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Notice on Filler case



As you will read in the letter available for download below, the deadline has passed for the submission of written final arguments in the disciplinary hearing for Mary Kellett, the Ellsworth, Maine prosecutor who headed a campaign of legal tyranny against Vladek Filler and a number of other men in that area.

As we have reported earlier on AVfM there is considerable concern about not only the quality of representation Mr. Filler’s case was afforded by Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis, but also the severe mismatch between the evidence now being reviewed by the Bar Panel and the evidence that was available regarding the extent of Kellett’s misconduct.

We are asking all concerned parties to make email contact with the entities below with a personal message, politely worded, stating your concerns about this case. Importantly, please LINK the letter issued by AVfM and the copy of  Vladek Filler’s original Bar Complaint against Mary Kellett in your mail outs.

We will also be sending out this request to the roster of volunteers for the Judicial Accountability Committee, but this post is being made to encourage the participation of general readership. In this case, the more of these contacts that are made the better.

Thanks to everyone in advance for assisting us with this action and helping us attempt to push for justice that has been long denied Vladek Filler and his children.

Note: Please be sure to link the following two documents in your emails. The Complaint is too large for most mail programs to send as an attachment.

Letter from AVfM

Vladek Filler Original Complaint

Bar Panel


M. Ray Bradford, Jr., Esq.

50 Columbia Street #73
Bangor, ME 04401-6331

Tel. (207) 947-0173
Fax: (207) 941-6713

Sarah McPartland-Good Esq.

University Of Maine Foundation
2 Alumni Place
Orono, ME 04469
(207) 581-5110

Non-attorney Panel Member:

Norman A. Ross

114 Wintergreen Ct
Hampden, ME 04444-1656

(207) 862-3399

No email available.



35 Hildreth Street
Bangor, ME 04401

Phone: 207-947-8321 Newsroom – Ext. 5
Fax: 207-941-9378


Channel 7 & 22

371-Target Industrial Circle
Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 945-6457 Ex 3122
Fax: 207-942-0511
News and Stories Email:



Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Reporter: Jay Field

Phone: 800-884-1717


Press Released E-mail: NEWS@560WGAN.COM
Fax: (207) 761-7765

Program and News Director – Jeff Wade

News Phone:  (207) 761-5600

News Fax: (207) 761-7765



Bangor Daily News Ellsworth Bureau

Bill Trotter


Bangor Daily News Reporter

Nicholas McCrea

Bangor Daily News

491 Main Street

P.O. Box 1329
Bangor, Maine 04402-1329

Michael J Dowd, Editor-in-Chief

Phone:  207-990-8238

Ellsworth American Reporter

Mark Good


The Ellsworth American.
30 Water Street
Ellsworth, ME 04605

Phone:  (207) 667-2576
Stephen Fay Editor

  • E. Steven Berkimer


  • TigerMan

    Paul – Is it better to include a link to the Vladik Filler Original Complaint PDF rather than add it as an attachment? I ask this because it used to be the case that many email providers set download limits per email of just a few MB and since the PDF is approx. 19 MB this has caused me some concern?
    Aside from that my letter is done and ready to go :)

    • Paul Elam

      Good point, I forgot about the size of that pdf. Correcting.

      • TigerMan

        Thanks for clarification – now sending my emails. :)

        • TigerMan

          Now completed :)

  • Turbo

    Done. I sent it to the Bar Panel then forwarded to the media listed.

    “To the Honorable Board of Overseers of the Bar,

    Concerning Assistant District Attorney’s Mary N Kellet, and her conduct with regard to Mr. Vladek Filler.

    As you are no doubt aware, there is world wide concern for the treatment of Mr. Vladek Filler by Assistant District Attorney’s Mary N Kellet, and world wide support for his complaint to the Grievance Commission.

    There is now further concern about the quality of representation for Mr Filler and that the body of evidence presented was significantly less than the evidence available.

    Surely a fair outcome to this hearing must be made by examining all evidence.

    Letter to the Board

    Original complaint

    Respectfully yours”

  • Astrokid

    I sent my emails yesterday to one member each from the bar panel, TV and newspaper. Just didnt put in a ‘Done’ here. Going forward, you can rest assured that I will keep sending off the emails every time there is an action item here (or from SAVE).

    • TigerMan

      Good for you but as far as I am concerned this is not a contest.

      • Suz

        I don’t think anyone sees it as a contest. It’s not a matter of tooting one’s own horn, it’s a matter of tooting AVfM’s horn. I wish everybody who participates would comment “Done.” Call it encouragement, call it peer pressure, but the sight of a few dozen “Done’s” might entice a few more AVfM readers to take a few minutes and get more involved.

        We’re all carrying this banner; we should wave it proudly in public.

        • TigerMan

          I appreciate your comments and I agree with your point.
          Astrokid didn’t leave it at a “done” though but made implied criticism of those had wrote “done” hadn’t done enough – maybe that is not what he intended by those words but it is a conclusion those words invite.
          I just thought it was a tad disrespectful that’s all but his activism otherwise is of course to be applauded. :)

          • Astrokid

            Ah.. No I didnt mean that, but I can understand why my comment could be interpreted that way. No worries.
            Here’s the details.. I know that an organizer would want to measure how much work was being done. I was part of some similar work in another field where the organizer asked each of us to send him an email after completing the work.. so that he can keep the count.
            Putting in a ‘Done’ comment is one way to do that.. but I also dont like to put in comments that add little value in general to the reading public, so I didnt add the ‘Done’.
            Fast forward to yesterday.. I got the general mail from AVFM judicial committee (I got included in the mailing list when I volunteered for the activism) about this issue.. I figured that JAC sent it out as a re-prod-to-activism. So I just put in a comment here saying that you can count on me to do these things in general, while not providing feedback about it. It will be good to know how many of us attended to each of these events.. but I guess we will never know.

      • Paul Elam

        Pointless comment, IMO. As you did, he is doing the work that needs to be done.

        If he wants to make it a contest (and I am not saying he does), why should anyone have a thing to say about it, except thank you?

        • TigerMan

          On reflection I now regret having made it – but it will do me good to be reminded of my own imperfections. Ego is like nails – it never stops growing unless it gets trimmed from time to time! :)

    • TigerMan

      Thank you for your explanation Astrokid – on refection it did occur to me that the meaning I took from your words was not what you intended. I am now sorry to have diverted so much time from the TASK with my Grumpy Old Man nitpicking. Some great ideas there too as well from you thanks for sharing it :)

  • Suz

    Emails sent, snail mail ready to go.

  • sweeney

    email sent

  • keyster