Only one thing left…

What can a man do when he has only one thing left for them to take?

People often describe particular creative works of theirs as “labors of love.” I would describe the novel I finished in mid-October, “Web of Lies,” in a different way; as a way of venting my sorrow and outrage. Sorrow over a tragic loss of human-life, outrage at a System running roughshod over those it claims it’s there to protect-and-serve. I’d still like to find one or two men to read it, but once the Beta-readers I have so far have given me their feedback I will begin sending it out in my search for an agent.

What follows this one-liner is the prologue to this 90,000-word paranormal political-fairy-tale: 20 year-old Hennessey Pict is finally ready for her first solo painting show in Dallas, but then her estranged father’s violent death and her life begin to imitate Art…the art of his paranormal comic-book vigilante, Inferno®.


Shortly after June 15, 2011, I learned about how one man’s tragedy – which had been playing out in the courts of New Hampshire for ten years – came to an unthinkable end. There, back east, a beleaguered divorced father of three committed suicide by setting himself on fire. And he did it in front of the very courthouse that was scheduled to serve, on the morning of June 24, yet one more opportunity for players within the so-called justice system to hound him. This time most likely straight into their own jailhouse.

Instead, in essence, the man decided he’d already been hounded sufficiently. I believe he felt – as a man and a father without access to his own precious children – that he was already dead.

For eleven days words failed me. Then on June 26 I thought I got it, and wrote on the poster board I keep near my bed:

What can a man do

when he has only one thing left

for them to take?

After reading the dead man’s 10,000-word explanation I was further confused by the pitifully small media coverage. The thoughtful, articulate man’s very readable, downright journalistic essay contained hard truths, but only for those who would look. It contained truths about his experiences with the powers-that-be who lord it over all of us whether uniformed and out driving the streets, or robed and sitting high on-their-benches in our courtrooms. Most of it, therefore, is relevant to an awful lot of people, not just divorced-men.

While needing very minor polishing, the man’s personal-essay-plus-investigative-journalism was falsely and disingenuously characterized as “rambling.” And, yes, some of the ideas were paradigm-changing. But no, it was not rambling. In my estimation it earned such a label for one reason: to cause its dismissal and “earn” the man the ignominious label of just another Uni-bomber kind of nut job with a “manifesto.”

I contend even women – who might typically dismiss men’s issues, or see the entire sex as privileged and part of the “problem-of-the-Patriarchy” – upon an honest reading would recognize how children get sucked into this “family” system and thereby are routinely at risk of being decimated. They couldn’t fail to see how wives are used as pawns, have their strings pulled by the velvet-gloved side of the iron-fist simply to perpetuate the Big-bucks’ Business System that the incestuous abuse/rehab/family court creature has metastasized into.

Yes, for first-timers (yet to take the Red-Pill, so to speak) it’s unpleasant contemplating what this man reveals about our system; one we’ve been taught to believe is “Just.” And certainly an even harder reality-nugget to absorb is the palpable hope he has: that his final desperate act, his suicide, would inspire a real-world Justice-seeking League. It was especially frightening, I’m certain, to readers guilty of willfully using that very system to spitefully harm others.

He imagined a movement of real-world men like himself: pushed to their own brink; stripped of all their worldly-goods perhaps even cut out of their jobs, too. He hoped to inspire such men who’d been squashed into mere subsistence by this corrupt system, inspire them to once again take charge of their own lives, to take action towards real change and thereby live again. He hoped they’d become fighters for their own freedom – freedom from the institutionalized and most insidious discriminations practiced against men for simply being men.

Too many in this nation seem unaware that even our own long cherished systems can be corrupted; can become so broken as to leave individuals with no way to redress their grievances. But history is full of examples and to believe we are exempt – “just because” – is to choose to remain naïve. Hennessey Pict, the main character in this novel, starts out like that – well indoctrinated by her vindictive, divorced mother, believing the stories she’s been told all her life about a long-gone father who “just walked away.”

If burying evidence is evil, what then is disguising evidence? In this real-world example, disguising truths was as simple as mischaracterizing an essay as “rambling.” In the case of the fictional Hennessey Pict’s estranged father, the disguise was the wholly un-American, anti-First Amendment declaration that his comic-book caused copy-cat violence and therefore his works should be charged, convicted, and then silenced as hate speech.

The once living, breathing, feeling, real man discussed above that inspired me, along with the poor fictional guy whose suicide inspired my fictional cartoonist to create his comic-book series both took their own lives in tremendous acts of desperation.

Art imitating Life imitating Art…

Hennessey’s father, cartoonist Trace Pict, dies in a violent accident and it’s only then that she gets to read his comic-books. In the very first installment she meets his paranormal anti-hero, Inferno®, who, before taking his own life, poignantly declared:

“They have taken my kids, my home, most of my earnings…every f***ing thing except one – my life. And I’ll be damned to a frozen Hell before I let them take that, too.”

I don’t know if this story can make a difference but I hope somehow it will.


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  • lensman

    Your story about a comic book artist’s work being used as evidence against him in a bitter divorce dispute, abused by a bitter vindictive wife to separate him from his kids and vilify him, is closer to the reality than you may think. I recall a case where a very famous comic book artist* was accused of drawing “pornography” and that this meant he was unfit to have custody of his kids. Thankfully, he was able to convince the judge that this was not the case, by giving a passionate speech about what it means to be a comic book artist.

    I am absolutely certain that this would never happen today. Today, just the fact that drew a pair of tits on MS paint ten years ago, would be enough to get him convicted as a sex offender without any trial.

    After reading Thomas Ball’s manifesto, I was really shaken. Not because it was “rambling” but because it made perfect sense. Silencing this man’s final words was indeed criminal, though not as criminal as what they did to him before he self-immolated.

    In any case, I am sold. Where can I read your book?

    *I think it was Art Spiegelman or Harvey Kurtzman -probably the latter since he used to draw for Playboy. I am not certain about it, and I am not going to dig through my entire pile of underground comic books to see which one it is. Dean Esmay is much better at this sort of thing than me.

    • Theseus

      Yup. Thomas Ball’s essay was painful as hell. Someone reading it and then brushing it off as rambling or the ravings of a “nut job” in my mind is one uncaring, selfish SOB.

      Fellow comic geek here. Hell, I would like to dig through your pile of underground comics.

      I believe it was Kurtzman. I could find out pretty quick though. BTW, do you recall several years ago, when the thought police in feminist infested Canada banned all those superhero adult comics that were published by Playboy as “hate speech”, and that they portrayed “violence against women”? I remember laughing my ass off at some of the examples that they used to justify their bullshit. Dipshits.

      • lensman

        Gah! Google has betrayed me! I can’t find any specifics! Sigh… Looks like I have no choise but to visit the vault again.

        Very nice to find another comic book fan as well. I would love to send you some of my stuff, but it will be mostly Greek to you –literally. What sort of stuff are you interested in? I have mostly European stuff (Koenig, Vullemin, Manara etc), a bit of Crumb and a bit of “Freak Brothers”.

        I recall the incident you are talking about very well. The publication in question was “Penthouse Comix” as far as I remember -Playboy wasn’t involved in any way. Apparently, “Penthouse Comix” decided that it was a good idea to publish Milo Manara’s “Click 3″ as an exclusive, and there were a couple of scenes there that really bothered Canada’s feminist moral guardians. Penthouse Comix was banned in Canada and it ceased publication shortly after.

        I am a big fan Milo Manara’s early work (Candid Camera, Butterscotch, Days of Rage, The Paper Man), which had a scathing societal, religious and political satire along with the eroticism. Not so much his latest stuff which is essentially pornography for the sake of pornography. Even so, I didn’t think that he should have ever been banned.

        Yeah, dipshits the whole lot of them.

        • Theseus

          Yeah! It was Penthouse Comix. It’s funny how memory works (well at least my memory). It wasn’t just Manara’s stuff that they they were having a cow about. There was a super herione called “Herricane” that was drawn by an incredibly talented artist and draughftsman by the name of Adam Hughes.

          The Canadian feminist thought police deemed that certain scenes of Herricanes exploits were just too much for the delicate sensibilities of adult Canadians to handle, and that they amounted to violence against women. Again, you would shake your head in disbelief if you saw these scenes; they aren’t even graphic.

          Of course Crumb is the man: The Jack Kirby of American underground comics. I love a lot of the European stuff. I’m also dying to get my hands on the first 10 issues of Heavy Metal or Metal Hurlant ( as it was published in France).

          Y’know, even though it was from a mainstream publisher The Vertigo line from DC continually surprised me with it’s high quality and edginess; both “Sandman” and “Preacher” knocked my socks off.

    • JinnBottle

      Lens – I recall reading that R. Crumb, cartoonist for “Zap” comics in the romantic 60s, had some kind of trouble/near-ruination involving false accusations of daughter-molesting. I think the daughter herself exonerated Crumb? Anyway, you might try search-engining “R. Crumb”/”accusations” or something like.

      Patrice – I can Beta-read your ms if you like. Let me know where your email info is, and I’ll give you mine, and you can send an attachment, if you haven’t got a sufficient number of Betas already.

      Also, if you’re interested in getting the most out of this venture you can, you might try . I’ve not been to their site myself yet, but it sounded very promising for activist-artists when it was announced earlier this year.

      • lensman

        I recall Crumb’s case, but this is different. In this case it was a clear divorce dispute and the artist’s work was used as evidence that he was a danger to his daughter.

        As, I said, I am going to have to dig through my underground stuff and find the article.

      • Patrice Stanton

        Sorry, I answered below but as I said, I would like to Skype (patrice_stanton) with you and the other interested Beta-readers about it. Jade M. at has already be very kind and published some of my graphics and fiction.

        I’m in Texas/CST so reach me by skype during the day typically or e-mail wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net. Thanks in advance.

    • Patrice Stanton

      I would like to Skype (patrice_stanton) with you and the other interested Beta-readers about it. I’m in CentralStandardTime and will be writing a lot (meaning at the computer) during the day beginning Nov 1st. I’ll send out the first 3 chapters (with a quick cover I drew – including the Inferno comic-book prototype) and if folks still want to go on I’ll give them the entire thing in a PDF.

  • Patrick Henry

    “I don’t know if this story can make a difference but I hope somehow it will.”

    I believe every time we talk about it, we make a difference. Every time we talk about it, there’s someone out there that wakes up. We are introducing ripples of consciousness into society. With time, these ripples will become a sea of change. We need to keep talking and never ever shut up.

    • John A

      Correct Patrick, I read the whole thing. Bloody disgrace that such a man was reduced to that. Tragic. The more people read it, the more people will be outraged by it. How many more thousands (millions?) suffer in silence?

      I don’t advocate violence, not even against yourself and I think the activism by the people at AVfM (and others) is going to reduce violence by providing political and legal avenues as well as hope to male victims of domestic violence. What the State did to Tom Ball was violence.

    • Skeptic

      People don’t hear what men don’t say. So keep speaking out brother.

  • John A

    Considering what he had been through, who he was and what he was about to do, it is very lucid, reasoned and to the point. He was entitled to write something much darker and more bitter.

    There has obviously been a concerted effort to defame and demonise him, to ensure he will never become a martyr. To date they have been successful.

  • Paul Elam

    OT, but significant. A blogger in the Atheist community, who does not identify as an MRA, wrote an article on the MRM, including an analysis of AVfM. Some firsts were observed.

    1. It was not a gratuitous hit piece written to impress female readers.

    2. He actually read material on this site and watched videos here before writing his article.

    3. He made a rational analysis.

    4. He made balanced and fair observations.

    5. No, really.

    Hats off to Al Stefanelli.

  • JJ

    I kept waiting, hoping, praying that I am seeing not a wall of injustice; but merely the calm before the major storm that will come and wipe us free of this curse.

    I’m still waiting; believing amidst my struggle as I too fear that in less than ten months I could be shackled and delivered to barely above GED grade prison guards who will be convinced the ass raping I get was desrved. Considering some of these men in prison have diseases,AIDS for example, jail time may as well be a death sentence.

    I don’t care if someone calls me a wacko, nut-job, or a blowhard. I went in, and ws available in the service to have my life taken from meto support a country I felt, at that time, deserved it. It took my past several years of the military coupled with family courts in several states I have fought in to start to make me fight the notion that maybe it isn’t? I know the Nation has value; but is the value left worth what we are going to pay for it? Indeed, what many men better than I have already paid for? Paid with their lives, and loss of the care and affection of their offspring!

    I can’t stand what I see happen to good people while these criminals not merely walk free; but rule from the judges bench. I know I should wait on God; but the temptation to vengeance, to get relief can be strong.

    My child is taken over seas, and my money used on shoes, flatscreens, and pleasure trips while I could languish here. I no longer care. Fortuantely, God blessed me with skills; but I see not even that is enough. If anything, it makes me a more attractive target to enslave me in the priosn system by giving me a felony for something I did not commit; she did.

    They say anything worth having is worth fighting for. I’m begging for examples right now.

    • lensman

      A couple of decades ago in Greece we had a courtroom massacre.

      To bring the story into context: A guy was drunk-driving and got into an accident where some father’s kids were instantly killed. Through his lawyer’s machinations he only got 6 months in prison. Three months after he gets out of prison, he gets drunk yet again and kills another bunch of people. When the grieving father read about this he probably decided to take justice into his own hands because the system failed not only once but twice. He grabbed a gun and shot every person involved in the courthouse before commiting suicide.

      Guess what? Despite the fact that the justice system failed, this still wasn’t the right thing to do. Nothing changed, and, ironically, the murderer in question, the guy who killed four kids by being a drunk asshole, was the only person to walk out the courthouse alive. Last time I checked, he was still waiting retrial.

      My point is this: Taking justice into your own hands is not the answer. Sure, you might take some parasites with you, but then what? At best you will be summarily dismissed and forgotten, at worst, your entire name and your family’s name will go through the mud in order for the system to justify its own incompetence.

      Look, maybe the solution to the problems is not in aggressively and violently “fighting the system” and going out in a blaze of fury. Maybe, what’s worth fighting for is right here. Places like “A Voice For Men” and “Shrink 4 Men” are places where men can get together, discuss their problems and “stick it to the man” in ways that are actually effective.

      I implore you. search other people with similar problems in your area. Contact SAVE services or something similar. Get in touch with other MRAs. Go in divorce courts and see other men who are going through what you do. Befriend them, talk to them. Whatever you do, don’t act irrationally and don’t act violently.


      • JJ

        Normally, I would agree with you. I can’t really say that I don’t. However, I don’t deserve prison. I did not deserve to be dismissed from the service, from child’s life. I routinely apply for work, that match’s my skills, and get passed over. I’m not bitter about that, I get it; they have the right to hire the best candidate. However, if I don’t get work, my family here suffers. I’m working low level jobs in the meantime; but if I fall too far behind for whatever reason; I realize what is going on.

        The patron system of family court is in full operation in my case I am pretty sure. My kid was taken overseas; I was contacted weeks after they were gone. The court itself is justifying it. Silently refusing to handle anything but my child support reduction since I am unemployed. It is already well past six months now, and they will claim now it is too late for them to do anything. It will never be fine in my eyes; but if they are going to jail me just because they keep refusing to lower my support to a fair level simultaneously telling me that it is ok what she has done; I won’t be able to afford the court of appeals process.

        I believe that is their intent. Financially destroy me; they already know that I know my case is likely to succeed outside of family court. She deprived me the opportunity to contest the move, by going anyways without my knowledge or consent.

        To ramrod me into prison because of that is unacceptable in my mind. I had plans, college, operate my businesses; because of these a-holes I have nothing to do with it now.

        • lensman

          Look man, I can’t help you since I am not American, but there are other members of AVfM who will gladly give you a hand.

          Seriously, get in touch with Paul, Dean, JtO, anybody. You are not alone.

        • Dean Esmay

          Check your email. I don’t know if I can help but I can give a sympathetic ear and maybe some advice, maybe.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton


          I, too, have been at the point where you are right now. Different circumstances, but same insanity level, same point of desperation, same helplessness and same alone-ness.

          I guess the Thomas Ball story affects me so personally because I too considered dousing myself with gasoline on the court house steps. I considered chaining myself to the doors and blowing myself up or run screaming and naked through the State Capitol building.

          SOMEthing! ANYthing as a cry out for help, to bring attention to what is being done in our INJustice sytem.

          My nightmares were filled with murderous rage plots or slow motion replays of running my car into a telephone pole or off a cliff.

          ….let me know if I go past the point you are right now….

          I’m going to tell you a few things that got me through those times, a few stepping stones until you find what works for you. Everybody is different, circumstances are different, but let me reassure you – you aren’t the first person to endure these trials, and you are not going to be the last.

          I tried going for counseling. The poor woman…after I told her my story she just sat there aghast, stammering “I…I….I can’t help you. This is just so awful…I …don’t know what to say…”

          Reaching out here, like you have done, is one of the best “first steps”. I eventually found discussion groups of people with similar circumstances that I could turn to at 3:a.m. if need be. I have a loving and supportive family, but there was only so much pain I could burden them with. I found some truly wonderful people who were “recovered” enough from their own agony they could offer a steadying hand to me in my fresh pain.

          There was one prolific discussion group called V.O.C.A.L. that truly saved my life. I have gone back to thank them, but the discussion group no longer seems to exist. They still have chapters you may want to contact. Having people who actually went through the court process advising me of the tricks, the pitfalls and warnings I think made a HUGE difference in the outcome. One man even attended our out of state court hearings with us. That was 15 years ago and I still keep in touch with him from time to time.

          “Mans’ Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankel, and “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living” by Dale Carnegie, I credit with saving my life. I’ve met other “survivors” whose lives were train wrecked by family court repeating phrases from the Carnegie book. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

          My brother in law, a marriage counselor, gave me those two books as well as insisting I explore The Twelve Step Program, even though I do not drink or do drugs.

          After MUCH resistance, I found it to be empowering, especially the step where you change focus from the harm done to you, to the harm you have done to others. I HATED the thought of that at first, but I’m pretty sure I’d be a bitter and damaged person the rest of my life if I hadn’t gotten into the habit of looking at my own sins before holding other’s accountable for theirs.

          Someone gave me a Bible, even though I was adamantly anti religious most of my life. “No atheists in the foxholes” my agnostic WWII Dad used to say. I found when everything I am, and everything I believed in has been taken, there is one thing you can turn to, and that’s, well, belief in God.

          I’m still not “religious”, but I now understand what “God is love” means. I know love is the only thing of value any of us have. I can read the story of Job and actually FEEL the message it conveys. Ecclesiastes is the most frightening – and hopeful – thing I have ever read. The way Jesus handled challenges and adversity has been inspirational for thousands of years for good reason. It isn’t “religious” to appreciate the man’s intelligence and rationale.

          Everyone has to find their own way when dealing with such over whelming adversity.

          Where there is life, there is hope, JJ. Please know I wish you well.

          • Theseus

            I am not religious in any sense of the word, but that was beautiful and heartfelt.

            “I know love is the only thing of value any of us have”.

            You said it!

        • Sasha

          You’ve a lot to deal with for sure, you’re living through a parent’s nightmare. But JJ, I’m sure you can handle it. I think that reaching out and talking to others is a very good idea. It may help you to know that you are not alone – there are hundreds of fathers going through the same experience right now.

          This may not be relevant, but if you feel your lawyer and/or the courts aren’t taking the issue of access to your child seriously, and your child has been taken oversears without your permission, then have you discussed activating your rights under the Hague Convention, which is the international agreement in this area?

          In the United States a good organisation which provides free helpline advice and forums where you can talk to dads in a similar situation is:

          The US State Department advice is:

          A list of organisations by country:

          Good Luck.

    • JJ

      Fellas, I owe you all an apology. Please forgive my moment of weakness. I have been pacing the past hours since I wrote this.

      Lensman, I know you are right; my desire to correct my powerlessness is no excuse. So no worries.

      @Dean, 100%cotton

      I have honestly thought about all that. I just need time.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        “I just need time.”

        I know, JJ. Time is your friend. Time heals all wounds.

        People who are out of time stop reaching out.

        This is something only you alone will endure in your own way, but there are too many others walking alongside not to reach out for a steadying hand or assurance when needed.

        It’s so lame, so ineffectual to read Thomas Ball’s story, to feel the pain in his words, to see the pain in his face and wish he had found that voice in the dark, that straw to grasp before drowning.

        There are too many good people in this world, and you need to keep in mind – you are one of them.

        Live to fight another day.

        Like I said – where’s there’s life, there’s hope.

      • Dean Esmay

        I’m sorry I couldn’t take your call yesterday but if you call back I’m here.

    • Paul Elam


      I just edited part of your comment out. I think you know which part.

      Look, I can’t pretend to know the pressure you are under right now. I do not think you are a wacko or nuts. I think you are being terrorized by a legal system and forsaken by the society in which you live. And I think it sucks.

      I am not banning you for the remark. I am instead pleading with you to stay connected to us and consider speaking with one or more of us.

      JTO is emailing you now. I hope you will speak with him. You can also reach me at

      Please try talking with us away from these comments.

  • Theseus

    I’m headed over there. Sounds great. I am a painter, and I work in dry and mixed media as well. My bread and butter is portraits, illustration, and murals. My own stuff is very conceptual and ranges from representational work to the surreal. ( I know. I need to finish my profile.)

    Currently I am in the early stages of working on a few pieces with an anti-misandry theme. Suffice to say, some of them may be (hopefully) disturbing to the viewers own comfort zones and how they perceive society in regards to men and boys.

    • Theseus

      The above post was a reply to JinnBottle. Long day.

    • lensman

      Where can I see some of your stuff? I love this sort of thing.

      • Theseus

        Hah! I would love for you to see some of my stuff. I’m “old schooling” it right now – carrying around a big clunky portfolio with samples and photos of of my work.

        As we speak I have someone working on building a new website and press kit for me; it should be finished within the next couple of weeks. The piece of crap that I had before was absolutely horrid; it moved really slow and it looked like a 5th grader put it together. I will keep you posted.

        In the meantime do you have dropbox or any address that I could link to so I can send you some examples of my stuff?

        • lensman

          I do have Dropbox account. I’ll register at the forums and PM you.

  • the Tired Low Social

    read the essay. my only disappointment with it was the paragraphs that were omitted, mostly due to the fact that i like fire and sometimes my mind goes weird, though i suppose it’s a good thing since some might actually build those objects and use them. overall though, it was pretty well written with a few spelling errors (internet-induced grammar naziness is coming out more) and it seems like if we can achieve the easy way he mentioned, we’ll be lucky if the way washington is being operated today stays on track, which will suck big time i’m sure

  • Booyah

    Amongst your fellow men who have some compassion for all human life Thomas. You are a hero and your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Lest we forget this brave man who is really the face of millions. The one of those millions that made the ultimate sacrifice in an endeavor to highlight the systemic cruelty to men in our society.

    Rest in Peace Dear Man.

  • The Real Peterman

    Patrice, I’ll read your manuscript if you want. It sounds good. I’m a fast reader :)

    • Patrice Stanton

      I would like to Skype (patrice_stanton) with you and the other interested Beta-readers about it. Or you can e-mail me and I’ll send you the first three chapters (PDF) then we can talk. I’m a decent writer just don’t know what kind of a “story-teller” I am. That’s mostly what I’m looking to find out! wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net

  • Jay


    Your book sounds interesting — okay, I was sold at paranormal political fairy tale. Your introduction to it reminds me of Bag of Bones. I guess you haven’t made clear if this novel is a horror fiction.

    Your book is actually an important book for another reason. To the extent you can publish it and get it noticed, to the extent people buy it (including us), it is one more step into getting Thomas Ball’s life and its manipulation documented in the media and at the Wikipedia.

    Hey to the folks at AVFM: I would really like to see time and date stamps on the posts and comments. Sometimes it is very difficult to know if a thread is still active, or if it is a recent thread or a long ago thread from the past.

    • Patrice Stanton

      Ditto, to the time/date stamps. I would like to Skype (patrice_stanton) with you and the other interested Beta-readers about it. Or I can send the first three chapters (PDF) then we can talk.E-mail me here: wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net

      Hope to be forgiven for my slow replies as well. (Thanks to all for the kind words and I feel a sense of worthwhile contribution if for nothing more than to continue a dialogue on the several subjects this tragedy encompasses.)

  • 4thtroika

    I tried going for counseling. The poor woman…after I told her my story she just sat there aghast, stammering “I…I….I can’t help you. This is just so awful…I …don’t know what to say…”

    I’m not surprised. If counselors are as indoctrinated in feminism as I’ve been told, this was probably the first time she’d ever heard of something like that. It’s a wonder her brain didn’t explode.

  • Imdefender

    I am shocked I have a sick feeling right now even as I tip this. Something hit me right in the gut after I read this I thought to myself “How do we change such corruption ?”

    It occurs to me that there are 2 ways. One is MGTOW .

    The other one well is down right depressing but could work and if your going thou a Divorce well its the only real way to fight back and that is to simply sell every thing in your name as fast as you can either hide the money or donate it to a charity.

  • Ethical

    Great article. Congrats on finishing the book, if you need someone to give it a read I’ll humbly volunteer my layman’s opinion. Also I’m really glad to see Thomas Ball’s case is still on people’s minds. With sites like AVfM the power of the mainstream media to censor away the truth might be slipping.

  • JGteMolder

    Can someone give me a link to the book?