Fuck you cowards

Cowards and copyright claims

Abuse of Youtube’s copyright infringement claim process for doxxing purposes

I am currently under attack from one or two individuals who are attempting to gain access to my name, address and phone number, through claiming my videos are infringing on their copyright.

They have posted two claims against three of my videos, “LPS 2: the Rights of the Child”; “Fempocalypse!” and “LPS Part 1 – Men have an equal responsibility.” These videos have been removed by YT.

Their claim is that I am infringing on their original works, “Femdompocalypse”; “The Rights of a Child – Part 2″; and “Men Have an Equal Responsibility”, which they claim are not hosted on YouTube. Googling of these titles receives no relevant hits.

Copyright infringement claims by one more individual will result in the deletion of my YT account. Only two individuals have lodged complaints thus far, within minutes of each other judging by the fact that the notifications from YT hit my email account within minutes of each other.

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As you can see in the screenshot, to file a counterclaim, I must make my personal information, including legal name, address and phone number available to the claimant.

There is NO unoriginal material in these videos. Anyone who has watched these three videos will know that in them I am sitting at my kitchen table reading from a script I have written. These are MY original works, with NO content from other copyrighted works in them. I own the copyright to these videos.

I am unable to contact the administration of YouTube. The system is now automated, removal is instant, and counterclaiming requires I disclose my personal information to the individuals who have made the claim against me.

This is a disgusting abuse of the system in order to dox me.. I know this because there were only two claimants. They do not want to shut down my account – they want me to counterclaim so I won’t get a third strike, so they can get my personal information and begin a real life campaign of harassment.

I find it so very odd that this attack occurred only a day or two after the first highly up voted (over 100 up votes), and since removed, comment I left on the channel of Free[from]thoughtblogger and popular Atheist-turned-feminist vlogger ZOMGitscriss. According to people in the Skeptic/atheist community, there have been incidents of stalking and harassment of individuals in that community who do not tow the FTB feminist party line.

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I am not going to cave in and provide my personal information to potential stalkers by engaging YouTube’s counterclaim process. If these people want my personal information, here’s the only process through which they I will give it to them:

I will engage an attorney and file a lawsuit against Youtube for their irresponsible automated copyright infringement claim process, which exposes individuals like me to the risk of real life harassment. At which point, I’m sure Youtube will be interested in determining who abused their system and saddled them with a law suit. I’m sure in the legal mayhem that ensues, my real name will have to come out. But at least it will be worth it, you fucking cowards.

Edit: It seems my comments are still up at ZOMGitscriss’s video–in my rush to deal with the situation, being unable to find the initial one in the slew of comments there, I did a search of a word I’d used that came up blank and assumed it was gone. And let me be clear–this post was in no way accusing ZOMGitscriss specifically for anything, other than posting a video I felt compelled to comment on, that brought me to the attention of a community known for stalking less than 48 hours before the notices hit my inbox.

UPDATE: it appears that the pathetic cowards who perjured themselves filing these maliciously false copyright infringement claims have chickened out, and retracted their claims. My account is back in good standing, with zero copyright strikes, and the videos in question are back up for the illumination of the viewing public.

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  • Primal

    Since you are dangerously articulate and a very popular whistleblower, I imagine that this will the the first of many attacks on you. Therefore, you might take a few minutes to anticipate other approaches your attackers are most likely to try next…and plan to go on the offense right away. There’s nothing like an instant bang on the nose to stop these cowardly bullies cold in their tracks.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

      The MRM stick together, an attack on one MRA is an attack on us all.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Yeah, get yourself in position so you can snipe those fuckers as soon as they respawn :)

  • keyster

    This is exactly why I was pushing for Amazon Web Services as the video vehicle last year. Unfortunately Word Press is very clunky when trying to embed anything else BUT YouTube videos.

    Be aware that Google, Inc.(YouTube) is VERY sensitive to whatever anyone deems to be “hate speech” (ie – critical of feminism and/or pro-male). If it doesn’t meet the guidelines (ie-their feminist/left leaning agenda), they’ll cut you off at the knees (ie-censor you).
    Wikipedia is not much better.

    Remember anti-feminism is like anti-civil rights for blacks or promoting the KKK to these people. Let’s say you launch a channel or website that’s against the NAACP…BAM…you’re off Google (search) and YouTube…and listed by the SPLC and ACLU as a Hate Group. (Oh wait, that already happened!)

    They don’t want a “conversation” they don’t want debate. They want silence from whoever disagrees with them. It’s Fascism.

    Know that we got your back here GWW.

  • MenDiscontinued

    This is the same shit as false accusations. There’s no repercussions. No consequences. It’s a system set in place so that others can abuse it at will to silence their opponents.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Anti-S.C.U.M. method; manifested with perfection!

  • http://the-black-fedora.blogspot.co.uk/ The Black Fedora

    It appears that A plus (or somebody) now controls the Girl Writes What Twitter account. I have just been sent a link from this account that directed me to a pfishing site.

    If anyone is in contact with GWW then please warn her!

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      By coincidence I was just talking to her and we noticed and we think–think–we have it sorted. Let her know if not…