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West Virginia Speaker Tim Miley Won’t Talk Court Reform

This is a classic example of someone who has the power to fix a problem, but, instead, through his inaction, allows the corrupt West Virginia Family Law Court system to destroy thousands of innocent lives:

West Virginia Speaker Timothy “Tim” Miley, (D), is in a great position to reform the broken family law system. Instead, he’s playing ignorant while rolling out the tired “hand over the camera lens” stunt when questioned about his political inaction.

For months Miley has been aware of proposals to clean up West Virginia’s “Judicial Hellhole” including the family law system. In recent weeks Miley has been ducking telephone calls about the important issue.

Miley can duck, but he can’t hide.

Monday night, February 24th, 2014, PutnamLIVE.com met Miley on his home turf. We drove to the West Virginia Capitol, in Charleston, and stunned the speaker by walking right up to his podium and asking why he hasn’t taken the important steps toward Family Law Court reform in West Virginia. It may be the first time a House Speaker has been Ambush Interviewed at his podium.

Ever the politician, Miley claims he hasn’t seen the proposals. He didn’t answer about not opening his email. And he didn’t tell anyone why he hasn’t returned our telephone calls. He also didn’t offer to meet with Family Law Reform proponents to hammer out emergency legislation to solve the problem.

Instead, Miley repeatedly put his hand over our video camera’s lens and asked PutnamLIVE.com to leave. We did. But the broken West Virginia Family Law system remains behind, along with Miley-if he manages to get re-elected in November. Fathers have a huge say in that matter. And we’re betting they won’t be voting for Miley-especially after watching our video.

“It’s amazing that they won’t fix the broken Family Law Courts,” says PutnamLIVE.com’s Publisher Mark Hallburn, a single father. “Many politicians are divorced fathers. Regardless of their marital status, most of them are fathers. They know about the problems. Yet they sit back and watch children and fathers being abused. It’s disgraceful!”

When jackass politicians like Tim Miley show their arrogance and ignorance, chidlren lose.

Here is a list of the proposals that Miley is ignoring:

1) Temporary orders must be subject to immediate appeal.

2) Reporters must be allowed in Family Court rooms.

3) All public officials must be subject to recall.

4) Two year terms for all judges.

5) Child custody decisions made by juries of parents.

6) Judicial Investigation Commission is made up of civilians instead of judges. Full time employees, meet weekly on each case. 10 days to file charges.

7) All judicial complaints become public record.

8) All orders are stayed until appeal is decided.

9) Temporary orders have a 10 day limit.

10) BOTH parents must take psych exam.

11) If psych exam isn’t taken, that person automatically loses custody.

12) Rules 5, 11, and 17 are nullified.

13) All court pleadings, appeals, recusals, etc., must be acceptable in plain English.

14) No judicial immunity.

15) Judges may be removed from case automatically upon recusal request.

16) If judge is sued by a litigant, automatic recusal.

17) Automatic 50-50 joint custody if that was situation prior to divorce/separation.

18) If a partner is removed from the home, settlement is made on day of removal.

19) Any judge that violates a court rule is automatically disqualified.

20) Citizens may start impeachment proceedings with automatic legislative session triggered by impeachment filing.

21) Unless child abuse can be proven, each spouse may take child out-of-state for travel.

22) No restrictions on overnight visits unless child abuse is proven.

23) DVP registry is open to the public/press.

24) Term limits for judges.

25) All civil court orders must be enforced by all law enforcement officers.

26) JIC must be able to immediately suspend judges – with pay – until a final hearing.

27) JIC must be able to prosecute judges for criminal and civil misconduct.


Major Family Law Reforms Proposed

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John Brown is a journalist who works in West Virginia to expose a corrupt judiciary.

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  • SlantyJaws

    I disagree with allowing reporters into the family courts, they have the potential to make an already bad situation considerably worse. There’s no certainty that a reporter is going to take the side of the father, often it’s quite the opposite situation, plus the closed family courts were formed originally partially because of the amount of lies flung about.

    Do you really want to read about “and then Mrs Whathaveyou accused her husband of molesting the children while she was away visiting her mother for the weekend” in the local gossip column? If one side or the other plays up to the press they might very well try to get their way in the court of public opinion, which on emotive matters is the last place justice can be found.

    Also automatic recusal could be very easily abused, if things aren’t going well for one party they could just recuse their way through all available judges, then what?

    • justman

      Is it just reporters who are barred from the courtroom, or is it the general public as well?

      I can’t help but think that sunshine is the best disinfectant, and the family court should be open to ANYONE. The more people can observe the crazy accusations and crazy rulings that occur in family court, the sooner it can be reformed.

      What are the rules in the 50 states, does anyone have a reference? In California, the court MAY be closed at the discression of the judge, apparently.


      • SlantyJaws

        I guess it would depend on the jurisdiction but around here it’s a closed court. I’d be very wary of opening it up to be honest. Besides family members believing lies you’d have tourists coming in for the laugh and a host of other problems, in my opinion.

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FamilyCourtDads/info Gary Trieste

    Yeah, although some of those reforms are spot-on, others are a bit pollyanish and are not to a view of how abuse of the reformed rule could very easily undo any of the legitimate proceedings.
    As a quick review of the numbered reforms, IMHO:

    1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27

    Neutral or Not enough detail to determine:
    2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 24,

    Bad or Not thought out for unintended consequences:
    11, 15, 16, 20, 23,

  • Andy Bob

    Many thanks to John Brown for bringing this to our attention. It must come as a shock to politicians like Tim Miley to be confronted by vigilant watchdogs – much respect to Mark Halburn and PutnamLIVE.com – demanding immediate reform on this particular issue.

    There are no prizes for guessing why politicians are so nervous about the family court system. The moment they start challenging the injustice of its procedures and outcomes, swarms of feminist ideologues will swarm in with their ever-ready threat narratives. Tim Miley fears being labeled a misogynist who supports the ‘war on women’, domestic violence and rape culture.

    What people like Mr Miley need to understand is that a significant segment of the voting public have grown suspicious of this imaginary ‘war’. Those who invoke it are starting to be perceived with exasperated cynicism and distrust. look at what happened to Julia Gillard, ex-Prime Minister of Australia. Her misogynist speech in parliament was lauded around the world via the feminist-driven MSM as a brave and inspiring stand for women’s rights. She didn’t stay smug for long.

    In the real world, enough Australians saw it for what it was: a dishonest attempt to smear a political opponent in order divert attention away from her incompetence and ineffectual leadership. What was heralded by feminists as a landmark of sticking-it-to-the-patriarchy bravado was, in reality, the death-knell for her political career. On that day, some of the hair-line fractures in the feminist foundation joined up to create the kind of structural damage that feminists are afraid to acknowledge, and ill-equipped to repair.

    It is not difficult to understand why Tim Miley looks like he is trying to disappear into a wall. He must know how savage feminists can be and that attempting to reform the family court system would put hem into rabid attack mode. As feminist credibility begins to crumble, this could work in his favour.

    Tim Miley needs to remember that Tony Abbot, the target of Julia Gillard’s misogyny slander, is now the Prime Minister of Australia. He didn’t have to respond to Ms Gillard and the Emily’s Listers – the voting public did it for him. Surely the rights of fathers and their children, whose lives are being damaged and destroyed, are worth risking a bit if feminist spittle – even on an expensive suit.

    Hopefully, Mr Miley will locate his spine and give it a try. The outcome may surprise him.