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Nadine O’Connor of Fathers 4 Justice on ITALK

Nadine O’Connor of Fathers 4 Justice, who rumor has it may be appearing on AVfM Radio soon, had an interesting interview a couple of years ago:

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  • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

    Dean, The Honey Badgers or anyone at AVfM should have and air a discussion with Nadine or Matt or Children 4 Justice. Please. 😉

    Nadine is a top MHRA. She and Matt represented F4J and the movement at the palace of Westminster with George Galloway MP last year.

    It is noteworthy that one third of F4J membership are grandparents and partners. At the event Rose of the new Children 4 Justice spoke about her own experience.

    The problems in the UK are ubiquitous across the so called civil services. Gender feminism, white knights and manginosity rule supreme. The rights of men and boys are barely on the agenda but there is hope now that the children are growing up and speaking out. It seems that the circle is complete.

    Good luck to Mike Buchanan in 2015.

  • crydiego

    Abuse happens behind closed doors, -even the doors of a courtroom!