves pertaining to the music or image. Nothing. New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Millie Vanilli (the ultimate created act), The Spice Girls, In Sync, etc. etc.

            When some people have referred to talent like Norah Jones or even Mariah Carey (artists that can sing, play and write their own tunes) in the same breath as some of the jokers mentioned above, I think to myself “what are you fuckin’ nuts”?

            It used to be that a band or individual would have to already have a pre-existing marketable act BEFORE getting a recording contract; sadly, that is not the case anymore.

          • Kimski


            Completely nailed, with some of the best examples, IMHO.

            But it doesn’t stop there.
            They also raise new generations of listeners that demand the lowest possible denominator, by signing only young and impressionable individuals, that can be easily used and thrown away and peddling those ‘products’ to the radio stations only.

            Which again creates a false image of what is ‘popular’, because it is based on what is _accessible_ to the listener. It would be like claiming that the melodies presented in the European Melody Grand Prix were the best tunes written for that year.

            Another trick is to place a hit tune on a full CD, which you then are only able to access by buying a whole CD full of otherwise crappy tunes. Ten years later they’ll be able to send out a ‘Greatest Hits’ CD, based on the sales of ALL the numbers on that CD, even though the artist never actually had any other hits than that single one.


            This was the strategy used in the Spice Girl concept in particular, and basically the whole foundation of their fame. They never actually managed to get more than 1 or 2 serious blockbusters over a 10 year timeframe, and not surprisingly, I might add.

            If you prefer craftmanship, excellence, originality, and well-written songs, popular music is the last place to look. That would be like substituting a good sized steak for a bowl of Cambell’s Pea Soup.
            It doesn’t take that long before you’re reminded of regurgitated vomit.

          • Manalysis


            ” …. any artist who actually has spend the years learning how to play an instrument ….”

            You also remember when music was made by actual musicians?


            The CD is going the way of wax rolls and Walkmans.
            That’s why so many singers and bands are on tour these days – only way to make money.

      • feeriker

        She openly promotes the idea that men are dogs. Fuck her.

        You first.

        • Kimski

          No, him 500.
          How do you think these girls get their record deal?
          Because they have talent?


          • feeriker

            Good point! How could I have been so stupid as to over look one THAT obvious? :)

  • ChitownMaverick

    I didn’t say nor imply she was a “victim” of culture. Who could call such a powerful person a victim of anything?

    I said her message is a symptom of a larger disease, and her “Nicki Minaj the Queen Bitch” character is a product specifically created to fill a larger void.

    That is the point I’m making–that attributing all these negative things to HER specific personality may be misguided because she makes tons of money from putting on the misandry “show.”

    That makes her a sell-out (and again, a god-awful artist). It is hard to separate the person from their public character when that character is what made them famous.

    I don’t know if NM actually believes any of the shit she says or whether she just correctly believes that saying it will make her millions of dollars.

    None of it would matter if young women didn’t lap it up like dogs, ironically enough.

    • Jason Gregory


      Narcissism radiates from pop-culture. That’s what her fans buy and that’s what she sells. I think it degrades women and men…so, yeah, if the disease is a culture of narcissism, then NM could be seen as a symptom. I get what you’re saying.

      Upon first reading of your comment, though, I felt like you were almost saying, “the patriarchy made her do it.” :-)

      That didn’t sit well in my belly. Apologies for misinterpreting.

    • greg

      We need Chi-town activists. I’m going getting active.

      I could throw a baseball to either Northwestern or Loyola.

      • ChitownMaverick

        Next time I’m in Chicago, I’d be happy to join you. I’m currently having my posters torn down in another state, so hopefully I’ll have my stickers by the time I get back there. Sounds like we live in neighboring suburbs by the way.

    • Manalysis


      ““Nicki Minaj the Queen Bitch” character is a product specifically created to fill a larger void”.

      If something fits its slot, it doesn’t have to be hammered home (here, with massive – costly – marketing).

      Void …?
      I give you


    • Bewildered

      None of it would matter if young women didn’t lap it up like dogs, ironically enough.

      The heart of the matter and no one is bothered to find out why.
      Dysfunctional parenting ?

  • Kimski

    Sounds like she’s just the kind of person you’d want as a judge on a show like “American Idol”.

    Am I the only one who recognises the pathetic irony of it all, if the title of the show is to be taken literally?


    Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us converting the ass eaters to grass eaters.

    Maybe she can’t find an ass eater because of all the grass eaters (MGTOW’S).

    • scatmaster

      I see what you did there KMM and I admit to LOL’ing.

  • Aimee McGee

    And AVFM is considered vulgar? Does Cathy Young look at any popular culture?

    ARGH! I’m channelling my grandmother again…

  • donzaloog

    I think they should change the name “Twitter” to “Brainfart”

    • Fredrik

      A local gossip columnist calls it Twatter, as in “Charlie Sheen twatted to his followers.” It has always seemed rather apt, though that is at least partly due to the nature of her purview, which is basically “Shit That Celebrities Say.”

    • feeriker

      No, really, “Twitter” is perfect – emphasis on the first syllable.

      • Kimski


  • Jay

    Well, the reality is there are a lot of manginas out there. And I am speculating it is these manginas who also like being manginas in the bedroom, and licking sh*t from women’s toilets. Don’t believe me? Do some research on it.

    I’m so glad I’m not a mangina! I’m a fighter against the feminazi.

  • feeriker

    Clearly, Nicki Minaj is a cultural influence.

    Translation: our civilization is fucked, doomed, beyond hope of redemption.

  • http://none universe

    Interesting that a specific species oriented sub-culture (referenced: canine – “bitch” and “dawg”) has an intoxicating influence over an impressionable but unsuspecting other society. This leads to doggie sees then doggie duz.
    Of particular note would be that certain other influential people – the bankrollers of pop subculture – promote this slide into the gutter. What is remarkable to NM is her unchallenged chutzpah and good but soon to fade looks. Without the pop machinery and overall social conditioning NM and several others of the genre on display would be relegated to much smaller obscure venues only.

  • ali

    Thanks Jason, You and Christopher Macsurak delivered the ugliest creature in a laughter package. Really LMAO!

  • Seele

    You can tell a thing or two about a culture’s values by looking at the characters this culture holds as heros. So, it is not important whether Minaj is really that horrid, or just a persona invented by the record company. What matters is that there are at least tens of millions of people who think that the hallmark of a successful woman is to be self-centred, abusive, hateful, and totally obnoxious, and they are willing to emulate that. After all, it is much easier to be that than to be a wise and kind person.

  • Teerex

    Just another trainwreck of cultural Marxism. More distraction, more stupidity and more hatred. What a surprise.

  • ali

    There was once a time when you didn’t have to have talent to become a music icon but just good looks. Now with the likes of The Bitch, you don’t even need good looks anymore, just be disgusting and get picked by the money-makers.

  • apollion

    I’m sorry but Nicki Minaj is one ugly foul mouthed disgusting whore. I am in my 40’s but try to stay hip to new music- but seriously many of today’s musical artists are just worthless narcissistic bitches.

    Justin Bieber’s music is horrible- regurgitated crap written by some no-talent dude my age- that was probably stolen from some no-talent person 20 years ago. All they do is change the lyrics a little- get a DJ to re-mix the tune with new beats. This is not music creation- any 16 year old with computer skills can make this garbage they call music.

    The majority of singers out their can’t sing- they have to use reverb and other tricks of the trade to make their voices sound good. It’s all done in the studio- when they sing in real life they sound horrible.

    All the music producers are looking for are someone with a certain look or “attitude” or someone willing to do as they are told to make the money. Look at Miley Cyrus- good Lord what a horrible child!

    Another example- Brittany Spears and Katy Perry- who both sang in church when they got started. Perry couldn’t get off the ground- so to speak- with her music until they changed her image- she now acts like a two bit hussy with a feminist twist. She admitted to giving her soul away to make money. These people are sick twisted vile narcissistic money hungry soulless smucks. Lady Gag would kill her own grandma to get more money and more attention- all these music people are fame monsters- Gaga admits to it. I think they all have psychological problems- that’s why they are drawn to the music business. They will do anything for fame and money so the music handlers seek these types of people out and are used to subvert the masses of young people to make them as perverted and vile as the elites are. These powerful people in charge in our society that run everything are the most vile disgusting people you can imagine and they want everyone to be as evil as they are.

  • crydiego

    Nicki Minaj is a feminist.

  • apollion

    Maybe someone can make a poster with Nicki Minaj face saying something like- “This is what a feminist cunt looks like” LOL

  • apollion

    Another idea- Pic of Niki Minaj with the words- “Lick your own ass bitch!” LOL

  • Sanguifer

    Am I wrong to assume that if a male artist (regardless of actual skill) was to make a song that can be interpreted as misogynist, and then some place like Jezbel went on to bitch and moan about it, there would be a lot of sneering from some MRA out there?

    Bad rappers spouting politically incorrect or morally indefensible lyrics for shock value measured in dollars? Stop the fucking presses.


  • S. Misanthrope

    While I appreciate the frustration with the periodic (ok, constant) stream of criticisms of musicians for misogyny, usually imagined rather than real, with none acknowledging actual misandry, I think this particular case is weak. Hip hop culture is not representative of U.S. culture a whole, particularly with respect to attitudes toward sex and male/female relations. It therefore has to be analyzed differently. The language of rap is and has for a long time been graphically sexual. Analingus in this Nicki Minaj song is no different than Dr. Dre’s “lick on these nuts and suck the dick” in (the chorus of!) “Bitches Ain’t Shit” or Missy Elliot’s “go down town and eat it like a vulture” in “Work It.” You’d have to prove that somehow analingus is an invalid sex act in order to consider Minaj’s lyric uniquely offensive, and I don’t think you can prove that. You may not find it decent to talk/sing about such things, but it is equal treatment between the sexes. If it seems more brutal when a girl says it, I suspect that’s more a function of the low ratio of female to male rappers making it stand out more. But both men and women hip hop artists write lyrics like these; it’s just how that genre is.

    More importantly, the phrase “treat men like dogs” has a different meaning than what Minaj said, which was that men want to be “nourished and pet like a dog.” While it indicates a disrespect for men, it doesn’t indicate mistreatment per se. Besides, women are called dogs all the time in hip hop culture- that’s what “bitch” means. I’m not up on the kind of relationship advice dispensed by hip hop artists during interviews, so maybe it’s true that a man couldn’t get away with saying anything remotely similar to what Minaj said, but I do think her crime is exaggerated somewhat and that within song lyrics the treatment is equal between the sexes. And as for her Twitter followers, let’s face it: even without these Tweets, if Nicki Minaj is your role model, you have a lot of issues to sort out before we even touch on misandry.

    In short, I think there are better and more effective cases to be made.

    • Jason Gregory

      “You’d have to prove that somehow analingus is an invalid sex act in order to consider Minaj’s lyric uniquely offensive, and I don’t think you can prove that.”

      Did you even read the article?

      “The prurient talk doesn’t bother me. I’m no prude.”

      • S. Misanthrope

        I did, but I don’t see how you then go on to demonstrate what is dehumanizing if not the nature of the sex act described (the nature of it is also separate from the language describing it). In retrospect, I think you linked to a music video that I didn’t watch, which was probably your supporting evidence. I apologize- that was rude of me. I’m at work, so I can’t view it at the moment, but I will take a look later at home. I’ll comment again after I watch. Thanks!

        • S. Misanthrope

          Ok, I watched the “Ass” video just now. My first reaction is just that that’s the most lackluster music video I’ve ever seen. My second reaction is that I see equal parts misandry/misogyny. That makes it a weak case, to me. *Shrug*

  • My Truth Prevails

    it won’t be long till another queen idiot takes her place and makes her all catty and jaded. It happened to Lil Kim.. Nicki is getting old and her day is coming to an end too. I hope her kids (if she has any) become her worst Karma ever.