Oz to launch false accusation app

In one of the most brilliant and compelling rape hysteria propaganda bits I have seen since the odious term “rape culture,” was coined, Australia’s Centre Against Sexual Assault (ACASA) has just announced that it will be launching a free app, ostensibly designed to help police evaluate patterns of crime against women.

A more complete description, provided by theage.com.au, puts it in crystal clear language:


The new app will allow users to use their mobile phone to anonymously post details about threatening sexual behaviour, including the time and place it occurred and a description of alleged offenders. The data collected will then be given to police.

There now, all comfy?

What this amounts to is an accusation app, placed in the hands of anonymous women, who have no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of the information they report. Its potential for abuse is overwhelming, a concern acknowledged, and shamefully dismissed by ACASA branch head Carolyn Worth.

”We’ll only refer incidents that have similar times, locations and descriptions,” she said. ”Police still need evidence.”

Right. So someone would have to use the app against a person two or three times to put an innocent man in the hot seat. Of course, that would never happen. Right, Carolyn?


I will not dwell on the obvious blatant sexism of efforts to only address crimes against one sex, or the implied endorsement of violence targeting males. Given the pernicious nature of this initiative,  we are obviously  past any point of civil dialog on the basics of sexism.

This is an anonymising system, engineered to profile and legally harass the members of one group. If there ever were something of such blatantly designed for Orwellian mis-use, deserving to be undermined, FTSU style, this is it.

On the suggestion of JtO, I encourage all Australians to download this app, as soon as it becomes available, and to flood it with erroneous information. In fact, make abuse of the app a daily ritual in your life. Australian men and women who value their own human rights, as well as those of their neighbors are advised to organize through facebook or other social media, and also advised to attack the innocent, both men and women, by coordinated profiling with this free, anonymising application.

Remember, there are no controls over this information. You can profile anyone you want. I suggest starting with Carolyn Worth. Profile your dog. If his name happens to be Michael Flood, all the better. Hell, I don’t care, profile me. Just hammer them with false reports till it completely pollutes all the data they are gathering.

Don’t fall for the lie that this is about protecting women, or any other Australian citizen. It is about creating license for state functionaries, on the say so of anyone, whether a victim or just someone with a vendetta, to undermine the rights of male citizens in Oz and to create more propaganda to be used in fundraising efforts for outfits like ACASA.

But you do not have to let them enjoy the use of this irresponsible technology without serious problems. Just 10 citizens making a few reports a week, will completely pooch their already screwed-up data.

We do not yet know of the viability of citizens in other countries joining in on this but will find out and report back. If we can undermine their efforts from across the planet, by all means let us do it, with insistency and purpose.

It is up to you. Make abusing this app in different ways a part of your daily routine as an MRA. Just a couple of thousand concocted reports (much like many of the “legit” ones surely coming in) per year and we can effectively make this program more hassle than it is worth.

For those of you concerned about the false accusation flavor of this, just take them at their word that this is only about trends and not individuals. If they are lying about that, it is not your problem.

This program is Orwellian in the most literal understanding of the word. It is up to you to do something about it.

As far as we have been able to ascertain, there is nothing illegal in our actions, and no way to stop it from happening. AVfM will be tracking developments in this case and doing everything we possible can to undermine the use of this app to target innocent men. That means the app has to GO.


  • scatmaster

    It will be on my phone the second you give the word.

    That bitch across the street has been raping me with her eyes when I do the yard work.
    Man am I going to get her in trouble.

    • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Excellent point, Scat. Female offenders or suspected female offenders can be reported, too.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        I know several women who are suspected of being suspected. They sound really dangerous to me.

        • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Just as I suspected, Paul. Just as I suspected.

        • dalriada

          Since, according to the article, the app will use gps data, it is unlikely to work outside of Australia. A complaint to Apple might work more effectively, by denying the app to any ios device. Apple won’t want to be associated with such a bigoted profiling app. There’s shades of yellow star of David, and Salem witch trials about this!

      • Stu

        Reported females will be ignored, and those reports deemed false and abuse of the system. The men who make those reports will probably be looked up. My prediction is that many men will be harassed on these baseless allegations, many hours of police work wasted, not one real perpetrator apprehended, and after a year or so of collecting data, figures will be published for the data collected with the assumption that every report represents a known, factual case of sexual assault, and this will be used to create more anti male laws and further the witch hunts…..as well as acquire more millions of government funding, create more jobs for parasites, etc

        By the way, I anonymously reported a crime years ago……the next day the police knocked on my door seeking further information…….this was supposed to be an anonymous report…..the number used to be advertised as such on TV……..if anybody thinks they aren’t going to track the numbers…..and locations of people making these reports……they believe in fairies. Not that the female false reporters will ever get any flak over it….they want that….that is the whole point…….to fabricate a sexual assault epidemic and sell it to the public as a major problem that needs more draconian laws and money thrown at it to solve.

        • John A

          Stu, I think it will be worse than that, they might catch one or sicko’s and they’ll use that to justify harassing a whole bunch of guys.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          Good points, but I tell you, if this app has a vulnerability we are going to find out what it is and exploit it.

      • tyciol

        I don’t think trying to flood the system with reports of females is a good idea. Even if they are genuine, even if they aren’t.

        The reason for this is, it would be a very simple filter for police to opt to ignore reports of women, and only focus on reports with male targets.

        Instead, it should be male targets who are reported, and ALL of them should be. The nicest guy, the meanest guy, all of them. Report on doting husbands, ministers, old folk, handicapped folk, etc. Every minority. Every size. Every fashion.

        • dhanu

          Yes. This will provide a wakeup call to the general blue-pill populace and they’ll suddenly know how far they’ve been slowly boiled so far.

        • Nteger

          Male white knights and lawmakers might actually be the best people to report. Being men, they are more likely to have action taken against them. They will see how easy is to be falsely accused, and why this app is a mistake.

    • harrywoodape

      I find everything that is going on in Australia as “threatening sexual behaviour”. I find this app to be “threatening sexual bahaviour” I find Julia Gillard and her misogyny pistol to be threatening to all men based on their sex as well.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Ugh. I hope everyone in Australia does likewise, and if there’s a way I as a Yank can help please let me know.

      That said, slightly off-topic: this story is actually making me want to vomit. We will not be featuring it on tonight’s episode of our inaugural episode of “Tales from the Infrared” on A Voice for Men radio because frankly we need to escape from the insanity. This story is–quite literally–making me ill at the moment, and I have to not-look at it now. Although we’ll probably talk about it in future episodes of the show, I’m so upset by it I’m thinking about cancelling the show. FUCK!!! This is an OBSCENITY!!

  • Xevaster

    Paul, Paul, Paul,
    You poor deluded woman hating man. I don’t see why you must attempt to ruin everything the people are creating to protect women. You know deep down in your heart of hearts that this will never be used to falsely accuse a men. You need to remember that all men are evil rapists and this app will just make sure that they are caught and punished when they eventually try and rape some poor woman.

    Damn it, someone really needs to create a sarcasm font.
    This scares the crap out of me. I’m in Canada but you know it will soon be world wide. This is an app that will allow all the angry, bitter and hateful people in the world to really screw with others lives. Anonymity breeds Troll like behavior.
    This is called the GIFT, The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (GIFT) is a postulate which asserts that normal, well-adjusted people may display psychopathic or antisocial behaviors when given both anonymity and a captive audience on the Internet. It has also been called The Online Disinhibition Effect.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      “…a postulate which asserts that normal, well-adjusted people may display psychopathic or antisocial behaviors when given both anonymity and a captive audience on the Internet.”
      Yes. Exactly. Become those people. Become so may of those people that the ludicrous nature of anonymous accusations becomes apparent to everyone. They want to use this phenomenon against men, but men can just as easily use it against them. I like the acronym GIFT. It IS a gift. Let’s accept it graciously, and make good use of it.

  • MateNeo

    I think that the app will be designed to report ONLY MEN by anonymous women.


    Looks like ACASA is using all the hysteria surround Jill’s death for it own gain. Useless bastards.

    • Shrek6

      The feminists hijacked the whole sorry saga of this young Irish girl who did a very stupid thing and ended up paying the ultimate price for her foolishness.

      These bloody women who are now pushing this “Jill” campaign, are going to have some very nasty changes to the law of our country effected and men/boys everywhere will suffer for this.

      While I do have sympathy for this young woman who was raped and killed, I am also angry at her, for her stupidity in behaving just like all the other stupid women in our country. And now all men and boys will be vilified because of this young woman’s foolishness and the evil deed done by the arsehole who murdered her.

      I tell all my children that evil men and evil women actually do exist in society. And they are often found in certain places at certain times. Only an absolute idiot would put themselves into those places and situations, where they are unsafe, and worst of all, alone.

      Heck, even if I was the worlds toughest street fighter, I would never walk home from a pub on my own at 1.30am down dark streets. That is just suicide!

      And I mean no offense to Jill and her family. I am just angry that she did this.

      I also have to ask, what kind of marriage she had too? How come the husband is sitting at home waiting for her to turn up at whatever time of the night, while she is out boozing with her work mates. She apparently did this on a regular basis and then walked home in the early hours of the morning.

      Seems like an odd marriage if you ask me!

      • John A

        I think you are being a bit harsh on her. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid the price. Sure she took a risk, people die in car accidents every day, get eaten by sharks and even crushed by elephants at the zoo.

        Women can take risks and pay the price – just like men. What happened to her was not normal male behaviour or acceptable or justifiable in any way shape or form. It looks like she was the victim of a random attack by a sick individual. Women want freedom and responsibility, sometimes that’s going to hurt. They’re adults, not our job to protect ’em.

        • Shrek6

          John, I don’t disagree with you completely and I am most definitely not trying to protect any fool, male or female, who wishes to put themselves in harms way when they know the risks.

          I am angry that these women keep doing it, and ‘ALL’ men have to pay the price of the fall-out that comes from when one of these women are attacked.

          I cannot say how bad I feel for this woman and her family. It is very sad indeed. But don’t you think it’s about time someone started to say something to these bloody women?

          If you had a child who kept trying to stick a knife into a power socket and they didn’t listen to you, but you knew that if they kept it up, sooner or later they would end up dead. You would eventually have to speak up louder or give them a whack to wake them up to the stupidity of their behaviour.

          All we ever see is govt workers, ngo’s and other women’s agencies, out there pleading with these young women to stop doing these stupid things. And here we are today, they still keep doing it.
          That would be okay if no one else was going to suffer for it. But that’s not the case is it. Now we see things are going to get a whole lot worse for men, which is a direct result of what has happened to this woman.

          • John A

            Don’t forget women are adults, we can only give them advice, (even then at great personal risk.)

            It’s not as dangerous as you think. There really aren’t that many rapey – murdery men out there. Just a few and they usually get dealt with quick smart when they kill a pretty woman. A lot of women take the risk and only a few suffer the consequences.

            The Jill Meagher case only says something about the man who raped and killed her (and any accomplices). It says nothing bad about the normal decent guys who find the whole thing abhorrent.

    • tyciol

      Shrek6 your anger is misdirected. Jill is not villifying men. It isn’t her fault.

      By shifting blame to her, we shift it away from the people hiding in the shadows who actually ARE trying to villify men.

      Any hate for her is groundless. Everyone does impulsive things. We do not deserve ire for suffering the consequence of risk, or its ramifications when people capitalize on tragedy to oppress people.

      • Shrek6

        You missed my point Tyciol. I am not blaming Jill for the current campaign, because many stupid women do the same as she did, AND they often end up raped and/or dead and there is never any campaign like this. I am simply angry at her for doing what the whole bloody world knows that you JUST SHOULD NEVER DO.

        But because Jill is this pretty young Irish woman who has been brutally murdered, every bitch and her dog is going to take full advantage of the situation.

        This is not Jill’s fault no. But if she happened to be an obese and unattractive woman who wore out of fashion clothing, there would not have even been a ripple in the media about the story. And there would be NO campaign or new phone app.

        It makes me angry that these women keep doing this, and the rest of society keeps wanting to punish ALL men and boys, for the stupidity of these women and the brutal actions of some mongrel out of control male, who is absolutely no representation of the vast majority of men.

        • mk

          Actually, I remember there was a young man who walked in to a Hungry Jacks (similar to Burger King) in South Yarra (trendy entertainment district, also in Melbourne, Australia). He was minding his own business and just wanted something to eat.

          Anyway, two thugs inside HJ thought it would be fun to strike him in the head from behind. The guy fell to the ground and subsequently died.

          It was reported in the news, and blew over quickly. No massive public outrage. No peace march with thousands of people. No angry campaigns against violence. No inspirations to ‘write an app’….essentially, nothing.

          • Shrek6

            Nope, the campaigns only happen if you are a beautiful, young woman who is out there living a carefree life and is a perfect pin-up girl for feminists. And I am not saying Jill was a pin up girl of her own want. The raving lunatic feminists will have adopted Jill as their own, even against her wishes.

            Unattractive and overweight women, and of course men, who are attacked like you say and then die, will never be the subject of a campaign to have laws changed. They won’t even get reported in the media with anything more than a passing reference as a statistic.

          • scatmaster

            Wake up!!
            The vic didn’t have tits and internal genitalia.
            Sarc off.

  • Shrek6

    Thanks for the alert Paul.

    Typical of the bitches of Oz. Just the sort of low down trick I would expect from our raging feminist ‘Emily’s List’ govt.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a smart phone and can’t use these apps. My old clunker just makes calls.

    But I will be sending letters to my MPs’ forthrightly demanding that they put a stop this.

    Fancy giving women in society all this power. Women have proven time and time again throughout history, that they cannot be trusted with power. I know many men have done evil things with power, but women are so damned erratic emotionally and psychologically, that they simply cannot be trusted.

    The feminists are 100% correct when they say that if the world had been ruled by women, we would have peace today.

    Damned right we would have peace. They would have fired every nuclear device and laid waste to the whole planet, back in the days of the ‘Cold War’. We wouldn’t have any humans living today if women were at the helm.

    With the number of Australian women, especially young women who are feminists, I can see so many innocent men’s lives being destroyed by this thing.

  • http://www.isgodasquirrel.blogspot.ca/ Woolybumblebee

    I would love to help flood this horrible app, but as I am in Canada all I can do to help is mirror this article on my blog, tweet it out to all my followers, post it to my Facebook, and have my friends and followers to re-post/tweet it out too. Hope the extra coverage will help.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Thank you! It helps a lot. We need to start a movement just to destroy this app.

      • napocapo69

        Paul, I won’t be so worried for the app itself … it will be there in the store with no practical use as many other apps of this kind (I’ve been in the mobile business for a while).
        But I believe that it is the case we clarify a bit what we are talking about before someone, outside our misogynistic community, twists our concerns.
        I’ve read the article and I think there is nothing wrong in this app. Yes, the way it is marketed does not “please” us, but the app itself just tracks reported events which are later correlated by a Police system to create an “accurate” crime map and enable more accurate prevention activities. I think it will never work because the rate of inaccurate or false reports will be high and the penetration rate of such an app will be extremely low. The police will perform a pilot project, to please the politicians, and then they will realize that is of no practical use, and the app will die. I hope the business case for the software company will work. Someone, that has sponsored the app, will likely get some political consensus among female voters…
        The app is of course marketed at women, because it is a consumer app … and women are the marketing target for “safety” and “health”. It is just that males will hardly see any reason for installing the app, but believe me, few women will try it, almost none will use it.
        I do not believe it is a sign of misandry, or sexism (or maybe a little, but in a very wide sense).
        What makes me wonder, is the evolution of hypergamy at systemic level, because the cultural background of this app, is that it is assumed that a woman, instead of crying for help for a police officer or a “good man” and reporting personally the event (I mean, an assault it is something important that should deserve a visit to the police), she will open the smartphone and invoke the “cloud” for steering resources (police officers?) where there is a prevalence of anonymous claims.
        I feel that more than a gender issue, it is just the outcome of the paranoia of safety; it reminds me a bit the “Memento” movie where the society is able not only to fight the crime but to prevent it. Of course at the expense of personal freedom.

    • Stu

      Hi Wooly. I’ve been away for a while and on my return, I see you have joined the fold. So the massive remunerations offered at AVFM were sufficient to coax you I see :)

      Enjoy lol

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    “Make abusing this app in different ways a part of your daily routine as an MRA.”

    Hell yeaaaaa!

    The womens room at Monash will get alot of use.

  • Kazzi

    Quote: ‘A FREE app that uses GPS technology to report sexual assaults anonymously will be up and running early next year.’ http://www.northernweekly.com.au/story/908696/assault-app-to-empower-women/?cs=1493

    So early next year (2013)… what a load of b/shit. So this will now allow women who get drunk say yes to having sex with a guy.. regret it in the morning and report a guy for rape.

    How many times have reports been made that are false… and I reckon all the women who do not report (as they say they have been sexually assulted) are false as well, as they have so many avenues that they can take. Well once this app is out I wanna see how bad it is. Anon… crap it will be, If they can GPS it… they will know who sent it.. they will have their ways. Nothing is anon these days. But will stand by to stand by for this.

  • Roger O Thornhill


    As soon as this app lands please post info about it here.
    I can enter data about how unsafe I feel at all times of the day just because of it.

    I hope it’s GUI will be pretty and very easy to use, I won’t be explaining to any random Cupcakes how to use it.

    The truth really is stranger than fiction!

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Well, it must be very easy to use. It is apparently designed for people too stupid to dial police.

      • tyciol

        Not a fair comment, people can be paranoid about police and scared to contact them directly.

        • dhanu

          @tyciol So they report anonymously and always believed? (At least if 10 or so friends, say college women, decide that they’ll always report together to make sure the report is trusted?) Is this what you suggest? Can you suggest anything like that in any other situation and any group of people other than men? Ridiculous.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          Allow me to rephrase. “For people too stupid or paranoid to dial police.”

          Mo betta?

      • TheBiboSez

        I had to call the police two hours ago when a woman reported a sexual assault at my business today. I work in a business wherein any hesitation to report such things can cost me my business license and indeed, my entire life savings.

        The woman accuser flaked before the police arrived, of course – it seems she might have been powdering her nose a bit, and hence, had second thoughts about chatting up the cops.

        We managed to get the supposed aggressor arrested, still, but without the complaining witness, he will be out of jail tomorrow, and we are still on the hook for this supposed crime with the licensing folks.

        Now, if this stupid app had been in play, we would have even less of a chance to defend ourselves – any anonymous complaint could shut us down, damaging my employees, their families, my loyal customers, and the other businesses I support (and am supported by).

        Now, I’ll be fine: I’m resourceful; all I need is a few bucks to buy a pup tent and move into some wilderness area. But the idea that my friends and my community – a community that I have busted my ass for, for more than a few decades – will be hurt by this makes my blood boil.

        Tiny complaints can have huge consequences.

        Even as I continue to struggle to address the injustices that threaten human community, yet still, I am beginning to see the inevitability of collapse, and the brutality that will ensue. I am a lot more ready to survive it than anyone, but that is small comfort.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MRAGreatestHits MRA Greatest Hits

    I was raped 3 times just this week.

  • TPH

    I’ll write an Android script to post the descriptions of every pro-feminist Australian law maker and prominent feminists with locations, dates and times with some enhancements so it won’t look like a bot.

    Oh Yea, When this app is released I can guarantee a major case of whup ass and FTSU on my behalf.

    If the app has capability to sent a mms (photo) and gps location to the system for eventual facial recognition software to identify men, all fucking bets are off on being civil and nice.

    This app is a very, very, very dangerous encroachment on basic liberties. Imagine a bunch of vindictive schoolgirls able to blackmail male students for any reason whatsoever.

    We can never let this app be successful. The liberty of every Australian male is in jeopardy.

    • scatmaster

      We can never let this app be successful.
      The liberty of EVERYmale is in jeopardy.


  • faroefaxi

    ooo god this app is already giving me a headache.

    I suspected that people will suspected anyone that looks funny or walks funny. That walk one feet behind them, next to them, in front of them. ooo the headache. this is just a app that will bread mass panic and distrust against all males. this app has to be pulled up with its roots and burned in front of the world, to make a statement. sorryfor the rant

  • tallwheel

    Yes, but the only reason anyone would ever be against this app is because they support rape and hate women. /s

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Proxy violence has now gone truly digital and straight into the palms of the nasty.

    Well not all, but does this app have a shut-down system for those that might wield this like a weapon and have fun and mayhem for a giggle? Hmm, the jury is not out with that question.

    Ok, lets check it out a bit closer.

    Sally Anon is mean as a cut snake and she has her iPhone in front of her. She has a grudge the size of an asteroid and the hangover doesn’t help. She has just downloaded the app and used it on the poor chap she bonked last night (He is making her breakfast in his kitchen mind you. She really didn’t like him now that the morning sun has hit his face unflatteringly) and is giving it a whirl. Yep, she just wants to see what happens.

    Sally got tingles to her toes and that night, and while drinking white wine and orange juice she tries it again. And again. And again.

    Remember, Sally Anon is the only disgruntled person on the planet who is mean enough to do such a thing.

    I say again with a megaphone this time.

    Sally Anon is the only disgruntled person on the planet who is mean enough to do such a thing.

    The app will sort through all of the other user’s information and a big safe net will be cast.

    We will book ’em all Danno. (Sally too.)

  • shmiggen

    Fellows, I hate to ask but if you have some time I could use some backup. Warren farrell is giving a lecture at the University of Toronto in a couple days, and there is a rally being planned by feminists to oppose him. They have a facebook page:


    If you have some time, help me finish the ass-raping I am giving them.

    • MenDiscontinued

      Link doesn’t work.

      • shmiggen

        Darn. I think they closed their fb page. Well, I was directed there from the Canadian Association for Equality’s fb page, and they have excellent MRA coverage on it as well.

  • AntZ

    I finally found a good reason to visit Australia.

  • Booyah

    Australia is now a country where any man is extremely foolish to be alone with a woman at any time and especially in any romantic capacity. With the new “The Plan” legislation now being law you can go to prison for
    -She is not happy
    -You refuse to hand over money or ask for hers.
    -You yell at a family pet.

    For accusations of the above you will be instantly imprisoned where you will be held guilty with the onus of proof of innocence on you not the system. There you will almost certainly be raped. Before anyone connects that with men are violent Ive been informed by a nurse working in the NSW womens prisons system that sexual assualts by female inmates are actually more common in womens prisons than man on man sexual assault in mens prisons. How does one prove themselves innocent of “shes not happy” anyhow? No-ones been able to give me an answer to this yet.

    If these laws were not totally gendered there would be a drastic needs to build a lot more womens prisons in this country. However women are excluded through the wording of the legislation. Pets are important and protected men are not. If this isn’t a wake up call to Australian men who already lived in a country where a woman could take half the value of your house from you after residing with you for a mere ten weeks, even if they never contribute a cent towards the cost of accomodation, I don’t know what will be. (originally 12 weeks but apparently that wasn’t long enough to do women justice [sic]) Also of note is that our misandric prime minister has launched this diabolical and grossly unfair legislation onto men while crying misogyny to the media in a diversion tactic. All you saw at the time was coverage of her anti-misogyny rant.

    If these issues are such huge problems in Australian culture and need to be addressed why does there seem to be no publicity regarding these laws? Wouldn’t informing men of the problems and the retribution that will be levelled at them for commiting them be a good start to tackling them as well as a measure of fairness. It seems that they don’t wish us to know. None of my mainstream media watching friends have seen anything about it. Theyve all seen Gillards anti-misogyny rant though. Yep one womans cry against misogyny is more important than misandric legislation against half the population. Welcome to Estralia.

    Was just making these points with a counsellor while expressing my disgust at Australian society. I conceded her point that I was safe as long as I was in public with a witness with any woman that I was not silly enough to be romantically involved with.

    After reading about this app I guess its guess again sunshine.

    Oh well I am absolutely disgusted by what Australian society has done to Australian men anyhow. I really didn’t wish to re-integrate into a society that considered me less important than a stray cat anyhow. This just proves I’m very correct in that assumption. The counsellors opinion is that I havent been accused of anything so its all ok. Banks could be robbed using exactly that logic but the dangers are still present in either scenario. Wheres the logic in that?

    Looks like your stuck with me men and men friendly entities

    [EDIT] BTW site admins. The stories relating to “the plan” in Australia have broken links when they appear in the “suggested articles” at the bottom of the articles. I had 1 & 3 suggested and clicked them to refresh my memory a couple of days ago and they just link to an error page. I think its important that this be fixed as it seems to be the only warning that Australian men will recieve. That comes from someone living in this misandric backwater btw.

    • tyciol

      Booyah can you provide some links to the written laws relating to this ‘The Plan’ you’re talking about? Would like to read wording of it myself.

      I don’t disbelieve, some Canadian laws are nearly that bad (it’s rape depending on the context of how you met, like if you met on the internet, if she trusts you, etc)

      • Booyah

        Hi Tycoil. Most of the literature was gained from AVfM. Its a big part of the reason I asked for the links to be fixed. The original article when the law was proposed did link to the FACS (family and community services) website to read the proposal straight from the horses mouth. It was ludicrously lengthy and filled with nonsensical graphics to help try to hide some of the very ugly truths in it. I didn’t go as far as JtO in reading the whole 160 pages (and what percentage of the population would?) I did however quickly gather that the front third to a half was mostly “fluff” to hide the ugly parts in the latter parts. Thats a personal perception only of course. I did find enough to know that JtO was speaking the truth. That was all I needed and Ive spoken loudly and vocally about it ever since. I forget where I found out it passed (possibly here) What I do know is that it was originally planned for 3 days debate in parliament. The sitting time was cut short and this resulted in this bill being decided amongst 1 of 5 in a mere 3 hrs sitting time. Despite that it faced opposition and wasnt passed unopposed. A first for a bill of this sort in Australia. Its encouraging but under the circumstances nowhere near encouraging enough.

        Anyhow all I know is that it passed and that aussie men better have a serious think about how much a woman means to them. Its a hard pill to swallow for non red pill men I know. However I was in that category when I found out about the proposal. I didn’t think it was fair or honorable to take on a partner who I would be forced to turf as soon as it became law so I guess I’ve had more preparation than most men. I do apologise to any men finding this out for the first time but its kinder for me to inform you than you find out sitting in a prison cell wondering WTF just happened IMO.

        Now it is legal a follow up article warning men of the danger s is badly needed. Yes we lost the battle but still have a duty to inform men of the dangers IMO. If necessary Ill write it myself using the original 3 articles as a launching point. Men deserve to be informed of this massive danger they face. If they don’t want to listen then we did all we could and at least somebody tried to warn them. At least then somebody is making them aware of the dangers they face.

        Sorry to hear your in Canada mate. I’m well aware its a one sided womans world there too.

      • Rper1959


        outlines the changes the DV industry and womens lobby groups are agitating for, not yet law, needs to be implimented at state level.


        federal legislation that became law this year , broadening the definition of DV to include subjective feelings that are unable to be substantiated.

  • MarkofWisdom

    I won’t lie, this app scares the hell out of me, not least because of the effects it will have but because there are people in power who can con the public with such an obvious ploy

  • Raven01

    Everyone download it and accuse Julia Gillard and that leathery man-hater Betty McLellan.
    Make sure the person is in the vicinity of the accusation ;-). Give the cows a taste of the other side.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I would suggest against that. I probably should not have even put the suggestion in the main article to accuse Carolyn Worth.

      We need to feed them data that hurts them, but is harder to sift out from the stuff that is not coming from us.

      When the app is released we will do an evaluation of where it is vulnerable and make recommendations on how to undermine the data they are trying to gather.

      • Raven01

        Point taken.
        My thought was that those 2 in particular coming out against this app as a stupid, poorly thought out piece of trash, prone to abuse would be both gratifying and useful.
        But, you are correct. As we watch them, they watch us.

  • napocapo69

    Really stunning, “the police knows that you are under threat, better than you … we watch you, closely”
    Hypergamy brought in the appstore … the Hyperstore!

  • Kukla

    I honestly think most women will abuse this. They’ll get into a simple argument with a man and file an allegation.

    Australia is one fucked up place.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    I see one problem with using this to send false information.

    If memory serves, most moblie devices have a way to identifying itself as an individual, a mobile IP address, as it were (I am not extremely computer savvy, just have a better clue than others.) This would me a man’s mobile device would “call out” the owner as male.

    Flooding the database with false information in protest (I would love to see this happen,) may result in charges of false reporting against the men who do so. Unlike the females in AU, the men will probably be prosecuted.

    • gateman

      This is a good point and why it would be preferable if those in other countries would use the app.

  • dhanu

    When men decided to turn away from marriage and relationships, a new way for women to harass them was surely the need of the hour. I sometimes wish I could applaud feminists for how easily they can bring such changes and further their agenda of male-destruction. And still keep their victimhood status and the men’s criminality in front of the public eye! Just wow! If there’s ever a prize distribution for dishonesty or hatred, feminists would be the undisputed winner.

    Today, instead of criticizing them, I’m feeling a sense of deep praise for their strategy and of the utmost contempt for their motives. It’s like praising Hitler’s strategic abilities while condemning his goals. I mean, just who else has managed to come so far after the Nazi strategy became known? The feminists are doing this openly and are still able to claim that THEY deserve the victimhood. And people believe them! If you were an outside observer on a different planet (say, an alien), wouldn’t you give them a +1 for their excellent plan?

    Men devised the phones, the communication technologies, the computers, the programming, the smartphones and cameras, the GPS, the apps, and the Internet. And the government. Feminists are using all those things against them. Most probably using the male labor to achieve even that. Ain’t they smart? If only they were not so full of themselves, they could have been the most powerful tool against the govt tyranny whenever it tried to surface. Alas, they ARE the tools of the govt tyranny.

  • Aimee McGee

    See the nasty mysogenist in my attivar, feel free to profile him on a regular basis. He violates my space regularly, and when I try to reciprocate will often ignore me.
    Yep, he’s a cat…just can’t help it!

    • Roger O Thornhill


      It’s clearly a case of being Pussy (cat) whipped!
      I saw it happen, if you need a witness! :-)

      • Aimee McGee

        I’m trying to avoid damp cat jokes….
        Just been manipulated by him again. All about his base appetites…food and cuddles. I’m a victim!

  • mk

    My thoughts are:
    …there’s a lot of talent here at AVFM. Surely we could write our own app and have it downloaded by men and women anywhere who could report on ‘abusive’ situations. Just a few questions: Gender of abuser & victim, nature of abuse (have a category from a list), location or use GPS, and click Submit. This could be received at a hosted server and we could amass a HUGE database of what’s ACTUALLY going on out there, and make the statistics publicly visible real-time. Bear in mind, men need to use the SAME definitions of abuse and harassment that feminists use – including if you didn’t like the way a woman looked at you, or shouted at you, or slapped/shoved you, etc.

    Is there a seed of an idea here??

    I agree with Stu though, false reports on the Oz app will probably not be anonymous, so Australian users beware! Hmmm, I wonder if there’s anonymous VPNs that could be used?

    • Booyah

      I like this. Kind of like a “register her” app on mobile. I mean if you’re minding your own business and some woman decides to take photos of you on her mobile its going to be pretty obvious what shes up to, once this app is released. Happy snap her back on our app and put her on a database too.

      No violence, just a courtesy returned. Its almost chivalrous hahaha. Geographical region would be an important feature. You really only need to see the ones in regions where you live or visit.

      • scatmaster

        Hopefully some of our techie brethren can design a register-her app.
        I will then take it upon myself to fly to Chicago and snap our


        You are still NUMBER ONE babe.

        We never forget.

        News Flash:

        Our bigot is at it again.
        Calling someone a pedophile without due process and when the accusation is proven false she refused to APOLOGIZE for it.
        Of course we know she is an expert on it.

  • Skeptic

    I haven’t done it, but it looks fairly straight forward to install an IP hider application on your cellphone, then use the false accusation application with your identity hidden, so you can’t be tracked and prosecuted.
    Here are examples of many free IP hider applications for Android and Apple cellphone operating systems that are free or very cheap to install.



    So from a privacy point of view I see no difficulties in log-jamming their Orwellian system.
    FTSU Bigtime!

  • gateman

    So girls and ladies, don’t like that neighbour? Hate your boss, school or work colleague? Want to get back at that ex-boyfriend? Annoyed by the ugly guy at the mall? This app is for you!

  • Skeptic

    Warning sent to Oz brothers via facebook.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    We already have a version of this in the US. I worked in a High School years ago, when a group of girls indirectly hinted and complained about a few of the football players rapey behavior, as well as a male teacher (who’d given them a bad grade and no sympathy for their oh-so hard lives).

    I suggested they complain to school authorities (instead of me, goddammit, my son had been falsely accused and I was in no mood to deal with their fantasy shit).

    They said they HAD complained and nothing was done about it. (Obviously I wasn’t the only one to find their credibility lacking).

    I suggested they call a rape hotline for advice.

    “Can we use YOUR phone?”

    A half dozen “victims” huddle around the phone,whisper-whispering. I’m unable to hear much but “Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah. uh-huh, yeah…”

    Seems the Hot Line Advisor told them to get as many girls as possible to phone in complaints and name names “to create a paper trail” which could later be used against him in court when someone was willing to make a FORMAL accusation.

    “Create a paper trail” were the exact words quoted.

    I don’t know what the outcome was, or if any girls followed through.

    I ran into the ringleader a few years later. Off having fun at a small town college, “some of the guys videotaped me having sex with them in the dorm…is that bad?” she asked all wide eyed innocent…

  • Robert St. Estephe

    If a woman has a sip of alcohol she cannot give consent for her actions. If she smiles at a man after sipping alcohol that is suspicious sexual behavior since she is acting in a self destructive manner that puts her at risk of giving consent when she cannot legally give consent. Report all women who have a sip of alcohol if they smile or tough another person. You will be doing it for their own good.

  • dhanu

    @napocapo69 Women won’t be (ab)using it? Just like they’re not ‘using’ the rape and DV laws?

    All it takes is a wrong thing thrown. It WILL be misused. To its fullest capacity.

  • knightrunner

    I sexually assaulted myself the other night. I wonder if I could use this app to report that?

    It still amazes me how far we have gone.

  • bowspearer

    The other night I made the following post on the forums for an Australian TV show called “The Project” in response to a story about women having issues with getting jobs at the very top of the corporate ladder. It was subsequently dismissed as “a snore fest”, “complete rubbish” and “having nothing to do with the issue”.

    When I reinforced the fact that women’s issues will continue to hit the same brick wall until feminists and white knights step aside and let those who are genuinely interested in and that the attitudes I was witnessing from one individual were the reason why men die younger than women here and are 3-4 times more likely to suicide than women here; everything was removed.

    For those interested, this is the kind of thing the mainstream media here seems to want to sweep under the carpet and the exact type of argument that the mainstream media here is completely complicit in covering up:

    Even taking this research on absolute face value, it ignores the elephant in the room – society’s utterly chauvinistic and anachronistic attitudes to masculinity. This issue requires a lengthy response (which will come full circle back to the issue at hand) if it is to be properly assessed. This is a prime example of how modern feminism, driven by the zeitgeist based fallacy of patriarchy (I challenge anyone who wishes to dispute that to demonstrate homeless men oppress Gina Rinehart without coming across as a staunch supporter of eugenics) harms women as well as men.

    The fact is that while we abhor the notion of women being reduced to being kitchen hands and breeding stock as primitive and sexist; our attitudes to masculinity have not shifted from the time when these attitudes towards femininity were the norm.

    We live in a society so obsessed with the alpha-male focused model of a man who is only good for providing, protection and breeding and who us utterly undeserving of compassion and perpetually undeserving of the status of victim, no matter how heinous the crime. Feminists often resort to the response about encouraging men to cry, yet the reality is that they have been utterly complicit in the perpetuation of this utterly chauvinistic and misandrist culture in this country.

    We would be appalled if an underage female rape victim were hauled off to a boarding school for “troubled girls” on the grounds of perceived promiscuity, yet in Australia it is not unheard of for underage boys being raped by pedophiles, being reported by primetime news as “an affair” or for them to have to pay child support to the pedophile should the rape result in a pregnancy.

    We were utterly appalled at the brutal murder of Jill Meagher and filled with compassion for her, yet around the same time there were instances of male victims being brutally bashed to death and noone cared. But then who cares about a penis on legs when there’s plenty more where that came from.

    In instances of domestic violence in this country; while studies have proven that at least 1 in three victims of domestic violence are male, they have also found that male victims are far more likely to be arrested than believed due to gender profiling by police. Furthermore studies have found that a SIGNIFICANT number of those cases of male abuse victims were not abusive themselves and a significant percentage of them were not abusive themselves (and for anyone wanting to quote gender stereotypes about physical strength, studies have also found that female abusers were likely to improvise weapons to use in their abuse).

    Don’t even get me started on the gender reversal of Sharia Law which is “The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021″ which seeks to implement:
    -The systemic enabling and promotion of child abuse by mothers and other women.
    -The Australian government suppression of research that implicates women as child abusers.
    -The legal redefinition of domestic violence to include acts such as making purchases without consulting your wife, not listening to your wife or even disciplining your dog.
    -The legal redefinition of domestic violence to exclude male victims from that legal definition.
    -Arresting and holding men in prison, without bail, on the accusation alone of domestic violence.
    -Summarily evicting men from their homes while forcing them to maintain financial responsibility for those homes on nothing more than an accusation from their wives or girlfriends.
    -Shifting the burden of proof on domestic violence from the state to the defendant. The accused will be forced to prove he did not commit an act of violence.
    -The legal redefinition of rape, and subsequent shift of the burden of proof onto a defendant to prove the he obtained specific kinds of verbal consent for sex.

    The fact is that while feminists claim to despise the stereotype of the poor helpless damsel in distress who relies on a white knight to save them; they actively perpetuate the myth of perpetual and intrinsic female victimhood through the myth of “patriarchy” which academics such as Dudink, Farrell, Hagemann and Tosh have debunked.

    Meanwhile through said myth, feminists perpetuate the aforementioned social attitudes towards men while simultaneously vilifying them for being victims of such depraved sexism in the first place.

    So how does this relate to the board room? Well while women have a tough time, people ignore the attrition rate for male executives at the same time. Only those men who are the closest to the Alpha ideal reach the top and as for those slain and broken along the way; unlike female victims of the system; noone cares.

    Only here’s the kicker the reason why women have such difficulty is because the same depraved male stereotypes have the protection of women hardwired into them. The fact is that the Alpha role is ultimately so repressive, so soul destroying, that at some level, we wish to protect women from it. The fact is that women in an expendable Alpha role (which btw is a tautology) is unnatural to people and women being “feminine” is perceived as unnatural to the role.

    There is a way to change this, but feminists would never go for it as they’d be force to admit that they’re part of the problem and it requires GENUINE re-evaluation of genders which would actually harm the credibility of modern feminism. What needs to happen is that we start taking male issues seriously and redefine masculinity in society from the lowest to the highest echelons of society (and conversely stop treating women as perpetual victims and start treating them as mature adults).

    On the vulnerable person’s side; that means that recognising that female-on-male rape is as much a case of “getting lucky” as male-on-female rape is. It means recognising that female child abusers are common and that female pedophiles are far from an urban myth. It means treating battered men with as much validity as battered women.

    It means mourning as much for the male “Jill Meaghers” as we did for Jill Meagher herself. It means treating prostate, penile and testicular cancers as seriously as we tread breast, ovarian and cervical cancers.

    In general it means no longer telling a man to “grow a pair” the moment he doesn’t live up to the chauvinisitc and anachronistic alpha ideal in people’s minds, valuing the “masculine” and the “feminine” in men and what the combination of them through the male experience brings to society, just as we should with women.

    Bringing it full circle, it means valuing Zeta leaders rather than Alpha leaders – mature, responsible, accountable men and women who embrace the best of the “masculine” and the “feminine” within them to excel as leaders to the greatest possible degree.

    Now I have little doubt that some mod fem will probably come along and accuse me of being a “misogynist” for this post, just as those putting up posters in Canada that dared to suggest that “men’s rights are human rights” faced violence from feminists.

    However the question people need to ask themselves is, do they really want to deal with gender equality, or do they want a continuation of this vile double standard which even invalidates and trivialises the abuse of young boys (particularly at the hands of women) only to then wonder why, in situations like this, these issues keep coming up.

  • Clem Burke

    I would appreciate it if any of you would go to the following site and view what this feminist (EllenBeth Wachs) has done:


    She painted me as a gay man with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a sympton of late-stage AIDS, when I am HIV negative. What women, especially feminists, can get away with…

  • bowspearer

    Pages which attack, harass or impersonate an individual are actually against facebook’s TOU. I’d recommend reporting the page to facebook. If they get enough reports, they’ll shut it down.

  • Clem Burke

    Here is a blog about the issue noted above.


    • bowspearer

      My advice to everyone is to report this page and ensure that you click on the “report to facebook” option. If they get enough reports, the page will be shut down.

      • Clem Burke

        I have done every thing and they will not take it down, but if I say one word about Ellenbeth Wachs I am banned from FB for 30 days yet she can post this crap about me, and no one is helping me one bit . A voice for what ?

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

          Clem, I emailed you some time ago about this.

          I sent it to the addy you registered here under. Maybe it went into your trash or you don’t use that address anymore?

          • Clem Burke

            Can you E-mail it again ? I will even do a radio show on A Voice For Men and reveal my real name etc, I am getting desperate.

        • bowspearer

          Just found out that the photo at least has been removed. At least that’s a start.