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Revolutionary Students Movement calls for violence

With the recent events surrounding the University of Toronto and CAFE’s lectures about men’s rights/issues, there has been a significant call to action from feminists and their supporters such as the Revolutionary Students Movement (RSM) to “condemn and physically challenge” men’s rights activists.

“We cannot tolerate this reactionary [MRA] point-of-view! The MRAs must be exposed for what they really are—at best, opportunistic hate-mongers who are taking advantage of the powerlessness keenly felt by the masses. At worst, they represent the most reactive, backward voices within the masses. As such, they need to be verbally condemned as well as physically challenged.”

This is indeed a call to verbally and physically assault men’s rights supporters and activists. The irony here is that they have not “exposed” any men’s rights activists, but they have done a good job at exposing themselves as advocates of verbal and physical violence.

Not only have they managed to expose themselves as advocates of violence, they have also exposed themselves as a hate movement. Again the irony is rife and reeks of abject stupidity. If you are wondering what stupidity smells like, it’s mostly a combination of body odor and incense with a high note of fear.

Their comparison of men’s rights activists to the KKK in the article is ludicrous

“The KKK, like the MRAs, also construed itself as ‘victims’.”

It does nothing but demonstrate that the RSM is an ill-informed bunch of brainwashed sheep who have bought into the feminist propaganda bullshit.

The problem is that groups like the RSM and their supporters are incapable of anything other than thuggery and see violence as the only answer. These are people who are incapable of any rational thought process and have been blinded by a dangerous ideology, quite like suicide bombers who believe their violence and self sacrifice will gain them praise and honor.

This is the reason that caution and vigilance is required when dealing with these people. They have no problem with inflicting harm and engaging in violence for their cause. They have condemned all men’s rights supporters and activists and labeled them as the evil enemy that must be destroyed. basically at any cost.

“the underworld of misogynists has been unleashed.”

They will stop at nothing to vilify us and skew public perception to their advantage. They encourage hatred towards all men’s rights supporters and activists with their propaganda, just as any totalitarian regime does.

“men’s rights activist [sic]and the organizations they politically affiliate themselves with hold other anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, women in the workplace and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.”

The irony in the quote above is that men’s rights supporters and activists are “proto-fascists”, yet it is groups like the RSM who are the ones acting like dictators and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism, militarism, and form of racism which one could accurately attribute to hate groups such as the KKK, who incites and condones bias-motivated violence.

These individuals are unbalanced and dangerous. They may be good for a laugh when you read their blogs or articles, but make no mistake. These people are as rational as a potato and are basically only capable of violently lashing out to defend their ideology because their arguments and talking points are weak.

When you have no rational argument or facts to stand on, brute force and violence are the only things left in your arsenal. They will provoke us in any attempt to incite violence and use that provocation to justify acts of violence towards us.

We can never give in and feed their desire for violence. We must stand strong and stare their hatred of us in the face. We must never raise our fists in either anger or defiance. We must remember that our strength comes from our ability to separate ourselves from those that advocate and promote violence, and that together we have become a powerful force that has never used violence and yet has been able to strike absolute fear into the hearts of those that seek to silence us.

That is power.



  • Grumpy Old Man

    “Instead of understanding economic hardship and political powerlessness as the manifestations of the capitalist order, in which increasing numbers of proletarians are forced to compete for crumbs, while the bourgeoisie reap record profits”. WBB we discussed the political aspects of this movement on your YT channel. Your video discussing Bernard and why he is popular, many said it is because he recognizes the leftist socialist leaning of the women’s movement. This pretty much validates that contention with their comments in the article you attached. They are leftist socialists and conflating this ideology with feminist ideology. What more really needs to be said? The “Capitalist bourgeoisie” needs to go according to them!

    • Dopesauce42

      Capitalism is the most powerful hierarchy on the planet. It allows for great destruction of life and planet. It depends on these things. It creates strategies of divide and rule. Feminism being just one of them. As MHRAs, we need to fight capitalism. This does not mean that we need a socialist government with the same desires and power that our current government has.

      What we need is voluntary federation of communities, like what americans fought for in the 1770s and the Spanish in the Spanish Revolution. Real democracy, where power rests at the local level ONLY. No representative government calling the shots claiming they have the right to because they were elected. Instead, all laws would be made by the residents of a community. Large scale projects are coordinated rather than imposed by a central government and it’s pre-determined plans.

      Feminism equals statism, so does capitalism. We need a state, but not coercive state, we need a truly democratic federation.

      fuck hierarchies, commie or capitalist. neither is democratic, so fuck’em.

      • Kevin

        Oh, Idk… a certain group of pseudo-musicians in a “Grrl Punk” band found out what happens when they cross the state. Wonder if Russia is a better deal for some of us guys?

        • Dopesauce42

          Is the point that capitalism is ok, and that men enjoy living where there is more evidence of patriarchy than where there isn’t? tryna understand the position,

          I want to live where people are treated as human beings, so Russia’s government makes that one hard to do in Russia. Same with our government here.

          Russia’s government and the US gov are not different where it matters.

          Wherever there is capitalism there will be people suffering great poverty and hardships, war, shitty education, so on. Communism is simply one company, rather than several. remember, communists implemented and endorsed scientific management that treats people like robots/tools. In Communism, people are still treated as expendable employees, this time by the state and the state alone. But it is just as devastating to humanity.

          you seem like a keen skeptic and empiricist, please check this link out and let me know what you think.


          • yinyangbalance

            Feminism can’t be compared to capitalism or communism. Everyone on many sides tries to equate Feminism to such things but it does not equate. They are simply trying to piggy back Feminism on certain political and economical movements in order to either gain support for it or to do the exact opposite and use it against them. I think that type of dialogue stops here.
            Lets set the record straight, stop disguising Feminism, here is What Feminism is NOT.

            Feminism != Socialism
            Feminism != Capitalism
            Feminism != Communism
            Feminism != Atheism

            This is what Feminism is;

            Feminism = Hate
            Feminism = Sexism
            Feminism = Oppression
            Feminism = Censorship

            What you are talking about on the other-hand has little to nothing to do with this article.

          • Patrice Stanton

            I skimmed some of your linked article. On the surface it appears like a NEW! and IMPROVED! form of plain old Communism.

            Workplace assemblies will determine my pay & work schedule? All people will share “society’s fruits?”

            See the main problem with the Utopian “everybody takes according to their needs” and “contributes according to their abilities” is that talents & abilities run the gamut of the (evil) Bell Curve. So do “contributions to society.” Additionally so do motivation-to-work-hard and plain old “sticktoitivness.”

            Your NewWorld’s “producers” will never be able to keep up with the suddenly increased demand for Mercedes & Moet. Because if I want it, I should have it, right? So what happens? Everyone (except your RULING ELITES because there are always those) will end up with some piss-poor bottom-of-the-line made-by-mostly-morons “Democratic car” which comes is one model, maybe two colors, and low-grade barely drinkable swill (that’d likely never sell if put up against other products from profit-minded producers in an open and competitive marketplace).

            Oh, and there will be ZERO INCENTIVE to acquire new skills or advance one’s old skills. I’m paid the same, right?

            This philosophy, like Communism, requires Magical Thinking. Sure “Crony/corporate Capitalism” as practiced here and now is failing – couldn’t agree more. But it was Capitalism’s inherent desire-for-profit that has created most of the business/industrial infrastructure that your (mislabeled, IMO) NewDemocracy would gladly take over (and run into the ground, post haste, IMO), in the name of the People/Society.

          • Dean Esmay

            There is nothing quite like being young and being positive you have found the Ideology That Explains Everything And Would Fix Everything.

            There’s nothing quite so sad as someone who reaches middle age and still thinks that.

      • Dopesauce42

        Hello to all who have down-voted my comments on this article:

        Why? there was one response to my comment that registered a disagreement with it.(my response at the bottom, since they have disabled replies) I commend this person for continuing the dialogue. As for everyone else, please, state your reasoning. You don’t have to, but I think it would be in the best interest of debate and achieving clarity.

        If you don’t have anything to say other than ‘i don’t like it,’ then that is fine too, I guess. Disappointing though, at the least. oh, and if you have disabled replies to your comments, maybe you don’t really have a right to say anything, eh? i mean, in this format, disabling replies stifles debate. Maybe there is some other reason to do it, I can’t figure it out though.

        As for the comment; I never said that capitalism and communism and feminism are the same thing. Never. You failed to understand the words I wrote. Please re-read and let me know where I am mistaken. And yes, this does have to do with this post. We are talking about feminism’s relationship to Marxism in the context of understanding the motives and ideas of the RDS. I think it is quite fitting. for those who think that feminism is the only evil in the world, wake up. For everyone else who already knew that, good. Keep thinking and discussing.

        • Near Earth Object

          Personally, I don’t care much for the agree/disagree function.

          A ‘disagree’ without comment is akin to a hit-and-run (as you later wrote), or a drive-by-shooting, or a hang-up call.

          It is what it is, Dopesauce42, but I do share your thoughts on the matter, and I have noted that it has overtly bothered some others.

          [Note to self: Return here in 24 hours to see how many down-votes I received on this post. (laughs)]

          • Near Earth Object

            [Note to self: Return here in 24 hours to see how many down-votes I received on this post. (laughs)]

            Laughs at the down-vote : )

        • napocapo69

          Dopesauce, I’m just replying to clarify a technical detail.
          Your comment has not been inhibited from replies. It is just the blog platform that after 3 level of replies does not allow further indentations, and disables the reply feature.

          This, just for sake of clarity.

          Regarding your posts, I’ve no read it so I can’t comment the merit of your opinion.
          Regarding your concerns about downvoting I can just say that I’ve been heavely downvoted in few cases without many explanations, it just happens.

      • Dopesauce42

        Hit and run down-votes with no comment really make for an interesting debate. I can go toe to toe on any of the issues I have commented on, so if you’re ready, I am.

        But if you want to hit and run down-vote, people will only wonder what you didn’t like, and they will never know. You will have added almost nothing to the debate. Maybe that is all you have? You tell me.

        wanna take if off AVfM, here i am,

        That is all.

        • Suzanne McCarley

          Don’t sweat it. There are too many possible reasons for downvotes, and most of them are minor. Lots of divergent opinions here.

          If you get downvoted into invisiblity, you’ll know exactly why because there will be responses.

      • chrixthegreat

        Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for supper. Somehow, I don’t believe any political ideology can fix our problems. What we need to do is transend politics all together.

        • Grumpy Old Man

          Good insight. I believe we have the freedoms we need to challenge injustices in our current political forms. That is the best we can hope for. Guys like this only incite the down trodden and dispossessed when their solution is in all likelihood going to be worse. Worse being fewer freedoms. Based on this persons comment it sounds like he wants to attribute/connect AVfM to some political revolutionary group. Personally, I get all the differing perspectives and they add greatly to the chorus when focused on the issues we are addressing. Those political leanings in Philosophy add depth to the conversation. My personal belief is that all our founders got the basics right and the fact that we can speak out is a tribute to them.

      • tamerlame

        Got a lot of downvotes, but I agree with your statement. What a lot of conservative types don’t understand is the fact you don’t have to be pro state if you are left wing.

        I am an extreme anarchist. I hate the state very deeply, and I want it gotten rid of, even at the cost of some of the privileges the state provides.

        Woman basically love the state, and the privilege it provides them.

        • Patrice Stanton

          The so-called privileges of the modern mega-state come at a severe price which the beneficiaries are rarely aware of (until it strikes close to home).

          Stefen Molyneux, I believe it was, (or Ayn Rand) has effectively explained how whatever-the-State-can-do is done better/cheaper/less violently by “a-voluntary-association-of-free-individuals.” Even to the extent of providing territorial security.

          • JGteMolder

            Oh, sure, of course, there’s just one problem: you won’t ever GET “a-voluntary-association-of-free-individuals”, especially not when that association would go against the wishes of the rich and powerful and they won’t care about your association and have no problem killing the association one way or another.

            A workers union is essentially such an association; and look how much blood had to be shed before employers acknowledged them; indeed, it pretty much took the government and judges to say the workers and their union were right, and they have rights too.

      • TigerMan

        I certainly agree that our mainstream political culture and rulerships are fucked. That said not sure just changing the framework will make much difference either in fact it could make things worse.
        I think the key factor that needs to change is US as human beings. It us us that needs to get our values straight and in good priority. Too many of us waste our lives getting distracted by trivialities and of course it certainly doesn’t help that we live in a culture that facilitates that (mindless consumerism almost for it’s own sake for example). So I guess what I am saying is that a political change without a change of conciousness that helps build a more positive consensus isn’t going to help.

    • Dean Esmay

      • Grumpy Old Man

        Dean, LoL. I’ve heard this. I was running on a conversation WBB initiated over Chapin’s views. Clarifying why I think he feels the way he does. This is just a convenient example for the discussion: Anarchist, Socialists, Leftists and their conflating Feminism with their cause because it has become a powerful movement.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    So, are we looking at a last desperate attempt to bring absolutely anybody on board for the protest, or are we looking at the incitement of a riot?
    Either way, this is not nearly as intimidating as these yahoos think it is.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      In looking at this article it is very scary, this is not just about women’s issues and Feminist supporting them, this is about changing our society, its economic system and culture.

      • Suzanne McCarley

        I know they mean it, but how stupid can they be to follow through? The last thing they need is to draw MORE attention to their insanity.

      • Typhonblue (Asha James)

        If change means more compassion for boys and men, I’m all for it.

        If it means our callousness towards boys and men gets worse, I oppose.

        If keeping the status quo means not addressing compassion for boys and men, I’m against that too.

        • Grumpy Old Man

          Personally I don’t think it is our economic or political system that is the cause. In fact because of the freedoms our system gives us allows these kinds of fanatics to exist. The problem is we let them go on too long without challenge and they have become corrupt. No, I will not support Anarchism or Socialism in the name of my desire for men’s rights. I have exactly what I need under the current system to combat these fiends.

  • ComradePrescott

    Peaceful, thoughtful, and honest protest? I think I can respect that.

    Do what’s right, be calm and be patient. My old man taught me the same thing. It made sense to me then and it does now too.

  • Andy Bob

    Lost in their anarchist deams, groups like the RSM are unable to fathom that their call to violence only isolates them further from reasonable people. Like feminists, they are their own worst enemies.

    In her effort to address men’s issues, and those who advocate for them, Kate Harding penned a vile, widely-read screed titled, ‘F-You MRAs’ – thus demonstrating the very misandry she was attempting to deny.

    I doubt that anyone is truly surprised that the bigots who support radical feminist agendas continue to ooze down the slippery slope they established long ago. Emboldened by their own stupidity – as only the truly stupid can be – they have no clue that their journey will end in the graveyard of Bad Ideas, and widespread condemnation.

    Perhaps not today, but someday – soon.

    Dr Elam has remarked that our most powerful weapons against them are the spotlight we maintain on their violent and illegal activities, and the mirror that at least gives them the opportunity to see themselves as they really are, minus the putrid smoke of their revolutionary masquerade.

    All who intend to be at the protest, please stay safe, and use these two weapons without endangering yourselves. Above all, have faith in the tactical ineptitude of the ideological bigots who have issued the threats highlighted by Ms Hansen in her post.

    • Dopesauce42

      “Lost in their anarchist deams, groups like the RSM are unable to fathom that their call to violence only isolates them further from reasonable people. Like feminists, they are their own worst enemies.”

      They do this because they believe that most people are bad. We do what we do because we think most people are good, they are just bombarded with stressers and contradictory information.

      the Left is VERY elitist. They abhor ordinary people’s ideas and values. They want a powerful state that does what they want it to do and forces others to do what they think is right.

      the Left has had a monopoly on the idea of changing things for the better, whether it be by reform campaigns or revolution. We have to take it from them. We have to reject the system as it is, and reject a replacement that is another large oppressive government with feminazi appeal. Though, it could be argued that feminism’s best friend is capitalism, since capitalism is about separate groups and individuals fighting each other for money and resources. Woman vs man, black vs white, old vs young, you vs your neighbor. Feminism is divide and conquers’s wet dream.

      AVfM is implicitly anti-capitalist for the right reasons; hierarchies are oppressive and not democratic. Being against capitalism for these reasons separates you from those who disagree with capitalism simply because it is a parent figure who seems to leech rather than provide. Ask a ‘lefty’ who is going to do the things they want the government to do. They don’t know. Ask me, and I’ll say ‘we are! and if it ain’t worth doing, we won’t do it.’ We won’t send people to die doing it because we didn’t want to do it, which is what lefties and capitalists prefer to do.

      • Paul Elam

        “AVfM is implicitly anti-capitalist for the right reasons”

        I invite you at any time to visit the real AVfM, and not the one you imagine you are reading.

        I also offer a suggestion for you to consider. Attempts to mold the public perception of what AVFM is, in a way that just coincidentally happens to align with your personal politics is a foolish errand.

        It is also divisive.

        If you want to know why you are getting down votes without people bothering to tell you why, it is because they don’t want to bother giving you more excuses to peddle your political agenda in these comments.

        I don’t blame them. It is not worth their time. They just down vote and move on as an expression of community will. That ought to set in just fine with a person of your beliefs, eh?

        • harrywoodape

          Dopesauce has some good points. I agree that downvoting and not addressing your disagreement is negative. His comments don’t matter? I don’t think he is peddling a personal agenda anymore than you are Paul.

          The reason why men often don’t get to be fathers of their children and are marginalized by law, has more to do with a broad attempt to subvert society than it does with feminism. It has been shown that feminism owes it’s current domination of our family laws and mass promotion via the mainstream media as globalist entities for power and control reasons. Feminism is a globalist agenda being spread globally and receives a lot of help from corporate owned mainstream media. Does anyone think that a flawed, erroneous, and anti-family agenda such as feminism could have risen to such heights (on the verge of global adoption in law) without the people with all the money promoting false facades of feminism and methodically conditioning the public and indoctrinating the children? It isn’t about men and it isn’t about women…it’s about power. It’s time people woke up to exactly what they are up against.
          If we only look at confronting feminists without probing who is supporting it and why…then we are choosing to be blind.
          For all those that doubt feminism has any link to communism and globalization plans of the elite…a mountain of evidence awaits you. Maybe ask yourself why you don’t want to hear it.

          • Paul Elam

            You are certainly welcome to your opinion.

  • Imdefender

    I hope someone’s taken a pic of that web page
    It will disappear soon I’ll would almost bet money that it will

    • Kevin

      Looks like several pics have to be taken to fit most of it in!

    • dhanu

      Here’s a saved version. I might need to delete it (long after everything related to this event is over) if I’m running out of space in my FreezePage account, to make room for more current pages. So I’d suggest other people to make a similar copy/screenshot/whatever :)

      • Kevin

        Wow, that looks better than a screen shot!

  • Ray

    “They will provoke us in any attempt to incite violence and use that provocation to justify acts of violence towards us.”

    As you say, it sounds like they want to use violence and verbal assaults to bait MRA’s into some kind of reaction so they can use that to justify their hateful actions.

    Don’t take the over-obvious baiting they will be doing to get a reaction out of you.

    I wonder if these mentally questionable people also go fishing with bare hooks and then wonder why the fish aren’t biting. :-/

  • napocapo69

    I frankly prefer KKK, it is shorter and it fits better into the business card.

    I wonder how much do they know about fascism, since I assume they are mostly young north americans.
    I live in Italy, and I come from an anti fascist family, that has experienced the fascism, for real. Fascism stepped from a fanatic ideology of socialism that quickly endorsed the group identity based on racism and a profound belief that a new order should be established to renew the glory of the roman empire. Fascism developed because its socialist drive could not give the proper answers to the need of an economic development of the country, and so it created fake enemies in order to justify wars to conqueer resources. The ideology was then endorsed by another socialist movement that added to it another enemy, the Jews, an enemy needed to reinforce a new concept of German group identity, the arians.

    Well, if these puppets were a bit more aware of history, they would recognize in themselves these signs.

    By the way we are taking these people too much seriously.

    For those who will be attending the conference, bring with you some history books to distribute.

    • Klar

      History – good point to keep raising, napocapo69

      My parents were teenagers during the war and it required face to face contact with dead bodies to convince them that the ideology they were brainwashed with made them mute to the atrocities.

      There is nothing about today’s society that makes it immune to yesterday’s atrocities, in fact it’s worse – knowledge of population control has increased 1000x

      • Dopesauce42

        True about social control. while we do what we do, some people get paid to study social control all day, even run experiments. So when people scoff at the idea of events being part of a coordinated plan, scoff at the idea of there being knowledge of how people operate that can be used by those in power without us even knowing that they are in use, we need to remind them that not everyone has to work at a 9 to 5. Some get study us like ants for the government and the extremely wealthy. scary but true, too many people don’t believe it.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      napocapo69: „Fascism stepped from a fanatic ideology of socialism that quickly endorsed the group identity based on racism and a profound belief that a new order should be established to renew the glory of the roman empire. Fascism developed because its socialist drive could not give the proper answers to the need of an economic development of the country, and so it created fake enemies in order to justify wars to conqueer resources.” – Spot on, sir!
      It is amazing how often it is forgotten that national-socialism (fascism) is basically socialism+identity politics – just like feminism.

      • Kukla

        Actually, though National Socialism and Fascism have certain things in common they are not the same thing.

        Fascism didn’t start out as a racist and anti-semetic movement(plenty of fascist leaders were Jews). It only became that way when the Fascists joined with Hitler. Even then, plenty of Fascists(like Italo Balbo) opposed the racial laws and the alliance with the Nazis.

        • napocapo69

          Kukla, you are right on that.
          But the point is not that much on spotting differents between fascism and nazism.They were different, of course. But also fascism leveraged on the myth of Italian leadership in the mediterranean area. And racism was part of the whole European cutlure, not only of fascism.
          Despite my family was antifascist, they also have some prejudices against Jews (probably due to cultural/religious heritages), even if it was not hate.
          That was the “humus” that allowed racist laws to be cutlurally accepted. That humus was widespread in Europe, and if jews became hated, the Africans were hardly considered human.

          Anyway what I wanted to focus in my post, was that human beings have a natural tendency to group, and when you gather, a group identity emerges.
          There is no way to escape it. The concept of “nation” is in itself a group definition based on geographical criterias.
          And once the group identity si developed, sooner or later an enemy has to be created. It can be an mostly external enemy such in fascism, or a mostly internal enemy such in communism.
          And when the group identity is endorsed as a State doctrin, wars are just close to come.
          In this sense current feminism has more similarities with nazism than with fascism, because it addresses an internal enemy, the men, like nazism addressed jews. This is the true similarities between the two, not because feminism (apart few radfem iditios) advocates for extermination….

  • JFinn

    Feminists, much like the KKK, also construe themselves as victims.

    There, now we’ve devolved into a feminist-level debate.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Feminists + KKK = Ku Klux Klams

  • Kevin

    With a hocus-pocus, you’re in focus, it’s you’re lucky day…

    SMILE! You’re on Fem-in-azi-cam!

    Get that 24/7 connection up & runnin’, dudes!

  • Kevin
  • Near Earth Object

    The feminist brain as I see it:
    on the left side, there is nothing right,
    and on the right side, there is nothing left.

    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
    -Isaac Asimov

    • Bewildered

      The feminist brain as I see it:
      on the left side, there is nothing right,
      and on the right side, there is nothing left.

      WOW! Wonderful ! Very apt !

  • lensman

    A word of caution for those who are attempting to go to this event.

    Those fuckers have no morals and they will try to infiltrate your group and incite violence in your name. It’s one of their favorite tactics.

    Paul, I have given you the method we use here to root out infiltrators and I trust you have passed it over to Dan and everybody else.

    Other than that, here is a small piece of advice for those attending the event as MHRM activists or AVfM reporters…

    Read the mission statement of AVfM very carefully. Make sure you have understood the goals and motivations behind the MHRM movement. Pick up a favourite writer and possibly a list of favorite articles written here.

    When you are at the event engage those you don’t know in casual conversation and ask them why they support the MHRM, what is their favorite MHRM website and writer etc. If they give a suspicious answer -something like “I want to see those feminist bitches go down”- be very wary of them. Subtly move away and quietly inform the rest of the group (i.e. those you know you can trust) to slowly isolate them and to keep an eye on them.

    It’s quite obvious that the meatheads over at RSM haven’t been doing their homework and blindly believe feminist propaganda -if they didn’t they wouldn’t label the MHRM as a hate group. We must use that fact to our advantage.

    • James Huff

      If you have not read the post above, then go back and read it. Lensman has hit the nail on the head when it comes to infiltration and discrediting techniques. Follow that advice. There is a reason why some groups have a secret handshake or saying to identify each other.

      • Rad

        Yeah, but in modern times it should be a smartphone handshake. Let technology do the confirming!

    • Ray

      [They] “…have no morals and they will try to infiltrate your group and incite violence in your name. It’s one of their favorite tactics.”

      Youbetcha!!! We were at a protest up north once in front of a courthouse, when a guy came up to us so I offered him a protest sign, which he refused. He then started talking crazy, saying, “We need to get those women back in their place.” He said some some crazy stuff inferring violence, when I interrupted and said, “You’re out of line, we don’t do, or advocate, stuff like you’re saying so stop it, or get out of here. We don’t want that kind of talk with us.”

      I asked him who he was and what he was doing here and he stammered and stuttered so I put the camera on him, then he left. I found out later the guy was an employee of State of California, Child Protective Services. He’d come out of his cushy, white office building to disrupt our event.

      Was the guy wearing a recording device, trying to set us up? I don’t know, but you can see from that example the kind of evil we’re up against. I remember thinking, “So this is what my tax dollars are paying California to provide to innocent, hard working men.”

      As the ancient Proverb says, “Be as innocent as doves, but as wise (crafty?) as serpents.”

    • Kevin

      But… I do wanna see those Feminist Bitches go down~! ;-D

      I won’t be at that event bring some miracle anyway, so you needn’t worry lol

  • se_men

    lol, these guys are crazy communists!!!.

  • IrieDave

    Not surprising that they’d call for violence considering that their ilk killed something like 100 million people in the last century. In the ‘about’ section of their website the group says:

    “The Revolutionary Student Movement, student front of Toronto’s Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, aims to promote a revolutionary communist politics among students and youth and fight capitalist oppression in all of its forms.”

    ‘Revolutionary communist politics’ are by nature not peaceful. It’s worth mentioning that this is what the group self-identify as. I don’t see why it was passed over in the article.

    • Rad

      “…considering that their ilk killed something like 100 million people in the last century.”

      That’s easily wiped away with the claim that it’s not the ideology that is flawed, it’s just those who implemented it —and “This time it’ll be different!!!….than all the other times people like me claimed the same thing.”.

      • Dopesauce42

        same tree keeps bearing bad fruit, its the tree, stupids!

        Marxism and Capitalism are very similar. they both believe that greed and self-interest are the primary motivators of human beings. Capitalism says we should embrace this, as it is our true nature. Marxism says that this is indeed our current state, but is not a good state for the long term and that a revolution for a communist government is needed to create the laws that will force the currently horrible masses to become cooperative and sharing individuals.

        Both are totally undemocratic hierarchies.

        Marxism states that greed is the only reason we do anything. Only when our greed causes us to evolve capitalism into the powerful machine it is today, with it’s hierarchies and inhumanity, will there be enough ‘stuff’ that people will not need to compete to acquire it, and will live peaceably and share.

        According to Marxists, we will arrive at an egalitarian society as a result of our greed, NOT as a result of our WANTING to arrive there.

        Marxism and capitalism deny that people have motivations outside of acquiring goods and power for themselves. This is how they justify their hierarchies; “if people were good, we would be happy to let them decide things democratically without coercion.” But according to Marxists, no one is good until that special time when the government succeeds in forcing them to be good. According to capitalists, good is the enemy of self-preservation and freedom. Abandon ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, let the market decide, let greed and lust for power decide, might makes right.

        In truth, most people are good and decent people who value equality, solidarity, and democracy. People are good right now, we don’t need to be ‘re-educated.’ We also don’t need to suffer under the misanthropic machine of capitalism that feeds off of and perpetuates socially destructive behavior.

        We need a third option that, when you look at it, is really a second option. We need real democracy. Check out:

        • Dopesauce42

          And what did you disagree with Mr.Ms. Down-vote?

          I mean, really, no comment, what are you a troll?

          If you don’t understand what i’m saying, why downvote it?

          And if you do understand, but disagree, why not put your balls on the table like I do and say why? Can you organize thoughts well enough to do so? time will tell.

        • yinyangbalance

          Now I get it,
          YOU ARE A SPAMMER!!!

          • Dopesauce42

            You had something to say which is respectable. Though, what you said was not relevant. Again, where did i say that feminism and communism were the same? Right, I didn’t. Just frustrated that people, other than you apparently, think they have something to say, but don’t. don;t know you Yinyang. All I know is that you misinterpreted what I wrote.

            You’re right though, my feathers did get ruffled and I am posting too much on this very boring day. Adding fuel to the moron fire, makes me a moron.

            I doubt you would love it if the roles were reversed and you were trying to have an intelligent discussion, and almost no one could do more than down-vote, no comments, just hit and run. i digress, there are plenty of awareness leaflets to post up on light-posts and such today. I think i will get to that and hope the down-voters are going to do the same.

          • Suzanne McCarley

            Don’t think the editors and readers at AVfM don’t notice when commenters show up and repeatedly promote their own sites (sites not affiliated with AVfM.) We don’t condemn this practice outright because there is often something of value offered at those sites, but AVfM doesn’t give free coattail rides to anyone, of any political stripe.
            Many of your comments are well reasoned and insightful, but I would recommend against hijacking comment threads or trying to shame anyone here into a political fight.

            Political ideology is not what we “do.” Men’s human rights is.

  • Murray Pearson

    Right on, K, calling them on their shit with your patented honey-badgering!

  • Laddition

    RSM – Royally Screwed Mentally?

    I remember such tiresome twats from my student days. Boys with very posh accents dressing up in corduroy suits to go and sell copies of ‘Socialist Worker’ on the city streets. I wonder if they managed to grow the fuck up in the following decades?

    • malcolm

      “I wonder if they managed to grow the fuck up in the following decades?”

      I highly doubt it.

  • Laddition

    Related, in that it describes the type of people who became members of such (bowel) movements

    Revolutionary students didn’t come from such ‘vibrant’ areas (we came, as far as I could tell, mostly from Surrey and the nicer parts of London).

    We might live in ‘vibrant’ places for a few (usually squalid) years, amid unmown lawns and overflowing dustbins.

    But we did so as irresponsible, childless transients – not as homeowners, or as parents of school-age children, or as old people hoping for a bit of serenity at the ends of their lives.

    When we graduated and began to earn serious money, we generally headed for expensive London enclaves and became extremely choosy about where our children went to school, a choice we happily denied the urban poor, the ones we sneered at as ‘racists’.


    • Dopesauce42


      it is all about how you view people; are they selfish stupid racists? or are they good people dealing with a shit-ton of hardships created in order to keep them down while others enjoy caviar laughing at the only organized resistance to their power being people with more contempt for regular people than the ones pissing on them from their 5 million dollar private jets.

      At AVfM, we have respect for regular people and believe that they are mostly good and want a respectful and equal society.

      This makes ordinary people an implicitly revolutionary force. Not a revolution for communism that sees ordinary people as reactionary sheep that need to be forced into socially healthy behavior, the essence of elitism.

      Implicitly revolutionary force against the ideologies of hierarchy and non democratic governance is what ordinary people are. Revolutions are defined by what they are fighting for. If one is fighting for the power of the Bolshevik party or something, then it is not worth supporting. If it is fighting for real democracy where laws are made locally and there is no central government, but instead there are voluntary federations to achieve complex trade and other projects, then yes, lets fight for that revolution. Think American Rev or Spanish Rev. Neither rev went far enough. The American Rev stopped short of totally democratic governance because people were not aware of the holes in the system of government that was instituted that allowed an elite to maintain power. In Spain, they failed to understand that governments were not bad necessarily, only if they are not democratic. Dogmatism cut the Spanish Rev short. We just have to learn from their mistakes and not stop until the People really have the Power.

  • jimbeaux

    When I was getting divorced 16 years ago, I stumbled into my role of a MHRA. In part, this was in response to an article I read about male and female suicide. When I learned that divorced fathers commit suicide at a rate of 9 times that of divorced moms, I realized that something was seriously wrong. I exchanged lengthy emails with the researcher, Augustine Kposowa, and it was quite illuminating for both of us. So when I read statements describing men like me as “opportunistic hate-mongers who are taking advantage of the powerlessness keenly felt by the masses. At worst, they represent the most reactive, backward voices within the masses. As such, they need to be verbally condemned as well as physically challenged” it makes my blood boil. I have a son; I am not happy that my best advice for him at this point is to never get married, and if you do, never have children.
    I myself have suffered through the depression caused by a system that is biased against me, resulting in my near-financial ruin at the hands of my vindictive ex-wife. I have suffered the social stigma of divorce – losing friends, being forced to leave my church, being falsely accused of the standard litany: domestic violence, addiction, unfaithfulness, mental disorders, etc. I have been threatened with jail countless times; I have had my ex try to get me fired from my job (in one case, for sleeping on the floor of my office when I had no place else to go). And yet, these militaristic, mentally unhinged, hate-filled preachers of misandry are supported by our “friends” in the media and our elected officials.
    I am a proud and loving father (who after 15 years finally wrestled custody away from my ex who physically and emotionally abused our son). I believe in equality, not entitlement, for those who show by their actions that they deserve that equality. I do not support violence in any way, whether it’s male upon female violence or vice versa. I cannot support a system that deprives fathers of their children while transferring their wealth to the person(s) who willfully seek to destroy them, enabled by the machinery of the State. As such, once again I vow to do what I can to make a difference. I am extremely grateful for a site like this and hope to one day have an article of my own posted. God bless you and all the suffering men and fathers who have been condemned solely because they have biological equipment hanging between their legs.

  • Truyardy

    So they can openly advocate violence on their website? Is that legal? Or is it only illegal when it’s violence against women?

    • Dopesauce42

      Thanks for the downvotes, Trolls. obviously trolls, maybe even staunch feminists come to think of it.

      • jimbeaux

        Dopesauce, the reason you’re getting down votes is because you and others are posting extremists political views on a site that is devoted to discussions about compassion for men and boys. Personally, I don’t read your posts, and suspect that you are indeed a spammer. If I wanted to read your type of posts, I’d go to That is NOT what I come here for. I realize that there is overlap between politics and misandry, but you have far overstepped my personal bounds for what I am interested in reading on this site. Frankly, I wish you would take your political opinions, posturing, and pontificating elsewhere.

        • Crownby

          He calls himself “Dopesauce”. What did you expect?

  • pinetree

    That article was written by ‘a’ and not ‘they’ –person. There is always that one radical and extreme person who tries to incite the mob. Most of the mob are just like sheep though – or tiny fish in a pond — throw one pebble at them — and they all scatter at amazzing speed.

  • keyster

    “…hold other anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, women in the workplace and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.”

    Under the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution – same sex marriage is legal – – But then so is VAWA and Affirmative Action.

    No one is against immigration – just ILLEGAL immigration.

    The workforce in the US is composed of majority female, while the homeless are overwhelmingly male. Why is that?

    Non-white citizens, such as our Asian population, are advancing quite well economically. No one is against non-white citizens advancing – if they have the desire and will. Or were you talking about non-white citizens, except Asians because they’re really not considered “non-white” in your Utopian vision?

  • Frank Story

    This is getting scary.

  • Winstone

    As you can see, RSM have the communist symbol. It is even worse than fascism.

  • unknowntrolldier

    “anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, …. and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.”

    These issues have what, exactly, to do with the core concepts of Feminism, again? Why do they insist on trying to co-opt the goals and issues of other, legitimate movements for their own?

    Oh right, everything is “me me me me me” with the current masters of the victim complex.

    • Near Earth Object

      “Why do they insist on trying to co-opt the goals and issues of other, legitimate movements for their own?”

      In a word…numbers!

  • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

    These people are as rational as a potato.

    Heeeeeey now. What’s up with the potato hate?

    On behalf of potatoes everywhere, I’d like to say we are in full support of free speech for all vegetables and we only plan to puree the ones who are imported, not white and oh yeah, the gay ones.

    No brown potatoes! No Canadian potatoes! No potato loving potatoes!

    Seems to me like someone is getting afraid. That’s good. I hope they remember to use their words, though.

    • Paul Elam

      “Heeeeeey now. What’s up with the potato hate?”

      Wow, for some reason I see JudgyBitch article with that as the title.

      Or I would certainly like to. :)

  • Kukla

    I’m not surprised. The modern Communist movements are filled with losers, freaks and degenerates(see: Ahuvia Harel). It’s all a part of the 1960s Left where everyone is “like totally oppressed, man!”. I don’t care if they disagree with the MRM or if they wanna be an anti-MRM protest, but violence? These people are so juvenile.

  • Correctrix

    Ugh, reactionary groups like RSM remind me that I just hate human beings. I mean, I want to love them, but Homo sapiens is a disappointing creature. I’m a libertarian socialist (you can use the largely synonymous label ‘anarchist’, if you like), so it’s embarrassing to see such a group embracing gender supremacism when they *should* adhere to our stated goal of equality for all. It’s like when I see atheists descending into ‘Atheism+’, transfolk calling themselves ‘feminists’, or AVfM commentators dabbling in misogyny.

    So close on some issues, and yet epic fail on others.

  • Iron Lightning

    “men’s rights activist [sic]and the organizations they politically affiliate themselves with hold other anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, women in the workplace and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.”

    That’s funny, none of those things are fascist. They’re homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and racist respectively. These fools don’t even know what words mean but I suppose that’s a good tactic for arousing ire in the foolish.

  • Jean Valjean

    “If you are wondering what stupidity smells like, it’s mostly a combination of body odor and incense with a high note of fear.”

    I’m pretty sure there’s some patchouli in there too.

  • Redfield

    Whoever has editorial control over the pic’s for the articles on AVfM hits the mark every time … you get my uptick!! Accessorises well with the story … :)

  • lensman

    I am going to chime in and add something about those types of extreme-leftist groups, speaking from first hand experience in dealing with them both at work and in protests.

    Labeling those people “White Knights” etc is unfair… to actual people we call “White Knights” -not to mention inaccurate, as there are plenty of women in those groups.

    No, these people are quite simply opportunistic scumbags. Plenty of them have never done a single day of honest work in their entire lives, and yet here they are organizing protests and strikes and acting “in the workers’ best interests”. Furthermore, their actions (like 3-hour protests and 48-hour strikes) are ineffective and serve to make the establishment stronger -which I guess is exactly why they are tolerated.

    At this point I will shut up for a moment and let people come up with their own parallels.

    Student Groups like the RSM don’t really care about “students”, don’t really care about men, don’t really care about women, don’t really care about feminism, don’t even really care about anarchism. What they want is power: more people in their ranks and a bigger influence on how things go about on campus/state/etc. My guess is that they saw this as the perfect opportunity to recruit more people and to increase their influence in the Student Union (and consequently the way things work in the University of Toronto)…

    …Trust me, this will come back to bite the UTSU in the ass sooner rather than later.

    (What follows is an account of how one such group fucked things up for everyone in Greece. I try to leave my country out of AVfM but I think this story exemplifies how such groups work in a political environment, and that it might be a useful read for some people here.)

    Back in 2010, when Greece was not yet completely sold out by its ruling political class and buttfucked out of all its vital wealth resources from the “European Union” –in actuality the coming of the 4th Reich- people were starting to wake up to the fact that the country was going in a really bad direction, and decided to find strength in each other. They began to congregate in great numbers outside the Parliament and started protesting the great sellout.

    For the first time in recent history, there was no “Left”, no “Right”, no “Liberals”, no “Conservatives”. There was a great spirit of solidarity and camaraderie among the people who quite simply wanted to fight for basic human rights and dignity… For over six months more that 100’000 people were protesting daily in unison outside the parliament. And that scared the hell out of the reigning politicians.

    Enter the Greek Resistance Front.

    The GRF is basically the more “active” appendage of the Greek Communist Party. It is basically the part of the party that deals with recruiting more people, organizing protests, sticking posters, handing fliers, starting strikes etc.

    Now, you’d think that with everything that was going down in Greece at the time, that the GRF would actually be a big part of the budding “people’s movement”.

    And you’d be wrong.

    Not only did the GRF not help out in organizing the protests, they were actively avoiding taking part in any of them. Whenever a “People’s Protest” bumped into a GRF contest, the GRF guys would promptly change directions and leave, as if we had some sort of communicable disease.

    Of course, this changed once stink was out that the government at the time would crumble and that elections would soon occur. Then the GRF started trying to become a part of the “People’s Movement” or rather started trying to co-opt it for their own purposes in order to drive more upcoming votes to the communist party. They started disrupting the protest with their own brand of political propaganda, which started to erode the people’s solidarity and they compromised our system of rooting out “known-unknowns” (plants from the government with the specific purpose of instigating violence), which gave the Riot Squads a legitimate reason to beat and tear-gas us out of Parliament Square. The “People’s Movement” was officially over (just when it was actually starting to become effective) and the elite political ruling class shat itself with glee as it was now free once more to continue with the country’s sellout.

    If this story doesn’t prove to you that organizations like the GRF and the RSM are “the leftist cards of the establishment” I don’t know what will.

  • MGTOW-man

    Eventually, a man is going to be beaten so badly at a public event by scared-of-the-truth fembots cloaked in oblivious, irrationality-laced, brainwashed, victimhood, that he will have no choice but to respond in kind—to save his own life.

    Of course, the media will edit videos and such to make it look like the man, in his “patriarchal-derived, oppression-spreading, hatred-of-women” wanted to “beat up women”.

    When this happens—and it will—I sure hope every man, woman and child, who knows the truth, as we know it here, steps up to the plate to not only defend him and explain, but to make this action the springboard into the public consciousness that we so clearly deserve.

    It will happen folks. Think about it, just how much of a beating can you take? Sure, it will expose feminism for the violence that it is, but if we do not do something profound when it happens, feminism will get away with altering the perceptions again.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      That’s why we will have footage the MSM can’t edit. That’s why we should travel in pairs.

      • MGTOW-man

        Indeed true. But what the MSM can do is not let any of our truth be seen by anyone on main media outlets —where most people get their news. Youtube and others are gaining ground with unbiased coverage, especially when things go “viral”. But that has been happening for quite some time now—with no new measurable impact for the most part.

        So if traveling in pairs… what, the other one of the pair can step in to defend and/or record? If to defend the other in the pair, I thought we weren’t supposed to react in ways that will be misconstrued as violence coming from our movement.

        My hat is off to those who can take a physical beating without flinching…or even ball up like a hedgehog while mean people beat them.

        Anyway, sooner or later, it is going to happen to a man/men at one of these events…perhaps an innocent one not in the know about being smart such as what this site advises. When it does, like I said, I sure hope everyone friendly here is willing to step up to defend him/them even to the point of marching in protest, which btw, is not a bad idea to do anyway.

        Why do we not march in protest against our treatment? Can anyone offer an answer?

        • Grumpy Old Man

          Sometimes it is more effective to let the opposition make the moves. They seem to be doing a good job of showing their colors.

          AVfM is doing their part by preparing the battle field if you will.

          Personally I think an effective strategy would be to go incognito, record and report, especially when you’re in a tactical situation where the opposition is in the offensive and in charge mode. The two man concept is a sound one and they can do this with stealth too. I’ve been reading too much Sun Tsu’s Art Of War.

  • prince_tybalt

    The RSM says Warren Farrell came to UofT to promote his new book, the myth of male power. Shame they didn’t notice it’s 20 years old.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Various aspects of the topic of “division” are being critiqued in these comments — and rightly so. Open discussion and shared insight (based on close study of misandric social control strategies) are necessary for us to come to terms with misandry in all its forms.

    My background is in rhetoric (including propaganda, censorship, behavioral control) so I offer up one article that describes the specific activities which my academic feminist colleagues were devoted to in the three decades I was in their proximity. Their aims and methods were not vague and impressionistic; they were clear and disciplined, with a feverish desire to win power. My “social change” colleagues were masters of networking, they used backroom meetings with skill (to place their associates in positions of influence and to undermine those not in their belief-system) and they stuck quite closely to the “playbook” they all shared, studied and constantly discussed.

    Bill Lind, “The Origin of Political Correctness,” Accuracy in Academia, February 5, 2000

    • Near Earth Object

      Appreciate the link, Robert.

  • Mr.Zeph

    “We can never give in and feed their desire for violence. We must stand strong and stare their hatred of us in the face. We must never raise our fists in either anger or defiance. We must remember that our strength comes from our ability to separate ourselves from those that advocate and promote violence, and that together we have become a powerful force that has never used violence and yet has been able to strike absolute fear into the hearts of those that seek to silence us.

    That is power.”

    Yes. This is an adult attitude, one that I can stand by.

    Ultimately, our strength comes from self-respect and respect of others.

  • Dream Chaser (@ShotmanMaslo)

    The KKK, like the feminazis, also construed themselves as ‘victims’.

    NOW it makes sense.

  • ErnestoGuevara

    As a Marxist-Leninist that has known a little bit what a real left activist has to face in some countries where the police is a little bit tougher than in Canada, I can say these “revolutionary” clowns are maybe dangerous… for themselves in the first place.

    Of course, threatening violence should never be taken lightly, and I couldn’t agree more with the advice given here. Strength is, among other things, the ability to resist and keep calm rather than blindly ramming against anything that moves. Which is precisely what these idiots are doing.

    They obviously call themselves “revolutionaries” because in Canada there is no risk in doing so. When you have no real life, the sensation of being “fighting” against something, especially if it is safe, is fulfilling. And as they have neither brains nor guts to engage in anything that actually challenges the statu quo, they are eager to “physically challenge” what they think is an easy target just because it is 100% peaceful. As they are unable to face real fascism they spotted MHRM and made it their fascist bête noire.

    In other words, they are a bunch of despicable dimwit mommy babies playing the tough guy. Even their pathetic rhetoric shows that for them political fight is “challenge”, a kind of stupid competition or test they desperately need to prove themselves they are not what they know they are: useless cowards.

    An eye must be kept on them, but the biggest risk here is that one of these nincompoops, trying to “physically challenge” his own shadow stumbles and get a broken bone, then all MRAs will be blamed.

    I left a comment on their post, btw.

  • llrfu

    “If you’re in a position of authority, and you become aware of a crime – you are obligated to act!!”

    Whenever this type of threat is made, and is provable, contact the police, demand charges. When the police refuse, bring a private charge against the culprits AND the police chief.

    THAT, is how you begin to turn things around! I appreciate this site, as a place to gather info, form a coalition etc, but if Blogs alone would change things, well, these things would’ve stopped already. Only ACTION will make a difference.