White Knight

The White Knight Problem

Within the Men’s Rights community, the epithet “White Knight” is one of the most disparaging insults possible. However, to people outside the men’s rights community, this might seem like the relatively mild rebuke of the word “hero.”

This comprehension failure is built on a lack of understanding of what a “hero” actually is. A hero is a disposable human male, most often put in harms way to dispose of other human males.  A hero can die in other ways, but that is the fundamental definition. That the hero is disposed of in a way we imagine is glorious or noble doesn’t change the fact that he is fodder.

We reward the hero with our praise and admiration, as we lower him into the ground and go about our untouched, thankfully inconvenienced lives. We celebrate this social construct, but it is obscene. A male human being to be used for a dangerous, dirty, or damaging purpose, and discarded. That is a hero.

In a modern context where technology renders the discarding of humans unneeded for collective survival, the obscenity is magnified. Pile on top of this a feminist zeitgeist in which those sacrificed are heaped with contempt for their sex, some word stronger than obscene is needed. Humans for use to their destruction, for no reason except the convenience of the privileged. A human kleenex.

This is all aggravated by the unfortunate continued public denial of the legal and social elevation of women and the denigration of men in our culture. Everyone is aware of this problem, but most people – including men, and especially White Knights, are busy rationalizing, denying and pretending it’s not there.

Men are stupid[1], deadbeat dads[2], rape culture[3][4] (false pretense that women are the first and only victims of rape[5][6], patriarchy theory[7], the wage gap[8] – these are all cultural “truths” without substantive reality to back them up. But they’re accepted as real. Individually debunking these lies is beyond the scope of this article, but interested readers can check the links in this web page’s footer.

White knights are traditionalists, and heroes, and within western culture, they are a toxin. These are men who practice chivalry. White knights are males who defend women, but not because women are people – which might be noble. Rather, they defend women only because they are women. This almost always encompasses a willful blindness to the behavior and utterance of the women so defended.

Any moment now, somebody will begin screeching the word misogynist, or woman-hater, in an attempt to derail the discussion and re-cast this article as an attack on women.

Is it you doing the screeching?

I’ll digress briefly to address this. In my writing, I am often critical of people, ideologies, ideas, social institutions, laws, and traditions. When the subject of my criticism is women – I often attract the accusations that I hate them, am violent towards them, am a potential rapist, and so on. So, I’ve included this paragraph, which I may also include in future articles. If you offer the commentary I’ve just described, you’re lying, and you know you’re lying. I have nothing but contempt for liars, and I will not waste the keystrokes correcting their lies. Indeed, this paragraph was copy-pasted from a previous one.

That’s how many keystrokes those lies are worth.

Getting back to women mindlessly defended by white knights, shouldn’t women be defended? No, they should not. People should be defended. Women are obviously a subset of the larger set we call “people” – but the distinction is important, and it’s where White Knights come back into the picture. These heroes are males who defend women no matter how outrageous, violent, bigoted, or histrionic the women they defend are. The results of this female pedestalization are often violent, and sometimes murderous, revealing White knights to be antithetical to the human rights of men, and of women.

Women defended by men who willfully ignore their violent, racist, or criminal behavior are infantilizing the females they defend. Because chivalry is a major force in male socialization, this goes beyond individual cases and is a major social factor in western society. We are witnessing the escalating transformation of women into overgrown emotionally arrested children wielding the social and legal power of putative state functionaries.

Does anybody think privilege without responsibility is good for anyone individually, or as a biological demographic? Individuals rendered free from accountability – as if infants with adult powers and privileges are miserable human beings, and contribute very little to anyone besides pain.

A nearly perfect example of this was provided by the stabbing of two deaf men in

Underneath the lies, this is what a damsel in distress and white knight look like.

a Florida night club [9]. A stupid, violent, entitled 45 year old princess named Barbara Lee witnessed two deaf men conversing in sign language. Being herself an ignorant criminal, she deduced they must be members of a rival gang, throwing challenges in their own gang’s hand gestures. She approached these men and began signalling her challenge using gang gestures. They waved her away. She left the establishment, located two suitably stupid and violence prone male defenders aged 19 and 17 – and goaded these chivalrists into the stabbing assault on the two deaf men.

Every report of this fails to address the problem at the base of this event. The gang affiliations of the antagonists are given as the reason for this violent episode. The assailants were indeed members of a gang, but focusing on that misses the point. The moron: Barabara Lee left the bar, recruited the help of her white knights, and came back to direct the knife assault on the two deaf men. Chivalry in defense of a stupid, violent cretin of a woman is the social pathology which directly caused this violence. Chivalry is the masculine expression of feminism – and the two pathologies two sides of the same brutal coin.

There are endless examples of the same phenomena throughout society.  And we begin to see unmistakable parallels between these kinds of events and what our justice system has become.

Probably, even white knights can recognize this at an intellectual level if it’s pointed out. But that won’t stop any of them from stupidly, mindlessly jumping to the violent defense of the very next woman who deliberately instigates conflict over somebody’s real or imagined insult. The resulting violence has it’s roots in chivalry, and we won’t be a society of adults until we universally recognize chivalry as a social pathology equivalent to racism. Chivalry must be treated with the same contempt and scorn we reserve for the racism that led to lynchings of blacks in the American South.

White knights, the enforcers of chivalry, deserve our censure and contempt. They are the muscle of a violent, hate propelled ideology calling itself feminism, and telling us we live in a patriarchy.

Men are Stupid
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Deadbeat Dads
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Rape Culture
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  • George

    Good article. Thanks Paul.

    On a positive note: A feminist judge has resigned after her panties got all
    bunched because two other judges refused to listen to the old bag. http://bit.ly/inP23K I love this story and Philip Roth is a man’s man. Three cheers for him and the to other judges. Meanwhile the femiist sufferer of Portnoys Complain can sod off!

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      You are welcome, I will check out the link, but please thank Dexter for the article. This was one of his.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      LOL, what a great story.

      “So I said I didn’t want my name attached to it, and retired. You can’t be asked to judge, and then not judge.”

      That isn’t what happened, you ignorant, emotional twit. You were overruled by two other judges that saw things differently. And when they made it clear how they felt, you took your toys and went home.

      Note to feminists. This woman is a great role model for you. Follow her lead. If you don’t get your way about everything, shut the fuck up and go home.

      Sorry, Dexter, I hope this doesn’t derail your thread.

      • scatmaster

        That isn’t what happened, you ignorant, emotional twit twat.

        FTFY though twit works as well.

    • mideonphish

      Thanks for the link George,

      That put a smile on my face after a rough day, its always great to see a feminist
      throw a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her own way, very entertaining stuff.

      It’s nicer still though, to see these other male judges stand up for their own
      opinions instead of backing down and giving in to that useless miserable
      coffin-dodging insufferable old sow.

    • AntZ

      Read the comments under the story. All seven are in support of the decision, and disdainful of the feminist temper tantrum. It is very revealing to read that several comments re-told the story with genders reversed, to demonstrate the depths of feminist bigotry and anti-male sexism.

    • Eff’d Off

      To Paul,

      Ok I just sent you the “Take Back The Knight” T-shirt design… so far.

      I will press on with the final bit of it when I hear that this is what you are looking for, ok.

      Pwoot Phwoot (factory whistle blows)

      • Eff’d Off

        Bugger it…

        Mr Dexter – again you just bust it up on the screen mate. I just love your writing style.

      • giselle

        sounds like a good idea for a shirt but i dont think anyone will understand what it means unless they are in the MR movement. If I saw it and didnt know about this site, I’d think it was some sort of video game thing. Just sayin’. will it have a website address on the back or something?

  • scatmaster

    I am ashamed to admit I white knighted in the past.
    Now I pass by any so called “damsel in distress” regardless of age, infirmary, or situation. Your wrought what you sew. Chivalry is dead and that is a good thing.

    • Luek

      Actually I think your last sentence would make a good MRA T-shirt.
      And would be interested to see what happens to the MRA that had enough guts to wear it to the next company picnic!


  • TDK

    Underneath every white knight lies a myriad of agendas and ulterior motives. They are really just thinking with their dick, in a thinly veiled attempt to validate women so that they trust them and hope it creates sexual attraction. So women never really take responsibility in everything they do in life as long as white knights, the media dissolve women of any real responsibility. This is why false rape accusations are an epidemic because women are declared as children in the eyes of society and therefore the legal system.

  • TDK

    Just to add, a year ago when I was sixteen I got jumped by 5-6 guys for restraining a violent drunk(older) girl. This really exposed to me that even some of my closest friends were brainwashed to believe girls have a right to assault men. And that any sort of defence let alone retaliation will literally have you in a dangerous situation in the proximity of any white knights.

    • giselle

      At work the other day, a irl was punching, slapping and kicking a guy. This is her BF, they recently had a baby. Nice huh? He didnt even try to defend himself. I’ve been trying to tell my nephew that if his now 20 year old bride goes divorce nutso on him in the future that before the shit hits the fan he needs to sell the house, sell the boat and all he needs to look forward to is child support. he never should have gotten married but they got pregnant and he was, is in love with her.

  • keyster

    White Knights are an anachronism.
    They’re defending a woman’s honor, virtue and dignity…while refusing to acknowledge most women have so little of it left.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      LOL, I read your post a little fast and at first glance I thought you said a woman’s “virtual dignity.”

  • Snark

    “Chivalry is the masculine expression of feminism”

    This is perhaps the most profound statement the MRM has put out there.

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

      Very likely so.

      I like to reserve the term “collaborationist” for the politically left-leaning version of the white knight/chivalrist — reason being that these people are intellectually supporting feminism by name.

      The “white knight”, on the other hand, is most often a “traditionalist” who repudiates feminism by name — or at least, according to his shallow understanding of what feminism IS. (Did I mention “shallow? We’re talking two inches deep!)

      I’m not sure which kind of chivalrist is more toxic — the white knight or the collaborationist.

      Actually, it’s a toss-up. They are each in their own way necessary to make the system operate.

      The feminist bird could not fly without both wings — right and left.

  • Auditor

    They’re trying to deny PAS again:


    • Raven01

      Oh, I’ll be commenting and likely censored there.
      Thanks for the tip

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

      Um…that “Claudine Dumbrowski” is a real piece of work, lemme tell ya!

  • Shawn

    White knights are usually older men. They were brainwashed from birth to put a woman’s happiness before a man’s happiness. This attitude is dying out among the younger generation. A lot of young people view women as competitors. They have to compete with women in the job market, education system, courts, and even sports. Although they grew up in a heavily influenced, feminized world, younger men are more likely to take the red pill. They saw what happened when mother ran the household and what happened when they did not get hired for a job since “diversity” is what most companies are looking for when hiring.

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

      “White knights are usually older men. They were brainwashed from birth to put a woman’s happiness before a man’s happiness. This attitude is dying out among the younger generation.”

      That is generally true, I’d say. Still, I’ve known a few pro-hemp, rock-n-roller youngbloods with a white knight streak as big as an interstate highway. The southern USA (traditionally a land of gallantry) seems to generate this cultural type in substantial numbers.

      The key to understanding such dudes is their naivete and shallow understanding of the issues. I’m convinced that a lot of them have an ‘inner MRA’ that will spring to life if somebody feeds them the correct information with the correct attitude.

      • Tom M

        I have managed to spark some insight into some of these religious zealot chivalrist types.

        “The southern USA (traditionally a land of gallantry) seems to generate this cultural type in substantial numbers.”

        Much of this is generated through “religion” (and not just in the south) under the name of Christianity, yet Christ taught nothing of the sort, just the opposite. Much of western religion, along with feminism and chivalry have evolved into cults of female idol worship.

        Jesus was NOT a Mangina nor did he worship idols, man or woman.

        Some clergy will listen to a logical argument for this, while others just get angry as all HELL at the truth and vehemently defend their right to assist in pillaging and gang-molesting children, families and men by supporting the cult of chivalry.

        A msg from Him to these thinly veiled anti-Christ manginas (many clergy too) who commit and orchestrate the vast majority of child abuse by propping up feminism and absolving all women of accountability and helping them abuse: Matt 18:6

        • Tom M

          Add to that: Matt 25:40 (and that applies to doing good as well as doing evil and helping and allowing that evil happen – manginas)

          Whether one is religious or not, those are still deep principles of human rights and liberty.

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

          Well, actually, I wasn’t really thinking about the religious right. I had more in mind just regular young dudes who like to rock out and party, and go to the Seattle Hempfest, etc etc….

          And yet they have that white knight thing going on. There is nothing political or ideological or left-wing about them.

          • Keyster

            I know what you mean but there’s been a decided shift among even the “young dudes”, in the last 5 or 10 years.

            There all like, “whoa dude, like WTF…!”, all of the sudden.

          • Tom M

            It is still rooted in political correctness whether they realize why they subscribe to the BS or not.

      • Nergal

        “That is generally true, I’d say. Still, I’ve known a few pro-hemp, rock-n-roller youngbloods with a white knight streak as big as an interstate highway. The southern USA (traditionally a land of gallantry) seems to generate this cultural type in substantial numbers.

        The key to understanding such dudes is their naivete and shallow understanding of the issues. I’m convinced that a lot of them have an ‘inner MRA’ that will spring to life if somebody feeds them the correct information with the correct attitude.”

        I was one of those guys.

        What it took for me was hearing how women talk about guys that do that. Women think white knights are retarded and basically a resource to be exploited,not human beings.

        You’re risking life and limb for them, and they’re laughing at you behind your back. Oh, they insist to your face that it’s appreciated and even “proper” behavior, but they are most certainly scornfully degrading you when you aren’t there to listen.

        If white knights spent even 1/10 of the effort they spent trying to get pussy on their fellow men, we could pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in a matter of years,maybe even months. Hell, there’s no telling what we could do. Space travel, the cure for cancer, you name it. All it takes is men genuinely devoted to a single focus.

  • mideonphish

    Very good piece, never fails to amaze and disappoint me how many of
    these chivalristic idiots are prepared to get into a fight at the mere batting
    of some fugly middle-aged woman’s eye lid.

    All that seems to matter is that she have tits and a va-jay jay and immediately its a
    case of “the stage is set and the green flag drops”.

    It is very true to call them wilfully oblivious to the truth, you know what they say
    “no man is more blind than he who refuses to see”.

    • Tom M

      Yep, chivalry is still alive…
      [img]http://avoiceformen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/chivalry not dead-1.jpg[/img]
      More often chivalry is faceplanting other men and their children face-down in the mud so entitled women can walk across on their backs. Parasitic – nothing less.

      • mideonphish

        I agree wholeheartedly Tom, but fortunately chivalry is already all but
        dead and hopefully these walking insults to masculinity will do us all a
        favour and f*@king die out with it.

        • Tom M

          I think this ties the sick, parasitic symbiosis of feminism and chivalry together in a way that helps the newbies see the big picture sooner:

          1- There has been no such thing as oppression of women in western nations. Oppression of women is a feminist gender studies myth bolstered by fake “historical notes” which many men/chivalrists parrot unwittingly (Search: youtube: the myth of women’s oppression).

          2- Therefore there is NO gender pendulum either. Female worship (chivalry) is an INSTITUTION, not hooked to a pendulum. Female worship is as ageless as the IDOL WORSHIP which it is. Putting women on pedestals and putting women always first, sacrificing men and boys to feed itself. Female worship has always been an institution, a cult of idolatry, which has prevented true equality FOR MEN. It raises up and supports a feeling of supremacy in women, called feminism. This institution of chivalrist female worship must be torn down as surely as the IDOLITRY and HUMAN SACRIFICE it embodies.

          3- Abusive, manipulative, entitled, supremacist feminism falls flat the very second chivalry stops supporting it. Feminism isn’t even possible without female worship (chivalry) propping it up.

          To say “chivalry is all but dead” is to say feminism is all but dead. I’ll be very happy to see chivalry dying in more and more circles.

  • Lovekraft

    Give these white knights a chance to educate themselves as to modern feminism, marriage 2.0 etc, but once that is done and he continues to be a wuss, put him out of your mind.

    Life is too short trying to change the unchangeable. Most married men are in this camp.

    • Luek

      Lovekraft pardon my critique of you insightful post but I think you meant to say, “You can’t fix stupid!” “Most married men are in this camp.”

  • http://avoiceformen.com Tom

    Life After False Allegations:
    “May 5, 2011

    Sean Lanigan trains young soccer players in Centreville. In January 2010, a 12-year-old girl at Centre Ridge Elementary School in Centreville accused him of molesting her. It turned out that the girl, angry at Lanigan about a discipline issue, had made up the accusation.”


    • mideonphish

      Come, come now, you didn’t actually expect the accusations to be true
      now did you?

  • anon

    Eh, I don’t know if you can attribute the actions of the stabbers to white knightism. Seems to me that if a young guy came to them and said something like “hey, there are some fuckers over there disrespecting our gang”, they would’ve done the same thing. I agree with the rest of the article.

    • http://avoiceformen.com backdatdonkeyup

      Maybe not.
      Do we have a title for the action the woman took?

      Enlisting others to bleed and go to jail for her?
      I don’ think damsel in distress covers it, she wasn’t even in imagined danger.
      She just wanted something done (a house built, people bashed) but didn’t want to make the effort herself.

  • Sean Gonzalez

    This situation has been such a problem for such a long time even Shakespeare has written of it. I think the most famous of which was the Tragedy of MacBeth. His wife pushed him to commit regicide then take over and himself get slaughtered for her social climbing disease. Great men, like Shakespeare, have been watching this kind of nonsense and trying to subtly infuse us with a small amount of sense from the sidelines for ages. This is one for all of you read or review if you haven’t, it’s going to be on the test called,”Life in the World.”


    Excellent article, I think we have all been impacted by a white knight in our past, several actually. I can remember the last time I got caught in the cross hairs of a white knight. He was protecting the honor of said victim in a skirt who claimed that a bald guy had disrespected her. Bad news for me as I was not the bald guy in question, mistaken identity. White knight approaches with wild threat and gesture about my coming punishment, all in ear shot of victimized whore. White knight ended up getting punked and victimized whore got her ass chewed off and banned from the establishment. That’s accountability from normal perspective but I’m sure victimized whore found other establishments to practice her trade. White knights need to understand something as they rush to rescue victimized whores, most nice guys can kick the living shit out of a white knights. That’s Zeta Masculinity.

    By the way, have any of you noticed the number of woman being charged with the rape and murder of children lately? I have seen seven cases nationally in the last week and two in my state alone. I’m not even sure if it’s illegal for woman to rap children anyway? Our government might need to start funding additional programs to raise awareness for how men drove these women to commit such acts. Again, great article, it’s wonderful to have a place to visit for education that’s relevant and can save your life one day. I can’t wait for the survival manual!!

    • Tom M

      “By the way, have any of you noticed the number of woman being charged with the rape and murder of children lately?”

      That is normal, yet many White Knight MRA’s (yep, right in our own ranks…)still spout such obscene gestures as, “1 in 3 DV victims are victims of women!”, when it’s the other way around for both men and children being the primarily victims of DV, victims of women whom these MRA White Knights excuse.

      • Tom M

        Yeah, I think I got that from one of mangiae on the GMPM who spouted that men are the minority victims (1 in 3) and commit most abuse (2 in 3) and thus men don’t need help…

  • http://thepigmancometh.com/ Porky D.

    “A hero is a disposable human male, most often put in harms way to dispose of other human males.”

    Indeed, the secret word for hero is sucker.

    • Rad

      If you accept the altruist premises package-dealed into that definition.

      Remove the altruism and you pave the way for a rational definition of “Hero”.

  • Zuberi

    White knights for longest, have been foot stoles for manipulative women. They are diluted fools who desperately seek approval from women who hate their guts.

  • MateNeo

    Snooki from Jersey Shore gets punched in the face.

    • giselle

      she’s so obnoxious she deserved it. ugly ass girls.

    • Gendeau


      no blood, ice pack on wrong side – just more media fucking bullshit

      • Dave

        No I think it was real. The guy got in trouble for it. I think it was cool too that’s what you get for talking shit

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just come across a pathetic mangine/white knight on YouTube. I wish I had the words or were eloquent enough to put some sense into this guy.


    A fine example of the damage feminism does to the male psyche.

    • Anonymous

      typo. meant mangina.

  • andybob

    I will always be grateful to my parents for teaching me never to confuse being courteous as an effective way to achieve desired results, and chivalrously putting the desires of the undeserving before my own.

    My father taught me that an important part of being a man is the ability to delineate between some user out to exploit my good nature, and some snowy-haired old darling who is finding some aspect of the fast, noisy world a bit much and needs a helping hand. My mother regarded women who revelled in their helplessness (learned or otherwise) with scorn. So I grew up quite wary of women claiming to need my help. I was much more open to helping men, because they ask it so rarely.

    I think we need to be vigilant in preventing women from preying on well-meaning men’s instincts to protect the weak. Rejecting chivalry is essential to advancing the rights of men. But many seem to misinterpret this as embracing callous bastardry. That would be a mistake.

    • Gendeau

      Great summary, I entirely agree.

      White Knight (hero helping the helpless) vs Sucker (manipulated by a woman)

      such a fine line sometimes, always worth working out which side of the line you’d be on.

      Given the way that modern society works, the brand “White Knight” has been terminally tarnished.

      But hey, women want equality, so there’s no need to white knight, they’re already empowered – you go grilllz! (and keep going)

  • http://matthewabsurdity.blogspot.com/ Matthew

    Great Article, and I am pretty sure that we are gonna encounter some resistence from white knights in the future.

    I have an idea, if they are something to be dealt with, maybe we could discuss our past experience with white knights and derive some strategies to deal with them, perhaps creating sort of a “manual for MRAs to coping with white knights” or something like that, similar to when I saw someone writing about countering shaming tactics in debates.

    In case if you want to see how to deal with shaming tactics:

    • scatmaster

      WTF. You are posting a link where we have to pay five bucks to see the anti male shaming tactics catalog. It is free here


      • http://matthewabsurdity.blogspot.com/ Matthew

        Sorried, but my main point is that creating such a manual could not only help our member deal with white knights (who may indeed cause trouble considering their sheer strength), but also spread our counterarguments towards the values of white knight.

      • Izzey

        All too familiar.

        What a shame.

  • Richard G.

    White Knighting should not be synonymous with Heroism. Heroism implies helping people, male or female, in a time of peril, distress and misfortune, while White Knighting operates under the delusion of helping women in need, and it usually because the White Knight is being duped and manipulate by scandalous females to do their bidding, or because he has an ulterior motive such as trying to seduce an unsuspecting female who would otherwise see him for the mangina pussybeggar that he is.

    Here is a good video to lighten up the mood, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the subject, but it is more about an act of heroism and Brotherhood amongst men, something that we need to embrace if we are all to survive and retain absolute freedom.

    The video is titled:
    “Man Saves Another Person Who Is Slashed By KNIFE WEILDING MADMAN!!!”

  • http://newfoundman.blogspot.com Newfoundman

    Gang violence as white knighting? True, the scenario seems like it, but I was under the impression that extreme territorialism already happens.

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  • Farty Fartsalot

    Yeah, white knights make me sick to my stomach. They’re especially all over the place on a hot chick’s Instagram account. Don’t they realize that women dry up for them?