The delusion of glory

From a young age boys are taught to persevere and to win.Boys are told stories with a message you should fight against all odds and attempt to gain the glory you desire. Stories of fantastic knights (often also upholding the valiant code of chivalry) who slay dragons sit in the minds of youth.

Gladiators and conquerors who reign supreme as they fight for what all that is right in the world and defending the people in the local village. Rock stars and champion athletes hold the attention of the world as people scream their names in excitement. These are who we are shown to look up to.

No child is without a glorious hero whose name will go down in legend, and almost every child dreams of being the person who would fight for such things no matter what the cost.

When a young boy is on the verge of collapsing, he is told to hold it in, endure the pain and keep going. The cheerleaders keep on screaming his name, despite his injury. The princess is waiting behind the beasts, as you fight for freedom and justice to save the world around you. That is what victory gets you! Fame! Glory! Power! The love of the people! You are a hero in their eyes and will live on as a god amongst men.

Of course from the knight in shining armor, to the football star, to the brave soldier we also see a sad story in the background. The thousandth knight to face the dragon, the last hope of the football team, and the mighty soldier who saves the day also share something else in common. They are the last to take the challenge. They aren’t as special as much special, as they are the next in line to go against impossible odds. If they fail then someone else will come forth to take their place. Whether it be a pompous fool to fight the beast, the next season’s quarterback, or the infantry reserves-they aren’t the only hope that theyt have been made out to be.

No, in reality they are simply tools. Tools of society. And while that may not seem different than the roles of many others on the surface great heroes put their life at risk, lose everything and destroy them in the process. And if you are destroyed, you are just another tally on the list. And if you fail, then there is more glory offered. The glory of the hero is based on how many people failed before them, the more who fail, the more love there is to maintain. So much for glory.

Eff'd Off's Dragon

So how does society get people to seek the glory? Glory is then associated with love. After growing up with countless tales of heroics and the love that comes with glory, you know not unconditional love, but love with a set of requirements. If you do not risk sacrificing yourself, how can you truly be loved? According the whimsical worlds imaginations are filled with, if there is no sacrifice, there is no chance of love.

Men can’t simply have love, men have to win it. By being forced to win love, the masses use love as the bait for the servitude of men. Love will lure the fools towards ideas of glory, leading many to an early, unnecessary demise.

Love is glory, and glory is love by merging them together, men have learned to sacrifice themselves. There is no shrine, no parade, no ceremony for those who succeed without risking self destruction. There are no legends of those who protect without risk. Worst of all, there is no love. Without any sacrifice, there is nothing that can be obtained.

As our heroes bask in glory, they forget the dragon they stand upon covers a thousand corpses. That is the sad reality. The hero did what no one else could, but if he couldn’t they would have found someone else, snaring them in with the promise of love. That is the dark truth behind glory.

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Zeta Male is an MRA, sociology major, lover of food, curmudgeon, He is the webmaster of The Zeta Male Blog and a periodic contributor to A Voice for Men.
nHis interest is in improving life through the study of sociology.

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  • Promoman

    With the high road comes a high toll. We often hear that hard work & good character is always rewarded but that’s not always the case. Circumstances, lack, the collusion of others due to jealousy, and just plain bad luck have taken down an untold tally of good people that we’ll never know about. They knew better, tried to do better, needed help, but never got it despite being more deserving than anyone. It’s worse on men because of the gender roles that our culture have created. If life shits on a woman, people are more likely to make allowances to help them or at least not clown them when they cry. If life takes a man down, it’s a mix of 127 Hours, Hostel, and The Passion of the Christ for him at the default setting in most cases. He’s a “whiner”, “crybaby”, and “weak” if he so much as wrinkles his brow. He’s seen as subhuman at best in the eyes of both sexes if he’s not up to par, regardless of his character or what he did to try and change things for the better. That’s why suicide hits men exponentially more than women. Mental health treatment is largely inadequate and that’s another strike. A man damn near can’t even get laid, let alone have a relationship, if he isn’t with the Joneses while it’s possible for a woman who’s in a world of shit and doesn’t give one about trying to at least entertain the possibility of changing what can be changed has a bailout plan via some man. It is not what he had, or even what he does which expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.

    • MateNeo

      “…if he so much as wrinkles his brow.”

      “It is not what he had, or even what he does which expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.”

      I just cannot agree more to this comment.

      “A man damn near can’t even get laid, let alone have a relationship…”

      As soon as a man meets a woman all sorts of pressure starts mounting on him…to get engaged to her….to get married to her…to protect her…..and hell to motherfucking surprise her every now and then….Why??? Cos’ everybody out there is doing all of that….If you don’t do it…then I am off to another man.

      It’s time we teamed up with Stephen Hawking and figure out how to travel at the speed of light and left this motherfucking earth….to go to some place where we can find some respite….without having to pay for any shit.

  • Shawn

    Women can do all the heavy lifting since they are so empowered and independent. I am through doing anything for women. During my blue-pill days, I was the type of person most men and women told me I should be. Being the white knight never benefited me once in my life. My well-being was of no concern to anyone, even to me. I ended up with spit on my face, knives in my back, a lighter bank account, a hole where my heart used to be, and a lot of bad memories. Since taking the red pill, I have gone my own way. As far as I am concerned, I owe no one anything. It is time women suffer the consequences of their actions, but I better not hear women continue to complain about men. If I remember correctly, it was all of you women who decided you didn’t need men. All you women are frauds. Every time you are faced with danger, you run to the nearest man for help. You aren’t empowered or independent; you hide behind Big Daddy Government like cowards. I am owed an apology that I know will never come. The lack of respect and the contempt you have for men baffles me. How can women hate a group of people that have been dying in the places of women since the beginning of time? I will enjoy watching all you women come crashing down to Earth, but don’t expect me to help you. I would be more than happy to kick dirt of your faces and rub salt in your wounds.

    • Promoman

      It’s not selfish to put yourself first when dealing with a selfish person.

      • Rad

        It’s just not wrong to be selfish, provided you define it properly.

        When you consider other-sacrificing to be selfishness you end up with contradictions.

        For example, if you admonish someone for being selfish, by that standard you are being selfish for wanting them to act in a way that suits your sensibilities.

        To then try to cop-out of this obvious fact by claiming “he was selfish first” is circular logic.

        • Stu

          Keeping what is yours isn’t selfish……but expecting others to give you what is theirs is selfish. To apply this properly, first you have to work out what is yours. Yours is that which you have produced, created, paid for, built, or have had willingly given to you by another. Yours is not just what you want to be yours even if you put much work into obtaining it. For instance, a theif may work very hard to pull off a big job…..but the proceeds are still not his. That which is taken from others by others and given to you, is not yours because nobody can give you anything which is not theirs to give.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Thank you Pronoman…you may have just given me a new life motto.

      • Milesius

        I understand what you mean and I agree. But “selfish” is used interchangeably for two very different meanings; we must create another word for it, to differentiate the two concepts.
        Now, “selfish” denotes someone who has self-esteem. He will not put the interest of others above his own, because he loves himself, feels worthy and will not give anything undeserved. He doesn’t care for others – not even as an instrument for comparsion: he compares himself only with his former self and his path is an unending walk of self-improvement and the resulting joy.
        For me the “working title” of the other meaning of “selfishness” is “alterism” – when the individual is not neutrally indifferent towards the others, but _feels_ that it’s okay if they suffer as long as he’s all right; that he has the right to harm them for his own benefits and most important of all, his happiness is possible only if they’re unhappy.
        We must differentiate between the two. It’s not wrong being selfish: it means being independent. But those who cannot function independently and rely on manipulation, emotional blackmail and extortion don’t like this… It’s hard to manipulate an independent individual. That’s why the aforementioned puppeteers howl like banshees at the very mention of “selfishness”.

        • Promoman

          Indeed. It’s best to be self-interested rather than selfish. Self-interest is fine so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights and property of others. It also considers the impact of one’s choices and actions on others. Selfishness is the opposite and is entitlement in addition to alterism.

    • SingleDad

      What do we think of slaves that stay on the plantation after the are freed and work for slave wages.


      Indentured servantitude came before slavary in the US and the transition was gradual:

      They later became slaves again through indentured servitude.

      Indentured servitude is now well recognized as slavery and is considered a crime against humanity.

      Here is an article on how currently in the US indentured servitude and slavery are alive and well:

      Except for men, for men, probably because these laws are new, our indendentrued servitude from debt we cannot escape by disability, or lack of work, only by imprisonment or death, this is then we are called:


      This system was invented in the 1990’s by Hillary Rodham Clinton during the era of the decade of women.

      • SingleDad

        By the way, giving evidence that Schlafly is no friend of men, she calles it unintended consequences that states were incentivised to kick fathers out of the house.

        This was invented by arch lesbian Hillary Clinton. This was intentional.

        • Ted

          What was unintended was the destruction of the golden egg production system. Long range, well planned, control scheming? Maybe… but first, you need to eliminate the short-sighted grab-whatever-you-can-however-you-can explanation. That explanation looks good to me at the moment.

  • Dr. F

    George Costanza once said, “Beautiful women, you never see one lifting more than three pounds”.

    When I heard that line as a Blue Pillarian it was funny, it still is but there is something else about it that is illuminating in another way.
    I now see no glory, no value or benefit for anyone in the long term with this mindset where one gender is selected for a smooth ride.

    Your great article Zeta tells of the terrible cost that glory so often heralds. So often the two concepts of cost and glory are so intertwined perhaps a new word might really be construed to honestly tell of this hybrid.

    That illustration is incredible, I mean the person that drew that might in fact be the best artist in the world upon reflection.

    • Promoman

      George was portrayed as a loser but he damn sure dropped more than just a little truth.

    • zetamale

      That’s our own Eff’d off/Dr. F!!!! I am thrilled with how it came out. I had that image in my head the whole time!

      • Dr. F

        That’s right tough kid,, you want to know something else.. he ain’t going nowhere.

  • Michael

    My father once told me there are two ways to love.

    1. I love you because….

    2. I love you.

    When you hear because walk out the door. Because one day you wont be because. It made sense to me.

  • Stu
    • Promoman

      I heard about this a month ago and I’m not surprised that it’s took this long to trickle out. A common observation I’ve stated before bears a rehash: Women are eternal children. They don’t give a shit about the downside of their choices & actions until the blowback slams them on their backside.

      • Stu

        Yeah, and then the scream that someone else has to pick up the tab

        • Promoman

          Yep. Smellier bullshit has never been sniffed.

  • TheOrangeOne

    I’ve always wondered how the world will end up in the future, where men understand not to risk themselves, to not open themselves up to wolves anymore. Who will protect and love in our place once we learn to be selfish again? I foresee a long period of pain for everyone, children, men and women. Where segregation is forced by the manipulative simply as a defense against all of the things that might hurt us so easily, yet have literally life-long effects. Who will feed the kids when no one is there? Who will support our families emotionally when the time comes in crippling situations? The government can’t keep up this facade of being Daddy in the future, let alone today. What will happen?

  • Stu

    The struggling masses will get those responsible and tear them to shreds and burn them alive.

  • keyster

    The male of the species prepares to seperate himself from the herd as the alpha with untold power over the others through his deeds and actions. He’s the brave knight.

    The female of the species prepares herself to be the most physically attractive to distinguish herself from the other females. She’s the virtuous princess.

    The male is going to give it his best shot, to be the star athelete, to learn how to play guitar and sing; to give him the broadest selection of attractive females to choose from. His looks aren’t relevant, his power is. It can be a genetic gift or simply luck of the draw, but he takes a shot because bountiful top shelf pussy awaits.

    The female depends more on genetic physical characteristics than talent, skill and luck (which brings power) combined. She’ll invest in clothes and make-up and working out and surgery so as better to compete against other females for the best males. If she’s a “natural beauty”, with a face to launch a thousand ships, she’s blessed for life; she has her choice of great men and she’s the envy of other women. She has her choice of the most powerful men.

    If she’s not so blessed, rather plain and frumpy, she becomes resentful of pretty girls and even more so, scornful of men who aren’t attracted to her. “How dare they?!” So she’ll exact her revenge by competing directly with males for male power, but on a playing field tilted in her favor BECAUSE she’s female. “I’ll show them!” She becomes the bitter and strident feminist, and convinces other plain and frumpy women they should be to. She couldn’t take a shot; she never had a chance.

    It’s not fair and it’s all because of men!

    • Shawn


      Your comment reminded me of the phrase, “misery loves company.” Most of them women I know who preach feminism are ugly. Some attractive women go along with feminism, but usually the good-looking women view feminism as a fashion trend. Most women flock to feminism because feminists preach the following slogan: “All women are beautiful! Men should be thankful that we pay any attention to them at all! Remember ladies, no man deserves you!”
      I seem to remember a woman in a position of power say “All women marry down.” The best way for people to learn isn’t reading a book or watching a documentary; the best way to learn is observe how people act and speak in your daily life.

      • SingleDad

        Don’t kid yourself Shawn, those attractive women will become feminists the second there’s a profilt in it for them.

        Usually that’s right when they decide to divorce your sorry ass and start looking at the money before and after marriage.

        Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

        • Shawn

          I agree with your comment, Single Dad. I should have phrased my comment differently. I meant that women are chameleons that will fill certain roles only when it suits them. Less attractive women embrace feminism as a way to overcompensate for their lack of sexual power, being that not many men find them attractive. A lot of female Hillary Clinton supporters fit the description. More attractive women embrace feminism only certain times when it benefits them, such as in divorce court, the judicial system, or when they try to get a job with a company that embraces “diversity.” Don’t worry about me. I don’t believe in the NAWALT argument.

          • keyster

            Just be careful you don’t become the flip side of the same coin. The powerless, beta eunuch that women reject because he’s not mate worthy.

            Issue?…women have taken over the employment realm of the powerless beta eunuch. There’s no one left to marry UP to! They want equality with men for ALL women, as long as they’re not affected personally themselves at the alter. It’s the hallmark of elitism.

    • SingleDad

      Keyster, I think we should level the playing field. For god sakes, look at the economy, we can no longer afford to have a half our workforce side lined due to outmoded ideas about the sexes, what we are doing today is sooo sexist.

      We need to enforce required work hours for all women so we can make use of their prodigeous talents.

      The European Union has issued a memo saying German mothers should be required to work, why let the Germans steal the productivity thunder.

      • keyster

        The future lies in obsoleting the “service rep”, the “paper pusher”, the “counter help”. Self-check out is growing. Machines are getting smarter, (and are less surly).

        Huge swaths of women depend on people who depend on help to do things and buy things. A whole new generation is growing up with iPad apps and learning new paradigms of getting things done, we’d never consider.

  • Fizzy

    Zeta: If you’re an undergrad sociology major how do you survive? My experience with sociology is that it has been overtaken by politics (in particular anti-western/white/male/straight… the whole PoMo smorgasbord) : you either tow the party line or you’re toast. You must have some fantastic professors or some terrible grades or you must fake it really well!

    • zetamale

      a bit of faking, a bit of spectacular teachers and a lot of backing what I say up with theory or research. Most of my social science teachers may disagree, but if you can back what you say up and make a solid argument they suck it up. In my experience there is a lot of that resentment in gender and race based classes and it is frustrating. But when you focus on general theory in other aspects its significantly better. I haven’t taken a class on race yet (I plan on it, but there are only so many classes I can take…this semester: sociology of rock music!!!!). Not every teacher is PoMo, and it is actually easier to talk with PoMo than with conflict theorists. (I tend to identify as a cynical neo-functionalist/neo-weber person and that sort of thing which is a bit closer to PoMo)

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Not so OT: Michael Kimmel wrote a book Guyland: The perilous (lol) world where boys become men.

    There’s a site devoted to his book-and Kimmel, Here is a quote someone made about him…no joke:

    “Michael Kimmel is a genius. He is Gloria Steinem with a pee pee.”

    — blog comment from the above Skirt review

    Err-someone actually said that…

    • zetamale

      this deserves a post on its own….

      • Atlas Reloaded

        At the very least sir…

  • Atlas Reloaded

    And that article was through the roof Z.M. .

  • Atlas Reloaded

    You know, I dunno about all of you guys but I LIKE tom Matlack of the GMP. He does a lot ofr men and the issues men face, he’s very aware. Why he’s Paul Elam WITHOUT a pee-pee!

    (Just as ridiculous? I think so!)

  • Stu

    Well I just listened to yesterdays radio show. I must say, even with all the technical problems it was like a hit of methadone for a heroin addict. A small dose of Paul to curb the withdrawal symptoms. It’s like the world has started to regress in his absence. Like going to your favorite hang out spot and finding everybody is dead or dying.

    No more time off for you Paul……ever lol. While you have been gone feminism has damn near taken over the whole world. I can feel the creeping manginerism in the air.

  • Victor


    Guys, please give your support to this man! He is an ally of ours. I’ve briefly talked to him and he is a reader of Avoiceformen (he has a link to it on his website) and I also recommended the Manwomanmyth series to him.

    Please check out:

    His blog is in Swedish so most of you won’t understand it but maybe you can atleast click that link and thumb up the video, lol. :)

    • Stu

      Can you give a link to his blog or site Victor

  • George
  • Bev

    Paul I have created a machine embroidery file from the AVFM logo. I took the file to an embroidery shop where they refined the file, did a setup and a sewed a test patch.

    The embroidered patch is 10cm (3.94 inches) x 7.5cm(2.95 inches). Some slight changes were made to the logo embroidery design in order to make it suitable for machine embroidery.

    The print font “Take the red pill” was changed slightly and made marginaly bigger so it would be legible.

    The red background was made a little longer to accommodate the printing and the ends were rounded so as to make it look more like a pill.

    A brighter red was substituted for the existing dark red on the advice of the embroidery shop. I was told the mix of the navy blue large lettering / red fist, other lettering would look dull as the contrast was low and a brighter red would bring it to life.

    A white border was substituted for the blue one again on the advice of the embroidery shop as apparently dark borders on white don’t work very well.

    I thought you may like to get patches made for issue at get togethers/functions or for any other purpose you desire.

    To that end I shall email the file to you and give permission to use the file for any purpose you deem fit.

    The cost per issued patch should be about $10 – $13 AU ( I have no idea what the US cost would be) if made in quantity. Less if you or a subscriber has “contacts” and can get them made more cheaply.

    If you contact myself privately by email and send me a postal address I will airmail you the embroidered patch.

    I hope you find this is useful to further the cause of AVFM.

  • Jade Michael

    “After growing up with countless tales of heroics and the love that comes with glory, you know not unconditional love, but love with a set of requirements. If you do not risk sacrificing yourself, how can you truly be loved?”

    This quote sums up manhood as we were brainwashed to see (perpetuate?) it. Very good piece, Zeta Male! This quote is so true and it makes me so sad to think about how much power the ideal holds over young boys still today. They, like us, will learn the hard way that nothing comes out of self-sacrifice except loss of self. Maybe one day when more men wake up to the MM they will help the younger generation to see through the madness.

    As a professional musician, had I known the myth of rock star glory I might have instinctively developed other passions to pursue. If I had witnessed how superficial human communication is “at the top” I probably would have preferred to work in a coal mine. But I bought the lie and after slaying all of the dragons in the way, I never received the glory. But it’s not a total loss. I did get love from the most important person in my life – ME. I live to impress no one but myself now.

    “What does it matter who win’s in the parade of life, when the reviewing stand is filled with corpses”-Anton LaVey

  • DarkByke

    Wow!!! Great read. Even more amazing comments above also! Lifted my mood completely, thank you everyone. Please never delete these comments.

  • do names matter?

    A wonderful article. It’s a shame so few people grasp the realities of what you discuss here. Most people, I imagine, remain unwilling to question and to truly understand the cultural paradigms their assumptions are based in. Those who do, and explain for others as you have, do a great service. Thank you.