White Knight

A Message for White Knights

I am glad that I put up my own video about the Lara Logan rape, because it gave me some valuable insight into the work that needs to be done in order to set men on the correct path to their own empowerment. The reactions revealed to me that many “MRA’s” don’t fully understand what the concept of gender war is all about and what it fully entails.

In the video I said that if I were to see a woman being raped I would continue on as if nothing ever happened. And I still stand by that statement without apology. I assert that I am 100% justified in this line of thought.

The fact that I said this must have triggered some innate male protector instinct in many MRA’s that the rest of us who actually understand what gender war is all about eschewed a long time ago. Their main argument is that I’m promoting violence against the entire female gender by saying that I wouldn’t risk my life to protect a woman from violence unless she was a member of my family.

I think the problem here is that maybe men have not yet started to consider that when women and society at large decided to burden men with the job of selflessly saving women from violence, that this was, in and of itself, an act of violence against the entire male sex.

The draft was an act of violence against the entire male sex.

The sexually selective rescue effort on the titanic was also an act of violence against the all men. And the expectation that it’s a man’s duty at great personal risk to his person and his life to save adult females from violence is an act of violence against men. All my ideas do is neutralize the violence that has been foisted upon men by advocating an act of non-violent, non action.

Refusing to defend women from violence is a  non-action and therefore cannot be violent in any way, yet you have feminists and MRA’s alike claiming that I advocate rape.  You even have one feminist saying that for me to advocate non-action in regards to violence against women is an admission of rape; which is just another attempt to broaden the definition of rape, and another reason why men should refuse to offer defense to women.

MRA’s whining about my stance are resorting to the same tired old white knight shaming tactics employed by their feminist sisters.  And of course they add in, for good PC measure, as though that even applies.

These simpletons really are starting to tire me. Sure, not all women are fat lesbian man haters that pen scum manifestos on their free time. However, how many women have trapped men via child support and alimony; a form of legalized slavery? How many women are actively speaking out against this type of enslavement? If you were to ask the average woman on the street if she supports child support and alimony enforcement for women in divorce and custody disputes What do you think she’ll say?

Most women are feminists by association and approval of feminist doctrine. They are feminists by proxy and any MRA that says otherwise has failed miserably at understanding the true nature of feminism.

Women have used their most desired biological asset (reproductive ability) to subjugate the men who naturally desire to perpetuate the human race. They have legislated their biological greed aggressively against men in order to use the state to demand more of the myriad of biological assets that men bring to the table, such as productivity, adaptability, ingenuity and most importantly the ability to defend the female collective.

They’ve used the tradeoff of outdated and breached social contracts to obligate us to defend them, while they either abort your reproductive payoff or use it to enslave you with child support, which we all is just a euphemism for woman support. The ability to defend the female collective is the only biological male quality that at least as of now the state cannot force us to engage in.(in the civilian sector at least).

Any true tactician will identify that as a chink in the armor and withhold that defense.

I’m gonna say it again. Men and women are in direct competition with each other.
 It’s a planned non aggressive sanction that simultaneously empowers men, and places the responsibility on women’s defense right where it should be, on women. I don’t want to hear MRA’s whining about honor and principle. We’re fighting the gender war because of honor and principle, we should be intelligent enough to realize that people are going to choose very carefully about who they are to going stick their necks out for, and I can guarantee you that the vast majority of women will not risk their own personal safety to stop violence towards men in any way.

IF you’re an MRA, act like one. Identify with us and our needs, not feminists and not women. And try to attain a level of awareness higher than the utopian REM sleep that you’ve been living in if you think that men and women aren’t at war with each other.

Men and women are in direct competition with each other. I’m gonna say it again Men and women are in direct competition with each other. We are competing for resources healthcare education our children, our money our legal equality and our freedom. And yes, women are doing this of their own volition.

Some MRA’s ask, “Well, isn’t the state the real enemy? Women are being manipulated also they suffer from feminism as well.” My response to that if it weren’t for the need to explain this as best I can, would be who cares whether or not women are victims? This is a men’s movement, so we will concern ourselves with men’s issues period. This isn’t some fantasy reality where men and women are going to get together to sing Kumbaya and pretend that feminism never existed. Once again women have acted against men as a collective for the better part of sixty years.

Don’t give me that “It’s not about saving women it’s about honor,” bullshit. Women haven’t acted honorably for almost three times longer than I’ve been alive. Fuck that. 
 Let’s further explore this “women are victims too,” pussy pass mentality that a lot of so called MRA’s have. Now I use the example of a pit bull and its master. If he sick’s his pit bull on you and you have a gun in your hand, will you then use that gun against the pit bull even though its only flowing the wishes of its master? Does the fact that the pit bull cannot comprehend what it is doing make the pit bull any less of a danger to you?This example only partly illustrates what’s going on in the gender war between men women and the state.

The pit bull was blindly following an order from its master; it’s a pawn, a tool incapable of reasoning. Women, however, were given the tools with which to attack men, and they possess all the powers of reasoning of a fully functional adult human being. In the last scenario the pit bull was a tool that the master used with malicious intent, whereas women were given the tools with which to attack men and left to their own devices.

They willingly chose to attack men. They actively sought and lobbied for laws that made it easier to attack men and harder for men to defend themselves. They, since the very beginning of modern feminism, have acted not as innocent pawns that where manipulated into committing acts of evil, but as willing collaborators that used the promise of preferential treatment from the state over men as a means of attacking them.

So my question is when exactly will men fight back and why exactly does the mere suggestion of ending our part of the already defunct social contract, by placing the responsibility of women’s safety on the shoulders of women, lead inexorably to a disingenuous and thoroughly disgusting marathon of white knighting on the part of self-professed MRA’s?

Why are MRA’s calling for obligatory male defense provisions for women?

Don’t give me that “it’s not about saving women it’s about honor,” bullshit. Women haven’t acted honorably for almost three times longer than I’ve been alive. Fuck that. Take that apathetic, traitorous garbage somewhere else. Like my fellow MRA Richard Rich said, “The MRM isn’t some sanctimonious justice league. MRA’s don’t have the right to interject their selective gender based morality into this movement. We’re focusing purely on men’s issues, men’s rights and the empowerment of men. How exactly will telling men to risk their lives to save women from violence help to achieve this?

It won’t.

And in a society where men are still going to be considered rapists no matter what we do, there is no reason to help a woman out of a violent situation up to and including rape. These are the harsh realities of the gender war.

We will not give economic opportunities to women we will not hire them to any jobs. We will reserve that position for a qualified and competent man to combat discriminatory affirmative action laws against men. We will never spend money on relationships with women. We will reinvest that money into our own individual male interests. We will assess the weak points in the relationships between women and the state and we will exploit them in the fight against corrupt females and the state.

Now are there women that have earned the right to call themselves men’s rights activists and advocates?  Sure, women like Erin Pizzey come to mind. But it’s time we start fighting fire with fire. And women like Pizzey are already there holding the torches. A group of people that insist on the defense of another group of people that have attacked them mercilessly for decades are not acting honorably – they are acting stupidly.

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  • Bizzman662

    Someone out there needs to invent something where a chick can verify she want’s to get banged by that Big Bad Alpha or the second place Beta she went home with from the bar.

    Chicks love to get banged…..(Shhhhh, Don’t say that out loud)…….just about as much as guys love to do the banging……..but for those rising few who met the Alpha at the bar and then got to feeling all bad about it the next day……….we need an “I really want to get banged” verification device that could stand up in court. Don’t know what it would be or how the “Bang Me” could be verified……..

    I think that invention would sell like crazy considering our current environment.

    Ah, Never mind. Then how would we ever keep the Prisons Full and those Probation guys/anger Management groups/DA’s/Court workers…..blah blah blah employed?

    Don’t get me wrong. A REAL rapist is scum. But we all know that those fellas are much fewer then the public is lead to believe.

  • elvis

    Gender-Raunch Empowerment constructionists are more male than female. Gender-Raunch males can hide behind the curtain, while they send their gender-raunch lesbians out into the streets to “Mule the message”.

  • Peter Charnley

    “To insist that the two sexes must always be in proximity to each other, in roughly 50% proportions, is a gross violation of our freedom of association, and logically leads to absurdity.”

    I totally agree with you. This is actually what infuriates me most about the women’s movement. More so, even, than the abuse industry aspect of feminism. It is relevant to far more people’s lives. It actually has a more direct and negative influence on social division between men and women. It lies behind the radical assault upon such institutions as marriage and the family unit. Such things as the feminist inspired abuse industry are, in my opinion, by-products of androgynous egalitarianism.

    The neo-Marxist ‘Noah’s Ark’ fantasy which feminists seek to apply to every nook and cranny of human existence is the unattainable goal that, as I have said in other comments, fuels a deep seated inferiority complex which is the very root cause of the hatred feminists feel towards men. Men are the unforgivable heretics of this fantasy by reason of their very being, in the here and now, and for reasons of their history of accomplishment.

    If (or, when) the consciousness of women can be moved away from such materialistic evaluating (which has the inevitable conseqeunce of subconscious self-deprecating mockery and collective frustration) – the rest of the feminist package – from sex crime laws to the anti-male debacle of family law court systems would all fall like a pack of cards.

    There is an old saying which is very true, is very applicable in this sense, but with a meaning that is slightly different from the original.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

    Feminism has brainwashed women into feeling scorned. In a materialistic world that scorning, for feminists, is simply what they have been born as – women. Their hellish fury (defined by materialistic self-judgement of past achievement along with realistic present and future capability – which they dare not acknowledge even to themselves) is simply directed at those who have not been born as women.

    The materialistic Noah’s Ark dream lies at the root of everything that has turned the women’s movement into something that is hateful and rotten. We are all damaged as a consequence, but it will be women’s primary loss in the long term when the world has suffered enough and has finally woken up – which it will do eventually.

  • Stu

    Well, if all that stuff about Lara Logan is true, then I certainly wont be feeling sorry for her. I certainly wouldn’t be rushing to defend a woman such as she has been described as being. A woman like that falls into my catagory of……don’t give a shit what happens to her……then there is the next level up……where I wish for bad things to happen to her and feel like celebrating when it does. The highest level is the level that the Harriet Harm-mans of the world are on. For them it’s like, which scenario from the SAW movies will I subject her to, and nothing seems to be bad enough to satisfy my sadistic urges towards them.

    The fact that women like her get to such positions of power and remain there for so long in a democracy only proves to me that most women today fall into my catergory of…….don’t give a shit what happens to them. It also proves to me that democracy might not be an institution that will ever serve mens interest again. They all seem to lapse into misandrist shit holes within a few generations don’t they.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Here’s the deal. Nobody is worth dying for unless they are your children or willing to fight by your side against danger. Naturally, the weakest will probably die first.

    As far as the MGTOW / MRA. MGTOW are by definition passive resistance, the MRA are active resistance. An MGTOW doesn’t have to be an MRA and an MRA doesn’t have to be an MGTOW. However, an MGTOW+MRA is far more effective to wake women up about what they are losing because of their selfish behavior.

    • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

      Amen…and if children are getting attacked, my knife and me will get invovled

      • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

        I did not expect what I posted up there to be met with appreciation…but that subject gets to me everytime. I think in the future I will tend to keep out of discussions of violence.

    • Introspectre

      I believe a civilized society of abundance has an obligation to assist the weak, but when ideological games are played with this concept it winds up invalidating it.

  • The Enlightener

    Cliffor at Reddit had the following to say:

    “You should help your fellow human beings.

    I hate most people, but I still can’t let them suffer needlessly.”

    My response:

    Neither can I, Cliffor. That’s why we must take a stand. More people will suffer in the long run if we don’t take a stand than if we help random women whenever they are in danger.

    It’s kind of like Isaac Asimov’s Zeroth Law. We can break the first law if the zeroth law is met.


  • http://mgtowforums.com dontmarry

    If you see a damsel in distress, clap your hands…

    Politeness and civility towards women will get you nowhere.
    Women are only attracted to men whom they fear.
    And I mean the Biblical ‘fear’ as in ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’.

    If sexual attraction is not the objective, then women will use you as a convenient tool, a doormat, a punching bag or a nagging target when you are polite and civil towards them. Why? They don’t fear you – it’s that simple.

    If it’s better to be feared than to be loved, and women are incapable of love except of ‘loving’ what a man can provide for her… then the choice is pretty obvious.

    Let her fear you. It can be as simple as working out and having a great physique. Muscles are certainly masculine, but they also indicate latent strength and potential aggression. They will know that you aren’t someone to be trifled with.

    Now, concerning the topic of white knights, I am reminded of the issue of giving up your seat on the bus/train for a pregnant woman.

    My policy is this: If you’re not carrying my child, I don’t care even if you fall and have a miscarriage. It is not my problem. So Miss pregnant woman, remain standing, and you won’t get my seat.

    • TB

      I get that there are bound to be a number of venting sessions in this forum.. but this really got a whole bunch of positive votes? “Let her fear you”? I would imagine that this is your mantra for all of life, not just to women, then. Fear = subjugation?

      Your post has nothing to do with Mens’ Rights – it’s textbook inferiority complex.

      • Introspectre

        Are you male? If so, how do you like being seen as a potential rapist/pedophile/DV addict? It doesn’t make you just a little angry to be thought of as worthless if you don’t achieve x amount of status by y date?

        Men were accommodating and we found out that when we are nice, women and the state see it as weakness and proceed to take more from us and scapegoat us for more of societies problems. we’re not playing this game anymore sorry.

        Feminists say things much more vicious than this about men every day. Are you equally put off then?

  • Stu

    When you think about it why should any woman care if a pregnant woman falls and miscarriages either. After all, if unborn babies are not people, and there is nothing wrong with aborting them, then miscarriages are just nothing.

    I knew a woman who had three abortions, then she got preg and wanted to keep the baby, and miscarried, and expected everyone to feel her great lose, and what a big emotional ordeal it was losing the most precious thing in the world. And everyone did pour on the sympathy.

    I felt like saying…..so why was this one precious and the others that you flushed down the dunny just pieces of tissue to be disposed of. Felt like it, but didn’t say it. yeah that’s what I should have said, “so you lost your womb turd, why should we care about this womb turd and not the others” lol

    The answer of course is obvious, every pregnancy is about her feelings, not about anything else.

    • AlekNovy

      Stu, don’t even attempt logic with these people. They’re intent on becoming the monster we’re fighting. They’re using the exact same logics and “rationales” that feminists used to bring us to where we are today.

      • Snark

        Your world sounds like an interesting place to visit, Alek, although I wouldn’t want to stay.

        Whatever will you come up with next? Anti-supremacy and devout dykism?

      • Introspectre

        So what are we supposed to do Alek, facilitate those who use our acquiescence to bust us down even further. Remember we are despised by these people, they have all the power and to them, tolerance is often synonymous with weakness and therefore encourages dismissal.

        Have you ever noticed that highly reasonable people who ruffle no feathers usually get ignored by the system, yet, those who agitate fiercely get attacked at first but eventually gain redress?

        We don’t have enough funds to lobby so what should we do, and given the foul attitudes toward men in the west why is anger not justified? Why do you feel the need to ridicule justified anger?

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

          I have a very simple maxim: “Fire in the belly, ice between the ears.”

          Hopefully, that says something to somebody, somehow . . .

          • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

            Speaks to me.

          • Introspectre

            Yes I hear you Fidelbogen, and your right, but we still need to acknowledge, in an understanding way, the anger of our brothers in the MRM.

    • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

      Abortion is murder pure and simple. Incidentally, while it is her body, it is NOT her baby for she by herself could NEVER become pregnant and therefore it is not her exclusive decision to kill the baby. The decision should be both mom’s and dad’s. She should be so thankful to have the blessing and joy of gestation that far too many women abuse with abortion as a means of birth control after having indiscriminate intercourse.

      Three abortions then a miscarriage? No surprise here. What the abortionist will not tell you is that after performing midtrimester abortions if they intentionally or inadvertently cause bone fragments (previously aborted baby’s) to exists in the uterus the embryotic sac will rupture as it grows against these bone fragments. The body will reject, miscarry regularly, in essence making the woman sterile due to previous abortions!


      You should have voiced your opinion Stu, but then you would have been deemed insensitive to her feelings and her stupidity.

  • Stu

    Yeah, I didn’t say what I tought at the time, then years later when this woman became a pain in the arse I wished I had of. By the way……”womb turds” is not how I see the unborn, but it is how women see them, when they don’t want them. The moral of this is that unborn babies and precious and the most important thing when they want them……and worthless pieces of shit when they don’t. The way I see it, if someone is going to consider an unborn baby as not a life, having no rights, just a piece of tissue, then be consistent…..if thats what they are, then thats what they are……all of them…..the ones you wanted but died are too. Her changing attitude made me realise that women do actually think that “their” feelings about the unborn are what gives them value or not……rights or not. So there you have it……if life itself is only given value becaue of a womens feeling about that life…..then everything in the universe only has value by the same measure. Result….men don’t matter if women feel they don’t.

  • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

    OK, it started with this from Almos:

    A man shouldn’t go to her rescue because she’s a woman. Conversely, a man shouldn’t ignore her just because she’s a woman and he’s an MRA.
    I think men should hold themselves up to a higher standard than what barbarosssa is saying. What he’s advocating is an immature tit-for-tat mentality that doesn’t solve anything. What we want to do is reverse the damage of feminism. We don’t do that by creating a militant men vs. women mentality; by drawing a line in the sand between men and women. We see the vestiges of that through the works of feminism
    I don’t think there is a “should” that all MRA’s have to blindly abide by when confronted with such a situation. How one chooses to react is up to the individual. Why? Because *how* he chooses to react is irrelevant in the men’s movement. I don’t think men should choose their actions on nothing more than the sex of the individual. We still need to treat individuals as individuals. Otherwise, we’re falling in to the same collectivist trap feminists indoctrinated the world with: All men are guilty because of the actions of individuals. It’s impossible knowing what a stranger is guilty of if the first time you see her is while being raped in a back alley. Men are about honor, and that means retaining standards in the face of injustice. If we lose that we lose our integrity.

    Now in my opinion, there is a great deal right and wrong about this post. But my picking apart the details is not germane at this point. What I will say is that a lengthy study of group dynamics informs me of one thing for certain:

    The relative dysfunction of any group can be measured in its power struggles.

    That being said, we have a pretty damned good group here. This sort of infighting, especially with the vitriol, is the exception round here rather than the rule, and I expect that part of it is due to the provocative nature of the OP, and especially because it so effectively gets to the root of one of our problems, chivalry. I also note that this group has done more collectively and cooperatively for the MM than anything I have seen before.

    In other words– Dude, it’s all good.

    I am not going to take a position (though I certainly have one) on the current disharmony here. My bet is it will resolve itself in due course and that whatever, and whoever, remains to contribute to discussions will leave us with a stronger, more cohesive group – even if slightly smaller.

    We are growing all the time, despite our occasionally unfortunate tendency to take a step back by pushing for groupthink.

  • barbarossaaa

    ive seen many an MRA say that

    1) we should refuse to get married

    2) refuse to have kids

    3) get a vasectomy

    yet some of us are making the claim that we shouldnt allow feminism to affect our actions?

    but when the oppurtunity to rescue a damsel in distress comes up, thats when we whant to be all principled and honarable, hmm how convenient.

    once again we actually have MRA’s out there who would voluntarily sterilize themselves, as a reaction to feminism, and the vast majority of MRA’s would never get married (rightly so) because of feminism. but when it comes down to not risking your life to protect women that are complete strangers…. then all of a sudden we feel that a “moral” stand is necessary.

    i will never understand that type of reasoning.

    • mongo

      “we actually have MRA’s out there who would voluntarily sterilize themselves, as a reaction to feminism, and the vast majority of MRA’s would never get married (rightly so) because of feminism. but when it comes down to not risking your life to protect women that are complete strangers…. then all of a sudden we feel that a “moral” stand is necessary.

      i will never understand that type of reasoning.”

      I don’t think it’s reasoning barbarossaaa. It’s the last remaining vestige of a life-time of conditioning to ‘take a bullet for the president’. What the MRM is revealing is the hierarchy of conscious attitudes that make men slaves to women, and how resilient each of these entrenched behaviors are to reason. Like the skins of an onion, one has to peel off those layers close to the surface before trying to remove those deep at the core.

      Rejecting marriage appears to be the first skin to peel. There are just so many individual stories of woe, and such obviously unjust laws, that most men understand this without the need for too many laboring of points. From there follow rejection of long term relationships, reproduction and all the other female privileges as soon as one becomes aware of them – but physical protection of women is right at the very heart of the matter. It will be the last thing men will acquiesce to – and I believe the reason for this is because it requires a subtlety that men only come to acquire after having first overcome the more obvious obstructions to his own best interest. I don’t fear that most men won’t eventually get there though. All things in their proper order.

    • keith

      Read the article, saw the video……good stuff, by virtue of being extreme.
      I advocate a separatist position, not because of feminism but because of law. I cannot be charged if I am not in the proximity of the crime..rape, DV, etc. I am a separatist for my personal security and autonomy. I am indifferent to the “Logan” issue. If the argument or statement was to address dangerous work environments I would turn my head and listen. When it comes to walking by a rape in progress, the law requires that you intervene. You can be arrested for ignoring it. For this reason and for my own protection, I would intervene by calling the cops at the moment that a phone is available. Of course the best way to thwart a sexual attack is to declare that your HIV positive. Much like the best way to thwart a charge of sexual harassment is to declare that you are gay. The best way to deconstruct bullshit is with more bullshit. I take from your position that you advocate for personal security over chivalry. In this I completely agree. Your position on hiring women, as far as I am concerned is a personal security issue. So for me the central issue is personal security first and always. White knighting and chivalry have nothing to do with personal security and everything to do with standing in a path that exposes my personal security to harm. Personal security first and always.

  • Stu

    Declaring you are gay will have no affect on a sexual harrassment claim at all. Because sexual harrassment does not have to be anything sexual, and besides that, it has nothing to do with what you do or do not do, it has to do with how the woman feels. If she feels threatened or harrassed by your presence, or any action or word you utter, your guilty.

    You can run, but you can’t hide. The laws are running after you and the available personal space you can retreat to and hide in are being uncovered and more and more harmless behaviour and speech is being defined as abuse and sexual harrassment and assault.

    You have to fight if you want to keep the right to anything at all in your life in the face of the feminist encrouchment into evey bit of space in you think they can’t get you in. In the future at some point in time, there may be machines that are able to read your mind completely……..do you think the feminists will leave that stone unturned in the pursuit painting more men as criminals and abusers……I think not……..I think the era of thought crimes will be upon us eventually…..then where will you hide……you wont even have your own skull space anymore.

    • keith

      declaring you are gay against an accusation of sexual harassment confuses the intent of an accusation. It throws both parties into question rather than just one. Yes by doing this I am fighting, for the brain space of the person judging my actions, not the accuser.

  • Stu

    Oh, I meant to say…….it has to do with how the woman “says” she feels. Because that can not be determined either, we have to accept her word for it.

  • http://www.the-spearhead.com/masculinismoenlinea/ Daniel Martínez

    I believe that the mens rights movement is the chance for union between men and also between men and women. If we ignore the problems of others we are creating the indiference that got us into this mess.

    This article is going at another way of way I think the movement is going to go.

    Our enemy is the feminist ideology, not women.

    We are all human being and we deserve respect. We must not do the same thing that the radical feminist did.

    Remember this:
    “No one should be treated the way feminist treat men.”

    I treat you all with respect and I expect the same respect from you.

    Thank you for reading my comments.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      I understand your sentiments, Daniel, but I am not reading the article the same way, perhaps. what I see here is not treating women badly, but affording men the right to decided who they protect and who they don’t.

      It is fulfilling the promise of freedom from exploitation that arises out of rigid gender roles.

      After all, if women collectively said they would not put themselves at risk to stop men from getting mugged, who would notice?

      In short, equality is a bitch. It doesn’t make us bad or selfish to practice it and honor it in others.

      • http://www.the-spearhead.com/masculinismoenlinea/ Daniel Martínez

        @ Paul.

        I detected some agresivity in the article.

        You are right about what you said, we should the right to decide to protect or not to protect, I agree with you.

        Some women would help a man in trouble some not, lets not make generalizations.

        Allow me to remind you and all the readers of this episode


        Of 164 people who walked by only 3 women were capable to look beyond the gender roles and they called the police to help the men.

        Equality has advantages and disadvantages for men and for women, however it is a very good cause, I believe in it with all my heart, it is time for equality for men. Lets have a goal towards union of men and women against feminism.

        If anyone (men or women) decides help someone (men or women) it is a noble act.

        No one should be expected to do so, but it is still a noble act. It takes courage and selfness.

        I am a very moderate MRA, you know me Paul. Keep up the good work.

        • Pankaj

          “lets not make generalizations.”

          No! no!.. Lets make generalizations. Why are feminists the only ones that can and DO make generalizations? They even have a name for it.. PATRIARCHY! Yet they get well paying tax funded jobs to make those generalizations in schools and universities, even congress.
          If they can do that, we can atleast do it while not being disgusting parasites on the rest of society.

    • keith

      @ Daniel Martinez

      I’m still pondering whether the enemy is feminist ideology or me!

      When you say “deserve respect” what does that mean definitively?

      Can one correlate the respect received against respect given. Where and when is it defined universally as human and where and when is it defined as privilege? If a portion defined as privilege is withheld is it indifference or self respect?

      “No one should be treated the way feminist treat men.”………agreed, this is why I don’t associate with them. I don’t like the treatment or lack of it.

      I have checked the comments, and this is the first comment you have made, although I may have missed something, I don’t think so.

      “I treat you all with respect and I expect the same respect from you”
      I understand a reasonable gesture of equality, I can respect that, not sure why you are stating this, unless you are negotiating for invisible people, in which case they should present themselves for a reasonable exchange. If your looking for wholesale or discount respect to redistribute at an inflated price to enhance profit for yourself, don’t! I’m not selling.

      With all due respect to you (only)

      • http://www.the-spearhead.com/masculinismoenlinea/ Daniel Martínez

        I have nothing against you. The reason that I asked for respect in advance is because the comments are very “passionate” in this article.

        When I said “deserve respect” I meant that in order to make this world a better place we all have to be a little less agresive, thats all. I am not correlating respect given with respect recieved, it would be naive to do so.

        I have a Mens rights activism blog in spanish and I work really hard to spread the word about our cause in the spanish speaking world. I am very moderate in my aproach, I would not like to see the male version of the SCUM manifesto.

        The crime of most women is to do nothing, it is unfair to compare every women with Valerie Solanas. The women who did bad things with the power that the state gave them are corrupted, everyone gets corrupted when they have power. I am from Ecuador and I know that, I have seen with my own eyes how good men turn bad when they enter the goverment.

        The movement must fight to give more power to men becuase its fair, not because women are the enemy. Right now women have to much power and men have too little.

        We must attack the problem of womens overprotection by encouraging men to protect and stand for men, instead to ignore women.

        Indiference is worse than hatred.

        That is my opinion

        With all due respect to all of you

  • Fuck you

    You people are fucked in the head. Oh, and you all need to GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      For AVfM readers. The supply closet was out of toilet paper, so I approved the above comment to fill in the void.

      Also note the the email address associated with the username “Fuck you” clearly indicated the comment was from a female.

      • Snark

        The username “Fuck you” on its own gives away that this is a female feminist.

        They’re so clever aren’t they, with their overuse of F-words?

    • keith

      It can be a terrifying prospect to measure giving against receiving, apparently.

      Ball busting is a predator sport, men have been leaving the court for years, did you just clue in. I’m sure you don’t need anymore balls for your collection.

    • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

      Oh and here I thought she was gonna say something typically feminist-thanks for the surprise.

    • Otter

      Why? Because I won’t protect you?

      You’ve never protected me from anything.

      I thought you wanted equality.

  • The Enlightener
    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      And it has brought about 5,000 hits to this site today. :)

      And still counting. :)

  • Anon

    As a woman, if you were being raped I would risk MY life to help you. Being a good person does not depend on gender.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      As a woman, nobody has that expectation of you.

      • deisel

        this has some really good points. before womens rights movements throughout the nation, one of the main reasons for women not being given job opportunities, involved in politics, allowed in athletics athletics, and other cliche sanctions was to keep them safe and to protect them from the dangers of these actions. They then began to stand up for themselves and ask to be exposed to the dangers of society in equality with men. This is why women should be just as inclined as a man to stand up for their own rights, fight their own battles (unless innocently attacked without provokation), hold the door open for their date, and work an 8 hour shift to pay bills. If a woman isn’t completely responsible for herself, then she is far more subject to being taken advantage of and conforming to all of the age old sexist restraints.
        This being said, I will beat the shit out of someone drugging a woman. I would quite likely sacrafice myself for a woman with children. Because I value myself as a man with morals, and when someone that cannot defend themselves efficiently needs help, then I will act to the best of my ability. No matter sex or appearance.

      • Anon

        Just because there is no expectation doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. I don’t expect anyone to do anything for me. If I want something I have to earn it for myself.

        I also think feminist are making my life in a male dominated field more difficult.

    • keith

      Actually your wrong being a good person does depend on gender, as a baseline social interpretation.

      Maybe we need a hero registry, so we can track peoples movements around the country and hold them accountable when they don’t deliver the good.

      After all evil only prevails when good people do nothing.

  • Baileysmooth

    If you were getting raped, and some guy walked passed you, would you feel empowered?

  • squash

    Would you stop to help a man from being raped?

    If so, this stance is uber-sexist.

    If not, then what use is equality if it means that nobody helps anybody else?

    • Introspectre

      Ask hypocrites like feminists and the legal system because they started these convolutions that cause men to be victimized, (false charges etc.) even when trying to do the right thing. So why are you questioning us? Go ask the law and feminists why men being prison raped is such a joke to them. Put your criticism where it belongs. We are not the orchestrator’s of this mess.

      Do you question them, or are we the only ones whom you seek to criticize. If it is only us that you criticize, then perhaps that is the actual uber-sexist stance being taken.

  • freebird

    I see the ballerina from the nutcracker suite checked in.

    I wonder if (s)he wears blue?

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  • i hate these people

    so if women dont deserve protection from rape neither does a man, ever.

    this is why rape culture and gender based violence still exists is because of men like you.

    in a truly equal society, a man would help a woman from getting raped, and vice versa. if i saw a women raping a man or man raping a man i would do whatever i could to stop it.


    As a women I have taken measures to learn how to protect myself, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

    Humans should protect humans, regardless of their gender.
    I don’t depend on men for anything ever.

    Feminism itself is the belief of becoming independent from men, and becoming strong enough to support/take care of yourself, not relying on men.

    Clearly you people have met the wrong kind of feminists.

    • Gaulrung

      Men already never get protection from rape, ever.

    • Raven01

      There are no “good” feminists. That is like saying you are a “good” cannibal. The beast just does not exist.
      That said their may be some carnivores(egalitarians) wrongly self-identifying as cannibals(feminists) which are infact not cannibals(feminists) at all.
      Feminism at its’ core is an ideology of hate and female superiority often fuelled by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.
      And, let’s not forget the greed inherent in feminism. Always demanding more money(from men usually via government agency) for WOMENS health, WOMENS education, and CHILD benefits(and let’s face it child custody is decidely lopsided in favour of mothers, mothers that have the sole choice in matters of conception, abortion and forced male wage slavery).
      I would suggest subscribing to Chapins Inferno and GirlWritesWhat youtube channels and educating yourself before openning your trap and making a bigger fool of yourself. The HappyMisogynist and ManWomanMyth are other good sources.

      • Raven01

        Oh the author of this article also has a worthwhile youtube channel you can review.

    • Cthulhu

      You seem to be contradicting yourself here. You are saying that if we were equal, we would help women. Then you turn around and say that feminism is about becoming strong enough to not need the help of men, meaning that feminism is not about equality, even as you yourself define equality.

      So in a round about way, even you comprehend that feminism has nothing to do with equality.

    • Wayne

      Clearly you people have met the wrong kind of feminists.

      Clearly you haven’t met the leaders of the hate group that have assimilated your intelligence. I am assuming that you had some to begin with.

      Have you ever tried to convince a holocaust survivor that there really were nice Nazis?

    • MrStodern

      so if women dont deserve protection from rape neither does a man, ever.

      As another already pointed out, men already receive no protection from rape. None. Rape laws should apply to everyone, but they don’t. Only women are protected, and feminist groups all over the place constantly whine about how it isn’t enough, which is the very reason why the government has recently reversed the presumption of innocence in at least three (and hardly insignificant) jurisdictions, and the president ordered all colleges to lower the burden of proof in allegations of rape (and ONLY rape) to a “preponderance of evidence”, which is lower than what the courts use. So in essence, not only are men not protected from rape, but their protection from false rape allegations is pretty non-existent as well.

      this is why rape culture and gender based violence still exists is because of men like you.

      Talk of a so-called “rape culture” is the very reason why guys like me have to fear being intimate with women, because people like you make them think we’re rapists.

      And gender-based violence exists because human being exist, and consist of two separate genders, you ignoramus.

      in a truly equal society, a man would help a woman from getting raped, and vice versa. if i saw a women raping a man or man raping a man i would do whatever i could to stop it.

      That’s not an equal society, that’s a JUST society. And we don’t live in a just society, thanks to people like you using terms like “rape culture”.


      Your caps lock key appears to have gotten stuck there for a second.

      As a women I have taken measures to learn how to protect myself, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

      So you don’t dress like a slut, I take it? Good for you.

      Humans should protect humans, regardless of their gender.

      That’d be nice, but it’s not how it works currently.

      I don’t depend on men for anything ever.

      Oh really? You’re totally independent in every way? Do you have a boyfriend who pays your rent? Do you collect child support or alimony? Food stamps? Welfare? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then congratulations, you’re a fucking liar.

      Feminism itself is the belief of becoming independent from men, and becoming strong enough to support/take care of yourself, not relying on men.

      Correction: Feminism is founded on hatred of men, it seeks only to punish them in as many ways as possible for perceived injustices of the past.

      BTW, are you a black person? If you are, you might want to examine just how many of the most vocal and well-known feminists over the years have been white women. You know, the same white women who were never made to work out in a field picking cotton in 100 degree whether? The ones that didn’t have to sit in the back of the bus, ever? The same white women who have always been more privileged than any other group of women in the history of this country?

      Interesting how they would whine more than most black women, isn’t it?

      Clearly you people have met the wrong kind of feminists.

      There is no wrong or right kind. Only the kind that must be left behind as we move into the future.

  • Sean

    I totally agree here in Toronto they did this Slut walk recently after a cop advised women to avoid dressing slutty at night. Which to a reasonable person is an appropriate measure to help lessen the chances of attack. But no a feminist who took issue to this as it apparently obstructs their freedom of choice. It has hubris stupidity written all over it like they don’t march for noble causes eg. world hunger or poverty but they will march when they can twist the voice of reason far enough to find a way they can demonstrate it hurts. When I heard this at that moment I said I will never, ever help a female that is being attacked. Its hedonism at its MAX: protection me! oh, I’m so afraid of every man, oh! look at how good I look in my mini-miniskirt and supertight top..

  • Gaulrung

    I’m glad to see you made your way here, Bar. Your Youtube videos first brought me to the MRM and I think this, in particular, is a critical point. If more men had the guts to act against their instincts and socialization we would all be much better off.

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  • Gyogami

    I’m all with Barbarossaaaa’s statement. If you tell a criminal that you’ll put her in jail for her crimes but never do when she acts in such a manner that should be punished, she’ll just get the idea that she can always get away without consequences. you entertain a complex of entitlement to justice escape. Let feminist and their followers have a taste of their own medicine the hard way. They’ll either fall or learn to follow the right path (10000000 bucks they’ll bend).

    One cannot support them and be agaisnt or you’ll be agaisnt your self, in such a situation. This is a gender war, so act like war when at war.

    United We Stand but Divided We Fall,

    So United Men Stand – MRA/MRM

  • truth_seeker

    You article makes me think about how gangs and violence can take over a particular neighborhood. Your neighbor gets stabbed, you hear his or her screams and look outside the window, you see two people running away, you know who they are…and you close the curtain and go back to what you were watching on TV. I’m sorry, but it’s not about protecting women as a special class. It is about doing the right thing, which I try to do no matter who is being attacked. I’m not saying you have to stick your neck on the line, but at least call the police. That’s just the very least, in my opinion, that a man or a woman should do for their fellow human being, regardless of gender. Don’t just walk away and do nothing. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men (or women) to do nothing” (Edmund Burke).

  • truth_seeker

    As to your comment that child support is enforced slavery for men, I believe that children should not be penalized because their parents are divorced. Whoever the custodial parent is, mother or father, the other should still help support the child/ren that resulted from their union. Maybe there needs to be some kind of system in place where there is accountability, where the money actually goes toward benefiting the child, not the custodial parent. But, don’t penalize the children because of the parents’ mistakes.

  • Otter

    I remember in philosophy class they asked us a question: Lets say you’re driving to work on the day you are to receive a big promotion. You look to the side of the road and see someone drowning. If you stop to save them you will be late and will never get the promotion. Do you save them?

    It appeared to be structured to discern whether you were an egoist and placed your own material gain above the life of the person drowning. I looked at it a different way, sort of in an inverse of Kant’s moral imperative.

    I said, if I were the one drowning in the river and I saw someone drive by, I wouldn’t expect them to stop and save me. I wouldn’t expect help of any kind from a complete stranger. According to the moral imperative we should treat people in a way that is universalizable. Hence if I don’t expect someone to save me, I shouldn’t save them.

    To clarify, I wouldn’t expect a woman to save me from being raped. To my knowledge most women know full well what goes on inside prison and it seems they couldn’t care less. It follows that they likely wouldn’t care if I were in there being raped. So to treat them in a way that is universalizable, I shouldn’t care when they get raped.

    So if I drive by and see a woman getting raped, I will continue on to my promotion with a clear conscience.

    • Bombay

      I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

  • http://www.youtube.com/DudeDesi07 DudeDesi07


    Hey I just wanted to say I really highly respect you and love your videos on youtube. But don’t you think its morally wrong to see any human being man, woman or child who is getting harmed and not do anything about it to save that person IF you have the capacity of doing so. But I also understand where you are coming from to, so I am not judging you.


  • joe

    Women getting assaulted or raped in public is really rare.