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18 wheels, a million white knights

I learned a lot about the behaviors and motivations of men and women as a counselor. But I actually learned more about the sexes in the few years I spent in the blue collar world of truck driving.

It’s a difficult job. And being the slightly half-baked sucker for a challenge that I am I elected to specialize in heavy haul operations, dragging the components needed for drilling rigs from Houston into the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. There is something about driving loads that exceed 100 feet in length, that weigh more than 100,000 pounds through mountain switchbacks and down miles of winding 10% grades that will make you get in touch with your inner masculine, whether you want to or not.

I have heard that about 15% of truck drivers are women. My guess is that among heavy haulers, less than 1% are women. Personally, I never saw one. Not that I am complaining.

Another thing about driving heavy haul, and other “over the road” trucking, is that when you are not on a job you spend a lot of time waiting for one. It could be hours or days before you have something to do. Most of that time is spent in truck stops.

And if there were ever a place on earth where the fundamentals of men and women are on clear display, sans the socially engineered façades typical to the white collar world, it is the American Truck Stop.

Those truck stops are dense concentrations of isolated men (and women) who primarily talk to each other on CB radios. Go in to any one of them at any time of day or night and you will likely hear a cacophony of different conversations, all taking place at once. For most people it takes time to train their ears to sort out what is going on. To the uninitiated it just sounds like a hopelessly garbled mess.

Now, to help you understand the dynamics of this particular sub culture, it requires me to make some observations about the women. I do so not to be cruel, but to give you an accurate picture of things; to help you get the right image in your mind of what is happening.

With very few exceptions, female truck drivers don’t look much different than a lot of male truck drivers. Well, perhaps their beards are not quite as thick.

Sorry, I am sitting here trying to remember other physical qualities that made female truck drivers look different than male truck drivers. The only thing I can come up with is that some of them had breasts that actually protruded out further than their stomachs. Some of them. But of course, some of the men had similar physiques to that, so we are back to square one.

Anyway, the point here is that the typical female truck driver looked pretty much like you would expect, especially if you were expecting Andrea Dworkin in a greasy shirt and sweat pants.

But you would never know it from the behavior of the men.

An example. Experienced truck drivers know the main arteries of the interstate system like the back of their hand, but once they are in cities finding things can become a good bit more difficult. You will often hear drivers get on the radio asking for local directions. Sometimes they will get them, sometimes not. Sometimes a driver will ask every couple of minutes till he tires out, trying to get someone to answer him.

But let a woman get on the radio and ask for directions and suddenly every other driver out there is an atlas on wheels, and you won’t be able to hear one of them clearly because they are all trying to talk to her at the same time.

Once her need for directions have been satisfied, you will almost without fail hear the obligatory attempt at CB courtship as a follow up. Some guy will happily chime into his microphone, “You sure do have a pretty voice.”

Now, it makes no difference at all whether she sounded remotely female or like Jabba the Hutt, the observation that she has a pretty voice is a standard addition to the conversation. And, not to be outdone by the first silver tongued devil, another radio Casanova will try to up the ante.

“Yeah, you sure got a nice voice. I just love a woman with a nice voice!”

Again, it is perplexing. While some female truck drivers do have “nice voices,” in that they are actually discernibly female, frequently their voices are as much a match for the men’s as their physiques and facial hair.

This sort of ‘circling of the vultures” around anything mimicking the feminine is standard industry fare in the world of trucking.

Another example. Truck drivers, especially new ones, have very, very hard lives. Most of them work as company drivers for large conglomerates that pay them like shit and work them like dogs. They are often broke, or living off pay advances from their employers just to remain fed and to stay in luxuries like cigarettes.

For many of them, there are times when the advances run out, along with food and everything else. They won’t see another dime till they get dispatched on another trip. Often you will hear them on the radio, trying to sell items out of their truck; televisions, coolers, CB radios, DVD collections; anything to put something in their pocket and their stomach. Sometimes they make a quick sale. Often they get mocked, ridiculed and taunted. Frequently they are met with the same silence as when asking for directions.

I never heard a woman driver trying to sell things out of her truck. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just that I never encountered it.

What I have heard on more than a few occasions is a woman get on the radio and make some noise about going inside the truck stop for a bite to eat. I have also heard that followed up by at least one, and often a slew of guys trying to scream over each other on the radio to offer to buy her that cheeseburger and fries.

Now, there are a handful of truck drivers out there that have done their best to stay ahead of the curve. They employ technology to give them a little advantage by using voice changing devices to alter the sound of their voice on the radio so that it sounds female.

That’s right, you need to find directions to that warehouse where you have to deliver? Just change your sex to the oppressed, put down female and other drivers will damn near fist-fight each other to help you out.

Want to know where the highway cops are? Most of the time, even as a man, someone will eventually tell you. But if you sound like a woman, your waiting time for a response will be cut to a New York Second.

Plus you will get compliments on how pretty your voice is.

It does not come cheap. You can have a CB expert tinker with your radio and add a voice changer, but they are not very good. Some guys, wanting the job done right, fork over the $300.00+ for an audio-vocal processor with “formant” and other controls.

Now imagine that, all you have to do to have all the information and assistance you could possibly want on the road is to sound like you have might have a vagina.

And all you have to do to experience the most abject in human indifference and callousness, is to sound like you don’t have one.

Ah, but how can this be? As my Other friend often says, we all live in a patriarchy.

  • My Name is Frank

    Heh, I may be the only driver at the small tow company I work for that doesn’t race to the office to get the tow with one passenger named “Jessica” from the community college parking lot. Besides, the women are the worst at messing with your heater controls, I know you’re cold lady, but I’m sweating after PUSHING YOUR STUPID SUV OUT OF ITS PARKING SPOT!!!! ALONE!

  • echofoxtrot

    Thanks, Paul. I drove for not-too-swift as a student driver, but I never went solo because my hands shook too hard when they called me in for my road test. Aside from all the other agonies of the job, it was very nerve-wracking, for me at least. You’re right about asking other drivers for directions, because the Qualcomm would give the wrong directions half the time, and a GPS only does so much good. As Warren Farrell put it, truck driving is truly a “death of a salesman” job, most often done by broke, lonely men – which is why the employers are always hiring.

    • My Name is Frank

      They’re also always hiring because it’s hard to make a living doing it. Hard work and low pay… Perhaps that’s why few women do it?

      • echofoxtrot

        My name is Frank,
        100% correct.

    • knightrunner

      68 mph.

      • echofoxtrot

        Knightrunner, I drove for Swiffer back in 2009. If I remember correctly, the trucks were governed at less than 65 mph. But I’ll defer to your knowledge.

        BTW, last I heard, Swift stands for “see what I fucked up today”.

        • knightrunner

          No. Now that I think about it you are right. They are governed at 65.
          My bad.

  • Ben

    I definitely identify with this one, Paul. I drove for TMC (flatbed company out of Des Moines, Iowa). I hauled oversize when I went out with my trainer for 6 weeks but was in regular line haul when I went solo. I did a lot of mountain driving, though, so I know about the 10% grades and the switch backs. They worked me nearly to death. We had zero female drivers, Paul. Zero. However, a lot of the dipatchers were women. My dispatcher was a woman and she tried to work me to death. One day, after being talked down to by her for several weeks, I smarted off to her over the QualCom (our in-truck communication thingy). That was all it took. I never got another load assignment over the QualCom. Within about an hour, my load assignment was to drive all the way back to headquarters empty. When I got there, I never saw her. I met the owner of the company for the first time (it was a much smaller company back then). He totally White Knighted and fired me. Looking back, if I would have had a male dispatcher, we could have sorted the thing out like men and no firing would have been necessary. However, offending a woman is a capital offense.

    • The Real Peterman

      That sucks, Ben. I’m sorry to hear you lost your job because someone had their little feelings hurt.

      • Ben

        Thanks, but it was no big deal. I was ready to quit anyway. I missed a crane appointment, too, due to sleep deprivation. Truckers follow the laws of maximum service hours, but only on paper. It’s complicated, but there are ways around the hours of service laws such as recording that it only took 15 minutes to get loaded, chain down your load, and tarp, when in actuality, it might have taken 3 hours or more. I would go into further detail of how this is done, but I would bore everyone to death, lol.

        99.9% of first, second, and third year truckers are in violation of these hours of service. Their companies know it but put pressure on them to break the law, without ever actually saying it. You see, new drivers make less per mile driven or, in my case, a lower percentage of the revenue for each haul if they are on the percentage plan, than veteran drivers. Thus, the company makes more money to dispatch the younger, lower paid drivers more frequently, running the young guys’ lives in the ground. So, it was a bad job anyway.

        • echofoxtrot

          Ben:99.9% of first, second, and third year truckers are in violation of these hours of service. Their companies know it but put pressure on them to break the law, without ever actually saying it.

          And if the DOT cops catch you violating the HOS rules, it’s your head that gets chopped off, not theirs. Maybe a $1,000 citation and/or a few nights in jail.

    • knightrunner

      Tmc has a bad reputation. They gore in serious trouble a couple of years ago.

      • Ben

        I did not hear about this. What happened?

      • knightrunner

        The drivers started getting so many log book violations that the D.O.T. almost shut the whole company down. I mean lock the doors turn out the lights every body go home cause you just lost your job kind of shut down.

    • keyster

      Most truck drivers are men – at the mercy of female dispatchers…many of whom are fairly incompetent. They don’t care about “their” drivers. Most don’t even know your name, they’ll refer to you as your truck number.

    • echofoxtrot

      Ben, it’s the same in office work, as well – piss off a woman and you’re out the door. How ironic that the mostly-male vocation of truck driving has now been effectively hijacked by female dispatchers (and driver managers) who don’t know the difference between an 18-wheeler and a 4-wheeler.

      In a way, you got off easy – they could have sent out a replacement driver, who would have showed up with a cop, to kick you out of the truck, with no advance warning, in Bum Fuck Egypt.

      • Sasha

        God this is so true. Get a clique of women riled up in an office and you’ll never hear the end of it. They are incredibly prone to mobbing behaviour and groupthink and you need real skill to neutralise them if you’re the target or they’ll sabotage and undermine relentlessly (both men and women can be targets) they’ll drive good people out of the job if not carefully managed. My personal opinion is that any more than 20% women in a workplace/department/group and you’re in danger.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    You do realise what’s going to happen don’t you?

    One bloke gets a voice changer and all is sweet. He gets directions, a heads-up on bad roads and weather, he dodges speed traps and doughnut starved cops.

    He is happier than a pig snout in a trough.

    So he tells his best mate and he gets a voice changer as well. And then another bloke catches on and then another. The new devices start walking out the door and the “women truckies” are coming out over the CB airwaves in droves. The sheilas have hit the bitumen like never before.

    A time will come when all voices over the CB radio will be the pretty-in-pink siren call and there will be no more “blokes” behind the wheel of a road-train. Just sheilas.

    All the truck drivers now know that all the truck drivers are blokes. The game is up and we all made our hay when the sun shone. So now what’s a bloke to do when his “purdy voice” comes purring over the radio asking for help?

    I don’t know for sure, but if it was me I’d take it up a notch and start talking about what a delightful nymphomaniac I am.

  • TigerMan

    Wow it occurred to me that we now think so little of ourselves that approval points from a supeior source is like an unsnorted line of coke to a young Ossie Osborne.
    What I am getting at is that as men are being given societal messages that they are incompetant losers etc it is bound to make the sharing of company with other “losers” far less attractive. Perhaps the feminist attack on our self esteem is more of a calculated functional attack than we perhaps realise.
    I am of course perhaps exagerating perhaps in order to get my point across but as long as you get my gist we’re all good. :)

    • The Real Peterman

      That’s a good point. Very interesting!

  • tallwheel

    But, but, but, society values men more than women! Everyone knows that! Why would these men change their voice over the radio to sound like women? That will only make other men objectify them!

  • Marcus

    So, the question is, how do we do that stupid bullshit that females expect, without paying for stupid shit, or almost fighting or anything? How do we even the playing field?

    • tallwheel

      Date an ugly woman with very low self-esteem. That will solve 50-95% of the problem. Results may vary.

  • TigerMan

    PS I love truck stops or “greasy spoons” as we tend to call them in the UK. One of my rare treats is a proper fry up with toast, a mug of coffee and to hell with the (medical) consequences! lol
    I even like to read trash tabloids too and say things like “you don’t get many of them in a hundredweight” when looking at ample bosomed ladies on page 3.
    By contrast it beats the constipation inducing experience of sitting in whine bar stroke restaurants trying to eat carbonera pasta gracefully without getting yer goatee half plastered in sauce! lol 😉

    • Aimee McGee

      Tiger, meet you in one on the A1 some day?

      • TigerMan

        You are soo on. :)

        • Aimee McGee

          We just need to make sure the place has good black pudding…my red blood cells are crying out for extra iron with that cholesterol!

          • TigerMan

            Shouldn’t be too much of a problem we even have black pudding in most of the greasy spoonsin North Wales now!
            Amongst my fondest childhood memories was savaging a hot fat juicy black pudding served on the open air Tommyfield market in Oldham on saturday afternoon on a winters day whilst shopping with mum – yum yumms. :)

          • Aimee McGee

            @tiger, know any good greasy spoons near Birmingham? I have at least one trip that way in 2013.
            Yum…street food.
            Lights on in my local town tomorrow…hope someone has some decent high fat street food on sale 😎

          • TigerMan

            Sounds like a plan – have sent you a PM in the forum with contact details etc :)

  • ronwisegamgee

    Though not truck driving, a similar phenomenon occurs with massive multi-player online video games. Want to be showered with free in-game loot and cash? Make a female avatar and flirt or, better yet, talk over Ventrilo (a voice-messaging program) as a female.

  • Jay

    Thanks very much for the insight Paul. I think in virtually all walks of life; from nightclubs, to pubs, to asking for help, to hailing taxis, to being treated nicely and not threatened with physical violence (like how men are in clubs and pubs), then yeah, definitely a might big advantage in being a female. It’s such a sexist society we live in, yet we’re told that females are oppressed and always have been. An absolute lie.

  • dhanu

    Females are alright I have no problem helping. It’s the feminists and their followers (who do not identify as feminists but show similar attitude or behavior) that do not deserve this kind of help.

  • Merlin

    A totally awesome read, Paul. I enjoyed every line!

    I had a visit from my sister last night which ended up rather messy. Mainly because I essentially refused to white knight.

    She brought up the subject of a man hitting a woman, and proceeded to suggest that she would expect me, as her brother, to beat the shit out of anyone who ever did that to her. Now, many on here will be aware of my regular ‘red pill’ intake, but I don’t think she was.

    I explained that I wouldn’t get involved in that way; that I wouldn’t be chivalrous or white knight on her behalf. Well, she didn’t even give me chance to explain why before she went into hissy fit mode. I did however, get chance afterwards to explain in a text, because it was the only way I was going to get a word in after the deluge of hostility that followed my refusal.

    In the text, I simply mentioned that it would be me, not her, who ends up in prison if I beat the crap out of anyone. She didn’t reply!

    • dhanu

      Right thing. BTW, white knights are those in positions of power and authority (judges, police, etc). A common man who white-knights is simply like a dog, who attacks when its owner tells it to or when it sees the owner in trouble. It’s then appropriately rewarded (“good dog” err… sorry, “good man”) or has to face consequences (injuries, jail, etc). White knights do not have to face consequences.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      My father always told me “If a man ever hits you, I’ll beat the shit out of him…then I’ll beat the shit out of YOU for letting him do it.

      One night a hysterical neighbor boy pounded on our front door, pleading to use our phone to call his Aunt because his mother was being beaten!

      My Father firmly and repeatedly told the boy “Son, I’ll call the police for you, but you cannot use my phone to call your Aunt”.

      “PLEASE MISTER! PLEASE! Let me use your phone to call my Aunt. Don’t call the police! PLEEEEZE MISTER”

      I was shocked and horrified at my father’s cruel refusal to help the boy, who eventually went to another neighbor to call his Aunt who came to her rescue under full view of the entire neighborhood.

      The next morning Dad gave a befuddling explanation about “playing games”, “if she’d “really”wanted help she would have allowed the police to be called”. I think he threw in the uncomfortable term “psycho-sexual” here and there, while predicting even if the women left that boyfriend, or vice versa, she would just replace him with another beater and implied the woman intentionally sought out that type of men, while the boy and Aunt were regular “players” in her theater.


      My mother later took us aside to explain our father had once been that frantic little boy banging on the door …Granny had married and divorced three men who beat her, and had upstaged their wedding sporting sunglasses and a black eye in high drama mode, expecting my father to “take care of it”. I knew my Dad had beaten up a couple of step fathers and intermittent boyfriends, but never knew why before.

      • Merlin

        I’ll tell you something. And that is, despite all the hype about D.V. being an all male issue; I’ve found in my personal dealings that it’s not the case.

        Out of my most serious relationships, when mere words and insults no longer worked… that’s when the women turned nasty. Punching, kicking, and using weapons such as rolling pins.

        In my personal life thus far, I’ve yet to hear of a man I know of beating up a woman. I’ve just not come across it in all my years.

        Strange that!

  • Muk

    I had actually just started truck driving about a month ago, and I definitely see what you’re talking about, but you must understand that there aren’t very many women out there. I’ve been doing it a month and have yet to see a single hole that I’d want to stick my dong into. It’s hard enough finding a woman with all of her teeth. After years of this, Those standards may drop a bit.

  • TigerMan
  • malcolm


    You sure do have a pretty font.

    • Kimski

      I just love when a woman has a pretty font.


      • TigerMan

        yeahh I fink it’s fontastic too 😉

    • Aimee McGee

      Hehehe…you know how to flatter a girl :blush:

    • tallwheel

      Stop objectifying her! And don’t try to help her – that’s benevolent sexism!

      • TigerMan

        We should make a video and put her in a throne with all us guys acting like slaves etc. Why you may ask – well two reasons – first it demonstates we have a sense of humour and two it would be as subversive as fuck. 😉

  • TheSameDog

    Paul, an idea for you or for any creative writer here: fabularize this piece! Think up a plot and make it a story. Better yet, a hard sci-fi one. Make the trucks freight starships (possibly called just “trucks” in-universe), put “truck stops” on dwarf planets, replace vocoders with holocoders. Publish.

  • malcolm

    Oh, and another thing Paul, you’re all wrong, shame on you. It’s Jabba the Hutt, not Jabba the Hut. This crucial error invalidates your whole premise.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Jabba the Hut. Pizza Hut, whichever. :)

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        No Mr Elam, you blew it.

        “Hut” with another “t”. Two letter t’s, not one!

        My goodness, please pay more attention or quite frankly I will ban your arse regardless of your being the owner of AVfM or not.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          Fuk q

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Paul, you have made great strides forwards since that dreadful “dung at the monkey” incident some years back, and true to my promise I will never make any reference to it.

            I forgot what my point was, and I will get back to you when your spelling and temper improve.

            The tests came back from the vet and Bippi the pig has no strain of STD. You are going to be ok.

      • TigerMan


  • Kimski

    Another great example of how some men believes that ‘happiness’ equals a woman in your life, when in reality you might as well jump into a cesspool of misery and slavery, and expect to come out happy and content.

    I agree to a point that not all women are like that, but I’m in no immediate need of playing russian roulette with my life, in order to find out.

    That would be like playing it with only two empty slots left in the gun, considering the divorce stats, and you would never be completely certain as to when she might decide to fill them up..

  • Andy V.

    Paul mate, let me explain something at you here on that net shit thing.

    All them blokes in trucks that use that sheila-voice-technologicalation CB radio thing are drongos. Drongos, see, they’re the only bird that flies away from the equator when its winter. I mean how dumb is that for a laugh?

    They’re nuts. They’re using the power of the sheila voice to get shit done mate and that’s wrong and I don’t like it aye!

    They’re pretending to be a sheila looking for a root and that’s what these lonely blokes are looking for, a root in the hay. That’s right mate, a bonk.

    You tell them to knock it off mate as it’s bloody wrong. I don’t like that shit mate.

    I once had this bloke tell me I could root his wife if I ploughed his field (in my Chinese WeiFang special tailor made import with the optional aerial extraction topsoil cups) and I told him to bugger off.

    See, it’s like we blokes are selling out for the sheilas, just because they’re sheilas, once again. I say we draw that MRA line in the sand and say, “Sorry mate. Ill help you but you gotta knock-off that sheila-voice-technologicalation CB radio thing.

    Hate phonies mate. Bloody hate ’em and this white knight shit on top of all that is no good aye!

    Take care and shit.


    • the Tired Low Social

      an irritated italian soccer player couldn’t looked like a stereotype than you. to me anyways, not sure about anyone else

  • knightrunner

    I didn’t know there was this many truck drivers here. This is great!
    ” There is something about driving loads that exceed 100 feet in length, that weigh more than 100,000 pounds through mountain switchbacks and down miles of winding 10% grades that will make you get in touch with your inner masculine, whether you want to or not.”

    Until something goes wrong or you make a mistake. Then you scream like a twelve year old Girl with pigtails.
    Then after its over you curl up in the fetal position sucking your thumb while a single tear rolls down your cheek. Kind of like a recent graduate of gender studies after they find this website.
    Both of my grandfathers were truck drivers. My dad was an owner operator. I am an owner operator. I married the daughter of a truck driver.
    There are two types of trucking. Over the road and local. I see more women in the local side than over the road.
    The trucking industry and the trucks themselves are changing. Computer logs and computer tracking forces drivers to run legal. The days of being expected to take a handful of road dope and drive for three days on no sleep are over. Trucks themselves are more user friendly. Air condition and power steering became standard in the 70s. Air ride suspension, cabs and seats became standard in the 80s. Anti lock brakes mandated in the late 90s. Auto-shift/auto-clutch transmission are becoming popular now. Which means that the level of skill and endurance necessary to do the job has dropped.
    Guys like me who are owner operators are all but gone. Were truck drivers, mechanics and business men all in one. My truck doesn’t have a computer tracking and I use paper log book. My truck has a 13 speed transmission that isn’t automated. I have a atlas not a gps.
    With the changes to the industry came women. I have been driving for about 12 yrs. I have never seen a woman heavy haul, flat bed or tanker. Not saying that they don’t exist. I just have never seen one. I’ve seen maybe two women pulling refers (refrigerated trailers). Most women drivers pull dry vans.

    I keep my CB turned off most of the time. Like Paul said when ever a female voice comes over the radio guys will climb over each other to talk to her. And the women love it. They will tease and flirt and get down and dirty then just disappear. I don’t play their games.
    Most people that become truck drivers don’t hang around too long. Statistically truck driving is more stressful than brain surgery. The average life span is years less. Most people have there first near death experience and quit. Or they watch cops pull a guy out of his sleeper after he has been dead for two or three days in the Arizona heat and say screw this. Or like my dad have wreck where the cab literally disintegrated around him to the point where the only thing left was the dash, the seat and the driver side door. After nearly 30 yrs he said “ok that’s it I’ve had enough.”
    From what I have seen women don’t hang around long at all. It takes a special kind of person to do this job. Most people don’t have what it takes. Very few women have what it takes. Its just a fact.

    I take my wife with me some times. One night after midnight on a.deserted.stretch of I 20 in west Texas I asked her if she wanted to sit in my lap and just steer. I told her I would take care of the rest. She agreed. She had been driving cars for more than 10 yrs but she couldn’t hold the truck in the lane on a straight stretch of road. The similarities between steering a car and a truck end with the fact that they both have a steering wheel.

    I know I have rambled on here. But this is the first article where I felt like I have a unique perspective to offer.

    • echofoxtrot

      I had my near-death experience (actually it was the other driver’s near-death experience, and my own near-incarceration experience) when I drove for Swift. I was driving on the freeway in central Oklahoma City, when it suddenly dawns on me that the car in front of me is getting bigger. Long story short, I braked from 55 mph to 40 mph (that’s how slow the idiot ahead of me was going) as quickly as possible. I ended up maybe a foot from his back bumper before matching that speed. Not a fun experience.

      • knightrunner

        Yep. Took you a couple of hours to talk.your asshole in to letting go of the seat cover didn’t it. People who have never been around trucks don’t realise the kind of forces they are dealing with when it comes to trucks.

        • James

          I try to stay out of the way of trucks on the road as much as possible, and never, ever change into their lane in front of them unless I’m a looooong way ahead.

          Between east Victoria where I grew up and Melbourne, there’s a lot of trucks carrying logs from the timber mills. I see those go by and I have nightmares about a crash making all those logs tumble off and crush a tinfoil hatchback or sedan like my old Ford Falcon.

  • keyster

    Just spent an hour typing out a long articulate diatribe on the men and women of trucking, only to lose it to the internet God of WordPress.

    I WAS logged in!

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Fuck, I hate it when that happens.

    • echofoxtrot

      I like to type in wordpad first, save it on the hard drive, then paste it into wordpress, or anywhere else.

    • dhanu

      If you use Firefox, install the add-on Lazarus Form Recovery: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/lazarus-form-recovery/

  • echofoxtrot

    Henry Makow (savethemales.ca) nailed it when he said that men seek a “home” in women. Given that most over-the-road drivers are virtually or literally homelss, that may well explain the depth of male truck drivers’ fawning over female truck drivers

  • http://danipettas.com Dani Pettas

    Awesome piece.

  • Honestjon

    As a shade tree mechanic, I sometimes follow the craigslist auto forum. A similar dynamic occurs there as posters with feminine sounding id’s get WAY more replies to pleas for auto help than those of males. Many of the female posters resort to the “I’m a poor helpless woman that needs help with my car” routine which brings about many rapid offers from galant white knights. It’s disgusting to say the least.

  • Otter

    I was driving home on my last day of school about 5 years ago and a Mack truck ran over the hood of my car.

    Wasn’t even mad.