Genital Mutilation

How funny is a mutilated vagina?

There are many who deny we live in an age where maleness, where masculinity has been so devalued as to be commonly regarded as Subhuman. Where male sexuality is treated with such revulsion and contempt, that major television personalities feel completely free to make light…no, to outright revel in glee at a man being poisoned, tied up, and having his penis cut off, then ground to a pulp, by his wife, because he wanted a Divorce.

These same major television personalities that routinely cry about ‘Battered Women’ are making light of the poisoning, kidnapping, and torture of a man for wanting a Divorce. In an age of No Fault Divorce, which was instituted at Feminist behest. They do not hide their glee at all, in fact Sharon Osbourne (the wife of Ozzy) even makes mixing motions with her hands, simulating a garbage disposal, and calls the whole thing ‘delightful’.

The appalling hatred of men is not only open; it’s flaunted.

This can only be the result of a Society that has so dehumanized men, so demonized male sexuality, that men can be literally tied up and tortured, have their lives permanently altered (by removing the ability to fulfil the most basic of drives)…and these women LAUGH.

And not just the Hosts, but the entire audience…rolling in glee.

And, I suspect, a good deal of women in everyday life.

Every last one of them represent the truly disgusting in human nature. No, none of it is ‘innocent’, and no, it is not ‘just a joke’.  Anyone taking pleasure in this shocking crime should be ashamed of themselves, and take a serious look at how they perceive men, and how that looks from THIS side of the fence. And the women ‘hosting’ this show? Every last one of them should lose their jobs.

Will they? Of course not. Because they obviously know what appeals to their audience. Which is comprised of women. The audience certainly seemed pleased with the show, and enthusiastically joined in, as a matter of fact. Truthfully, the only time the audience gave pause, was when Sara, near the end of the segment, mentioned that ‘it’s kinda weird’ to be taking so much glee in something they would be horrified at the reverse of.

But then the show quickly moved on, much to the audience’s relief.

If this isn’t proof of widespread, generalized female hatred of men, I don’t know what is.

Because I could NEVER see a man taking so much pleasure in the removal of a woman’s ability to have sex. Not even one.

And women LOVE to hear about it happening to men. So much, in fact, that these hateful bigots will keep their jobs. Probably won’t even get a reprimand. They’ve got feminists to defend them, after all.

And the beat goes on….

  • Kat

    As a woman, I’m ashamed. As a human being, I’m ashamed. The mutilation of of one person by another is never funny, no matter what the circumstance. I live in Australia and The Talk is not even aired here, but I still sent a complaint to CBS to show my complete disgust and disdain for the hosts of the show. No man – no human – deserves to mutilated in such a way. Not even for a sex crime, as alluded to by one of The Talk’s hosts. It’s interesting how she couldn’t/wouldn’t say the word “rape” and yet easily mocked this man’s suffering. The hosts of The Talk should be fired immediately, as would happen if it were a man saying such things about a woman, and forced to make a public apology to the victim.

    • keyster

      Since this is a female gossip show (like The View) they honestly believe that their viewership would find laughing at male genital mutulation entertaining to women. (The sick part is that they’re right!)

      They have Sharon Osbourne on because she’s prone to saying outrageous things; things that will get people talking about the show and increase the ratings. She gets away with it because she’s British and can claim ignorance to American culture or moral sensitivities and “squeemishness”.

  • Raven001

    Canadians please complain here :

    Dire Straits, Money For Nothing was pulled unless edited over ONE complaint.
    Light up their inbox ladies and gentlemen and deprive these hate-mongers of 30+ million viewers driving down the value of their product.

    • IrLearning

      I sent my complaint to the CRTC with a link to the video. I don’t think it will do much good as the CRTC is full of FE ME ISTS.

      • scatmaster

        I don’t think it will do much good as the CRTC is full of FE ME ISTS.

        Having spent my whole career in the telecommunications industry in regulated companies I am in total agreement.

  • rebtus

    Picture of female Minister of Justice who backs chemical castration. Link
    Tundra Tabloids.

  • Attila

    We need Islam more than ever – except many guys have been brainwashed against it by the same media which serve up this vomit. Islam will never cave in.

    • Zuberi

      No! We do not need Islam and if Islam was the main religion in the west most of these new age women who laugh a male castration will be dead or in prison.

      • Stu

        Actually I think they would just be a damn lot better behaved. But whatever

    • J3DIforce1

      Dont fool yourself Attila, feminist are creeping there way into Islam hardcore in the states. Mostly by western white female converts. I don’t know about the east but in the west we need to keep this marxist garbage out of Islam.

      Funny…not to sound racist but am I the only one who notices that the biggest man hating feminist cunts are white women, and the other races of women just kina follow their lead? Im just saying.

      • Stu

        Yes, white women had the men that gave them the most, protected them the most, raised their standard of living the most…….and in return……were hated the most by their women. In fact, there has never been a more pampered, privledged human being ever walk the earth then the white western woman. They have been elevated to the highest standard of living that ever existed. They live the longest, they live the best…..the have the most rights……the least accountability and responsibility…..the have the most sexual freedom…..the most opportunities…..the best health……the most resources…..they are favoured legally…..socially… home… work….and they hate men the most.

  • Operation Opt-Out

    My letter to CBS & “The Whores”.

    I am writing this evening regarding a recent episode on “The Talk’. I watched in awe as your cast and audience celebrated the mutilation of a man’s penis at the hands of poor victimized Mrs. Kieu. How exciting and electrifying that screenset must have been, how empowered the cast at CBS must have felt as they screamed “You Go Girls”!!! I especially enjoyed the Botox injected bim bot waving her arms frantically as she Ozzsborne’s her bile all over the set and on national television. You should be so proud of Sharon, I know I am!! One must usually frequent a swap meet, Hollywood or CBS to enjoy that caliber of entertainment. Not to single her out, they all deserve kudos for their complete lack of empathy or compassion; after all he must have done something to deserve it. Female supported male mutilation is a wonderful topic to cover and should be shared and enjoyed by all, wouldn’t you agree? I do however take exception with CBS’s decision to add Sara Gilbert to its lineup of hosts. Showing human compassion for the male subject in any form is reprehensible and just plain anti-feminism. She actually stated and I quote “Not to be a total buzz kill but it is a little bit sexist. If somebody cut a woman’s breast off, nobody would be sitting here laughing”. Buzz kill is right and who the hell does she think she is, killing the buzz and celebration of a bunch of male hating estro hags anyway? She should be replaced immediately, no exceptions!! I would suggest Dr. Phil!! It would create diversity and flow but I strongly suggest CBS and “The Talk” hags require a personal viewing of his penis before any offer is extended. This would almost definitely drive ratings off the chart while also providing Sharon (The OZZ) Osborne an outlet for continued celebration. You could showcase it by chaining Phil to a chair, drugging him and slicing that vessel of rape and persecution right off at the base. Now that’s great TV but there is an added bonus, Phil could and will most likely parlay the removal of his penis into his own show. Just think, Dr Phil could dazzle your viewers as he discusses how he himself is an evil oppressor and abuser of all women, deserving of mutilation, public humiliation and character assassination. He might then invite male guest from his audience to volunteer for their very own public removal, this is going to be huge (No pun intended Dr. Phil). Although the actions of CBS and “The Talk” have offended the vast majority of men in western society (both young and old I might mention), I have come to thank you and offer you my full support!! God bless CBS and ‘The Talk” for making the tough decisions as you expose the feminist-driven female hatred for all men. You are opening the eyes of young men all over the world to the true nature of the feminist driven mind!! I equate CBS’s decision to allow this type of content too playing hang-man with a child. All we have to do is sit back and let you idiots hang yourself. Give Sharon OZZ a hug for me, I would but my insurance won’t cover it.

  • Mr.XY

    Washington Post website published a story about the jokes and comments on “The Talk” and the internet backlash they created.

    “The ladies of “The Talk,” CBS’s answer to “The View,” have come under fire for laughing during a segment about Catherine Kieu, the California woman accused of cutting of her husband’s private part and disposing of it in a particularly gruesome way after he asked for a divorce.”

    • reficul

      quote from the article:

      “several blogs, including, “No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz,” has asked readers to write to CBS to show their displeasure.”

      The only reason it was worth to publish an article about it was because it was posted on feminist website.
      Just shows the world we live in…

      • reficul

        The only time men’s problems are mentioned is only in the context of a joke. Even the name of the feminist blog has a subtle misandric message, something along the lines:

        “OK let’s show we help the whiners a bit”

        • Gilgamesh

          Gaze upon my meat curtains ye mighty, and despair

  • ZimbaZumba

    Last month Sharon Osbourne made the following statement about Arnold Schwarzenegger concerning his infidelity

    [QUOTE] ‘I would have chopped his willy (penis) off. Arnie’s willy would have been down the disposal unit spinning around, that’s where it’d be’ [/QUOTE]

    It sounds a bit to me that Osbourne’s comment may have motivated this woman.

    • Ted

      Seems like Sharon Osbourne has had a long-term obsession with this sort of thing. Back in 2007, she’s on record for hoping that Josh Homme’s penis would fall off so that it could be eaten by his mom.

      • LUEK

        Maybe she can be prosecuted for a hate crime?

    • Stu

      Well there you go. Osbourne has incited this crime, and is now laughing about it now that it has been carried out.

    • Stu

      And it’s amazing isn’t it how a deadshit nobody bogan woman can say publically that she would mutilate the Governor of California……and purpose that as something that should be done…..and just carry on. And if he had of commented to her comment by saying that women like her should have such and such done to them…..Jail. Yep…..the lowest women in our society have more rights and power then the grey suited power brokers in politics.

  • JohnDoe

    “would we be laughing if this happened to a woman?”

    “but that’s different.”

    There you go. Gender equality flushed right down the toilet.

    • Andrew

      I think this problem roots in the perception that men are oppressors and women are perpetual victims, thus causing them to think that all men deserve maltreatments in some ways.

      I personally tested this hypothesis with one of my male friends, I told him that in almost ALL parts of the world, men have higher suicide rate, higher substance abuse rate, higher likelihood to commit crime, higher likelihood of being beaten or murdered, higher chance of premature death and lower life expectancy, and all these are good indicators of “oppression” (just look at African American, who similarly have these features when compared to whites). Then I questioned him how exactly can an oppressed class be happier than their oppressors. Then he fell silent.

      My next step was to show him that women are fully capable of being perpetuators, by citing the facts that women are the one who are mostly responsible of child abuse, marital breakdowns and so on.

      Following this, he began to develop a less “feminist-ized” view of the issue. So I guess one of the most important tasks to promote MRA is to expose these data to the public.

      • Dr. F

        Thank you.

        Folks, now THIS is activism !

  • Ted

    A comment on the Facebook page “Everyone send in a complaint to the FCC about The Talk’s subject matter” from Suzanne Parratt shows that the reputation of this website is growing in a most satisfactory way – “i’m glad you derive your definition of feminism from a statement on, which is probably the most subtly crass and anti-woman websites that is regularly updated.”

    • keyster

      Nothing “subtle” about the crassness here.
      They can’t even get the facts straight when they lie!

  • MSFM

    Laughing at the mutilation and intense suffering of another human being is nothing short of pure, undiluted evil.

    As a male, reading the details of this story caused me to cringe for obvious reasons.
    Then the anger kicked in.
    Watching these demons (on national TV no less) giggle and hoot it up makes me physically ill and sends a cold chill down my spine.

    The unfettered behavior of women unleashed by feminism serves to illuminate the darkest recesses of the female psyche for all who dare to look.

    • Andrew

      Your anger is understandable, but I believe that we should stay calm in a time like this. If not, you would be overwhelmed by emotions and make wrong decisions, which would definitely not be good for MRA.

      Moreover, I don’t think fighting fire with fire is a good idea. After all, if we show any slightest signs of anger, feminists would immediately label us as “women-haters” and we will lose credit among the public.

      • Operation Opt-Out

        I don’t believe now is the time for remaining calm. The feminist idea of remaining calm is being silent and letting the issue drop while not holding them accountable. We were labeled women-haters years ago for pointing out the obvious. That might have been the time to remain calm but instead we sat silent and let the little trolls move on to the next anti-male attack. I respect your opinion Andrew but if demanding equality is anti-female then I refuse to remain silent or calm. Be well.

        • Andrew

          Well… I had experience in which I showed some anger about the maltreatment of men, and I was immediately labeled as a women-hater, and all reasons and logics shut down.

          My worry is that, feminists (and women in general) are conditioned to respond with rabid hostility to those who show any signs of anger towards them, thus doing so may affect our appeal to the general public.

          • Operation Opt-Out

            Your worry is justified but if played correctly her anger is her undoing. They claim they desire equality but that is bitch speak for sit down and shut the fuck up, YOU DON”T MATTER!! When we say stupid shit we don’t get a pass nor do we seek one, this is called personal accountability. If they wanted to play in reality they would understand this. Since reality does nothing to further there man-hating cause they cant play there. No, I believe they need a big fucking dose of reality so I will exercise my right to remain vocal.

          • keyster

            “…those who show any signs of anger towards them,…”

            Anger is one thing, but the mere HINT of criticism of ANY kind is met with rabid hostility from MOST people.

            First you criticize, then you get angry, then what follows is violence of some sort. That’s the inherent fear. And when it comes to violence men are much more capable and competent.

      • scatmaster

        Andrew: There is a website called Good Men you might want to join.
        You fucking mangina.

  • LUEK

    It is always the sick ones isn’t it?

  • Ivan Z Terrible

    Here we have, some more of the women’s version of equality.

  • Reported to the FCC

    I reported this to the fcc, and on sunday i complained to CBS. If i do not get any response from CBS I’m going to start writing advertisers on “The Talk.”

    I wrote this to the FCC-
    Good morning. I apologize that the following is highly disturbing, but I think you’ll understand why I felt compelled to report it. “The Talk” on CBS is a daytime talk show aimed at women. On July 14th, they did a segment covering the appalling Catherine Kieu incident in which a woman drugged and castrated her husband.
    Rather than seriously discuss this abysmal incident, the hosts of “The Talk” laughed, cackled, and danced in celebration. They mocked the victim of this horrible crime, while the audience members cheered. This horrible display went on for several minutes. They talked about how fun and hilarious it is to think of a man getting his genitals chopped off. I would give more gory details of what they said, but it is revolting to me to even type it into the keyboard.
    Suffice to say, I find this highly inappropriate for broadcast television, especially in the middle of the day. Not only is The Talk being obscene, they are revealing a complete lack of human decency. Genital mutilation and domestic violence are crimes that impact men, women, and children around the world. And it makes victims feel less safe to see a major network broadcast a segment celebrating this horrible crime.
    I have already complained to CBS and “The Talk” but they have thus far not responded to me. I feel in this case, action is warranted against CBS. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.

    • Hayden

      Outstanding. Complaints to regulatory agencies really rattle cages in the private sector. Excellent idea.

  • phatPhuk

    sent to CBS:

    Dear Sir,
    I am sickened to the stomach by the attitude taken by the women on you talkshow ‘The Talk’ where they laughed and justified the genital mutilation perpetrated by Catherine Kieu Becker. If the genders were reversed and if it was a panel of men laughing about the rape and mutilation of a woman, would any of them still have a job?

    The worst offender was Sharon Osborne whos behaviour was, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, completely unacceptable and demands disiplinary action. Failure to do so would indicate that CBS management concurrs with the opinions expressed in the segment, and I expect better from a national media outlet like CBS.


  • scott mclelland

    you want sick, check this they have a free catherine facebook page

    • Operation Opt-Out

      Yes by all means free the mutilator!! She needs help not punishment!! How could her husband treat her like this anyway? What he did was so offensive and heartless she had no choice but to snap!! I’m not sure he did but he had it coming. Lets get her some state sponsored help and a feminist court system to acquit her and giver a fucking book deal. Lets give this victim a round of applause as she pulls a state sponsored scot-free pussy pass and walks.

    • reficul

      I almost puked – it’s just plain disgusting…

  • tw

    Leslie Moonves
    51 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019

  • Druk

    Anyone up for compiling a video of various women telling women in general that cutting off penises is a bad thing to do? (to spite those videos telling men not to participate in sex slavery/rape/domestic abuse/etc.)

  • scatmaster

    By the way is AVFM radio broadcasting tonight?

  • Prolescum

    My e-mail to and to each of the contact e-mails supplied by Sparta above:


    Dear Sir,

    I was quite appalled to be made aware of a recent episode of The Talk in which the panellists made light of Catherine Kieu’s violent mutilation of her Husband. All of the panellists were complicit to some degree with the disgusting grandstanding of Sharon Osbourne, who commented that she thought the story was “fabulous”.

    Catherine Kieu’s crime should have been taken as an opportunity to highlight that domestic violence equally affects both men and women but instead the issue was taken to a level of utter moral bankruptcy.

    What is particularly alarming is that Sharon Osbourne has previously made public statements advocating sexual violence against men, as can be seen below:

    You will note that the second quote outlines a course of action frighteningly similar to Kieu’s. In this light, I would ask you to consider whether or not Sharon Osbourne is still a suitable public representative for your fine organisation.

    Yours faithfully,


    • scatmaster

      The pointing out of the similarity between what she advocated and what Kieu did is excellent. Hope your email does not get lost in the deluge.

  • IrLearning

    On “The Talk” FB page there is a discussion linkand one of the people said that it was “only a Joke” and “get over it or change the channel” so I replied (I expect to get banned from FB for it) the following:
    “I have no problem with people using their first amendment rights. However, there are consequences for things that are said on the airways. Bigoted and sexist comments (be they misogiinist or misandric) have to be called out to the light of day.
    If laughing at Domestic Violence (DV) is acceptable then I offer you this comment:

    Q: What do you tell a woman with 2 Black eyes.
    A: Nothing you already told her twice.

    see isn’t that funny haha right up there with cutting off a man’s penis”

  • Jade Michael

    Sharon Osbourne has proven herself to be a despicable cunt time and time again but her antics here make said label stick out in billboard-sized neon pastels.

    One has to wonder wtf she is so bitter towards men about but then having to wear the pants in the family because your husband is a submissive puppy-dog has got to be demanding. I’m sure she would rather be getting grudge-fucked by some misogynistic fantasy rapist but instead she dug into a rock star’s gold reserve, undoubtedly to her sexually-frustrated dismay. She has ridden Ozzy’s coattails for decades and the argument that he would be nothing without her doesn’t hold an ounce of water because Ozzy would have found management regardless – and he may not have had to cut his balls off to keep it around otherwise. But really, Ozzy isn’t any better than his wife. To wallow in your depression and vices to the extent he has, it is no wonder he landed such a dreadful wife. They both deserve each other.

    Regardless, this is inexcusable (and highly stupid) behavior for the wife of someone whose primary income comes from young, disenfranchised males. But I suppose now that she makes her own money being a talentless TV hack she doesn’t have to worry so much about that. If you have a vagina, a mouth and a bad attitude you are pretty much guaranteed a public forum these days.

  • Attila

    According to Wikipedia, Sharon Osbourne’s real name is Sharon Rachel Levy- which makes a lot of sense- as almost all of the hard-core feminists (first wave and after) have been Jewish. The only thing Freud got right was Penis-Envy!

    If the ethnic reference offends some and gets censored, that’s OK – it will be no less true.

  • aynon

    i say we bomb the talks page with links to stories of rape…the put ‘HAHAHAHAHA!!!’ after the link.

  • raunch

    oh come on, sexual mutilation is supposed to be funny isn’t it???

  • Toxick Magician

    What the fuck is it with women.

    Do they have hypocrisy hard-wired into them?

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    It makes no difference who this woman Sharon is, wife of OZZY or wife of a steel worker or whatever. The Part that is very, very concerning is how these women collectively made a joke about a very serious act of violence by a woman against a man.

    Women detest violence against women, but condone and make fun of violence against men? Perplexing and hypocritical of what women stand for with respect to DV, which includes men, women and children, not just women! Scenes like this of women aroused by violence prove that woman can be and are violent by nature such as Karla Homolka who raped and murdered her sister, then went upstairs to have supper. Sick.

    How could anyone make fun about this gross mutilation of a man on National TV? What does this do for other women, including younger women-children, who see this kind of behaviour and copy its example? What it does is fuel sexism and misandry, the hatred of men and boys. Moreover, it supports violence against men. None of this is good for our social well being that includes men and women getting along, raising families.

    The host and panel on the CBS show should be FIRED and severely rebuked by society including rebuking the audience who were just as charged with upholding this hideous panel’s disgusting attitude as they made egregious fun of this man who was drugged, tied up, his penis cut off, left to bleed and to ensure his penis could not be possibly re-attached she put it in the garbage disposal! Then told police that he deserved it!

    There is NO excuse for women cutting off a man’s penis EVER! To do so is pure intentional violence and can’t even be construed as self defence in any case and certainly not in this case where the man was left utterly defenceless by this wanton act of violence as he was tied up and mutilated by a very violent woman.

    Where are all the women now, the women’s groups, the DV groups and the women who detest Domestic Violence? Why are they not publicly denouncing this act of Domestic Violence as they surely would if this was a woman who was so mutilated by a man?

    How wonderful the effect of feminism ideology is upon civilization. Feminism seems to repeatedly reveal itself as one of the most egregious ill-configured social engineering the modern world has ever experienced at the hands of women!

  • chris

    I’m through with women. They better stay the hell away from me. I have in return peace of mind and all the money I earn for myself.
    I have no more sympathy for any sob-fest on tv about this or that “women’s issue”.. I just can’t care anymore when I’m viewed as garbage or disposable by society at the same time. I always thought a decent human being would find
    it horrible when a Ted Bundy brutally beats and rapes a girl with a broom handle. But I guess men are supposed to find that funny now?
    I doubt though most men would be capable to even smile at something like that, they have way too much moral integrity for that.. only women can apparently applaud the torture of a human being without problems.
    That’s why I don’t want anything to do with them.
    Just have sex with prostitutes instead, they are generally more decent than average females and they certainly don’t want to mutilate you either.. it’s bad for business.

  • Amandine

    I know that I am fighting an uphill battle here, but as a 26 year old woman, I have to take a moment to plea with all the men out there who have taken this disgusting example of feminism’s sick and twisted infiltration of mainstream popular culture to mean that the women of North America have all lost their fucking minds.
    Some of us are still checked into reality.
    I don’t watch a lot of daytime television. When you’re not a spoiled housewife with an imported nanny and a freezer full of pre-packaged shit to feed your man, the basic task of running a household doesn’t actually leave much time for it.
    So, I am enormously grateful to AVFM for bringing this utter fucking outrage to my attention.

    I am sad to say that unlike many of you, this clip didn’t shock me at all. I witness examples of this sort of hypocrisy on an almost daily basis. There are an infinite number of misandrist attitudes, jokes, and off the cuff comments that get passed between unsuspecting feminists when they think they’re out of mens’ earshots.
    I am, however, amazed that the women of this talk show would go so far as to brazenly broadcast this sort of hatespeach on national TV. I’m sorry, I take that last thing back… Maybe I’m not even amazed at that. And these aren’t women at all, they are spoiled fucking children. And I fear that not a one of them is ever going to have to face up to the consequences of their spoiled fucking child behaviour, because not a one of them will ever have to feel the pain that Mrs. Kieu Becker’s husband has endured.

    That actions-have-consequences basic tenet of civilized behaviour doesn’t seem to inform the world we live in anymore.

    For my part, I have written CBS and the CRTC. I can’t really say that I will be boycotting their programming since as I mentioned, I’m not a big tv watcher.

    I guess the only thing left for me to do was to have a small voice on this forum in the hopes of convincing even one of its readers that we aren’t all lunatics.

    I am so ashamed. Not just for my gender, but for my society as a whole. How have we gotten to the point of such utter inhumanity? How can a television network be complicit with such a black and white case of hate crime for the sake of ratings?
    We have come to devalue an entire segment of our species, there is no other conclusion. This pervasive, hateful and violent feminism has impregnated itself so far into our consciousness that we allow ourselves to not see our men as human beings at all. Let alone valuable human beings who have for millenia tirelessly provided for the other two thirds (women and children), championed innovation and technology all in an effort to make society better day by day.
    The same society that now spits in their faces and tells them to take a joke when we chuck their dicks down a garburator.
    I’m at the end of my rope. Not a big chance that I will change most of your minds about our type, or that I’ve even said anything here that you didn’t already know…
    Thank you for this website, it’s a voice for a lot of things I’ve felt and thought for a long time now (much to my bra-burning mother’s dismay). I’d like to say that I see hope in shadows, but I’m feeling pretty fucking outnumbered here.

  • Attila

    Thank you Amandine – your comments reflect basic sanity.

    More women like you need to step up and help nip this hatred in the bud when it comes up in all-women environments.

  • DruidV


    NAWALT? Really? Let me guess, some of your best friends are Male, right?

    If you are in any way at all sincere in what you have written, then your next duty will be to immediately go forth and spread the word to all your unwashed ‘sisters’ out there, that need to know that they are hateful, evil and WRONG! Your silence in this matter will be taken as solid acceptance of the status quo.
    It’s all well and good to write that stuff here at AVFM, after all you are preaching to the choir. Now impress us and go tell the harpies at how youreally feel and then come back here and let us know how receptive they are. Go tell it to average everyday wymyn on the street, and see how warm a welcome your message recieves… Stop telling us, we already know. Instead go tell the real life perpetrators of feminazism how you really feel, sure you will be ostracized for it, but at the same time, you will know exactly what it is like to be a modern western Man and to be truly despised by wymyn, while being rejected out of hand for being misogynist at the same time.

    Until the message is spread by women to wymyn, on a world wide scale I will remain dubious of your and every other female’s ‘good’ intentions!

    IOW: Bullshit! You didn’t convince me!!!

    • Factory

      Well, she convinced me….

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      I understand you brother, but we need to be carefully smart how we treat women that take the time to tell us what Amandine has.

      It is a fact that women are far more attacked than men for speaking out against women and feminism. I have seen this everywhere over the past six years of my writing and advocating for the rights of children and families. I have also been lambasted as a woman hater on the basis of stating facts which defaults to men being grossly discriminated against.

      I understand your anger, and rightfully so as men are treated worse than dogs in the street. I also feel we should give Amandine credit for stepping up to the plate. We shouldn’t need throw her in the lion’s den to be sure she is sincere. I do agree that women need to pipe up and speak loud against what women are doing to men.

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        Just a quick note Paul. I used the new edit feature, but it did not post the edited and saved text.

        (Test to see if edited text will appear within my post)

        • Attila L. Vinczer

          OK it worked this time, I wonder if it is because I may have gone beyond the 5 min. mark during my editing.

    • Amandine

      A call to arms… okay I understand your stance Druid.
      While it seems completely illogical to come out swinging against the few women who do find the guts to post here despite the mildly hostile environment, I get why you feel that my words are not enough. I’d probably have to agree that they’re not.
      But the truth is that these profiles and user names that we create are pretty shoddy spectres of the actual human beings that we are and I can’t really expect you to know how I live my life every day with respect and appreciation for the men around me.
      I can’t expect you to understand what it’s like to grow up as a girl in the 20th century and be scorned by your teachers, your parents and Sesame Street too for having no greater career aspirations than providing a loving home for your husband and ensuring the safe and healthy continuity of our species by actually raising your own children. There is a special kind of hatred reserved for ‘sympathizers’ in the feminist sphere. And those of us ‘sympathizers’ that actually live out a happy life of obedience and true equality (not sameness, but equality) with our husbands are kept at a safe distance from all the ‘wymyn’ and ‘sisters’ you so wish me to convert. If truth be told, most of the ‘wymyn’ out there think that real women like myself are a little soft in the head, and I tend to take a bit of a smug pleasure in sitting back and watching them self-destruct all on their own.
      There is really nothing I can say on this website that is going to change your mind about who I am… what do you want to know? That I link to AVFM on my Facebook profile? That I have gotten in three arguments this week over men’s rights issues with, among others, my very own well-intentioned but utterly feminist brain-washed brother? I mean, as Hayden points out, how am I ever even going to convince you that I’m not some repressed homophobic nutcase living out a “latent tranny fantasy”.
      Thank you for pointing me towards As painful as it may be, I’ll try and have a read. Believe it or not, I don’t spend my time floating around the blogosphere (thus the three week delay in replying to this thread), and I’ve only recently stumbled on to this website. I like what I see, and I will express how I feel about it despite the doubters and the naysayers that I’m sure to encounter. And I’m not naive enough to think you’ll be the last, or the most hostile (actually, you were pretty nice about it) detractor I’ll find.
      I understand your frustration. How about understanding mine?

  • Hayden

    OT: Ever since that white knight using the female screen name “Rebecca” disclosed that she/he was a homophobic man living out a latent tranny fantasy, I always hesitate before believing that someone posting as a woman here is actually a woman. I wish there was an on-line cup check of sorts. I felt electronically violated by Rebecca.

  • Quintapus

    This is the last straw!

    And to think I grew up adoring and respecting women. It makes me sick that I ever held women in such high regard. When I was young I thought they deserved special treatment just because they were women. (And no, I wasn’t brainwashed into thinking this way.) If a man ever so much as insulted or harassed a woman, I was outraged, livid even. I thought he should be beaten with a baseball bat wrapped in rusty barbed wire till he burst open like a piñata. How dare anyone treat these precious angels as anything less than the goddesses they were!

    Then I grew up. Over the years whatever semblance of respect or admiration I once held for the Fair Sex has since been eroded by the attrition of THEIR OWN puerile, bitchy, and outright misandrist behavior. Their hatred and disgust for men is everywhere I turn. I experience it in Movies, TV, the News, Chat Rooms, YouTube, Blogs, and in Real Life.

    But now that I have been fully disillusioned by women, having been kicked in the crotch once too often for the horrendous crimes of being polite, minding my own business and drinking from a water fountain, I will never again view them as being anything but self-centered and conceited Protein Machines who view me as their mortal enemy for some strange reason unbeknownst to me. They are merely Biological Animals. They have no sympathy or compassion. No morals, no noble ambitions or a desire to evolve; either culturally, scientifically, spirituality or socially. They have no humanity, no soul. If you slight them in the least they act like vicious, wild animals and attack; if not physically then verbally, but with a sadistic glee that even animals don’t possess.

    Sure, some men are like that. Some men are evil. But they are vilified by the vast majority of good men who sooner or later come along and punish them. These evil men are not lauded with praise by men on TV or even in private. Good men don’t hide their righteous anger and contempt towards such pond scum.

    But it isn’t that so many women laughed and danced at this poor man’s misfortune that really upsets me. Okay, actually it is! But what pushed me over the edge is the fact that NO women have stood up and demanded these Hags be fired, or boycotted The Talk. If a group of male hosts had acted like despicable, spoiled brats on National TV and mocked a woman for getting her lady bits snipped off and ground up by her husband, because she dared to file for a divorce, you can guarantee that these men would not only have been fired, but would be stung up by a mob of angry women. That’s assuming that a mob of angry men didn’t beat them to it!

    I’ve heard stories like this for years, but this is the Last Straw! Thanks to women like those on The Talk and their audience and all the women who did nothing to show any support for poor Mr. Becker, I now have no sympathy, much less empathy, left in me towards Human Females.

    From now on I will give women what they claim to have always wanted. Equality! Ask any feminist and she will tell you that women want to be treated “JUST LIKE MEN”. Very well. If I see a woman getting beaten or raped I’ll point and laugh. That is how women treat men who are abused so I can only assume that this is how they desire to be treated when they are abused, because they wish to be treated “Just Like Men”. If millions of women are killed or raped or have their genitals and breasts mutilated, so what! I’ve been circumcised and no one cares. In fact, women prefer it that way. So I guess I prefer my women circumcised too. Women want to be treated “Just Like Men” after all. Labia are disgusting and should be snipped off and given to cosmetic companies so they can use them to
    make skin care products for men.

    Listen up women. From this day forward I will NOT help any woman ever again in any capacity. Why should I help someone who will turn around and degrade me at the drop of a hat? You women don’t help men so you must not want any help yourselves. You’re adults. You can take care of yourselves. Grow up! I will never mistreat a woman, but I refuse to treat you as human beings, since you do not treat me or other men as such and you also claim you want to be treated “Just like a man”, in other words, like a dog turd.

    Here’s my new policy toward human females: If I see a woman with a flat tire, or even bleeding in a ditch, I’ll ignore her and continue on my merry way. If a woman is attacked by a shark at the beach, I’ll stick my fingers in my ears so they won’t be hurt by the shrill sound of her screams. [The poor shark was hungry and is just eating another animal. Why should I care?] If a woman is being beaten by her husband next door, I’ll go over there and tell him to shut her up or I’ll call the cops! [For disturbing the peace of course. Yeesh! Can’t you gag your wife before you beat her? How rude! I’m trying to watch TV, dammit!] If a woman is attacked by a stranger on the street, I’ll tip my hat and ask him to please wait until I pass so I don’t get my clothes splashed with gutter water if she happens to fall. If I’m hiking in the woods and come across an injured woman I will take her water bottle. [Hey, I’m thirsty and soon she won’t be needing it anymore. I’d just better not forget to wipe away her nasty spit and sterilize it with alcohol. Women are discussing critters after all.] If I see a woman in a car wreck on some lonely road, I’ll slow down. [The road here must be slick. I don’t want to crash myself.] If I see a woman die, I shall give thanks and praise that there is one less Man Hater in this world. And NEVER again will I give another penny to any cause, cancer research institute, or charity unless it benefits men and ONLY men.

    And if I hear a story in the News of a woman getting her Breasts cut off with Hedge Clippers or her clit ripped off with pliers by her irate husband, I’ll buy a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. [I don’t know what she did, but she deserved it. Woo Hoo! A difigured woman puts a smile on my face, each and every time.] :) Of course I’m being facetious on this last point. It’s not like this will ever happen anyway, because men aren’t so evil and even if it did, no one would celebrate, especially me. Hey, I like feminine parts! Imagine that ladies, actually liking the opposite sex so much you wouldn’t harm their bits, even if they wanted a divorce. Something you animals can not comprehend, I know.

    There. Are you happy with your equality now women? I hope so. I can’t believe I used to love women so much. I still don’t hate women though. I just don’t want to have anything to do with you. You turn my stomach. If only I was gay. Too bad I’m not. :(

    • Perseus

      Another triumphant comment on AVfM. I can’t identify with you more. I have somehow believed intensely since a child that females are some existential and bottomless well of human virtue and moral absolution. One sick sense of humor god has. It would take work to be more repulsed and betrayed.

      The modern female: subterfuge realized.

  • tonysprout

    Started a facebook page to boycott Ozzie as well. Her money comes from his fame and fortune. I love Ozzie’s music, but I’ll use all available tools to shut this bitch down.

  • David Casson

    This is… absolutely horrifying. I knew things were bad but something like this really puts the evil of it in your face.

    All this hatred, if left unchecked, is going to go somewhere. It has happened before: centuries of anti-Semitism led to the Jewish Holocaust; centuries of conflict between the Tutsis and Hutus of Rwanda led to the Rwandan Holocaust. When a whole studio audience and, presumably, a much larger at-home audience positively revels in the sexual mutilation of a man… and the surrounding society is unmoved in the face of their delight… it seems only logical that we are moving toward a moment in history that will be so brutal that our present grievances will then become the least of our concerns. Whether such a moment will come sooner or later is anyone’s guess but surely the momentum of this hatred, if left unchecked, will only gather until the tipping point is achieved and violence of one kind or another occurs on a massive and devastating scale – a shock that the whole world will feel for generations.

    It is some consolation that there is a minority of men, and a yet smaller minority of women, who are outraged by this television show. Personally, however, I do not find it consoling enough. For the overall society is monolithic compared to these few dissenters – and this wider society finds laughable the idea that men are really human. I think we should find in this, then, our strong motivation to fight with all the passion and energy that we have that a watershed moment of inter-sexual brutality does not come to pass.

  • tonysprout

    Isn’t Sharon a foreign national? If so, can’t her visa / green card, etc be revoked? State Dept would be the place to protest.

  • tonysprout

    I’m still fuming about this! Paul, I think this story needs nailed to the top of the main page here. How many armchair activists are here? Boycott the friggin’ sponsors. Email them, fax them. Phone them.Harass them until that show is off the air. Show the fucking feminists that we’re not going to take it anymore. show them it’s not ok to mutilate men for ANY fucking reason short of self defense. Show that that they can’t get away with shooting us in the back while we sleep. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! Do something!

  • surgeonviper

    A truly eye opening display.

    Women say they want compassion. Yet they do this?

    This is exhibit “A ” and will be known in history as the moment zeta warriors accepted their birth rite and renounced this madness of being kind to this despicable lot. And to hell with the traitorous pussymen who laugh and cuddle with this enemy in order to gain temporary favor. They aren’t men anyway… Unless their woman says so. Fuck that!

    Theses women have revealed themselves as greed personified. Ignorant fucking monsters lacking any compassion to speak of unless it is granted toward them.

    I’ve been fired by women. A women claimed i touched her once when i tapped her on her shoulder at work getting other pussymen to rush to her defense. I have been set up by women. No more.

    Fuck them all and to hell with what they want.

    I was in a hospital over the weekend and a cunt nurse barely cared to even be courteous with me knowing full well i had kidney stones and was in major pain. The bitch practically ignored me when i asked for pain medication…


    From this moment on. I will not be chivalrous. No more. They have gotten all of the charity they will ever get from me.

    The love-shack is officially closed.

  • TheLeadedHeart

    I’m coming into this a bit late, I realize, but the video of these shady bitches giggling in malicious glee at the prospect of a man’s dick being not only severed but so horribly sliced into tiny pieces that it could not be reconnected had me shaking with anger at the obvious hatred that is not only condoned, but applauded by the rest of the feminist and pussy-begging world. So much anger, in fact, that even a few days later when I saw the ‘apology’ these bitches tried to put out, it angered me further that there was NO sincerity in their voices or their expressions. There was only fear. Fear that if they did not make such an apology that their jobs would be on the line.

    I would have had these maniacally crude shysters imprisoned indefinitely for promoting hate speech and for making light the terrorizing horrors of a man who, at that point in time, needed nothing more than the support of anyone who would give it.

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  • nigeles175d

    And it continues, commonplace, this is a common theme in women’s minds, simply an extension of the glee they get from any assault of a man’s groin.

    PALM SPRINGS, Calif.—Police say a 69-year-old woman from Palm Springs has been arrested after her husband reported that she tried to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors.

    Palm Springs police said in a statement Sunday that Virginia Valdez was arrested on suspicion of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.

    Online jail records say she was released Sunday and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

    The 62-year-old husband — whose name was not released — called police Saturday night and when officers came to his house he said his wife had attempted to sever his penis with scissors.

    The statement says officers recovered the scissors and arrested Valdez.

    Police say the man was treated at a hospital for injuries in the penis area and released.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    How funny is a mutilated vagina? I have the answer ready right here:
    “Wife Murders Child Of Eleven Years Because She Kissed Father Too Much.” – 1915

    Read this and you will have a little bit more evidence at hand the next run into a feminist trying to deprive you of your human rights and lie about you (by telling general lies about the male sex).