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This is probably the most important article I have ever written, and it addresses what I believe is the greatest challenge the M(H)RM has faced so far.

Victor Zen just brought us an important bit of news that I have also known about for several hours, and about which I am already getting emails. Facebook has just bowed to public pressure from feminists to start policing its pages and removing what is ostensibly called hate speech and the glorification of violence toward women.

Please don’t make the mistake of believing that this is the real agenda.

Let’s dispense with the basics first. As Zen has already pointed out, the sexism that Facebook has agreed to root out is that which is identified and defined by ideological feminists only. No MHRA perspective on the subject, or any other perspective for that matter, is relevant. Consequently the hundreds and maybe thousands of male bashing pages on the social network giant will remain, and only those pages identified as a problem by moderators “trained” by feminist ideologues will be targeted.

Unfortunately, that is not near the worst of the news.

What is happening, and it is going to happen more swiftly than you can imagine, is that just as we have seen in academia, in the military, in many workplaces and more recently in the secular community, feminists are using whatever tools are at their disposal to ensure that their narrative is the only one allowed.

To put it more bluntly, feminist ideologues are co-opting Facebook, and they will root out any and all opposition to their worldview. That will include, at some point, the AVFM Facebook page and its nearly 3,500 fans (2,000 of which have come in the past two months).

How important this is? In a word, very.

Facebook accounts for roughly 10-13% of our traffic on most days, and with a rapidly growing fan base that promises to represent a continually increasing number of actual visitors to the site.

To be honest, this does not mean that the loss of our Facebook fan page would result in a complete loss of traffic from Facebook. Many individuals post our articles on their pages, so that resultant traffic does not come directly from the fan page. But that is a minor detail when you consider the actual agenda here and its potential for harm to our community.

The machinations of these ideologues do not begin or end with Facebook. Still, as a battle ground in the ever increasing conflict between radical feminists and their opposition, it is of massive importance.

Have you ever known an ideologue to be satisfied with a victory? Where do you imagine, if they are successful at eliminating men’s rights discussion from Facebook, they will go next? Reddit? YouTube?

How about Google?

Do you think they are above trying to have men’s rights websites de-listed from Google search returns? Why don’t you ask them at Norton Symantec or O2, who have already blocked nearly ALL men’s rights related websites?

If you believe that these ideologues would not seek to wipe out all opposition to their worldview from the internet, then you likely believe that the current campaign on Facebook is to simply address sexism and sexual violence against women. You will probably believe that till the day you come here and find an error message instead of a website.

This is not the somewhat comical antics of the SPLC. It is not the even more comedic histrionics of the University of Toronto Student Union. This is actually a well-planned agenda that that could ultimately deal very harsh blows to the Men’s Human Rights Movement just as it is beginning to emerge.

And we need to do something about it.

With that in mind, I am respectfully calling on all men’s organizations, father’s rights groups, men’s issues bloggers, secular organizations and anyone else concerned with free speech and evidence based solutions to social problems to take a stand on this issue and to demand that Facebook make a public commitment to the free speech of men’s rights organizations.

Facebook should also include a non-feminist anti-sexist perspective to be given equal weight when evaluating what is and is not hate speech as well as what constitutes the glorification or condoning of violence against women.

Facebook should also make a public commitment to take precisely the same measures against online misandry that they take against alleged misogyny. That commitment should include addressing the promotion of violence against men. And they should follow through with this commitment in a verifiable and measurable way. At AVFM we support free speech for all, but if it is to be abridged in any way, that abridgment should not be driven by sexism.

We are entering very, very dangerous times. Ideological feminists are witnessing the deconstruction and debunking of their theories. They are watching a once stagnant and ineffectual men’s rights movement start to gain momentum. The hegemony they have enjoyed for 50 years is under direct and long overdue attack.

They are not just going to let it happen.

So far, we have witnessed only bumbling attempts to paint us as a hate movement. Most of their efforts have simply blown up in their face. We have had more than our share of good laughs, and have been thrilled to see their hateful, disingenuous efforts result only in more growth for us.

It has been enjoyable, but it has also had the potential to make us soft. We can hardly afford that.

From this day forward, we need a directed and organized response to this problem. As we are just initiating this response, there is but a few details available now on what our efforts will be, but I will share them with you and advise you as more information becomes available.

One, I will be conducting outreach to NCFM, of which I am a member, and other similar organizations to initiate a coordinated response, and more importantly to make contact with other mainstream entities about this problem. If there ever was a time to think “the enemy of my enemy” this is it.

AVFM will establish monitoring of Facebook, to see what kinds of pages are deleted and for what reasons under the new Facebook guidelines.

This is also as good a time as any, though I wish it were under better circumstances, to announce that thanks to your donations to AVFM we have finally been able to hire Editor-in-Chief John Hembling (JTO) into a salaried position for AVFM. He is scheduled to start working for us full time on June 1, and not a day too soon. I am sure his dedicated efforts on this important matter will be invaluable.

While it is obvious that nowhere near all our plans are set, or even envisioned at this early stage of the game, it is just as clear that this is going to be a fight. It is also where you will be able to see, in clear public view, which “men’s organizations” will take a stand when it absolutely counts, or whether they have feet of clay.

Finally, as always, we have to ask you to make the real difference. When we initiate email campaigns, which we surely will, please participate, regardless of where you live. Post this article to your Facebook page and other social media. If you are on Facebook, this article is also posted right here. Come and leave a comment encouraging others to take action. If you have not “liked” our page, please do so. If you are not on Facebook, please join, and then see the previous two sentences.

Go to the Facebook page about these events now and make your opinion known, respectfully, firmly and briefly. Be prepared to give some of your time and effort more than once. More than ten times.

Dig in, folks. This is going to be a long one. If you want a men’s movement, YOU are going to have to fight for it.

  • Guit

    Record this: FB action is a “principled business decision” :)

  • http://www.backlash.com Rod Van Mechelen

    About 3x a week I visit at least 59 MRM and anti-feminist websites, and on those few who have Google Adsense ads I click on one of the ads before I leave. One click through is worth a whole bunch of page views, and even though my site gets a fraction of the traffic of AVfM, if even a tenth of my readers clicked on an Adsense ad each day, that would cover my hosting costs. Paul, think what you could do if even just the people who commented on this article were to click on n Adsense ad…if you had them. Now, as the progressive feminist war on men escalates and Google begins to embargo MRM and anti-feminist websites, no doubt this source of revenue will dry up. But until it does, it makes sense that we should take advantage of it.

    • Kosh

      One problem I can see with that is the amount of data that Google AdSense harvests and shares.


      Data Collected:
      Anonymous (Ad Views, Analytics, Browser Information, Cookie Data , Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Interaction Data , Page Views , Serving Domains)
      Pseudonymous (IP Address (EU PII), Search History, Location Based Data, Device ID (EU PII))
      PII (Phone Number)

      Data Sharing:
      Anonymous data is shared with 3rd parties.

      Source: http://www.ghostery.com/apps/google_adsense

      Looking over that list, do you really want all that information about you to be spread around?

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        Personally I don’t give a shit, but I’ve been letting it all hang out online for well over a decade now. Come and get me you bastards. 😉

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    i nuked my FB months ago. never looked back. what they’re doing doesn’t surprise me. most of the guys i know could less about having a FB page.

  • Alek

    It’s also wise to point out the many facebook memes posted advocating/trivializing violence against men.

    I see hundreds of those shared/liked by my female friends on facebook. Here’s just one of the many today:


    It was captioned: When your boyfriend likes another woman’s status.

  • http://gravatar.com/nancycolburn nancycolburn

    Don’t encourage rape. No problem.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      Nancy Colburn.

      A five word meander down a feminist alley that leads to fish heads and old newspapers perhaps?

      Igniting topical interest with your five word “shit-and-run” post has less chance of lighting fireworks that have been dunked in zoo urine. Seriously, you fascinate only by your bigotry.

      Thanks for the tip about how it’s crummy to rape. I was just about to go outside and flop out my wee-wee for a bit of rape. Your tip has also made me do a call around to all my mates telling them that the rape party is off, and there is no need for them to attend it with their flailing bitch under their arm.

      I adore the way you mention how men should not be raped. Pardon, I forgot for a moment that you didn’t at all. Those glimmering well spaced five words no doubt are taken from a book published by the George Mason University? That’s the one that was published in 1995 that has zero reviews it’s that crash-hot. I can’t wait to order it because at 222 pages it will make a great door stop when I kick it really hard up it’s arse for it to wedge better.

      That’s right, Queenly, dame o’ The highlands, you are no different to any pink lemming that wriggles to this site with a neon banner that says, “I know shit”. We have all seen it before and always they collapse under the merest breath of scrutiny.

      In all sincerity I want you to give us more words with more posts. The idea of you opening the iris of your “unique” window intrigues and revolts just as all autopsy films do for medical students.

    • Diana Davison

      Explain how selective censorship of social media is going to stop actual rape.

      This entire fiasco is spearheaded by a woman, Jaclyn Friedman, who hasn’t gotten enough attention lately and did the worst thing you can do with internet trolls: take them seriously. If you think for a second that anyone posting graphics of a woman beaten up and saying it’s what she deserved is doing that because they think it has positive social value then you are much stupider than you sound. What Friedman has done is to reward the shock trolls with massive media attention. You’ve made their day.

      What’s better for society, knowing what someone thinks or having them walk around with their dark thoughts hidden in their subconscious? Aren’t you glad when you find out someone you thought was a friend harbours hateful ideas? It gives you a chance to reassess your friendship with someone you thought you knew. Hint: when someone posts something to your news feed that upsets you all you have to do is unfriend them or block them from your feed then be happy you ended the day with a little more knowledge about the people with whom you associate. What this FBrape campaign is doing is seeking to hide from exposure the people who think and do nasty things. This campaign is actually protecting the people they want to silence by hiding them from public view.

      The campaign is so ill conceived because it’s not motivated by intellectual honesty, it’s motivated by groups of feminists who are more worried about justifying their careers than contributing to a better society.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      Excuse me, I just found this tiny brain on the floor. Is it yours?

    • Victor Zen

      Hey Nancy, return to Earth when you want to learn something.

  • http://Kovacs Batou

    I’m sorry… GNF…. I surprised anyone with a penis is still on facebook. Social media is for bitches. Good luck with that.

  • Dean Tasvil
    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      Icy inhuman eyes, angry tight lips. Who’s surprised she hates anyone?

    • Kosh

      Interesting article. I especially like the part of Twitter users (Twits?) getting in on the action with the hashtag #everydaysexism. I could really have a lot of fun with that one, if only I had a Twitter account. Their privacy policies suck, though.

  • http://gravatar.com/ladditionstp laddition

    Just started the deletion process for my account. fuck ’em and the fat ass they rode in on.

  • http://sharedparentingworks.org/ teri

    I am not convinced that this is an anti-male campaign by Faceboook. Yesterday, this Facebook page: “Beating up your boyfriend to keep him in line” was removed after a ONE day campaign by a handful of people.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      It’s more an anti-male campaign by WAM, and Facebook is going along because Facebook always accommodates the loudest squawkers.

      That’s encouraging news though; they frequently don’t even see misandry, even when people point it out to them. Maybe this week’s response is opening a few eyes.

  • alisa


    Very little has been written about Lavely and Singer’s involvement in the censorship we are seeing. Many wondered how a judge could grant such a sweeping and illegal order. Then, they wondered why entertainment lawyers representing Governor Shwartzenegger’s were involved. Then, out of fear, or due to financial incentive– the press never reported on this strange fact. I was told by three reporters that if they write about Marty Singer, he will ruin their life. He did so with an Anita Busch, and many others. Mr. Singer also procures fraudulent DV orders for his clients, and likely is behind Coyote Shiver’s nightmare. I understand that Perrette retained A Ronald Litz, but it is Marty Singer who perfected using the courts as a means to censor those averse to his clientele.

  • Wil

    I saw that a comment is gone that a person posted stating that AVFM is not winning ,and feminist are . This person got so many thumbes down that I guess the comment was hidden, and I may be wrong ,it could be another AVFM post . But I found the persons comment to be somewhat correct. I think you men and women are really listning and really talking about going to battle, but never pull the trigger when in the front lines. I found that outin my own personal battle with a facebook feminist even postinga pic of me with fake Kaposi Sarcoma ( AIDS ) in a photo shop job and in an interveiw ( Podcast Apt J) lying about the the laws & interaction’s with the case we were involved in and I reachedout to AVFM again but nothing . Lets please stop bullying peoplethat are on our side and maybe take some notes . I am a gay man standing on the outside looking in and see straight men as the real victims ,not feminist, but I do not see the cohesion here when it comes to helping a comrade when the battle is on. Vote me down , I am ok with that ,but I fell better being honest. I put my entire life on the line with my family and my name and went after this feminist and I won in both counties and it was beyond the brutal, and If I am a skiiny gay man with one eye and did what I did, you people could do ten times what I did, but I am not seeing that. Sorry.

    • http://www.facebook.com/damian.ritter.71 Damian Ritter

      So you say, from your observation, that we “never pull the trigger.” I can’t speak for everyone here, but I’m all ears: What do you feel we’re not doing, specifically?

  • http://NationalParentsOrganization Robert Franklin

    What we need is the contact information for Sandberg or others in the management hierarchy at FB. It’s bullshit to just leave comments. We need to get their personal attention. The nutcase feminists communicated directly with management. We need to do so as well.

    • greg

      You are voice of reason Robert

  • http://gravatar.com/masonkramer virtue

    Oh it’s ON. FINALLY.

  • http://gravatar.com/johntate1 MGTOW-man

    What is “on”? What we going to do about it?

    I suggested we could march on the streets to gain the attention we are going to lose on facebook, but to my knowledge, only one upvote. Doesn’t sound like we men here have the passion, unity, cohesion, and solidarity in order to do very much about this FB problem except to complain to FB.

    But have the men and women of FB or anywhere listened to us yet, even though we have some of the most valid arguments in the world?

    Not until we get men to see how wrong they are for 1) thinking manhood is contingent upon getting/having/pleasing women and kids, and 2) clinging to losing by over-competing for women to the point they will allow their voices to be silenced along with the inconvenient truth that feminist men and women hate, and 3) not realizing that the boys of the future will hate average men of today for their apathy and inability to be man enough to remember that being a man does, and has to include protecting the male domain and everything it entails—else, males are nothing but obedient puppets in a herd who love being corralled into a one-size-fits-all manhood requirement, which greatly facilitated their demise.

    When we change men, we change the world. Feminism isn’t winning because it is right. NOPE!

    I really wish the excellent writers/admin on this site would collaborate to write the best book on misandry, on feminist lies, on men’s rights, on rampant and runaway female over-emotionality, oblivion, and selfishness, and make this world take the real first notice of just how men and boys have it badly. The lace curtain can’t stop the internet for now, so we should take this time to get a great educational and provocative book out there, even if it has to be internet published. in fact, we should be taking all angles we can to ensure men and boys along with our voices are not erased.

    This site is the best we have, but we surely need to do more. I think we can. The first thing to do is to do as Paul Elam said, “Put aside our squabbles” to unite and work together. United, we stand a chance, divided, we WILL be erased!

    • theoutside

      A collaborative book on misandry is a good idea. Published on Sribd, CreateSpace, Lulu, etc.; with sections read by various people on youtube, etc.

      There could be a whole series of ebooks on different key subjects: DV, selective service, false accusation, etc etc

      ebook and print on demand copies sold here and elsewhere.

      The feminist movement had an elaborate publishing campaign (much collaboratively written). That’s what’s needed here.

  • Wil

    I will give you an example of “pulling the trigger”. I was being stalekd and harrased by a well known feminist/atheist, via the internet and if I wrote anything about other feminist that she was friends with
    she went after me,calling my law firm & my partners airline etc., until the law steppend in and I asked” A
    Voice For Men” to step in. They did not, due to the fact there was no enough evidence” as they stated. I did not
    have enough evidence to out her, so I went and did what
    any private investigator would do, I outed her Domestic
    violence charge and placed it along with her picture all
    over the internet and liturally started the end of
    EllenBeth Wachs. I was investigated in two couties, her’s and mine ,and I was clean as a whistle,while she
    was not, and had to convince them I was not” sexualy stalking” her due to the fact I am a gay man. It took
    a lot, but I was determined. I am the Real Honey Badger.

    • scatmaster

      Reading up on that biatch. She sounds like a winner.
      Rolls Eyes.

    • http://mrshadowfax42.wordpress.com MrShadowfax42

      @MODS.. I am still unable to vote on comments. Is this a known issue and is there any workaround? Ta.

      • Peter Wright (Tawil)

        MrShadowfax, I removed Wil’s fucking rediculous comment from his post, and if it happens again the entire post will be deleted… I don’t have time to edit out threats of violence, nor should they be made here in the first place.

        Re your inability to vote on posts, is something several members are experiencing. You may have to wait till the site upgrade is finished, or try and log-out then log-in again and see if that helps.

        • http://mrshadowfax42.wordpress.com MrShadowfax42

          Thanks Peter, I will keep trying and see what happens.

      • Fredrik
        • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

          Upvoted!! LOL

          And thanks.

  • Wil

    Peter , threat of violence ? The pull ” pull the trigger ” is and old saying in the public speaking/ debate community, that has nothing to do with guns . It means to come forth with dirt on that person as I do as a private investigator. Holy Shit. Faceplam and a half.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

      We were referring to your threat to amputate a certain body part from certain individuals if they challenged you. It has been deleted from your post now, “pull the trigger” has not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/glenn.mcbride.338 Glenn McBride

      The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Wil

    Its called an “analogy”…….sigh.

  • Wil

    That was also an analogy, I guess working for a law firm we use tougher language, and this is a politically correct sort of forum.

  • Wil

    Oh Peter trust me it will never happen again. I am actualy done. I am leaving A Voice For Men. The trivia and lack of response, and help ,has reached a level I can no longer understand.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Oh no, Wil, whatever you do, don’t go!

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)


      I responded you you on November the 13th last year.


      There you can see my post which is this.

      “Clem, I emailed you some time ago about this.

      I sent it to the addy you registered here under. Maybe it went into your trash or you don’t use that address anymore?”

      And you said in reply:
      Can you E-mail it again ? I will even do a radio show on A Voice For Men and reveal my real name etc, I am getting desperate.”

      My apologies for only seeing your response just now. It is an old thread and we move on as we do. After some time had passed your job was then to write to Paul Elam and let him know that it was possible that I had not seen your response. He would have then written to me. You didn’t.

      I don’t have the email anymore but I can paraphrase it.

      My email was an invitation for you to tell your story to me and I would edit it for you as a courtesy and then upload it to the site. Perhaps send it to Paul via Skype. This is what I do from time to time for MHRA’s who seem genuine and have a story to tell.

      I did my part and was curious as to why you never got back to me.

      to suggest that people here do not care or give a damn is pretty insulting mate and I for one won’t be spending a minute helping a whiny ingrate as yourself. I sympathise with your problems and wish you luck all the same.

  • Wil

    “Whiney ingrate”? This stated to a man that has survived a stabbing and beating and had to learn to walk and talk all over again ( due to a hate crime) and loss of sight and needs a guide dog for life, and then went back to college and changed his career and is now working with a law firm seeking the 1700 state and federal rights I am with out and am the most beaten , killed and discriminated minority in America, but I am “whiney” ? Oh Paul, thanks for the sarcasm, I
    always got the feeling you were not very happy with my comments

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      I apologise for my snarkiness and retract it.

      You are not a whiny ingrate as I do not know you and cannot make that assumption, however, you are presenting as a whiny ingrate.

      I am sorry to hear of your physical issues and that is something I know I can’t compare to. Nor would I try for that matter.

      Let’s get back to resolving your concerns with my suggestion you submit your voice in an article and send it to Paul Elam for his discerning.

  • Wil

    I promise I will not be speaking poorly of this group for that will not solve anything.


    Censorship is enemy number one for the MHRM, and this will continue to be the case until the movement loses its purpose.

  • http://feministevenhategaymen.wordpress.com jiwannabe

    Dr. F., no need to be sorry ,you did not know my history ,and I am a big boy I can take almost anything. I was raised on the space coast by a scientist that worked for NASA and was a very hard core yet loving dad and when I felt sorry for myself he sent me to work at my grandfathers funeral home cleaning and prepping dead bodies at the age of 14. When I was bullied in HS by a boy I did not cry or have thoughts of suicide, I simply laid in bed and made a plan to get up out of bed in the middle of the night with a gallon jug of Crisco ( from my parents kitchen) and took it down the street and poured the entire contents into his brand new 1975 Camero birthday gift, which destroyed it. Many years later I discovered I was hard wired like my father and , would never take no for and answer, and went after any one that stood in my way and it came to work for me as a friend I went to college with became a lawyer and tried me out as a private investigator . Many years later I found my self in court fighting for LGBT rights after handing over a Minister that was an anti gay activist his past medical records of chlamydia, he had a heart attack and died shortly after in the state of North Carolina.. I was so happy to find a voice for men as I took issue with the history of feminism and how it actually hurt the gay community in my youth during the 1970’s. The person who really got me going was EllenBeth Wachs ( via Internet),who in both counties, tried to go after me as a stalker through the law and both counties dropped, the charges after I outed her past, and the reason she went after me is due to the fact she is a hyper feminist and I outed her domestic violence charge . Just to let you know a tiny bit about me.

  • Wil

    I posted a short story below under another name I was on another account on accident not paying attention, due to the fact I am at work. “Jiwannabe” with the picture of the feminist that I went after.

  • Wil

    So if I want to do an article on that specific feminst that went after me in two counties with the law ( which I won), and then she lied on a Podcast: “Apartment J”, and stated she dropped the charges in both counties when it was the investigator and the Magistrate , not her, would you consider the publication of me willing to offer her 20 thousand dollrs from my bank, signiture privided if she is telling the truth so she can be exposed for her lies ?

  • Wil

    If not, please just speak up and I will drop the conversation and will not bring it up again.

  • deepthinker80

    Maybe a little off topic, but Yahoo is extremely biased and have men bashing articles on the regular. Check this out


    A guy made a comment on at a graduation about how women should focus on family as much as a career and they all want him castrated. All the comments have the usual illogical arguements and hateful generalizations about all men. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the mainstream is dominated by man hating. Even watching shows that are supposed to be for men like Two and a Half Men theres feminist propaganda everywhere. Alan’s wife is the biggest selfish bitch in the world and it’s funny. His whole life turned upside down because she wasn’t satisfied and youre guided to laugh at him for being such a “loser”. Even after he pays alimony and gives in to her every command she continually goes out of her way to do him more harm. They make him so unrespectable you subconsciously accept it. I just can’t stand how theres such a backlash to everything men say and do and they can be as cruel as they want to us and its funny.