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Woody Allen and the Court of Public Opinion

Soon_Yi_Previn_and_Woody_Allen_at_the_Tribeca_Film_FestivalLet me say straight up that Woody Allen revolts me. He seems, to me, like a repulsive little toad of a man. Though it’s not his littleness that offends me; it’s the whole snivelling, ingratiating pseudo-intellectual package.

If it came down to me and Woody Allen as the last two people on earth, humanity would be over.

And do you know what all of that is evidence of?


My feelings about Woody Allen and his epic un-fuckability (in my eyes) are not evidence of anything. The most common word to describe the feeling Woody evokes is “creepiness. ” I know that is a word used to shame men who haven’t done anything wrong, but in this case, all it describes are my feelings: he’s a man I find the thought of fucking revolting. Sexual attention from him would disgust me.

I think a lot of women are as viscerally disgusted by Woody Allen as I am, but rather than understand that their feelings are their feelings, feelings that are their problem not Woody Allen’s, they are using those feelings to convict Woody Allen of child molestation in the courts of public opinion.

Nuh-uh. Your feelings haven’t got anything to do with it, cupcake. They’re your problem not anyone else’s.

Now, this case is complicated by several factors independent of anyone’s “feelz.”  Let’s take them one at a time.

Woody Allen married one of his previous lover’s children:

Soon-Yi Previn.  Previn.  Not Soon-Yi Allen.  Woody may have been in a long term relationship with Soon-Yi’s mother Mia Farrow, but he was not her father. Soon-Yi says she never thought of him as her father.  He was her mother’s boyfriend and eventually became her husband.

That hits lots of women hard.  The idea of being usurped not just by a much younger woman, but by your own daughter, carries a sharp barb.  It stings.  Getting tossed for a younger woman always stings.  The fact that older men have sexual access to younger women is something that pisses off lots of women.

No fair!  Men value beauty and youth and use their own assets of wealth and power to access that resource, and there is fuck all older women can do about it other than piss and moan.  Well, older women can also try not to be nasty slovenly bitches, but that’s asking a lot, isn’t it?

The fact that Woody married Soon-Yi (a marriage that has lasted 15 years and counting) is not evidence of anything other than Woody apparently likes to live dangerously.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Dylan Farrow “remembers” being abused by Woody

I have no doubt that Dylan Farrow believes she was abused by Woody Allen but that doesn’t make it true.  False memories are very real and Dylan was so young at the time the abuse allegedly occurred she would have been particularly prone to incorporating those memories as fact.

This is precisely the reason we have courts of justice in the first place.  The accusation carries such serious consequences that we must be completely unwilling to convict unless evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is presented. Dylan’s case was investigated and prosecutors declined to pursue charges against Woody.

Does that make him innocent?

Er, yes.  Yes it does.  No one is guilty of a crime, any crime, until they have been convicted in a court of law full stop.  The alternative is vigilante justice and kangaroo courts and those tend not to work out very well for anyone.

The question is not did Woody Allen molest Dylan Farrow?  The question is has Woody Allen been convicted of abusing Dylan Farrow?

He has not.  Dylan’s accusation that Hollywood is lauding a child molester carries no weight because we do not give weight to feelings when it comes to crimes of this magnitude.  Feelings are not relevant.  Facts are.

Mia Farrow is a piece of work

So, at 24 years of age herself, Mia had an affair with a 40 year old musician that resulted in her becoming pregnant, Andre Previn’s marriage ending and Andre’s wife Dory ending up on a psych ward getting electroshock therapy. Dory even wrote a famous song about it. Oh, and did I mention that 19 year old Mia Farrow had married 50+ year old Frank Sinatra before she had that affair with Previn? Yeah, might want to mention that while you’re pillorying Woody and Soon-Yi for a similar choice.

Yeah, sure, Mia.  Tell us how offended you are by younger women doing a bit of husband-stealing.

Her Valentine’s Day card to Woody in 1992 is charming too, no?

And letting Woody know through the media that she fucked her ex-Frank Sinatra while he was with her, and their son Ronan just might be Frank’s baby not Woody’s after all, is super classy.

Mia Farrow also testified on behalf Roman Polanski who pled guilty to having sex with a 13 year old girl he’d given drugs to.  But somehow that one was okay.  Mia had nothing to say about Polanski taking home the Oscar for The Pianist.

This all smacks of sour grapes to me.  Mia can’t stand the fact the that Woody has gone on to lead a happy and productive life without her.

Our favorite little feminist harpy Amanda Marcotte would like to see a new preponderance of evidence standard applied to men like Woody Allen.  Why? Because sleazy assholes make her feel feelings that are bad feelings and that is unacceptable. Because feels.

More to the point, it’s worth saying to yourself that if a guy that creeps people out and is known for crossing boundaries that often is accused of rape—or if a guy who is a sleazy asshole who emotionally abuses his girlfriend/wife in front of others and who she seems to be scared of is accused of hitting her—it really, truly is okay to cut the strings and let him go and offer your support to the accuser instead. Doing so isn’t taking away his freedom.

In other words, consult your feelings and convict away.  Shun that guy.  He’s creepy!  Always believe the victim.  Tell her you support her unconditionally and there is no need for irritating little things like evidence for convictions except feels.

There, there, sweetie pie.  Did that bad man hurt you?  We’ll ruin his life and make it all better for you.

Gee.  What could possibly go wrong?

Ultimately, I don’t know if Woody Allen is a child molester.  What I do know is the fact that he repulses me physically, married a younger woman and behaves in a way that I “feel” is “creepy” is not evidence of anything other than my own personal feelings.

Feelings are not evidence.

I refuse to see Woody Allen films because I find him a snivelling asshat who is not the slightest bit charming or appealing to me.  I don’t like him.

By some miracle, I am able to live in a world with men I don’t want to fuck without declaring them guilty of some crime.  I can be repulsed by Woody and still be capable of some objectivity when it comes to deciding if he is guilty of a heinous crime.  I can find him stupid and annoying and be insulted by his preference for younger women and still consider him innocent until proven guilty.

Because ultimately, I am not owed a world filled with hot men who conform to my personal ideas about charm and wit and appeal.

It is not a crime for a man to not appeal to me.

And until Woody Allen is convicted in a court of law, I will not call him a child molester.

I will however call him an ugly skinny irritating little motherfucker.

Because he is.

And that’s not a crime.

Lots of love,



Editorial note: Image of Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen used under Creative Commons “Share and Share Alike” licence, as noted here. –DE

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Janet Bloomfield has an undergraduate degree in Film Theory and she has read most historical and current feminist theory. No, she doesn't need a dictionary. She was banned from Twitter for creating the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, which continues to flourish without her presence. She has an MBA and a rewarding career as a wife to her husband of 15 years and a mother to their three children. She uses her spare time to bake cookies, blog at and she cares passionately about the well-being of women and girls and men and boys around the world.

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  • greg

    Feminists crucify Woody Allen. No surprise.

    Let’s see what happens to Bill Cosby. Katie JM Baker /Newsweek, formerly Jezebel, who’s never heard an accusation she didn’t orgasm over, is after his ass.

  • tamerlame

    There are MGTOW’s turning on Woody.

    Why is Woody the creepy one? If a older dude and a young girl getting together is creepy, isn’t Soon-Yi Previn creepy as well? Is she just an agentless victim of a creepy older predator? I would expect red pillers to know better than to repeat the same old misandry that feminists peddle.

    To be honest when I am 55, I will bang a 20 year old if I get the chance.

    • Bewildered

      Different strokes for different folks !

      But self proclaimed liberals are oblivious of their own control freakery.!

      Making the personal political has become a chronic disease.

    • Kevin Wayne

      Recently married. Known wife almost 6 years. Current age difference: 54 & 29.

    • Stu

      He’s not creepy because he got with a younger woman…….he’s creepy because……because………oh I don’t know…….can’t you just see it LOL

  • Heisenberg

    Working in the Court system, I know that there are many cases where there is a very great distance between “not enough evidence to prosecute” and “the accused is innocent”. That being said, it sounds like an interdisciplinary investigate body in State of Connecticut was fairly adamant that no abuse was committed my Woody. Furthermore, this was more than 20 years ago. The whole Allen, Farrow, Previn clan sounds like a bunch of over-privileged, cultural elite who don’t really have to live in reality with the rest of us.

    • Bewildered

      The whole Allen, Farrow, Previn clan sounds like a bunch of over-privileged, cultural elite who don’t really have to live in reality with the rest of us.

      This is how the evil seed of feminism sprouted.Gynocentrism coupled with public apathy/stupidity nourished the tree. But mercifully its roots are not strong and deep. A tornado of public awareness is all that’s needed to uproot it.

  • Kimski

    “That hits lots of women hard”

    Going over the comments in this case, it becomes quite evident that the majority of female commenteers are reacting like it happened to them personally, and not someone they actually know very little about, except from what is presented by the tabloids.
    And most of them are siding up with Mia Farrow, despite her long history of doing most of the same things as Allen, as well as some downright mentally disturbed behaviors at times.

    I don’t get why Allen has not yet sued the living dayligths out of the person who has continued to make his life miserable for 15 years, and who is still doing a pretty good job at it. Anyone with that kind of Godzilla-sized chip on their shoulder needs to be put in their place and as fast as possible, before the individual causes further harm to their surroundings.
    -As we’re now witnessing with her own daughter…

    And for the record, I haven’t seen any more of his work than the amount of time it takes to fill a bucket with vomit. Grossly overrated and completely outdated, as both actor and director, IMHO.
    He makes chick-flicks, mostly…what more needs to be said…?

  • Bewildered

    By some miracle, I am able to live in a world with men I don’t want to fuck without declaring them guilty of some crime. I can be repulsed by Woody and still be capable of some objectivity when it comes to deciding if he is guilty of a heinous crime. I can find him stupid and annoying and be insulted by his preference for younger women and still consider him innocent until proven guilty.

    Because ultimately, I am not owed a world filled with hot men who conform to my personal ideas about charm and wit and appeal.

    It is not a crime for a man to not appeal to me.

    And until Woody Allen is convicted in a court of law, I will not call him a child molester.

    Brilliant! Did you ever consider studying law ? You would have made a good judge..

    The biggest culprit here is the culture that gives women the license to be stupid,at times unbelievably so, without any repercussions whatsoever thanks to PC nonsense.
    There’s no way anyone can upend reality eternally.
    The sad fact is that popular media has usurped judicial authority,figuratively speaking,from people who are supposed to be in charge and there are enough fools to gobble up whatever nonsense they dish up without any doubts whatsoever.
    They have had great success because there’ appears to be something perverted in basic human nature that likes to believe the worst about other people in order to feel good about oneself.

    • redKevin47

      The habit for schadenfreude is not part of human nature. It is an integral part of capitalism’s cultural apparatus. The wage labor system forces people to compete against one another. Shifting debt onto another person is part of this.

  • Winstone

    Mia Farrow is not only a disgusting person, she also is a child abuser. She used Dylan to build false allegations against Woody Allen, and in doing this she ruined the life to children.

  • roeboat72

    I am by no means a fan of Woody Allen, I think his work is overrated. But I never believed that many of these accusations were true, not only because of the lack of verifiable evidence, but instead of the fact that the whole case reeks of vindictive old woman trying to get back at the man who left her while using parental alienation to achieve that goal. I don’t know if Dylan is his daughter or another man’s so the parental alienation would likely be only on one side, but I have always felt that things didn’t add up.

    Plus Mia Farrow’s character is as bad as it can come, so I do not trust her to make a valid accusation in general to begin with.

  • scott2508

    what i found interesting was mias tweet a week or so back when she described it as her truth ( refering to dylan ) instead of the truth , the horrific thing is , that which i belive that woody is innocent , and i dont like the guy or his work , dylan isnt lying , she belives this and is carrying the guilt and hurt that an abused kid would because she has been made to belive it happened, and , i cant think of a better way to describe it but to me in many ways this is as bad if not in some ways worse than if it had actually happened as she has been made to carry this guilt and pain because ( again my opinion im not stating fact when i cant ) her mother wants revenge.

  • B.R. Merrick

    I’ll come out of the closet here as a big Woody Allen fan: “Hannah and Her Sisters,” “Annie Hall,” “Love and Death,” “The Sleeper,” “The Purple Rose of Cairo,” “Manhattan Murder Mystery,” “Midnight in Paris,” even “Match Point.”

    I will also thoroughly endorse the difference of opinion on the man, as written in the article above, due to the author’s recognition of facts over feelings. It is quite difficult for a lot of modern women to do that, because it is difficult for humans to do so.

    I am also not attracted to Mr. Allen, but will still see him as a fine filmmaker and wonderfully funny individual, as the wrongs done to him were not fully known to me until Angry Harry linked to an insightful article. I understand the disinterest that leads to the name-calling, but cannot say that I agree at all.

    The worst thing he apparently did was not tell Mia first. When someone like Dr. T can see how psychotic Mia is, can you blame him?

    My best to Mr. and Mrs. Allen. May they live a long and happy life together.

  • Bluedrgn

    This whole saga hits kind of close to home for me because I came close to being falsely accused myself…

    My son who was 3 at the time apparently told his Mom (we were divorced) that he “had sex with daddy”. I doubt he even had any concept what sex was… maybe he thought sex was just being naked together, and he was referring to the fact that we took showers together when he was a baby because I didn’t want to leave him unattended? Who knows?

    She confronted me with it and closely monitored our Skype conversations for awhile (I was overseas at the time) but I was VERY lucky that she took a “lets wait and see” approach rather then doing the Mia Farrow freak out and drilling him about it until he became convinced that something that never happened was true.

    I was all too aware that if she decided to take it to the cops that I stood probably a 50/50 chance of being thrown in jail and my life ruined… not to mention probably permanently losing any access to my son (even if I wasn’t convicted), all based on something that absolutely never happened.

    I was lucky that she obviously had doubts herself and was not vindictive… because my life was completely in her hands at that point and I knew it.

    • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

      Holy shit, that is some scary stuff, Bluedrgn!

      My daughter used to freak people out by telling them she married her Daddy every day by the dishwasher.

      For the most part, it was literally true. She had a wedding gown costume (leftover from a Hallowe’en sale I think) and every day for about three months, she got up put on her dress and veil and collected her bouquet of flowers and she insisted on a wedding ceremony (officiated by me) on the sunny patch of the floor, which happens to be by the dishwasher.

      She had a silly vow every day which was totally hilarious (I, Pinky, promise not to eat Playdoh anymore) and her favorite part was “you may now kiss the bride”..

      She got a kiss, Daddy got lots of kisses back and it was the most darling, innocent thing ever.

      Try to imagine the response if I wrote about this story on Jezebel. Something totally beautiful and sweet and innocent and gorgeous would be turned into something nightmarishly horrifying almost instantaneously.

      When we give women who don’t like something that kind of power, we are in some serious trouble indeed.

  • Mateusz Wacek

    So, according to feminists, the way you feel about men means you can just do away with the burden of proof… kinda like how Klansmen just feel that blacks are all gangbangers, so if a black guy is accused of murder, then might as well lower the proof, since they just got this feeling.

    Racists and sexists are both shitbags, but at least Klansmen are recognized as such. Society still doesn’t want to admit to witnessing feminist hate, even while witnessing it.

  • Stu

    I bet most women hate your guts JB. I bet most of your close friends are men. And the reason of course, is because you don’t bow down to this “feelings” should rule the world model that most women seem to subscribe too..

    I actually think Woody Allen is a creepy little germ of a man too. But those are just feeling also. I figure most men probably look at him that way as well. But where most men differ from me, is that they will leave him alone……….until a woman says……”that disgusting little germ of a man offends me…..and he is a rapist or something really bad……please go and kill him for me”. Where as I will say…….”eat shit”, most men will actually turn into white knights tilting at wind mills.

    And the only antidote to this, is if other woman start calling these white knights, disgusting little germs of men also.

  • aecgh

    Feminist ‘Lynch Mob’ Is Wrong on Woody Allen

    How a new feminist dogma asks us to throw reason to the wind — harming both men and women – By Cathy Young

  • angrytomato

    “Mia Farrow also testified on behalf Roman Polanski who pled guilty to having sex with a 13 year old girl he’d given drugs to. But somehow that one was okay. Mia had nothing to say about Polanski taking home the Oscar for The Pianist.”

    Geez, I didn’t know that.
    I still find Allen to be a screwy creep for the Soon-Yi incident. I’m actually a big fan of his work (Annie Hall is in my top 10 movies), think he’s hilarious and has some legitimate brilliance. That might make it tempting to find some angle of justification for Soon-Yi, but I can’t. It’s TOO twisted for my liking. But it’s safe to say that Mia’s pretty twisted too. She’s reaping what she’s sewn.

  • Andy Bob

    I always felt sorry for poor Woody Allen. First he got stuck with that awful Mary Hartman creature who almost dragged him down into her drug-fuelled nightmare. Then he got embroiled with feminist nutbar Dianne Keaton, who obviously used him for career purposes. Next, he fell into Mia Farrow’s boney lap like a gift from heaven for the aging no-talent whose career was goinf nowhere.

    The ultra-lazy Soon Yi secured a lionized multi-millionaire with Hollywood connections and intellectual pretensions by waiting until she was old enough to usurp her mother – and has been living very, very well ever since. I’m not quite sure what Woody Allen has gotten out of these relationships, but the women fared very well indeed. Obviously, he is the ‘right’ kind of creep.

  • Cam

    Woody Allen can do what he likes within the law. I could not care less about the guy and I certainly would not waste my time writing an article about him.

    It is quite ridiculous and sad that so many people obsess about other people’s lives, especially those of celebrities. I can only assume they must be missing something fundamental in their own.

    • Andy Bob

      What is happening to this particular celebrity is very relevant to some of the central issues in the MHRM. Most importantly, this is a man who has been targeted with serious allegations of sexual misconduct by a vindictive ex-partner who has demonstrated scant concern for the devastating impact it has had on her children.

      The public response is proving to be very instructive on a number of levels.

      Feminists are frothing at the mouth in a manner that exposes their disregard for due process, and their vehement expectation that others do the same. They are also attempting to enforce their belief that allegations made by women against men should always be believed, regardless of existing evidence. Plain for all to see, is how the mainstream media allows feminists to impose their outrageously bigoted assumptions about men – and seek to deride those with dissenting views.

      Another important aspect of this case is the conundrum that is Woody Allen himself – a conundrum that is articulated brilliantly by Janet Bloomfield. Woody may play the quintessential weedy anti-hero in a career spanning half a century, but in real life, he is something else altogether.

      Woody Allen, like him or not, has been a major player on the Hollywood scene who has enjoyed the kind of auteur independence that other players can only dream of. Studio bosses give him carte blanche on story, editing, cast and budget that Alfred Hitchcock would have envied. This has given him the kind of status and wealth that have allowed the Diane Keatons of the world to overlook his nerdy image.

      In other words, Woody Allen is a special kind of ‘creep’. As such, many women have always been confused about how to regard him. Thanks to feminists, and the rape culture hysteria they have manufactured, women are less confused, and group-think bias has taken hold.

      What happens to Woody Allen, not just in the court of public opinion, is very important to us all.

      • MGTOW-man


        I am glad you responded like you did here. You do not usually respond to people who comment on your comments, not even when they compliment you, I have noticed. But if you hadn’t here, I would have.

        The “over-celebritization” of our world is astoundingly stupid and I agree with what Cam says above. But this hideous auto-treatment of him by the lamestream media transcends and is of profound importance to our futures as men and boys with human rights. Good call.

        Just one more way to say we are fighting the female-feelings hijacking or takeover of everything everywhere for everybody.

        Someone above said it is hard for modern women to not let their feelings overwhelm them because it is hard for “humans” to do it.

        True, but men have been socialized, trained, bio-determined…whatever…to try and leave feelings out of public discourse and policy-making. It is women that have to learn this and be made to take this anti-evolutionary leap.

        We DO have our work cut out for us.

    • JinnBottle

      I’m not up on up-to-the-moment what is happening with Woody Allen, because I, too, could care less about him-the-biography: But if it’s something to do with wymynz feelings taking over – by force, as it must be, if not by legal means, it’s just that here we have social pressure as a force – due process, then Woody’s fate is very much our concern.

      What I call the salemization of law (most of the accusers in the 1692 Witch Trials were women, by the way), is right at the belly of the beast of feminism, if not the heart.

    • Bluedrgn

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

      If we all took the attitude of “I don’t care about injustice when it doesn’t affect me personally”, then there will be no one left to stand against injustice at all.

  • Seele

    Andy Bob,

    I do agree with you that Woody Allen is actually a case worth studying, beyond what the popular press and feminists feed us.

    Here’s a thought. What if Allen was not a weedy little man but a most attractive man, the type who would never be described as a “creep”? He would definitely be more aware of the motives of women around him, because the reason would be the face staring at him in a mirror. But being the unattractive man that he is, it’s likely that he believes the women attracted to him are inherently “better”, for appreciating his true self rather than appearance. You see the blind spot that he might have: while he does not attract women by his appearance, he certainly overlooked that his fame, power and wealth more than compensate for his inherent shortcomings in the looks department.

    Sure he’s thrice married (Harlene Rosen, Louise Lasser, Soon-Yi Previn) and had Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow as partners over the years, it seems to me that these women all got the better deal out of their relationships with him. Somehow I do not see Allen being the predator of women as claimed, Farrow was somewhat younger at the time when she jumped into Allen’s arms, and Previn was not exactly a clueless child when their relationship turned romantic. Certainly I am not saying that he’s a saint – far from it I reckon – but if I have to choose between seeing him as a very poor judge of character, and a predator of women (and children), I would pick the former one.

  • JinnBottle

    Up until about 6 years ago I couldn’t stand Woody Allen either, full stop. But the full stop became a bit mobile again when I saw “Match Point”. All of y’all who haven’t seen that one but don’t like Woody Allen, give it a try. Ditto Spielberg and “Schindler’s List”.

    All the above is *not* OT as far as I’m concerned: Just as I want to see the political go back to the *im*personal, so I would like to see, at least men, go back to the mentality that is able to separate an artist’s work from the fact that he…I dunno used to force gerbils up his ass.

  • captive

    The kind of stuff Mia Farrow wrote in her book make her look like an utterly incompetent mother because she says he was seeing therapy to “see that his behavior was wrong” with one of the girls. Apparently, this woman was with the same man she said was incredibly inappropriate on a regular basis with her daughter. If I were a father, I would not stay with a woman who was regularly abusing my son or daughter. The first time I thought she was inappropriate, she would be out on her ass – no counseling – no spending years to realize that touching my son or daughter inappropriately wasn’t ok…

    Because Mia Farrow wrote this kind of stuff, I think she’s full of nonsense, or just as guilty as him if he did molest her. However, this seems like a vindictive lie she talked her 7 year old into believing – especially considering what Farrow wrote in her book about Allen.

    This should be a no “creepiness” shaming site though. Guys who are born squirrelly looking like Woody Allen are just as much male as guys who look like Rambo.

  • MGTOW-man

    “Dylan’s accusation that Hollywood is lauding a child molester carries no weight because we do not give weight to feelings when it comes to crimes of this magnitude. Feelings are not relevant. Facts are.”

    —As much as I love your work and respect you immensely, I still must say that when it comes to feelings of women, I believe that to women and feminists, their feelings are more important than men and boys and their rights—and even men will throw their own feelings as well as the feelings of other men under the bus… if doing so will elevate another woman’s feelings (female admiration).

    In a nutshell, I think it is the runaway feelings of women (with feminists touting them on) that is behind radical feminism with all its feelings-of-women emphasis. They say the “personal is political” and now we see why they say it: We are supposed to stop everything and pay special attention and make it all revolve around them based entirely on how things FEEL for women no matter how many other serious reasons we validly have for not doing so. “A real man” who is polite, gentlemanly, and “respectful” of women (ruse for competing for women…so no embarrassing truth about women will be told (wink, wink), but shhhh!) will take great exception when it comes to how women feel” blah, blah, blah….

    I say, it takes a duped had-sucker more like a coward….

    I think getting women to see that their feelings is not the center of it all, can not induce public policy FOR ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, are not reality, are not more important than the constitutional rights of others (men and boys mainly), will not be elevated to the supreme indicator of truth and justified punishment of others… and all else that needs to be taught to women, IS our task. I mean, think about this! It is obvious.

    Their feelings are not reality—well, not the REAL one.

    Their feelings are what we are fighting! Feelings themselves aren’t bad, of course not. It is when they let those feelings take over them AND US that we need to take a closer look at how we are letting female feelings ruin everything.

    Now, I will sit and wait for some feminists to say…”Oh, MGTOW-man said to trample the feelings of women…”

    And when they do… they will prove me right!

    I never said that, implied that, or meant that.

    For it will be those feelings of theirs that will make them exaggerate,. stretch, hype-up, and outright lie about me and other men and women who agree with me. (and to be sure, there ARE women who agree with me here and elsewhere…oh yeah!)

    Stop runaway feelings domination of all we know, then we stop feminism. In this way, rationality and feminism are antonyms.

    I have always believed it and I always will… that women, when handed power in a complex developed world already conveniently manufactured/created so they can just hop right on in and take over with their quest for what they call equality”, did not know how to stave off their own feelings— that has ran their psyches and beings as long as there have been Homo sapiens (with competitive, chivalrous and duped men too scared to be honest about it too).

    Wanna know who showed this truth to me…explained it to me in incredible detail?

    A wise old woman…one not given to letting how she FEELS interrupt her more rational side—like women USED to be. She has passed now, but I swore to her somehow that I would immortalize her words. Honest women like her are exceptionally rare. No wonder the feminists want them dead already!

    When women like this speak this truth, that truth is so against what the other women FEEL that they will break out the sledgehammer immediately in order to crush it out of existence.—or try too. Thankfully, we have JB and other sensible women.

    We do have some women like this here on AVfM and in other venues. But they are rare. That is just how strongly the ebb and flow of women’s feelings are. Make no mistake about that! The feelings of women are a very powerful hijacker!

    And feminists bleat “women have no power.”

    Oooooh, how they “forget”…. Heck, we even let the MERE feelings of women dominate! ..and that is having “no power”?!@#$%^*!!!! (Surely, I must be dreaming something so stupid was said).

    No power, my ass!

    Fighting feminism is fighting female feelings. Fighting it says that there are rational rules out there and it may not please women to learn this truth,…but too bad!

  • earth one

    Excellent article – thanks – somebody needed to say it.

    A main pillar of Feminism’s moral authority is that we should ‘feel’ who is guilty and who is not.

    The very act of accusing someone of sexual abuse, rape, harassment, whatever, magically makes the accuser into a victim and a survivor who must at all costs be believed, who is above reproach, and grants that person absolute moral authority and immunity. Meanwhile the panicked public scurries around looking for a rope with which to hang the accused. Kind of like the Salem Witch Trials.

    Hysteria = Power.

    • Mateusz Wacek

      “A main pillar of Feminism’s moral authority is that we should ‘feel’ who is guilty and who is not.”

      Excellent insight. Feminism does have a lot of power over who we sympathize with, and who we don’t, who feels innocent and who feels guilty.

  • writeonbrother

    How could anyone who doesn’t know Woody Allen possibly care about him? I can’t. I just don’t think he’s funny. What I do care about is a culture where an accusation of wrong doing with the associated social disgust that comes with this particular kind of accusation, can be enough to publicly lynch a man. Any man.
    Even more troubling, is the quickness and the delight with which some have offered the rope.

  • donzaloog

    Thank you, Janet! I’ve been waiting for this article. It sums up this situation perfectly. The timing of the resurgence of these accusations is what is most suspicious to me. Only now that Woody is nominated for an Oscar does Dylan decide to dig this shit up. It stinks of a campaign to ruin his life and vilify him in the eyes of his peers.

  • Bill May

    As a man I find this article quite offensive. But it just goes to show you that most women should not be involved in the men’s rights movement.

    I have never, ever equated a woman’s worth as a human being by how ‘fuckable’ she is to me. That being said, I have to ask you Janet – are you a Feminist? It sure would appear that way.

    Any person with half a brain can see this article is not pro-male, nor even pro-human for that matter.

    Utter garbage.