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Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): A Danger to Self and Others

Grab yourself a good single malt or any other beverage of choice, for I am a windbag.

The Men’s Right Movement (MRM) is as diverse (God I hate that word) as any movement has ever been. Men, women, hetero, trans or gay; we embrace those of different backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, or politics as long as the primary tenets of the movement are front and center: human rights and compassion for men and boys, same as for women.

Unlike ideological feminism, human rights for men and boys does not mean that the other side of the coin is to be ignored, forgotten, or vilified in some warped sense of reparations or retribution.  A cursory look into the inner workings of the MRM specifically, places such as AVfM and its affiliates, will undoubtedly enlighten the reader that men and boys are in fact human beings deserving of the same rights as any other human being.  Deserving of the fundamental rights afforded to all humans regardless of genitalia or other such Politically Correct divisiveness.  Yes, dear readers, the males of this world are indeed human with feelings of joy, sorrow, pleasure and yes, even anger.

Anger is a human emotion that although at times may negatively affect the situation at hand, but none-the-less it is a valid emotion. defines anger as;

 A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.’

Movements have always had “displeasures” with the status quo.  A system that oppresses a specific group or section of the population tends to elicit some sort of action by its benefactors.  And those actions of the displeased tend to sometimes show a perfectly normal and justifiable emotion: anger.

Think back of the racial inequities of the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s and even ’80s–I am old enough to remember much of it, and even if you are not you will have at least read about it.  Most folks would certainly agree that the grievances of black human beings were reasonable and appropriate and deserving of an angry response–and that society needed to change.  Anger tended to be in the forefront of many of their responses, justifiably in most cases.  Forcing a whole group of people to underclass status based solely upon their skin color is so last-century.   Sadly, there are those that still to this day think that blacks are somehow lesser human than whites, but, this article isn’t about race relations.

Here we are, in the 21st century and a new level of oppression, discrimination, and downright hatred has reared its very ugly head.  It’s not new and in some circles, it doesn’t even exist let alone warrant a place in word processing spell checkers.

Of course I am referring to misandry, meaning the hatred of men.  The bastard sibling of the “misogyny“that feminists and most western governments claim is rampant and causing all of society’s ills with its supposed father, the “patriarchy“.

Anyhow, let us get back to the reason for this article: the angry participants within human rights movements.

Personally, I believe that we must remind ourselves to not blindly accept, support nor legitimize any and all anger as acceptable or even justified.  While anger is a normal, healthy, even vital emotion that we must allow people to express, sometimes angry actions can be beyond reasonable. Civilized discourse does not always have to be civil, because sometimes anger is a necessary part of getting your voice heard. It is a tool of rhetorical necessity. But we as a movement must differentiate, if not distance ourselves, from violent, psychotic, or otherwise dangerous actions.  This is a difficult endeavor when those in opposition tend to align any and all harmful discourse, specifically that which would reflect negatively, with all in the movement.

Feminists, of course response to such negatives within their movement as anomalies, fringe or radicals, and “not real feminists.”  Wait, no, they only do that sometimes. And in any case they rarely condemn it.

In any case, they very rarely afford us or others the courtesy of saying “this person does not necessarily represent the whole.” As such, it is often necessary for us to do it for ourselves.

Serious members of the MRM take exception to those that would blemish the very real reasons for our movement.  Men’s’ rights, fathers’ rights, and anti-feminism are not about being “anti-woman,” and no amount of saying it’s so will make it so.  That is not to say that there are no “nutters” or misogynists that claim to be MRAs, for there are.  But these folks are not indicative of the MRM (or MHRM as some prefer) and should always be identified and such and, whenever possible, ejected from organizations which strive to forward compassion and human rights for all.

Enter one Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c).  He is also known as just plain Peter Nolan. He is also known as Joschua Boehm, Joschua-Brandon: Boehm, Peternolan9, and even “John Rambo.”

Now, I could end this article right now with one simple statement: Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) is a nutter and his views and actions do not represent the men and women of the MRM.  But, what’s the fun in that? We probably should get specific and say why.

The obvious I will dispense with right way.  What sort of narcissist would try to copyright their name?  And what’s with the stupid colon?

Moving on: Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)…  oh screw that.  I am not going to continue with this name silliness.  Nolan, as I shall now refer to him, is indeed an angry man.  As with many men (and some women I might add) within the MRM, he has been taken to the cleaners so-to-speak by an ex. He has justifiable reasons for being angry.

As stated previously, anger is not necessarily wrong. Humans being humans and all, they will have human reactions.  But actions caused by anger can be wrong.  Especially when they cross over into hatred, statements of violence, advocating dangerous and illegal activity, slander and libel, or desires of death upon other persons. Nolan, I am afraid, is guilty of all of these things.

An Australian now living in Germany, Nolan is a product of a system that considers men as nothing more than sperm-donating wallets to do the dirty work and heavy lifting.  So it stands to reason that Nolan would be angry at the system.  But “angry” doesn’t even begin to describe Nolan’s actions or his state of mind.

Nolan began his trip to lala-land from the humble beginnings of yet another screwed-over husband/father statistic.  A story which he has chronicled here fits the typical narrative that a good many men know all too well. Nolan states:

“All through that time I have conversed privately with her father and offered the hand of love and peace such that the damage that was doing could be minimized. In November 2007, as part of a peaceful settlement, I offered a roughly 2/3 to 1/3 split to which included the maximum awardable child support in Australia. In talking with this offer was deemed ‘more than generous’ by both on the basis that had refused to work, against my non-consent, for 14 years of the 18 years marriage. Further, I paid the vast majority of expenses for and raised them as my own as best I knew how. Let’s not mention I renovated two houses with the skills taught me by my Uncle while sat on her arse and did bugger all.”

Sounds like a man taken to the cleaners by a corrupt court system to me.  He goes on to say:

“She took the proceedings hostile by committing many counts of perjury including false allegations of adultery, domestic abuse, abandonment, and being a poor father to my former children.”

There you have it: using the courts to take everything  a man has, unsubstantiated claims of abuse, alienating the children, all textbook stuff those in the Men’s Human Rights Movement have heard a million times.  Sadly though, as his troubles escalated, so did his spiral down into the pits of dementia. More Nolan:

“THAT is what you married men have to look forward to with the criminal scumbags in the legal fraternity. The scumbag criminals in the legal fraternity did that just to try to make it harder for me to bring them to justice. Well? They failed. And I expect men like YOU, dear reader, to take severe exception to the fact that the Family Law is actually unlawful and that your lawyers, magistrates and judges are criminal scumbags.”

Claiming that the family court system is full of scumbags is probably true, but you’ll notice the thinly veiled hints of conspiracy beginning to show.

“As a law-abiding man I have determined that ALL those who committed crimes against me will be brought to trial before a common law court. A common law court is a ‘people’s court’ and has superior recognition in law than the corrupt ‘Family Court’ and ‘Australian Federal Magistrates Court’. And if you, dear reader, do not think these courts are corrupt I have news for you.”

Nolan now implies himself to be somewhat the legal eagle, and attempts to school us as to proper terminology and practice.  Additionally, he now exposes his belief in “personal sovereignty” wherein no court of law in any land has jurisdiction over him.  To further exemplify that, from his book The Truth Be Told:

“This is a Lawful Notice to women and their mangina lackeys who would make up lies and slander me.

My calling, Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) and the strawman name PETER ANDREW NOLAN(c) is copyrighted worldwide. So is my image and all aspects of my human self. Here is the contract for that copyright.

Any woman or mangina lackey who uses my name, my calling or my image without my written consent signed in red ink by my hand only is violating my copyright.

The cost of copyright violation PER VIOLATION is 1,000 troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold. So all of you women and mangina lackeys might want to consider that before you write your lies about me. I will pursue copyright violations ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD so as to collect gold to be able to re-distribute to those I perceive as in need. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to take gold off women and their mangina lackeys and give it to men who are struggling to raise their boys because of the oppressive nature of the western ‘legal’ system today.

Any slander of me will be pursued ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. So if you women tell lies about me and try and[sic] slander me to damage my business you will be pursued. I will take your property off you as a point of honour.

If any woman wishes to make a rebuttal for anything I have said they are welcome to do so directly to me at on an Affidavit with a Notice of Intent and Proposed Remedy signed under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability.”

UH-OH!  I’m in trouble now!  Maybe I should have gotten his permission to do an opinion piece based on easily and readily available information on the internet!  And in case you doubt his superior abilities, please allow me to have Mr. Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) (or is it Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c) I forget) to tell you in his own words how like uber-totally-awesome like totally he is!

Firstly, I am one of the top Business Intelligence Consultants in the world. I have been doing BI for 22+ years and been in IT for 30+ years. We can build data warehouses about 2x faster and cheaper than anyone else can. We are now licensing our software on a subscription basis so that it is easier to acquire.

Under the calling of Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c) I am also the sole founder of the global Mens Business Association. This is a global business network that will operate outside the jurisdiction of any government entities.

I am one of the worlds leading experts in law and governments. We have decided we don’t like the existing governments so we are creating a way of doing business outside the existing governments jurisdiction.

We will have our own courts, own passports, own laws, own contracts, own work permits, own bank, own currency. You name it. It if is run by the guvment today we are going to have an alternative that can be used by choice.

And that is just the illuminati anti-government stuff, it gets better folks.  Nolan really begins to shine a light upon his neurosis and hatred of women with little gems like this;

“I shall be placing her before a court in Ireland, in front of 12 men (women failed the challenge to try her justly) and those 12 men will define what remedy she is to pay for the crimes she has committed. My commitment is that NO MAN can be given more severe remedy than is delivered to . is going to be the Irish Test Case for women being truely ‘equal’.  As in ‘equal before the law’.  We shall see how she likes that.”

Too many men have had their right to liberty violated by women who tell lies to the police to get their husbands arrested to ‘teach them who is boss around here’. Who is boss around here, in Australia, in the future, will be the man of the house.

To any woman who complains? F*** off. I am not interested in the comments of ANY women. Women have been asked for 2.5 years to assist stop the needless deaths of tens of thousands of men. They ALL refused. You women can stand back and see what condoning perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft gets you. ANY WOMAN who attempts to impede my progress in this activity will be charged with obstructing a peace officer in the course of his duty as well as attempting to pervert the cause of justice.

ANY WOMAN who gets in my way will be facing a jury trial of 12 men to determine if you have committed a crime. You can ‘get on board’ or ‘stand aside’.

Now I ask you folks.  Are these the words of an “angry man” that has gotten beaten down by the divorce and family courts?  I say no.  These are the rantings of a man who has gone above and beyond, blaming the illuminati, government, courts, and most of all women.  He has now entered the nutter zone.

So disillusioned is he that when he finds himself with possible allies – or at least folks who might actually listen to his “remedy” – he takes loonyville to an all-new high.  Below are but a few excerpts from a recent chat session whereas he literally goes over the edge. The following was captured [unedited] last month in a public chat forum for Men’s Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way:

[2/13/2014 7:39:48 PM] peternolan9: I am the only man in the world who has had the guts to video record a family court matter and put it on YT and tell the guvment involved I will kill anyone who tries to incarcerate me for that.

Man in the man-o-sphere are a bunch of fucking pussies who deseve everything happening to them… take the crimes commited against you up the arse and all you do is whine… guts…it is  a total disgace.

[2/13/2014 7:40:19 PM] peternolan9: You are not “men” at all….and it is shown by the fact that no other man has done what I have done IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.


[2/13/2014 8:07:42 PM] peternolan9: “So basically, you’re okay with men dying if they don’t serve YOUR purpose.”

No..I have no concern with useless eater losers kiling themselves if they are not willing to defend the children of their land….and fuckwits like you try to tell lies about me because you have no track record to point to…

Go and kill yourself…be fertiliser..then you would be doing somethign useful.

Until you have equaled my track record? Fuck off and die.

[2/13/2014 8:10:17 PM] peternolan9: I started this with “there is no point talking to men in the mra area becayse they are not willing to listen yet”

And this short interaction shows exactly that…

A bunch of losers who tolerate disgusting and disgraceful behaviour..

That is why the MGTOW boards just went down…you tolerate shitheads and fuckwits… one can take you losers seriously…certainly not me.

I expect to be treated with the respect I have earned…and those who tolerate fuckwit

[2/13/2014 8:23:38 PM] peternolan9: @all,

my opinion is that in the mens rights/fathers rights area you are well advised to kick out and fuckwit loser who slanders another man and any fuckwit loser who does not show due respect to men who have earned it.

Until you are willing to do that? These fuckwits poison everything they touch….kick them to the curn and tell them to go kill themselves in some mans rose garden and be fertiliser such that they are doing something useful….get rid if the liars, the slanderers, the men of no honour…they are of no value to anyone…they are worthless human scum who would make the world a better place by not being in it.

“Go and kill yourself.” This is the sort of thing you say to men who’ve had their rights violated and, frequently, their lives destroyed? Everyone who doesn’t do things exactly the way he wants them to is a fuckwit loser, demands for respect he really hasn’t earned and titanic rage at anyone who doesn’t give him exactly what he wants?

I think you probably get the point. The fact is that this article is just a smidgen of the vile hatred and bad advice this man trades in.  He is not just angry, he is giving bad, dangerous advice that could land you in jail, and abusing anyone who questions his judgement. He wishes deaths on those who disagree with him. He is telling people who may or may not be emotionally unstable (he has no idea) that they should kill themselves.  This is the ravings of a lunatic living on the fringe who spends his time attempting to turn himself into a pseudo-martyr.

Last year, Emily Shire attempted to put up the lunatic Nolan as a good example of our movement. Interestingly, even when we informed her that we repudiated Nolan and highly questionable behavior attributed to him, she issued no retraction or apologies. For the record we also think he offers dubious and legally dangerous advice; maybe you’ll have success with some of his recommended methods or services, but we are doubtful.

The MRM and specifically AVfM doesn’t need nor want so-called Men’s Rights advocates like Nolan.  Those who deem it necessary to use individuals like him as a poster child of the men (and women) within the Men’s Human Rights Movement need to take notice: Nolan is NOT a Men’s Rights Activist.  Actually, now that I think about it, I think Nolan would better fit within the feminist ranks.  Right up there with the likes of Dworkin, Steinem, Marcotte and the rest of those hate-mongers.

For those readers inclined to slow down looking for the dead bodies in an auto accident may wish to check out the below links for more examples of Nolan’s madness. Me? I’ve had enough. I’m going to open up another cold one and just keep this article handy for the next time someone throws this guy up as an example of who we are and what we do. He ain’t, folks.

’nuff said for now I think!

Trigger Warning

Those of you easily triggered by a PTSD reaction to stupid crazy insanity may wish to avoid the following links. Read at your own risk!

COMMENTS left in various forums. Notice the frequent zing between apparently almost-sane and completely insane comments, and the use of the various names listed at the top of this article:!!!

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  • MensRightsCanada

    I see this guy’s spam all over YouTube as if he’s the next God who knows all and knows all solutions to every issue. It’s repulsive.

  • Victor Zen

    As an advocate of remix culture, I suggest we create and share fair use derivative work of Nolan’s name for the sake of noncommercial entertainment purposes.

    Don’t forget to attribute the source properly! People should be able to find the source of the bullshit.

    Oh, and Nolan. Good luck suing everybody that says your name. You’ll be broke soon enough.

    • Dagda Mór

      As someone who has dealt with and is dealing with men broken in ways similar to Mr Nolan, how about we don’t.

      A very firm repudiation and distancing should be sufficient, I don’t see why we need to take the piss out of what is clearly someone who’s been forced through the meatgrinder by feminism and lost his mind in the process.

      • Victor Zen

        You know what? Fair point. I apologize for not factoring in the mental health implications as much as I should have. I retract the first part of my comment. +1

  • Aimee McGee

    Needs to take his meds….

    • DukeLax

      Sometimes the “thorazine shuffle” does sound like a welcome break.

  • John Narayan

    Well said, I had quite a long skype call with Peter a few years back, boy if he ever gains a following of useful idiots he could be very dangerous as he did preach the use of violence, I won’t divulge any more details. I supect he could be a psychopath.

    • Scatmaster

      if he ever gains a following of useful idiots

      I was one of his useful idiots for awhile (don’t appreciate your sentiment).
      My statement is below.

      • John Narayan

        Sorry Bro not meant to offend.

    • jmcgladr

      I just read a post where he basically threatened to kill his kids if they wouldn’t “make the remedy” he “demands”. There are also posts all over his FB page basically supporting fathers who killed their kids to get even with ex-spouses: He is one scary guy!

      • John Narayan

        Did not know that, fellow needs to get help.

      • John Narayan

        Oh yea.

  • DukeLax

    I would add…. “Broken / mangina lackeys” . These manginas are the 30-40 year old men who are now in fat bureaucratic posts ….”bullying” our sons.

  • Scatmaster

    My personal opinion is he loves the attention and his ego is so out of whack it has addled his brain. He seems to have some semblance of intelligence but using it in such a destructive way. Having said that will he be allowed to respond to this article with one of his own? Would make for some interesting discourse and allow people to see him for what he really is.

    I admit to falling into his trap a number of years ago because he told me what I wanted to hear and I wonder how many others have done so as well. Thanks to AVFM (Paul) and Welmer I have been counseled in the right direction.

    • Dean Esmay

      Nolan isn’t welcome here, he was thrown off this site for abusive behavior and for the snake oil he was trying to sell while doing it. We’ve said it publicly before but we’ve never done an article on why. It seems necessary to say something in one place so we have the definitive statement available on where we stand the next time he gets some kind of public crazy going.

      I don’t know how to warn people off this guy other than to tell them he’s crazy. I recognize his peculiar beliefs about “sovereignty” and such from having spend many, many, many years exploring the political fringes of both left and right.

      Don’t feel bad, I think it’s a rare person who isn’t taken in by a charming con artist. It’s a human failing we all have.

      • Sulla

        Sounds like the freeman on the land scam.

        You tell people there is a secret alternative legal system, or secret rules to hack the current legal system. Often this information is given out in high priced books.

        Laws are enforced via the gun of the state. Using freeman on the land tactics will get you in more trouble.Some people look at the rules of the legal system and think the system follows it’s own laws like a mechanical machine. This is not how the legal system works, laws are enforced by powerful people. You can’t hack the legal system and make these powerful people obey the rules you point out. The judge will just laugh at you and throw you in prison. The judge can quite often imprison you illegal and there is nothing you can do about it.

        I know a person in real life who believed in this sort of thing. He was fixated on maritime law.

        • PaulMurrayCbr

          That’s interesting, and illuminates the link with this guy being a computer programmer. He doesn’t get that the world is made up of people, that the legal system isn’t a box running an algorithm.

          • Sulla

            There are an insane amount of laws written down in the UK. Most of them just drop out of use. So law is basically just practise and custom.

            Lots of laws don’t get enforced or get ignored.

            For example when it comes to stop and search the police in the UK break their own laws all the time. I was illegally handcuffed once for refusing to give out my name and address. They had no probable cause to stop and search me. Even after searching me they still wanted my name. They handcuffed me for no reason, the only reason I gave my name was because I had to meet someone.

            They broke their own rules, do you think me pointing that out to them would do any good?

          • PaulMurrayCbr

            “Probable cause” is a term from the constitution of the USA.

          • Sulla

            Not termed that in the UK but copy and pasted from Citizens advice.

            The police can stop and search any person, vehicle, and anything in or on the vehicle for certain items. However, before they stop and search they must have reasonable grounds for suspecting that they will find:

            stolen goods, or
            drugs, or
            an offensive weapon, or
            any article made or adapted for use in certain offences, for example a burglary or theft, or
            knives, or
            items which could damage or destroy property, for example spray paint cans

            asking me what I am up to repeatedly and then handcuffing me for no reason , is not really reasonable grounds. They just randomly picked me out from a crowded street.

          • Guido9

            I believe that that has been reduced to “reasonable suspicion” which means in all practicality, whatever.

      • MRAAlternate

        The “sovereignty” movement is a somewhat expected reaction in the United States where we believe strongly in freedoms. The United States government has made clear over and over again that they are going to continue curtailing those freedoms in an effort to bring around their utopian ideal civilization of politically correct multiculturalism where everyone is permitted cultural identity excepting white men and some abstract concocted fear is used as a justification to curtail any rights possessed by people.

        The sovereignty movement is still stupid, but it’s a predictable reaction to very real and severe impositions on United States freedoms.

        • Sulla

          Where do the laws come from? They come from the gun of the state. You can only have personal sovereignty if the state is too weak to impose it’s own sovereignty on you. We live in a era of history where the state is stronger than ever.

          Western nations are more bureaucratic than eastern Germany now.

          • MRAAlternate

            I understand that perfectly. I’m simply saying its a reaction to the overpowering destruction of civil liberties and state sanctioned misandry that damages men like this. They intentionally promulgate this misleading conspiracy propaganda to damage men who aren’t bright enough to determine what is real and what isn’t.

            Personally I don’t believe in such a philosophy – I believe the state is important, that taxes are important, that public services are important. I don’t believe adopting misandristic government policies is important nor do I believe curtailing human freedoms is important.

          • Sulla

            I don’t believe in the state.

            If you can’t trust people, you can’t trust them to run a state.

            If you trust people you don’t need to use the violence of the state to make them, behave.

            The state is dysfunctional. You may be able to reform it in the short term but the dysfunctional is in the very DNA of the state, cancerous bureaucracy will return. I don’t believe it is just a personal philosophy issue, I think it is a cause and effect issue.

            My friend who has settled in lawless Cambodia tells me people are happier here than in the west. I think he is onto something there.

          • MRAAlternate

            You can trust some people – people just are poor at reasoning and elect people who are after power. I’m of the view that people least desiring of power are probably the best suited to it – which is very much undermined in a democracy.

          • Sulla

            Bring police services? Those thugs that can murder, beat, and rob with near impunity? Services like domestic violence policing that kick men out of their homes? Services like welfare for single mothers by choice paid for mostly like men? Healthcare? In the UK a woman can get free boob jobs while prostate cancer drugs are not funded. Education? The place where boys get drugged and suffer from aggression from female teachers? Also the education is pretty poor too.

            We got safety nets in the UK, you don’t seem to have many in the USA.

            The homeless man kicked out by his wife after 30 years of marriage certainly needs a safety net, yet it was our fucked up society that created his need for it in the first place.

            I am very sceptical about the state being reformed.

          • MRAAlternate

            A state is better than the alternative. Feminists have brought about this abusive neo-liberalism state. I’ve been a liberal for years – but I never supported cruelty to men. Conservatives are nearly just as cruel to men as liberals are – so it’s not really a difference. I do not support actual plutocracy over a dysfunctional democracy that really is a plutocracy. You’re utterly absurd if you think we can have civilization without a state. Such a system would bring abuses upon men far above and beyond what the state could ever muster.

          • Sulla

            So I point out the education school give is not good enough and I have a problem?

            When has a democracy existed that is not a plutocracy? Democracy is largely a liberal myth.

          • MRAAlternate

            Well, it really hasn’t, because people will sell themselves to slavery at any time. The education the schools give is the only way to possibly escape feminist apartheid. I think you shouldn’t be here encouraging men to stay objects of labor exploitation.

          • Guest

            I never said men shouldn’t be uneducated. You are just waffling nonsense and ad home mixed in with some non sequiturs. You are just attacking strawman positions I don’t hold.

            You don’t understand my beliefs. I said the education the state gives out is not good enough. You realise there are alternatives to state education right?I never called for men not to be educated.

            “You sound like a traitor to MRA’s to me. The state needs fixing, men don’t need less education”

            This statement is passive aggressive slander, bordering on the mentally ill.Please don’t project whatever hangs you have on me. I am not willing to engage with you anymore in a debate, I am done with you. You use feminist/female bitch type logic in a debate.

            I shall remember who you are, so I know to avoid you on here in future. You lack of respect is distasteful. I don’t tolerate paranoid types.

          • Sulla

            I never said men shouldn’t be uneducated. You are just waffling nonsense and ad hom mixed in with some non sequiturs. You are attacking strawman positions I don’t hold.

            You don’t understand my beliefs. I said the education the state gives out is not good enough. You realise there are alternatives to state education right?I never called for men not to be educated.

            “You sound like a traitor to MRA’s to me. The state needs fixing, men don’t need less education”

            This statement is passive aggressive slander, bordering on the mentally ill.Please don’t project whatever hangs you have on me. I am not willing to engage with you anymore in a debate, I am done with you. You use feminist/female bitch type logic in a debate.

            I shall remember who you are, so I know to avoid you on here in future. You lack of respect is distasteful. I don’t tolerate paranoid types.

          • MRAAlternate

            The fact remains that to be gainfully employed one must be credentialed. Advising men against education is not in their favor – period.

          • Ben Culture

            Um, Cambodia is known as a child-prostitution sex-tourist destination. Like, that’s the only reason first-world citizens go there. If your friend is “onto something” … whew, I don’t really have to make that joke, now, do I?

    • John Narayan

      Like I said I suspect he is a psychopath. The whole two plus hours of our skype call consisted of him trying to manipulate me, I played dumb, he was talking about killing people and other crazy shit. My only regret is not being able to find the audio.

      Anyway we do not want to pay to much attention to him as psychopaths thrive of any attention they can get.

  • Scatmaster

    Actually, now that I think about it, I think Nolan would better fit
    within the feminist ranks. Right up there with the likes of Dworkin,
    Steinem, Marcotte and the rest of those hate-mongers.

    Glad you included that and yes I used the bold html, sue me.

    • Ben Culture

      That’s the sentence that blew my mind. I saw it and thought “How the f*** does Amanda Marcotte get into the same sentence with Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinem? With two names I’ve been hearing all my life?!? The Pandagon chick?”
      WTF, you turn your back on the Internet a little, and next thing you know, the permanent-guest blogger is a feminist icon.

  • DannyboyCdnMra

    Nolan is like a broken clock correct twice a day (men getting destroyed in family courts and false allegations) but after that he is just wrong. Got no use for violence, that’s a feminist tactic, got no use to tell men to kill themselves fuck we don’t need to add to the problem, again that’s a feminist trait, got no use for people who would promote such ideas.
    In the end all I have for Nolan is pity, nothing more. He got broken in a corrupt system and instead of harnessing his righteous indignation for positive he let it devolve into hatred.
    His legal theories are as far as I can tell untested and pure speculation.
    The fact that he has made threats to kill if someone tried to put a stop his family court video should be enough of a red flag for any rational thinking person to recognize as danger.
    Your absolutely right about this nutter possibly landing someone in jail with his idiocy, if not killed.

  • Kevin Wayne

    I just connected this guy up: He’s the one who falsely accused a girl of a false rape accusation in the Ohio University public oral sex brouhaha. Glad you guys are reminding me to remind others to steer clear of ’em.

  • Paul Elam

    Cleaning up messes. Another bit of role modeling; a gift from the MHRM to feminists.

  • Jesse James

    Good grief. Take a good look brothers, this what the hidden trapdoor of feminism does to a man of great, and foolish, pride falls. Be different. Better poor with your dignity than be “right” against all odds replete with straight jacket!

  • MRAlias

    I’ve encountered Peter a few times on 4chan’s /pol/ section. Many people there seem pretty MRM friendly and there’s usually a lot of good discussion going on. Every once in awhile Peter comes in and trolls threads with self promotion though. He seems to have a particular hate for Girlwriteswhat. It’s strange, to say the least. The guy could definitely benefit from some therapy.

  • Chris Wedge

    Never seen this guy.
    I suppose he’s a cautionary tale of what happens when those with a fragile spirit and the will to live get broken by uncaring, greedy bigots.

    And why letting hate breed hate is just dumb.

  • vespillioq

    Seems like he’s reading aussie versions of freeman-on-the-land manifestos.

  • John Doe

    Peter has written a rebuttal to your slander article against him here

    And he posted it on YouTube too here

    • Scrufflecat

      Stop referring to yourself in the third person, petey boy.

      • David King

        “John Doe” is obviously either Nolan himself or a Nolan fanboi (does he have any of those?)

        Whichever the case, the guy is going to some lengths to hide his tracks. It’s a private Disqus profile, but it’s been pretty busy in the relatively short time since it was created, and it’s had some 10% of its posts flagged/spammed.

        Interestingly, the IP from which the comment was posted appears to be a UK-based DC (data centre) IP, rather than a subscriber IP — somebody’s using a private proxy. So… while there’s no direct evidence that “John Doe” is a Peter sock, it sure sounds like it.

        • guber

          Of course this John Doe is Peter himself. What is the point of uncovering this in a big boo ha ha? Doesn’t take rocket science. What are you getting out of this high-school level ganging up people?

    • Paul Elam

      Hi Peter. I am sure someone will watch your video now.

  • Whothehell Cares

    He’s one sick hateful bloke for sure. I’ve had the displeasure of discourse with him on YT.
    He thrives on his opinions being challenged, best to ignore him altogether.

  • coldfire

    Peter Nolan is, like every other “personal sovereignty” or “freeman on the land” nutcase, a danger to anyone who takes seriously the pondefecations he presents as “legal advice”. Following it is a fast track to bankruptcy, jail time, and a criminal record. No need to take my word for it though, here’s what a judge had to say about it:

  • John Narayan

    Re:- Peter N

    “Starve the beast! These psychological and emotional parasites are needier than hell. Don’t give them anything they might require from you after they are done with you – especially the attention they so desperately crave.

    All psychopaths live by their own rules; they bully, play victim, create drama, and suck the life out of everyone they come into contact with. We all know several people like this, whether we know this about them or not depends upon how well they hide what they really are behind the façade they present to the world. They can at times appear to be the most charismatic, convincing people in the world and only their previous victims know them for who they truly are. They can also elicit a kind of primal fear, something that goes straight past the conscious thought process and aimed straight at the subliminal or unconscious depths of our being.

    In terms of real technical, creative and cognitive expression, psychopaths may be mostly imbeciles. ”

    Excerpt From: Thomas Sheridan. “Puzzling People.” iBooks.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Legal nuttery is a whole area of interest. Google “freeman on the land”, although that’s USA-specific (Mr Nolan Colon regrettably may actually be an aussie I’m sorry to say).
    The worst thing is that his obvious mental illness makes it believable that his wife may have been telling the truth when she told the judge that her husband was a dangerous nut whom her children needed to be protected from.

  • Sage Quinn

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen this Nolan character commenting on youtube at the extreme Right end. I think even Chapin and Rocking MrE consider him a nutter. Actually I first encountered Nolan’s book in my early days in the MRM, so like any greenhorn I started reading. It opens by stating (IIRC) that the book is only intended for men under the age of 30… and when I say “intended”, I mean Nolan literally forbids anyone who’s not a man under 30 from reading it. Forbids. I put the book down at that point, but not because Nolan said so.

  • Dean Esmay

    It depresses me to “kick around” a guy who’s been through the obviously unjust system, honestly it does. The reason for saying something I think is not because of him, but the terrible advice he gives people and the abuse he heaps on men who won’t do things his way. :-(

  • dark297 .

    If I didn’t know better, I’d bet he’s a plant, using a technique called “black propaganda”, wherein someone pretending to be on one side spreads false information or makes statements damaging to that side. It would be like if PETA had someone pretending to be a Schneider’s exec and putting out statements about how those at the company loved to torture animals

  • Girius

    Actually, he should trademark his name, not try to assert a copyright.

  • Astrokid

    whoever you are.. your name and posting history reveals that you go around posting about Peter Nolan. And thats all you do. I have no reason to trust you. The MHRM isnt the place for enemy of an enemy is my friend.

  • MRAAlternate

    Europe isn’t what it used to be – I can’t believe how fascist it has become – full blown Mussolinism over there.

  • MRAAlternate

    Sounds like he could use some mental heath assistance.

  • SciVo

    That’s interesting. I met a “sovereign citizen” once in the waiting room of a medical office, and he showed the same kind of magical thinking about language, including that there’s some kind of distinctive meaningful significance to your name in ALL CAPS. He also tried to argue that Russia invaded something named Georgia, and Georgia is also the name of a state in the U.S., therefore Obama is a traitor for not defending America against Russia. That was the point where I laughed and his monologue ended.

    • Ben Culture

      Thank you. I have encountered some of this stuff in my amateur research on schizophrenic disorders, but never the whole package(c).

  • MensRightsCanada


  • John Doe

    Hey Guber, Peter did a video reply to your comment here

  • Daniel Qian

    @guber: “These people assign a certain significance to the birth record and the official name given to the person in ways I don’t fully comprehend”

    That’s because they don’t comprehend the rest of us. They imagine on the one hand that law is something so universal and objective that they can issue a global dictate, and on the other hand that it’s something so personal and subjective that they can adjudicate it for themselves. They will never in a million years understand that law is something social and consensual, that takes negotiation and agreement — because they’re nuts.

    They will never understand that if everyone thinks you’re nuts, then it doesn’t mean anything when they fail to dogpile you when you say something crazy in court in front of however many officers, because they’re just according you the courtesy due to the mentally infirm.

    I think that you’re trying to defend someone who doesn’t deserve your allegiance, and probably wouldn’t even appreciate it.

    • guber

      I am not in this so much to defend this particular man. I am speaking as a matter of principle. I find our man’s movement quite unnecessarily fragmented and there is a big dose of hostility launched against each other that is not conducive to our purpose. One of the biggest defect we have as men is that we can not organize and cooperate because each wants to defend their fiefdom and wants to be the star of his show. Certainly Peter behaves like that too, but that’s the point, most men do. The crap that went down over Rocking Mr. E and Bernard Chapin vs. Paul Elam and Dean is just another of those examples. How unnecessarily we allow our movement to be fragmented and how viciously we we fight against each other.

      One thing I noticed in this context was that often these severe disputes involve either women in our movement either directly or they involve the accusation of a woman or the protection of women’s honor, such as when we make a big deal about not being “misogynists”. I have witnessed this several times.

  • John Doe

    Hey Guber, Peter did a video reply to your comment here

    • guber

      Interesting. I have seldom been so calm when being called “ignorant” and “stupid”. From his perspective it makes sense. The problem is when we start accusing each other of “slander and name calling” when that is being done from both side.

      Gosh, this is a very long reply. I don’t have over one hour right now to listen to that all. But it seems to have allowed some more rational exchange about this. I have lots of things I might reply and rebut. But from 5-15 min into the talk it seems he makes a composed argument, which can be reasoned with. I have many doubts and responses I might raise, but that’s fine. Even if I can not finish listening now, his reply here does invite me to hear it out.

      The key to me for understanding seems to be that you must not understand the “efficacy” of their methods as some claim to magic which works on the same level in which legislation and jurisdiction are enforced by governments. It is more an issue of people claiming liberty and ending their dependency on the system to fixing it for them.

      • guber

        I am half through now and gotta go. I found much of what he is saying quite useful contribution to the discussion. I don’t mean that in the sense of useful advice necessarily, but I find the presentation and argument decently delivered. Actually sounds much better in real voice than the imagined voice that I pick up from his writing or chat discussions. I don’t like that name calling “stupid” “ignorant” and all that, but Peter is not the only one who does that, and when something is relatively decently argued and does not go into ad hom allegations, then it is actually bearable and excusable.

        I don’t want to get into too much details in the context of this article. The key to me is how Peter lives now is what matters. And for sure next time I am in Germany I will try to visit him, after all I am traveling the Frankfurt – Freiburg axis when I am there.

        And I find it incredibly stupid and useless if people online doubt each other about their statements about themselves without having any proof. I have been in these awkward Kafkaesque online assaults, totally stupid situations where someone accuses you and tells you all sorts of stuff about yourself without any proof. Slandering allegations that predict his immediate demise are indeed from 2012 and it is indeed now 2014. We call that “false accusations” by the way and we don’t like those in the men’s movement, if you remember that. So, original poster and trolls like this “Mark Stephen Flowers” provide proof for your allegations, provide argument, or shut up.

        And everyone else, before you join into ridicule and slander, think about what you are doing, because It’s wrong.

        • Ben Culture

          I have no wish to libel anyone, but I think the key to understanding what’s wrong with the man is that there are … let me be clear on this … NEVER … any straight, simple answers or explanations from him, when there should be.

          “Are you threatening to kill someone or not?” is a very basic question, but does not get you a Yes or No answer from him. There’s always one more page to read, or video to watch, or, “See the cryptic comment I made earlier”, or, “It’s not my fault you’re ignorant”, or, “You are ‘concern trolling’ and your account has been deleted”.

          He’s not a bad writer, on the surface, which you noticed. But if you try and follow anything to a conclusion, it’s like trying to follow a paranoid schizophrenic. Which he very well may be, specifically, for all I know. I don’t. But I have wasted a LOT of time trying to get a grip on what he’s about, aside from hating women and overestimating himself. I am not a stupid man (although I often portray one), and I’ve learned nothing about him any deeper than that: Paranoia, hatred, delusions, and self-esteem issues.

          I’m sorry, but I don’t recommend investing too much time in trying to get the truth in a nutshell about this guy. Some people really are just there to exhaust your patience and walk right over you.

        • Max

          did he not wish death upon any woman who divorces her husband or is that slander too? it’s a legit question

  • guber

    I think his Mark Stephen Flowers is a troll. The reference by “Loopy Pete” is the same as the hate blog site against him, probably run by someone who has a personal beef against him, and who could that possibly be? His ex?

    This ad hom attack and the idea that he was somehow justly divorced and his children taken away justly because of his pre-existing personal flaws is highly suspect and we should not tolerate such behavior against men here.

    • Max

      why don’t his children have anything to do with him now? they are grown ups with choices aren’t they? another legit question

  • guber

    It is very discouraging to see men engage in such low level pissing. How easy it is for you to jump on the band wagon of a false allegation, especially that of “stalker” is just breath-taking. Have you guys not learned anything? That blogspot thing is a hate site slandering a man, probably produced by a vindictive woman. And you are eating that stuff up?

    I am not even sure what the point is of including the reference to that hate site by the original author. Does he have no clue what the difference is between allegations and rumors and proofs and facts? Shame on you guys, not learning anything. It feels a lot like being on some high-school society.

    And before you attack me, I am not some “Peter Nolan fanboy” I just find this pissing very disgusting. And Dean Esmay has voiced his discomfort about this already, I think it is time for both Dean Esmay and Paul Elam to reflect on giving a forum for such disgusting onslaught. Do we want to prove how men can snipe each other down? I think we should be smarter than that.

  • John Gormley

    I am one of the people he attacked as well.

    You’ll find me mentioned on his poxy site as well.

    Calling him out usually gets him pissed off.

    • Forum Reply

      Actually, he eventually gets pissed off at everyone at some stage.

      The list of his former fans, allies and acolytes is staggering long.

  • John Narayan

    Update, Peter has another page on facebook, I recommend as many people report this fake FB user as possible.

    • John Narayan

      Arr yea.

      • John Narayan

        Like this.

      • John Narayan


  • Janet Bloomfield

    I am so glad to see you denounce this person.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    I am glad this has been flushed out. The damage of a false allegation against another person, any person, can damage your reputation permanently. I have seen a similar thing happen once before. You had better be at least 100% sure, when identifying someone and making allegations against that person. Well written piece Al.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    I inadvertently engaged Peter Nolan. This guy is completely off the rails and as the title here proclaims, a danger to others and himself.

    • Stefanie Nicholas

      Me too. He found me on Twitter and started railing off about how horrible I am and how horrible women are. Apparently, if I really love my fiance, I’ll buy him his book which will convince him not to marry me, haha

  • Cora Newbold

    It’s about time somebody wrote about this loon. I had the misfortune of talking to him too. He’s the type who is perpetually dissatisfied even IF you do what he wants. I signed up to his site (I then after signed off) to be one of those women that sat on the ‘jury’ he wasn’t satisfied. He even says he’s going to SUE HIS OWN KIDS!

    • Ben Culture

      Sue his own kids? The dude has threatened to KILL the kids! To be fair, they are adults now. So there’s that. Also, he now refers to them as his “former children” and “alleged children”. So maybe murder is justified?
      “And if these former children do not make the remedy I demand. They will be outlawed and placed into the situation where they can be lawfully killed for refusing to voluntarily remedy a crime they know they committed.” — Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c)

      NOTE: “lawfully” does not mean “legally”.

  • Stefanie Nicholas

    “. But we as a movement must differentiate, if not distance ourselves, from violent, psychotic, or otherwise dangerous actions. This is a difficult endeavor when those in opposition tend to align any and all harmful discourse, specifically that which would reflect negatively, with all in the movement.” THIS. I have no problem with angry people. I recognize that there are people within the MRM with diverse opinions – I hold them myself, and I believe we need to allow discourse and ideas to battle it out among one another – but I do think we need to distance ourselves from lunatics. I think this man is suffering, and he needs help.

    • driversuz

      Some lunatics don’t want help. They want to destroy others and they don’t care if they destroy themselves in the process.

    • Chris Wedge

      Some are beyond help. I wouldn’t waste time trying to help a raving looney when I could help the poor fellow next to him.

  • Guest

    Nah…he’s yours. You created him. You own him.

    • driversuz

      Get lost, Seagull.

  • Forum Reply

    Has anyone seen Pete’s Family Court video? “Train Wreck” does not adequately describe the way this man mumbles and fumbles his way through the Freeman: of the Land (c) malarkey which only infuriates the Judge and results in him being on the wrong end of a 7% to 93% asset split – which he lauds as a victory!

    I see you have a link to his annotated transcript of the proceedings. While an amusing read, it is also extremely sad that he does not see how this commentary only further illustrates the level of his delusion that he somehow won the day.

  • Ben Culture

    Thank you for providing more Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)/Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c) than I could ever handle in a lifetime of doing nothing.

    I’m optimistic that something productive will come out of it, eventually, but for right now, his weird persona is like a worm crawling around my brain.

    Hey, MY BRAIN IS SOVERIGN SPACE, too! MY THOUGHTS ARE COPYRIGHTED (Including “My thoughts are copyrighted”). You are guilty of committing CRIMES AGAINST MY BRAIN. And you WILL have to give me HEAPS OF GOLD for it!!! If you commit an ACT OF WAR on my brain, you therefore FOREFIT your right to HAVE RED-BLOOD CELLS.

  • Ben Culture

    Actual Quote: “And if these former children do not make the remedy I demand. They will be outlawed and placed into the situation where they can be lawfully killed for refusing to voluntarily remedy a crime they know they committed.” — Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c)

    I think his “freemen on the land” scam is definitely secondary to this. Although, I suppose that’s how he engineers “the situation where they can be lawfully killed” for his adult kids, isn’t it?

  • Angelica Perduta

    I don’t think it’s fair to attack Peter this way. He is just one man on his own… He has the courage to put his name and his face and his identity out there in full public view. He stands his ground in defiance of divisive evil. I respect him for what he does.
    Anti-feminists… world wide… for the sake of humanity. let us unite in our common cause and not fight about petty inanities. #TransWomenAgainstFeminism support Peter Nolan as well as AvFM and many allies whether they want our support or not.

    • driversuz

      Nolan is a dangerous and unbalanced man.

      • Angelica Perduta

        If he had committed violent crimes he would be in prison. If he were diagnosed insane he would be in an asylum. If he is “unbalanced”, well then it has been society that unbalanced him (and probably many others)… so it’s just their own “Karma” coming right back at them.
        Feminists love to misrepresent & sow discord, but I don’t see them denouncing and disowning their own #KillAllMen movement and insidious TERF hate campaigns, so I won’t be lending too much credence to unsubstantiated allegation made by some who aren’t even using their real name… (subtle hint) ;o)

        • driversuz

          If you’re referring to me, my real name is on the masthead at the top of this page.

          • Angelica Perduta

            Suzanne McCarley, I know, I followed all the leads and read all about you, but you have not been through what many male people have… when you too have been persecuted and targeted and harassed day after day, for 30+ years with false accusations of pedophilia and rape…WHne your career and your relationship with your children has been destroyed, when your property has been sequestrated by utterly biased legal process… for no other reason than vindictive malevolence an vagina sympathy… when you still proudly use your real name despite all that then… then you can criticize people like Peter and I.

          • driversuz

            Sorry, but no. I most certainly do not have to “go through” what a criminal has experienced in order to judge him as a criminal. I know he’s been through hell; that may explain dangerous behavior but it does not excuse it and it does not make it any less criminal.

          • Angelica Perduta

            All I see is a man who was destroyed and then a whole lot of people kicking him while he is down. IDK about any crimes he did… they are none of my business, but I think he is genuinely trying to fight feminism.
            This is a purpose he has in common with me.
            I see no need for men’s rights campaigners to have a go at him too.
            I wish him peace.

          • driversuz

            So since you know nothing of his crimes, they aren’t important, aren’t indicative of his character? Some people keep themselves “down,” and try to drag others down with them. He doesn’t get a pass because he suffers pain. We all suffer.

          • Angelica Perduta

            He has been polite and helpful to me.
            He did cancel my application to his website on grounds of me being a woman… TBH as a transgirl it actually made me quite happy to be recognized as one (for a change :o)

            Anyway, I myself have been subjected to decades of slander and anonymous false accusations. It destroyed my career, my relationship with my son… my credibility, my self esteem…
            Look if you want to accuse someone of crimes then let the police and the courts deal with it… orchestrating a cyberspace smear campaign is… well… I not religious, but I do believe “judge not, lest you be judged”… and “do unto others ,as you would have them do unto you”…
            Whatever… This article just makes me sad and I not going to going to endorse it :'(

          • driversuz

            Sociopaths are frequently polite and helpful when it suits their purposes.

          • Chris Wedge

            Psychopaths, too. The two are fairly similar.
            And if you, Angelica, as a woman, feel uncomfortable judging a man on his deeds just because he’s been through some shit, don’t feel that way. We’re not masculinists here. In fact, refusing to judge a clearly utterly insane man just because he has good reason to be angry is outright unhealthy. There are some actions which nothing can justify.

            And if you for some reason still feel uncomfortable, then let me do it. I’m a man. That shouldn’t make a difference, but…

  • rakomancha

    Despite the usage of the letter-agency created conspiracy meme to make points in this article (as opposed to the real meaning of the word), it’s not far fetched to see this article as an attempt at ‘conspiracy’, in the real sense of the word, to garner support and perhaps readership via ostracism of a damaged man. If you don’t believe something, does it mean it’s false? If you hear something, does it mean it’s true without scrutiny? At what point did this community come to Nolan’s intellectual aid in terms of moral support, advice, perhaps a heads up when he was considered to be going off the deep? Perhaps I’ve missed the depictions of any such dialogue within all of the additional material, but if so they were far from the obvious point of this all which was to disparage the man as a way to save your asses from perceived guilt by association.

    Believe me I understand why you’ve reacted this way, given the hydra of feminism and legistation that preys on any male it can, but public shaming is NOT cool or useful. Ask yourselves who uses public shaming as a weapon in this society, and do we want to be like them? It would have been a lot more productive to form an alliance with such a motivated figure rather than shit on him so you can indirectly say to whoever you’re afraid of “look! He’s not like *we* are!” Sure he went off the wagon, but I imagine a man married for that long isn’t merely insane the entire time and thereafter, unless the article’s defense of his ruination was some sort of black humor going over my head. If you really felt the need to distance yourself from an individual, there are tactful, tasteful and masculine ways to accomplish this.

    I wonder if Nolan had some strong, centered males to guide him through his plight and maybe shake him by the shoulders a bit when he’d come to a boil, he wouldn’t have become so “violent”. But people on the internet, armchair generals cloaked behind their obfuscatory veil of anonymity, tend to react emotionally and with as little thought or consideration put into their words as possible, to get that quick rush of impacting someone else. Look at the majority of YouTube comments. I’d bet that many of those who flamed Nolan over time for what he had the courage to share under his own name reacted emotionally to the “conspiracy” stuff (AKA whatever stood against their paradigm) or his tirades. Knowledge is power, and a little knowledge of history would tell you that you feel cognitive dissonance when hearing “conspiracy” because you’ve been programmed to feel that way by the repetitions made primarily on mainstream news and police-glory shows on Television. Perspective is only gained by open minds never satisfied by the status quo.

    Perhaps I’m wrong about Nolan and he is the “lunatic PTSD-invoking nutter crazy nut-job” that this article attempts to make him out to be. But when a paper is soaked in ad-hominem attacks as the central argumentation, I tend to throw it in the toilet. Make peace, not war. Or at least try to. Men have enough standing against them than to waste time and effort with high-school-eqsue rivalry and ostracism.

    • driversuz

      Nolan is a dangerous man, and he uses the MRM to further his own agenda. Many people in the movement have been supportive of him in the past but he has proven that he doesn’t care about men’s rights; he cares about himself. We can pity him without associating with him.

  • sallybanner

    your definition of feminism is incorrect, though I suspect you know that and will not be correcting your usage in the future for it doesn’t support your stance that you are somehow a victim of women

    • Estwald

      I have been searching far and wide for the ultimate arbiter of the correct definition of feminism. I have found you at last.

    • driversuz

      Go away, pathetic troll.

  • Kipco

    Once a man’s first priority is no longer sex, he becomes dangerous.
    -Elaine Boosler