Woman molests boys, gets the pass

Allowing a woman, 31, to walk free after groping 12-year-old boy is a criminal sign of outdated chivalry, says Peter Lloyd

Yesterday, MailOnline reported on the case of Amanda Wheeler – a 31 year-old from Cheltenham who was found guilty of sexually assaulting several young boys.

The mother-of-three got drunk at a party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old on a bench in November 2011.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of male children, before biting a 13-year-old boy on his neck and coercing him to perform a sex act on her.

She denied the charges, but was found guilty during a recent trial and faced several years in prison.

However, in the latest blow for British justice and men’s rights, she walked free from Birmingham Crown Court with only a suspended prison term and a smirk on her face.

Why? Surely it can’t be…Because she’s a woman.

Addressing the court during sentencing, Judge Patrick Thomas QC incredulously stated that: ‘Although these were paedophile acts…it was a one-off…they were [also] acts of drunkenness, selfishness and childishness’.

He then claimed that sending her to jail would be wrong because her victims have ‘largely recovered’ from their traumatic experiences…as if that makes a difference.

State sanctioned child molester Amanda Wheeler

Amanda Wheeler, smug child molester sanctioned by British court

Shockingly, this is nothing new. In December last year, Lucie Slater – a 21 year-old woman and former X Factor contestant – glassed her defenceless boyfriend in the face over a Facebook post, but still enjoyed Christmas in the comfort of her own home.

Two months previously, Claire Roundhill from Yorkshire was spared jail after getting pregnant by sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy. Following the ruling, the victim’s father said: ‘If it had been the other way around and this was a man having sex with a 15-year-old girl, he would have been locked up, without a shadow of a doubt. But, because she is a woman, she has walked free.’

Yet, ironically, a man like Scot Young – who’s embroiled in a bitter divorce row with his wife – can be jailed for six months over a private matrimonial matter.

It’s a complete joke…without being remotely funny.

Sadly, the issue is endemic. Recent national statistics prove that 58 per cent of male offenders who entered a guilty plea were given a custodial sentence – compared with just 34 per cent of UK women.

Out of the thirteen women’s prisons in Great Britain, two are private – and the rest benefit from an additional set of ‘gender specific standards’, which men’s don’t.

And, in 2010, judges were formally advised to go softer on female criminals, thanks to the (ironically titled) Equal Treatment Bench Book – published by the Judicial Studies Board.

Where is the equality in that?

Not only does this offend, but it devalues the concept of justice – something which should run through the core of society evenly, like letters in a stick of rock.

Instead, our legal system is being manipulated by the outdated notion of chivalry – something which has no place in modern society, let alone a court of law. And I urge all men, including our dusty, out-of-touch judges, to reject it.

Why? Because it’s the foundation of male gender bias. It teaches us to pick up the bill as well as the blame.  Worryingly, it teaches women to expect us to.

Yes, I understand it stems from a good place – from wanting to protect a woman from the harshness of the world, but sometimes women are the harshness of the world.

This is the inconvenient truth.

Sadly, our legal system – which mostly consists of men – would rather be crippled by the romantic view of women than do what’s right for everyone. It might go against our protective instinct, but anything else is political correctness gone mad – and unchallenged.

Yet, although it’s men who are allowing women to escape justice, what I find most sinister about these cases – and Wheeler’s in particular – is that there’s no outrage from any of our country’s high-profile, self-confessed feminists.

Why haven’t Suzanne Moore or Julie Burchill expressed any outrage? Why is Caitlin Moran – a Twitter bigmouth – silent? Here we have a convicted child sex offender escaping jail, yet not one public feminist figure has spoken out. Not one.

Answers on a postcard, please.

Fortunately, others with more balanced views have voiced criticism. Egalitarian Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told Mail Online: ‘If this had been a 31 year-old man with young boys the sentence would have been much tougher. It seems a case of double standards. Child sex abuse, regardless of whether it is perpetrated by men or women, is wrong and should be properly punished.’

Erin Pizzey – who opened the world’s first domestic violence shelter for women in 1971, before exposing feminism’s scope for hypocrisy in her work as a men’s rights activist – agreed.

‘Normal people – drunk or not – do not under any circumstances molest young children,’ she told MailOnline.

‘The fact that this woman insisted on pleading “not guilty” shows she has no remorse. In my opinion, jail was the only option. I cant help feeling that – had she been a man – she would have been incarcerated.’

And they’re right.

Feminism (like the law) needs to be even-handed if it is to be credible. It must rage against women’s unfair advantages as well as their disadvantages – both socially and legally. Otherwise, the message they send out is this: treat women equally to men, except when they’re treated better.

Anyone who disagrees is not only abusing the system – but our country’s young boys, too.

This article originally appeared in Mail Online, and is reposted here with permission of Mr. Lloyd. 

  • Kimski

    “it was a one-off…”

    WTF?! It’s on the news every single damn week, and it is happening more and more frequently nowadays.

    And the complete and utter silence from the feminist camp should tell you everything you need to know, about the radically bigoted creatures that hides under their rocks over there, every time something like this happens.

    “But..but..men and boys benefits from feminism, too. You guys should be supporting us!”

    Yeah, right!

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      Someone needs to remind this dumba$$ judge, his romantic feelings belong in the bedroom, NOT his courtroom.

      • Kimski

        Here’s a little help for judge Patrick Thomas that doesn’t involve criminal courtroom sentencing, while making a mockery of the law:

  • Spark

    This is absolutely disgusting. Just imagine the shitstorm that would be going through the MSM if the sexes were reversed. And to add insult to injury “it was a one-off…”; how the hell is that supposed to excuse any crime?

  • TPH

    The really sad issue here is that the courts and judges are setting precedent with these incredibly light or non existent judicial punishments thus encouraging women to act out and sexually abuse boys and girls because they know they will not face any real punishment if caught and prosecuted. It seems as if there are weekly articles on women busted for sexual abuse of minors, statutory rape, pedophilia. None of them face any real consequences. Only really egregious and outrageous cases seem to make it to the mainstream media. As Kimski postulated: The feminists are silent on the situation. Completely silent. Unfortunately in this situation, silence of the feminists means they seem to consent to the double standards and not holding women accountable for anything at all.

    • Stallion

      The real question is whether the crown prosecution will appeal such a light sentence. If they don’t then it will just show how fucked up the feminized bureaucratic nightmare of a legal system over there has become.

  • http://themanonthestreet.blogspot.com/ TMOTS

    Sickening how even the ‘judges’ are making up the excuses FOR the paedo women!

    oh daym! I just realized something folks! SHE was drunk! Under the ‘rules’ doesn’t that mean HE rayped her?!!!


  • AntZ

    Britain is a dark dark place.

    • Near Earth Object

      So is Canada.

      Too often, I find myself thinking that we have entered a new Dark Ages.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      So is America.

      Yes, the gloom of a dark, dark Nazi-feminist empire reaches far. Remember, they are Nazis more than feminists.

  • MGTOW-man

    The courts didn’t “forget” to punish her, it was likely intentional. The poor, poor pitiful woman “syndrome”, complete with all its haywire chemistry and “oppression”-based hyperbole, CAUSED her to behave badly.

    She gets a pass because it makes men and feminists happy. Protect the woman, blame men.

    If reversed, about a man abusing a child, we would never hear the end of it.

    …and those women actually expect us to deem them as our equals, not because they have proven anything, only because they want it.

    Fat chance!

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    It’s a one off. I can see that.

    But then again, I won the lottery eighty two times last year.

  • thefeministmra

    Here we have a convicted child sex offender escaping jail, yet not one public feminist figure has spoken out. Not one.

    Anyone have their email addresses? I expect; “no comment” as the response.

    Let’s examine the outrage shall we?

    “We are releasing this man of charges of rape. His acts we’re based on his drunkeness and horniness. The victim have largely recovered from their experience and it would be wrong to jail him.” I don’t imagine that would go over well.

    “We are releasing this man of charges of domestic violence. His acts we’re based on his state of intoxication and his selfishness. The victim has largely recovered from her injuries and it would be wrong to jail him.” Because we know how forgiving feminists are of DV.

    “We are releasing this man of charges of public endangerment and destruction of property. The act of driving into the side of someone’s home was motivated by drinking and childish behavior. The home has been repaired and the victims are fine. It would be unfair to jail him.” Probably wouldn’t have to pay for damages to eh?

    The level of idiocy being shown by the courts is fucking outrageous. Any sentence against me will no doubt have “contempt of court” added on to it.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier


    Given Judge Thomas’ ruling, I think it only fair that he should allow Ms Wheeler to babysit his children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews for one solid week. Oh, Judge Thomas wouldn’t be comfortable doing that? Didn’t think so.

  • Wendy

    You know, if all this bad stuff happens to women because of alcohol, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to drink it. Seriously, all these poor women are being subject to rape and being forced to do things they would NEVER otherwise do because they’ve been drinking. The answer is CLEARLY to outlaw alcohol for women. It must be as poison introduced by the patriarchy to control the wimmin.

    //end sarcasm//

  • Ben

    I want to take a copy of this to the social science researchers on campus who conduct frequent surveys. About every week or two, there will be a survey invitation that appears on each of the 22,000+ students’ school correspondence email account. Often, they are about crime and perceptions. The last one I did was about a sexual assault robot that the center for social research is developing which will obtain information from sexual assault and rape victims. They feel that a robot will be more effective in some cases than a human researcher. By my best estimation, I think they are trying to get more victims of sexual assault on campus to come forward by having them speak to a robot. If they succeed, we WILL see false claims go up and more young men kicked out of school with permanent records of it to follow them for life, along with student loan debt without the careers they were seeking to pay it back…

    I want to see if the social science researchers will conduct or allow me to conduct a survey asking students if they would support an initiative to reduce criminal sentencing for women convicted of having sex with underage teenage boys compared to the sentencing for men who do the same with underage girls. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of MSU students would indicate support of such an iniative. I think I will see if I can be granted permission to make a survey that somebody with mass-email authority could submit. If anyone has feedback or advice on how I should word questions, please let me know. robinson.ben4004@gmail.com

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I’d like to see that survey. My hypothesis would be that when asked, people do not support lower sentencing for female offenders, and as a consequence what’s really happening is that people’s emotions/instincts/training kick in when they see the sorrowful big-eyed woman in the courtroom. In the abstract they support equality but in the physical reality when the opportunity is before their eyes they take a pass.

      There are two solutions: say “yep, and that’s just the way of the world,” or, start cultivating a culture that is aware of this and stops being tolerant of it.

      • Ben

        Yeah, you are probably correct. The survey would come across snarky and condescending and students would wonder why a disturbed lunatic was granted mass-email authority to inflict such a repulsive and insulting question upon 20,000 educated people, treating all 20,000 like they are 3 year olds. Hardly anybody would take the suvey and the few that did would probably unanimously indicate that they would not support an initiative like that. Then the joke would be on me.

        However, nearly all 20,000 of them would let the woman go (and throw the book at the man) if they were to actually serve jury duty in the 2 situations in real life. They would never admit they were biased afterwards. They would just say the circumstances were different.

        Besides, the researchers would reject my survey idea and request for permission to conduct it exactly the same way they would reject a survey idea request that asked how many students have engaged in camabalism. It was a terrible idea.

  • greg

    Has this Pedophile been registered yet??

  • Near Earth Object

    “…sometimes women are the harshness of the world.”


    For more on this epidemic:

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    As I’ve stated in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube, the legal system loses all respect, when violent women are excused (and innocent men are witch-hunted), AND DESERVEDLY SO! http://tinyurl.com/65dpzwu

    As I told an L.A. County judge a few weeks ago to his face as he sat elevated in his courtroom during my jury duty service, “I have no confidence in any system that is trained by a gender-feminist hate movement and as a jury nullificationist I will sit in judgment of the law as well as the facts in evidence in any case. I will serve your legal system only under duress. Just being in your vile, misandrist courtroom, literally, sickens me to my stomach.”

  • donzaloog

    This is disgusting. They’re not even trying to hide the misandry anymore. That woman should be in jail, no questions asked.

    I want to hear a judge say it was a “one-off” the next time an adult man molest an underaged girl and let him go. They’ll crucify the both of them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam
    • napocapo69

      Funny to learn that Warren Farrell is a controversial figure, not a man speaking about human rights.
      Also, I should have missed some sentences, but I didn’t catch any reference to the verbal attacks and insults those feminist made against those men, to deny them the possibility to attend a lecture regarding social and human issues, as well to the evidences of misandry made public by those individuals in social networks.

      “a call to action to have the website itself blacklisted and shutdown by their website provider for hate speech.”
      this is funny, and tragic, trying to cover people that welcomed wonderful guys trying to attend the lecture with “fucking scum!” and “rape apologist!” … while accusing others of “hate speech”.

    • Wendy

      Gotta love the quotes around “offenses”. If they were honest, they’d put quotes around more things they say.

      “We feminists fight for “equality.””
      “We need to make women safe from all forms of “rape.””
      “The “patriarchy” made me do it!”

    • Near Earth Object

      What’s up with the ‘art by SCOTT LEEMING’?

    • Jay

      Being part of the MHRM is the perhaps the most interesting and rewarding things one can do in life. Either we as a society are for gender equality, equity and opportunity; or we grant women more rights, less responsibilities and higher human worth. The choice is there – everyone seems to think we are at the former, when we are actually at the latter. It’s down to ignorance, indoctrination and bigotry.

    • Roland3337

      Our old friend Dave Furtrelle or one of his boob-buddies has weighed in in the comments.

      Kinda funny. Haven’t heard from him/her for a while.

    • http://none universe

      Just submitted :
      “The maliciousness that they are inciting, the pursuit, is hate,” commented Scott. “This is getting out of hand, and it’s only proving the case that this movement does incite hate and encourage people to attack women who are empowered.”
      – Empowered to hatred. Their own recorded evidence of themselves isn’t demonstrative enough? That appears to be what is ‘out of hand’. It merely took someone to point it out to them.
      Self-reflection seems to be lost on many. And, more importantly, attending school or having attained graduated papered degrees in singular or combined subject matter is not necessarily a sign of intelligence.

      “AVfM’s move to target these women online has resulted in a number of violent threats being sent via phone, email, and social media, both to the targeted women as well as to members of the UTSU executive committee and volunteers”.
      – A cadre of the similarly minded are targets? Given what many have observed over the years with these types – hyperbole. I, or others, don’t believe this. At least to the extent of what the author is presenting.
      If there were such an, undetermined, amount of negative responses to these young gals as claimed then perhaps this is a sign that they are truly out of line themselves. Not considering this aspect or not of their own behaviors – wake up call. And you just got one.
      Much ado about next to nothing. Come on, grow up already.

  • thefeministmra

    Hogwash, we she did by definition was molest members of society who by are definition not yet adults. Why should this community refrain from using the correct word in the correct context? We aren’t simply making shit up or changing the definition to suite our purposes like a feminist community would.

    Positive or negative experiences don’t, nor should they matter. Let’s not give any credence to the thought that a young boy fucking an older woman is any less damaging to them than a young girl fucking an older man; they still broke the law, and the courts need to enforce the law. Should we punish actual rapists less because they gave their victims an orgasm? Should we punish a drunk driver less because they didn’t run someone over? And of course, why continue to prosecute a man for DV when his wife doesn’t wish to press charges?

    Abuse, not abuse? We should suddenly think about these things differently because they are approached differently by the genders? That’s exactly the kind of bullshit reasoning that pardoned this child molester. (That’s what she is; by definition)

    • thefeministmra

      So… aparently the person I was responding to is gone and now there is no context for my reply… hey look at me, I’m talking to myself, ha!

  • gwallan

    Of course you have a citation.

  • Sting Chameleon

    You sound like one of those bozos from the Pedo Party in Holland. A 12 year old boy/girl who gets sexed up by an adult was simply ABUSED, no questions asked.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    This is off topic but has anyone seen this YouTube video of a model admitting her female privilege?


    The video also admits that men are the most likely to be judged harshly because of the way they look.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    This pedophile needs to be on register-her.com.

    She has been convicted, and was allowed to walk?!

    The British court isn’t being covert about the pass, are they?

    She needs help…into a jail cell for a very long time.

  • harrywoodape

    Open season on men and boys. It’s deliberate. They are deliberately empowering females to stalk, abuse, assault, molest and whatever. They are sending clear signals that it is excusable.
    You only hear about the most overt cases…like this one…and usually when it is another female or the boys mother that files the complaint.
    I often think of the millions of boys and men that are abused in less obvious ways that don’t have anyone standing up for them. These victims often grow into angry abusive men. They never had a chance or a voice.
    I AM AN ENEMY OF MY STATE. My country does nothing for my gender. I oppose that bitterly.

  • http://forums.avoiceformen.com/member.php?action=register&referrer=1028 Morpheus

    These sorts of stories make me feel sick.

    Anyone who abuses a child should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, not granted a pass based on their gender.

    This is disgraceful. There should have been a submission to the courts demanding a retrial due to a error of impunity.


    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      Welcome Morpheus.

      For those not in the know, this chap is one hell of a mod on the AVfM forum. Tcob with boots in and sleeves rolled up.

      Yeah, he’s an Aussie but don’t hold that against him.

  • pluto

    Men need to be more active demanding their rights like women have been. It is the only way to be heard, otherwise nobody is listening. Look how women did it and do the same. Starting petitions is a start.

    We must stand up for each other.

  • Raven01

    The message these pussy-passes issued to female criminals sends, only makes it more likely that other potential female criminals will act on their unacceptable impulses.
    Can we picture any other crime group being given a regular pass without repercussions? Maybe theft, that wouldn’t mean soon more people would engage in thievery, naw. Or to run a better parallel, a crime given a pass based on who commits it. Let’s say we will fully prosecute white thieves, black thieves and, any thief over 5’6″ but not asian thieves or any under 5’6″. That wouldn’t actually encourage shorties or asian people to engage in criminal activity that must be socially acceptable since otherwise they would be prosecuted just like everyone else.

    • Kimski

      “Can we picture any other crime group being given a regular pass without repercussions?”

      Wall Street bankers and politicians?

  • http://none universe

    I’m assuming that the photo of the gal in question supplied with the article was a recent one in relation to her court pass.

    The look on her face spoke this to me : that, up to a point, she knew her behavior was inappropriate, that she performed it anyway, stands by it and feels the power of certain others dancing her out of harm’s way.
    This is what women, or one in particular, is/are proud of? An excusing of culpability?

    An inexpensive Affirmative Action in court outcomes is called for.Otherwise we’re slouching toward Gomorrhal communities and feral grass hut villages.
    Extreme evaluation? Better minds have already stated this.

    Thanks for the article Peter.
    The regular media dare not garner enough in-depth examinations of human relations which effect boys/men and the behaviors of that 50.6% population which influences them and the culture.

  • All Contraire

    Google “women prison patriarchy” and you’ll find endless articles and .Pdfs, etc. from Marxist-feminist scholars decrying that western legal thought and systems are Patriarchal constructs that all men have used down through the ages in their dastardly violent, misogynist oppression and enslavement of all women.

    These ideologues call for the immediate establishment across-the-board (police–courts–alternatives to prison, etc.) of fully separate, feminist inspired and constructed (or is it deconstructed?) judicial [[institutions]]->make that “programs” to coddle the kinder, gentler sex. And, of course, provide massive new taxpayer-funded employment opportunities to the feminazi activists who are annually pouring out of College Social Justice (SJ) Departments with no useful skills, but brimming with righteous feminist fury and determination to do to men the terrible injustices they’ve insanely convinced themselves men have always done to them.

    After all, women only commit ‘petty’ crimes––like ‘petting’ young boys’ privates––and should be let off with a gentle slap on the wrist. The nice girl offenders will, however, require expensive government-provided, SJ-jobs-creating counseling.

    And in those rare cases when women are caught––darn it!––committing more serious crimes, like murdering their children, or their husbands (why is this a crime anyway?), it’s only because a man made them do it. These female [[criminals]]->make that “victims” will need more intensive longer-term and expensive coaching off in a pleasant spa-like community setting. There, empathetic feminist psycho-sociologists will empower and thus ‘cure’ them by showing how their [[criminal]]->make that “emotionally disturbed” behavior is actually entirely the fault of the Patriarchy and its corrupt abusive world of female oppression.

    Also, the funds for a nice girls’ justice system should come from the men’s prison system. Those brutes––so many locked up for rape and DV––are treated far too leniently anyway and deserve cheaper, more sadistic confinement and punishment.

    In feminist ideology True Justice can only come for women caught committing crimes by rehabilitating them to feminist enlightenment…And, at the same time, disempowering and indeed condemning and criminalizing all men for their historic brutal domination, abuse and misogyny which are what really caused the saintly ladies to stray from the path of divinely ordained feminine righteousness.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    I hate to post this twice but I think it is really important.

    If any of you haven’t seen this video you should. It’s of a Victoria’s Secret Model giving a TED speech in which she outlines female privilege and admits that males are oppressed. I think it is huge!

  • http://none universe

    The first minute alone featured a lot of uspoken relevance to the state of ‘gendered’ affairs. Being in trouble with the chicks in the audience because of her genetically transfered looks. Owwwch. Her opening remarks, insightfuly humourous, not totally disarming, but pace setting nonetheless.
    If females are that jelous of eachother think of similarly how many might feel about men’s issues competing with women’s issues. Which is contrasted by substance versus superficiality.
    Never mind her “white skin” of “genetic lotteries” “cashing in”. This works the same in every culture.

    The modeling industry is centered in North America and parts of Europe where a preponderance of white folk reside. And in the U.S., co-incidentally where a lot of money resides too. Money fuels a lot of any industry. (What? A Nigerian modeling industry is going to promote the image of white girls?)

    Why? Our model asks about girls wanting to be one too. Forget ‘image’ for a minute and look toward the domain of femaleness. Groupie like, image focussed. (Hey, like unsubstantive contemporary feminist postulating on female issues. Which happens to be a lucrative “career path” in lunacy).

    All the pre and post production of which our fearless model spoke of – the same evident with feminism. Other people doin’ it for them. The publishing houses, the venues of discovery (school), media barrages, the financing, etc. – all set up for convenience. (“Hey, you didn’t build that”.)

    About the “free stuff” she mentions @round 6:35. Need humble moi’ to draw futher parralells to feminism?

    Can’t drum up a lot of sympathy for the young girls that “don’t like their bodies”. It’s the girls who are ‘doin’ it to each other’.

    Her insecurity over how she looks and what she would say is bit of a stretch. Just say it.

    Was nice to see a gal whose head appears to to meet her shoulders well (‘screwed on right’).

    After observing this vid, the moral of my writings? Don’t be either a model [ yum ] or a feminist [ yuk ].

    Though provoking find, Jean.

  • All Contraire

    RE Jean Valjean’s video above. As far as I’ve ever seen TED is a leftwing liberal forum.

    I hope every MHRA understands that throughout her talk, what Mz. Russell is really doing is espousing feminist dogma, hook, line, and sinker –– and using sex as her bait. Her overall theme is straight from the Feminist Handbook which constantly denounces the fashion industry and modeling as just another oppressive patriarchal construct, one more of the innumerable ways that men have historically exploited, sexually objectified and enslaved women.

    At the end of her performance she even states it outright when she goes on about: “the legacy of *GENDER* (and racial) OPPRESSION”. But only MHRMs will recognize the misandry afoot here. We all know which gender she is referring to as being oppressed, and why.*** Truth is, it is needful hypergamous females who have forever sought to enhance their sexual allure to attract and gain ascendency over clueless men.

    Mz. Russell’s costume change at the beginning of the video sets the stage. The ‘sexy’ dress she starts out with is straight from male fantasies we supposedly ‘force’ upon women, the self-labeled eternal saintly long-suffering victims of our shenanigans. The substitute wrap-around skirt and sweater are basic Mizz Maoist uniform for feminists –– older women often add scarves.

    Clearly, Mz. Russell is intending to confront and shame every man and boy for our slavering bug-eyed cravings that lock her and all women into commercialized gender typecasting. Don’t be fooled, this is the real theme throughout her talk. And just as clearly the feminist ‘uniform’ –– as intended –– actually does little to hide her attributes. Indeed it makes them more appealing and her more seductive by advertising sexual availability while denying the actual product –– as intended.

    The truth is that Sexual Seduction has a very powerful primal hold over men which women instinctively understand. It’s surely no secret that human females have very deliberately exploited *Man’s Biological Imperative to have sex and procreate* to their advantage down through the ages. What you won’t hear from Mz. Russell or anywhere in the culture these days is how they have also often caused the downfall of men. No movies in the works with the Siren story warning of knucklehead Samson and come-hither Delilah. Does anyone really believe it was the Big Chump’s head of hair that she chopped off, taking away his masculine strength and power?

    Anyway, Ms. Russell and her feminist cronies would doubtless say it’s always “teh men’s fault” if we can’t keep our nasty bits down in response to silicone-and-lipstick sculpted seductions. But actually it’s men and boys who are kept hyper-sexualized for profit by the sexy super-model images emblazoned on every billboard and broadcast commercial and embedded in all our ‘boobs’ tube programming.

    Unfortunately only red pill MHRMs will see that. Everyone else in Mz. Russell’s audience and those who watch the video on YouTube will swallow without thinking her none-too-subtle accusations of female objectification and exploitation by males…

    Well, at least all the gawking men and boys will. The mass of Non-MHRA women –– while no doubt agreeing whole-hardheartedly that they are Eternally Victims of men’s oppression, know in the dark PMS-stirrings of their hearts (even if they won’t admit the truth to their wily ever-scheming brains) –– that it is they who have always very deliberately and calculatingly used their POWERs of sexual attraction and seduction against men, not the other way around. We just go stupidly plunging straight-ahead after them –– until the supposed prey turns on us and we fall into their sticky sweet smothering honey trap…

    From the beginning women have dressed and painted and modeled themselves to gain favors from and Power over men. Silicone breast implants and cosmetic surgery are just the latest weapons-of-mass-seduction added to their considerable evolutionary arsenal. And Note that men don’t have Powers of Sexual Seduction over women. What successful PUAs, admired male athletes, Hollywood hunks, rich internet nerds, etc. have are advantage over other men.

    Further along Mz. Russell spends considerable time on her examples of women in personal relationships, sports, etc. Here again she is condemning men for valuing her and, by extension, all women solely for their looks and sexuality –– not their brains, athletic prowess, sensitivity and empathy, etc.

    By the way, notice that her example of the totally awesome, absolutely fab–u–lous !!! ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet !!! is, of course, a relentless you–go–gurl feminist theme promoted everywhere in our relentlessly misandrous media and culture: that women are not merely equal to men but, once liberated they are in every way superior.

    When pretty Mz. Russell pretends to being helpless to make decisions in the cold heartless fashion industry, she surely means to point accusingly at the lusty businessmen lurking everywhere who are marketing her and her sisters for fun and profit. But face it, super-models are really femme fatales whose whole racy business is built on exploiting men and boys.

    The feminists’ larger complaint is, of course, against the ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents Totally Superior Women from clawing their way to the top of the business world. But men should rightly be very afraid of what the Fascist-Feminist Elite, having convinced themselves that men are fundamentally evil, intend to do to us once they are in total control. It certainly won’t be equality. And it certainly won’t be ‘pretty’.

    When at the end of the video Mz. Russell exploits (the word is intentional) America’s legacy of “racial” oppression, she means white Men’s racism. No mention of how white women have benefited from the wealth that vile institution created, in some large measure for men to lay at their feet. And absolutely nothing about how minority men have been and continue to be the unacknowledged Victims of women: such as discrimination in education, employment, etc. where Black women are doing phenomenally better than Black men. And where too White women are doing significantly better than White men.

    And what about false rape, sexual assault, and DV charges?…Being stopped for DWB (Driving While Black) is a very, very minor inconvenience compared to the humiliation, trauma and destruction wrought by women against minority and all other men, using the legal system and the appeal of chivalry, which is yet another Power that women exert over disposable men, one which Mothers have instilled in their sons from birth…..

    …..Like the chivalry of the male traffic cop the lovely Mz. Russell mocks who lets her and her friend off with a smile –– no doubt in a hurry to get away before the smirking ladies start outright laughing at the woody embarrassingly tenting out the nice press of his uniform slacks.

    Spouting slogans of some men’s institutional “discrimination” and “bigotry” over others, the modern Feminist Conspiracy has been very successful separating us from each other and our common humanity along racial and ethnic fault lines. This is basic divide-and-conquer feminism: women setting men fighting amongst ourselves, which historically is a fundamental but largely unrecognized source of war and conflict.

    After all, wasn’t it fashion-model-perfect Helen who launched those thousand ships…..? Nothing new, when you think about it. Calculating Beta Females have always exploited men’s jealousy and rivalries for their own selfish purposes. Seductive Power over men is a way for them to wield power without responsibility or consequences. If events don’t go according to Her Plan and the men on the other side kill all the men on Her Side, Helen can just switch teams confident, as always, that she can easily seduce the dumb muscle-bound penis-brain winners who naïvely believe they’re the ones on top in taking the cute smiling little succubus into their beds and confidence.

    Mz. Russell scoffs that it’s only her looks that enabled the successful highly-compensated modeling career that paid for college (and likely also put lots of gold in her bank account and bling in her jewelry case). No mention of the exploitation of unprivileged men who have to work their way through college busing tables, delivering pizzas, working on loading docks…performing as male strippers at wild sorority bashes, etc. on top of keeping up with classes and coursework. Nor of the majority of men of all races and ethnicities for whom dirty, backbreaking Morlock jobs serving our ungrateful and even contemptuous Elites are all they will ever have.

    Bottom-line: MHRAs should justly feel downhearted that Mz. Russell seems so oblivious to the sacrifices that supposedly ‘privileged’ men make, and have made down through history, on her behalf.

    Finally, let’s face it, in order to implant her message Ms. Russell is obviously exploiting the very same subliminal media brainwashing tools and methods her talk is supposedly meant to expose. MHRMs, don’t be seduced by the speaker’s pretty packaging and superficial, beguiling surface-only appeal into overlooking her misandrous feminist propaganda.

    P.S…Apologies to women MHRAs if what I’ve written comes off as anyway misogynistic. Hard to strike a humanist balance when the feminists’ lies are so universally blindly accepted (and fervently believed by the evil ideology’s adherents) that, as with Mz. Russell’s feminist marketing video here, most people just don’t see what’s really going on and how they’re being programmed.

    ***Regarding slavery: Feminists have always self-servingly sought to tie their imagined oppression of all women, which is basic to their ideology, together with the very real oppression of Black men and women in America. Just another stratagem to distance themselves from the bad deeds of men and assert their undeserved moral superiority…and Power.

    But historically, until the 1500s the overwhelming majority of European slaves were White. Remember all those big, blue-eyed, shaggy blond-haired, winter-pale men in the battle scene at the beginning of the Russell Crowe movie ‘Gladiator’? The survivors would have been marched south in chains to be sold on the auction block and then sent to die slaving away under hellish conditions down in the empire’s stygian mines or chained to the oars down in the sunless holes of commercial and military galleys, rowing forevermore to the inexorable beat of the drum and lash of the whip for whatever remained of their damned and truncated lives.

    “Barbarian” was the ‘N’ word the Romans used to rob the white northern peoples of their humanity, and Crucifixion was the cruel price male slaves paid for disobedience. Women serving as household slaves and domestic workers would have had much better and longer lives.

    But at least Elite Roman women were honest about their avarice and complicity in the enjoyment of the wealth and leisure that White slavery brought them.

    This earlier history of slavery goes largely unrecognized, just as today the unrecognized majority of rape victims are men in prison. It does not in any way diminish or excuse slavery or Jim Crow in democratic ‘freedom-loving’ America. It does point out the shared hardships and disposability of all men of all times and all races. And it does point out how feminists appealingly absolve their constituency, women, from any guilt or –– god forbid! –– having ever to apologize…..for anything. And how cleverly they use racial and ethnic divides to drive men apart from each other when we should be working together shoulder-to-shoulder with MHRM Women against the feminists’ destructive, lying, man hating-and-blaming ideology.

    • http://none universe

      This, the following, isn’t even remotely considered a vie for the last word (if this means anything). On anything you’ve written.
      Each registered participant here is allowed only one appreciative vote up for comments made by others. One from myself, in the green, for yours, doesn’t come close to recognizing value for the effortless and enriching writing on your part. (No corn-ball. No supplicating. Straight-up).

      I am going to put a previous comment on trial. My, ‘head screwed on right’, entry. The TED model realizes her temporal plus. It seemed innocuous. No excessive flouting. Doesn’t have to for and among others who would find her attractive. Just aware of it. Possibly to the point of downplay. As having only seen her delivery for 8 minutes I was willing to give her the benefit that she does.

      Then the subtext of subterfuge entered through the immediate text above. The references to ‘oppression’, ‘gender’ was noted but in the true sense of cosmetic she waltzed away from it and off the stage as the scent of her performance trailed behind her. I caught more of a whiff of it only a short time before writing this. A good read it was. Intricately woven and picture clear. Unlike anything previously observed or imagined.

      You had contextualized PUAstery – this being foreign up to only months ago – (loosely) as but a useful tool. In an antogonizer’s game realm where the odds are seemingly stacked in favour of every pretty bookie.
      I see the point of the practice. Intimate social environments do appear that hostile for the younger trajectory bearers. A little insight can go a long way. However, it’s success is dependent upon how the wielders, the practitioner, manages it all. Naturally, right. Like anything else time and practice creates results. So be it if it must be.
      I just feel I should not have to provide a song or dance for a potential love interest of any duration. That just makes things way too easy for them. I wanna see some worth and value first myself. Otherwise they get lazy and expectant. I can live with the miss.

      Anyway, glad you wrote in. Expect more hits.

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    This is pretty disgusting.