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I’ll decide if you were raped, not you

Please be forewarned that many people will find this article highly offensive. That being the case, a disclaimer is in order, particularly for those easily offended.

This article was written with the intent of offending. In fact, that is pretty much its primary purpose.

Unfortunately, when addressing instances of male disadvantage or female power in this society, offence is a necessary evil. We are a culture blinded and brainwashed by decades (arguably millenia) of disinformation and propaganda about men and women. We are also a species of animal more or less hardwired to take a dim view of compassion for men and boys. This leaves us with few tools to rattle people out of complacency and into a thoughtful discussion of those issues.

Intentional offence is one of them, and it is one proven to work as this website has repeatedly demonstrated.

This disclaimer is not an apology for, nor a retraction of, any of the points in the article. It is simply a clarification of context regarding the articles’ style, content and delivery. When society evolves to the point where we can have real discussions about issues facing men and boys, then the need for this kind of provocation will end, at which point the editorial staff of this website may consider removing this article from its archives.

This particular article is dedicated to Mary P. Koss, an influential researcher who has demonstrated over and over how the crime of rape permeates our culture and results in a living nightmare for women across the western world. Sort of. –PE

Second note: Male victims of sexual assault by women who are frequently told that what happened to them is funny or something they should be proud of, by cops, the popular culture, even so-called friends, will understand the exact intent of this article. –DE

Look, ladies, I get it. I really do. You think you were raped. At least that is your claim. And even if we take for granted that you are telling the truth about some asshole that ignored your insistence that you did not want to have sex; who even ignored your repeated, tearful pleas to be left alone, and instead forced himself on you sexually, violating your personal boundaries and bodily integrity in order to penetrate you in one orifice or another, that is still a far cry from justifying the use of a word as strong as rape.

In fact, you may be so emotional about the matter that you are not going to be the most reliable informant of the facts. As an alleged victim, you are certainly not the most qualified arbiter of what constitutes rape to begin with. It is undoubtedly better that you just shut up about the matter – go somewhere where we don’t have to look at you or listen to you complain — and let someone more capable gather the facts and make a mature sensible decision about what happened.

Like me, for instance.

Actually, I can’t think of anyone better qualified to make a rational determination of the facts; who can avoid the hysterics often associated with the claim of rape, or things that might be misinterpreted as rape, and who can make a sound, considered decision about what happened to you and what to call it. So please, give the rape crisis line and everyone else a break while I sort things out.

You can just tell me what happened, then go off and cry, or go on Oprah, or do whatever it is women do when they think that someone has raped them. I will sort through all the details and then come back to you later, after I have had some time to make a considered and complete evaluation.

I will be the one to decide if you were raped, or just someone who was temporarily inconvenienced.

I have to tell you, though, that I am not one to just go around calling every claim a rape on behalf of women just because they drum up a few tears, or have a few bruises to show off.

Like that girl at Steubenville; the one who partied a little too hearty and then just happened to be penetrated by some of the guys she was partying with. Opportunistic sex? Yeah. Rape? No, not rape. Not even close.

All the outrage I read about the sympathy for the “perpetrators” was way off the mark. These guys needed alcohol and drug education, perhaps a good talking to, but not prison. Prison is for rapists, real rapists, not a couple of kids that got carried away at a party.

Then there was that woman, whatever her name was, in India that made worldwide headlines just a few months ago; the one that was murdered and allegedly raped on a bus in Delhi. The facts on that one don’t wash, either. Sure, she was beaten. There is evidence to support that, particularly in that she died from her injuries. Without a doubt, she was murdered.

But not raped, so let’s try not to get carried away with the righteous indignation, mmkay?

The fact that she was allegedly penetrated sexually during the course of her attack does not prove anything. Contrary to modern social fantasy, rape is not about penetration. Not in the least. I know, we have some slanted legislation and a few haughty pundits that state otherwise, but we will get to more of that in a minute.

I mentioned Oprah earlier. She’s another one of those “rape” victims that seem to crawl out of the woodwork when there is a camera around. Her contention is that she came from a really bad family and that on top of poverty and a lot of other problems, she was raped when she was nine years old.

Assuming she is alleging that she was sexually penetrated (and that she was even telling the truth to begin with), she gets crossed off the list of real victims, even if her story makes good fodder for building a TV empire. It’s still not rape. It is still not even close.

As a matter of fact, it simply can’t be rape. None of these fanciful stories are legitimate rapes. I have looked at the facts and made a clear, totally supportable conclusion. The girl in Steubenville wasn’t raped.  The woman in India wasn’t raped and Oprah Winfrey sure as hell wasn’t raped.

And the reason for it is as simple as it is irrefutably factual.

Only women can rape.

Only men can be victims. Rape is not even a crime of which men are capable. Well, sure, they are physically capable, in the abstract I suppose, but only if you define rape to a narrow and archaic view like forced penetration. When it comes to real rape, which is when men are forced to penetrate, it is only women who can do it.

I understand — you have doubts. You have likely been ill informed and misled your whole life about what rape is and who it really affects.

Need I remind you that no so long ago anyone you know would have pointed to the horizon and told you just how obvious it was that the earth was flat? It is still right there for you to see, is it not? Look around you! Isn’t the earth flat?

Fortunately, through the informative use of science and a bird’s eye view of the planet, we moved past myopic conclusions drawn from the tunnel vision of surface impressions and ignorance.

The world is not flat, or the center of the universe, and men cannot rape. It is a crime exclusively perpetrated by women.


Is your blood boiling yet? Do you want to put a fist through sheet rock? Is my heartless and insensitive handling of the above “victims” making you see red? Do you want my head on a stick in the town square for the sheer depravity and sickness in what I am writing?

Well, let me tell you, I feel your outrage. I get where it comes from; which is to say that you are driven by decency and humanity to instinctively recoil from gratuitous and malicious indifference to the suffering of innocent victims.

You are, after all, a person of compassion, right? You would never ignore the suffering of a victim or minimize the pain and crippling isolation of someone so traumatized. Well, wait, not so fast. You are probably not near as compassionate as you think.

I will explain, but allow me to preface that by saying that if you finish reading this and you are still outraged at me instead of Mary Koss, then your compassion is about as real as a Crystal Gail Mangum rape claim, which is to say it is complete bullshit.

If, in the end, you still think I am the problem. I’ll do more than just proclaim that you are a hypocrite, I’ll prove it. The only question remaining will be whether or not you have the moral integrity and courage to admit it. Decent human beings will.

The deliberately blind with no right to be angry about anything won’t.

First, a little recent history on the study of rape in this culture. Mary P. Koss is a widely-quoted and highly influential feminist writer on the subject. Indeed, so influential is the University of Arizona scholar that she has long been considered a “go to” authority on the subject of rape by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. This is not of little gravity given the CDCs influence on government policy. With thanks to Tamen of Genderratic, here is a brief overview of her relationship with the CDC.

  • 1996:  Expert Panel Member, “Definitions of Sexual Assault,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;
  • 2003 :  Selected to direct the Sexual Violence Applied Research Advisory Group,, the national online resource on violence against women funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;
  • 2003 :  Member, team of expert advisors, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on teen partner violence;
  • 2003 :  Panel of Experts, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control on scales to measure intimate partner violence, resulted in the publication of CDC Intimate Partner Violence compendium, 2005;
  • 2003-4: Consultant, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC Intimate Partner Violence compendium, 2005 IPV Compendium on assessment of sexual violence and inclusion as recommended standard assessments in the field of two Koss-authored assessments (Sexual Experiences Survey-victimization, and Sexual Experiences Survey-perpetration)

That is quite an impressive track record, especially for someone who has been caught red-handed exaggerating the number of female rape victims to ridiculous proportions while simultaneously making similar efforts to erase the incidence of male rape victims, including children, from public view.

Mary P Koss has been doing the same thing with victims and perpetrators of rape as I did in the first few paragraphs of Juvenalian satire in this article, with two key differences. One, she denies the victimization of male victims instead of females. And two, her work is not satire; it is research done in the public trust for an agency that sets government policy and plays a highly influential role in forming public opinion.

Have you heard anywhere that 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime? You can thank Mary P. Koss for that statistical sound bite, and for the fact that it is totally and completely bogus.  She was so anxious to create that kind of ideological ear candy that she drove her own train off the tracks on research methods.

There were numerous, rookie-league errors with the data gathered in Koss’ study, but for the sake of brevity we’ll just address the basics here. Koss threw in a ringer of a question in her survey of three thousand college women:

“Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because a man gave you alcohol or drugs?”

Given the frequency of college age women who party and end up having sex with someone and later regretting it, and given the social pressure still on men to provide alcohol and other party materials for women’s pleasure, Koss’ question was a set of brass knuckles hidden inside a boxing glove. It got her just the result she was looking for.

Two follow-up statistics demonstrate the point well enough. One, 42% of these “rape victims” went on to later date and have additional sexual relations with their “rapists,” and, get this, only 25% of the women surveyed that Koss counted as victims agreed that they had been raped.

At this point an honest scholar would just acknowledge their methodological errors, write off their study and start from scratch again in an attempt to obtain some valid conclusions — which explains why Koss went full steam ahead with the results.

It did not take long for Koss to come up with a 1 in 4 number like that. In fact, if men were asked the same questions as qualifiers for being a rape victim, the same exact number, 1 in 4, would emerge from the research. With Koss’ methodology, twenty–five percent of the men you know, your fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands and sons are rape victims. One fourth of the males in this culture have been egregiously violated in the very worst of ways. I can just see Dr. Phil staging group hugs on TV. Well, if anyone gave a damn about those men.

Do you think 1 in 4 men have been raped?

Are you outraged that I am treating the idea like a joke?

Not being satisfied with simply manufacturing victims that do not exist, Koss takes the next logical step for any ideologue who wants to show that only women can be victims of rape, and only men can be perpetrators. She produces a paper that erases the idea that men and boys can be victims in any way.

In her paper, “Sexual Victimization in College Men in Chile: Prevalence, Contexts and Risk Factors,” co-authored with Evelyn Lehrer, Ph. D., and Jocelyn Lehrer, Sc. D., once you pass by the obligatory acknowledgements, Koss and crew get to the meat of their intent:

“It would also be desirable to conduct further quantitative inquiry using the revised SES (Koss et al. 2007), which contains items that have been crafted with behavior-specific wording to elicit information on a range of SV experiences. This will make it possible to base men’s rape prevalence estimates with more specificity on acts that involve sustaining forced penetration, leaving less leeway for men’s individual perceptions of what constitutes ‘forced sex.’”

There is much more available from Koss that ensures her intentions are being taken accurately. With credit to Tamen from the Generratic blog, the following observation:

But let’s take a look at the revised SES Koss et al would like to use instead on the Chilean dataset:

Here is a quote from the 2007 paper by Koss et al: Revising the SES: A Collaborative Process to Improve Assessment of Sexual Aggression and Victimization

“We acknowledge the inappropriateness of female verbal coercion and the legitimacy of male perceptions that they have had unwanted sex. Although men may sometimes sexually penetrate women when ambivalent about their own desires, these acts fail to meet legal definitions of rape that are based on penetration of the body of the victim. Furthermore, the data indicate that men’s experiences of pressured sex are qualitatively different from women’s experiences of rape. Specifically, the acts experienced by men lacked the level of force and psychologically distressing impact that women reported. (Struckman-Johnson, 1988; Struckman-Johnson & Struckman-Johnson, 1994).

We worked diligently to develop item wording that captured men’s sense of pressure to have sex and draw their responses into an appropriate category of coercion instead of to rape items. The revised wording is discussed in more detail later in the article.

Cut to the chase. What Koss is saying, through the unblinking text of two very different studies, is that when women say they weren’t raped, they really were, and when men say they were raped, they really weren’t.

That, uh, “revised wording”? Men who are forced to penetrate under physical or any other kind of duress are not raped. That perception clearly has had an impact on matters at the CDC and other entities charged with the dissemination of information on rape and sexual assault.

In a recent media interview of TyphonBlue, she pointed out clearly how males who are raped get classified as “made to penetrate” (Read: NOT RAPED) in figures from the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NIPSVS) by the CDC, the same organization where Koss has had so much influence.

Made to penetrate

Tamen goes on to articulate more in his review of the subject:

“[The] CDC apparently found it inappropriate to call it rape – or rather they think it’s a unique male victimization that is separate from rape. The Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) does not even bother to include it in the survey even if it under Sexual Offenses Act of 2003 Section 4 is punishable with a sentence up to life (SOA 2003 doesn’t call it rape either). The latest CSEW did a split-sample experiment to test a new set of questions. The new questions had an option that male victims who had been made to penetrate could answer yes. The analysts classified those who answered yes to that question as NON-VICTIMS.”

At this point it would probably good to remind you that this kind of hegemony over and shaping of descriptive language produces much more than just an imbalance in empathy between male and female victims of rape. As with most ideological objectives, it invariably leads to money, power and ultimately legislation that affects all victims.

The FBI, in January of 2012 redefined rape from a standard that had been applied since 1929. It now defines rape as, “[T]he penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” This is according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In other words, to be a rape, it must involve penetration, which makes male rape victims legally invisible. It also ensures that whatever slight awareness of them actually existed is further eroded.

If you still think I am the problem, and not the legacy of Koss’ work, then you are part of this deprivation.

Addressing victims of rape is a federally and privately funded industry of significant proportions. It provides not only employment and organizational underwriting, it also serves as the academic raison d’être for ideologues like Mary P Koss. Entire careers are carved out of the institutional bedrock on theories, and often ideologies, as we see in the case of academic feminism.

Koss has a vested ideological, professional and financial interest in the idea that men cannot be raped, and even in the idea that whatever they may experience at the hands of female rapists, it does not impact them with the same intensity, or need for assistance (cha-ching), as when the same thing happens to women.

The short and sorry version of Koss’ take on male rape by forced envelopment is that it does not happen, and even if it did, men aren’t bothered by it. They have no pain that needs to be addressed, nor is the female rapist a problem we need to recognize.

In fact, this is woven into the progression of language we see from Koss as it morphs though the body of her work. She goes from not wanting to label women raping men as rape, then not wanting to label it “forced sex,” and then changes it to “unwanted” sex and ultimately to “ambivalent” sex.

Let’s see, even anecdotally, how that holds up. The following is another excerpt from the Genderratic Blog, and was originally posted to r/mensrights. Be advised, it is very graphic and may be disturbing for some.

First time I’ve told this story, other than to my doctor, therefore – throw away account. Also, I’m Swedish, so I’m sorry for all the grammar faults.

I was at a friend’s party and got a few beers. I believe I was the least drunk there. One gal started to talk to me and coming on to me. I had a girlfriend at the time and I wasn’t even attracted to her (big as a hippo), so I tried to ignore her.

A few hours later I was feeling very fuzzy in my head so I had to lie down for a bit. This struck me as odd, since the few beers were all I had to drink. Later on I understood that there were something else other than beers in one of the cans.

I woke up several hours later in my friend’s bed which were on another floor than the party was held. I was still feeling fuzzy in my head, so I didn’t really get what was going on. My hands and my feet were tied to the bed – each part in each corner. My dick hurt like crazy and I wanted to see what was going on down there. Someone was naked and riding my dick. It took me about five seconds until I understood that I was naked and was raped. It was the same girl who hit on me.

I screamed, but no one heard me. I tried to get away, but I couldn’t move, both because I was tied down and also because of her weight.

Fifteen horrible minutes later she decided she was done with me and let me loose. I collapsed and couldn’t move. She got dressed and went downstairs. I cried.

Apparently she couldn’t get my dick hard, so she had shuffed[sic] a Q-tip without the cotton up my urethra so it would keep straight. Four years later, it still hasn’t recovered.

Actually, this victim may be qualified under Koss’ personal criteria as a rape victim, not because he was drugged and restrained and forced to penetrate his attacker, not because he was assaulted while unconscious but because she penetrated his urethra with an object in order to produce a simulated erection.

The difference between this man being raped and just having “ambivalent” sex is a Q-tip. And unless it was the Q-tip that made him shed tears, then his pain wasn’t real either.

We have another case that was brought to the pages of this website. Former marine James Landrith met a woman in a night club through a friend and ended up having drinks with her. According to him, after agreeing to give the woman, who was pregnant, a ride home he wound up in a hotel, having been drugged, and woke up to find the woman on top of him with his penis inside her.

During the course of raping him, she threatened him with a rape allegation if he resisted, and also told him that any attempt to throw her off could harm her unborn child.

The rape happened before the young marine was 20 years old, and his response to the experience was typical for many victims of sexual trauma.

He embarked on a path of sexual recklessness and lost his trust in women, generally speaking. After 20 years of a dysfunctional reaction to the traumatic stress, he finally sought help and got it from a psychotherapist.

No thanks to Mary Koss. And likely no thanks to many readers of this article.

This attitude, so prevalent in modern culture, results in insensitivity that can only be described as mind boggling. From a report on the abuse of soldiers in Uganda. Eunice Owiny worked for Makerere University’s Refugee Law Project (RLP) to help displaced people from all over Africa work through their traumas. Here is a sample of what she discovered there:

“Men aren’t simply raped, they are forced to penetrate holes in banana trees that run with acidic sap, to sit with their genitals over a fire, to drag rocks tied to their penis, to give oral sex to queues of soldiers, to be penetrated with screwdrivers and sticks.”

Owiny may want to consult with Koss, as according to her worldview those men likely weren’t raped, but the banana trees were.

The social mechanics of this imbalance in empathy and concern is simple. Misandry, the hatred of men and boys and the indifference to their pain, is a social norm. Koss uses the natural human tendency to be blind to the pain and suffering of men in order to shroud her agenda and her ethical failings in research.

She doesn’t even have to work at it. The average human being will read the first few paragraphs of this article and indulge themselves in reflexive hatred for whoever wrote it. They will sputter out words like “despicable” and “horrible” like they had Tourette’s.

But move them down the column and their emotions change. The spontaneous outbursts calm down. They may even scratch their heads and mutter something weak about how we need to look more into this. They may even have a moment where they are forced to feel some compassion for male victims (though no outrage for how we treat them).

And then they will shrug that off and go right back to being angry with me for treating women victims with such egregious insensitivity.

All because I wrote a few paragraphs of harsh satire, metaphorically putting shoes on women that we force men to walk in every day of their lives…for real.

That is, as a rule, what we think of the pain of men.

Oh, and for those of you who think Mary Koss is wrong but I am still shameless and disgusting for saying what I did, I suggest a trip to the mirror because you are more disgusting than either of us.

I know what Koss is like. I can deal with her. She is an ideologue with an agenda and it is plastered all over everything she does. She doesn’t have empathy for men and she doesn’t pretend to.

In that way I understand Black men who say they would rather deal with an open redneck than a closet racist. At least they know what they are getting.

But for those prone to convulse with repugnance over some satire but who ultimately feel nothing over the suffering of men and boys, no matter how horrible or unfair, I really do hope you are angry.

And I invite you choke on it.

You, not Mary Koss, are the reason this kind of writing is necessary in the first place.

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  • Jim Doyle

    “With thanks to Jim Doyle, here is a brief overview of her relationship with the CDC.”

    Tamen did the actual work; I just published it for him.

    • Paul Elam

      Fixed, thanks.

  • ali

    Too brilliant to need any form of comment. Yet something tells me there will be over 200 comments.

  • Theaverageman

    Fantastic article Paul.I’m waiting in anticipation for the illiterates to show up…

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Brutal, Paul. Absolutely brutal. This was painful to read and so very very necessary.

    You just took FTSU to a whole new level.

    C’mon Grrrlz and white knights! Read it, the whole thing. Now read it again, then tell us Not All Feminists Are Like Thaaaat. Oh, and while you’re at it, dump some ignorant hypocritical vitriol here in the comments as further proof of your depravity.

  • Jason Gregory

    Holy fuck.

  • cvar

    One hell of a zinger Paul.

    inb4 300+ comments about how you’re a horrible person for dismissing the plight of female victims.

  • Kimski

    You need to go on vacation more often, Boss. ;)

    I can’t wait for the shitstorm this is going to cause, when the ‘you-know-who’s’ skip everything beyond the first couple of paragraphs, and come screaming in here to express their ‘outrage’, hysteria, hypocrisy, and blatant idiocy. Along with their complete lack of empathy with anyone they can’t immediately identify with, thereby once again making it all about themselves, and how they *feeeel*.

    Btw. Is Mary P. Koss perchance one of these alleged rape victims?
    Meh…never mind. Everybody seems to be these days. I often wonder who’s upholding the infrastructure, while all the men out there are busy raping 24/7?
    We know for a “fact” it’s not women, ’cause they’re apparently busy being raped.

  • Dean Esmay

    Sad that we had to (temporarily) disable social media commenting. I’d love to see the avalanche of irrational outrage by people who can’t bother to read or think before responding.

    Well we’ll have it back soon.

    • Deucalion

      Hey, maybe it’ll be a good thing. Maybe the fact that they cannot comment will give them time to actually read the article, and not just up to the point that say only women rape. (At which point the screaming and eternal victim syndrome take effect)
      Then again, this is feminists we’re talking about. I figure the chance of them actually reading the whole thing, or comprehending it, are about the same as my chances of getting a call from the Queen of England informing me I’ve been given the title of King Regent!
      (Actually, I think there’s a better chance of the latter)

  • Xevaster

    Holy Crap. I thought for a second that you had lost your mind Paul. Then the marble dropped and I realized what you were doing. Brilliant.

    That was a hard read, especially the experience of the poor guy from the reddit post. The depravity of some people.

    While reading about the gradual change in definition of rape that Mary has pushed, it made me think about 1984. The governments gradual reduction of language so that the people can be controlled easier.

  • The Real Peterman

    ” Koss uses the natural human tendency to be blind to the pain and suffering of men”

    I don’t think that is natural at all. People like Mary Koss are as natural as a vampire.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Vampire? A histoical note: Stoker’s Dracula character was based on TWO historical figures: Count Dracul (Vlad the Impaler) plus Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a sadistic rapist — of young women. She was one of the most prolific serial killers in history.

      Koss’s “gender theory” is vampiric in the same way that National Socialist “race science” was.

      I wonder what what Koss has to say about the (alleged) antics of Gestapo gal Janet Napolitano and her perverted gender maniac “sisters.”

      • tyciol

        In the Vampire Hunter D film series (adaptation of some earlier novels) the 80s film and the later “Bloodlust” film treat Dracula and Bathory (although not directly referred to by those names, Dracula’s called “Sacred Ancestor” or “The Vampire King” and “Carmilla” is probably a pseudonym used by Bathory based on her similarities.

        I guess it depends on what research into the inspiration of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 novel is.

      • JGteMolder

        Not Count Dracul, Count Dracula. Dracul (Dragon) was Vlad’s father, Vlad was Dracula (Little Dragon; or Dragon Jnr.)

        Just useless nitpicking, sometimes it’s got to come out.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The fake rape culture hauls in the big bucks. Bucks that could be used to inform the public about legitimate rapists (redicivist career criminals), but the fake rape culture does not care about the victims of these criminals. It cares about gaining power over, and manipulating, all people and violating all people (all except for the criminals, whom the gender maniacs just don’t spend much time thinking about).

  • Lucian Vâlsan


    Paul is back! It has been a while since I have not read an article like this!

    On a more serious story, the Swedish and the Ugandan stories are just sick. :(

    This is why we need the FTSU method. Because it’s the only method through which somebody would even listen in the first place!

  • Turbo

    Home run Paul.

    Another money hungry, man hating, feminist, pseudo academic is exposed to the light.

  • externalangst

    There will be a special place in history for Mary P. Koss.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      She’ll have a special vitrine in the Gendercaust Museum. Hope she doesn’t get a chance to destroy her eugenics social engineering notes before she is arrested for crimes against humanity. “Nuremberg 2.0″ will come. The trial wasn’t just about murder; it was about social engineering. “Social justice” is scapegoatism.

  • Bewildered

    You, not Mary Koss, are the reason this kind of writing is necessary in the first place.

    Absolutely !!!! But expecting white knights to see the light is like asking for the moon.

  • Phil in Utah

    I think that any feminist, male or female, who reads this stuff and blames the brutalization of those Ugandan men on the phantom “Patriarchy”, in effect blaming the men themselves for what they go through, should automatically forfeit their title of “human being” because, quite honestly, they are lower than the lowest of human trash. They’re not fit to lick the boots of Juggalos.

    If you thought that what was described in the article here was bad, I can assure you, Dr. Owiny had other findings that were much, much worse:

    WARNING: Do not click that link if you have eaten in the past hour. I’m warning you, what they catalog in it is seriously terrible, and every single rape report I’ve ever heard pales in comparison, even that of the poor girl on the bus in India who was brutally violated last year. This is some really fucking horrendous shit that they’ve come across. And what do local doctors do for the men who actually survive these ordeals? They give them aspirin, at best.

    • darkpearl

      not the patriarchy. but why can’t men admit that most men have little empathy for each other?

  • tallwheel

    Oh no. There goes that despicable ‘hate site’ AVfM again. :)

    Love it.

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    I started reading this and as I got through the first so many paragraphs, my first reaction was, “Alright, who the fuck hit Paul on the head. This is not his style and I want the real Paul back!”. As I scrolled down, and I am a little ashamed that I looked ahead, I saw the BOLD header say “Only Women Can Rape”. BAM! All of the confusion left and I realized what was going on.

    It was a good read. Not something that I haven’t read before and yet I find myself reading it over and over. Thanks Paul.

  • Noble Dragon

    Damn it, Elam, I thought I was in MRA retirement heaven. This article is powerful. It is rousing the sleeping dragon from his long slumber. It’s been a long time since I have felt the visceral anger toward feminist evil that this article evokes. I’ve either got to stop reading your site, or else come out of retirement.

  • Anti Idiocy

    An excellent and disturbing essay, Paul. Welcome back.

    Men are being set up by this society and government. MGTOW! Any man who supports the US government today, and perhaps any state government, would do well to reconsider.

    For an example of men being set up, take a look at the following and note that “students in the English 380 class were told to write honestly and that no topic was off limits.” Also note that the male student was suspended and that his “suspension requires him to undergo sensitivity counseling if he ever wants to return as a student.”

  • scatmaster



    Congrats AVFM for passing the FIVE MILLION MARK!!!!

    Onward and upwards!!!!!

    • Robert St. Estephe

      It passed 5 million at 11:05 – 11:06 AM EST.

  • DrOrange

    I’ve got a story to add.

    I was at a NYE party, some should I say ‘party pharamceuticals’ which I indulge in once or twice a year were going round. The girl who bought them (who is dating a friend of mine) insisted I take more and more… and more. “You can finish it if you want!” She said. I thought “Why the hell not? It’s NYE!”.

    Over the next couple of hours she kept grabbing me and asking if the ‘E’ had kicked in yet. And I just kept saying, “I dunno maybe! I’m just having a good time!” Before I knew it, it was around 4-5am, she had steered me to some toilet and my junk was in her hands. Her b/f was just outside, oblivious. I only caught a break when she asked if I had a condom and the word “no” was all I could articulate at that time. Of course I always carry a condom. I haven’t looked her in the eye since, the sick f**k.

  • prince_tybalt

    “All because I wrote a few paragraphs of fucking satire, metaphorically putting shoes on women that we force men to walk in every day of their lives…for real.”

    Walk a mile in his shoes? Nah, only hers are important because they have heels and are uncomfortable.

  • Allan

    I feel incredibly sad reading that, because it’s so true. And I’ve never seen it quite put that bluntly.

    I’ve heard dozens of men tell their stories being raped, and often how it utterly messed up their lives with years of alcoholism, depression and sexual issues. And actually, I’m kind of one of them. But there is so much indifference to it, it’s just like it didn’t happen. That indifference to men’s pain, that blank lack of any empathic response, causes a bad night at a party to grow into a monster for many I think. And yes, I think the “caring professions” are worse than average.

    And yet, when you “do more than just proclaim that you are a compassionless hypocrite, I’ll prove it.” … people still don’t care, or change or understand more than a microsecond. Unless they get very nasty and try to hurt you. Either way, 10 seconds later they are back to “normal”. Wacky fries as you say.

    Thanks for writing that. It’ll be interesting to see the response to it. This FTSU is getting interesting.

  • theoutside

    A great piece of work.

    By the way, I hope one or more books are being complied out of the various articles (perhaps even comments). I see that “Ferdinand Bardamu” the InMalaFide guy (a very iffy site, IMO) has put out a book with CreateSpace — title is something like Three Years of IMF….

    There could be several different books from this sites material so far. Maybe release the first around the time of the documentary?

  • feeriker

    The R&R did wonders for sharpening your stiletto pen, Paul. Well done, sir!

  • James Huff

    Holy fuck. And on the eighth day the Boss looked around at the feminist establishment and rained hellfire and brimstone upon them.

    Makes me want to grab a T-shirt with Paul’s face on it on the front with the words “This is what an anti-feminist looks like”, with the back of the T-shirt reading “FTSU, A Voice for Men”.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      I’d wear it.

      • Zyavol

        Ditto! This article has just become my favorite MHRA article. Bookmarked!

  • tyciol

    This is one of the most epic satires I have ever read. An excellent tone in which to make a point of how these hypocritical approaches look coming to us from feminists who view our concerns in such demeaning ways.

  • Jared Spencer

    I have to say, Mr. Elam, that was an exceedingly well written piece. I printed it and handed it to my local SAPR representative. Great work!

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Sorry, that downvote was intended for a different comment.

      • Deucalion

        I upvoted to compensate.

  • patriarchal landmine

    agreed on the steubinville case, good to see someone finally acknowledge that. she shows up, gets drunk, strips down to her underwear, lays in their bed, but “those boys should have known they were raping her.” all because people couldn’t accept that a girl might choose to have sex while under the age of 18. so the boys go to prison, and she gets to consider herself a victim forever.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      So…you agree with a statement that was made satirically. Then you imply that said statement “acknowledges” one of the most thoroughly fucked up interpretations of the case that I’ve ever seen.

      Either you didn’t read the whole article or you are one sad excuse for a troll.

      Cleverly disarming composition though: “agreed” was a courteous opener, and the last sentence was a noteworthy point, but where the hell did you get all that crap in between?

      Is this the best you people can come up with, or did the naked truth in this article scare you speechless? Mirrors are ugly when ugly people see them.

      • Kimski

        Score one for blatant idiocy.

    • Paul Elam

      I love new user accounts.

      For the record, and especially for people like you, who either come here to prove their stupidity or try to make it look like we approve of criminals, the young woman in Steubenville was raped. The men that did it righteously deserve their punishment.

      The piece is satire, asshole.

      Now get the fuck off this website.

      • 123456789

        no need to be rood, oh my god

    • cvar


  • Deucalion

    Omygodomygodomygod! I think I just had a multiple intellectual joy-gasm! I so cannot wait for more of the idiots come marching in to bitch about this.
    Paul, seriously, that was scorching! Fire and brimstone!

  • dhanu

    Congrats Paul, this idiot, Michael Laxer, has taken your bait :D

  • Roxy

    As a victim of rape at gunpoint and having to beg for my life as a child, and knowing men who have also been raped by other men, I feel for any victim of someone who is crazy beyond repair and redemption. I believe that both men and women commit this crime and that they should both equally be served the same sentence. After taking psychology, I learned that men and women that come from a home plagued with incest, produce more societal termites that turn into rapists, molesters, and pedophiles. They seem to have an inbred hatred of women and children. I like the idea of a public beheading so that this garbage is exterminated from the world. Unfortunately, we live in a liberal world that feels sorry for perverts…they seem to have empathy/sympathy for weirdoes. Why house defective societal monsters? It is our under educated society that blames victims of violent crimes…victims of circumstance for such atrocities. It is sick and wrong for anyone to blame a victim of sexual assault. I don’t care if a woman is walking down the street naked. Obviously she is crazy, but “NO” means no, unless a rapist is socially retarded. Let’s not approve their behavior just because a teenager is passed out drunk, dresses like most teenagers, or some other sickening excuse for criminal behavior.

    • Andrew Ulrich

      You missed the entire point of this article. In fact, it’s a good bet you didn’t read it all the way through.

  • katzia

    why bait your readers?? you made me want to disagree with you….

    • Paul Elam

      I am assuming that some part of you assumed that I cared whether you disagree.

      Here is a simple enough idea for you. Rational people may think I am an asshole, or they may think I am a good guy. They may think I foolishly baited them, or they may think that I used some very thoughtful satire to make them consider their own opinions.

      But when people are rational, none of those things determine whether or not they agree with me. For rational people that is a determination made without consideration of how I got their attention. They decide based on evidence, and evidence alone.

      Those are the people whose opinions matter to me. Everyone else can go shop at K-mart.

      Now, have fun on aisle 7.

  • katzia

    I wasn’t actually referring to your satire at the beginning of the piece, more your use of very defensive language as indicated in your comment.
    If you want to win people round to what you obviously think is a serious issue, don’t talk to them like they’re stupid.

  • Charity

    My son’s spirit and mind were destroyed by rape and I have never been able to help him put the pieces back together. He is a schizophrenic drug addict now and everyone blames him but I know the truth about what happened. I am so angry all the time because of how male victims are treated, how prison rape is treated as a joke, how women seducing teenage boys is treated like an ok thing. I blame myself for not realizing that his friend’s father was raping him, for him thinking that I wasn’t strong enough to protect him because I was female, and he bought into the masculine idea that he shouldn’t have a woman protect him, that he should protect me, even protect me from knowing what was happening. I blame the police for not taking this more seriously, for not finding a way to catch this man. I blame the mental health system for not taking his trauma seriously, just drugging him and pushing him back out the door of hospitals. Thank you for working to try to get male victimization taken more seriously.

  • Rang

    Well, The Delhi Rape Case wasn’t fake at all,it was hell true. I am sure the thing about Qtip actually doesn’t works/happens,it can’t give you an erection. I am not saying men can’t get raped or women can’t get raped,the rape is just total idiocy and inhumane,doesn’t matter who did the rape,I personally know a man who got raped and not once but a lot of times but the one raping him was man.. I am sure men rape women,women rape women,men rape men and women rape men too,except all that,I believe the forced penetration or any other forced/blackmailed to do sexually abusive things to them is also rape!
    I am not a man hater,I love my father,my brother,my male friends,my nephews,I have taught my nephews about sexual abuse and told them WHOEVER DOES THAT I didn’t say man or woman,
    I am just saying rape can happen to anyone,even those who are not sure about their gender.

  • schrodinger

    This was quite an out-of-the-box article, and I am not sure what to think of it. No, I did not cringe at the beginning paragraphs, nor the later ones. I know sexual assaults happen, and are perpetrated by both genders. It is a selfish and opportunistic crime.
    But the fact remains that I am a girl, and I see things from my point of view. My female friends tell me about their experiences but my male friends don’t (and that I don’t understand why). So it is natural for me to think that only girls get raped, and then I try to do something about it. If men getting raped is an equally alarming problem, then someone who knows all about it must definitely do something about it. I wonder why no man raised this issue before the feminists did theirs.
    I am certainly a proud feminist. I don’t know how things are elsewhere in the world (especially the “first world”), but mine being a developing country, girls routinely have to fight a lot of stereotypes, so feminism is very much necessary here.
    But rape, i believe, is too big a problem to be addressed by feminists alone. Whatever reasons feminists attribute to rape are true, but is only a part of the whole picture. Rape is too diverse, so every rape should be looked upon as an individual case, how we do in case of murders. Your way of catching the reader’s attention can be like “bang!” and will appreciate you for that, but honestly not many people will get you, men or women. The blind supporters and the blind opposers will draw their own conclusions and react accordingly.
    If you want to help male victims of rape, do it by all means. But why attack feminists? How does it help? There are issues with interpretations of feminism that are very debatable. But rape of all kinds and all genders is a disgusting CRIME! Don’t make it a ‘feminist issue’. Definitions can be always improved upon – but that is no indication of spite on the part of the person who tried to define it before you.

    • Dean Esmay

      We attack feminists because in our part of the world, feminists have manufactured false statistics that inflate the number of female victims and marginalize male victims. They say they care about male victims but they do everything they can to dismiss them. That is our experience. You may find this article helpful:

      May I ask what part of the world you are from? We find that in many societies supposedly “oppressive toward women” like Afghanistan, India, Iran, and other places, the truth is much more complex and feminists are no friend to men who are downtrodden.

      • schrodinger

        That is a good article. I agree with the toxic victimhood part, and I also agree that male victims of sexual assault are poorly represented.

        However, I am into science, and I do not find the research quoted credible enough. I daresay there are thousands of such papers coming out every now and then, claiming a lot of different things. Methods used by psychology researchers are very dubious and there is a lot of controversy in that field.

        I would also, have to disagree that feminists are responsible for lower reporting of sexual assault by male victims. The society has a huge role to play in this and I think it has been outlined very well in the article.

        However, I have no reason to believe one set of statistics more than the other. In fact, I disagree with both sets of data. From my experience, I’ve seen that women are surely assaulted much more than men. But again, I don’t think that’s the point. The point is to ensure justice is given to all victims of assault.

        I am from India, since you asked.
        Societies are not supposed to be oppressive towards women or men. But individuals become oppressive many a times if they have the power to do so. Both men and women do this. But in my part of the world a much higher number of men have the power to do this, as compared to women. (I’m not talking legally, but I’m talking about the whole system in place)

  • AnneFoxgirl


    I came here because a male friend said if I were interested in fighting for men’s rights I should come here. I think I’ll fight for men’s rights in an area I deem safer.

    • Andrew Ulrich

      Safer? Safer how? What, was the language too strong? Did what was said offend you?

      Good. It should. It was meant to because it’s a showcase of what prominent feminists have said about male victims of rape, with the genders flipped.

      So why are you so upset about this article and not upset that the same exact things were said about men, in seriousness, by feminists?

  • Barbara

    I was raped by my uncle when I was 17.

    Only, he told me that it wasn’t “rape” when I accused him of it. He said I had been teasing him by wearing shorts all the time (it was summer, and I worked outside). I cried during it and begged him to stop. I punched him in the face and he hit me right back, saying “I didn’t know you liked it rough!” But according to him, it was not rape. When I continued to cry afterward and called him a “rapist”, he said I was being ridiculous and I quote, “acting like a hysterical girl. Typical.” Was I getting my period soon?, he wondered.

    My uncle would agree wholeheartedly with an article like this. Because again, according to him, what he did was not rape.

    I was raped. And I don’t need someone else deciding whether or not I was. I’m a human being with a fully functional brain, and I know I was raped.

    • Andrew Ulrich

      Did you bother to read the entire article? Did you miss the part where he says that you should be outraged and that he flipped the genders on what feminists have said about male victims of rape?

  • David King

    Sounds like you didn’t bother to read the article all the way through.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Huh, guess you missed the part where he says that you should be outraged and that he flipped the genders on what feminists have said about men.

    Welcome to what being a man feels like.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    No, it’s because of people like you who don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but women. You excuse the EXACT attitude in the first two paragraphs of this article when it’s said about men. People like you ignore the suffering of men like you did with the rest of this article.

  • Duni Arnold

    Coming out of the woodwork after years of this article existing to say what the average person chancing upon this article is thinking: You’re an idiot.

  • darkpearl

    First off, the article didn’t offend. Given this is a well-known men’s rights site, I figured it was satirical. Plus I’ve read much worse from people who weren’t joking.

    Here’s the thing, women can sexually assault men, but the fact of the matter is unless he’s physically weaker than her, she coerces him or uses a sedative, she’s not likely to succeed. That said, we both know that the majority of perpetrators in male sexual assault cases are OTHER MEN. Why do these articles about male sexual assault always turn into a pissing contest to see which gender has it worse? Do you think the victims male and female give a shit about comparing their stories as if there’s a trophy to win or something?

    I’ve heard horrific prison rape stories(assaults which continue to go on even when the victim reports it). Stories of little boys abducted and never found. Do I need to mention catholic priests? And who exactly do you think is getting their kicks by forcing those Ugandan men to penetrate acid dripping banana trees? And are they performing oral sex on Ugandan women? Certainly not. Let’s be real here.

    Mary Koss and her feminist peers are a drop in the bucket compared to the larger amounts of men (pedophile politicians, family members, prison guards, cops, etc ) who quite frankly don’t give a crap about ANY rape victims. Do you seriously think that society’s negligent view on male rape is a result of Mary Koss’s work, or was this type of thinking woven into society long before Mary was even old enough to pronounce the word ‘feminism’? She’s just another cog in a machine that will still run whether or not she’s apart of it. So is this article about the victims or is it about 1-upping feminism?

    The real culprit is this dominance-focused society that tells people to “take what you want, be manly, don’t be a pussy, survival of the fittest, blah, blah ,blah”. Reading this article, the analogy that comes to mind is someone trying to take down the few apples at the bottom of the tree, instead of grabbing a damn ladder and getting all the ones that are higher up.

    This is the society the men in control built and everyone decided to go along with, and now we’re all paying the price for it. Why are males too humiliated to report being sexually assaulted by other men? Because it’s “emasculating” and he should of “fought harder”. And why is it considered cool or something to brag about when it’s a female offender? Because getting laid “makes you a man”. So who came up with those concepts? These are the expectations men have placed on their own gender. Anyway, I’d really like to know what you would propose as a starting point to solve this problem.

    And one more thing: no I’m not a feminist. I don’t wear labels. I’m just a person who is sick of the bullshit of all these groups fighting each other with words while the actual criminals are living on top of the world, happier than pigs sitting in shit.

    • Frodo

      “we both know that the majority of perpetrators in male sexual assault cases are other men.”???????????

      From the US CDC NISVS survey 2010

      #of women completed forced penetration-1,270,000

      #of men forced to penetrate 1,260,000

      And by the way 79.2 percent of male victims reported only female perpetrators

  • Jaimie Maughan

    You sick son of a bitch. I hope you rot in hell. You are obviously trying to clear a guilty mind. It wouldn’t surprise me if you raped a 6 year old girl and called it consentual sex . You need help. Please feel free to die. The world will be a better place without you fuckers out there. You are a horrible journalist first off. Second everything you said in here came from the mouth of a southern hillbilly who grew up fucking goats. So please go smash your little laptop, then cut off your penis.

    • driversuz


  • driversuz

    So, in all your compassion for victims, have you lobbied congress to change the legal definition of “rape” so that a specific act is considered rape no matter who does it to whom?
    I don’t see, even in your comment, your objection to the feminist-influenced definition of rape. Do you perhaps object to Paul satirically saying “I’ll decide if you were raped,” but not to feminists quite literally making that very decision for all of us?

    I suspect you don’t quite understand this article. Go for a walk, calm down, maybe have a drink, and try to turn off your knee jerk emotional reactions while you read it again.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    first of all I’m going to put that rape is a horrible crime to happen to anyone. victims of all gender identifies need to be taken seriously. and most cases that have been reported have turned out to be true . yes you need to make sure there aren’t false allegations but stilll. it is unfortunate male victims aren’t taken seriously and all rapists no matter what gender they are, should spend the rest of their lives rotting in a prison cell. men can rape other men or woman or other gender identities(and vice versa). same for women and such. however your satire of victims suffering and the way you describe it quite bothersome. While I am sex positive and I believe healthy sexuality . this involves consent for intercourse or sexual encounters. rape or sexual assault is any unwanted intercourse or sexual contact without consent that is forced up on the victim. I’m a feminist, egalitarian and possible masculinist and humanist who wants equality and equity for humanity in general including gender identies. feminism has its flaws and parts need to be improved, but I still believe in it. masculinist is different from you guys and a legimate movement . you guys aren’t really humanists and masculinists are the legitimate movement who fight for the rights of me and aren’t sexist. . and yes there are people who are both feminists and masculinist ors identify with all the movements(but not yours)

    • driversuz

      Masculinits are sexist and often misogynist. You approve of them?

      ” however your satire of victims suffering and the way you describe it quite bothersome.”

      Do you find it bothersome that feminists are the ones who “advised” the CDC and the DOJ in creating a definition of “rape” that excludes almost all female perpetrators? You don’t seem to like it when we satirically echo their work, but have you done activism to undo their work that we satirize?
      I don’t think you know much about feminism, masculinism, or the MRA.

      • TeamEdwardJace

        i think you confuse mras and masculinists alot of people do(if they are in fact sexist, the masclunist than I don’t). masclunist is not as researched . they’re different groups. and those who did that aren’t feminists. I identify as feminist. do your research before yo make claims that you know about feminist. feminism has its flaws but it’s also very misunderstood. have a nice life

        • driversuz

          Do my research? You mean like reading and experiencing feminist theory for 50 years? So tell me, for how many years have you been learning about feminism? And how many years have you spent working and communicating directly with MRAs and masculinists?

          But *I* am the one who is confused. OK.

          Juvenile troll. Read the archives here and if you really want your head to explode, take a look at our Wiki page. (Sorry, it’s not the same Wikipedia that you feminists can edit for extra credit in Gender Studies class.)

          Then come back and tell us all how ignorant we are. Perhaps by then you will have also come up with an answer to my question about the legal definition of rape. Oh, and grow up.

          • TeamEdwardJace

            I may not know everything about feminism but I continue to learn how I can. I’ve only identified as a feminist for a year and half. I’m also in my early 20s.You come across as very condescending and potentially ageist. I know due to my young age, I have some growing to do.

            Yet the way you present yourself seems ageist in which you come across as a person who assumes they’re better and far more intelligent just because you’re older.

            I’m intelligent. Yes feminism has some flaws including some past issues .

            But many people make it clear that feminists do not hate men . Those who do and identify as it, are not feminists.

            Feminism is a complex and evolving movement with theories in a variety of areas including choice on clothing choices , to be a working parent, stay at home parent etc

            Also the article I came across said that women’s rights groups were satisfied with the FBI defnition of it being any forced penetration without consent . In many people eyes, that includes all gender identites .

            Where did you get the info that feminists wanted to exclude makes. They either weren’t feminists or the article was false.

            As for masclunism, there is less clear and accurate information available.

            On another note just because one extremist does or says something or one person does something misguided, does not reflect the entire movement.
            When I told you to educate you, it was try to persuade to reevaluate your views.

            Also I’m cool with people not identifying as feminists, as long as they’re decent people and know that being a feminist does not make you a manhater .

            On a somewhat unrelated note, yes I’m aware my previous comments had typos. I was typing fast and didn’t make all the nessecary corrections.

          • driversuz

            “Also the article I came across said that women’s rights groups were satisfied with the FBI definition of it being any forced penetration without consent.”

            Of course they were satisfied with it; they wrote it. In order for a crime to be “rape,” the perpetrator must penetrate the victim. This means that except in the rarest of cases, women who force men to have sex, are not rapists. The crime they commit is “sexual assault,” not “rape.” What do you suppose that does to the “rape” statistics that feminists rant about day in and day out? Makes it pretty easy for them to justify limiting victims’ resources for men, doesn’t it? Makes it pretty easy for them to insist that most rape victims are women and/or most rapists are men. “Why, look at the statistics! There are almost no female rapists whatsoever! Quick, give some more funding to another women’s-only victims’ advocacy group!” You insist that feminists don’t hate men, while telling me how satisfied feminists are with laws that harm men while not holding violent women accountable.

            You are right about the fact that feminism is evolving. It is evolving into a movement that can be defined by any individual, in any way she or he wants. Your definition of feminism may be vastly different from your neighbor’s definition. That is problematic in two ways. One, a word that has a million meanings, is meaningless. Two, it’s a very convenient way to not hold feminists accountable for any standards. See the contradiction in the previous paragraph. Your tax dollars and mine are used to pay ideological feminists big salaries to add technicalities to laws that are harmful to men as a class. If Not All Feminists Are Like That, where are the feminists standing up for their principles of compassion for men?

            I don’t see feminists in North Dakota right now, protesting the National Organization for Women’s campaign to quash the shared equal parenting initiative that is currently on the ballot. I see feminists nodding quietly as NOW tells lies about that initiative to scare voters away from voting “yes.” If feminists don’t hate men where are all of the efforts of the non-man-hating feminists to oust the *extremely* well funded (and I do mean billion$$) man-hating feminists who are lobbying the government at every level to maintain anti-male policies and laws? Where is the “feminist” effort to kick the misandrist feminist power brokers OUT of the movement, like those who are training cops, lawyers, judges, social workers, teachers and health care providers to use a FALSE model of domestic violence (Duluth Model) in how to handle DV cases?

            Every time you call yourself a feminist, these greedy sociopaths commit crimes against men in your name. And you allow it? Why?

        • driversuz

          Strike 1: This is a friendly warning that you may need to re-read our Comment Policy, in particular the bits about trolling. [Ref: 1816]

          Additional remarks:

          Ignorant infantile feminist telling us to “Educate!” ourselves.