Paul Cavanaugh Denies Corruption; Misleads Voters Again

In the wake of years of scandal, legal malfeasance and ongoing public controversy, Hancock County District Attorney Carletta Bassano has decided not to run for re-election when her term expires.

So far two ADAs from Bassano’s corruption-addled office have thrown their names into the hat to take her place. The net result of either of them being elected will mean that the entire operation, including the disgraced Mary Kellett whose license to practice law was suspended for several items of malfeasance, will remain intact doing business as usual.

One of those two candidates is ADA Paul Cavanaugh, who was captured recently on videotape politicking with a group of local Republican women. He was being asked questions about the systematic abuses of power that have been exposed in the Hancock County office over the past several years.

Not only did Cavanaugh deny that he believes any such systemic problems exist, he goes on to put on a convincing display of the problem itself by minimizing and misleading the people he is addressing about the conduct of Mary Kellett, and by making highly inappropriate public statements about an active case involving Vladek Filler, literally trying Filler on his own as he postures for the camera and the political group.

The conduct in this video is worthy of bar complaint on its own, even as Cavanaugh denies that there is a culture of corruption in the office he now wants to head.

A side note for you Mr. Cavanaugh. Two, actually. One, you lied to your audience (quelle surprise) when you characterized the MHRM as a group that sees women as a problem. The problems, just like the ones you lied about in this video, are systemic. They involved men like you every bit as much as they do women like Kellett. No one in this movement ever claimed that corruption had a gender. It is men like you that shape our beliefs.

Two, take a look at the faces on the people in this video. You know, the ones listening to you talk. Do they look like they are buying your bullshit? As a prosecutor you should be a good study in body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. What does it tell you?

Do you think this is the last time you are going to have to face questions about the corrupt railroad your team has been running disguised as a prosecutor’s office?

And one last question. Did you really think that concerned citizens were just going to move on to something else after your buddy Kellett got a slap on the wrist for making a mockery of the criminal justice system at the expense of Vladek Filler and countless other men?

Your office needs new leadership, Paul; someone with a very large broom in their hand with a mind to use it on you and everyone else currently in that office. It is the only way to turn your den of thieves into an instrument of the law that commands respect.

Video and background for this story courtesy of Integrity 4Maine.

What an appropriate name.

  • Tom Golden

    What a joke. The man stands there and minimizes Kellets’ offenses and then the other fellow stands up and tells the truth. She asked the jury where was the evidence? And it was the evidence she had with held! Oh so busted but I don’t think it registered with the guests. It didn’t seem like they really got what he was saying. Good to see someone stand up and tell the truth.

    That place, like oh so many in this country, needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom. Problem is, who will replace? Are there any lawyers out there who would be fair to men? I really don’t know.

    • Mr. J

      The other man wasn’t forceful and deliberate enough to be really heard…He really needed to come on like a good attorney and didn’t.
      That Cavanaugh dude came off like an attorney and the other guy tragically did not.
      That other guy’s got to learn that when you need to get a point across you gotta take the bull by the F’n horns and SAY it.

  • Andy Bob

    “If you’re elected, how are you going to break the cycle of misconduct in your office?”

    Paul Cavanaugh said that he wasn’t going to deal with it because it didn’t exist. He attempted to characterize Mary Kellet’s misconduct as an isolated incident which didn’t point to a cycle. Then, after trying to discredit Vladek Filler by highlighting his association with certain groups – obviously AVfM – he completely mischaracterizes the nature of the complaint against Mary Kellet.

    One is left wondering how any of this could possibly be a ‘teachable moment’ for Mr Cavanaugh’s children. Is it a lesson in how to lie and obfuscate your way out of accepting responsibility for enabling the corruption of one’s public office? Gee Dad. that’ll come in handy when your progeny embark on their shady but lucrative careers as a slimy political opportunists. They can borrow your ties to fool people into thinking that they’re only flaw is a penchant for the zany.

    These people operate on a moral plane that I know exists, but never fails to shock. It is particularly sinister when presented in the humdrum setting of what looks like the staff common room of a provincial hardware store. Evil can lurk in the most unlikely places.

  • Michelle Dawson Sayasane

    The Hancock DAs office needs honest lawyers to take over. I was bullied and lied to by this office. I will never trust a DAs office again because of my experience with Mary Kellet and her posse called justice!