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Police video interview of a woman, false allegations or not?

Sault Saint Marie – Ontario

Have a look at this video and tell us if you think this woman is telling the truth or telling a lie to the police:

She alleges her boyfriend ripped her clothes off, choked her, caused her to fall down the stairs, called someone to dispose of her body and attempted to ram a Dr. Sholl’s foot powder bottle up her rectum and/or vagina. Her story falls apart several times. She seems to be creating the story right at the police station. It is long, but worth viewing the entire 2 hours and 12 minutes.

People–and “people” includes women–make up lies for various reasons to inflict harm. In our current society, we tend to especially enable this against innocent men, boyfriends and fathers. Many of those men and boys end up charged with crimes, jailed and ruined for life. Yet we think it’s wrong somehow to turn a skeptical eye toward any woman who wants to make an allegation, because of our “rape culture?” I commend the Detective in this video as she seems to be aware this woman is more then likely lying to her.

I spoke with a process server at the Newmarket Courthouse the other week.  She told me that nearly every divorce document she has served in the past 10 years contained allegations by the applicant women of Domestic Violence, sexual assault, rape–or, as she put it, the “silver bullet,” meaning, an allegation that the husband had sexually abused their child.

I am a victim of a failed false sexual allegation made against me and very sensitive to these matters.  She would say to me on the phone, “I am going to have you put in jail and will enjoy doing so!” Then she produced a perjured affidavit in court making such gross false allegations, it would make you go into shock!  The only thing that saved me from certain jail was a digital recording of the entire event and conspiracy to jail me.

Watching this video brought back feelings of horror, when dealing with women who proclaim false allegations to police.

AVfM has an adage for men: ABR, meaning Always Be Recording. There’s a reason for this, and it is not “paranoia.”

Update: For more information on this case, see this BrainSyntax page.

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  • scatmaster

    Hello Attila: Sorry to jump in with this OT, but you may be interested in this.
    There is amazingly an ongoing discussion on a thread of the Ottawa Sun from the woman who claims rape culture is rampant on campus at the U of Ottawa.

    Have at her.

    Sorry again.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      Thanks for the heads up and no bother at all brother. I will weigh in shortly on that piece in Ottawa.

    • Ken

      It seems clear to me that the author of that article spends a lot of time thinking about sexism…… and yet she refers to sexism against a specific sex to be “reverse sexism”…… I think it is quite sad that the author doesn’t even know the meaning of the word sexism…..maybe a little funny, but mostly sad.

      By the way, the comments are now closed on that article.

  • rexxthunder

    I’ve only listened to the first 10 minutes and all I can say is, holy shit she is domineering. Jeez, accept the fact that you’re man has lost complete interest in you and move on. She’s acting like she has a robot control robot that isn’t responding to the controls anymore and is pissed about it.

    • rexxthunder

      remote controlled robot I meant. sorry.

    • rexxthunder

      Wow, that was painful. Here’s what I heard. “I’m a drug addict and violent just like my idiot boyfriend. I don’t remember much because I was sssooo fucking high on blow. But I can’t tell you that because it will paint me in a bad light. I was also screaming like a crazy person, but I can’t tell you that because it will make me look like an unfit parent. He did some shit that pissed me off and I want him to pay, DAMMIT!!!!”

  • Mike Buchanan

    Thanks Attila. We’ll need to be ABR in Detroit of course. I’ll be AMAZED if the radfems don’t try to arrange for women to get to MHRA’s bedrooms, then scream the place down, alleging sexual assault.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    I just received information that Vincent Schiele’s ex was never questioned about the events of that night. After this video he was instantly released. But she has wrongfully kept him from his daughter because she claims to be the victim of abuse.

  • captive

    Complete lie… She says she was willingly feigning unconsciousness, then he stripped her in full public and dragged her up the stairs naked while she was still feigning unconsciousness, then tried to stick baby powder in her vagina while she was feigning unconsciousness. Of course, she says he put a towel over her face, so I don’t know how she could know it was baby powder, but she’s still feigning unconsciousness according to her testimony.

    Who gets pushed down stairs and is like “well, I’m fine but I’m just going to pretend to not be because I just know he’ll strip me naked drag me up stairs and stuff baby powder up my vagina.”

    This is why you never go for a fat and ugly chick. If anything hurts her deep insecurity complex, she’ll do whatever she can to assert control over your existence. Any woman will do that, really, but an attractive one doesn’t have to worry about “if I leave him will I be single for a long time?”

  • captive

    This investigator is a hero for pushing her on the story. It’s interesting that the hardest time this woman cries is when she’s being questioned on contradictions. She hates being called out on lies.

    I am curious what the contents of the “marks” on her are, however.

  • Duke

    The perversions and manufactured statistics alliances that have poisoned American law enforcement, will be a lesson to the people of other nations, as to what happens when they allow there law enforcement’s to accept federal pork bloating dollars, in order to manufacture faulty and inflammatory statistics!!!

    • captive

      Prison profits are a major industry. Not only is it “make-work” but it also vastly increases population dependency on the Government, leading them to surrender more to any transgression they wish to undertake against society at large.

      • DukeLax

        I believe these perversions and manufactured statistics Alliances will be a stain on American law enforcement that will not wash off easily.

  • Daniel Peirson

    Up until the 1 hour mark I found it pretty believable. She’s a very talented liar.

  • Daniel Peirson

    I found it very believable until 1 hour mark… she seems like a pretty talented liar

  • Vincent Schiele

    Attila, I was never questioned in regards to the above allegations, everyone around me was questioned in regards, the Police took all cell phones and interviewed anyone on my outgoing logs of the phone during that time period, also interviewing Adam, Amanda, my neighbours.. and they took her underwear the Dr. Sholl’s foot powder bottle and was sent to the forensic crime lab. Of course the results came back negative of any vagina or anal secretions,

    Not once has anyone asked me if I had something to say in regards to the above statements… really strange I thought … I actually would have had few things to add to the record …

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    Adam, why don’t you get me a number where I can reach you to get your side of the story. I think it is very important to have all the facts from all parties. Thanks Adam.

    • Vincent Schiele

      Two months later, did Adam Warren contacted you? Of course not because he is a liar. He has nothing to stand on other then his derailed slander, attempting to whitewash his criminal history.

      Attila would be good to keep the offer open for him to maybe speak in a public recorded forum one day with his site of the story.

  • David King

    Even if you have evidence to prove it, it has not been cross-examined in court and therefore AVfM is not the place to publish criminal accusations. Until tested in court, such claims are libellous.

    If what you say is true, the police are the appropriate avenue to handle the accusation and any evidence you may have.

  • Hilary Quarrell

    Hello This is Hilary, Vincent Schiele’s partner of the last 4 years. I would like to give some input to this thread that has now become malicious from Adam Warren. Weeks ago while working on an Advocate campaign there was a difference of opinion between Adam and Vincent, since then Adam Warren, who I have only met on 2 brief occasions, has criminally defamed Vince’s, as well as my name through multiple internet sites, threads, and facebook groups. He has completely changed his story concerning the above video, and his knowledge of the incident. Weeks ago he was responding to threads saying Vince had been victimized by Christina the women in the video, and the police needed to investigate the event again, saying Christina should have been charged with lying to the police. Now out of revenge and vengeance he has switched sides, made up malicious lies saying she was drugged and abused…Adam has several different stories for the event.

    As well he has put both our names on different web pages, saying I am the victim of abuse, that he witnessed myself being punched by Vince, that I am a battered woman. 2 days ago he said that I am a child sexual predator, he put my place of employment up ( I work for a financial institution) saying Vince pisses on me after beating me up, as well that Vince is threatening to murder me for insurance money…..This slander by Adam Warren is criminal, vengeful and vindictive. It is an absolute lie!! I am not a battered woman, Vince does not abuse me, I have only met Adam twice in 2010/2011 briefly, he has no knowledge of my relationship, my home, my family, my children…he is an old neighbour of Vince’s. Adam took a conversation on facebook with Vince innocently about me where Vince jokes of taking insurance out on me, Adam cut the convo and is spreading it saying Vince will murder me, I have seen the whole convo….It get’s increasingly ridiculous it’s a personal joke that we have in our relationship…it’s not real, we BOTH joke about it with each other!

    The above video is painful in itself. Vince’s ex has withheld his child, and continues to alienate Vince from her. It has been an ongoing case since 2009, she should have been charged with lying to Police. The Alienation from his daughter is a traumatic experience for Vince, now Psycho Adam Warren is using it to twist and hurt Vince.

    I am an educated woman, successful with no criminal record. I have a fantastic relationship, I am a mother of 3 wonderful young men, and I stand behind Vince. I am now being harassed and slandered by Adam Warren on multiple web pages, he like many other unstable people is using the internet for hate and slander.

    I am open to speak with any admin or participants from A Voice For Men concerning this. Thanks

  • David King

    You’ve been told already that making accusations of criminal conduct is libellous without proof, and that the Police is the appropriate avenue for such proof, not AVfM.

    Since you can’t control yourself, you’re not coming back.

    • Hilary Quarrell

      It’s sad that Adam continues on this campaign of vengeance. Thank you David King for asking for proof, not relying on malicious gossip for content. Unfortunately within the last hours Adam as well spammed multiple other sites with his vindictive lies. Sorry to AVFM that his verbal diarrhea fell onto your site.

  • Vincent Schiele

    Good day all, the audio has been amplified in the video footage from sources unknown. I would like to encourage all interested to view the footage with much better audio quality.

    We all know of someone who’s life has been upside down because of false allegations from a vindictive narcissistic ex or you were accused yourself. This pathology liar in the video above was manipulating police and victim services for far to long, her words are on record for much more then a secret disclosure.

    And the ignorance of certain others in position to protect and hide the malice of the guilty and look on as she is now abusing a little child to hate her loving father. For them who know what is going on and did nothing about it are guilty the same as the culprit him self.

    If possible, Attila would you be so kind and update the video source of this page to the new improved footage

    , thank you all

  • Hilary Quarrell

    Christina Olsen This is your sad story of being the ultimate victim you use in every scenario. If you “Truth Seeker” cared so much about this case you would use use your real name. It took you 6 years to come forward?

    Christina’s story changes multiple times in this video, and has throughout the past 6 years, as I have been front hand witness to the past 5 years. The scary part is how can a woman lie, and changer her story so greatly yet never see punishment (not yet).

    As per statement * she only becomes more emotional recanting the hurtful events (aka triggers) * The woman becomes that way in most scenarios, I have watched it personally in-front of multiple Judges and Lawyers. Her personality changes to fit the occasion.
    I am not afraid to use my real name, as I will say this and more to the Ontario Court of Justice.

    Finally someone from the Olsen clan speaks up for the liar Christina Olsen … Can I suggest for more dialogue, we would like to discuss this matter in much more detail on record for all to learn from.

  • Vincent Schiele

    For you truth seeker, Bonny McLean from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario with your orchestrator of a alienated father suicide, the abuse towards Joel Olsen what Suzanne caused and the abuse to cover the hate to protect a know liar Christina Olsen, Your hate towards me and my child. You and your families are all scum, waste of skin, egoistic narcissistic scum from Sault Ste Marie on their mission to cover up.

    You will all get what you deserve. Nothing more. Nothing less. One day they will hate you as much as you taught them to hate me and that day is coming sooner.