Bigot in a bra

Peter Lloyd responds to  Esther Walker’s toxic and chauvinistic admission that she doesn’t want to give birth to a little boy.

Esther Walker – wife of celebrity food critic Giles Coren – wrote a lacerating opinion piece about her casual sexism towards men and boys.

The article, which no doubt delighted the likes of Harriet Harman and Suzanne Moore, garnered more than 1,400 reader comments and sparked global offence (from both genders) after it poured vitriol on her unborn child for possibly being male.

‘I can only deal with one man in my life…?and sometimes that’s one too many,’ she spewed, probably over some middle class macaroons or an elderflower torte.

‘I know very little about boys, but what I have seen I really haven’t liked. Boys are gross; they attack their siblings with sticks, are obsessed with toilets, casually murder local wildlife and turn into disgusting teenage boys and then boring, selfish men.’

She then said she would ‘die’ if her baby was born male, claimed that she was ‘deeply, deeply suspicious of little boys,’ before describing them as the ‘dreaded gender’.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a bigot in a bra. And, in my opinion, she’s a disgrace.

Esther Walker

As a men’s issues writer, and an activist for greater compassion around male-specific problems – including father’s rights, the 90 per cent of homeless people who are men and our soaring suicide rates – this baby bias is no different.

In fact, it might be worse – because here we’ve reached a new low in the socially acceptable hatred of men and defenceless boys.

Yes, perhaps Mrs Giles Coren thought she was being a cutesy version of Caitlin Moran or a maternal manifestation of the fictional Carrie Bradshaw – after all, many people believe women can’t ever be sexist. But, whatever her motivation, she’s wrong.

Her opinions are a towering, crass example of misandry (the male equivalent of misogyny) which is so embedded in our societies, schools, music charts, television programmes and newspapers that it frequently goes unnoticed.

Often by the people voicing it.

Here we have a relatively intelligent woman, with a loving husband and daughter, who thinks nothing about publicly outing herself as a female chauvinist. What was she thinking? I can only assume she is sleepwalking through the issue of female-on-male sexism.

Besides, wasn’t it a man who got her pregnant in the first place? And what’s going to happen when her son grows up and Googles his mum?

As someone who isn’t sexist (I worked on a feminist magazine for three years) and have a father who is the best man I know, I find her comments particularly cringeworthy.

Not least because I have a remarkable nephew who, like his big sister and their female cousin, is a delight – a person I’m infinitely proud of. Someone I will defend to the hilt against toxic opinions like these.

Like all the boys I know, my nephew is a loving, caring, intelligent, funny and innocent person. But wider society will rarely tell him this. In fact, outside his family circle, he will be told he’s clumsy, bashful, emotionally stunted and brutish.

As he gets older he’ll be told he’s developing much slower than girls; a low achiever in the making.

Unfortunately, this is only the basics. The entire system is at risk of letting him down: schools across the western world are failing boys because curriculums are so heavily feminised, women are earning more money than men per hour and also living longer.

Most university graduates are women, they benefit from better NHS funding and frequently enjoy legal leniency over the same crimes. Still not convinced?

One in six victims of domestic violence are male – but are ignored – and many male victims of female-on-male sexual assault are laughed at.

Society is happy to trash males or see them fail because, in an eagerness to ‘get’ feminism – even the radicalised, extremist strands – male success is now misconstrued as gender advantage, not hard work or a human right to thrive.

Because of this, boys lagging at life is regarded as progress, which – ironically – undermines everything equity feminism stands for. What a mess.

These tragic facts, combined with the sweeping, irresponsible statements of Esther Walker, are the grassroots to sealing a boy’s social fate before he’s even born. After all, they’re made of slugs, snails and puppy-dogs’ tails – right?

I, for one, won’t take it lying down. I’m about to launch a legal battle with my gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre, because it bans all males – including young boys and pensioners – for several hours every week to make it a ‘safe’ area.

The fact that women are not in danger for the rest of the time is an aside; it’s a sexism which reinforces that myth that men are born in a dormant state of ‘wrongness’ and must be controlled. We’re not.

Naturally, I hope I win – not just for the brotherhood, but because it will increase the likelihood of me sharing my opinions with Esther and her husband face-to-face.

No, we don’t know each other, but we do live a few streets away from each other in North London. Perhaps, after an impromptu chat on the treadmills, she would exercise her brain as well as her body.

Then, in 25 years time, when their son leaves home with an intelligent, balanced wife, Esther will have every reason to be very, very proud of her son – not least because he was smart enough to choose a woman who’s nothing like her.

Now that’s a clever boy.

This article originally appeared in Mail Online, and was reposted here with permission from Mr. Lloyd.

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  • Lucian Vâlsan

    It is good to see someone in the mainstream media standing up and calling bigots out on their bullshit.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      The corporate-gov’t collectivist controlled mainstream media is beginning to — on rare occasions — get contaminated by facts, integrity, honesty, rationality, decency, courage and even actual real journalism. This trend will continue, despite fierce resistance to conformist coward jellyfish fake journalists and their thought police bosses.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Well, this is yet another occasion for me to trot out the 1940 Mary Orban case. This mother, like the poisonous Esther Walker, thought little boys were bad news, too – and she took action. But back in those unenlightened days, this misandric mom was called “insane.” We are so much more “progressed” now, however.

    This case comes from “What is Misandric Fixation?”

    The newest addition (as of a few days ago) to this category an the ultra-classic case of Josephine Tzany, who had a really, really bad case of misandric fixation. Do not miss this one:

    Josephine Tzany, Hungarian Misandric Predator & Serial Killer – 1926

    • Jay

      Mr St. Estephe you are a legend, and thanks for your blog, it is very interesting, and I am learning new things all the time.

  • keyster

    I have friends who have a little boy that is an absolute terror. He fusses constantly and screams when he doesn’t get his way – which is never.

    The boy gets zero discipline. He doesn’t understand “no”. Sometimes when I’m with them I’ll shout out “Oh my God Aiden is upset about something, everybody STOP what you’re doing and help him!” Everyone laughs because they know how ridiculous mothers mothering gets.

    The mother is horrible, the man-child father is worse. (he’s her “other boy” of course) Quintessential Helicopter Parenting. The boy is so sensitive to the parents concerns over him that he plays them like a fiddle. Mother is almost obsessed with his happiness and contentment; grandmother is no better.

    They’re trying for another and Mother makes it abundantly clear that “it better be a girl, because I couldn’t take having another boy around.” Yet she’s the one who created the little monster. I give the marriage 4 years.

    • Suz

      I dunno. If the “other boy” is a good provider who lacks the brains to recognize what a monster his wife/mommy is, she’ll stick around. At least nominally.

  • Poester99

    You know for every woman that says or writes this publicly, there are a hundred that think it.

    • Suz

      When I was pregnant, I was actually secretly terrified that my child might be a girl. It’s not that I didn’t like girls, but I had NO IDEA how to go about raising a sensible one in this society.

      Plus, I have an aversion to pink plastic.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Yes, the female sociopath, since she is biologically different from the male sociopath, manifests her misanthropic self-centeredness in ways that must be described, identified and understood by the those of us belonging to the non-sociopathic majority. Because of widespread white-knightism and mangina delusionality we have not enough accurate and detailed information on the female sociopath — yet.

  • Mike Buchanan

    An excellent article about a shocking viewpoint. The fact that Esther Walker felt able to air it publicly says a lot about the misandry which is now so common amongst women in the developed world, due to decades of indoctrination by hate-driven feminists.

    I was reminded of a chapter in a bestselling book by a British feminist author and ‘Times’ columnist, Caitlin Moran. It’s in her book ‘How To Be A Woman’, and I dipped into the book the other day in a bookstore. The short passage I read before putting the book back on the shelf in disgust reveals that due to not having taken precautions on one occasion whilst with her husband and children on holiday, she later found herself 11 weeks pregnant, and arranged an abortion. The decision to arrange an abortion was seemingly taken with no more regret than if she’d arranged to have a mole removed (my interpretation and words, not hers). Never mind not being ‘motherly’, she came across as utterly devoid of human sensibility. A monster, in short. The couple have two daughters, and in the book she included the detail that the foetus was male. Well, that’s all right then. It wasn’t like it was human.

    What if a man exercised the ‘choice’ to make the same decision on behalf of his partner, and had the foetus ‘terminated’? He’d be imprisoned for a very long time. Society has gone mad. Truly mad.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not religious. To me, this is a simple matter of human respect for life, and the reasonable expectation that adult women take personal responsibility for their actions and inactions. I’ve never before commented publicly on this subject, and I may one day regret having done so now. So be it. More people need to stand up and say what they think.

    I look forward to trying to make the world a more compassionate place in 2013 and beyond, and next Saturday we’ll be making an announcement (on our blog, URL below) about how we plan to pursue that agenda. The matter will be exclusively revealed in the ‘Daily Mail’ by Quentin Letts, a leading Daily Mail columnist, and a colleague of the author of the article above.

    I wish the AVfM staff, contributors, and site visitors, a happy and prosperous 2013. In our pursuit of happiness, let’s all kick lots of feminist arses. Sorry, asses.

    Mike Buchanan

    • Jay

      Hi Mike,

      I think like on some issues there are differences in opinion. I am very much for individuals to make choices. With abortion there is more than just the individual’s choice at stake. There is the father of the unborn child to consider, and of course there is the unborn child too. So it is a tough one.

      It’s a rather sad story. Here we have a couple with two children of the same sex and the mother was in a position to now have a child of the complementary sex. A beautiful boy that in all probability would have enriched the family life and given the two girls a little brother for life. In effect given them the perfect setup, both a sister and a brother as siblings.

  • http://none universe

    ‘I know very little about boys, but what I have seen I really haven’t liked. Boys are gross; they attack their siblings with sticks, are obsessed with toilets, casually murder local wildlife and turn into disgusting teenage boys and then boring, selfish men.’

    “As a men’s issues writer, and an activist for greater compassion around male-specific problems – including father’s rights, the 90 per cent of homeless people who are men and our soaring suicide rates – this baby bias is no different.”

    – This, the italicized above quote, is perhaps why 90% of the homeless are male/men.
    But, it also wouldn’t be much of a stretch to include the many other orchestrated male negating social and legal disturbances currently practiced. Disturbances that most mras/MIA already know of.
    Walker felt safe enough to verbalize what the world has enabled her to express. Afterall, most of the world has allowed the negativity toward men to flourish and continue on a scale not ever seen before.

  • Iron John

    Peter, good luck on your legal attack against the gym in your neighborhood. Please keep us informed as to how it goes. We have similar places here in the United States with policies just as appalling as the one you plan to do battle with in the United Kingdom. I am hoping you prevail, and that it encourages others to do the same.
    Thank you.

    • Mike Buchanan

      I challenged the top people at my local sports centre over its women-only swimming sessions. After some truly absurd arguments in defence of the matter, some verging on the surreal, they admitted that their government grants were conditional on arranging the sessions.

  • AntZ

    Walker’s article is so filled with ugly hate. That poor boy.

  • thefeministmra

    I see no issue with people expressing their preference toward a particular gender; many families want one or the other depending on the situation. My mother wanting what she called her “lost son” is the reason I exist today. Many families want both to have the balanced experience in life. My immediate family has a history of only producing a single gender in their families (2 boys, 2 girls, 3 girls, etc) and I’m sure they would have enjoyed having the alternative gender amongst their children.

    But the difference between the above and what this woman wrote, is that well adjusted adults would not love their new born child less because it didn’t come out the way they wanted. They won’t treat their newborn as some burden they have to suffer through because they think one is “icky”, “gross” and/or otherwise childish adjectives that you’ll find children throwing around at each other on the playground.

    Sadly, even though the author admits what she is saying is wrong, she doesn’t care enough to correct her bigotry and hatred of male children. And bad mouthing her own husband in the same breath; how does this man tolerate her behavior?

    • Rick Westlake

      Gender is a grammar construct.

      C’mon, now, folks, zygotes have sex. Words have gender.

      What’ll it take to get this straight?

  • Skeptic

    Diagnosis: Another case of PFPD – Paranoid Feminist Personality Disorder.
    Treatment: anti anxiety medication and 6 months weekly intensive MRA group therapy including the mandatory writing of a follow up reparation article denouncing her misandric delusions about boys, supervised contact with male children for two years and completion of a licensed 200 hours study course in male child development, mud pie making, football and collecting bugs.

    Next please.

  • BrPaul4Truth

    I am highly suspicious that most of the aborted children are male. There is probably no evidence for this though as it is most likely not reportable any more.

  • ZenCo.

    This woman is a pig. Plain and simple.

  • TheSameDog

    As someone who isn’t sexist (I worked on a feminist magazine for three years)

    Non-sexist credentials: you are doing it wrong 😉

    • Muk

      I picked up on that too.

      • erwin

        It’s a rhetoric (discourse) to associate the writer with equality in the intended reader’s perception (a wrong perception), and provide a counterweight for his statements in the article so that he appears balanced to the general public i.e.: the demographic of the newspaper he intended to publish this in (one ignorant of feminism and men’s rights).

        Though the story’s content is very interesting to us, the form of the article is not created for an mra audience. Still this bit will ensure the majority of readers tht “lol he aint liek sexist or summin’ durr cuz he wuz femenist”.

        I like everything about this article.

    • schwing

      It’s tailored for the Daily Mail demographic :)


    CPS should take her childern away as she is unfit.

  • Bombay

    This reminds me of when people would tell me about the terrible twos (when my kids were babies) and the dreaded teens as my kids were becoming teenagers. These people bring their own fears upon themselves due to their own actions. This woman will create the boy she fears she will have.

    She should not have any children, boys or girls. Her boys will be abused by her and her girls will grow up to abuse boys. She is one sick mother.

  • donzaloog

    What a pathetic excuse for a woman she is.

  • Never Blue Again

    I know very little about boys, but what I have seen I really haven’t liked. Boys are gross; they attack their siblings with sticks, are obsessed with toilets, casually murder local wildlife and turn into disgusting teenage boys and then boring, selfish men.

    No ! you know nothing about boys (not even a bit) …. Now Shut the Fuck Up.

    And watch how people FUCK your SHIT UP . . . . .

  • Zarathos022

    I honestly had to fight back the urge to spit on my computer monitor when I saw the picture that came with that article.

    Seriously, how the fuck did this smug little bitch not only get married but STAY married with an attitude like she has?

    I saw the comments under the actual article and it appears that a few mothers called her out on her bullshit.

    If there is a hell, Esther Walker, I hope you burn in it, you misandric piece of human squalor.

  • tallwheel

    I don’t much care for the term “bigot in a bra”. It implies that bigots are male by default.

  • fathers4fairness

    This is dated – but I recalled this article when I read this:

    57yo mother says her 2 children are her “biggest disappointments” is essentially the same as Ester Walker – just a few years removed. Only a women would say this.