Toronto Police

Four women sexually assault 19 year old man in Toronto

On the March 30 a 19 year old young man went out to a nightclub in Toronto and ended up meeting four women. As the night wound down they offered him a ride home, which he accepted as an innocent and well-meaning.

The four women took him to a parking lot in the Queen Street West/Spadina Avenue area of Toronto where they all proceeded to sexually assault him.

Because we do not know any of the details of the sexual assault it is hard to know what the women actually did to the young man, but the term “sexual assault” is one of those vague terms that, when applied to a male victim, comes off to the general public as nothing more than innocent groping, or perhaps some unwanted kissing because of the faulty assumption that men cannot possibly be raped by a woman.

The term “sexual assault” is a blanket description that could mean anything from an unwanted touch of the leg to forcing a man to penetrate a woman against his will. And for those who can’t seem to wrap their heads around it, yes, men can become erect even when they are not sexually aroused, just as women can unintentionally orgasm while being raped.

The police reported that the young man thankfully did not require treatment in hospital.

Detective Constable Thomas Ueberholz with the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit said that his division does get complaints of sexual assaults on males by females:

“Although the majority generally is females that are victims or complainants, it is not completely unusual for a male to be the victim of a sexual assault.”

Det. Const. Shannon McParland praised the man for coming forward in an interview with QMI, saying

“It is often hard for a male victim to approach police about a crime of this nature.”

In a report from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (2003) showed that men made up eight per cent of the adult victims of sexual assaults which were reported to police.

According to the 2003 report, male victims of sexual assault are just as likely as female victims to report the crime to police, but I have a hard time believing this to be the case since there is such a stigma attached to men who are victims of sexual assault. In fact, when interviewed by the National Post, Nicole Pietsch, co-ordinator of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, said

“Male victims, like female victims, can encounter stigmas when seeking help. It is not completely unusual for a male to be the victim of a sexual assault. Other men will say for example, ‘Oh, he’s so lucky,’ like that was actually a positive thing when it wasn’t. I think that that just feeds into the myth that sexual violence [against males] is something the victim wants.”

Her comment confirms my suspicions that the majority of men who are sexually assaulted are not reporting these crimes to the police, nor are they talking about them openly with others. These men become silent victims because men who report being sexually assaulted are at risk of being ridiculed by others who just don’t understand the fact that a man is not always interested in sex, especially with those that force themselves on him against his will. Nor is it understood that men, when trapped in a situation such as this young man was, have been taught that it is wrong to ever hit a woman, even when she is sexually assaulting him.

The fear a man has of being arrested for assaulting a woman, even in self-defense, is so crippling that he cannot even afford an attempt to defend himself should the female perpetrator turn around and claim he was attempting to rape her just so she can escape any accusations.

On Twitter there were numerous users who posted nasty and ignorant statements ridiculing the young man.

Twitter Comments


It is a sad view of how many in society negatively stereotype men who come forward to seek help for sexual assault. It’s an attitude that needs to be changed to reflect the reality that men are just as capable of being sexually assaulted as women, and that they deserve the same compassion and understanding that women do.

I personally would like to commend this young man for his strength and courage in reporting this crime to the police, and for standing up for his rights as a human being.

As for the women who sexually assaulted this young man, police say they were all white, approximately 5’4″ in height, roughly 190-200 pounds and somewhere between 30 and 36 years old.

The driver spoke with what sounded like a British accent and had a tattoo of wings on the back of her neck. Another woman had longer, dark hair with red dye at the bottom.

After the suspects let go of the man, they were seen leaving the area in a vehicle that resembled a silver Honda SUV.

Anybody with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).



  • Theseus

    Yeah the whole “well he got a boner” attitude really honks me off. These are primitive and often times unconscious impulses. As you pointed out, often times a female rape victim is wet and climaxes during the rape; does that mean she wanted it?

    No fucking difference whatsoever.

    • Mr. Sinatra

      It pisses me off as well especially being one of those “sexually assaulted” men.

      It’s something I don’t usually delve into because of the social stigma of admitting that happened to you, and the whole ‘but you were erect’ line of thinking.

      Men who comment that something like that is their “dream” clearly have no idea the psychological ramifications of it. To this day I still tremble a bit when I’m with a woman since the experience comes back to me no matter how I try to repress it.

      • Theseus

        I’m so sorry that happened to you.

        I have had an extremely unpleasant experience at a summer pool party several years ago with a woman that I had absolutely no desire to be with, forcibly pulling down my shorts while I was quite intoxicated on the couch, and start to suck me off. Only after pushing her with a great deal of strength and yelling “get the fuck off me” did she stop, and get reeeal pissed; she of course had to announce to the crowd outside (and the whole world apparently) that there was something wrong with me, that I was a little faggot, and of course the small dick zinger. At the time, I didn’t make the connection to being sexually assaulted because the programming and social stigma was so great. In retrospect it pisses me the fuck off.

        Fucking hypocrites.

        • Mr. Sinatra

          Condolences as well for you too.

          Same here with not reporting it since at the time I had been sucking down the toxic kool-aid.

          That girl seems like she has never been told that:
          a.) Men don’t always want sex.
          b.) Men have the right to say “no” to sex.

          • Theseus

            Yeah, and I think if most guys go back in their memory banks they will have at least one incident of the unwanted sexual attentions of a persistent female – and they either went along with it when they didn’t want to, or are too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it if they were assaulted.

          • Sting Chameleon

            I’ve gotten the whole ‘c’mon, don’t be so picky, men have to take what they can get’ when refusing the advances of a woman that I do not find physically attractive, whether from the woman herself or from male friends/acquaintances.

          • Theseus

            @Sting Chameleon

            Yeah, that’s a common one. I find the best comeback is to be completely cold and arrogant and say (with a completely serious look on your face ) something like: “Uh, no…no I’m in an open relationship with someone that I am very attracted to. I don’t see any reason to have sex with any person if it grosses me out, do you”?

            This is not going overboard because the woman and aquaintances in question shouldn’t be saying something so idiotic to you in the first place. Can you imagine if it was the other way around and a man persisted with a woman and said she should “take what she can get”?

          • Sting Chameleon

            @Theseus: I simply shrug off and say ‘Well, maybe YOU can’t do better, not me’ if I get that from a guy, and if I get it from a woman I simply laugh in her face and move on.

          • Theseus

            @Sting Chameleon

            LOL Good man!

        • ImNotMraBut…

          Theseus – you highlight how training in management of sexual assault informs reaction – just as a fire drill informs you of what to do when a bell rings.

          Why are female students taught how to react to sexual assault and male students not?

          It’s basic equality – and not getting it beyond ignorance. It’s a national vote of No Confidence in all Educational Managers and Principles.

        • magnacore

          I understand where you’re coming from. It gets even worse when it’s a blood relative molesting you as I was at age 11. I essentially woke up to find her raping me and since she was my aunt and older than me, told me that if I told anyone, I would get an ass-whipping. The age difference between the man in this story and I was different but the feeling and anger of what happened is the same.


    If you’ve ever been forcibly enveloped by a female, it’s an eerily similar experience psychologically, to when a woman who genuinely was raped, will describe the experience… :( More-so when you KNOW you will be accused if you were to defend yourself…

  • AConcernedMan

    5’4 and 200lbs, eh? And there are folks on Twitter wondering why this is an issue?

    Sounds like female sexual entitlement to me, by those who have difficulty “getting some”. They wanted fuck men up because they hate being ignored by men due to their obesity and horrible uggliness. So they hatched a plan to gang rape one.

    And people have the nerve to ask what the problem is?

    • feeriker

      If these four harpies have “difficulty getting some,” it is because they have the attitudes and personalities of spitting cobras. While one could argue that the 5’4, 190-200 lbs. isn’t the “ideal body” men are stereotypically attracted to in a woman, I’m acquainted with several woman of such proportions with whom I’d gladly engage in intimacy, owing simply to their warm, caring, loving, attractive personalities. OTOH, I’ve encountered women of supermodel looks and physique who exude the attitude and predatory air of wolves. These IMMEDIATELY go on the “avoid at all costs and cross to the other side of the street, NOW” list.

      I’m sure that the four perpettes in this case have no trouble getting laid by any random, eager mangina-on-the-street they find, at their whim. The attraction here of victimizing a lone teenager was the thrill of the “kill” itself – no doubt fueled by the certain knowledge that they would carry off the deed with utter impunity. These “woman” are sociopaths in the same mold of any male rapist and deserve to be treated accordingly.

      • A Concerned Man

        That too.

      • CarbonMissile

        According to my observations during high school and university, there is a bell curve for young female character in direct proportion to physical attractiveness. The more extreme ends tend to be affected more severely by their experiences of intersexual dynamics while the center tends to be more balanced in character due to more balanced experiences. Before full psychological maturity is reached, if a girl/woman experiences male deference by virtue of her lofty position atop the attractiveness index, she is likely to develop into a woman who expects no less than goddess level treatment from men. If she experiences frequent rejection or neglect, due to her less than desirable appearance, she is likely to develop into a harshly bitter woman hell bent on vengeance on all males and their sexual nature. BTW I am also a long time reader and first time commenter.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Ugh, no wonder they can’t get laid on a regular basis, they’re freaking whales. I’m no Calvin Klein model, but I try to keep in decent shape and fat women simply turn me off.

  • JFinn

    could mean anything from an unwanted touch of the leg to forcing a man to penetrate a woman against his will

    … by threatening to injure or kill him, or by threatening to FURTHER injure him. Producing an erection in fear for your life doesn’t constitute consent. That this even needs to be said shows how dark society is.

  • Edisland

    Hello, long time browser, first time commenter here.

    Glad to see that more stories like these are being given coverage in the media. The myth that an erection equals consent needs to die. Too many male victims are shamed for their abuse, and these people are a big part of the problem. Damn double standards…

    • Paul Elam

      Welcome, and thank you for your comment!

  • Paul Elam

    I just did a google image search for “kill your rapist” Quite the collection going these days.

    Now, one has to wonder how the kill happy feminists would have felt if police had been summoned to the scene and found a smug looking man standing over the bullet ridden carcasses of these four scumbags.

    Happy happy?

    • Theseus

      Geez Paul, there ya go with that whole being consistent anti-double standard thingie again.

    • JJ

      Damn skippy they would be happy Pauly. Not only did the guy get raped by his four assaulteresses, but he is now going to get raped in prison for the rest of his life with no hope of parole! Because he murdered four “innocent wymins.”

      Then, after a big titted feminist brouhaha in parliaments and congresses around the world, they would receive billions in funding and freebies the world over.

      That dude would never win. On the other hand, a woman gets a 44, and goes “Dirty Harry” on four punks who did her wrong; and the world will set off fireworks in celebration; and then feminists will demand only women get guns. And become troops, or fly UAVs.

      Double-standard just doesn’t cover it.

      • feeriker

        Then, after a big titted feminist brouhaha in parliaments and congresses around the world, they would receive billions in funding and freebies the world over.

        No doubt all the while continuing to rape other teenage men.

        • magnacore

          What’s REALLY stupid and ignorant about the Twitter retards posting how lucky he is is that they are not thinking of the possible consequences of what happened to him could bring: all four of the women get pregnant and want child support from him, they all could have had some incurable disease like AIDS or Herpes that they could have passed on to him, etc. If half the idiots that say he was lucky and should be quiet had those possibilities put on them, I wonder if they would still feel that way about him.

  • Near Earth Object

    @ The Twitter Twits

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    –Albert Einstein

    • TigerMan

      Another wise man said “stupidity is cheap – that’s why it’s so popular!” 😉

  • @thanatos Nyx

    Shared this on my facebook. We’ll see how many feminists unfriend me after this one. Though most of the people who are on my friends list leave the A Voice for Men articles I share on there alone surprisingly.

  • Sanguifer

    This is ridiculous. Even wikipedia will tell anyone who wants to know that erections are not exclusively tied to actual sexual arousal. Mechanical stimulation results in an initiation of the erection process through the parasympathicus. It does not involve the central nervous system at all at that stage. True, the CNS _can_ sometimes override that, but that’s way beside the point: If an erection can be forced in principle, and it can, then men can be raped by envelopment.

    Not to mention involuntary erections happen, both random and nonrandom. The examples of morning wood and erection-during-speech, i.e nervous reaction, are trivial. An adrenaline rush can also result in one, though. Like, for example, uh, I dunno… while being threatened with rape?

    I can understand the gut feeling of “only men can rape”, I really can. But gut feelings are often wrong. This is a misconception that really needs to go.

    • The Real Peterman

      Especially a 19-year-old man. When I was that age, I was erect more often than not.

      • Peadair

        When I had that problem at 19, I would beat off, solves it every time. The only problem was finding the time to beat off. 😛

        • Theseus

          My mom started to wonder why I was always taking three showers a day: “I just like bein’ clean ma”! Lol

    • Don Boosioni

      Technically for it to be Rape there has to be, ‘Penetration,’ which requires a penis. Which goes back to the whole, ‘Sexual Assault can mean almost anything.’ The problem of course is that, ‘Sexual Assault,’ doesn’t have the same impact as, ‘Rape.’

    • magnacore

      The term “Morning Wood”is a good example of getting an erection while not being aroused sexually. Women don’t believe a man can hard and yet not be turned on but they would be wrong in this case.

  • Zerbu

    Great article! I was having a discussion along these lines just the other day with a feminist, who kept on making the claim that men are always interested in the case, while at the same time going crazy over female victims.

  • Kukla

    Aren’t the people who are saying “Why is this an issue? He’s a man, he wanted it” the same ones who would be ripping their hair out if someone said “that girl dressed like a slut, she was asking to be raped”? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

    • Theseus

      I remember when that Mary K Latourno case first came up. You know, the one where she was banging her sixth grade pre-pube student? All the people that wanted to excuse it because it’s “every young boy’s fantasy to be with a hot older woman” and besides they were “both in love anyways”, would have had a cow if a middle aged gym teacher was banging his 12 year old female student and they both insisted that they were in love. I can hear it now:

      “Pervert sicko child molester”.

      “She doesn’t know what love is yet, she’s innocent”.

      “He’s brainwashed and controlling her, she doesn’t know what she’s doing”.

      “She’s 12 years old for God’s sake…he’s the adult”!

      Yep, if it’s a woman doing the assaulting, the pussy pass is always in play.

      • Dean Esmay

        Hedda Nussbaum, anybody?

        • ImNotMraBut…

          I’m massively sceptical on Nussbaum. I’ve had to deal with people presenting as victims of many forms of abuse and seen just how they get treated informs legal process. I’ve seen apparent Sinners be shown to be the most saintly of victim and I’ve seen the saint turn out to be Satan’s mother.

          The biggest issue that keeps coming up is how incorrect management of people at presentation allows the innocent to be dismissed and the Guilty to go free, because by the time the amateurs catch on they have tainted everything and Satan’s mother is already playing games and getting away with murder.

        • Near Earth Object

          No thanks…just had a banana.


          Sorry Dean

  • Shrek6

    Well, I’m going to stray into the forbidden territory for just a second to question the bullshit bastard laws and so-called morally negative ground regarding males and self defense when females are involved.

    Being a member of the ‘normal human race’ it is a given that I am a pacifist and do not condone violence against anyone.

    However, I never see self-defense as violence in anyway shape or form!
    And when I say that, I mean in a measured response. This is common sense. I’m not referring to a case where a young teenage boy has totally ironed out a female aggressor, when simply shoving her away so he could run, would have sufficed.

    And I am sick to death of hearing how males of any age cannot do a solitary thing to help themselves when attacked by a woman, be it sexually or physically assaulted.

    I do sincerely hope that as we move into the future and if any of us or our MHRA decendents have any say in such matters when new laws are created to bring about true equality in such situations, that it is covered under the law that ‘a measured physical response’ is not only legal, but acceptable in society morally.

    This bullshit has to stop!

    Even a young teenage boy is not allowed to physically push off or hit a fully grown woman who is assaulting him physically or sexually.
    And I know that in general grown men are stronger than women, but a fully grown woman with a fair bit of fat on her, which is the case with most women today, is not going to be easily moved by a teenage boy.
    If he can’t touch her, then how the hell does he save himself?

    Do we have to tell our sons that if you are being assaulted by a woman or you witness anyone else being assaulted by a woman, you are legally and morally never allowed to physically intervene, BECAUSE IT IS WRONG TO HIT A WOMAN?

    So you’re a dad out with your first born and a woman steals your baby from the pram you are pushing and legally you are not allowed to pursue here and wrestle the baby from her, because it is against the law and morally you would be in the wrong for ‘man-handling’ the woman.
    I know that is a stupid example, because we all know what the father would do.
    But what if the bitch who stole the child got hurt in the scuffle?
    Guaranteed that the father would likely suffer charges of assault. And this is the bullshit I am angry about!

    When are we going to see some common sense in this world!

    I am not advocating violence against women and I have deliberately kept my own personal views to myself. I am simply broaching the subject and asking the questions, because we need future law makers to grow some balls/ovaries and protect males from prosecution, should they choose to physically defend themselves against a female perp.

    • Typhonblue (Asha James)

      @ Shrek

      I’m going to take issue for another reason. I doubt this guy would have had a hope in hell against four women, much less four women who were the size they were.

      And for those who think I’m being an asshole, if they were fit at 190 lbs (which is possible) that would make it even harder for him to defend himself.

      • Theseus

        Asha, this is getting old!

        Would you stop, and just once not be the epitome of the coolest chick on the planet? LOL

      • Theseus

        ….and Erin, and Girl, and Wooly, and Nerdy, and 100% Cotton, and……

      • Sting Chameleon

        Short of him carrying a concealed firearm or being extensively trained in Krav Maga, he had no chance at all.

      • Correctrix

        Not only were they chunky butch types, but *he* was just a 19-year-old kid. Males continue to broaden and strengthen into their twenties, so despite the magic number of 18, he was not fully an adult physically. He was outnumbered, outweighed, and also handicapped by a society that says you can’t be rough with women.

        • Theseus

          Very true.

          However it continues well into your thirties. There was a period of about 12 years where I was seriously training, and I had greater strength and upper body mass when I was in my early thirties as opposed to my mid to late twenties.

          But yeah, I was a bean stalk in my late teens. Physically you are still very much a kid.

      • Peadair

        By the age of five I had had more stitches than most adults I know, through accidents and bullies (including fifteen in my scalp where a kid hit me with a spade). When I was five, my older brother, nine, was being picked on and hit by three bullies his own age. I ran over, climbed on one of their backs and proceeded to bite and punch him till they all ran away.

        I was told that I was wrong for fighting, the boys got disciplined. My brother thanked me, and that’s all I cared about. It was the first time I had been told off for defending other people, but it wasn’t the last.

        Later, in Intermediate (middle school), I was attacked by a group of girls my own age (I found out later one of them liked me and didn’t like being ignored). I was beaten and fled into the boys toilets and locked myself in a stall, they followed me in, but left.

        Why didn’t I fight them? They were girls. Any boys who tried this would have been beaten by me til they gave up or either they or I would have been in hospital (I was the resident anti-bully).

        You feel better about yourself as a victim if you fight back. You have tried. When you are a victim who did not fight back, the if only’s make it worse. I still to this day wish I had hit them, but know what the outcome would have been.

        It isn’t about the numbers or the weights, its about who will be believed.

        • John A

          It’s also the shock factor, that kid had never imagined being attacked by 4 women, it would not register until it was to late. If he made a good response we would never had heard of the incident.

      • magnacore

        I agree with you, With 4 large women on him, how hard would it have been for there to be one on each arm and one holding his legs down while they took turns on him? Hell, I’m a guy in pretty good physical shape and even I couldn’t lift 190 lbs. x 4 off of me!

    • Theseus

      Puh-lease Shrek, don’t you know that our statistically greater size and strength makes us invulnerable like Superman to any kind of attack from a woman? We should never hit or push a lady under any circumstance. She can’t gouge out our eyes, knee us in the nuts, punch us in the throat, bite out a chunk of flesh, break our fingers, pick up a knife or rock, and….what’s that you say? We’re not invulnerable? Oh…and she can do all those things to us? Uumm never mind.

      • Sting Chameleon

        Not to mention martial arts training and firearms. Yup, a woman can’t possibly hurt a man.

  • prince_tybalt

    Hey, here’s a feminist (I’m assuming by the title) site that is covering this story the right way. I bet no one complains about them outing people’s twitter feeds and names though.

    • Correctrix

      It’s just a women’s magazine, not feminist. That’s how they are able to recognise male victims of rape.

      • gwallan

        Womens’ magazines in Australia have paid female rapists of boys and published articles treating the sexual abuse as cute romances.

    • A Concerned Man

      I must commend them for this. Feminist publication taking this seriously and being respectful?


  • prince_tybalt
  • Booyah

    I find the police term “stigma” highly amusing. In any country which mandates the arrest of the man in any situation of domestic or sexual abuse their “stigma” is in fact actually legally sanctioned disincentives. The degree of these disincentives mockingly reduced to the term “stigma” depends on how blatantly anti-male the countries legislation, courts and officers are. One weak link in that chain of 3 is enough to make your stigma’s very real and about a whole lot more than the usual scapegoat of male pride. I learnt my lessons here early and they were repeated in my early adulthood. Hence any cases since my “stigma” may have been plausible for my reluctance to report. Ooooops that damaged my male pride. Errrrrr I meant there is no such cases since I developed my stigma. Carry on….

  • Correctrix

    Rape culture does exist. It’s *this*, not what feminists imagine.

    • Near Earth Object

      I reacquainted myself with the dictionary definition of *culture*.

      Where I can appreciate most of what you have written here, I remain at a loss to recognize even the topic of this article as a manifestation of a “rape culture”.

      • Correctrix

        Really? We live in a certain culture or society, and that culture or society says that rape of men is OK/non-existent.

        A man is raped in prison? A topic for jokes about soap. And justifiable as extra punishment for his (possibly very minor) crime.

        A man is raped by a woman? Another topic for jokes, more victim-blaming, denial, etc.

        These views are mainstream, not from the criminal fringe.

        We do at least condemn rapes of small boys, but then you’d better make sure you’re not stuck in some organisation such as the Catholic Church.

        That’s a culture that condones rape. Just as long as the victim is a man. Our culture condemns rape of women as one of the worst crimes possible.

        What feminists mean when they say ‘rape culture’ is a culture that excuses/condones/encourages rape of women. I’m saying that such a culture exists, but only in the sense that rape of men is excused. So, they have it backward.

        Isn’t this obvious? I don’t get why you say you are at a loss.

        • ImNotMraBut…

          You forget that Rape Cult-ure is also about denial of history and promotion of racism.

          That’s why the Origins of the term from the 1975 Film (Filmed 1974) is pushed away because it featured Black African Men (Prisoners Against Rape Inc – founded 1973) working with the Washington DC rape Crisis Centre (Founded by Black African Women) and making the issues of rape gender neutral, race neutral – an Equality matter.

          Film Footage – Rape Culture -The Movie

          I get so tired of them Privilege college student types (Especially the W.A.S.P. ones) who have left home, have gotten desperate for Sorority that they will swallow anything peddled as Sisterly … and they get so groupy they miss out the basics of Library and Reading 101.

          They take their loneliness and even fear of the big world, marry it to the Rape Cult-ure memes being peddled under federal funding all over campuses every Autumn …. and you have the perfect storm for Indoctrination and yapping foot foot soldiers who all worship the Great Mystical God of Rape.

          I can’t accept rape culture when it’s just a made up term. I see that Cult of Rape running wild in the USA and I know that “Ure” an abstract-noun suffix means caused by… so you Rape Cult-ure is the output and product of the rape Cult in the USA.

          The feminists worship rape as a mystical god … and just as mystically the lack of their God made manifest does not reduce their religious fervour. In fact to those who worship and have growing and deepening faith, the absence of their god just makes them believe all the more. Rabbit Hole Religiosity is like that.

          • Correctrix

            You seem a bit off-target. I don’t really care what racist baggage or other baggage this feminist term ‘rape culture’ has. I only use the term in the context of refuting that the feminist usage of it accurately reflects what our society is like. There is no current within mainstream western culture that is in favour of rape of women, whereas it is quite commonplace to deny or excuse rape of men in prisons or by women.

          • ImNotMraBut…

            Correctrix – Off target? Odd how Feministe – the Jeezabels and so many others were silent last December 2 weeks – until they recognised that the story in Delhi wasn’t going away. Scream about rape in the USA but ignore it globally? Just a tad racists …. only screaming about the US W.A.S.P. getting raped. … and if you look at the Instituted colour blindness which has been on going since the 1970’s the racist issue just aint going away. US Feminism is racist, sexist, Transphobic … and it abuses way to many under the guise of promoting equality.

            But – you have your thing and your focus upon turning the idea inside out. I get the logic but it means you have to buy but the feminist view that Rape Culture Actually Exists… and then buy into ignoring the nasty bits. So to help you out a few figures:

            7% of women self-report the use of physical force to obtain sex, 40% self-report sexual coercion –

            Ignoring that and giving the girls the Vagina pass is pretty Rapey Culture if you accept the basic feminist model – but as they demand only women can be raped all the evidence of women rapists and female sexual predators – even female paedophiles …. it all just vanishes because rape culture is false construct and designed to use bias as a Privilege. It’s a tool for bullying and control freakery. But If that’s what you want to chase and use…. be me guest.

        • Near Earth Object

          Again, I can appreciate most of what you have written here.

          I like the argument you have constructed and I am fond of your conclusion.

          However, given my understanding of what “rape” and “culture” mean, and given my sense of what is—generally—going on in the world, I am left asking: would it be prudent to conjoin *these* two words to describe and explain what we see out there? Not ‘here’ and ‘here’, but out there.

          I don’t see it as a—sociological—fit, despite what some Sociologists may utter to the contrary.

          What I do see here, where this notion of “rape culture” is concerned, is more of an implementation of the ‘biological’ definition (“to grow…in or on a controlled or defined medium”) of culture. In short, it is being manufactured and for socio-political purposes.

          Put differently, and to quote ImNotMraBut…, “I can’t accept rape culture when it’s just a made up term.” And a poorly—in my opinion—one at that, I might add. Regardless, my counter-argument for INMB, if I were to don my sophist cap, and inclined to make one, would look something like this: all terms are made up. I may even preface it with, there are two things that humans really like to do: attach names to things and generate numbers.

          My problem with these terms—Rape Culture— when they are conjoined is that they do not accurately reflect reality, given their individual meanings. Surely, we can derive a pair of words that are a more truthful and precise fit.

          Consider that “rape” is a phenomenon—older than human beings in their current form.
          Now I invite you to consider “Rape Phenomenon” in place of “Rape Culture”.

          We may have reached an impasse here, Correctrix.

          • ImNotMraBut…

            Neo my new favourite quote:

            “Whilst there are reasons why feminists limit discussion on the subject of women abusers, these reasons are valid only to feminism.”

            Google Books – Read It For Yourself

            I pay no heed from to any feminist claims made about, for or around rape culture, because the people who coined the phrase (Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich – Cambridge Documentary Films) actually have one hell of a track record in equality – and their work has been hijacked and is being distorted and abused by people and groups that despise equality.

            Why is the origin of the term just ignored and even dismissed by Feminists and Gender Studies Biggots? Because the origins involved men and they were black too! I won’t use the term because to do so supports Racism, Sexism, Denies Equality and sanctifies Bigotry.

            As Time passes it becomes clearer why the US Government, The UN and frankly no academic worth even a grain of salt won’t use the term. Even the National Organisation for Women keep it very much out of the spotlight …. so does that mean (Due To The Fucking Patriarchy – Shut the Fuck Up – I’m reading My List ) that there is a monstrous and amazing conspiracy against women and feminists in general —- or is there a possible issue of Cult Thinking and even Magical Thinking going on there and ” these reasons are valid only to feminism.” ?

          • Near Earth Object


            Excellent quote!
            And I appreciate the link.

          • ImNotMraBut…

            @NearEarthObject – Over on reddit ( the up and down voting around the subject of Female Abuse and Feminist cover-up is getting very interesting.

            It even seems to be getting female paedophiles out in the open to vote!

          • Near Earth Object


            Interesting, to say the least.

          • Correctrix

            I don’t get why you think that culture has to be something deliberately grown. That’s not part of the ordinary usage of the word at all. If two countries develop independently over time, and one of them by some accident of history ends up full of musicians and musical performances on the street, in homes and in theatres, with this being automatically accepted as normal and positive by the citizenry, the citizens of the other country might remark, ‘They have a very musical culture over in X-land’.

            I don’t think that ‘phenomenon’ would cut it. The Beatles were a musical phenomenon. A culture is broader.

            Now, true, when feminists speak of ‘rape culture’, they do mean some sort of conspiracy, because they have a conspiratorial view of society and history, called ‘patriarchy’. That baggage doesn’t mean I can’t counter their claims by saying, ‘No, our culture actually condemns rape of women harshly. If our culture can be said to be pro-rape in any sense, it is in the fact that rape of men is routinely denied or excused.’

          • Dean Esmay

            There is an interesting thing that happens with academic feminism, which is that they grab words or phrases that are useful and then twist them.

            The idea of “rape culture” was specifically used to describe warlike cultures which used rape, often in mass form, as a part of the warrior mentality and as a method for psychological “pacification” and/or genetic extermination of a targeted other tribe/culture/whatever. We celebrate the raping of these people to show our superiority to those people, that sort of thing.

            So you can develop a rape culture which normalizes rape as a weapon. We don’t live in that. Likely neither of us has ever been near such a culture.

            Another example of how terminology can get hijacked: “mansplaining.” Now in point of fact, the first time I heard this term I was highly amused, because I recognized it in myself and other men: a tendency to pontificate to others and explain obvious things to them. The classic analogy would be the man who decides to, uninvited, teach a woman how to properly swing a baseball bat, when she already knows perfectly well how to do so. Now is that a real form of mansplaining that I’ve actually seen? Yes. Is it a little sexist? Yes. Is it something you might want to sometimes poke fun at guys for doing? Sure. But then you see the gender ideologues take what could be a useful tool for better understanding ourselves and twist it into something evil and extreme and another way of shutting you down and not letting you discuss your own experiences.

            Have patriarchies existed throughout history? Why yes indeed. Although if you fail to recognize the strong matriarchal powers inherent in virtually all societies, including most “patriarchal” ones, you get this twisted and distorted monstrosity they call The Patriarchy which is total bullshit–and hateful bullshit at that.

            Are there a lot of Jewish doctors, lawyers, and accountants? Why yes indeed, it happens there are. Also a lot of Jewish comedians and actors and directors and writers. ++THEREFORE, it necessarily follows that we are ruled by Jewish Overlords who control all of our economic, legal, and even mass media entertainment, and are oppressing all the good Christians and everyone else because… uhm wait a minute, I think I missed a step in logic there somewhere.++

            This is why it’s so well said that “arguing with feminism is like having a sword fight with a fart.” They take things and even terms which have some legitimacy, and twist and distort them into something completely batshit stupid, destroying most rational discourse in the process. And then they wonder why people get frustrated with them; it’s subverting reason to a feelings-based ideology.

            ++Marking to note quote-mining opportunity for anti-MHRAs.

          • Near Earth Object

            @ Correctrix

            No…no…I’ll take another shot at it here.

            “I don’t get why you think that culture has to be something deliberately grown. That’s not part of the ordinary usage of the word at all.”

            Firstly, I agree wholehearted with your second statement above.
            Secondly, I am not asserting that “culture has to be something deliberately grown”.
            Thirdly, for me to comprehend the conjoining of “rape” and “culture”, as advanced by the feminist camp, then I would need to employ the biological definition of culture—for it to make sense to me. Put differently, in my opinion, Camp Feminism is not recognizing something that is out there, but ‘growing’ this notion of “rape culture” and claiming it is out there.

            “I don’t think that ‘phenomenon’ would cut it. The Beatles were a musical phenomenon. A culture is broader.”

            ‘Phenomenon’ worked for me, insofar as I was able to make my point. I grant that ‘phenomenon’ may not be the best choice of words—though far better than culture—but my current working-vocabulary prevented me from generating another choice, if another choice even exists.

            “That baggage doesn’t mean I can’t counter their claims by saying, ‘No, our culture actually condemns rape of women harshly. If our culture can be said to be pro-rape in any sense, it is in the fact that rape of men is routinely denied or excused.”

            As I wrote earlier, Correctrix, you have constructed a very good argument. In my opinion, your observations are grounded in (general) reality.

            * * * * *
            By way of a story from the Radical Feminist Indoctrination Center, here is an example of the mind-set you will likely be dealing with, if/when you oppose the notion of “Rape Culture”. One day, I noticed that one of my newer female colleagues was…hadn’t seen her in a while. I inquired. Seems that some of my colleagues were talking about the sexual assault of one of our clients. Seems that the now missing colleague had made a comment to the affect ‘she shouldn’t have been walking there’. Seems that her attitude was so absolutely unpardonable that she was terminated (likely for some other reason they had been holding in reserve, or even created out of thin air).
            Here is another piece for you. Certain departments of the agency ran 24/7 and the agency was located in a part of town that I would not really want to live in. That way—gangs. Down that street—heavy drugs and an occasion, murder. You get the point. Anyway, we had this walk-out program. Meaning, if a staff member wanted a walk-out to their car, then it would be provided ASAP. Out of the scores of offers I made, mostly to female colleagues, most all of them were declined. They preached that the world is absolutely unsafe for women, yet their own behavior seemed to fly in the face of their own sermons. Were they practicing undue risk? I don’t think so. They know, that more often than not, folks will be okay.

            This notion of “Rape Culture”, as it is being implemented, has been designed to manufacture fear and keep the genders from interacting with one another. jmho

          • Near Earth Object

            @ Dean Esmay

            Thanks for the information.

            “Have patriarchies existed throughout history? Why yes indeed. Although if you fail to recognize the strong matriarchal powers inherent in virtually all societies, including most “patriarchal” ones, you get this twisted and distorted monstrosity they call The Patriarchy which is total bullshit–and hateful bullshit at that.”

            Case in point: Several years back, I had the good fortune of attending a six day workshop, facilitated by a Cree gentleman, on Aboriginal Culture. To make a point, he had the attendees go through an exercise like this one. Recall a Hollywood “Cowboys and Indians” movie. Recall a scene where the military and the aboriginals have gathered at one location for some kind of (peace) negotiation. Recall the leader of both sides standing a few feet apart. Recall the aboriginal leader—arms folded—being given a proposal by the military commander. Now recall the aboriginal leader looking to his right and then to his left, before responding to the military commander. According to the lecturer, it was common practice for the matriarchs of the tribe to be positioned on the far left and far right of the band. What was going on here was matriarchal-input into whether or not, what the military commander was offering was a good deal or not.

            “This is why it’s so well said that “arguing with feminism is like having a sword fight with a fart.””

            That belongs on a t-shirt, and a mug, and a cap, and a…

            Arguing with a feminist is like arguing with some who has Oppositional Defiant Disorder (verbal).

  • Coldfire

    How many men even know that they can be sexually assaulted by women?

    I was always taught that rape is something only men can do, so when a woman did it to me I had absolutely no mental preparation for the situation. It didn’t even occur to me that this was rape until years after the fact. Even though I had no idea I was being raped at the time, I wanted to get the whole thing to stop but I knew that every method available to me had a high probability of injuring her and I knew even back then that this would probably lead to me getting a criminal record.

    How is one supposed to prevent oneself from being the victim of a crime that one doesn’t even know exists until it actually happens? By failing to even tell boys (and perhaps girls as well) that it’s possible for them to be sexually assaulted by women, our society is enabling female sex criminals.

    • Theaverageman

      Thats sad to hear.Your situation isn’t the result of “patriarchy” but rather our societies belief that women aren’t capable of evil as well as the assumption that there is no sugh thing as unwanted sex for men.

    • tallwheel

      Not to mention that women have also been taught that rape is something only men can do. She may have also had no idea she was doing something wrong to you at the time.

  • Malestrom

    190-200lbs? Those are some heavyset women then.

    I don’t mind admitting I give myself only around a 50% chance of physically defeating four such specimens by myself. Four 200 pound females are completely capable of overpowering a man in like fashion to a male rapist overpowering his female victim.

    • Theseus

      Yep. Try envisioning a 200 lb weight on your chest and mid-section with 3 more of these beauties helping to pin your arms and legs. You would be done.

    • Correctrix

      To prepare yourself against future attacks, evaluate your combat skills with the following scientific test:


      • Bombay

        LOL. I can only do three baboons…. I would be no match for 4 200 lb feminists….

        • August Løvenskiolds

          Speaking only from a self-defensive standpoint:

          Distract them – “oh my God, DSW is having a midnight sale!”

          When they turn to look, target one of your aggressors.

          Focus on one, and engage. Lather, rinse, repeat. The secret to surviving multiple attackers is to take them out serially.

      • Peadair

        Apparently I could take 60, I do not think this is a scientifically accurate test.

        Cheers. :)

      • donzaloog

        I could handle 35 baboons. Apparently I’m an expert at using the giant, baboon-killing dildo.

  • Flo604

    Sick people make me sick… especially those sick people on twitter that think a man is a sex-machine not able to have any other thoughts.

  • TigerMan

    I hope I will be forgiven for this but when I heard at least one of the women had an English accent I thought of this lot!
    If they were anything like that I would need counselling for life I think!

  • St miracle

    IN Asia,women rape men is legal ,men and boys can be random raped by women without punish,MEN IS INFORIER SECOND SEX ,WORK MORE ,GAIN LESS

  • donzaloog

    I commend this man for having the courage to report this. A lot of men wouldn’t

  • prince_tybalt
    • ImNotMraBut…

      It is interesting and it’s clear that Rosie DiManno – Columnist – is an incompetent biggot.

      She fascinatingly makes clear that she has the most minimal of information and that her request for contact with the victim (relayed via police) has been turned down, and she even gripes that the law is unhelpful because it uses the wording “Sexual Assault” which means her rubber necking interests can’t be satisfied as to what may have been placed where by who and how often.

      But This is the REAL corker – the real insensitive and Biggoted Identifying Bit.

      “It sounds like sexual assault 1, however, because there was no weapon used and the victim does not appear to have suffered significant bodily harm.”

      1) how does she know there was no weapon?
      2) how does she know ” … the victim does not appear to have suffered significant bodily harm.”?

      Would four men need a weapon? Would it matter if then did have a weapon?

      If it was men dismissing a female victim in that way there would be outrage – but NO – it’s fine and dandy for a supposed intelligent female journalist to pass off Idol speculation and her editors don’t even notice.

      Is there are category on Report Her for media idiot with a a B minus average?

      It’s interesting how she talks of the comments in her own office – and she keeps identifying elements like sex out of her words. A distinct impression is left hanging that it was men making jokes about getting a Free Five Way … and it;s interesting that at no pint was anyone apparently told to stop ebbing sexists or dismissive. Such an odd work place in these gender policed times.

      But she’s cunning with words and covering up one moment and then so lax the next:

      “We do instinctively think of sexual assault as something done to women by men because the stats bear that out: 90 per cent of victims are female and 99 per cent of the offenders are male.”

      Sorry which Stats are those – and why does it not read ” because SOME stats bear that out:”

      The is the definite article and means a unique object. Any good Journalist knows that and they also know when to use it correctly. So either she’s an incompetent Journalist who can’t be trusted with words or one who has a Biggot factor that needs to be addressed.

      • Denis

        She’s a bit presumptuous but also criticizing 81% of female sexual assault victims:

        “Some “assaults’’ are merely unwanted touching, annoying for an adult woman but should be slapped down when they occur rather than directed to police. Eighty-one per cent of such assaults — those reported to police departments in Canada, according to the most recent figures I could find — fall into the unwanted touching zone.”

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    “Sexual assault is no laughing matter — I’m writing this column with a straight face — though often taken way out of context on the statistics table; a pinch on the bottom can be equated to far more intrusive and traumatizing invasiveness of one’s personal space. Some “assaults’’ are merely unwanted touching, annoying for an adult woman but should be slapped down when they occur rather than directed to police. Eighty-one per cent of such assaults — those reported to police departments in Canada, according to the most recent figures I could find — fall into the unwanted touching zone.”

    Can you imagine the reaction if this had been written about a young girl being molested by four men?

    I don’t see any place for comments, but if ever there was a time to fire up the rockets and light up someone’s ass – it’s this.

  • HeligKo

    This just enrages me. I have lost 50 lbs. and never felt better. These women, whether they were really that large or not, clearly were obese. At 235 lbs, I could have fought my way past them without too much issue, but at 185 lbs, four women at or near my same weight would be able to restrain me, unless I was prepared to use lethal or near lethal force. That is a line that I am not sure I could cross, mostly because I have never had to cross it. If this man had crossed that line, would he have been treated as a victim at all? Probably not. He would have been treated as the perpetrator, and would be defending himself in court. The truth is most men won’t talk about it, and I can assure you that there are cases where men have defended themselves and the results were reported in the news as man kills woman after meeting her in a club, or man beats woman in parking lot after leaving club together. If cultural trends don’t change, more and more women will be emboldened and ultimately hurt, because men will respond with more and more aggression when the system and culture won’t defend them.

    • Sting Chameleon

      “unless I was prepared to use lethal or near lethal force.”

      Sadly, it will come down to that if we don’t change public perception of men as victims of sexual aggression by women (rather than only other men). I’ve began taking self-defense classes a couple of months ago and if the law in my country allowed me to get a concealed carry permit for firearms, I’d get one in a heartbeat.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I was just thinking that – how was he supposed to fight back if men don’t raise a hand to women?

      • 4thtroika

        He wasn’t. He was supposed to “take it like a man.” In fact, he should’ve been thankful they even deemed to acknowledge his existence.

        • Near Earth Object

          You sound off like a rapist.


  • Umfweto

    Toronto is nothing. In Zimbabwe they actually have organised gangs of woman who drug men, rape them and then sell on their sperm:

    Funny, the last woman who touched me in appropriately in the office place was a woman from Toronto. Is it something about Canadian woman? Are they all a scarey as this monster was? For two years she stalked me. It was horrible. Will always be dubious about Canadian woman after that experience.

  • Al Woods (TMOTS)

    Referencing the Storify link in the OP, did anyone else find this quote; “Whatever happens with this case — even if it ends up being a false report — the reaction is absolutely disturbing. ” to be a bit disturbing?

    Can anyone recall EVER hearing a “journalist” making such a statement whereas the victim was a female?

    I donno, maybe it’s just me. It just feels (see what I did there?) like yet another double standard – when the victim is male. All of a sudden, false accusations are a thing and are worth mentioning as a point to mention…



    • Al Woods (TMOTS)

      Also, If I may point out… Note the miraculous insertion of the word “alledgedly”… and missing word “victim” (teenager is so much better-er) in some the the lame stream medias accounts…

      Not that most of the “writers” are female means anything or nothin’…


  • ImNotMraBut…

    “Whilst there are reasons why feminists limit discussion on the subject of women abusers, these reasons are valid only to feminism.” from “Female Sexual Abuse of Children The Last Taboo” – ISBN 582214971, 9780582214972 – 261 pages. published 1992, over 2 decades ago.

    See also the Avfm Thread “Meet The Female Paedophile

    The Author is there in that video.

  • http://Yahoo lugger2010

    Let me tell you all something……..
    Given the corrupt, (feminist) agenda driven courts, and the MISANDRIST radical feminist Attorney General’s Office here in Ontario-
    I’m honestly waiting to hear that HE will face sexual assault charges ! I’m not kidding, or being paranoid. Remember- We have a Liberal Gov’t, the unelected replacement Premier Kathleen Wynne has a personal friend who was a high ranking official in the Ontario Ministry of Education- Who was caught MAKING and distributing child porn, and that has been so buried, No one believes he will ever face justice !! And have we forgotten Karla Holmulka?
    Ontario is notorious for prosecutors willing (some believe mandated) to offer women a( “pre- written”/ “just sign on the bottom line, honey…) plea deal that sets her free, as long as there is a man- ANY man- they can charge!
    Four women facing prison for raping a man ????????
    NOT IN ONTARIO !!!!!!!