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Molyneux: The truth about Robin Williams

From Stefan’s Channel: After a lifetime of comedic achievement, the suspected suicide of Robin Williams shocked the millions of people for whom he had become a household name. What brought about the tragic end of such an accomplished man? What is the truth about Robin Williams?

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  • Andrew Ulrich

    I keep hoping that Robin Williams’ death will mean something and will spark a discussion in the media about divorce and family courts.

    I should know better by now.

    • Mike F

      I think it will get a few people more but I don’t think there will be any one trigger event. It’s just a case of any exponential process. it continues to build under the surface, largely out of sight of the mainstream public until it reaches a size where it can’t be ignored any more. Are we close to that time? Maybe…

    • Chris Wedge

      If there wasn’t an active coverup, we’d have won already.
      It’s all about agitating beneath the surface until ignoring the issues is an impossiblity.

    • Abel Dada

      It is honest narratives like this by Stefan Molyneux and A Voice for Men that provide an alternative cultural interpretation to counter the dishonest and discredited feminist hegemonic propaganda.

      • Abel Dada

        Aug 15 – Stefan made additional comment to include new info here =>

  • Shrek6

    Well said Stefan. Well said!

  • Man Alive

    As I understand it there are two major factors involved in suicide – loss of identity and loss of community.
    He apparently suffered on both counts.

  • Tom Golden

    Excellent! I had no idea of Robin Williams’ very difficult history. Many thanks to Stefan for putting this together and for his insights into the stresses he faced. This is the sort of reporting that the media might provide if the one committing suicide was a famous woman. Not so with a famous man. He is a coward and selfish.

  • crydiego

    Powerful words that need to be said.

  • Screwtape

    I am mildly amazed at the nearly universal sadness at Robin William’s passing. Williams touched us all in a personal; way so much so that we are united in grief at his passing.

  • Chris

    Just read online a few minutes ago, along with all his other challenges, Robin Williams had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

    • Paul Elam

      You read that this is the claim of his wife, who did not give details about when or where he was diagnosed, or what his symptoms were.

      The jury is out on that. Now, likely only an autopsy will tell.

    • Estlin

      Reeks of SPIN. Days later, this ‘diagnosis’ comes to light from the widow? An indifferent spouse leaves for the day with their severely depressed partner hanging dead in the next room?
      Looks like a major CYA move by someone with the cash to do it. Such diagnoses, past or present, can be arranged by any competent law firm with the financial backing. Any clever woman would see the total opportunity for – at least – a civil suit. (And most any man would simply be awaiting trial.)

  • mark mooroolbark

    Thanks, Stefan. Your clip was deeply moving.

  • Estlin

    Right, it’s SOP to take a hard look at the deceased’s spouse. I have no idea about her, but she sounds distant. Your point about the knife marks is spot on. He was a very smart man. In situations like this, I often find it implausible that something isn’t being covered up; but enough money can buy just about any bullshit.

    • BB

      I’ve never seen people including investigators to just believe it’s really that simple & nothing more. And one person, his 3rd wife, announces supposed PD, & suddenly every msm jumps on it like its fact. Not one msm has questioned anything, which never happens. It’s all just too tidy. Why so quick to make it a simple suicide? What would it hurt to have a real investigation?

  • Xbillion

    The MSM will avoid discussion of divorce laws and alimony. Female accountability or blame is off the table. Hence the need for an MRM. Or maybe the feminists that claim to be fighting for men will be on it (ha).