An open letter to Tom Matlack

I understand. I do.

Hugo doesn’t. Other male feminists, in their scramble for self-aggrandizement among the fairer sex, certainly don’t. They haven’t been through it. And they can’t empathize, because their biology and the culture of traditionalism and feminism both have taught them that no matter what, their greater empathy belongs with women.

This bone of contention you have with feminists…you know you’re right in this. You know it. And though you never assumed they would blindly have your back, you DID believe they’d listen to you and try to understand your perspective.

Hugo’s response to your article…that was your divorce papers being served. Never mind that it was couched in terms of “it’s not you, it’s me, I wish you the best but it would be unfair to YOU for me to continue as an editor on your site.” This was a unilateral declaration of rejection. You dared to question. You dared to stick up for men on your own terms, as a man. You followed your conscience rather than the crowd. And now, you’re an outsider, no longer trusted. You are the enforcer who dared to ask the boss that intolerable question: Why?

Now you know the answer. You might not think you do, because you’re still spinning in shock from their betrayal, the betrayal a morally defunct skirt-chaser like Hugo sees as nothing a man should fear. In his state of delusion, a woman’s anger holds no power over a man, and can do no harm to him. You know differently now. You feel as if a rug has been pulled out from under you, and all they want to do is batter you with explanations of why it’s wrong for you to feel that way, and that THEY are the ones who’ve been transgressed.

You used to be a good man, Tom. And now? Now you’re beginning to realize what a “good man” is. A “good man” tells women what they want to hear, and he leaves uncomfortable truths unspoken. A “good man” sets aside his honor and integrity so he can continue to be useful to women. A “good man” kicks the shit out of other men, if they offend a woman’s sensibilities. A “good man” has as much freedom to define his own masculinity as his women will allow him, and not one inch more.

You were the man in civilian clothes in WWI England, handed a white feather by a woman, who took the challenge and enlisted. And now? You’ve returned home, having sacrificed a limb for the cause, and not one of those women wants to look you in the eye. All they want to do is tell you how you’ve failed them. They told you to come back a hero or come back dead, and guess what? You tarnished your glory by daring to question, and now you’re dead to them. They can’t get away from your soon-to-be stinking corpse fast enough.

You’re not useful to feminism anymore. And since that usefulness was the defining characteristic of your existence to them, well… welcome to male disposability, Tom.

I’ve come to discover over my years of reading about gender issues that there really is no fury like a feminist scorned. I’ve learned a lot about human instinct in my 41 years on this planet, enough to know that the women and men who are most ruled by their instincts find a comforting ideology in feminism. The male feminist is chivalry incarnate, and the female feminist is a woman’s instinctive self-interest rendered down to its purest elixir. This marriage of male self-sacrifice and female self-interest in an age of total female liberation is social nihilism. It is a critical mass of troglodytic instinct sufficient to deny objective reality and steer humanity down a very dark path.

When you started the Good Men Project, you believed you were demonstrating your devotion to a set of ideals and the group that represents them. Now you’ve learned what your devotion was worth to them. Like a homeless man, you put your foot wrong and were cut loose, you’ve become a lifeboat rower with no arms, a broken cog in their machine, and it’s time to throw you away.

I remember once, in my identity as a writer of erotica, commenting on a blog that I was not a feminist. That I believed in gender equality, but I felt that humanism or secular egalitarianism was the answer. 173 scathing, enraged and abusive comments later, I regretted ever outing myself as a non-feminist among the very women who’d praised my fiction and lauded my writing on female sexuality and sexual agency.

Hell hath no fury, Tom. You were a part of the “Male Auxiliary” of the Society for Cutting Up Men, and the moment you stood up for yourself and other men, you were shown the door. At the very moment in history when the revelation that prominent feminist scholars, activists, and educators exposed as genocidal maniacs has evoked a unanimous chorus of crickets and tumbleweeds in the mainstream of feminism, you’ve been vilified for daring to ask why it’s so bad for a dude to be a dude.

I’m sorry, Tom. But the moment you decided your integrity was not disposable, you rendered yourself useless to them, and you’re discovering the fair-weather friendship feminism offers men.

You have a choice now, Tom. Because your reputation among feminists is absolutely salvageable. You can fall back into line, apologize for “forcing” them to attack you, and subject yourself to their re-education, and if you’re a good enough boy, they’ll suspend your excommunication and put you on indefinite probation. You can supplicate like mad and try to make amends to people who see you as nothing but a useful cog in their machine, to be banged with a wrench the moment you slip off their track.

Or you can stand on your own, and decide what your integrity is worth to you. Only you can make that calculation, and decide what the relative outcomes are worth. I wish you luck with that. Merry Christmas, for what it’s worth.

Tom Matlack’s article

Hugo Schwyzer’s response


About Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

AVfM Contributing Editor Karen Straughan "Girl Writes What" is a middle-aged divorced mother of three who enjoys talking about herself in the third person. Her writing and videography on gender issues features in classrooms in high schools and universities on three continents. But she still has time for the little people, like Paul, and those other guys.

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  • Paul Elam

    An OT announcement that I would normally put in a post, but I don’t want to crowd out any of the articles currently at top of page.

    I have family coming in from out of town for an extended holiday stay. Thus, there will be no AVfM Radio tonight.

    I will be posting this to my facebook page as well. We will be back next week with a new show. Thanks

  • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

    Very well said. :)

    I will archive this for continued study, for it sums up many things indeed.

    All right, something OT which is not quite so OT at all:


    You will find a link there which will lead you further.

  • scatmaster

    Very well said.

    IMO not harsh enough.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    Any man who doesn’t let a feminist have her way (especially when she’s wrong) is a “selfish bastard” – – – according to feminism.

    Feminism can never be “right” and accepted, without suspension of disbelief, suspension of logic, suspension of reality, and acquiescence to untruth and insanity.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com John the Other

    Scat, I must disagree, GirlWritesWhat’s scalpel is as precise as I’ve ever seen wielded in print.

    • Primal

      Indeed. GWW is right on target. Harshness from her isn’t likely to be in character (as far as I can tell anyway) or effective.

      Other guys can always hammer harshly on Uncle Tom and his minions but what’s the point? He is more to be pitied than tarred and feathered. What’s more, his Pollyanna perspectives are likely to change as reality intrudes into his carefully crafted fantasy world.

    • scatmaster

      Oh I agree John I was been facetious and just as I was about to edit my post to reflect that some damn feminist ran her car up on my lawn and knocked over Rudolph.
      Farking Feminists.

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        Rudolph is tough. He took the red pill long ago and if you don’t believe me, check out his nose.

  • Phil in Utah

    I read the whole Twitter argument with him, Hugo Schwyzer, Amanda Marcotte, and others, and other than in the case of him and DaddyFiles, all I could think was “God, what a bunch of sniveling emotional cripples!”

    • Kai

      How do I view the whole twitter exchange? I’m interested in reading it but I have no idea how twitter works.

  • TruthInAdvertising

    Dear Tom Matlack (and Lisa Hickey),

    I’m not going to try to top GirlWritesWhat. I just want to add my personal experience.

    I have always been about equal opportunity and individual rights for women, men, and LGBT. In fact, I used to consider myself a Feminist. I have been talking about men’s and women’s issues for nearly half my life, becoming much more passionate in the last several years. In that time, I have encountered a small handful of Feminists who actually care about rights for both men and women.

    Most Feminists are viciously opposed to the idea that men deserve rights, or that men are disadvantaged. In fact, more than a few actively celebrate the problems that men face in modern society. This phenomenon is well-catalogued and proven by people much smarter than me, so I’m not going to list out examples.

    Feminism is, at its core, a gender supremacist ideology. In fact, it really only supports women with a certain ideology. Anti-feminist women (such as the delightful GirlWritesWhat) regularly get thrown under the bus by Feminists.

    A person does not have to be a Feminist to defend both women’s and men’s rights. I’ve donated a great deal of my own time and money to causes that help both genders, and I am firmly an MRA.

    Tom and Lisa, I know that some of us have given both of you a lot of grief. Frankly, with Amanda Marcotte and the departed Hugo at your site, how can you blame us. But I also want you to know that I am delighted by some of the content I see at GMP.

    Please consider that a man can be a “Good Man” without tolerating Feminist gender supremacy. Please also consider that criticism of Feminism, and Feminists, is not criticism of all women or an attempt to deny women human rights. Finally, please consider whether the definition of “Good Man” should have anything to do with the demands or the perspective of self-centered female ideologues.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  • Primal

    Tom is really looking for fellowship from fellows since he is too soft, too spineless, and too wishy washy to stand on his own two feet. He needs his ‘good guy’ gang to give him strength so it’s gotta to be discouraging to be mobbed by girls and by the likes of Hunky Hugo. Maybe in time, he will begin to shoot straight so that his site attracts more than the lowest common denominator.

    • Eoghan

      Fuck hes getting hammered from all sides.

      I think Tom handled this well.

  • http://none j24601

    I read TM’s article and HS’s response; it is all becoming a bit clearer for me. TM’s article is a lame attempt to broach the issue of the male perspective through the act of appeasing the extremely prejudiced and hostile views of those who, quite simply don’t give a shit about any aspect of the case he was making. His attempt was pathetic, and he was duly bitch-slapped by someone, who could charitably be described as a deluded mangina, delivering the usual feminist fayre; namely, contempt for men. I found HS’s response nauseating and I absolutely reject it.

    I also realise that debate is not possible with these gender bigots, so I withdraw my (masculine) faculty of reason and offer them instead my middle finger. I’ll be the one to define my masculinity, something on which I’m pretty clear, btw, as it’s really not rocket science.

    And TM and HS, for the record: I have always been ***king articulate in matters of self, but what I have discovered, much to my shagrin, is that for the most part, women I have known don’t particularly give a damn. From their actions I can only surmise that I exist almost exclusively in service of them; their needs desires and pleasures.

  • Stu

    Well if this isn’t one of the most kick arse MRA posts I’ve ever read, certainly the most kick arse I’ve read by a woman.

    Maybe you should have thrown in a bit in there about how manginarism is driven by a desperate need to try to compensate for certain……inadequacies :)

    • Tawil

      Totally agree. As soon as I read her article I went to her website looking for a donate button but couldn’t find one. Specifically I wanted to donate money toward her continued contributions to AvFM, and would have stated so in the donation dialogue box. I assume the other way (perhaps the most appropriate) is to donate to AvFM with instructions that the donation used to support her writing/activism on this site or otherwise be given directly to her.

      Her writing is fucking brilliant… she has a way of pinpointing the emotional experiences at play in both males and females, in feminist and non-feminist, and is able to present these experiences in an articulate, factual and straight-forward way without histrionics. This is pay-for journalism.

      • http://owningyourshit.blogspot.com/ Girl Writes What

        Would it ruin my image if I told you I wrote this one in about 20 minutes while I was drunk? LOL

        • Tawil

          LoL, that doesnt surprise me at all. Some of my best writings have been done while drunk- including peer-reviewed pieces published in psychology journals and other reputable publications. All whilst somehow looking after two energetic children as a full-time single father…. much like your own lot.

          Dionysus the loosener.

          PS. I posted a small donation to AvFM to support your contributions on AvFM, just $30 US this time, but more later. Thanks for your awareness raising articles.

          • http://owningyourshit.blogspot.com/ Girl Writes What

            Wow. Thank you.

            I’ve had other inquiries about a donate button, but I’m…well, I don’t do this for the money, and I don’t want to feel like I do it for the money. My boyfriend and my boss both say I should set one up. And they’re both so logical about it, I suppose I will sometime soon.

            I’ll have my bf–my resident engineering physicist–take care of the logistics for me. I’m okay around rats and spiders, but technology is downright scary. 😛

          • Paul Elam

            The donation earmarked for GWW is a kind act, but puts us in a quandary of sorts. I just sent you a note explaining that I am responsible to pay taxes on all the money that comes through the site, and acting as intermediary for that kind of transaction causes complications for the books. I offered to issue you a refund, which I will happily do at your request. Perhaps you can connect with GWW and see if she has a paypal account where you can donate directly to her. Just let me know, either here or by email, and thank you for your support of the work done here.

          • Tawil

            In order to avoid any potential tax problems (I appreciate the associated headaches) I’d like for the $30 donation to be received as a gesture of thanks to AvFM for hosting the writings of GWW, and for supporting her contributions.

            GWW, your suggestion to set up a Paypal account on your website to receive potential future donations may be a good idea- then people can contribute to both AvFM and directly to your account if they wish… I’m happy to do both.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com John the Other

          That sort of admission is more likely to contribute to a reputation for wizardry. Also, make other writers jealous. Not me tho, obviously, being aloof of such concerns.

          • Kimski


        • zafiter9

          Strong stuff GWW

        • Zorro

          I had a college professor (writing) who told our class that if you write fiction drunk, you will write trash because the art of fiction takes a large amount of mental focus. Non-fiction, he said, is better written drunk. The alcohol negates the fear of being politically incorrect and you are more likely to write the truth while smashed.

          He was a Ph.D. from Harvard, no less. Makes ya wonder.

  • Eoghan

    I think Tom and Lisa have handled it well over there. I also think its probably fair enough to say that we all learned that the ideology doesn’t do what it claims to the hard way.

  • Dannyboy

    Love it GWW
    I guess we ‘ ll have to wait and see whether Tom reports in for re -programing or keeps his integrity intact .

  • MrStodern

    This is only going to happen more and more as the war between us and the enemy heats up. Incidents like these give me a tremendous amount of confidence in saying that the whole world is going to see what feminism really is before long.

  • Lee Quarry

    “The male feminist is chivalry incarnate, and the female feminist is a woman’s instinctive self-interest rendered down to its purest elixir”.

    Fabulously well put GWW.

    • Rper1959

      Yep I give that quote, my vote for quote of the year!
      Thanks GWW fantastic distillation of the situation.

      • Lee Quarry

        And what about this for some truth..?

        “You were the man in civilian clothes in WWI England, handed a white feather by a woman, who took the challenge and enlisted. And now? You’ve returned home, having sacrificed a limb for the cause, and not one of those women wants to look you in the eye”.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    I like this article GWW, ta.

    Hey Tom, I guess that’s another white feather in your cap.

    Wink wink.

    • scatmaster

      I see what you did there Dr. F and I lol’d.
      Well played.

  • Jeremiah

    Here’s a more permanent link to Hugo’s response to Tom’s article: http://www.hugoschwyzer.net/2011/12/21/why-i-resigned-from-the-good-men-project/

    • keyster

      “A short while later, Tom tweeted I really thought the MRA guys were crazy until I engaged the wrath of the feminists. Insane.”

      Evidently the Red Pill is now available as a suppository.

      Don’t sit down yet Tom. Walk around a bit.
      It’ll absorb better that way.

      • http://owningyourshit.blogspot.com/ Girl Writes What

        OMG, I lol’ed. Suppository, indeed.

      • Stu

        Unfortunately, he will probably decide that NAFALT.

        Tom, don’t waste the next 20 years of your life appeasing a hate movement only to live your twilight years regretting your life. In the future, you’ll be getting beaten down for questioning the new proposed laws requiring men to live in slave labor camps.

        Sooner or later Tom, your going to have to wake up and give up caring what feminists think of you, or women in general, and start fighting for your rights, and the rights of your fellow man.

      • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Evidently the Red Pill is now available as a suppository.


        • Stu

          It’s a big one too, size of a football, comes with a feminist and a sledge-hammer.

          • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Double ouch.

            It’s images like this that make me wish I knew how to do photoshop:


      • BeijaFlor

        “Evidently the Red Pill is now available as a suppository.”

        Dammit. I just sprayed a big mouthful of Dark&Stormy all over my keyboard, laughing – and near choked myself when I gasped for air.

      • AntZ

        “Evidently the Red Pill is now available as a suppository.”

        You made me laugh, man. Really really laugh.

    • Kimski

      “I will continue to write for Jezebel and to explore other possibilities.”

      Looks like Hugo finally found his way home where he belongs. Maybe they’ll even offer him at place over at RadFem.hub.

      Great article, GWW.
      -Keep ’em comin’.

      • Agent Orange

        OH! LOL……I don’t think he wants to go there. We are far from done with those harridans.

        • Kimski

          No, probably not.
          I’m sure the temperature has been rising quite a bit too much over there, these last few days.
          -But it’s a dry heat, and they might as well get used to it.

          You’ve done an outstanding job.

  • http://traitorsofmen.blogspot.com forweg

    OK, that’s one feminist cretin off of Matlack’s website… only about fifty more to go.

    In all seriousness, as long as the likes of Amanda Marcotte, Michael Kaufman, Yashar Ali etc write for The Good Men Project, it will continue to be an anti-male hellhole. Schwyzer wasn’t the only problem.

  • Sean Gonzalez

    Reading the replies to the article by Hugo reads like a lover-letter femi-gasm, gush-fest for these ladies loving him turning his back on the GMP and rewriting history. I know the term is Histrionics, but it’s easier and better to say it’s “Rewind and Edit” mentality.

    Disagree or agree, but most of the people I have encountered that suffer this form of “insane” means of coping with the universe have some extremist point of view requiring near total suspension of belief in the real world, consequences, fairness and removal of the open dialog for redress of issues.

    The worst example I have ever known was my mother, it allowed her to forget robbing my father, stripping him of his dignity, taking him to court for money that he did not have or owe, and then giving the college fund my grandfather opened for me and my brother to our elder sister, thus denying us tuition to college. Mention one word of this and she has NO idea what I am speaking of.

    What’s worse is this entire “sickness” is catching, as my brother was in her presence enough to push him to passivity about her misandry, accept that he is only valuable for what she squeezes from him by keeping him beholden to her for everything, and calls his unfair remuneration to her for skills from electrician to plumber as her just rewards.

    Adopting this insane point of view seems the only viable way for some to simply live without slashing the face in the mirror when one shaves. It ameliorates the pain of being reduced to a negative equation in the world of women. It keeps the mind somewhat insulated from the agony of self-hate, by accepting this subservient, worthless position and plodding along soullessly.

    In every venomous trade these women give in the comments one can actually dissect the fallacies one by one if you give it enough effort. In some cases they blast the women give to Tom, and the puerile responses to men who dissent such, would be argued down or decried loud and long had it been men attacking women. Never the true issue attended, insult and hack ruling the content these women tossed forth, but worse than this:

    No self-awareness of what they are doing ever seems to come up.

    Rarely do any of the men writing there even try to point this out for they know what will be the response. And the responses were lock-step feminism marching shoulder to shoulder. Insult, denial, reversal of vicitmization, rewind and edit…cut print, that’s a wrap.

    Can anyone who reads this see such a thing in what is printed here on AVfM? I have looked and NOT seen such in any of the articles. Some of the comments, rarely, do contain such, but on the whole we are not engaging in this form of action though the comments of these “women” are rife with the insinuation of it. And moreover, the platitudes some of these men writing comments tossed out was essentially that both sides are engaging it and we need to rise above it.

    That political tactic is a white wash to improve the look of the underhanded player by amounting their actions to being the same as their opponent. It’s cheap, stupid, and many accept that road because it tries to get people back to the negotiating table. But it’s BULLSHIT! It’s like the old schoolyard response to a bully to punish the bully AND the victim because he just HAS to be guilty of something! If the past 40 years of that doctrine hasn’t taught us how dumbshit that policy is then no one is ever going to be the wiser.

    Stand tall Tom. The red pill hurts a little when it takes effect, but that’s only because the hooks of feminism in your heart and body cannot tickle as they are retracted.

  • AntZ

    @Tom Matlack

    Welcome to the fight.

    If you ever doubt yourself, compile a list of the worst things that can happen to a person. You can put anything you want on it. Any health issue, violence, insanity, homelessness, any kind of accident, any kind of death, suicide, whatever.

    When you are happy with your list, determine which items happen more to men, and which happen more to women. Compare your list to Hugo’s petulant pushing for ever more resources to help women find solutions to their probelms. Consider if our nation’s 600 women’s studies departments, 2000 women’s support institutions, and coutless laws and customs to protect women are comensurate with the reality on your list.

    Consider why feminists such as Hugo complain loudly at the possibility that these absurd inequalities may give birth to the first male studies university department in history.

    Welcome to the fight. Never doubt. The Men’s Rights Movement is the most significant civil rights movement of the third millenium. Feminism is a hate cult. There is nothing else to say.

  • MrStodern

    Finally managed to read Hugo’s response. It was about as painful as getting punched in the face.

    Once again, because I cannot say this often enough: Hugo, you are quite possibly the biggest mangina I’ve ever encountered. Admittedly, that’s not saying much though, because I avoid you spineless kiss-asses like the fucking plague.

    And what the fuck is a “Basement Boy”? That some kind of “You live with your parents” joke?

    • 4thtroika

      Better to live with your parents than some neurotic harpy. From one who knows.

    • Sting Chameleon

      I think Hugo didn’t get punched in the face enough when he was a kid.

      • MrStodern

        I’m sure his mother was quite abusive. May not have hit him in the face, but abusive nonetheless. Nothing like being raised by an abusive mother to turn a man into either a mangina or a serial killer. Too bad he would’ve needed to kill people in order to get locked up and be ignored by the general public, as opposed to being a mangina, where the feminists guarantee him the spotlight, so long as he doesn’t step out of line by pointing out the idea of women having some work to do when it comes to mending the rift between the sexes.

  • Codebuster

    If you ever doubt yourself, compile a list of the worst things that can happen to a person. You can put anything you want on it. Any health issue, violence, insanity, homelessness, any kind of accident, any kind of death, suicide, whatever.

    And if, Tom, you still have any doubt, consider that the most important thing that defines men’s purpose, from the perspective of culture, is being denied them… while women have the freedom to indulge in men’s purpose if they want, while having the option to be provided for if they want, or to be a stay-at-home mom if they want, or to work if they want (or even, at the rate we’re going with the family courts and the dv industry, to break the law if they want)… as per my recent comment at your previous abode. I am, of course, talking about affirmative action.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    If Tom is ever going to understand, it will be a woman that gets through to him, but he will probably still be controlled by the women in his life. I rather liked Hugo, because he’s a huge embarrassment to the fems and gender studies. I wouldn’t make much of this drama, even without Hugo, the site is a hive of gender feminist authors.

    I don’t think Tom can relate to most normal guys. He grew up in a colony of 2nd wavers, became a bad boy and screwed up is life and now he is seeking redemption from women. Tom grew up with them, is surrounded by them and is likely funded by them. He’s in too deep.

  • Tawil

    Havent read Tom’s writings, but have come across Hugo’s name, mostly as an establishment voice for chivalry. I tend to avoid anything with “Good men” in the title becauise it translates roughly as “men in armour who do goodly deeds for damsels”.

    If Tom’s writings are worthwhile, would it be worth inviting him to write at AvFM? His background would certainly have the effect of dispelling stereotypes about the MRM and basically help in FTSU.

  • andybob

    “How a guy who teaches Gender Studies relates to his spouse is probably pretty different than how some Navy SEAL does. And I am sure there are plenty of heterosexual relationships where the gender roles are reversed…” Tom Matlack

    There it is folks. This is not an intelectual beef. Mr Matlack suggested that Mr Schwyzer, being no Navy Seal, was probably whipped and possibly ‘played the girl’ in his marital relationship. Hugo Schwyzer, Gender Studies professor, and not a navy SEAL, had a diva meltdown. In a doomed effort to disprove Mr Matlack’s somewhat bitchy observation, Mr Schwyzer stomped off to find comfort and reassurance at the feet of The Sistahood.

    This is what happens when you let others define your masculinity for you. They make it as fragile as eggshell porcelein because you can then be shattered with minimal effort. Mr Schwyzer is a very curious specimen. He is a slimy opportunist who nurtures symbiotic relationships with feminists who loathe him. Yet, there is a brittle core which is revealed at times like these and will probably be his undoing.

    Girl Writes What is an asset who adds value to the MRM with every contribution. Ms What is a natural comminicator who delivers devastating insights without sacrificing her wit and humanity. She skewers feminist hypocrisy with deadly accuracy without ever stooping to taking cheap shots. Can you imagine the squeeling lightweights at Radfemhub confronting Ms What’s rhetorical scalpel? Femchops anyone? Please keep posting.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com John the Other

    Lets not fall over ourselves too quickly to announce Tom Matlack a newly hatched red-pill taker. This is a man only recently kicked up his arse for failure to sufficiently abase himself. I’d expect that despite GWW’s advice – he’ll bow and scrape with sufficient vigour to curry some fembot’s favour. Tom’s mental faculties are exactly what they were a week ago, which means his demonstrated habit of trying to pick the winning side and conforming his ethos to fit in doesn’t make him anyone’s ally except an authoritarian with a big stick.

    • Codebuster

      Exactly right. Presume that he is of the establishment. The red pill, should he take it, is more to his benefit than anyone’s.

    • AntZ

      The MRM is certainly the winning side. No civil rights movement in history that advocated equality failed — even though initially many were as powerless as the MRM is today.

      Power is a very different thing from influence. Feminists have almost unlimited power, of many different types: government, institutional, legal, etc. However, every day feminists have less influence. People have glimpsed the twisted hate that lies behind their make believe facade of egalitarianism. Feminism is not just a hate movemednt, it is a hate movement in its dying days.

      Victory is nowhere near, but it is nevertheless certain.

  • White Cloud

    The “Good Man Project” is an offensive and insulting concept to begin with. I never read that site because I was put off by the title and the amoral hack Hugo whatshisname. The whole concept behind it struck me as having to do with men being repentant or needing to be reformed to be “good” (shocker such a concept would fall in good graces with feminists and amoral men). I don’t need repentance and I don’t need to be reformed to fit anyone’s idea of what constitutes a good man. Being a good PERSON is what I strive to be. I am a man by virtue of birth and age. “Good man” is anti-male shaming language.

    If they were honest about the issues facing men, they would advocate something like this (from JTO’s front-paged article today):

    “What’s abundantly clear is that in the male-disposable zeitgeist of modern feminism, a new ethic of male survival is required for every man with the mental acumen to value himself as a self determined human, rather than a disposable appliance providing labor, money, sperm, and violence on behalf of women.”

  • http://www.thereformedbuddhist.com/ Kyle Lovett


    • Eoghan

      You know, I think that The Good Men Project would appreciate submissions from you Kyle. They often have calls for writers for the various features that they do.

      Also I think that if you are known there as a commentator the chances of you being published increase as they want the content to be community driven.

    • Rper1959

      Sounds like a great AVfM Radio show! bring it on!

      • Eoghan

        Baby steps I think. The man was beaten up a little and insulted the comments section here. If I were him, and to consider any sort reconciliation and debate, the name calling and adversarial posturing would have to tone down a bit.

        From his perspective, he is not going to be tempted to go on a radio show if he expects to be called a mangina and a nazi by a hostile group, especially given that he is already recovering from a public bullying session by another hostile group.

        • Eoghan


          “The man was beaten up a little and insulted IN the comments section here.”

    • keyster

      No need to publicly request this of him here Kyle.
      Just email him directly at TGMP.
      He’s a fairly reasonable and rational person, as long as conversations don’t devolve into “Go fuck yourself Matlack, you’re nothing but a feminazi/mangina loser,…” etc.

      He considers himself to be open minded.
      Make him prove it.

  • http://jmnzz.wordpress.com Jared White

    Dude should talk to Warren Ferrell. He’ll tell him how this process works.

    • Eoghan

      Ferrell, Patai, Hoff Sommers, Tammy Bruce … the list goes on.

  • Lucian Cross

    This is brilliantly written and I hope Tom Matlack reads or has read and understands it. Just … wow.

    I think Hugo Schwyzer would also benefit from reading it and taking a critical look at his life and beliefs. When I read why he felt morally compelled to stop contributing, I laughed my butt off. If memory serves, this is the same guy who publically an unapologetically advocates on behalf of paternity fraud.

    Anyways. Brilliantly written!

    • keyster

      Hugo Schwyzer is religiously devoted to the cult of feminism through academic indocrination. TGMP is being used as a platform for feminists to indocrinate young men, which is why he was originally there.

      No one would ever be able to convince him to change as long as he’s rewarded with female attention for being a feminist. Even when they insult and abuse him he excuses their behavior because he doesn’t want to oppress their open expressions of male hatred. He understands.

  • Adi

    Hugo “mangina I blow” has left the GMP!
    Christmas has come one day early this year.

  • Jade Michael

    GWW – you don’t wield your keyboard like a sword; you employ it as an infantry battalion of which you are on the front lines with; confident that your penetrative study of the enemy will lead you to victory. WOW. Just…wow.

  • http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/ Christianj

    A couple more steps in the right direction and we may have to take TGMP off the “Mangina Support Agency” list..

  • Roland3337

    This is one of the paths to becoming and MRA: A powerful slap-in-the-face experience that reveals the truth about feminism that you cannot talk yourself into sweeping under the rug of your consciousness.

    But GWW is right on target with something: This guy could go either way. He could bow and scrap and agree to be on probation for a while, or he can give them all the finger and the F-you they deserve.

    My hope is of course the latter. But the odds of that are pretty goddamned long.

    • http://owningyourshit.blogspot.com/ Girl Writes What

      The odds are long, but not astronomical.

      His dressing-down was public. They didn’t even give him the respect of a private chat, or an email conversation.

      Half the fun of it for them would have been knowing others were watching and piling on. Schoolyard bullies with an audience of vengeful juveniles to impress.

      He wasn’t just in need of discipline, he was an opportunity to make an example.

      Hopefully the last useful purpose he serves for them.

      • Primal

        If he is worth something, he’d turn the tables and make an example out of the bullies. That’s probably not going to happen though because his CEO is more interested in her ‘brand’ than in the truth. Standard corporate nonsense. Money and power never mix well.

      • MrStodern

        Half the fun of it for them would have been knowing others were watching and piling on. Schoolyard bullies with an audience of vengeful juveniles to impress.

        Perhaps this is why women have a rather unfortunate tendency to make a scene in the middle of a public place whenever a man (especially a boyfriend/husband) says or does something they don’t like?

        I encounter it all the time. Man and woman are sitting across the table from each other at a restaurant, eating and conversing. Sometimes the tension between them is apparent, sometimes not. All of a sudden the woman will start screaming at the man, stuff about how he doesn’t appreciate her, doesn’t listen, etc. etc. And that’s just one type of example. There’s a million others.

        Previously I just chalked this up to a lack of manners on their part, as well as the feminist/female mentality that nothing gets in the way of their being upset about something, regardless of how ridiculous they’re being.

        But now I’m thinking there’s another layer to that tendency: the desire to drum up support from her Sisters by so publicly berating a male. It would explain a lot.

        You know what’s really sick though? Not once in my life have I ever yelled at a woman over anything, let alone felt empowered by it. Yet that doesn’t seem to matter to women at all. Plenty of them have been aware of my gentle and polite nature, yet not once am I rewarded for it. I’m not even talking about being a gentleman, those guys are just doormats. I’m talking about the decency to keep private matters private. I’m talking about public decorum. I have it in spades, yet no positive response do I get from women.

        Not that it matters anymore, but still, it’s quite a telling thing that women don’t appreciate any of the things they’ve always been purported to.

  • Primal

    Tom Matlack, you might also find yoursex a new CEO who you can be manly (straight shooting) below. Lisa Hickley is one very confused humanist. As she shape shifts away from feminism for obvious reasons, she still seems to believe that feminism is humanist. You’ll need to have someone a lot better than a bimbo in the CEO role before I’ll have the least bit of confidence in you or in your good guy game.

  • JFinn

    Since goodmenproject is a conniving feminist site in disguise, flooded with messages that shame men who aren’t useful to the superior woman, what makes you think this twitter exchange was authentic?
    First Tom is attacked by feminists, making men with sensitivities for anti-misandry feel like Tom is “one of the good guys.” Then, for most of the exchange, Tom and the feminists are bonding over describing how evil MRAs are.

    • JFinn

      Ms. Magazine about goodmenproject: “Their purpose is the daunting task of introducing, unlocking and dismantling the so-called Men’s Rights Movement.”

    • Eoghan

      That was a year ago. The hit piece came AFTER the comments section of The Spearhead attacked and insulted Tom Matlock so there is a good chance the hit piece was retaliation … and the people that arranged the hit piece, no longer work there.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    Whoa there sister. You are claiming that Tom Matlack is a champion for men because he made a few tweets and pondered a double standard between men and women?

    That’s hardly courage in my book and the fact that his so-called amigos piled on like some internet date rape at a frat party is hardly a surprise.

    I’ve been to GMP. I’ve read their posts. They are decidedly pro-female and begrudgingly and carefully semi-pro male. While females and feminists are allowed to express themselves in anyway they see fit including with anger, vitriol, insults,snarky, sarcastic, baiting, and dehumanizing language, any male who shows up to express himself in response to that language is banned from posting in short order. I have the lovely email from Mz. Joanna Schroeder to prove it.

    Tom Matlack has tried to straddle the fence between men and women/feminists in a vain attempt to capitalize on two volatile markets to increase traffic on his site. He has always been pro-feminist. And now, in a single misstep the band of harpies and hatemongers who he has courted over the last few years has turned on him like a wolf pack on an injured alpha (Tom is not an alpha–it’s just an expression).

    I say to Tom–Take it like a man.

    As for GMP it’s still going to be a feminist echo chamber pretending to give a shit about men in order to lure them in and indoctrinate them on whatever pseudoscience gender theory the feminists have come up with this week.

    Fuck Tom. Fuck GMP.

    Reap what you have sown.

  • Tawil

    “My Response to an Open Letter From MRAs”, by Tom Matlack (out today): http://goodmenproject.com/good-is-good/my-response-to-an-open-letter-from-mras/