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The psychology of hate

Years back, in another life, I presented at seminars and conferences that provided continuing education units for professional re-certification. In one particular module, I used a portable grease board in a room in front of my waiting audience. Without introducing myself or saying anything else, I used a grease pen to write the words “Men are…” at the top of the board, and then silently invited the audience to finish the sentence.

Almost invariably, “pigs” or “dogs” was the first offering, accompanied by a room full of good-natured chuckles. I would nod my head and write it down on the board and return to the audience, still silent, for more.

“Controlling,” says one. “Afraid of commitment,” says another. “Aggressive.” “Macho“ “Afraid of intimacy.” “Violent.” “Sexist,” and “Power hungry.” More of the pejoratives, and almost only pejoratives, would come from the audience till the board was full.

I then flipped the board to the other side. “Women are…” was the cue, and the answers were even more rapid fire than they were with men. “Strong.” “Capable” “Empowered” “Sensitive.” “Nurturing,” and the like would fly from the audience to the grease board like a barrage of arrows, till that side too was full.

“What do you imagine,” I would ask, taking a strategic pause for a sip of water, “that these answers tell us about the real nature of sexism in the way we view men and women?”

Asking them a question with actual spoken words must of thrown them for a loop, because the stock response to that question was almost invariably a room full of nonplussed, cognitively dissonant faces. And that confusion usually gave way to irritation, clearly at me, though every answer on both sides of that board had come from them. And by the way, the participants in the crowd? They weren’t accountants or nurses or teachers or financial advisors.

They were mental health professionals.

They were counselors, psychotherapists, social workers and the like; the very people we love to imagine possess the objectivity to rise above the mindset of bigotry and sexism. And the people, despite our want of faith in their work, least likely to actually do it.

NorwoodI wanted a little more pressure so I asked more questions. “How could this affect our therapeutic alliance with clients?- Could it make our relationships with females enabling?- Punitive with men?” And always, the final question I asked was “Do we carry sexism, against men, unconscious or conscious, into our work with each and every client?” With that question the anger usually intensified.

In one talk, a female participant, a social worker, jumped out of her chair and threw her papers everywhere. “You’re the sexist!” she hissed at me, and stormed out of the room. She later wrote letters of complaint both about my topic and the fact I would not sign off on her attendance.

Welcome to the wacky world of mental health.

It is a telling study in the psychology of hate. Indeed, as we peel back the layers of fantasy from the profession, we are forced into a most disturbing conclusion. Psychology is hate. At least as it is practiced in western culture.

It’s most evident in the junk psychology market. Since the mid-eighties, get-rich-quick psychology gurus have often made their way to bestseller lists. Books like Robin Norwood’s Women Who Love Too Much, Susan Forward’s, Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and others have been runaway hits, all predicated on rigid stereotypes of men who hate and women who love; all just more additions to the already crowded grease board.

Some time ago Karen Salmansohn appeared in a Fox News segment on women executives. She was given a nice plug for her new book, Bounce Back. They could have, and probably should have in the interest of balance, given her credit for her previous publication, How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers. I don’t make this stuff up. Unfortunately, I don’t have to.

forwardCurrently, male bashing monarch Phil McGraw reigns in the ratings, and it won’t be long before another emerges, fighting to be top dog in dogging men. All you need is a warped worldview and a nod from Oprah. And these are just the media hucksters. At least we can say that the men and women who embrace their misandry-for-profit schemes are just another dumbed-down group in a dumbed-down media culture.

The more culpable and dangerous are the ones with the air of legitimacy. These folks don’t write, or don’t just write. They teach, do research, and most dreadfully, hang out their shingles and help infect the world, one gullible client at a time.

The world of psychology in academics and practice has become a weapon in the realm of gender politics. Almost all pretense to objectivity and academic integrity has been forced aside by ideologues with an ax to grind against men and who are using the loathsome disguise of helping professionals to further their agenda. If you think that is extreme, read on. is purportedly an information and referral resource for people seeking mental health services. What it is in reality is a portal, a conduit that induces women into the mentality that it is the vile scourge of manhood at the root of their problems. And they offer feminism as the solution before the first session is booked.

Some tidbits from their site include some detailed hype about the fundamentals of feminism and some reassurances that not all feminists are lesbians. I suppose they figure heterosexual women need such basics. And it’s good pre-sell to overcome objections before they are raised. Ask any used car salesman.

They even have a nifty section promoting a new masculinity. These people have the key to re-engineering men for the better, with the implication, of course, that the way men are now is defective and in need of an overhaul.

Part of that overhaul is a gag. This is just one of the standouts, as it appears word for word on the site.

Openness– To others (especially to women) criticism of our behaviors and attitudes, listen, listen some more, and only speak if the critic wants feedback.

This isn’t even speak when spoken to. It is shut up and take it. Speak with permission only, from whichever woman is attacking you at the moment. Ah, the finer aspects of mental health.

They have much more there. Enough bogus stats on domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse for a N.O.W. convention, and staunch defenses of feminism tied in directly with the counseling message. Their ultimate point is clearly that sound mental health for women depends on embracing feminism, and with it the hatred for men. Sound advice for those seeking love and intimacy if I ever saw it.

At this point, the grease board is showing more grease than board.

I wish I could say that this was the bottom of the pit; that the infection stopped there, but we are still dealing more with the symptoms than the actual disease.

Enter the American Psychological Association, and it’s Division 51 group The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity. (SPSMM)

Here are two of the bullet points from their Mission Statement:

  • Endeavors to erode constraining definitions of masculinity which have historically inhibited men’s development, their capacity to form meaningful relationships, and have contributed to the oppression of other people.
  • Acknowledges its historical debt to feminist-inspired scholarship, and commits itself to support groups such as women, gays, lesbians and people of color that have been uniquely oppressed by the gender/class/race system.

Aye, there‘s the rub, and with it goes the last remaining bit of room on the grease board. Men are defective, pernicious banes to civilized society, incapable even of healthy love and connection. Feminism, of course, the ideology that so maligns them, is the answer.

Even our most revered experts in human nature are saying as much.

And this is how it worked in the old Soviet Union. It is wise to consider that in the Solzhenitsyn era of gulags and iron fisted reaction to political dissent, that most of the dissidents were imprisoned in “mental health facilities,” the logic being that if you disagreed with the state, there must be something wrong with your mind.

KarenIt was also a strategy of, and yes, I will say it without reservation, the Hitler regime, to poison the minds of the populace with disinformation about Jews, prepping the people to look the other way while they were dispatched in the name of a master race.

The plans for men may be less extreme and of longer duration, but it is happening nonetheless. Men are being marginalized year after year. Their numbers in college graduating classes are waning. 42% at last count. They have lost over 80% of the jobs in the current recession. They are dying by suicide and all other manners of death at rates that make women’s lives look like vacations in Fiji.

It’s hell having all this power. It is a wonder how we find time to oppress the world with it, much less twirl our moustaches and snicker while we do it.

But the anti-male hate machine keeps grinding away. SPSSM and others would no doubt classify the men’s movement as a mass shared psychosis, and men’s human rights activists individually as detrimental to society. In fact, it is already happening.

I used to remember that social worker who threw the tantrum in my class with a smile. It was a funny image. But that was some years ago. At the time, I knew the sexism was there, but it was not entrenched as deeply as it is today. And I naively thought it would go away.

I am not smiling about it any more.

  • Steve Brulé

    Very enlightening … and depressing.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Why depressing? Undertanding the mindset of those who harbor deep misandry and understanding how misandry is instutionalized allows us the address the problem properly. The misandry issue we face is not centered on individual nutters but on the large and long-standing growth of theory-based misandry in professional educational and professional institutions.

      • Porquemada

        I’d have to admit that this depressed me a little too.


        Because this means that this devilishness is even bigger, more evil, more entrenched, more cunning, and at much higher levels than previously demonstrable to someone like me.

        As an old country doctor once said:

        “I’ve found that evil usually triumphs… unless good is very, very careful.”

        When we reach the point where being careful is no longer enough, then what? Run? Hide? Blech.

        Thank you, Paul. Another informative article.

  • Tom Golden

    Well said Paul. Very well said. I can affirm what you have written by my own experience with mental health professionals and my time on the mailing list for DIV 51. I was unceremoniously ejected from that group due to my being “Hostile” and “not answering questions.” The truth was that they were unable to deal with my repeated focus on men and boys facing hardship and discrimination. The only way they could get rid of me was to claim I was hostile. LOL Hell, the MHRA before me that was kicked out was ejected due to, wait for it, bringing up male victims of domestic violence too many times. In the spirit of Dave Barry, I am not making this up. That is literally what they said. These people truly believe that men/masculinity are the problem and simply need to “catch up” with women’s psychological development and the world would be a better place.

    It is truly beyond belief that people who are supposed to be psychological professionals could think in such a bigoted manner and not be aware of their bigotry. Go figure.

    • Ty Henry

      WOW! Hey Tom, did these folks have the temerity to put their concerns about your “hostility” in writing, or did they simply say or imply it, like cowards? It would be interesting to see what they wrote to you.

      • Tom Golden

        Hi Ty – It was all done via email since it was a mailing list and yes, I have every message I wrote to the list. I have wondered about putting those up on the internet and having a random search of the messages. Make it a game to find the hostility! LOL

        They got upset with me when I told a story on the list about Stalin and related it to the way the list was administered. It was pretty funny but they didn’t think so. Was it an accurate comparison? OMG yes, it was dead on and that of course made it even funnier. They knew it and hated me for it. And so it goes. I may write up that experience up and see if Paul will publish it. I learned a huge amount from being a part of that list.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    This is my very favorite AVfM production so far. I have long hoped this audio (Youtube video) presentation would one day be presented in text form. Here it is.

    Gender ideologues who hate too much have, for half a century, poisoned the minds of millions of others, resulting in an epidemic of delusional misandry.

    Recommended for every incoming college class for orientation session. Every student must read or hear this — no exceptions.

    • MotorMan

      Hear, hear, Robert!

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    This piece is an absolute classic, and one of my favourites. It shows poignantly how feminist dogma has destroyed the otherwise enormous potential of organisations to do good.

  • OldGeezer

    “Psychology is hate. At least as it is practiced in western culture.”

    Which leads to the inevitable question: Is it psychology that is hateful, or the predominant cultural influences within which it is practiced? In other words, can the scope of that hatred, and perhaps more importantly its origins, properly be attributed to any one particular profession or group of professions? Or are its professional manifestations mere reflections of much wider and more profound cultural influences delivered via multiple channels in education, media, and even governance itself?

    The trust that we are asked to place in the “objectivity” of psychology and related sociological fields may make its betrayal especially pernicious. But I’m not sure that it’s really any more central to the underlying hatred than the many other avenues through which that misandry passes into common perceptions and their popular expression in western society.

    As somebody else, I think it might have been Paul Elam, said a while back, feminism IS the establishment.

    • Steve Brulé

      Sometimes I think psychology and psychiatry merely fall in line, and support the politics of the day. Since it is politically correct to blame men, and use men as scapegoats for all the ills of society, psychology and psychiatry are just following the easy road, and “legitimizing” the mob-mentality of the day.

      • OldGeezer

        I think you’re quite right. In fact, the acceptance of “political correctness” and just plain “going along to get along” appears to be an all-pervasive qualification for advancement in many professions these days. But perhaps it was always thus and only the “correct” responses themselves have been altered to suit current agendas.

        • MotorMan

          And, remember, the DSM is not a scientific document.

          The APA votes in and votes out disorders during conventions to update the DSM, and often, it seems they cave to political pressure and social influences in those decisions. Not only to they cave to the truly powerful political forced, but they appear to cave in to what’s “cool” at the moment.

    • redKevin47

      It is both. Professional psychology is both the effect and the cause of this systematic dehumanization of boys and men. The field is part of a much larger sociological process called the cultural apparatus of capitalism. Capitalism is as system of accumulation through exploitation and imperialism. Let me give you an example of how professional psychology is really an arm of the state (the capitalist state which exists to enforce exploitation).

      American Psychological Association’s division 51’s mission includes (as noted above):
      “Endeavors to erode constraining definitions of masculinity which have historically inhibited men’s development, their capacity to form meaningful relationships, and have contributed to the oppression of other people.”

      Meaningful relationships men have historically had include, primarily, working together to build infrastructure. That the APA can overlook this obvious fact, and then construe the manufactured prejudice as “oppression of other people” presents and undeniable equation of theft from men. The APA exists to justify stealing from the producers. Its particular role is to provide ideological cover for the systematic exploitation of the working class. It has particular divisions dedicated to justifying such against working class women too.

      The broad picture is that division 51 purports to study masculinity, but is really out to destroy it. The division expresses interest in “men’s development.” But in fact, the APA has no credibility to make such claims. Its own propaganda crumbles under basic scrutity, but also falls into the ditch of history given that organization’s active participation in torture, in service to the US’s ‘global war on terror.’

      The APA provided front line defense of members who violated ethical guidelines when they designed and oversaw torture methods against captives. Several very good articles about this history have been written by Andy Worthington and published on the website CounterPunch. The president of the APA is implicated. Dissident psychologists in the organization are struggling to force it to comply with its own guidelines.

      It isn’t only psychology to which the article’s criticism applies. Social work and education also have the same essential task: to blame the victims. Essentially these fields are key components of the ideology industry and they are largely state-funded. An example is the disease concept of alcoholism. The state funds and enforces a religious, pseudo-scientific enforcement apparatus to ensure that individualist myths prevail to blame individuals for ‘alcoholism.’

      This topic is big enough for its own article. But for the moment, it must be emphasized that 12 stepism is a product of the same state-sanctioned industry of enslavement of boys and men. It could not be any other way. This isn’t to say that it is right, but rather to point out that the needs of the accumulation system are such that all component parts must work together in order to reproduce the basic structure of exploitation.

      Some illustrations by antithesis: Let us suppose (herewith necessarily an act of fantasy) that there were agencies and institutions that actually helped people.

      * Treatment services for men with histories of over drinking that provide employment and healthcare, and train the men in labor skills and general education, if necessary. Such treatment would include, where appropriate, controlled drinking (i.e. mechanisms of self discipline) which are well documented in controlled research.

      * Psychological treatments for men and boys based on creating useful things together. Cooperation through the process of creation and production of socially useful things such as housing and machinery.

      * Educational access, free of charge, to the history of collective bargaining and the skills necessary to bargain a fair labor contract. Such courses would include how to be shop steward who protects your members from arbitrary discipline and firing.

      *Publicly funded courses for young men to understand the risks they face given their subordinate reproductive rights. Information is power. Young men who know that they can be used and tricked into parenthood are young men who will resist the traps that society has set for them.

      * Free courses and material support for single fathers. Training in humanistic behavior methods with children with an emphasis on corporal punishment as being harmful and unnecessary.

      * Free university tuition for men in order to approach enrollment parity with women.

      The list could go on. Each and every program is clearly NOT FEASIBLE, indisputably indicating that contemporary feminism is a handmaiden for the capitalist class. Men’s rights and boy’s rights are working class issues and the the state is lined up against us in the form of psychology, social work, and education.

      • Fredrik

        I would be interested in reading more. Looks like more than one article’s worth of material in there to me.

      • OldGeezer

        “It is both. Professional psychology is both the effect and the cause …”

        It can be so viewed within its own intermediary capacity, no doubt. But I’m inclined to the view that it is more intrumental than causative when considered from any broader perspective. Likewise the media and many other channels for the propagation of social engineering agendas.

        As for capitalism, it really isn’t such a bad economic theory. Some of its underlying precepts and many of its recently “unfettered” perversions, however, make it a rather poor substitute for good “of, by and for the people” governance.

  • Aimee McGee

    Paul, I will match everything you say and raise you the card of being considered some kind of miracle worker if you develop successful therapeutic models of care or therapeutic relationships with men,
    Like the male client has no agency in his own mental wellbeing.

    One of the most loathed jobs in my first hospital was the secure mental health round. I got lumped with it by a lazy entitled practitioner, who should never have let a newly qualified practitioner do this kind of work.

    I loved it.

    The inmates (80% male) were mostly on treatment orders and were all considered to be violent and unpredictable. Food was a bit of a battle ground, with a common delusion being we were trying to poison them (it’s hospital food – were they really that deluded?). Usually it was not a problem, we could get enough calories in to these guys from food in sealed packs to avoid dehydration and weight loss until the meds worked.

    Then we got a guy who would not eat and drink…so I was called onto the ward. He was being 1:1 nursed and was prowling round the interview room. The nurse was oozing vibes of irritation. I said to her “Can I be his 1:1, while you go elsewhere?” No, because I didn’t yet have my breakaway training. “What about if we are in the public space of the corridor?” She grudgingly agreed and I walked with him out the door and down the corridor. For several minutes I said nothing, just walked beside him. At the end of the corridor, he stared at the wall and then looked at me. He sighed and we turned around to walk back, at a slower pace than his previous jittery stride.
    “We are really worried that you will get very sick if you don’t eat or drink soon, I am wondering what we could do to help you?” I said.
    “Can’t eat, can’t drink.” He said. I kept my silence, we walked past the nurses station. “I’m wondering why you can’t eat or drink?”
    “Its dirty.” “The food is dirty?” “No, no…My mouth makes it dirty.” I glanced at him as he walked next to me, reading the suffering of a man who was stuck in unspeakable memories (later learned he was a victim of a violent religious mother). “Can I check I understand? You think that the food is ok, until you put it in your mouth and it gets dirty there, and you think if you swallow the dirty food you will get sick?” His glance was to check out if I was being sarcastic. I kept a concerned but encouraging expression on my face. “Yes, that’s it” He said. We turned again at the other end of the corridor.
    “I have an idea, it might not be right for you” I started and I went on to explain about inserting a nasogastric tube and feeding him into his stomach. By the time we were standing near the main door he had stopped walking and was engaged asking me questions about the process and how it would work. At the end he agreed it would work.

    The psychiatrist said that it would only be tried once and if it failed he would be sedated and hydrated through a vein. I’ve never seen someone so willing and compliant with an NG insertion (it’s pretty unpleasant), but we soon started a slow refeeding regimen.
    He kept it down for 7 days, his meds started working. He pulled it up and enjoyed a meal of fish and chips. Then the police took him to the prison to await trial for a violent assault on his elderly neighbour.
    All that mental health team was in awe of my clinical skills. They refused from that point on to have anyone other than me deliver care on that ward for the next 12 months until I moved on to a new job.

    The psychiatrist quizzed me on how I had gained such an important therapeutic insight in such a short time. I looked at him “I wasn’t speaking to him as a patient, I was caring for him as a human being, and he chose to tell me.” I still don’t think there believed me.

    • Jared Spencer

      Excellent insight, Aimee. Not all human beings are patients but every single patient is a human being.

    • MotorMan

      Fascinating story!

      As with the recommendation in the piece about Rosalind Wiseman, you actually listened to a male, and — guess what! — he told you what was troubling him. It was probably a first for him.

    • TigerMan

      You gave him that little bit of heaven that he had obviously been denied so long – you LISTENED to him :)

    • Walter Romans (TDOM)


      Great story. Isn’t it wonderful when those light bulbs everyone thought were burned out suddenly light up?

    • Dasque

      As a young man who is today alive only because someone finally listened, I salute you, Aimee. Thank you for listening to the men and women in that ward.

      I wrote about my own experience with a mental health professional who listened.

      • Aimee McGee

        Thank you for sharing your story.

        You may be surprised to hear this, but if your listener was a young practitioner, you may have altered her life course as much as she did yours.

        The moments of connection with a client can be transcendent. I once described it as being in a place where my ego no longer mattered.

        In listening we are transformed

  • http://none j24601

    It is unsurprising that, in the face of such hate, men are reluctant to engage with these so called professionals. After all, why would you ever engage with people who hate what you are; who, at the very core of their understanding, hate everything about you.

    It is surely a testimony to our innate tolerance, as men, and, sadly, the indifference of many women, that these purveyors of misandry maintain their toxic hegemony. But, surely, we have been pushed far too far. AVfM is the oasis in the cultural desert of feminism. A place anyone can come to hear that which needs to be heard on the reality for men and boys in contemporary western cultures, and is also a powerful catalyst for change.

    To all at AVfM: I am eternally grateful for your efforts on my behalf and on behalf of all of us who care about men and boys.

  • Reyek

    this is one of the video’s that really made me like you. Also “A Prayer for Joebob”, another one which I can’t seem to find anymore is the reading of “how we kill johnny”, it seems to have been removed.

  • MotorMan


    I’m glad you’re re-running this video. This is one of the most important you’ve ever done.

    Long story short, after a terrible trauma, I made the mistake of seeking therapy. The female therapist was helpful with the trauma, and after two years, I trusted her enough to being up a deep inner fear that stems from cultural misandry.

    I can not tell you how fast she turned on me! It was exactly the professional, mental-health-field misandry you’ve described.

    I found a different female therapist who had become a professional much later in life and had come into the profession with a lot more real-world living under her belt. The second therapist labeled the first therapist “unprofessional” and suspected a big dose of counter-transference.

    Anyway, I’ve been in the same culture with you all my life, and I’ve been in the same room with a misandric psychotherapist. It took me almost two years to get over it.

    Good work.

  • Codebuster

    >”They have lost over 80% of the jobs in the current recession.”

    I’ve noticed some significant presence of panhandlers in the US cities I’ve seen thus far. I wonder how many of them are casualties of feminism and affirmative action. Affirmative action must be the ultimate slap in the face, where the traditional providers must give way to the hypergamous provided-fors for all those millennia of… ahem… “oppression” (providing, inventing, defending, building and discovering). Before feminism, we used to honour those who contributed to society. Now we shame them, and the apparent rise in panhandling (begging) is a symptom, methinks. There is an urgent need to conduct research into the damaging effects of feminism and affirmative action, and to track what is happening to men being deprived of the equal right to work as a consequence of vagina-preferencing. I suspect a human rights outrage that might perhaps outdo even our DV and family court fiascos.

    • Mike Brentnall

      Yours, Mr. Codebuster, was a comment worthy of up-vote. This amid the personal testimony of frustration and suffering as related by individuals experiencing the systems in which Paul described in the opening article, which is enough in itself.
      Yes, to what you wrote above regarding the need to examine the effects, and furthermore the damaging effects, of feminism and its unrestrained and enabled reign of unbalanced policy directives upon the culture. A reckoning to the individuals bringing a culture to a state of ruin will rightfully be theirs. Accountability is a naturally occurring process. Known offending women will not escape the attention this time. ‘Man-up’ men will see to this.
      At this stage of current mrm development it may require story after painful story to convey to a doubting public of the thoughtless roughshod wreaked upon males/men that we here are aware to. For the men subscribing to the ‘man-up’ toughen up process – if this is what you want for yourselves nobody here requires of you to do otherwise. Yet if this meme type are not even remotely conscious of systemic encroachments upon basic rights, freedoms and the conscionable treatment resulting from such then they cannot surely expect others to remain similarly uninformed. You’ll become aware of what we speak of now when or if your real, not removed personal credo, time in the grinder is at hand.
      Meanwhile, thoughtful individuals, like Mr. Codebuster, recognizes the suicidal incongruity of spiting the individuals most likely to further lay the foundation to which all others enjoy and prosper from.

      Thanks to all here who are consciously developed enough to have made it this far in recognizing the glaring nonsensical.

  • Perseus

    And the elitist cunts ridicule the ‘land of the sloping foreheads’ for being skeptical of the ‘intelligencia’ class. Fucking pathological, incestuous cunts.

    Bravo Paul. Fucking jarring vingette. I’m going to speculate that the acid mouth dropout was a young Sharon Osbourne..

  • Perseus

    I wonder what ya’ll make of this little ditty

  • scatmaster

    Where were you and Dr T when I was going through psychotherapy with a female of which you describe from your lectures.
    I am still trying to get over her “unique” brand of “therapy” all these years later.

  • nick

    Just picked my jaw up off the floor. Thanks for the great article and video. Its depressing but for some reason I feel even more proud of my male “disease”. Is that weird? I dunno. The link of the feminism mindset to communism is a very great metaphor. Way to keep it real paul!

  • Walter Romans (TDOM)


    I have to disagree, at least somewhat. The field of psychology is not necessarily anti-male, but many of its practitioners are. Most of the examples you use are in the realm of pop psychology the market for which is primarily women. One would expect to find the most misandry in that market. The APA’s Division 51 is an extreme feminist organization. This is the division for the “men’s studies” crowd. You are definitely correct in exposing the misandry there. You either tow the feminist line or get kicked out. Except in Division 51 and maybe a couple others dominated by feminists, I haven’t seen any more misandry in the APA than in the rest of our culture in general. I would guess that many of the studies we refer to that show women to be just as bad as men were conducted by APA members. I will also agree that is certainly a source for a lot of anti-male misinformation, especially the sections on child abuse and domestic violence. But condemning the entire field of psychology because some (maybe most) of its practitioners are feminists (or hold feminist views) is just as bad as condemning all men because some are rapists or abusers. Sweeping generalizations don’t do us much good.

    • Tom Golden

      Walter – I have to agree with Paul on this one. While I was on Div 51 there was a good deal of interaction with other divisions and I can tell you that male friendly folks were few and far between. Looking at graduate schools and what they teach about women and men is pretty horrifying. You can forget any male friendly actions there. The therapists I know are ignorant of men’s unique ways and they don’t even know they don’t know. Nor do they seem to care. Even the male therapists I know are drunk on the feminist memes. I don’t know that psychological professionals are so much worse than the cultural average but being a psychological professional, in my mind, demands you see beyond the pedestrian veil and treat each person with love and respect. You live with a greater obligation then the general pubic to see through the hate that has been served up. I simply don’t see that happening. If you have examples of mental health people who are male friendly please do share them. I would love to be proven wrong on this one.

    • J Galt

      Just a personal opinion……..when a discipline such as psychology resorts to political ideology to ply it’s therapies it becomes invalid in it’s function.

    • Paul Elam

      I have to concur with Tom on this. The field IS its practitioners, after all. We can’t gauge it any other way.

      I could have, and probably should have gone into the education of modern practitioners. It is pure indoctrination, as you know. Also, I think if you check around at referral services (generic, not from you will find a very healthy percentage of them proudly display feminist identification in peddling their wares. Those markers make you one of the club.

      I worked alongside many therapists, social workers, psychologists, LPCs and psychiatrists for a long time. The anti-male sentiment was thick and wildly popular. Sometimes it was subtle, sometimes overt, but it ruled the day.

      I was called to the carpet more than once for telling male clients that I advised them to reject the feminist definition of masculinity. In fact, at the last treatment center I worked at, had I not referred so many paying clients I can assure you I would have been fired many times for my unorthodox manner of challenging men to carefully scrutinize the negative messages they were fed about what their problems were by other practitioners.

      I probably could have pointed to some exceptions in the article. After all, that was my field of work, and we have people here like Tom Golden and Dr. T. But in addressing the field as a whole it is a crap shoot with loaded dice. The chances of even finding a psych professional that understands men’s issues is ridiculously small. That fact alone is a glaring symptom of misandry.

      I have even spoken recently with some mental health professionals in Houston. In asking them about their understanding of men’s issues I could not find a single one with an intelligent response. It was all feminist drivel.

      I normally agree with a lot of what you have to say, and I don’t think it is any kind of big deal on this one that we see it differently, but if there was a ever a profession that could be defined in sweeping terms as misandric, psychotherapy is it.

      • Walter Romans (TDOM)

        @Paul and Tom

        I have encountered some of the misandry you talk about as I have worked in the field since 1983 (even as a chef I’m working in a rehab). But while feminist ideology is prevelent , perhaps even dominant, not everyone I worked with bought into it. The entrenched anti-male attitudes had mostly to do with domestic violence and sexual assault (abuse) and were most common and staunchly defended by paraprofessional counselors who did not hold advanced degrees in psychology; most held associate or bachelor’s degrees and were under the supervision of Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

        I will however, agree that few clinicians actually understand issues unique to men, but this does not necessairly make them hositle, it makes them ignorant. A large part of this is the educational process that you mention. I am going through that process now as I work towards my PhD. But I will tell you this, I have submitted papers in some of my classes challenging the feminist norms (on domestic violence and sexual assault) and received positive feedback. When I took my comps over the summer I challenged a study that used hegemonic masculinity to analyze male dieting behavior and was praised for my level of analysis and critical thinking by both of the reviewers of the exam. Although I will admit I would never have submitted such a paper to at least two of the instructors I’ve had due to their feminist beliefs.

        I also believe that any field consists of more than just its practioners (depending on how you define practitioner). This is especially true of psychology where clinical practitioners make up only a fraction (though a large one) of the field. There are also researchers, educators, and others. There are a lot of bad ones. There are a lot of good ones, just as there are in any profession.

        • redKevin47

          Your success at challenging feminist sacred cows in your professional field can only be congratulated. Carry on. However, your statement, “There are a lot of good ones, just as there are in any profession,” indicates gullibility, in my opinion. It simply cannot be true that this field is no better or worse than other professional fields in how it reproduces or challenges harmful prejudices. Psychology, psychiatry, counseling, social work, all have a special role in the governing of human relations in our society. They wield unique legal authorities that have real effects in people’s lives. I think that it was Paul who already explained this. Convincingly.

          Here is an example that illustrates the character of professional psychology. Rampant medication of boys for behavior ‘disorders.’ The context, of course, is the medicalization of all human problems. The pharmaceutical industry has a hugely profitable stake in this market, as they would call it. Without the cooperation of the professions of social work and psychology, the medicalization of social problems would not be possible.

          • Walter Romans (TDOM)

            The overdiagnosis and medication of boys for ADHD stems largely from two industries only tangentially related to psychology; education and pharmacy. Pharmaceutical companies profit from the sales of their drugs and lobby medical professionals to push their pills. Teachers, especially elementary school teachers, want quiet, well-behaved students and are often more than willing to pressure parents into having their children medicated. In my experience, most frequently these medications are not prescribed by psychiatrists, but by pediatricians and family practitioners who are the targets of the pharmaceutical industry’s pressure.

            Psychologists and social workers have very little stake in the matter because they are not able to prescribe medication. ADHD is not generally a severe enough mental disorder to require referral to a psychiatrist so most doctors who treat children are willing to prescribe the medications. thus the problem of voermedicating for ADHD is largely due to pharmaceutical companies pressuring doctors to prescribe medications and to educators looking for quick and easy ways to handle problem students (boys).

        • lcpcIII

          Thanks for this post! This passage resonated in particular:

          “I am going through that process now as I work towards my PhD. But I will tell you this, I have submitted papers in some of my classes challenging the feminist norms (on domestic violence and sexual assault) and received positive feedback”

          I have had my battles during my time in the program, but of late the experience you describe in this passage has begun to occur more frequently.

          Encouraged by your progress! Im approaching comps in the spring and my first dissertation block by summer. Onward and upward brother!

        • Tom Golden

          Hi Walter – We are in agreement on most of this. However, I see therapists as having a deeper responsibility. If they were surveyors and needed to mark the boundaries of a plot of land their ideology would make very little difference. But they are not. They are dealing with situations that are many times more subjective and murky. The need to have a good working knowledge of both men and women’s ways of being is essential. Most therapists have been taught a female version. Not so unusual when you consider that the vast majority of clients who seek therapists are female. They are simply catering to their most frequent customers but in the process they have become “one note nellies” and expect men to be just like their most frequent customers. This puts a huge hardship on men and also leaves women ignorant of the differences and arrogant in thinking her way is THE way. I wrote a recent blog post on the dangers of this sort of thing in couples therapy. If you want to have a look you can find it here.

          • redKevin47

            “They are simply catering to their most frequent customers….”

            This aspect of the mental health industry is especially insidious. People go to therapy to get their prejudices officially affirmed? Yes. It isn’t necessarily their objective, but it is the objective of the therapists, as a functional necessity of making money and otherwise being successful in that market.

            I look forward to reading your blog post.

          • lcpcIII


            Thanks for referencing your blog! Heading over now. And thanks for your work with the White House proposal for a council on boys and men!

        • Paul Elam

          Here is my point, actually:

          I will however, agree that few clinicians actually understand issues unique to men, but this does not necessarily make them hosile, it makes them ignorant.

          That ignorance is born of misandry. As Tom pointed out, he was invited to leave and saw others booted from the Division 51 group for even bringing up men’s issues. I certainly encountered that same bigotry on the ground among peers with varying kinds of degrees and expertise.

          I agree with you that most practitioners don’t sit around and fulminate about how horrible men are. Many of them are quite “compassionate” people. But I am forced to put the word compassionate in scare quotes because when it gets down to it, most mental health professionals I have ever met are just as avoidant as anyone else when it comes to focusing on men outside the feminist narrative.

          So, I have to really disagree with you that the ignorance is a stand alone feature. People in the mental health field, as you well know, are expected to have significant knowledge of special populations. Minorities, women, GLBT head the top of the list. Where we don’t have particular knowledge we are supposed to acquire it or refer to compensate for our lack of knowledge in order to meet the needs of the client.

          The mental health field, as a whole, are comprised of people ignorant of men’s issues and not taking a single step to learn or compensate. Why? Because discussion of it has been taboo for a couple of decades.

          I am really heartened to hear that in terms of academics that things may be changing, and that your experience bears that out. It certainly needs to happen.

          But I don’t think we do anyone any service by minimizing the across the board impact of the “ignorance” of men’s issues in the field, or if we ignore the fact that the ignorance so described is there because of the human aversion to see men as a group of human beings with specialized needs and concerns that are not addressed, or even aggravated by feminist dogma and misandry.

  • Redfield

    This has been going on for forty years …. Read any magazine published for women and you will get a taste of the saturation of misandry in editorials, comments by women, pervasive claptrap that fills the pages of these mags …
    From the age of fifteen there would always be some kind of woman’s magazine in the house (having two sisters), brimming with unrelenting virulent attacks on men and boys, based on hate and not facts!
    Having a psych degree I could give the names of texts that are basically skewed towards a feminist agenda, and at the very least are disrespectful in their approach to men and boys …

  • merrimac

    A friend once loaned a college level book to me titled “Abnormal-psyschology”. He being a student of such, compelled me to ask him if he knew of any books perhaps named, “normal-psyschology”, in which he retorted, no, the study of “normal psychology” wouldn’t be possible because there is no such thing as “normal” and everybody, is screwed up one way or another in accordance to the dictates of the study material. So I pondered aloud the chances of being analyzed by a shrink who could be as screwed up (or more so) than thier patient was? His reply, “was most people take pschology courses to solve their own internal demons and it aids in having the pleasant sidekick benefit of being able to be used in career at some point…I summed it up for him this way, “its still , the nuts,… running the nut house”.

    • Fredrik

      There is some truth to that, but it is not entirely true. There is a sub-field called “positive psychology” that is dedicated to exploring mental fitness. Amazingly, some few actually think that it isn’t enough for us to get from bad to okay, and would like to know how we can get from good to great. I’ve only read Learned Optimism and Authentic Happiness, but I think they make a good primer.

  • Marshallaw

    A little off topic but I think quite relevant.
    Suicide statistics in Ireland: 80% of suicides committed by males, 80% suicide ATTEMPTS by females. Not very good at it are they. When guys go about their work they follow through. I think we need to even up those figures in the name of equality. Maybe we should get Dr. Phil on the case. I’m sure his brand of pop shit psychology can only help the situation.
    Otherwise I think an email campaign…..please contact the Equality Authority of Ireland here:
    I really don’t think they are aware of the situation.

    • John A

      5 x 5 = 25, so not very good at it at all. I had friends that killed themselves and it’s no laughing matter, but that statistic is staggering. Imagine if women were that ineffective at everything else?

  • David Palmer

    Hmmm….interesting exercise. I occasionally do some training for workplaces…wonder if I could work something like that in…

    …and I wonder if I’d ever get another job if I did….

    • Porquemada

      One should not say such things, tovarisch. Please come with me…


  • MrShadowfax42

    Eye opening stuff.

    Paul, what do you think about Professor Gadd’s comments in this article?
    I was quite staggered that this person is considered an expert.

    • Aimee McGee

      Ugh! Radio 1 the home of misandry on the Beeb

  • Mika

    Excellent and interesting article Mr Elam.

    More of these please. I am sure you have a mass of material available to you.

  • Dennis

    I sought the counsel of a psychologist after my mother, who was emotionally and physically abusive to me as a boy, passed away. I had a lot of anger problems after her death and I needed to deal with that anger. The clinic was billed as a “men’s clinic” so I thought the counselor would understand, and be sympathetic to helping me deal with that anger.

    That wasn’t the case. During the first session I described my problem and my mother, who I already knew was emotionally unstable. He immediately started ‘going off’ about female teenage rape victims and started preaching the usual phony feminist bullshit about rape to me. I wondered, “What the hell does this have to do with me?” I told him simply that I didn’t believe his off the wall rant, and without anger told him I wouldn’t be back.

    From that experience I concluded that any fuck-brained idiot with a degree in psychology can hang out a shingle and call themselves a therapist.

    The point is, be careful who you seek for therapy and realize you have worth as a human being and as a man you are worthy of compassionate counsel. One of the first things I would ask them is “Are you a feminist?” If you experience any form of ideological “assault” whatsoever, leave and find someone else who really can and really wants help you.

  • onca747

    Anyone else think SPSMM sounds like “spasm”? Also, with a name like “Division 51″ they’re not even attempting to cover the Orwellian nature of their work anymore. Renaming it to
    “Unit 731″ would be more appropriate.

    • John Narayan

      Yes, with Sharon Osborne laughing at the live vivisection’s.

  • Jay

    I keep on learning more and more crazy stuff, and I’ve been here for more than 2 years! Appreciated the insightful analysis Paul, thank you.

    • Cam

      First class enlightening article Mr Elam. So thank you.

      Interesting comment from Dennis above. If this is what MEN can generally expect to be dished up by the typical professional in the psychology / counseling industry then there is a real problem there that needs to be addressed (and only makes very skeptical people like me even more critical of that whole business).

      • tamerlame

        My mum was abusive and neglectfull. She went to pyschology / counseling industry so she could be enabled in her abuse and be told she was a victim. I have a strong distrust for the entire field.

  • tamerlame

    Women are at the top of the food chain when it comes to caste. So the privileged caste gets to act like an economically oppressed class? It makes no sense.

    The group that needs the most help gets dehumanized as a oppressor class? They are demonized by the pampered privileged middle class women. You could not make this shit up!

  • redKevin47

    A few years ago my son’s mother induced him into a series of misbehaviors that almost necessitated official intervention. She was using our son to alienate me. When I acted decisively to put a stop to it she sought the intervention of a psychologist to lay blame on me, and officially authorize my alienation from my son. It almost worked. It is a terrible, awful position to be put in as a parent.

    One of the reasons it almost worked was that I had no money. My son’s mother had money and good health insurance that paid the psychologist. When I talked with the psychologist I asked him how he would not possibly be biased against me given that I had no money, and given that there was nothing wrong with my son. The psychologist replied that it would be unethical for him to mis-diagnose a patient in order to make money. So it just could not happen.

    The alliance between my son’s mother and the corrupt psychologist almost worked. He had advised me not to take action in family court, so as to give his therapy with my son a chance to work. If I were to withdraw consent for him to treat my son, then my son’s mother would accuse me in court of harming my son by withholding necessary psychological care.

    My son’s mother had told the psychologist a big lie and I was able to present objective evidence to the psychologist that the mother was intentionally seeking to deceive. Looking in the other direction, he recommended going forward with the treatments that he’d proposed. The course of ‘treatment’ would certainly have cemented my alienation from my son’s life. But my cooperation would outwardly prove to the officials that I cared enough about my son to get him the professional help he needed. It was an awful, lose-lose position to be put in, especially given that a child was being used to valorize a woman’s indulgent disturbance (clearly borderline personality disorder), and was being used by the psychologist to bring in revenue.

    I have not written about this episode before. This particular incident just came back to me. It represents very clearly the psychologist’s corruption. I was leaving his office, talking in the lobby with the scheduling secretary about when to come back for another planning meeting. The psychologist came out of his office to say that I should not come at a particular time and day because the appointment next to that proposed one was to be with my son, and that we should not cross paths in the waiting.

    I was shocked and stunned. “You are asking me to put great trust into you, to allow you to treat my son. But you are using the situation to cast me as dangerous; as if I can’t even be in the same room with my son!”

    The psychologist didn’t like it that I would confront him this way. After that I remember telling myself repeatedly and emphatically: ‘These people are going to screw you and really hurt your son, perhaps for life. You better get it into your head that they are corrupt to the core. If you fall for their ‘caring’ psychobabble, you are going to get taken down the river past the point of no return.’

    I forced myself to give up my prejudices for the profession. My ability to both have a favorable prejudice, and to get over it, is based on my own training in the field. I’d gotten a master’s degree in clinical psychology several years before, and had worked in clinical social work for a few years.

    Two days after the ugly confrontation in the lobby I filled out the family court paperwork myself. I filed the motion against my son’s mother for interference of parenting time. She had convinced my son that he didn’t need a dad anymore and I had not seen him in a month. She bought his cooperation with expensive gifts that were very impressive to thirteen-year old eyes.

    I withdrew consent for the psychologist to treat my son. The authority to do so was based on the mother and I having shared custody, which has been in effect since he was three years old. Honestly, I didn’t have any confidence that a family court judge would enforce the existing parenting time. I only knew that following the psychologist’s treatment plan would destroy my life and cause long term harm to my son.

    The outcome of this was that on the eve of the trial my son’s mother folded her case. In the hallway of the courthouse, literally minutes before the hearing, she conceded the parenting time violation and promised that it would not happen again. I had hired an attorney, with money I didn’t have. It put me into serious arrears with my home mortgage. If I’d have become homeless, that would have been used as proof of my parental unfitness.

    My son’s behavioral problems disappeared and he flourished at school. His mother has since been very eager to comply with the parenting plan. My son (who is sleeping in the next room; he is with me this weekend) is a talented musician who is headed for a career as a soloist on his particular instrument. He gets good grades and has solid, trusting friendships with other responsible teens. As a fifteen-year old, he can jump on stage with any jazz musician and improvise in any key. Our city has many professional musical improvisers who love to support young musicians. We’ve taken full advantage of this.

    The only way that my son has been able to excel academically and musically is because I hold him to a high standard of honesty and hard work. He is self-motivated to learn difficult material and perform it before large audiences. Outside observers are quick to presume me to be some kind of merciless slave-driver type of father. I have no control over what they think about me. Their prejudices, if I were to take them seriously, would have led me long ago to turn over my son’s well being to his disturbed mother and the esteemed professionals who would ruin him for their own profit… and then pin the blame on me.

    I’m going to hand-write a letter to that psychologist and let him know how glad I am that I didn’t follow his treatment plan. My attorney has told me that the psychologist is notoriously hard on fathers. My letter won’t deter the guy at all, I’m sure. He’s certainly raking in the dough, ruining fathers and children along the smooth road to succe$$. He committed an ethical violation in my son’s case, which could have been proved in a complaint to the state board of psychologist examiners. I had no resources to pursue such a complaint, besides the obvious futility that the corruption of this profession extends to the top.

    • onca747

      Kevin what an awful story. But I’m glad you stuck to your guns and it had a happy ending. That’s the trouble with men these days.. we cave in all too easily, especially where family is concerned, and when being hounded by the biggest bully of them all.. the State. There’s a lot to be learned from your story.

      Also, “the psychologist is notoriously hard on fathers”.. so his bias is that well known around family court circles, and yet he is still allowed to practice. The unabashed corruption just astounds me. It compels me to make a shit ton of money and go after these bastards on behalf of people like yourself.

      • redKevin47

        I shudder now when I look back to how close I came to absolute disaster. Yes, at the hands of the state. It is both an active and passive participant in destroying people’s lives. In my case, the state is represented by the official/legal status of the state board of psychologist examiners. It is also the bias that women presume, correctly, to be on their side in family court.

        By the way, my son just texted me the news that he got selected for state honor jazz band. That is a major accomplishment. It can end up being the thing that wins him a scholarship to a top level music school. I share this celebration with all the dads who challenge feminist bullshit in order to protect their girls and boys from women who use children as pawns. Children inherently deserve peace and stability. It allows them to thrive.

  • lcpcIII

    Hey Mr. Elam,

    Thanks for this article! Roughly 4 years ago, I provided consultation to a mental health facility in the Midwest. The facility expressed a desire to improve the program experience of male patients attending their therapeutic day program. These men were recommended to attend the 8 week program as a part of their discharge recommendations from inpatient treatment. Much of the discharge survey data and the associated comments suggested that that there was something inherent in the culture of the milieu that was anti-male. So I developed a logic model for a program evaluation to provide the stakeholders with a pictorial representation of the programs current practices and where (per their communications with me) they would like to go. The objective emphasized by program administrators was to improve the self-reported experiences of the men while attending the male depression clinic.

    During my first day of observations I became full aware of the misandric culture that was contributing to poor treatment outcomes and low participant reported program ratings. A frustrated gentleman had become particularly focused for much of the day on a misplaced item of sentimental value to him. With the charge nurse growing increasingly annoyed with this patient (recently discharged from inpatient for depression and suicidal ideations within the past 30 days) a therapist finally addressed the gentleman. Her words were, “Come on dude, MAN THE HELL UP, are you really trippin about a lost journal?” This response was consistent with what I would observe during subsequent visits. That is, everything from the lecture style psycho-educational groups, to patient interactions with various staff members included some element of shaming and focused a great deal on their behaviors without any consideration and demonstrated compassion for their lived experiences.

    Interestingly enough, this gentleman had received the journal from his teenage son through the mail, during his time as an inpatient. His son enclosed in the journal a message that read, “Collect all your thoughts while you’re there, and if they wont talk to you about them while you are there, save them for me when you get home. Ill listen!” This patient had been denied more time with his son just six months earlier which, in part, is what had elicited the recent feelings of hopelessness that contributed to his depression and suicidal ideations.

    I share this only to say that my recommendations included but were not limited to incorporating mens issues and related research into their “cultural sensitivity” trainings and implementing treatment approaches that would reflect their efforts towards moving program participants from merely being patients (being treated) to becoming empowered co-participants in the therapeutic process.

    Needless to say, the Director of Nursing and her team of psychiatric nurses convinced their colleague (program manager- therapist) that my recommended strategies would not lead to a more therapeutic environment and by extension would not improve the experiences of male participants because there was “focus on an issue that was not an issue”. This is in spite of the fact that “the issue” was explicitly communicated on many of the patient advocate forms I reviewed. They simply did not see their culturally embedded misandric practices, policies and professional behavior as an issue. Three months later after the program managers departure, I was informed that the staff training component of my recommended strategies was being developed and implemented by her replacement ( a mother of five sons).

    I don’t post much here, but please know that in spite of the many challenges, there are many of us in the trenches fighting to change the misandric culture from within. Sorry if this post is all over the place, I am struggling with multi-tasking today.

    Thanks again AVFM!!!!

    • Aimee McGee

      Great post! I would love to brainstorm with you more thoughts on this topic

    • Tom Golden

      Excellent post. lcpcIII said:

      “That is, everything from the lecture style psycho-educational groups, to patient interactions with various staff members included some element of shaming and focused a great deal on their behaviors without any consideration and demonstrated compassion for their lived experiences.”

      That is a great summary. The misandry comes out in so many ways and is simply not seen as anything but “treatment.” It is like dye in water. Once it is in you can’t get it out. The only way to get it out would have been to fire those workers and tell them it was due to their hate. I don’t think anything short of that would have penetrated their consciousness.

      Thanks also for your words about the white house council. I just wish it had gotten more traction. The issues of men and boys get zero traction at the upper levels of govt.

  • John Narayan

    Hmm, Bettina Arndt could make an interesting addition to AvFM.

    I am very keen to know what others think.

    • externalangst

      Bettina Arndt seems to be arguing these days for a renegotiation of the relationships between the sexes. Her critics interpret this as her being a traditionalist dinosaur. They are so steeped in confused feminist ideology that a reasonable response to her is all but impossible.

      I recall in her younger days as a ‘sex therapist’, she wasn’t above ridiculing male sexuality. There is a phenomenon where if one makes public declarations, those declarations are more likely to become more strongly held beliefs than if no public declaration was made. So it is to her credit that her views could mature with age.

    • John A

      Bettina Arndt believes that men are human, have feelings and should be respected. Women hate her because she calls them out for being selfish and entitled. She is one of a very people who continually put out male positive stories in the MSM in Australia.

    • TonyS

      Mr Narayan,

      Bettina Arndt could make a great contribution here but I somehow very much doubt she would want to be seen to be aligning herself one way or the other. But she can speak for herself.

      I have read much of her material in the past and heard some interviews with her. She seems to be a very fine lady and of course has had literally decades of experience in her field. She is definitely no rabid feminist or latent man hater like so many seem to be now. In fact I would suggest she is just the opposite..

      Of course, unlike the typical feminists, she has been gifted with talent and a fine mind, not to mention an endearing personality, which she uses productively.

      • John Narayan

        I have been in contact, nothing as yet as Bettina has just had a knee replacement, wait and see.

  • Tofeldian Sage

    I really enjoyed this video when I first watched it. It was such an illuminating anecdote.

    For a very well-rounded critique of the Psychology Industry from a long-time practitioner, you must read “Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry Is Doing to People” by Dr. Tana Dineen. It separates the genuine scientists in psychology from the hucksters. It is absolutely scathing in its treatment of those who encourage victimhood.

    This should be added to the list of suggested reading on the AVfM homepage; its absolutely core to the learnings available on this site.

    • John Narayan

      She might join AvFM.

    • John A

      Victim = paying customer
      Female victim = taxpayer funded customer
      A cured patient is a customer lost

  • lcpcIII

    Thankse Aimee, i enjoyed your post as well! I would love to talk with you at greater length about the topic.

  • Daniel

    This is, one of the most hard hitting and question provoking pieces I have heard.. originally on youtube.

    The exposition of the massive bias and the reaction to it, the non intervention and no guiding to get a desired response. Pure objectivity exposing pure bigoted subjectivity.

  • Kevin Hornbuckle

    On 19 May 2014 the president of the Lane County (Oregon) Psychologists’ Association wrote a letter to the editor of the Register Guard newspaper. The letter is titled, “Learn facts about assault survivors.” M. Sophia Aguirre wrote:

    “No survivor should have her instinctive response to an assault called into question, or be
    expected to prevent or interrupt an assault.”

    This is a highly irresponsible statement by a person in a position of
    significant authority. Note the logic of the statement. It is an
    unfalsifiable claim. Any woman can engage in consensual sex and later
    claim that she was assaulted. The evidence of the assault is the fact
    that they were having sex.

    That the woman didn’t say “stop” or move away
    from the man, is, in this psychologist’s opinion, immaterial. Clearly
    that is not the law, and it is remarkable that the president of the
    psychologists’ association is misinforming the public about the
    definition of sexual assault. Her conception is blatantly sexist too.
    How likely is it that a woman would be criminally charged if she were to
    engage in consensual intercourse and afterward the man complained to
    police that he wanted to stop having sex but neither said nor did
    anything to communicate that to the woman? He would be charged with
    making a false statement to police.

    This psychologist wrote her letter to the Register Guard in Eugene, Oregon where there currently is a major scandal caused by false accusation of sex abuse against three members of the University of Oregon basketball team. I am working on a full article for AvFM about the controversy, but I wanted to post this element of it here in support of Paul Elam’s assertion about the nature of this profession. There is much more evidence forthcoming about how dangerous it really is to men and boys.