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Judge Pirro slams women’s violence against men

Judge Pirro addresses female perpetrator: “I’ve heard enough! I’ve heard too many cases of either men being stabbed or killed by women. Men don’t want to talk about it, or they just think that it is something that will go away. It will not go away.”

To male victim: “The next beating is going to be worse than the last beating. Men are less likely to report the violence due to embarrassment or the assumption that others won’t believe you, but I believe you! I believe you.”

To female perpetrator: “I have never seen a police report more blatant in terms of the pride you take for assaulting someone. What planet are you from?! You keep doing this and you’re going to end up in State prison – and maybe that’s exactly where you belong. You don’t take out your anger and physically abuse another human being – man or woman…. you should get your tail out of here and hide your face.”

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  • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

    So, why hasn’t she been charged?

    • David Palmer

      She was-she was convicted of battery from watching the video-there’s a discussion of that right before the judge rips her a new one. .

      Although it sounds like she may have gotten “classes and court costs” because, after all, she isn’t one of those awful abusive men….

      I think I like Judge Pirro-very no nonsense in this.

  • Sad Dad

    Why can’t all Judges be like this?

    • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

      Outstanding judge.

      • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

        Oh no! OneHundredPercentCotton just posted this damning background. She was grandstanding!


    • Tiernan

      A point my father raised about the television ‘court’ shows: they are arbitration venues, not actual courtrooms. See the fine print at the end of each of those programs. The parties agree to settle their greivances in the venue.

      And, I don’t know ifJudge Pirro is an actual sitting judge, or just took the title for the purposes of the show (I haven’t looked into. I’m not leveling any criticism.)

      So, what we see on tv is a paid performer judging the ‘cases’. And since tv shows tend to spectaularize for ratings, often the sitting authority figures are very dramatic when they lower the boom on somebody.

      That’s why we don’t have more judges like that.

  • MGTOW-man

    Thanks for putting some of this in print, not just a video. Videos are wonderful tools and I support them immensely. However, sometimes videos aren’t appropriate for all readers in all cases. Not a scold here, but just want the readers to get more out of it than I suspect they are. I mean, look at how few comments pure videos get compared to written articles and videos that also put it in print. Just saying…don’t shoot the messenger.

    Nonetheless, the video is priceless in its ability to show the actual stuff. Couple it with some selective captioning and write-ups and make it even better. Thanks.

    We do need more judges like this though. The truth is very unpopular but it must be told.

    When women hit men for punitive and control “reasons” they actually undo the unnatural training imposed onto males—to not hit if his attacker is female. It is monkey see, monkey do. Hit men, and many of them WILL hit back, for it is natural for males too, to defend themselves. He does not have to accept being beat just because he is male and she isn’t. That is THE stupidest thing I have ever heard!

    Don’t believe it is natural? As with other lower animals, wouldn’t a male lion show a female one not to rough him up? The truth is, any animal, human or not, is entitled to defend and protect himself and his interests by responding in kind when attacked. (Size or strength does NOT matter here). To deny men this basic defense right is against him having his full humanity. (To you duped foolish had-suckers out there, you simply CANNOT pull the manhood card on ME! You apparently do not even know what manhood IS!).

    The cycle of violence, like all cycles, is a FULL circle, not just a semicircle, as feminists want us all to believe. Feminists/women are not exempt from this cycle. They can’t hit the men no more than the men can hit the women. Too logical, fair, and honest? Well, for most women apparently!

    She gets to hit him when his only offense was to hurt her feelings?!@#%^&*!! ??— You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Has anyone used brain scans and other objective measures to see if women’s brains are more like children’s, compared to adult males? I ask this because women should know that real maturity and equality with men means that they must manage less impulsiveness and other child-like behaviors. The fact that many women don’t seem to be able to grasp this most fundamental CONCEPT of equality perhaps implies that they really are more like children.

    But of course, that is only stereotyping.


  • http://www.avoiceformen.com August Løvenskiolds

    Toward the end, Judge Pirro tells the guy to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline. They are an overwhelmingly gynocentric organization and the guy will likely be labelled an abuser there.

    TheHotline’s latest project is a new INTERNATIONAL version of VAWA that is going before the US Congress.


    It is solely for the benefit of women and apparently does nothing for battered men, according to their write-up.

  • SlantyJaws

    You’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth to look at her. We need to start a new meme featuring these womens’ faces and the caption “This is what a violent domestic abuser looks like” under them.

    • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

      I was talking with Typhon yesterday and she was pushing the point that the problem is that many women are brought up in such a way from an early age and I guess this abusers lunacy is a prime example of the end product and indicative of how feminism is destroying men and women’s lives.

      It’s easy to decipher when you are dealing with trailer park lunacy, I try to avoid the willfully ignorant but on the other end of the spectrum it’s far worse.

      A highly Intelligent narcissists knows how to work the system and from her, in our current system, there is no escape. There is one trump …always be recording!

  • namenotimportant

    The disturbing fact of the episode that the woman committed attempted murder and all she received as punishment was anger management classes and probation. If a man did it, he would be in prison for it.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Before you get what you wish for, is this the same Judge Pirro?

    Center for Prosecutor Integrity
    For 16 years, Jeffrey Deskovic languished in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

    Now, he’s taking on Jeanine Pirro, the Westchester County DA-turned-TV-judge who refused to revisit evidence that later exonerated him in the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl.

    Read more: http://nydn.us/1ebCfhL

    • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

      Ooooh. Say it’s not so, say Pirro wasn’t grandstanding just to make amends and seem ‘balanced’ after a major fuck up.

  • Duke

    I like to go hunting with the guys ( and hanging out a deer camp for a week is part of the deal). I have learned that in order to keep the deer population as healthy as can be, there are regulations regarding the shooting of female deer. The theory is, let the females go, and they go on to breed more deer to keep the harvest as high as possible.
    This is kind of analogous to American law enforcement letting womens violence go un-intercepted. You see, now that American law enforcement get “Extra” federal pork bloating dollars for domestic violence statistics….Its almost as if they are ” Farming violence”. By letting womens violence go on “un-intercepted” they can guarantee a healthy harvest of domestic violence statistics from all the children of these women who are now learning un restrained violence from their mothers.
    As bizarre as it may sound, in order to return the rule of law…we may have to actually remove the Extra federal pork bloating dollars that American law enforcement get for arrest statistics.

  • yinyangbalance

    In my police report, the officer reported that my ex-wife was laughing and said “He was asking for it”.

    For the record, she attacked me with a hammer and gave me a black eye. Why did she do this? Because back then she knew I never hit women. Yea, she taught me a lesson. If they hit you, hit back and hit hard. Why? Because they will say you did that anyways, no one believed that I didnt hit her. The lesson, no one touches you like that, period. She was out there laughing the whole time and boasting about it. The cops didnt arrest her, they laughed with her, an instead they let the ambulance take her because she said she was going to kill herself. I learned later that they held on to the report so that she would not be arrested. The DA told me this in another case that happened years later…

    That night they released her, and she came back home that very night. That was years ago, it sparked my wake-up to the truth. Thinking about that event, and how they let her come back like that, no arrests, nothing….makes me shiver.

    And my family wonders why I vow never to marry an “American” woman. Get away from me.

    Spoiled, privileged, violent, abusive, female supremacists….i can keep on going.

  • boston86

    Up until the judges’ final statement I was disgusted with the attitude and behaviour of everyone in that court-including the male victim. He smirked and laughed while speaking about the stabbing and assaults and the courtroom resounded with laughter. Imagine the situation in court if we had a male perpetrator wearing a big fat grin throughout the proceedings as he spoke about the beatings he meted out to his girlfriend?

    This is another concrete example of the way violence inflicted upon men is regarded-it’s seen as comical. It was only when the Judge fired up and ripped into the smug little bitch that the levity evaporated somewhat.

    A man once said if you want to see how disposable men are, try and deny the truth of this prediction. If you were to have your penis cut off by your girlfriend tonight, within 24 hours you will be the butt of jokes on TV, in the office , sport stadiums and universities.. That just about sums it up.

  • scatmaster

    Somewhat related I suppose because as we know wimmin are never violent:

    New app lets you call out Sexist Super Bowl Ads Oh you mean like this ONE

  • Karlo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 95% of womyn need to be shipped to a remote island in the south pacific and left to fend for them selves.

    I hope things like what took place in this video happen more and more and more and more !!!!!!

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for fucked up womyn … maybe in 20-years we will see a shift and they will learn to behave like normal beings ((( WAIT ))) …. probably not !

  • donzaloog

    She slammed that crazy woman hard. I could tell she was arrogant before the judge called it. She’s the jealous type and thinks because she’s a woman, she should be allowed to to physically abuse her partner because she’s “frustrated”