“Why are you an MRA?”

A feminist-identified partner of mine once asked me: “Why are you an MRA?”

A great number of answers fluttered before my eyes. I thought of my initial attraction to the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM); the redressal of the legal inequalities facing me and my gender and that woman may compel us to support children we have no choice in having. I thought of mentioning the real red-pill moments; becoming aware of the sentencing disparity, of the meat-grinder that is family law, of my growing empathy for the oft-ignored male victims of sexual assault, of the sheer weight of men who die, or are killed, or take their own lives, and the callous manner that this is “business as normal”. I even thought of launching from how my own anti-feminist inclinations came into being.

I mentioned none of this. I simply said:

“Because the truth is sacred.

“Because you, dear heart, subscribe to an ideology that has taught you that you are victims of a vast, overarching conspiracy – or perhaps a condition. That your gender ‘had it worse’. And no, I’m afraid it is not an impersonal matter to me. Your ideology insists that my father, my gentle, good-natured, wise father, is an oppressor, a thug, a brutish, rutting beast, and my mother, strong, hard-nosed, and ever-cynical, is his victim. That is an insult I will not stand.”

But, in hindsight, I think I need to add to that.

Because feminism takes history, a subject I love and treasure, and takes a knife to it, carves and maims and circumcises it to feminism’s preferred shape and form, and sets it to walk the streets of public opinion, to tell us that the entirety of human history, women have been oppressed, by men, as slaves and serfs were oppressed by their owners. As free-associating trade unionists were oppressed by gangsters, SA men and the rich and powerful. As Kulaks and Chechens were herded into railway carts and sent to freeze in Siberia. Such was the oppression of women.

I do not seek to deny the unequal treatment of men and women in the past – or even the present. The past was a harsh, brutal foreign country. Merely that unequal treatment – especially when such inequality brutally maimed and killed men by the millions – does not constitute oppression of women alone. That calling such of societies where women were home-makers and baby-producers, and men were heavy-lifters and dog-soldiers, which churned through male bodies in their bloody-handed wars, their nascent industrialization, in the daily struggle to just survive, is an utter insult.

That to address the war dead, the maimed, the miners buried beneath the earth, the limb-ripped workers, the dead the sea will never give up, and every other hideous fate meted out – predominantly to men – in the name of keeping human society functioning, with the mewl of “Patriarchy hurts men too”, is as monstrous an insult to both truth and compassion as to fall beyond my capabilities of description.

Traditional society hurt men. Traditional society hurt women. Traditional society can stay in the harsh, foreign country where it belongs.

The core of the MHRM, of its human rights advocacy, of its essence, is a struggle for truth. It is a struggle for the truth of men’s humanity – that we are people, worthy of respect, worthy of compassion, worthy of trust. That we deserve to have our consent, and rights respected and protected by law and society, just as every woman does.

It is a fight for the acknowledgement of male victims of domestic violence, of sexual assault, of a murderous court-system, and more.

It is to strive, that it be recognized the difficulties, travails and problems that face men are worth time and attention. That our worth is not in our utility. That our humanity is not negotiable. That we are more likely to be killed, more likely to be struck down by illness and injury, more likely to die on the job, more likely to kill ourselves, to be made homeless, to be made unemployed, to be compelled into supporting children we may have never wanted, or else never see due to the group psychopathy of family law practice.

It is land war in Asia against bad statistics, urban legend, and a gynocentric culture fueled by chivalry and the natural impulse to protect the weak. It is a campaign to move people from the easy, no-thought-required instinct logic of a pack animal to “protect the female!”, to a genuine, considered and rational egalitarianism, where attitudes, and policy, are shaped by the science and logic. Where unbiased enquiry into human behaviour is the norm, and debate is not shaped by a religious code of “female victim, male perpetrator”.

This is a battle for the truth. Truth in history. Truth about law. Truth regarding inequity and indignity forced upon men. Above all, it is a battle for the truth of the humanity of men.

About Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt is a writer and social observer dedicated to exposing the inherently cruel nature of feminist thinking.

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  • onca747

    Brilliant red pill stuff. Thanks Alex.

  • Tom Golden

    Well said! The truth is a stranger to most these days. We have our work cut out for us.

  • the hermit

    “Because the truth is sacred.”

    Perfect answer. Should the truth be on the other side, i would be there.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Edward Jessup

    Thank you for this. This will now be my go-to link for anyone who asks me the question.

    You’ve stated it perfectly. I would only add “my son” to the piece about your father.

  • GQuan

    A society cannot thrive if it doesn’t value the truth. The truth can be elusive, and refract through the prism of individual perception in various ways, but it has to be held as an objective principle towards which we strive. Often we will fall short, or only perceive facets of the truth, or interpret our view of the truth in different ways, but the key point is that truth *must* be held apart from the self. It is not a tool, to be used when it benefits you and then swiftly shunted aside in favour of misdirection or lies when those suddenly seem like better tools. It is not just another weapon in your arsenal, of equal standing to mistruth or individual feelings. It is sacred. Without the ideal of truth as something external to which we strive, we are lost in egotism and manipulation; the world becomes impossible to navigate healthily.

    One of the strongest motivations behind my rejection of feminism, right from the start, was the obvious tendency of feminists to disregard the importance of truth in favour of ideological assumption, misdirection, or flat out lies. On top of that, seeing how these mistruths were entrenching themselves in public discourse; an entire edifice constructed on a foundation of untruth, an edifice I could never be comfortable navigating because I didn’t chart my course on the basis of its plan. And then the name of truth is even invoked by those who have no concern for it.

    • Room101

      I agree 100%, but we must also remember that NOBODY has a monopoly of the truth. We are more likely to be honest with each other when we realize we can learn from each other.

      • GQuan

        Indeed. That’s precisely what I’m saying. The truth is too big to be comprehended by any one person, and it will always be filtered through our perceptions. Many angles on a subject or issue are legitimate and useful, while still all respecting the truth. The important point is not convincing yourself that you know “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” but in striving to get as close to it as you can and – more importantly – according it its due respect.

        • the hermit

          Agreed. From the other side: an obvious lie is nothing else, than a lie. Swims like, quacks like, and even smells like, you know.
          And even if you don’t know what the exact truth actually is, you’re still able to recognize a big fat chunk of lies. Much easier.

          • Room101

            But is it possible for lies to come full circle and lead to the truth?

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Re: “The past was a harsh, brutal foreign country.”

    I recently heard an interviewee on mainstream TV news talking about the Police State USA issue say that “We live in violent times.”

    Not true: All times involved extreme violence and at the same time extreme tenderness.

    Pol Pot (Khymer Rouge) is of my lifetime. Not any different from the days of the Siege of Troy, the massacres in the Midianites (Jewish scriptures). The East India Company, etc. Perhaps different in shades of justification for ideology (Marx rather than Zeus).

    Sure, certain things do “progress,” (technology, legal, philosophical arts) but the worst faults of humanity have remained pretty steady, just the forms have changed. But it is more of an issue of aggregation of knowledge. Human nature in the Salem Witch Trials is no more arcane and primitive than that which we see in highly advanced West today as well as in Africa (where Muti (witch-doctor human sacrifice, body part magic) killings are still common).

    The brutality of many women against men and boys is seen in all periods and cultures, as far as I can tell. Here’s a little known bit of history (not yet confirmed, found in multiple sources though). The institution of widow immolation (sati) was created to counter widespread murder of husbands. I do not know if this is true, but in 1814 it was considered plausible. But circa 1814 was an age of universal male power and chivalry that would never thought of such things! No it wasn’t.

    On Sati:

  • GQuan

    Given what I just said, it occurs to me that while committed theists would hold that god is truth, from my perspective it’s more the case that truth is god. It’s the objective über-reality that defines our world in its entirety, something toward which we strive and aim to comprehend, even though the full extent of it is inescapably beyond our grasp. The problem comes either when people seek to falsely impose their ideas over the truth, defining it in terms of their personal biases, laying claim to the objective reality, or when they start navigating without keeping part of their mind orientated toward truth, and truth is merely a tool to be wielded or discarded as and when you see fit.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    • cvar

      More familiar with the Cash version, but that was damn enjoyable.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I’m most familiar with the Tennessee Ernie Ford version, but the working man photos in this were so much more poignant. I like this version – he sang the theme to “Rawhide” and has many other “working man” songs.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    The Draft.

    I officially became an MRA July 24, 1971.

  • Kris
  • donzaloog

    Well said, Alex.

  • Shrek6

    Great article Alex!

    This should be an article to be read by all new red pill people as they come into the fold. It spells out pretty succinctly how the lay of the land is and why we are all here.

  • crydiego

    Great article, bravo!

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    Alot of people say MHRAs are hateful people, but that seems to me the farthest thing imaginable from the truth. Many MHRAs are obviously compassionate people.

    I used to think the women here were the compassionate ones, because they were the rare ones that took an interest in men’s issues (of course I still see them as compassionate).

    The more I read feminist blogs and anti-male online “journalism,” however, the harder it is to keep facing it. I see the odd MHRA in comments sections trying to be heard, before being dismissed as a hateful, sexually inadequate nonperson.

    It’s easy to expose yourself to this stuff, but it’s difficult to do so without feeling really bitter and resentful. I spent most of my life seeking to understand women’s issues, I just don’t see why speaking up for men is always portrayed as some kind of thoughtcrime.

    The anger at AVfM often comes through, as it should, but it’s always tempered by a desire for justice and understanding. The true social revolutionaries seem to be the ones who can shoulder injustice and indifference while maintaining a compassionate outlook.

    Frankly, I’m not sure how some of you guys have been able to do this for so long.

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    By the way, I enjoyed your article.

  • Perseus
    • Fredrik

      So… Skip the marriage and the divorce, and go straight to the platonic co-parenting? Makes a weird kind of sense, I suppose.

  • Free Human Being

    I’m an MRA because my cousin, she married a guy who was a great guy, owned a farm worth a couple of million dollars and was goo to her. She then decided she was going to leave him 6 years later.

    She would have gotten custody of the kids, the farm and he would have been forced to get a new job somewhere else.

    He took a gun and shot himself in the head.

    He had so little recourse, so little chance to control any part of his life, because he was male, so he killed himself.

    She got the farm.

    She remarried a decade later. Now her new husband wants a divorce and is entitled to some of her assets and the family are calling him a money grubbing bum.

    The friggin irony.

    I was the last person her first husband spoke to before he killed himself. I am an MRA

    • Free Human Being


      • Kimski

        That just made me really angry to read.
        I’m glad she’s getting a healthy dose of Karma after all those years, and completely expecting her to portray herself as a victim, even though she did the exact same thing to someone else.

        Not expecting the same tragic outcome, however.

        Rats tend to jump ship, and find another boatride.

    • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

      No good deed goes unpunished with women.


    • tamerlame

      Does she feel no guilt over driving her former husband to suicide?

      • Free Human Being

        Oh, she was pretty upset, but she moved on by selling the family farm for a couple of million. She bought a new property and built a luxury home. So she really drowned in the guilt.

  • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

    Wonderful. An anthem to the heart. Thank you.

  • Cam

    Alex Hunt said:

    ” I thought of mentioning the real red-pill moments; becoming aware of the sentencing disparity, of the meat-grinder that is family law, of my growing empathy for the oft-ignored male victims of sexual assault, of the sheer weight of men who die, or are killed, or take their own lives, and the callous manner that this is “business as normal”.

    May be you should add to that the apparent ability for any women in the US legal system to have a man convicted and jailed purely on an allegation of rape. Yes… just her say so. NO EVIDENCE REQUIRED.

    If you think this is an exaggeration then please read this current story from lawyer Jonathan Turley…. here……….

    That the legal system can operate in this way is almost unbelievable.

    But if you are male you are fair game and if a women makes an entirely false claim of rape against you she is much more likely to be believed even with ZERO evidence of any crime whatsoever. Now that is a weapon.

    Such is the low that our western societies have sunk to with all the anti-male propaganda that now permeates our culture and is whole heartily seized upon with great vigour by many organizations for women.

    Now could you imagine the outcry from the femocrats if it was a female that was falsely accused by a man of a sex crime with no evidence who was then wrongly convicted and jailed.

  • boston86

    Wonderful Alex. It is all about the truth.

  • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

    Semi OT:

    Not sure what to say, just flabbergasted, the videos speak volumes about the modern women-child, NAWALT!

    So glad I stayed single and childless.

    • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

      Notice how males are not an important part of the family equation.

    • Kimski

      It is all part of the obsessive hunt for anything that will heighten the sexual value for modern day women, or make her ‘feel good’. Especially when the biological clock starts ticking, and middle age starts creeping up on them.

      You won’t find the majority of feminists in the group that the mother in the example belongs to, ’cause she still recognizes the value of getting a man to pay for her obsession and way of life. The fact that she mentions hear fear of the daughter not getting married or getting in a relationship, speaks volumes about her way of viewing the world, and especially her view on males as a utility.

      It’s when menopause sets in or they start letting go of themselves, that obsessive eating, along with the inevitable obesity and lack of male attention follows, that the majority seems to become radical man haters.

      You just have to look at the average radical feminist to prove that point. Most of them are very far from being attractive, and of course it is blamed on men, along with most of anything else, as usual.

      A futile, life long hunt for that “feel-good”-feeling, without wanting to deal with the responsibilities of those different choices.

      Children portraying as grown ups..What can you say?

      “So glad I stayed single and childless.”

      Agreed, to the extend that I would have liked to have children. Unfortunately you’d need a woman for that, and I’m just not going there.
      The risks far outnumber the benefits in that deal.

      Let the misogyni accusations commence… It usually comes from a part of the demographic that handles truth and facts very poorly, anyway.

      • Shrek6

        If only the slave of this woman would wake up now then kick her to the kerb. If he is lucky enough to only have that daughter, then there shouldn’t be any child support.

        Mind you, anything her husband did to curtail her childish, greedy behaviour, would only see him brutalised in the divorce court, by this most vile creature.

        Although I have had to find myself sharing my life with dragon women, I am glad I have the children I have. Well, the ones I get to see that is. They are my only reason for being on this earth. So I spend a lot of my time educating them about the evil that besets them.

        I try to get it through my boys heads that if they cannot find a woman who has the maturity to meet them as an adult and who are not feminists, then ditch them all and remain single. They are being conditioned by society to be married, and I am trying to tell them that married life is a prison sentence and to not go down that path.

        Plus I have to spend a lot of time explaining to my daughter why she has no right to allow herself to grow up into a woman like her mother. To my daughter’s credit, she is the one who recognises this and is often open to instruction from me, because she asks for it.

        I can only do my best, then hope they have learnt something.

        I have to admit that I do miss the adult company and being alone can get a bit much sometimes, but then I think about having another woman in the house and I immediately get this image in my mind of Satan sneaking through the front door dressed in a skirt, and I immediately shake myself out of that stupor and get back on with being MGTOW.

      • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

        Just need to vent some.

        I have been watching the series, the narcissism of these women is mind blowing. Even Big Red would say WTF! It’s just errr errr…arrr…man.WOW! I am so glad I am 60% MGTOW! The “mothers” in this series make the mean girls look like Mother Teresa!
        If the unfit/bad mothers in this series, were men, the show would called something like the deadbeat dads hour. This show legitimizes/encourages bad female behavior to new heights.

        Male abusers would never get the sympathy and understanding these female psychopaths get.

        I guess one benefit of these shows is that they demonstrate what many women are like without males having interact with them.

        The sons in the series, well, lets just keep them out of shot.

    • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

      My Mom is Obsessed for Australian viewers.

  • the hermit

    “But is it possible for lies to come full circle and lead to the truth?”

    Yes it is. You don’t have to be an MRA to recognize feminist lies, but it can lead you to be one.

  • Jay

    Beautifully spoken Alex.

  • Seta-San

    I’m an MRA because I’m married… and I have to accept that as a risk to my freedom and security.

  • Ty Henry

    I agree with a previous post. This could be an adjunct to the Mission Statement. Well done.

  • externalangst

    I disagree that all truths are similarly up for contention and opinion. Simple truths can be valid. A priori truths such as ‘a box is a box’ can be regarded as true. Simple statements like ‘I just ate some cheese’ can be true if in fact one just ate some cheese.

    What are really dubious are lies. Lies differ from truths. A truth can be examined, turned around and looked at from different angles and will preserve the element of truth. However, if lies are similarly manipulated, they will crumble and fall to the ground as dust. Lies cannot stand up to the scrutiny that will preserve truths.

    Critical Theory is not a truth.

    • externalangst

      For more complex matters, I once a good aphorism that I suspect is right of most things:

      “There is no truth without paradox.”

  • Jeremy

    I do not consider myself an MRA. I will never consider myself an MRA. I refuse to be an “activist”.

    Activism, by the terms own existence, begs the question, “Why call yourself an activist? Is your daily life so passive in your response to others that you must make up for it with activism?”

    Activism should not exist as an industry, it should exist as a low-dosage human behavior.

    Understand that I have nothing but agreement with the appalling nature of how men are often treated by women and women-oriented society these days. I still refuse to be an “activist”. That does not mean that the average woman won’t hear me and my points of contention when they begin spewing feminist bile my direction. That does not mean that I will refuse to shame those who call for more abuse of men. None of this means that I will remain inactive.

    Quite the contrary, it means I intend of altering my daily interactions with others in a way that forces them to question their own perception of reality. No activist in the history of the world has ever changed anyone’s behavior save from the threat of lethal force.

    Changing the direction of the world begins with a single step from just one ant among billions. When enough of your fellows on this planet see the wisdom in your lifestyle, they will have no choice but to acknowledge your frame and your vision as worthy of being called truth.

    • Shrek6

      Shall we call you an Ant then?
      Just askin is all!

    • crydiego

      I agree in large part. Starting with the one in the mirror is always best.