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Fighting Wikipedia Corruption: AVfM Partnership with WikiMANNia

A few days ago I talked about the ongoing censorship of men’s rights issues and feminist distortion of information in Wikipedia. This was the bad news.

The good news is, an industrious group of dedicated German Men’s Rights Activists have, unnoticed outside the German-speaking world, spent the past five years building their own competing wiki known as WikiMANNia.

WikiMANNia (“mann” is German for “adult human male”) is dedicated to men’s issues and critique of gender feminist indoctrination and gynocentric ideology. Since 2009 they have consistently produced high-quality, feminist-ideology-free information on men’s and boys’ issues with great success in Germany. WikiMANNia articles on important topics frequently feature very near the top of German search engine results.

For some, the deliberate exclusion of a feminist view from articles addressing other subjects might be seen as an anti-woman bias within the WikiMANNia project. Such an impression is mistaken, although understandable from individuals living in a feminist-dominated culture. To be clear, although feminism purports to be either pro-woman or pro-equality, it is an ideology, almost a religion, carrying a set of assumptions which when applied to writing on almost any topic perverts the meaning of such writing.

On October, 30 2010 an International Anti-Feminism Meeting took place in Switzerland. This led, in 2011, to the editiorial team of WikiMANNia launching basic versions of WikiMANNia in English, Spanish, and Italian. Unfortunately the “International” aspect of the meeting was limited to the three German-speaking countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. So unfortunately no contact with the English-speaking Men’s Rights Movement took place, and contact with those in other non-German languages was limited, much to the WikiMANNia team’s frustration.

Some articles where translated into English in rudimentary fashion. But this attracted little attention in the English-speaking world. The frustration of the German group was, until now, to find people who would allow them to fully enter into the English-speaking world.

We now hope to see that change. After months of talks with the management of WikiMANNia, I have the honor of announcing that AVfM has entered into partnership with WikiMANNia. German WikiMANNa will greatly benefit from an English version and AVfM will benefit from the offerings of this terrific German team.

We strongly encourage anyone reading this with a general interest in the Men’s Rights Movement globally to sign up for a WikiMANNIA account, and begin helping to improve it.

The German team will keep control of WikiMANNia, but we hope to build an independent English-speaking editorial group with its own focus within WikiMANNia. And we hope you will help!

Most German Men’s Rights Activists have limited skills in English. Thus one of the first things needed is someone to clean up the grammar and syntax in many of the English-language articles already there. Even if you speak no German, it doesn’t matter. If you can take the somewhat clumsy English and make it stronger, that’s all you need to do. You can also add new articles and information, and possibly others will work to translate those to German as well.

Do you speak both German and English? Then perhaps you can contribute to both German and English articles. Also, do you speak Italian or Spanish? Then perhaps you can help with the Italian or Spanish articles, which the German group is also very interested in expanding!

Because of Wikipedia McCarthyism, we want to see WikiMANNia grow, just as we want to see the Men’s Human Rights Movement grow internationally, with people of all nations able to take part and cooperate.

On AVfM’s front page menus, you will notice there are now two items under “Wiki” – the AVfM Reference Wiki (which is purely for academic references), and WikiMANNia, which is for anything and everything else. We encourage all members of the Men’s Rights Community to contribute to these projects. If you have purely academic, hard-science references, great, the AVfM Reference Wiki is narrowly focused on that one thing: academic references, please sign up to help with that. Whereas if you want to help with more generalized topics–Men’s Rights Movement figures, history, debates within the community, etc. WikiMANNia is perfect for that.

We see this as not just a great way to expand the reach and scope of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, but also furthering the goal of making our movement truly global, with men’s advocates gaining knowledge and insight and strategies and even terminology from those of other nations.

For example, I have a new favorite new term I’ve learned from the Germans: Purple Poodle!

So please, go now and sign up for WikiMANNia, and help spread the Men’s Human Rights Movement globally.

Finally, while ordinarily, this notice might close with an imperative to go forth and FTSU, what we’re really doing here is the opposite.

The creation and expansion of a reference explicitly excluding gendered ideologies is the un-doing of vandalism and censorship in other sources. So, meine Herren und Damen, go forth and help restore un-corrupted knowledge to the world!

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • Paul Elam

    Huge development, and most welcome. I do hope that some translators volunteer for this important project,

  • Shrek6

    What a damn good idea. Oh and Dean, I have now been converted to the use of “Purple Poodle” as well. The word Mangina is a little crass to be used in respectful company. However, Purple Poodle is one of those names that pricks our imagination. It is a perfect label to lick and stick on the chest of a male who like a dog chasing a bitch in heat, will do anything that this female requires of him, even selling his soul to the devil of feminism.

    By the way, I am convinced feminism IS a religion. It is a pagan religion that has swept the world. It’s tentacles have reached the four corners of the planet and are still spreading. It’s ultimate goal is world domination, but to bring that about, it must first destroy the nuclear family and disarm all men. This religion has been very successful and is now very close to realising its end game!

    • Bewildered

      I have now been converted to the use of “Purple Poodle” as well.

      Probably this will make your conversion permanent !

  • Robert Brockway

    Fantastic. As a Wikipedia editor for 10 years I have become increasingly frustrated by the increasingly pro-feminist bias in certain classes of articles on the English Wikipedia. I’m sure there are ways I could contribute to WikiMANNia.

  • Charlotte

    I took four years of German in grade school. I never got fluent, but I know enough to help translate some articles and clean up the ones others have roughly translated into English.

  • DEDC

    Yes! Great work! And a good article, Dean. I was pleased to see you use the term McCarthyist instead of the common fascist/Stalinist/Orwellian ones that usually show up in MHRM circles – these make me cringe every time I hear them, for I fear they can be used to paint us as extremist (I know the intent is to FTSU, but I think this is counterproductive). I understand the hesitancy at using it, for fear of repelling allies, but this is very much closer to what has happened in our culture with respect to gynocentrism. It is what our culture would look like if you had reversed the positions and sustained it for the last 50 years! Hell, gynocentrism could be viewed almost as reactionary tactical McCarthyesque anti-McCarthyism.

    I would disagree with you slightly on your “feminism is almost a religion” assertion. Feminism IS a religion, characterized by its dissemination outside of an insulated cult-scope and its unwillinglness to question its a priori and core assumptions. The conventional religions are themselves ideologies in addition to being religions. In fact, all religions and cults are always also ideologies. Ideologies become religions the moment the are codified and institutionalized, even if that institution is Tocquevillean (another analogy I support over fascism/totalitarianism) or Nietzschean (herd-animal). And feminism is but a sect of the wider faith of gynocentrism.

    Furthermore, you can find strong allies in the irreligious (Like Tfoot and AA) as they set an example to our opponents: A willingness to question core assumptions (i.e that men are by nature privileged or any men’s movement is necessarily misogynistic) across issues and ideologies and is absolutely vital to the spread of our movement. Too much religious intersection ourselves and the dialogue devolves into tu quoque ad nauseam (and we have only ourselves to blame).

    • Dean Esmay

      Having studied fascist regimes extensively, I’m often surprised by how often people seem to think that these are typified by the Nazis at the height of their power. That is not the case. Whether it was Spain under Franco, Italy under Mussolini, the Ba’athist party in Syria and Iraq, and the various fascist parties that tried but failed to seize power in other nations, the methodologies and mentality are the same–and fascism, by the way, displays all the same characteristics of a religion that you ascribe to feminism.

      The tactics that fascists classically use until they finally have full and complete power. Furthermore, what we talk about here is exactly what Orwell was writing about; remember, Orwell was part of efforts to bring communism to places like Spain, because he BELIEVED in the casue; that effort FAILED, Spain never became communist, but in the meantime, what Orwell witnessed in the ranks of the communists led him deeply disillusioned and jaded, and it was because, once again, of the same sort of dogmatic cultlike censoring hatred and intolernace we’re talking about here. Read about his adventures in Catalonia, and realized it was these experiences that led to Animal Farm and 1984–and Orwell never actually lived in a Communist or Fascist nation. He was writing a warning.

      People also think somehow that feminists don’t destroy people’s lives, destroy their careers, engage in whispering campaigns, false allegations, and more to destroy people. Fact is, they do.

      So cringe if you want; I believe this language is entirely and completely correct. You watch what they did to Janice Fiamengon, and to Nathanson and Young, and to Farrell, and if you can tell me what the difference is between that and the way totalitarians of any stripe behave before they have full and complete control of the government, I’ll be surprised.

      And despite the beliefs of some, feminism does not have full complete control of our government yet. When they do, however, we can fully expect them to behave the same; what’s going on now in Brazel (see Aldir’s latest) is classic Orwellian stuff, classic early-stage fascist mentality.

      When I use phrases like “fascist” and “Orwellian,” I am using them because I believe them to be exactly the correct words.

      • politicalcynic

        “…Displays all the same characteristics of a religion that you ascribe to feminism.”

        I have long thought feminism is a religion.

  • Turbo

    This is another great development, the word is spreading world wide.
    And the “Purple Poodle”, now that term is an absolute winner. Love it.

  • ExpatMatt

    I hate to nitpick your writing, Dean, but isn’t it rather redundant to put ‘clever and industrious’ right before ‘Germans’? :) Good article, and a very intriguing idea, one with which I shall need to acquaint myself.

  • Introspectre

    Ostensibly, this is a great development. But what is up with the MGTOW page:

    “The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement is an offshoot of the men’s rights movement
    consisting of a weird type of straight male separatism. Basically,
    MGTOWers buy into the same rhetoric MRAs spread (“society is actually
    biased against men, not women”, etc., etc.), but instead of doing
    something about it (what MRAs imagine to be doing), MGTOWers have
    decided to stay away from women altogether (hence “going their own
    way”). In other words, it’s a hilarious analog to the lesbian separatism
    movement. It’s unclear if the movement has any power beyond
    “disgruntled douchebags talking shit about women (in general) on the
    Internet”. As a general rule, the reaction of sane people is “FFS, do go
    your own way and stop whining already!”

    The “going their own way” part is often framed not just as
    self-preservation, but as some kind of “strike” that is supposed to
    punish women. Apparently in the worldview of some (if not most)
    MGTOWers, women are some kind of succubi-like creatures, seducing men
    with their feminine wiles in order to exploit them and unable to support
    themselves without men to exploit. (It’s worth mentioning that there’s a
    strong whiff of literal misogyny
    wafting around many in the movement.) There are amusing parallels here
    with the notion of “going Galt” that is popular among right-wingers who
    overestimate their importance in the grand scheme of things.

    Occasionally, proponents of the movement will advocate that
    Western men try marrying Asian women instead, as they are apparently
    more demure and submissive. Asian-American feminists and decent human
    beings are wholly disgusted[1][2][3]
    by this idea, as are the MGTOWers that also frequent Stormfront. At
    least lesbian separatists have real patriarchal traumas to justify their

    Sounds almost like the writing of a radical feminist. I’m MGTOW, not because I think I’m that important, (I actually control my ego rigidly, excessive ego is intellectual weakness, imo) but because I see the legal system and social reality, stacked against me; and my relationship with a woman, could become a legal and possibly physical threat to my own well being, through no fault of my own. And, I will likely be held liable for merely defending myself, even legally. Also, because a great many women and society in general; it often seems, don’t view men as fully human. This dismissive nonsense, full of false implication, does nothing to dissuade me of my choice, but it sure is exaggerated and strange, coming from men’s issues supporters.

    Also, hypergamy don’t real? And this gem at the end, “At least lesbian separatists have real patriarchal traumas to justify their extremism”. Like what, men’s annoying propensity, to resist being unjustly labeled as rapists and pedophiles? I guess this section of WikiMANNia needs some work.

    • Dean Esmay

      This is probably German perception from afar. Time to get in there and fix it then. That’s the Wiki way. Go sign up and set it straight!

      • ChrixtheGreat

        Does not sound like German perception to me. I have herd this view of MGTOW within many of the more extremist PUA circles. It was likely written by one of their number or someone who got their info from one of there numbers. In any case, you are right about one thing, we should get in there and give a MGTOW’s perspective on the movement. What was said there could be left up as is so long as it is specified as controversial perceptions of the community who’s members wrote it and not the way MGTOW is or perceives itself to be.

        • numbCruncher

          The entry for MGTOW has been copied from the “rational” Wiki entry of the same name. If you google MGTOW this comes up about 6th or 7th but don’t follow the link as it will just give the “rational” bastards more hits.

  • Ekalavya

    Wow I like this WikiMANNIA. I hope some one will kick facebook also in the same way..!!

  • politicalcynic

    Very nice!

    And I REALLY like “Purple Poodle”. ROFL.

    I can see it now. Batfem and Purple Poodle, fighting against the evil Flying Patriarchy Monster, wronging rights, oppressing the oppressed, silencing critics with their ear shattering “sonic scream of misogyny” (TM), and bravely damseling where no one has damseled before.

  • John Ridgeway

    The BBC has another take: .

    • numbCruncher

      How astonishing to see the BBC offer a feminist perspective on this!
      I take heart that soon it will no longer be a criminal offence to avoid paying the license fee. Then my money will stop subsidising the pumping of feminist propaganda into every home in Britain and a great many other homes throughout the world.

  • Fellow German

    Dear AVfM,

    I fully support your ambition to create an alternative to Wikipedia that is free from feminist ideology, yet I’m sceptical about your partnership with WikiMANNia. It is clearly an anti-feminist site but many articles also seem to be written from a very traditionalist perspective and appear to be straightward misogynistic and homophobic. For example, the article about homophobia (which is pretty much directly translated from the German article) says:

    “It is not just a matter of reinterpreting sexual disorders to “normal”. Indeed, the policy ensures to pass homosexual practices on to the children in schools.[7] It is not only homosexuality portrayed as normal, but also other sexual disorders such as bisexuality and transsexuality.”

    This strongly implies that homosexuality is, in fact, a “disorder” that should not be considered normal. In my experience, the men’s rights movement is mostly gay-friendly, so such a view does not seem to fit the movement at all. Please be careful about cooperating with WikiMANNia, it can easily shed a bad light on the movement and give feminists yet another reason to portray MRAs as hateful bigots.

    • MGTOW-man

      The reason so many men are against homosexuality is because it goes against their baised beliefs (things they were merely told by people and they fell for) about what makes a male a “man”. The traditional concept of manhood, erroneously thought to be group-owned and policed, highly depends on men accepting the herd-definition of manhood which centers around men getting women sexually and siring kids with her if appropriate—as if that is all our bodies are good for—and no matter the fallout for nearly everything else.

      MGTOW strongly rejects such a sensless notion that ultimately gives near-unlimited power to women. As MGTOW, like most of us, I am not gay, but I see clearly how soooo many men think it is legitimate to be against gay = “real men” too. Gay CAN = real men, and does, and there is nothing the corrall of copycats can do about it. But they try to corner the market on what defines manhood. Transparent and predictable of course.

      This is also whay I jump in on conversations about gay stuff. I clearly see how hetero men are afraid that their precious beliefs will be proven wrong. They have wasted their manhood-pursuit time by doing things that at the end of the day will ultimately prove to have nothing whatsoever to do with being a real man. Of course, they do not WANT to belive that. So, they resist.

      Biologically derived or not, men are still duped, had-suckers for believing all that is merely told to them. At a very minimum and by default, a real man should question his world.

      Change men, change the world! Change what constitutes manhood and man-hating feminism will shrivel.

      Feminism isn’t winning because it is right.

    • Matt Rieckman

      It’s unpleasant to most people. But there’s truth in it. This is a very difficult issue. Feminists actively encourage people to ACT homosexual. That does not make them homosexual. Sexuality is not a choice. And that’s precisely the problem, they demonize men and women who express their gender identity as straight. It makes them the bigots, not us. Actual homosexuals are harmed by this. It devalues their struggles by enforcing the same humaliting intolerance they faced on to heterosexuals. With the feminists doing so making the clear implication that masculinity and femininity even, are choices. It’s a hard topic to broach and people tend to assume the worst without hearing the actual argument. I’m absolutely for LGBT rights, but straight people deserve the same rights as well. They deserved to not have their sexuality criminalized just as much as anyone.

  • MGTOW-man

    Excellent! Wonderful activism! Let us all work to make sure this superimposes the feminist version that is hellbent on erasing the real truth and that has many purple poodles to artificially stilt it up. Thank you Dean.

  • DukeLax

    Thanks Dean for all the ground work you do, making all these important connections!!!Rock on bro!!!

  • Matt Rieckman

    I just volunteered there. I co-founded a wiki based on Legend of Zelda, (Zelda Dungeon Wiki), and have worked on that for three years, and worked two more on another one on its staff before then. I have been accepted as an administrator now at WikiMANNia, as has Robert, and I plan to help with the more technical aspects of coding and such in any way I can.