Toronto Protest Up-To-Date Coverage

There will be a good deal of video available on the University of Toronto protest in the coming days. As more video is produced, it will be updated to this page.

AVFM Coverage:

FSAC Coverage:

From 18Upper

From St37One:

From EqualityCanadaTV:

From StudioBrule:

From Dean Esmay:

From Genderratic(a historical comparison):

From John the Other(John Hembling):

From The Amazing Atheist — great video by TJ till he stuck his foot in it at the end and suggested “The MRA thing is over.” Not only a weak move (he could not even look at the camera while he said it) but hypocritical. TJ has always taken the same exact stand about feminists that we have.

Ryersonian Live Feed:

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  • Druk

    A fire alarm? Again??

    Just goes to show that feminists have no problem using false reports for their own gain.

  • Denis
    • Suzanne McCarley

      Commented. We’ll see if it passes moderation.

    • Dan Perrins

      If people are so inclined to comment on Mr Twitty’s article.
      I would suggest taking screen shots.
      He is seeking site traffic imho and as well to glorify himself as the voice of reason by defending ‘lil red frothing mouth.’
      I made a comment on his blog post pointing out that the comments of mine he highlighted were posted on his video only after I had assessed red’s interaction with me.
      I call them as I see them and red is nothing more than a screeching harpy as fake as her hair colour.
      Could you imagine being married to something with a mouth like that?
      How about being one of her children and having to listen to the gestapo like rule of STFU-ism.
      Me personally I would chew an appendage off to escape the red rage-a-holic.

    • Astrokid

      big·ot noun \ˈbi-gət\
      : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

      He provided evidence of “rude” comments.. but where is the evidence of during the event MRA bigotry that he claims? Where is the evidence of the UnaBomber-like MRA?

      GenuineWitty.. you come off as an even bigger fool after this article. Thanks for the vids though.

  • The Equalizer

    Read Genuine Witty(where is the evidence of wit?)’s post on his site.

    We already know he is not a fan of supportable statements by his earlier contention that one of the MHRAs present (who?) is a likely contender for future unabomber status (why? based on what?)

    He states: “The usual group of anarchists, student unionists and feminists came to protest- each had their own motivations”.

    He does not support his statement that any of the protesters were anarchists.

    Neither does he show any evidence relating to motivations of any groups present.

    He later describes as ‘militants’ those who damaged a door. This is not a clear term. Does he mean militant feminists? Is he deliberately or just clumsily using the term as an equivalent for ‘anarchists’?

    Why would anarchists protest against the MHRM? How is the MHRM supporting hierarchical structures?

    I smell a rat, and that rat I shall call Deflection. In naming the first group of protestors anarchists, the second student unionists and the third feminists, he is trying to deflect attenton and blame for idiocy, attempted censorship, harassment and threats of violence from feminists onto ‘student unionists’, ‘anarchists’ and ‘militants’ – when it is obvious that the protest, against MHRAs speaking about their own issues, was led, ‘organised’ and populated by feminists. You shall know a tree by its fruit – in this case feminist chants, banners and spoken statements.

    And when he writes in this post on his website (link above) that the bigots are on both sides, his evidence for bigotry on the side of the MHRM is slim. It rests on two jokes: that a commenter referred to our friend with the red hair’s ‘menopausal rant’ and another joke about any kids of hers being pre-registered for mental health treatment. Mean, perhaps (while also being an understandable reaction to her incessant and obcene yelling and barely-controlled anger), but not enough evidence for his argument of equivalence of bigotry.

    Are a couple of insults equivalent to the ample evidence from the feminist side of those attending (and writing about their planned attendance) trying to shut down and drown out speech? To bringing weapons with the threat to use them?

    He also uses the beloved NAFALT defense . So tired. So lame.

    This weasel is trying to balance on the fence. Trying to appear ‘moderate’ by doing so.

    Nice try Mr so called ‘Witty’. We saw your unabomber near-libel on this site (lacking only a name to make it legally libellous) and we know you will throw a slur around without the tiniest evidence to back it up.

    I call bullshit on your faux-moderate status.

    By suggesting equivalance of bigotry at an event where there clearly was no such equivalence, you fall off the fence and onto the feminist side.

    By implying without evidence that a MHRA looks like a future terrorist, you label yourself extreme, in fact.

    And GenuinelyShitty.

    • MrShadowfax42

      I agree. He is basically a liar who has no means of supporting his outlandish claims. This makes me think he has a very real agenda and it is one we have seen many, many times before.

      I’m through pandering to disingenuous morons like this.

  • Frank McGar

    Everyone should see the video of this red-headed woman, because it exposes the rotten, angry feminist brain. She is so angry and bitter towards men that she can’t recognize that regardless of what she says, by calling people fckfaces and idiots she is undermining the message completely. I mean that’s just basic human interaction 101. But even more importantly, she renders the message unbelievable, because if she has such hatred towards men, why would she want to help their cause? “Shut the fuck up you stupid asshole, can’t you idiots see we’re trying to help you?” Oh, OK. It’s like punching someone in the face and telling them that it’s for their own good, b/c your trying to teach them something. “Don’t you get it?” Umm, no…you’re like punching me in the face and stuff.

    It’s a stunning example of the complete lack of social awareness and lack of concern for other people, namely the person standing right in front of you. If you aren’t aware enough as a human being to recognize that bullying people and calling people names shuts them down to your message, there’s no point even trying. So she wasted 10 minutes spewing hatred, but not only did she waste 10 min. she also further entrenched the men’s rights movement, and lost anyone who might have been in the middle, and embarrassed and further exposed the rotten underbelly of the modern, aggressive, angry feminist.

    So all in all it was a victory. MRAs say feminists are angry, hateful, bigoted, unreasonable. Thank you red-headed lady for proving the point. Whatever you had to say was lost due to your complete inability to function as a human being and interact w/ people in a respectful way. Winning.

  • Cordovan Splotch

    What part of his story didn’t add up? The guy said that he wasn’t attacked first, but that his ears were hurt by the protester yelling into the megaphone straight at him at such a short range, and that he batted the megaphone away.
    From watching the video, that looks more or less exactly like what happened, except for the protester retaliating by swinging the megaphone at the man’s head.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    For the Record: This is my response to Witty on his article and website. If it does not get moderated off.

    The only extreme I saw with the MHRAs on video was Dannyboy being “extremely patient” and calm while the lady was spewing hateful diatribe at him and telling him to shut up when he tried to respond to her. For Christ sake you post your videos on line after the event and quote mine Dannyboys belated jab back at her. Serious, you pass this off as journalism and as unbiased reporting. It does not even reflect what actually happened between these two on the ground at UT?

  • Scarecrow

    That red-haired feminist in the 5th video down is hilarious! She definitely deserves her own show.

  • JinnBottle

    That creature with the fire-engine hair and the fire-alarm voice, if mic’d by an MRA got treated WAY too graciously, in my opinion. It looked like there were several mics active in that visual sequence, so I’m wondering if “I don’t hate you – FUCKFACE” was being sound-monitored by a feminist? Or was it some neutral generic YouTuber? (I do *not* count the MSM as neutral.)

    I insist on calling the red(-)head Fire-Alarm Mouth, not only because her voice and her pals illegal abuse of the Toronto FD are one in spirit; but because to call her “Siren” would imply the utterly impossible: that someone like her could entice anybody to anything.

    Far more respect goes to the less-camera-friendly but much more respect-worthy heavier, bespectacled feminist who, as far as I could tell and correct me if I’m wrong, went one-on-two or three MRAs, and a civilized exchange was had by all.

  • boston86

    Were the morons who set off the fire alarm arrested? Surely deliberately calling on the time of the emergency services when you know there is no emergency is a crime?
    If they were not arrested I would like to know why.

  • @thanatos Nyx

    Oh geez… I think I’ve seen some of these protesters around before… -has been around U of T but also goes to the originator of the SlutWalks university.- I’m glad they are a lot more silent about their idiocy in areas where they think everyone believes them but I’m also glad their idiocy is getting revealed more and more.

  • Theaverageman

    New EqualityCanadaTV video

  • Rebus
  • scatmaster
  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    It’s apparent the crowd didn’t get the “Hey! We are now concerned about Men’s Issues” memo.

  • Daniel Martinez

    check this out

  • Groot
  • Bobby

    I don’t think TJ was saying that MRA’s are over, I think he was saying that it’s time that there were no MRA’s and no feminists, that there were just people looking to improve life for everyone. I may have read it wrong, but, based on the way he said it, I think this is the case.

    • Paul Elam

      Hard for me to read him that way. Theoretically it is time that there were no more MRAs and no more feminists, but I give TJ less than three months before he is making another video about how fucked up and crazy and dangerous feminists are.

      Just like we do every day.

      I am glad he does it. He often nails them to a well deserved wall. But what he said in the video at the end took the wind out of his message, that time.

      Oh well, just my two cents.

      • Typhonblue (Asha James)

        The reality is that Men’s Rights is not the opposite of feminism.

        There’s no theoretical framework to Men’s Rights that denies women’s vulnerability because there’s no threat narrative.

        I don’t think there can be, actually. I doubt that men could maintain a credible, long-lasting threat narrative against women.

        Women are the originators and masters of threat narratives; a man can create + manipulate one, sure… but the same way a female weightlifter can lift weights, she can do well for _a woman_ but she won’t ever lift as much weight as a man who trains even half as much as her.

        In fact there may be a compulsive component to women’s abilities in this: the female brain is either naturally or socially wired to perceive and compose threat narratives rapidly. Men’s aren’t.

  • cuatezon

    Speaking of red-headed women libbers. Watched PBS tonight. Show on the ‘Carol Burnett Show’ (female comedy show from the 70s). Funny as heck show and great laughs – I grew up on it.

    Carol would stand on stage sometimes and field questions from the audience.

    In one show, a young boy about 12 yrs old stand up, asks her what she thinks of the women’s liberation movement? She turns around and asks him what he thinks? He said its ‘stupid’. She told him he thinks that because ‘he’s a boy’ and told him to sit down. Now, she wasn’t mean per se to this kid, but it was a great snapshot of ‘women’s lib’ in action even back in the 70s. ‘The good ole days’…

  • TCM

    Finally got around to making a lengthy, more comprehensive video about the incident (I have been delayed by computer problems). This video is an hour long and strings together most of the important videos in chronological order. There are also a great many links in the description panel to AVFM articles: