Fathers Rights guru Dr. Stephen Baskerville talks with AVFM News

Last week Dr. Stephen Baskerville was kind enough to invite Robert O’Hara into his home for an interview.

Baskerville, a professor at Patrick Henry Collegein Purcellville, VA and author of “Taken Into Custody,” has long been thought of as the academic hero of the fathers rights movement.  He has spoken extensively in the news media concerning the family courts and the demise of the rights of fathers.


About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • 2cyar

  • Adaw

    Look at this white knight –

    If you wish, please comment on it as well. How do we hope to win when we undo the damage say – 5%, and the white knights are doing further damage say -20%? They get their platform and play the ‘appeal to emotion’ trick and exacerbate things even more.

    Has someone from the MRM thought about speaking at Tedx Talks?

  • Adaw

    You don’t need to paste the embed code. Just the URL should do fine.

    • Tunga

      Just to post it in a comment, you are absolutely correct. When I posted my original comment, the link in the article was broken, no video was shown just a broken embed code. My comment was just to supply a fix for the article. I expected my comment to be deleted afterward. I’m glad to see the video works in the article now, it’s a very interesting interview.

  • DukeLax

    Mr. Baskerville….A name i have not heard from for a while. Thank you for posting some stuff on the modern MRM site.

  • DukeLax

    American law enforcement when given the choice to persecute innocent men, and manufacture false statistics in return for federal pork bloating dollars; or maintain equal protection under the law (and get no federal pork bloating) …..Modern irresponsible law enforcement are now …..”Taking the pork”.

  • Jonathan B.

    Baskerville is a mental giant. He is on the mark on everything concerning the destruction of the father and family. He rightly points to the Federal Govenrment and Radical Feminism that have legally conspired to destroy those born with a penis.

    This is bigotry. As bigoted as any other bigotry we have fought to eradicate.

    All must read his work. Taken and Custody.

    • DukeLax

      Soon there will be two distinct classes of people….The upper middle class who have a father in the family, and the broken / uneducated matriarchal underclass. The late Senator Patrick Moynihan warned about this 25 years ago.

  • Turbo

    Really enjoyed the interview Robert. It was great to here from Dr Baskerville. As others have stated here, his book Taken into Custody really is a must read.