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Beware The Blue Eyed Butcher: Susan Wright

Woman stabs her husband over 193 times… TV show tries to paint her out to be sympathetic.

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  • napocapo69

    The last woman interviewed in the video “…well I can understand most of this murder, but the extreme brutality and the overkill is a bit hard to take”.
    For the “battered women” out there, listen: 20 years jail time for 193 stabs means 1 year x 9 stabs. Dudes, 20 stabs are enough!
    Why overkilling when you can just kill? Oh my God, people have a strange tendency to exaggerate, sometimes, they never learn!
    And remember, with 20 stabs you get the “expected” results and less than 3 years of jail time.

  • Kimski

    So….Is Susan Wright happy now?

    I mean, did she accomplish anything from this, besides stabbing a person 193 times that she could have chosen to walk out on anytime, in the full knowledge that the state would be there to support her choice?

    Did her son get a better life from being raised by strangers, with both his dad and mom missing through most, if not all of his life?

    Will she be finding a new husband that lives up to her standards in her present location, ’cause she sure as hell won’t when they release her 10 years from now, at age 47?

    Did she accomplish anything at all, besides being written into history as a psycho killer bitch, too fucking stupid to pack a suitcase, grab the kid by the hand, and walk away from it all?

    So, is Susan Wright happy now??

  • Zorro

    When I was a clinical research coordinator at the Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary (Harvard Medical School), I had lunch one day with some EW residents. I palled around with them because most of my study patients were recruited from the EW (Emergency Ward). I had noticed some Mass Dept of Human Services posters around the EW that looked kind of weird.

    If you are a woman being abused by a man, call this number…
    If you are a man being abused by a woman, call this number…
    If you are a man being abused by your gay lover, call this number…

    See that?

    And it was in a huge font, highlighted in red.

    I asked the residents why this was.

    “Okay. A woman comes into the EW with a black eye, I know her boyfriend or husband did it. A guy comes in with a fractured skull because his wife couldn’t take it any more. Easy to spot. A guy comes in with a fat lip and the left side of his face is swollen from being slapped, gay boyfriend was in a bad mood…

    …When a woman comes in with a hot-iron-shaped patch of facial skin with first degree burns, half of her teeth missing because her lesbo live-in had a 7-iron handy, and half of the hair on her head is missing because Veronica took a chef’s knife to it, I know I’m dealing with two ill-matched lesbians.

    A wife can go nuts on her husband, but men usually put a stop to it or just run away. Women completely lose their shit when they get mad (and this is said with a table full of female doctors who are all nodding in agreement!) and they go Full Metal Jacket on whoever they’re angry at. And when that’s a female, she usually is too submissive to fight back or flee. And then you’ve got a case on life support.”

    Make a woman angry, they lose their fucking minds.

    This country put a loaded gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger the day we gave women the vote. Since that day, history has been the slow exanguination of that idiotic decision.

    • Legion

      I can recall two lesbian friends of mine who asked to borrow my bedroom for a “quiet talk” about some relationship problems.

      One resounding crash later, one is trying to snap the other’s arm and six months of work (model aircraft) is shattered into pieces. Needless to say, I am friends with neither any more.

      However, I downvoted you because a) The vote had nothing to do with it, it’s just plain, old, blind gynocentrism, and b), you misspelled “exsanguination”. Also, c) You used “lesbo”. This isn’t 1973, you’re not Gene Hunt, it’s neither big nor clever.

      • Chibiabos

        Do you have some kind of P.C. police web sight were we can learn appropriate lesbian slang.
        I found this but on a carpet munchers website but it still does not sound politically correct.
        Poppa: An underage lesbian.
        Dieseldyke: A super masculine lesbian who tends to drive trucks or other machinery.
        U-haul Lesbian: A girl who tends to move in fairly quickly with those she dates.

        • Legion

          I tend to go for the matter of fact: “Lesbian”. It makes one seem mildly less childish.

          • sanctinmony

            oh shut up, focusing on that sort of minor bullshit, is the true childishness here.

          • scatmaster

            Agreed, sanctinmony.

            We had this discussion a few years ago and I see it has come up again vis a vis DD’s play on “country” in her headline and now “lesbo”. Some peoples delicate sensibilities could not handle it and they left.

            I however am above such things as I watched two football games yesterday. OMG!! Let, the shaming language begin as I understand I am supposed to live, breath, and die as an MRA without taking time to relax. Rolls eyes.

            Edit: For those who do not get it, most of the last paragraph was sarcasm.
            Well a little bit, and yes I know my grammar is atrocious. Deal with it.

            I am such a vapid cunt. Ooops.

      • James Williams

        I shall continue to use ‘Lesbo’ because the 70s is my era. I don’t really care about being ‘old fashioned’, everyone knows what you are talking about when ‘Lesbo’ is used.

    • WontStepUp

      I gave you a positive vote just before I got to last paragraph. Your post fully deserves it up to that point, but I don’t agree with your conclusion that women shouldn’t have gotten the vote. I would have closed by saying that women aren’t the docile little angels that society makes them out to be.

    • Kukla

      “A guy comes in with a fractured skull because his wife couldn’t take it any more.”

      It’s possible, but unlikely from what I’ve seen. For someone (esp. a woman) to fracture your skull, you would a) need to not be looking/aware (unless it’s a lucky hit) and b) they would need a hard/heavy object like a shovel. Which isn’t usually what women go for. They seem to go for more subtle things like knives or even poison. At least from what I’ve seen/heard.

      “Make a woman angry, they lose their fucking minds.”

      True, but they don’t lose their mind in the super aggressive way (not usually at least). Most of the time it’s more subtle anger/passive aggression.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    An article on AVfM discussing Discovery ID and their shows on murderesses:

    A “guilty pleasure”: Ignoring the feminist narrative

  • Redfield

    I can understand most of this murder ……. ????? The commentator probably wishes for an edit on those words …
    This is what I found to be a common theme with most of the stories I see on AVfM is the lack of accountability women find as acceptable with their behaviour, there’s always a reason that they should be excused …. For younger men please believe me this is not how women were (at least not to this extent), it wasn’t until the pandemic hit, that said women good men bad! We see women laughing about violence to men on talk shows, crime shows depicting men as violent misogynistic killers, or emotionally stupid ! I can’t think of a crime show made in the U.S. that doesn’t dish up a women’s worst nightmare about men nightly! And then the male characters on the show are the white nights that are telling the viewer there are still men out there that are good respectful human beings! Well no shit,! Thanks guys!

    Or you have women inciting violence directly towards men, plenty of articles on this blog …. Here’s another example of shallow reflection of women, these shows seem to depict women as either tough smart cops, (no problem there) or fucking pole dancers with men tucking $10 bills in their panties …. My oldest son had this video game that depicted women in this light, it went into the bin ….

    I have seen occassionally violent rapists getting off with a slap, it does happen, everywhere you look now it is the lowest common denominator for humanity …. What ever happened to a semi joyful life in the ‘burbs???

    • Chibiabos

      “The commentator probably wishes for an edit on those words.” I think she sounds bad because some one did edit her. From what I have seen she is not big on giving pussy passes.

  • JinnBottle

    “I can understand most of this murder…” How do you get “mostly murdered”? This psycho-talk is becoming normal interview-speak in the mainstream media. Sharon Osbourne has more prestigious gigs than ever. Professors bedecked with accreditations and encomiums write books that say: “Women Being Able to Kill a Man with Impunity: An idea whose time has come”. You cannot see a radical feminist/murderess apologist film title these days – e.g. “Alexandria’s Project”, “Boys Don’t Cry” – without it being surrounded by lots & lots of scrollily=framed Awards.

    The mainstream media is filled with insane feminist fanatics. Now it’s grooming the public up for the next step in the gendercidal plan that has been a foundation stone in the Radfem agenda from the beginning: Kill a man, get out of jail free.

  • James83

    I know it’s wrong, but I liked the way the actress’ ass jiggled when she first started stabbing him.

    But seriously. My personal views on this whole self defense/battered spouse vs murder stuff is actually pretty simple and boils down to 1 question and 3 answers.

    Was yours or someone else’s life in jeopardy?

    Answer, Yes. Can you prove it? You can…. You’re free to go.
    Answer, Yes. Can you prove it? No… let the trial commence.
    Answer, No. Then it was murder. Death penalty for you. Next case please.

    Sure there are varying degrees of the answers. But ultimately, if your life was not in danger and/or you could freely leave the hazardous situation with little to no effort then if you kill someone, no matter how you swing it, it was murder. Regardless of whether or not you felt they deserved it.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents.

    • Legion

      No death penalty! Given the number of men being exonerated for murders they didn’t commit (and the unwillingness of juries to convict female murderers when they will face the gallows), I say again, no.

      • James83

        Just to be clear. I’m talking about people who use the claim of self defense to justify murdering someone. As in we know they killed them. If they can’t prove that there was any danger to their life or someone else’s then it’s not self defense. It’s murder.

        This doesn’t apply to those who are on trial and the question of whether or not they killed the victim is in doubt.

  • Billybobownway

    I think most women are OK with murdering a husband. The first statement is “he probably deserved it” just like on THE TALK on the penis cutting incident. “Fabulous”.
    The co-workers of my ex came and told me she was going to murder me with poison. Of course the police were not interested. When she stole my car the cop said move to another town. Her next boyfriend got his throat slit but the paramedics saved him.. Another woman told me she was angry because he wanted to visit his children. She lied in court and there was no penalty.
    Are marriage and relationships toxic to men?
    No that’s just false AVFM propaganda.

  • Eon24

    His face when she says she was “afraid he would take the child from her” is hilarious

  • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

    Jesus! She must have held some deep evil hatred to do that! I am so sorry. I forgot, it is not her fault. It never is. She is always the victim you know. And don’t forget in Canada, you may soon be able to do this stabbing while your husband is asleep legally. If Ottawa law Professor Elizabeth Sheehy has her way. No, men and boys are not in crisis. How could they be?

    • http://Yahoo lugger2010

      Hey Attila- As a brother Canadian from Ontario, let me ask you this: Given the lack of active functioning braincells between the ears of the Ontario (TORONTO) electorate, and the impotent, pathetic (and I believe) purposeful ineffectiveness of the Ont. Conservative Party, can you also see a “coalition” Wynne-Horwrath gov’t in the next election?
      Imagine- A full out lesbian Liberal tag-teaming with a Marion Boyd wannabe NDP and both of them in charge of the courts, the police, the law?????
      And of course, both being coddled by the (as Ezra Levant rightfully calls it) the Media Party……..

  • whiic

    Everything I’m gonna say have already been said by someone, but….
    Ok, I’ll start with some critical points first, before I mock the film itself.

    I kinda dislike MadShangi’s input to the video because, first: it’s pretty redundant. Why? Because the source is pretty obviously adhering to hearsay. All those lines would probably have been better replaced by random facepalm image, the source video is just that bad.

    Second, I also disagree on some MadShangi’s opinions such as drawing generalizations about whores. You know, prostitution is generally more honest a profession than say… housewifery. High-class prostitutes at least stay true to their half of the contract, and because of that I wouldn’t draw too many deductions from her past profession, at least if “whore” did mean her professional life rather than generally being a “nagging bitch” or “cackling cunt”. Then I’d agree with him. Cackling cunts will never be happy to live a life of housewife luxury of not having to do anything but still having all the time to do whatever she wants in return.


    Commenting on the video itself, rather than MadShangi’s commentary, I found many things ironic with it:

    – seeking justification for her actions (=murder) from fear of losing her child to husbands custody. If this justification was valid, think about how many JUSTIFIED murders this could bring toward ex-wives since mothers usually get the sole custody?

    – being a Good Christian™, she couldn’t consider a divorce as it is against God’s will. What did Deuteronomy say about whether people shall or shalt not kill? I have a bit of a bad memory.

    – there are several smaller hypocrisies such as does God permit pre-marital sex, prostitution, pole dancing in front of other people than your husband, etc. most of which depend on how you define words such as “adultery”. But the the Fifth Commandment (the point I made before) is by far the most relevant because violation of that was specifically chosen to avoid divorce. (Then again, Catholic priests choose raping boys over premarital but consensual sex because the want to commit their life to God.)

    – saying “if you kill somebody, you become just as bad as the person you killed” is total bullshit on so many aspects: first, it strips people of self-defence (though a premeditated murder cannot be self-defence and as such, not applicable here), and second, it asserts that if you kill someone out of greed, hate or even sexual pleasure, your victim is asserted to the level of total monster that pretty much deserved it.

    In addition to unintentionally comedic moments there is still the bias issue on top of it.

    The bias of that video is so bad that there’s too much of it to critique: assumption of truthfulness of her word (especially regarding husbands behavior), leading the viewer to believe there’s a justification, analyzing the absolute brutality to either sadism or revenge… followed by narrative pause (letting viewers believe it’s the latter)… and the list would just continue on and on.

    Of course the penultimate was the ending: the female specialist states she understands the murder – but not the bloodiness.

    The actresses interview clip is also … I don’t even know how to put it. She states that since the victim and the murderer are the only ones who know the truth, it’s a matter of trust on who to believe (and victim is not there to tell his story, hence no cross-questioning to find if the wife was lying). So, since it’s a matter of trust or not, why not go all the way to trusting the only side capable of telling her version of it. That’s the only way to have a script that isn’t pulled out of the ass of an unrelated individual (but still probably pulled out of the ass of the murderer).

    Luckily, viewers of this film have seem it as what it is:
    Rating: 5.5. Dayum. That’s one hell of a rotten tomato. Do not want.

    That’s even lower than the notoriously bad Killer Klowns From Outer Space. But I could watch the Killer Klowens for camp’s sake since it being bad wouldn’t infuriate be as it doesn’t claim to be based on “true story”.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    This post on Susan Wright inspired me to look into cases of women who have committed murders by stabling, and who stabbed their victims a remarkable number of times. Here are my findings so far. It may be of some use to others.

    Stab Count: Women Who Love to Stab Too Much


    The number at the left represents the number of stabs which the victim(s) were subjected to.

    550 Tonya Vasilev – Apr. 2005 – son, Christian (age 9) stabbed 250+ times; daughter, Grace (age 3) stabbed 250+ times – Chicago, Il.

    193 Wright, Susan – Jan. 13, 2003 – husband, Jeffrey Wright – Houston, Texas

    180+ Rhonda Thompson – Oct. 1996 – Keith Chavez (stabbed 90+ times) , Kevin Carroll (stabbed 35+ times), Donald Mikesh (stabbed 35+ times) – accomplices: Kevin Aalders, Richard Fikejs – Chicago Ridge, Il.

    170 Melinda Gilkey – Sept. 20, 2002 – Boyfriend, Scott Donofrio – Shadyside, Pa.

    150 Janine Rongonui – Jun. 2008 – victim: Pheap Im – Miramar, Wellington, Cambodia

    150 Elzbieta Plackowska – Oct. 30, 2012 – son, Justin (age 7) stabbed 100 times; & daughter Olivia Dworakowski (age 5) stabbed 50 times – Naperville, Ill.

    135 Nicole Beecroft – Apr. 2007 – newborn girl – Oakdale, Minnesota

    117 Pamela Brooks (stabbed self 94 times) – Sep. 12, 2013 – Alexandra Brooks (age 10) stabbed 23 times – West Palm Beach, Florida

    117 S. Buhanu – Aug. 2010. – female employer (stabbed 117 times), employer’s daughter (set both corpses on fire) – Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E

    103 Alicia Famiano – Feb. 24, 2002 – Dale Gannon – Manistee, Michigan

    100+ Christina Stark – Jun. 17, 1997 – son, Joshua Sharlow (age 4) – Massena, N.Y.

    97+ Manling Williams – Aug. 7, 2007 – husband, Neal Williams; also, she smothered sons Devon (age 7), Ian (age 3) – Rowland Heights, California

    90 Unnamed Mother – Xiao Bao (age 8 mo.) – Jul. 2013 – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

    79 Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman (age 18) – Aug. 28, 2013 – mother, Yun-Mi Hoy – Aurora, Colorado

    70< Debra Jenner-Tyler – Apr. 5, 1987 – daughter Abby Lynn Jenner (age 3) – Huron, South Dakota

    62 Carol Lynn Papas – Oct. 29, 2008 – granddaughter (age 21 mo.) – Aurora, Colorado

    61 Tanya Doyle – Sep. 4, 2009 – husband, Paul Byrne – Gleann Trasna, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

    60 Carol Craig – Mar. 7, 2011 – mother, Frances Craig – Medwyn, Scotland

    58 Cybil Swank – Jun.? 1991 – Beth Hankison – Greensburg, Pennsylvania

    56 Karla Biddle – May 14?, 2008 – love rival, Emma Bradshaw – Yardley Wood, Birmingham, England

    50+ Melissa Anne Wepa – Nov. 1997 – Caroline Gardiner – Otaki, N.Z.

    48 Julie Smith – Jan. 27, 2004 – mother, Barbara Smith– Melbourne, Australia

    43 Nakisha Waddell (age 14) – Jun. 16, 2005– mother, Vaughne Thomas (and set her corpse on fire) – accomplice Anastasia Belcher (age 16) – Wytheville, Virginia

    42 Tracie Andrews – Dec. 1996 – fiancé, Lee Harvey – The Becks, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, England

    41 Graciela Guerra – May 13, 2008 – d-in-law, Brenda Guerra – Alamogordo, New Mexico

    40+ Mindy Sanghera – May 10, 2007 – love rival, Sana Ali (pregnant) – Bury, Greater Manchester, England

    40+ Lindsey Fahy – Mar. 14, 2008 – Mark Smyth – Blanchardstown, Ireland

    40+ Tammy Lynn George – Jan. 1, 2006 – roommate, Mimi M. Pace – Bradenton, Florida

    40 Lauren Donahue – Feb. 5, 2008 – mother, Rose Weiss – Simi Valley, Ca.

    39 Rekha Kumari-Baker – June 13, 2007 – daughter, Davina Baker (age 16), daughter, Jasmine Baker (age 13) – Stretham, England

    38 Mrs. Ashley Suzanne Rompff Schutt – Jul. 25, 2009 – husband, Gregg Schutt – Lawrenceville, Ga.

    37 Katherine Knight – Feb. 29, 2000 – boyfriend, John Price (dismembered and cooked) – Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia

    34 Joann Sleich-Brodeur – 2004 – July 28, 2004 – husband, John Sleich – West Springfield, Mass.

    34 Deborah Taylor – Jan. 1, 2001 – Peter England – accomplice, Lee Whiteley – Heaviley, England

    33 Paula Cooper – May 14, 1985 – Ruth Pelke – Gary, Indiana

    32 Gwenda Leigh Sloane – Nov. 7, 2014 – lesbian mate, Michelle Hoffman-Tamm –– Rotorua, N.Z.

    32 Sharon Carr (age 12) – Jun. 7, 1992 – Katie Ratcliff – Camberley, Surrey, England

    32 Rebecca Field – Oct. 23, 2009 – neighbor, Paul Johnson – Dudley, England

    31 Hong Hui – Oct? 2013 – fiancé – Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

    30 Amerya Rahmeto Shefa – Dec. 1, 2013 – husband, Habibi Gessese Tesema – Richfield, Minnesota

    29 Jodi Arias – June 4, 2008 – ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander (and shot) – Mesa, Arizona

    26 Sharlean Lewis-Bogan – Jan. 1, 1997 – husband, Carl Bogan – Carpentersville, Il.

    26 Melanie Stevenson – March 30, 2011 – former partner, Robert Brereton – Forfar, Scotland

    21 Michelle Burks (age 15) – June 29, 1988 – Neva Vasil – North Portland, Oregon

    20 Nancy Seaman – May 10, 2004 – husband, Robert Seaman – Detroit, Mi.

  • Karlo

    First, I’d like to say we were warned of women like this a few thousand years ago and at the same time I am not trying to bring religion into this topic, after reading the e-book: “Book of Zed the Zen Priest” he gives permission to use anything he has quoted in the book to be passed on for information regarding “Mens Rights”

    First even though it was written a decade ago I recommend reading it and I find this biblical verse he used very interesting .. .. ..
    But Jael, Heber’s wife, picked up a tent peg and a hammer and went quietly to him while he lay fast asleep, exhausted. She drove the peg through his temple into the ground, and he died.
    Judges 4:21

    *** Read all of Judges 4 to get the full story *** either way I hope you see my point.

  • malcolm

    “She’s not making love,
    she’s taking control.
    Candlewax was dripped on Jeffrey’s scrotum.”

    That’s taking control?

  • daveisme

    I love the she wanted a divorce but she was a good christian woman and thought that was wrong I am no religious scholar but pretty sure there are a few lines about murder being wrong as well.

  • miketaurus

    Women have choices and leaving is one, there is help for those wishing to do so. However, as he is dead can any of the physical abuse from him be proved. If she said it then it must be true that is the societal thinking. Wisdom tells us “Who knows what goes on behind closed doors”.

    The One Good Man March 16, 2011 By Typhonblue (Alison Tieman) is an attempt to uncover conditioning and programmed beliefs to sympathise by men.

    Men know what they would get if the shoe was on the other foot, sympathy would not be one of them.

    She is clearly Mentally ill, if I have any sympathy it will be for his son, who will likely have a lifetime of mistrust of women.

    • Karlo

      QUOTE: The son >>> “who will likely have a lifetime of mistrust of women.”

      WOW …. No kidding !

  • Bobby-Christina-Crawford

    As a gay man I firmly support equal rights for all men and women. That includes equality in sentencing. There is no doubt that had Jeff murdered Susan under the same set of circumstances he would be looking at a date with a lethal injection. But Susan being a woman (who is also coincidently a mega Christian now) and can sniffle while talking about praying she is given a very light sentence and wants an ever lighter one.
    I don’t think she was abused. Listen carefully to the words of her family carefully. They are giving very vague quotes that didn’t necessarily mention abuse. Yet let us assume he did. Then what would his punishment be. A slow torturer slowly bleeding to death and having the last glimpse of your son as it is happening. This woman is a vile disgusting bitch and the sooner women stop supporting murderers who happen to have a vagina, maybe another level of equality can be reached.