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On Female Sexual Offenders

Consider the following taken from a police report:

The victim is a sixteen year old male who delivers groceries and a local convenience store. At 5:45 p.m. he makes a delivery for the second time that day to a motel room. On the second visit, the forty-one year old female suspect invites the victim in for a drink. The victim accepts and drinks two beers. During the conversation, the female suspect puts her hand between the victim’s legs and asks if he will tell the police that she did so. The victim says no, out of fear of her reaction. Despite the victim’s protest, the female suspect removes the victim’s clothing and touches his penis.

At some point, the victim touches the suspect’s cat, which makes the suspect very angry. The suspect reacts by grabbing a nearby knife and threatens to castrate the victim. She puts the knife to his penis and yells” Do you want me to cut it off?” A short time later, the victim manages to take hold of the knife and throws it out of reach. The suspect gets very angry and grabs the victim by the neck and attempts to strangle him, causing bruises on his neck. Throughout the incident the victim wants to leave the premises, but fears the reaction of the suspect. The victim remained in the room for over two hours.

Once the victim was allowed to leave the room he reported the incident to his employer who then called police” (Denov, 2001, pp. 321-2).

It is the account of a violent rape, or at the very least, an attempted rape, unless of course, you are a police detective later describing the incident.

“Sexual abuse by women will be more subtle and there won’t be any violence… a woman can’t be violent… like the recent case of that woman in the motel. Did you hear about it? [laughter} The woman called for a delivery at her motel and then asked the boy in and offered him a beer!… [loud laughter]” (Denov, 2001, p. 322).

After being reminded of the boy’s injuries, the detective continued:

“Well, those marks on his neck – those could easily have been hickeys! [laughter]” (Denov, 2001, p. 322).

In her 2001 study, Myriam Denov reports on the culture of denial that exists in the very agencies charged with investigating such crimes that prevents these agencies from even acknowledging the existence of female perpetrators of sex crimes. She observed that the detective’s comments effectively render harmless, a violent sex offender based on the assumption that a woman cannot commit such a crime. He also transforms the victim of this violent act into a willing participant.

In a separate study, Denov (2003) reports on the “myth of innocence” (p. 303) surrounding the sexuality of women that influences attitudes and beliefs, and even law concerning the perpetration of sex crimes against children and adults. In several US States, at the time of her report, the crime of rape was defined in such a way that a woman could not be charged with the crime, unless she acted to facilitate a rape in conjunction with a male rapist.

This “myth of innocence’ is so ingrained in the culture that the prevailing attitude is that sexual abuse of male victims by female perpetrators are viewed as less serious and less damaging to the victim, than the same crime when committed by a male against a female (Broussard, 1991 in Denov, 2003).

With the existence of such a culture of denial, is it any wonder that we seldom hear about women who perpetrate sexual abuse? Or is it? Perhaps it’s not the culture, it’s the reality? Do these cases actually exist?

Fifty years ago, it was suggested that child sexual abuse was practically nonexistent. Denov (2003) cites two studies, Weinberg (1955) and Freedman, Kaplan, and Sadock (1975) that suggest incest was extremely rare or almost nonexistent. However, by 1992, over half a million cases of child sexual abuse were reported in the US. The public image of these cases is that of a male perpetrator and a female victim. Certainly if we examine case studies, female sex offenders are quite rare and comprise anywhere from 1.2% to as many as 8% of all cases (Denov, 2003).

On the other hand, self-report studies find prevalence rates approaching 60%.

In two studies of college students, Fromuth, Burkhart, & Webb Jones (1991) and Fromuth and Conn (1997) found that 3% of college men and 4% of college women, respectively, admitted in surveys to committing behaviors consistent with sexual abuse of children when they were adolescents. In a 1987 study, Fromuth and Burkhart found that in two samples of college men, those reporting they had been sexually abused as children, reported that the perpetrator was female 78% and 72%  of the time.

These researchers also found qualitative differences in the experience of men vs. that of women who had suffered abuse. Men reported higher incidence of oral-genital contact and intercourse but less violence or threat of violence that women (Fromuth & Burkhart, 1987).

Men also reported their experiences as positive or neutral 85% of the time as compared to 59% of women viewing their experience as negative.

Obviously, the reality of the male experience of sexual abuse has had some influence over culture. However, culture appears to be perpetuated by myth as well. These studies indicate that female perpetrated sexual abuse is quite common and not rare at all, although the effects on the victims may be less severe. It is easy, then, to understand how a detective might come to see a violent sex crime perpetrated by a woman against a boy as a sexual initiation in which the victim was a willing participant.

It also demonstrates the importance breaking down cultural myth that may represent barriers to labeling these crimes as crimes and treating them as such. As a society, if we are concerned about the welfare of all of our citizens, we must insist that our laws, public policies and practices, and government entities not be guided by cultural myth, but by a rational decision-making process not governed by ideology or political agenda.


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  • Promoman

    Sadly, I wouldn’t hold my breath on hoping the law truly becomes fair in not only sex crimes but crime in general. I fear that the kool-aid damage is just too extensive for change to come in our lifetimes. The U.S. Legal System has an unspoken rule to hand out pussy passes. The only other instance where it’s within the legal culture to give hallpasses is when cops get pork passes, but that’s a story for another day. The maxim “There’s no fool like an old fool” couldn’t be more. Age doesn’t bring maturity, character, ethics, & morality. A man would be placed in the Ninth Level of Hell rather than under the jail. The best that a male offender could hope for is being put in the Earth’s Core for good behavior.

  • Felix T

    I was emotionally abused by a woman for ten years, and I deal with the aftermath every single day. I thank whatever gods exist that people are even saying things like this. Change may not happen overnight but without awareness it will never happen at all.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    I am only going to share this very private story in an effort to expose what women can and do get away with when it comes to sexual crime against men as if men should be thankful if they get sex no matter how or what the circumstances are!

    A female acquaintance once asked me to join her to her company Christmas party. I declined but she begged me and offered to pay for the cost of the hotel as I lived an hour drive away and made sense to not have to worry about having drinks. I agreed on the condition that once we got to bed she would not bother me and let me sleep as I had been working 16 hour days building my business and needed my rest including having to go to work the next day on Sunday. She agreed.

    It was a great party and we retired for the night. Well at some time in the night I wake up to this animal on top of me mounted! Not even sure how she did it, but it pissed me off to no end. I freaked on her telling her what an inconsiderate ass she was. Needless to say I could no longer fall asleep I was so angry for what she did.

    This incident is RAPE according to what women advocate for. There is no way she could have obtained consent while I slept. Would I ever report it as such. NO! Had she dragged me into the hotel room at gunpoint, now that would be a different story and I would go to the police who would still probably laugh at me.

    The profound inequality of equality between men and women!

  • Peter Clifford

    When I was asleep in my bed I found my neighbours daughter (at the time) was on top of me mounted as well I was too tired to stop Tammy (that’s what her name was) and SHE WAS ONLY 12 while I was 23/24 years old (*please don’t laugh*) so don’t think it’s only ADULT females that do this Sometimes it’s KIDS!

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Would it be wrong to feel this way after what many women do to men? Have a listen here;

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Peter! I would never talk about that experience in public! That could land you in jail my friend!!! Her word against yours when the police investigate. I am currently helping a guy who has been wrongly convicted of rape, incest, sexual interference and sexual assault based on the sole hear say of his own daughter. He is up against 44 years jail and he would be doing time had he not found our organization to help him get out of his mess.

  • Peter Clifford

    Yes but you should have heard her mother go off her head at her when her mother found out! WOW!!! she was BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE TO DO IT!! Then her mother and her whole family MOVED OUT OF TOWN!

  • Peter Clifford

    her mother was like (her mothers words not mine) “you stupid FUCKING LITTLE BITCH” she said “Do you realize how much shit you can put HIM IN” she then said “YOU FUCKED THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS SON” She then ADDED “You STUPID BITCH THAT COULD LAND HIM IN JAIL YOU LITTLE SLUT” She then grounded her for 6 months and told me that she Found out TAMMY was SLEEPING AROUND on HER! (I knew what she meant) If your reading this Sue I don’t hold any of you responsible except your daughter SHE KNEW BETTER BUT DID IT ANYWAY and Tammy you went about it the wrong way WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO and we could have waited untill you were old enough

  • The White Rider

    Does anyone else get the idea that the whole aphorism of a “voracious male sexual appetite” is little more than solipsistic projection?

    After all of these female pedophiles that keep popping up–worse, many of them are TEACHERS–despite law enforcement never taking the claims seriously and doing their best to hide it or sweep it under the rug as well as things like the paternity testing statistics showing near 1/3 illegitimacy rates, I’m pretty convinced that projection is exactly what it is and that it’s the other way around.

  • heaven

    ….she was twelve dang what kind of tv has she been watchin

  • witman

    Contrary to popular belief, I get the impression that most males want to be monogamous even though they appear to be polygamous. Females on the other hand appear to be monogamous by nature but deep down inside they want as many pricks in them as they can fit at one time. I don’t know if anyone has studied this outside of female arousal and eye tracking, but it would be interesting to find out.

    According to researchers T Atlanta-based Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, males tend to look at the face of a naked woman first. If the face is appealing, his gaze will wander over her body. The first place a woman tends to look is at the genitals of the man first and then the rest of the body. This is particularly true when they are ovulating.

    Yet we are pigs.

  • witman

    @Peter Clifford

    That might explain you being labeled a pedophile and generally hated in your community. I’m sorry you were not strong enough to push that little girl off of you, but you must understand that others might not see it that way. Thank your lucky stars you’re not in prison being raped daily.

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  • Steve

    Lucky Peter 😉