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A passage from India

In response to PauI Elam’s request to hear from the men of India, I have the following to say. I am what you may call the average Indian male and I fall into the category that is the most hated, a young Indian male. Now, I cannot really provide you with statistics as I am no researcher, but I can provide you with accurate descriptions of misandry I have seen and experienced throughout the country. I have seen it happen countless times and have been subjected to official discrimination based on my sex as well.

In New Delhi, which is infamously called the Rape Capital, men are treated like beasts. Since the preconceived notion is that men are the perpetrators and a woman cannot lie about being troubled by a man, even the slightest hint of discomfort shown by a woman could mean doomsday for a man. The rapes that actually do happen are mostly at night when girls roam around unguarded in isolated places, but the media portrays it as a crime that happens around the clock in every possible area. I do not know anybody who has known rape victims personally but I know many who knew murder, attempted murder and assault victims. Statistics would easily tell you that murder and assault are more common in New Delhi than rape, and that men are murdered and otherwise harmed much more frequently than women. No one is rioting on the streets about what is happening to men.

It is an attitude you see reflected in many other ways in Indian culture. Our buses have seats reserved for women; the front half. One row is reserved for senior citizens and one more row is reserved for handicapped travelers. Now, the rows reserved for senior citizens and handicapped travelers may or may not always exist. But every bus will have seats reserved for women. I stand up out of courtesy for middle-aged men and women. I believe that they deserve respect as they are an elder to me.

But I have seen girls, young college girls, making old men sitting on seats reserved for women stand up so that they can have the seat. I come home after working for 10 hours in the office. I never get a seat in the bus. The back of the bus is always full and if the front half is empty, I can only sit there for a few minutes unless I am really lucky. As soon as a girl enters a bus, I am out. Due to sheer embarrassment and fear, men continue to stand even when the seats at the front are vacant. Due to this, buses are often very crowded at the back. Men never take the front seat unless they feel really lucky and all the seats at the back are full. A few air conditioned buses do not have reserved seats (I travel in these as far as possible).

You. In the back!

In Delhi metros, there is a coach reserved for women. This coach can remain empty but men cannot enter it. Apart from this, we are also constantly reminded (through announcements) to give our seats to ladies if they are standing. I would be willing to give my seat to an old woman or a pregnant lady. But young women? Healthy college girls?

There is more. I was recently standing in a very long queue to buy an interstate bus ticket. After waiting for more than an hour the queue had hardly moved. Why? A smaller queue had materialized next to our queue. A queue for women only. The tickets were being given to them first. A few women buy, they leave and then more women come, while the men wait. I got my ticket after 2 hours. It was 2am. I wanted to board the midnight bus.

If you try to make people understand that even men can be raped, they don’t believe it. It took me some time to convince my friends, all of whom are well-educated. Imagine how difficult it is going to be to make the entire country believe that this crime exists. In India, it is assumed that no girl likes sex whereas sex is all that men can think about.

Most of the discotheques in India are openly sexist. The entry fee structure is usually something like this:

Ladies – FREE/negligible

Couples – 1000 Rs., since you are getting a MAN (rapist, demon, molester) with you

Men – 1500 Rs., or NO ENTRY

The justification? The same as it is in the west. Girls attract crowds. Girls will attract men and men will pay. Okay, so sexism is a business decision. But many discotheques don’t even allow men unless they have women with them. Recently, I saw a man trying to go alone inside a discotheque. He was denied entry. So, he went out and asked a random girl to accompany him to the discotheque. Now get this. He was still denied permission because they had seen him before without a girl.

Our Constitution is shit in written form. Check out this link:

According to our Constitution, nobody can be discriminated on the basis of gender. But, if you read the sections related to dowry, rape, other sexual offences, etc., you’ll see that our Constitution itself is hostilely  misandrist. The “modesty of a woman” is a common phrase in our laws. It is not even clear what modesty of a woman really is but it roughly makes a woman’s body a treasure which every man wants to possess by force (Read Section 354 of the IPC for more information). In cases of adultery, only the man can be held guilty. There were efforts made to make this law gender-neutral. But take a look at the following article which provides 1. the justification for having such a biased law and 2. the reason why it was proposed to scrap the law (it’s not because it’s against men).

In general, men are considered evil everywhere in the country. Videotapes of women beating men are showcased here and any acts of violence against women (even if its self-defense) are condemned. You already have a lot of videos on your blog. When the Delhi girl was raped, newspapers, magazine articles and Facebook walls were flooded with brutal remarks calling for barbaric punishments like public beating and castration. The physical violence involved in the crime against the man was completely overlooked. Nobody was concerned about the girl’s friend (probably her boyfriend). He saw his friend getting raped and he was beaten up by the men, too.

During the protests, a policeman was killed while performing his duty. There was hardly any news about him. Indians are concerned only when a woman is the victim and the concern is doubled if the woman is raped.

A film actor was convicted of rape a few years back. The whole country went berserk. Later, the victim changed her statement and said that she was not raped. This time nobody cared. Many people are still not aware of this development.

Yes, in our country some women are raped, tortured and subjected to humiliation. So are men. But we do not recognize those crimes against men. There are no laws to save or help men, only laws to attack them and keep them down. You can see the results of that on our streets in recent days.

But I was already aware. I saw the real problem with my own eyes; in a queue to buy a bus ticket, and in the eyes of old men, forced out of their seats to stand on a bus so that smug, entitled college girls can have a comfortable spot to rest their asses. I seem to remember hearing of similar rules, in one of the darker chapters in the history of America.


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  • Bharat Mahan

    India’s sexual politics go very deep back in our history and into our culture.

    For the non-Indian male commenters here who seem to be confused by the dominance Indian mothers hold on their sons, allow me to explain.

    In India most people live in what we call the “joint family”. Sons do not grow up, move out and live on their own. Rather it is considered the son’s “duty” to live with his parents whole life and “take care” of them (even before they are old, sick or invalid). That means when an Indian man gets married (mostly arranged) his wife comes to live in his parents house!

    The couple is afford very little if any privacy. If they happen to fall in love after marriage that is OK but love and sexual attraction are not considered very important, rather how well the new bride can “adjust” and fit into her “new family” (in-laws) household is the key factor. Its all about the larger joint family, not about the couple’s happiness.

    Sometimes the couples fall in love and sometimes they don’t. In any case they will not divorce because marriage is about family, duty, society and not happiness. Now, if a couple should bond too closely to one another that is seen as a threat to the larger joint family unit because then they might decide to move out, get their own home, and live as a nuclear family. That is seen as being “neglectful” of one’s “duty” to parents and in-laws.

    Now, if the couple does not ever bond deeply or develop a satisfying emotional and sexual life together, the wife will deposit all her affection, hopes and dreams into her male child who becomes like a surrogate husband in a sense. After he marries the mother then sees herself in competition with her daugther in law for the attention and affections of her son. Most of television programs portray this dynamic. You can travel the length and breadth of the world and I’ll doubt you’ll find a deeper bond between mother and son than in India.

    It is psychology unhealthy and presents many problems for a young man and new wife.

    Add on top of this that outside of a few more worldly pockets in the big cities like Mumbai or Banglore, there is no dating culture. Young single men and women simply don’t know how to behave with one another and their interactions in public get real awkward, real fast.

    Due to sexual repression (including lack of privacy and meddling in-laws after marriage), both single and married men are quite frustrated. This is why we have rampant “eve teasing” in our country.

    The reason why some nightclubs in metros do not allow lone men or men without female accompaniment to enter is because of large amounts of sexual harassement in these venues. The female patrons will of course complain and even stop patronizing such establishments.

    Its the same on India’s beaches. Hordes of men will harasse female beach goers, particularly foreign tourists.

    What is stopping these men from asking their girlfriends (most don’t have them, but anyway), wives, moms, sisters, cousins, female friends or neighbors to go out nightclubbing or to the beach with them?

    Well, these men DON’T WANT their female family members are the beach or clubs. Part of the reason they don’t want their female family members to go out and about is precisely because they know they too will harassed. And partly because many of them want to be free to harass other women without their family members knowing that’s what they do.

    In short, India needs a sexual revolution. There is so much shame, fear and control around allowing young single men and women to mix freely and even choose who we want to marry, that this has a domino effect and produces a very sexually frustrated and awkward culture.

    • Aimee McGee

      Hi, this chimes with a conversation I have had with a female Hindi friend who migrated after a love match with her Muslim husband…she pretty much said the same but in different words.
      My take as a western woman who has travelled in the east a fair bit…I’ve dealt with ‘eve teasing’ by a fierce stare and saying ‘would you tolerate a man doing this to your sister?’
      If there are women’s only coaches on the metro let there be men’s coaches too, for men who wish to avoid false accusation

      • Bharat Mahan

        Aimee, “I’ve dealt with ‘eve teasing’ by a fierce stare and saying ‘would you tolerate a man doing this to your sister?’”

        So you’ve never heard the slang “bhein chode” then, huh?

        • Aimee McGee

          Google translate failed me…

          I’m sure it is something along the line of “its different when it is done to a western woman”…

          I always dress very modestly (long skirt or loose trousers, arms covered) and will cover my head in Islamic areas, when traveling in the east. I also risk assess where I am going.

          Anyone making any advances will back off quickly if I use my best glare and cool voice tones.

          • Bharat Mahan

            “I’m sure it is something along the line of “its different when it is done to a western woman”…”

            Bhein chode is Hindi for “sister f*cker”. So saying, “would you tolerate a man doing this to your sister?” doesn’t mean a damn thing to those “eve-teasers” who use such terminology shamelessly.

    • dhanu

      What do you mean by “sexual revolution”? Define exactly how you intend it to be. If you mean it should be as in the Anglosphere, well, they know what it has brought them to. If it’s something entirely new that you’ve thought of, I’d like to know.

      • Bharat Mahan

        Not entirely like the Anglosphere since they do not have the option of arranged marriage, which is necessary for those who are either unable to unwilling to compete in a competitive dating market.

        So basically, normalize and mainstream dating and love marriages, while also keeping arranged marriage as an option to fall back on for those who opt for it.

        Also, encourage young men and women with means to move out of the parental home upon adulthood or sometime before marriage so that they can individuate. After marriage, encourage nuclear family households, or at least stop shaming Indian men into living with our parents forever out of a sense of “duty” when our parents are not even old and sick yet.

        • dhanu

          “basically, normalize and mainstream dating and love marriages, while also keeping arranged marriage as an option to fall back on for those who opt for it.”

          I think time has rolled back by a few decades for you. This already is the case. What changed? Only more misandric laws and policies have shown up, criminalizing male sexuality and freeing up women to express female sexuality. That is how it always goes.

          “Also, encourage young men and women with means to move out of the parental home upon adulthood”

          What about their parents? Should the taxpayers support them? You do know Indian people are not that rich on average?

          “After marriage, encourage nuclear family households, or at least stop shaming Indian men into living with our parents forever out of a sense of “duty” when our parents are not even old and sick yet.”

          This is not shaming, men have to repay what their parents did for them. This is a perfect model and had been working well forever. Is expecting anything from the sons in return of whatever the parents do “shaming” them now? Most people don’t consider it shaming and have no problem with this model. So why even disturb it? It’s just that the new laws are breaking this model and educating people like you to support this breakage with similar words you just uttered.

          • Bharat Mahan

            “What about their parents? Should the taxpayers support them? ”

            Indian parents support themselves like they always have until they retire, then they live on pension and/or savings. The only time they need their adult children to “take care of them” is when they are actually too old or sick to take care of themselves. Not when they are merely 40, 50, 60 years old and perfectly healthy.

            Of course if someone wants to live with their mommy and daddy their whole life, that’s their choice. But its expected, shamed and pressured here. For no logical reason.

            That’s why we are known as “mama’s boys” all over the world!

            Hey, I love my ma-baba just as much as the next Indian but I have no reason to live with them as an adult until they need me to (old age/sickness). I am not a child and they are not in need.

          • dhanu

            “Indian parents support themselves like they always have until they retire, then they live on pension and/or savings. The only time they need their adult children to “take care of them” is when they are actually too old or sick to take care of themselves. Not when they are merely 40, 50, 60 years old and perfectly healthy.”

            You’re living in a la la land and have no concept of an average Indian family. You must know that MOST of the population is not even dependent upon paid jobs with pension, that’s a comparatively small demographic.

            “But its expected, shamed and pressured here. For no logical reason.”

            I don’t consider anything forced unless it’s required by law. So I’d stop here. BTW, people leave their parents all the time, and are not forced by law to come back.

            “That’s why we are known as “mama’s boys” all over the world!”

            That’s new to me. Source? I think THIS is what shaming looks like, people from other countries making fun of some country for it not being like them. And people like you get on hook.

            “Hey, I love my ma-baba just as much as the next Indian but I have no reason to live with them as an adult until they need me to (old age/sickness). I am not a child and they are not in need.”

            As you wish.

          • Bharat Mahan

            “This is not shaming, men have to repay what their parents did for them. ”

            Real men don’t have to do squat. If we do something its because we CHOOSE TO.

            My parents chose to bring me into the world and its their responsibility to care for me until I am able to care for myself. It ends there.

            I love them but I don’t “owe” them anything. And I certainly don’t owe them to choose my wife for me.

          • Bharat Mahan

            Dhanu and Indianmale, if I may ask, what objections do you have to the all female (except for children) apartment complex discussed in the link provided? Do you object to private individuals or organizations creating such a space? Government organizations creating such a space?

            Do you also object to female only hostels and female only college dorms or are you in favor of co-ed college dorms?

            How about all girls or all boys schools?

            How about ashrams that are (mostly) all male?

            What exactly is your beef with gender segregated living spaces?

  • TheUnknown

    I just happened upon jolly old PZ Myers making a rebuttal against this article. He says, “Those ‘privileges’ women have in India? They’re just necessary accommodations to protect them from a culture gone mad over groping. And the reason men are treated as beasts? Because they act like it.”

    You heard right. Women do have government-sponsored advantages and men are treated as beasts. But it’s all men’s fault! They don’t deserve equality because they’re just not good enough for it.

  • Bharat Mahan

    “I just happened upon jolly old PZ Myers making a rebuttal against this article. He says, “Those ‘privileges’ women have in India? They’re just necessary accommodations to protect them from a culture gone mad over groping. And the reason men are treated as beasts? Because they act like it.”

    Remember that India’s population is over 1 billion. There are millions of gropers here. But again, I blame our culture of arranged marriage and sexual repression, including the joint family household that gives zero privacy to a young couple very much in need of exploring their sexuality with each other.

    Even married sex is shamed here.

  • Bharat Mahan

    Anil links to That site supports arranged marriage and joint family living.

    Both of those systems are misandric and inhibit the individuation of the young adult Indian male.

    • Xayadvara

      First of all, stop this “sexual revolution” trollop. What you are spewing out is the same garbage that is being advertised to you by all this commercial crap surronding you and which has simply heightened whatever “sexual stallions” which are waiting to be unleashed inside. Stop being a slave to them and control whatever it is to unleash it when the time is right – your time will come, just wait for it.

      Remember, we have countless problems in our country right now, trying to adapt a model of some other culture for our own does not decrease but simply adds to the already existing carnage. THIS we simply don’t have the resources to tolerate right now.

      AND you seem to be against our parents residing with us?? What in rotten hell is that for? You are only concerned about your own individual unlicensed freedom forgeting the very fact that they similarly sacrificed theirs to rear you up – shouldn’t you atleast mirror it??

      Fundamentally yes, there is cutbacks to our freedom when people are around us, but it is not totally lost as you seem to imply repeatedly or the relational proximity tensions, you are only blaring about the disadvantages here.

      Your parents are always a treasure trove of wisdom and experience that can provide valuable inputs to your own dealings, it in fact accelerates your own maturity when applied or entertained with a receptive mind. I am not advocating herd mentality or blind obedience but the sort of responsible growth before their very eyes that commands their respect, I mean the respect that comes from the satisfaction that at last their offspring has molded into a man/woman and not by his/her words but their actions.

      And most importantly, they act as a beautiful buffer. Even we are humans and can heat up with our spouses or children at times, even give the child the occasional “thappad” for their unruly actions. You don’t know how reassuring for the child it is at that moment to go to their grandparents – can’t you remember how valuable children are to grandparents and vice-versa?? Why should you deny this valuable resource both for you progeny and parents for your own selfishness?? You can even occasionally take out your wife for some time for yourselves reassured in the manner your children are held.

      And in these busy times in what better manner can you imbibe the knowledge of your own culture/myths/history to your child than from grandparents??? And just check the suicide rates, other than from teens – the greatest suicide rate are from the old age group – it is at this time that they most crave for company, they delight in their children and grandchildren and everything around them. Why do you want to willingly pull back this win-win situation which we already have from ourselves??

      And you are trying to entrust the already unreliable government your own parents?? REST ALL I am can somewhat understand, after everything that our country faces and you very well know, how the hell can you throw a relatively defenseless group of population out to an already messed up system?? You SIR, YOU need a brain scan and an immediate one at that

  • indianmale

    that apartment complex is just for widowers and divorcees? someone who lives there will have to verify that-but what about single working women and female college students?

  • indianmale

    oh and one more thing. it does not say they are ALL housewives

  • indianmale

    one last thing. a “sexual revolution” will increase our problems not decrease them-imagine the epidemic of FRAs

  • indian_girl

    The only reason I am commenting on this post is because many commentators think it is the general reality of India and not just one person’s view. I agree that men are discriminated against in some ways but the discrimination against women is far more rampant and dangerous. It doesn’t even compares to the discrimination that I as a young woman face. Some ways
    in which women have faced discrimination:
    1. Female Infanticide: Women are not even allowed to be born be born(in middle and upper class) or killed at birth(in lower class). I ask Anil if he has ever heard of a case where a male fetus was terminated solely because of its gender and it was female then it would have been allowed to be born?
    2. Literacy rate: It is lower than that of men. People in lower classes would refrain from sending their girls to schools. Many bright young girls would be denied education only because of their gender.
    3. Dowry deaths: While men are sometimes implicated in false cases you will have to admit being burned alive is far more painful.
    4. Rapes: Don’t compare rapes to being beaten up ok? It can only be compared to torture in terms of psychological effects. Tell me will you rather be gang raped by men or be beaten up by them?
    5. Most victims of child molestation are girls.
    6. In India when women marry they have to leave their home and stay with their in-laws. A famous saying is “ladki to parayi hoti hai” ( a girl belongs to strangers for her parents).
    7. Do you, Anil ever were told by your parents to dress modestly, had a curfew in night, ever had your ass pinched or “eve-teased” in bus, paid less on doing equal amount of work because you were male, were you described as slut because your wore shorts, ever had to hold your pee because there was no toilet for you(a woman cant pee on roads like many men), forced to quit your job and sit at home after marriage, had acid thrown at your face because you said no to a proposal from a girl? No? Then sorry if I don’t sympathies with you at same level as I will with a fellow girl.

    • Paul Elam

      Are you afraid of being out-victimed?

      This is not a game of “Oh yeah, see how bad I have it!”

      This is a men’s space where we speak to men’s problems. Men’s problems are not lessened because women also have problems, so put up your list, cupcake, or take it somewhere for where they are dealing with women’s problems. There are countless places for that to happen. Now shoo!

      • indian_girl

        My problem isn’t that he is talking about the suffering of Indian men. My problem is that people here are thinking that India is some kind of heaven for women who rule over men while in fact the opposite will be closer to the truth. And my problem is that he was personalizing many things such as waiting for bus and Shiney Ahuja case.
        If you wanted to have an article written by problems faced by men in India you should have asked someone who knew such problems to write the article. For example , the only protests by men that I ever saw against women was because of strict dowry laws and domestic violence by women against men. Dowry is still a serious problem as you might have noticed if you visited India. So the government passed Dowry Prohibition Act. It prohibited exchange of any gift between marriage parties. But some women falsely accuse their husbands of demanding dowry and many innocent men in this way put behind the bars. Sometimes even their families are not spared. And then these men have to spend a lot of their time and resources to prove themselves innocent as under Sec. 4 of the act” the burden of proving that he had not committed an offense under those sections shall be on him.” Also even though legally a man can register a complain of domestic violence against women, almost no police man will register such complain. In fact he will be laughed upon for his lack of “masculinity” leaving only two options for him, he replies physically to his wife in which case he can be booked under Domestic Violence Act or continue to face violence from his wife. Anil never talked about such issues.
        And as for reserving buses, please tell me if you had a daughter and she had to travel in public transport in India will you have her travel in reserved coaches or seats for women or will you rather have her sexually harassed by a bunch of strangers? Unless you have any other good solution for protecting women from sexual harassment they face when traveling in buses, reservation will be the only choice for women who don’t wish their breasts groped by other men in public.

        • Paul Elam

          “My problem isn’t that he is talking about the suffering of Indian men. My problem is that people here are thinking that India is some kind of heaven for women who rule over men while in fact the opposite will be closer to the truth.”

          Check the recent article about the new laws in India that discriminate against men. Again, this is not to say that women don’t have problems, but the facts speak for themselves. If you don’t like them being expressed from a male perspective, then I suggest you are in the wrong place.

          Take your list with you when you go somewhere where women’s issues are a part of the discussion. There is an abundance of those places and very little for men. Enjoy your advantage and quit bothering people in this place.

          “please tell me if you had a daughter and she had to travel in public transport in India will you have her travel in reserved coaches or seats for women or will you rather have her sexually harassed by a bunch of strangers?”

          I have a daughter. She has better values than to force others to the rear of a bus, and I pity anyone who would try to harass her. She would make them sorry, and quickly. She is not the kind of person that needs or wants rules to be made just for her special self.

          Now, seriously, it is time for you to leave. You have been given some latitude to express your opinions. Call it a favor on my part.

          But as I said, this is a forum where we discuss men’s issues, and there is no interest in playing a back and forth of “Oh yeah” with you on who has it worse.

          Go advocate for women in India. I am sure there are areas where this is needed. Hopefully you will drop the arrogance and entitlement of advocating for the petty entitlements of seating preference and the like, but I am not holding my breath.

    • AlexB

      One person’s view can’t be the general reality in India?All you have done is write a list of discriminations against women in India, you haven’t pointed out why any of what he wrote isn’t true.And ironically your attempt to show how much worse women have it just exposes how much better women have it.

      1.Read this to understand why,

      2.Well, duh, if men aren’t educated and capable how will they be useful to women and pander to female privileges.Women have the option of not working and depending on a man, if they choose to, men don’t.

      3.No, I wouldn’t admit that, it depends on the surrounding circumstances and the individual.

      4.Wrong again, it’s entirely possible for a man beaten up to suffer more psychological damage than a raped woman.This also depends on the specific circumstances and the individual.Since we’re on the subject as far as I know it’s still legal to commit rape in India if you’re female, yeah, you can go rape any man or boy or even a woman or a girl, don’t worry it isn’t illegal.

      5.Sure, when child molestation of boys(especially by women) is normalized in society, there will be less cases reported about it.

      6.And men have no choice but to provide and protect her even at the expense of their own well-being and happiness, if he doesn’t he’ll be a outcast in society.

      7.I don’t know about him but I certainly did get told both of those.And have you ever been beaten up or arrested on the say so of a man who complained that you touched him in an inappropriate manner?Women can pee on roads just fine, maybe you feel it’s degrading or you’re above that?That’s your own problem.Ever been forced to work not just to provide for yourself but others too(why do you think women have the luxury of not having to work for themselves to make a living)?Ever been falsely accused of rape and jailed because you wanted to breakup with a boy?No?Well, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t sink down to your level.

      Obviously when you look at men as utilities(with much less empathy and compassion) and women as human beings you’ll get less discrimination against men, and of course it’s less dangerous, duh, it happens to men not the privileged class of people.
      Your post is an excellent example of how the suffering of men is normalized and ignored by society in deference to the suffering of women.And how deeply ingrained misandry(including your own) is in society.If you are a decent,fair-minded person then read this with a open mind.

      • indian_girl

        “And ironically your attempt to show how much worse women have it just exposes how much better women have it.” You will be the first person to say that women have it better in India. Infanticide, Sati, Bride Burning, Rapes, Acid Attacks which of this sounds tempting to you?
        1. I guess places like Devda will be a heaven for you since you hate women so much. In a resident Rajan Singhi’s words “People administer opium or thrust a small but heavy sack filled with sand or mustard seeds on the baby’s face. Many mothers do not breast feed their daughter, starving the child to death.” Just check it out.There every girl was killed the day she was born for hundreds of years. There are many such “girl free ” villages in Rajasthan and Haryana.
        2. So a woman shouldn’t even have basic literacy because she has the choice to sit at home. Glad to know.
        3. So if you have to choose between being burned alive and being arrested briefly you will choose depending “on the surrounding circumstances”. Yeah sure.
        4. I am 5’2″. How many men can I possibly overpower and rape. And an adult woman having intercourse with an under aged boy will still be booked the same. Also if you were on that bus you would have rather changed places with the woman then with the man. Do you have slight idea of what she had to go through? You make me sick.
        5. Again get some knowledge about the issue.
        6.So I should feel happy that I will be treated like someone’s property as long he gives me some food. Okay. I see your point there. It’s not like I will be doing jobs of both domestic servant and prostitute. If he had actually paid for such services it would have cost him much more. Plus, I bring car, fridge, tv, gold etc in dowry. So I see why he is a poor fellow. While I am a bitch.
        I don’t understand why can’t you admit that girls suffer much more than boys in India. Next you will be telling me how much men have to suffer in Afghanistan because of women. Okay just tell me was it worse to be a woman or a man under Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan? Just answer this question in yes or no. Dont change the topic. Just say yes or no.

        • Xayadvara

          2) Oh wow – now can you point out how exactly did he say what you said? Is it your superfine extrasensory nerves picking them out?
          3) How many are actually burned? Have solid facts? And of them, how many are accidents? – Real accidents? And accidents made to look like dowry deaths? Just to add up numbers in feminist stats? Any idea of the breakdown?
          4) Yeah, thank God you are 5’2 – Because you are 5’2 women can never rape men, because you are 5’2 men can never have drugs or substances kept in their food/drinks and be raped, because you are 5’2 men can never be raped by legally by women, only under unnatural acts – thank god you are 5’2, so shall we make the law that every 5’2 are automatically exempt from raping? or being able to rape? Shall we extend this to men too? Or will it be simply added to their male privilege? Ever thought of looking into a mirror and wondered why you are not more sick than at present?
          5) Red-herring much? Can’t back your words with stats? Try to bring raw scientific data here, is it even possible for you?
          6) What you brought is just part of your inheritance beforehand – and you have the full license to exploit it – does he have anything like that? Fuck, even if you register a police complaint will he be believed or you? Who the megafuck does IrBM? The “poor fellow” or the bitch? Hypocricy much? Hypergamy satisfied by screwing him and his family dry of money? – Go ahead, IrBM is your friend.

          And No, women don’t have it worse than men – they are both equally repressed, but just one side’s views are expounded a lot – GWW is your friend, watch her female privelege backfires video – if it’s even possible for you to comprehend that is

        • externalangst


    • Xayadvara

      -_^ – you really think all this has not been dissected here before and you are the herald of vibrant fresh air here?

      1) Yeah, it is there and guess why? Because we are always the beast of burden, if girls could bring in sustenance instead of us, we would have been the ones who were killed off – that case is the result of an entrenchment regarding archaic customs and the project of survival.
      2) And how many “bright young men” were passed over in the name of Affirmative Action considering the famous Golden Uterus?
      3) Yeah, being burned alive is far more painful. And how much does these cases exist? You will never wipe out any violence completely, but you can severely limit it. Feminists out-blew the cases to make it seems as if it’s a common-place occurence, and that jailed families…….. F.A.M.I.L.I.E.S … jailed even pregnant sister-in-laws, ever think these group incarceration is greater than that of men? – ever heard what a real woman of integrity – heck, a woman’s rights activist (I am not even going to insult her naming “feminist”) had to say about these “dowry deaths” ? Madhu Kishawar? No? Look that up, and then open your trap.
      4) Ever heard of Prison Rape? No? Ever thought why? And even if it’s flashed in the news (very low probability, still) will it ever be dealt with? No – Ever thought why? Because it’s men and afterall they deserve them eh? You know nothing – and Indian stats are not available, in the western ones, males are raped as much as women if not more…. and you have nothing to say about female rapists eh?
      5) Oh really? Proof please? Or will any of your bullshit pass muster because of your Holy Vagina? And if it’s news stories …. yeah right, boys find it much more difficult to come out or even point it out. On top of that, the news stories will almost always are looking for playing around with people’s natural psychology for the pooooor women and girls……. so who do you think will be favored to appear in headlines more?

      7) Ever been asked by your parents to look after the siblings or younger ones? Accumulate wealth for them? Conduct their expenses? No? … And you think we could go out immodestly? Yeah, we can go out in underwears and our parents will be proud of it – that’s some lovely observation you got there. Paid less on doing equal amount of work? – If you were paid less, then it’s only logical that only girls will be hired by companies since they are much more profitable by boys…. or did this simple observation sail over your head? Or is it true simply because of the void beneath your navel that makes it true? – Can you even fucking prove what you wrote? – And can we ever sit at home? Can we ever for a moment take a break? And if we did – who the megafuck would be shaming us first? Sorry, but we really don’t need the sympathy of your coffee-shop feminism – Might as well take the sword from the front than the blade from the back – So your sympathy can politely fuck off.