Nick Reading has a request and suggestion

On Tuesday March 11 the Unviversity of Alberta will be holding a forum called “Men and Feminism,” including Dr. Barret Weber and Dr. Lise Gotell, who have in the past made allegations about Men’s Rights Activists in general and Men’s Rights Edmonton in particular. They have in the past said that anyone may attend for free, but now want a $3,000,000 insurance policy for Nick Reading to attend if he brings in a camera. Nick calculates that this probably isn’t worth the cost, and instead asks them if they plan on taping their event and putting it online, hoping they do. We hope they do too. Here’s what Nick’s got to say:

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  • Victor Zen (Sage Gerard)

    Fucking fuck fuck fuck

    Why can’t Universities make anything go smoothly? Why can’t they consider… you know… context?

  • GCooper7005

    If you think that feminists will not fight legally and illegally to suppress MRM speech … think again.

    At their very core, feminists hate men. It’s in their DNA.

    • Christopher Wedge

      As if they have any qualms about attacking women too. In fact – they had to do that first.

      Just ask Erin Pizzey.

  • Turbo

    Aren’t Dr Lise Gotell and Dr Kristina Stasia the two that attacked Mens Rights Edmonton about posters they put up, but when challenged, refused to engage in open and honest debate.

    And Dr. Barret Weber who put out a YouTube video along with his students attacking AVfM, but disabled comments and ratings.

    I would not hold my breath waiting for this conference to be released on YouTube. It will be an echo chamber of feminist bigotry.

    I am guessing if it is released it will be heavily edited.

  • Aussietoads

    Seems like a good opportunity for some of the science geeks to build and send in a spy ‘fly on the wall’.
    Now there’s a small challenge for the STEM gifted !

  • comslave

    My concern is that when feminists pull this kind of shit, they’re sending the message that women are NOT equal to men and are in constant need of emotional protection. If I’m an employer, I’m not going to hire someone who needs to be enveloped in an echo chamber. I need someone who can maturely handle disputes without falling apart.

    This cry for protection that real women don’t need does nothing but harms the careers of women by making them look like delicate flowers.

    • James Williams

      I agree. Any employer would be foolhardy to hire anyone with ‘women’s studies’ type qualifications. If you do you’re just inviting a law suit against you for something that somone might say to hurt their feelings.

    • tamerlame

      Why worry about the harm this supposedly does to women? Worry about patronizing women? Or worry about the fact the men are being driven out of their jobs to make way for women. Women can practise both gender roles and often do both at once. They work for themselves and live off a man. A man without a career is trash, he is not seen by society at large as a worthy human being. Why do you think women use the term no good men? They are talking about there being not enough high status men.

      Being patronized is not really a concerned compared to real suffering, sounds like a first world problem of the leisure caste.

  • fathers4fairness

    Ha! True to totalitarian form.
    They are terrified of anyone having a contrary opinion – and will do what they have here to “chill” any legitimate debate – even though you said you would not say anything.

  • James Williams

    I do actually question the validity of feminists who call themselves doctors. To me they cheapen the title. They may as well have a doctorate in Marsian etiquette.

    • tamerlame

      They are doctors in the same sense that Dr Evil from Austin powers is a real doctor.

      • tvsinesperanto

        Hey! Dr. Evil didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called “mister,” thank you very much!

  • gateman

    I wonder if it’s even worth the bother trying to get into the forum, although I accept that this exercise does expose the fascism and censorship of feminist ideologues..

  • James Williams

    If they bother to tape their bigotry, from their point of view, it’s a case that anything they say will be used in evidence against them, so I doubt there will be anything more than a heavily edited rant if anything.

    There must be ways of recording the event. There are all kinds of devices available these days that could do the job.

  • Isaac T. Quill

    Recording is not the issue – it’s that they don’t want anyone to be recorded by image. Visual Image makes it far easier to verify identity and even prove identity.

    As I recall some nasty Girllies were caught on camera ripping down posters …. and it was proving hard to identify who they were …One I did identify and the other was hard even with my net hounding skills ….. and I bet both will be at the event and identifiable from video footage taken. Hell – they may even get a standing ovation for littering!

    Saturday September 14 2013 – AvFM Coverage: Men’s Rights Edmonton confronts fascists

  • joewilson

    Why not go hire a videographer…like someone who films weddings? They surely would have insurance.(?)

  • forestppl

    http://www.briisn‘t . do
    Just a joke actually, but, on a more serious note, isn’t there a way to get a filming permission without that ridiculous price tag? Maybe from some authorities outside the university?

  • James Williams

    One feature of fascist regimes is that they hate non-compliance. Trying to impose a ridiculous $3 million tariff is inviting non-compliance. Continuing with your intentions without complying to their demands will force them to become even more extreme and outrageous. The idea is to keep pushing the envelope until they turn to open illegality themselves.

    • forestppl

      Yes, but it’s always a blow when you get your decisions undermined by some bigger authority, that’s why I’m asking about trying to get the permission to film from outside Reading.

      • forestppl

        I somehow got Nick’s name mixed up with the university, last words of the above post should be: “from outside Alberta”