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It’s about time: Family law attorney sentenced to two years

Although this story is a few months old, it has largely escaped the mainstream news media outside of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay area. Since it was part of a larger corruption scandal, this attorney’s part in it was a side note.

I want to get this out there for the benefit of some of the victims of family court tyranny and terrorism, since the mainstream press has not covered this extensively, outside of a few articles in the Bay area:

“Dirty DUI” attorney gets two years in prison for her role in scandal

Divorce lawyer gets 2 years in tax evasion, eavesdropping

Former family law attorney and now U.S. Federal inmate Mary Alice Nolan accepted a plea deal back in February for her role in a “Dirty DUI” scandal that also involved a dirty private investigator and ex–Antioch Police Department cop by the name of Christopher Butler of “Butler & Associates,” who was also developing a reality TV show depicting female private eyes.

Butler was sentenced to eight years for his role in the “Dirty DUI” scam as well as a host of other crimes that took down four dirty cops in the Bay area and is allegedly now cooperating in the prosecution of the others involved.

Former family law attorney Nolan represented women in high-conflict divorce cases in the Oakland–San Francisco Bay area and was known as a ferocious attorney. Some comments on Yelp revealed that Nolan caused the high conflict. According to news reports and court testimony, Nolan paid Butler to install listening devices into the cars of men who were involved in divorce cases with female clients whom Nolan represented. The purpose as described by Butler in interviews with law enforcement and prosecutors was to obtain incriminating evidence against the men that Nolan could use against them in subsequent family law proceedings, such as child custody, support, and alimony proceedings for her female clients.

Butler has already admitted to installing these devices in 75 to 100 cars, but it was not clear just how many he did for Nolan.

To further gain an advantage for her female clients, Nolan then instructed Butler to “set up” some of these men for “Dirty DUIs.” Butler, the aspiring reality TV producer, then had attractive young women, whom he paid $25 per hour for a four-hour minimum, meet up with some of the estranged husbands in local bars for drinks. At least one man had met one of the women on

Butler watched and filmed the couple as the paid female associates of Butler began making suggestive comments and acted in a very provocative manner while consuming large amounts of alcohol. One of the women in one of the recordings stated, “I haven’t had sex for so long.”

When the women suggested to their male dates to go “hot-tubbing,” that was Butler’s cue to begin the next step, which was to watch the men get in their cars, then call in and report a “drunk driver” to local cops, who were also in on the deal.

Shortly thereafter, the sobriety-challenged men were stopped by a black and white police car, which ultimately resulted in their arrest for DUI. At least one man’s blood alcohol level was .12, and others were around the basic limit of .08 but were good enough to legitimize the arrest.

Within two to three months, Nolan was back in court, using the DUI arrests of these men in child custody proceedings, claiming they were unsafe, or to get increases in alimony and child support.

Gee, a dirty, greedy, lying, corrupt family law attorney; a corrupt, lying, greedy private investigator and ex-cop; and dirty cops: where have we heard that before?

Corrupt former lawyer Nolan, as part of her plea deal for the tax evasion conviction, had to pay nearly 500K in back taxes, plus a large fine, which forced her to sell her luxury home in the Oakland area. Nolan claimed for several years that her yearly income had been between 20K to 50K when it was actually in excess of $1 million per year. A slight accounting error.

Thankfully, the men who were caught up in Nolan and Butler’s abhorrent criminal behavior had their DUI convictions expunged, and Nolan is facing at least two and possibly as many as six civil suits by these male victims.

Nolan and Butler were part of a larger corruption scandal that included several police officers from a Contra Costa County drug task force and that involved theft of drugs, weapons, property, and prostitution. A couple of disgruntled employees of Butler allegedly “blew the whistle.”

• Norman Wielsch, 49, a former Antioch police officer,  former head of a Contra Costa drug task force, and friend of Christopher Butler, is currently free on $400,000 bail on conspiracy and drug-dealing charges.

• Stephen Tanabe, 47, a former Antioch police officer, former Danville police officer, and Alamo resident, is free on bail for drug and weapon charges.

• Louis Lombardi, 38, a San Ramon Police officer, charged with five felony counts in connection with the case, is also free on bail.

• Don Lawson, a now-retired Concord police officer and a former identity theft consultant for Butler,  is currently a Clayton-based identity theft consultant.

One would think that the antics of Nolan would have been extensively reported and vilified by the legal community, but you would be wrong.

Here is a link to the American Bar Association article in their publication, the ABAJournal. The federal indictment can be found there as well as an additional article:

Lawyer accused of bugging cars, evading taxes is set to enter guilty plea

Private Detective Accused of Setting Up Divorcing Men for DUIs with Help of Alluring Women

This is all the ABA had to say:

A California lawyer accused of evading taxes and hiring a private investigator to bug the cars of clients’ spouses is expected to enter a guilty plea later this month.

Divorce lawyer Mary Nolan, 61, of Oakland is expected to enter the plea on Sept. 27, though details are unknown, report the San Francisco Chronicle and the Contra Costa Times.

Nolan was accused in an indictment last year of tax evasion and paying private investigator Christopher Butler to plant listening devices in cars of her clients’ spouses and significant others. She intended to use the recordings to assist her clients’ legal proceedings, according to the indictment.

Butler testified in a separate case last month that Nolan hired him to stage the DUI arrest of Declan Woods, one of two plaintiffs who claim in civil suits that the lawyer worked with Butler to “dirty” them up before divorce litigation, the Chronicle says. The suits say Butler hired alluring women to drink with the men at bars. The women then asked the men to follow them in their cars, at which point Butler would call police to report drunken driving.

The California State Bar was worse in their publication of Nolan’s activities, and only lists her state bar status as “not entitled to practice.”

As of December 24, 2013, this is all the California State Bar had to say on their website, with additional links to the disciplinary proceedings documents:

MARY ALICE NOLAN [#108907], 61, of Oakland was placed on interim suspension Dec. 24, 2013, following a felony conviction for tax evasion and unlawful interception of communications. She was ordered to comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court.

Rule 9.20 of the California Rules of the Court essentially means that Nolan must make notifications to clients of her conviction within a specific time frame.

Here’s the link:

Rule 9.20. Duties of disbarred, resigned, or suspended attorneys

From the CA State Bar website, you can link to her disciplinary order by the State Bar Court:

In the Matter of Mary Alice Nolan, A Member of the State Bar, No. 108907

Respondent Mary Alice Nolan has been convicted of violating title 18 United States Code section 2511 (1)(a) (interception of communications), a felony that does not inherently involve moral turpitude but may involve moral turpitude or other misconduct warranting discipline based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the conviction, and title 26 United States Code section 7201 (tax evasion), a felony that provides probably cause to believe it involved moral turpitude based on the record of conviction.

Here’s the disturbing part. The State Bar Court states that her felony conviction does not inherently involve moral turpitude but may involve moral turpitude or other misconduct warranting discipline. Basically,  it’s legal-speak mumbo-jumbo bullshit.


Bugging divorcing males’ cars, setting them up for dirty DUIs, screwing them over in the family court, costing them tens of thousands of dollars and the separation from their kids, destroying their reputations, fraud, and falsifying court documents DOES NOT inherently involve moral turpitude??

And the California State Bar and the State Bar Court only list her license status as NOT ELIGIBLE TO PRACTICE LAW, basically a suspension for doing time in the federal slammer?

Is there anyone out there who is not completely convinced as I am that the legal system in the State of California and the rest of the country is completely incapable of policing their own?

Nolan was looking at 15 years but received 24 months, of which the prosecutor asked for a sentence of 37 months, of which she’ll probably only do a year at Club Fed in Dublin, whittling her time away between yoga sessions and tennis matches.

This corrupt lawyer should do the full 15 years and have her license to practice law pulled, not suspended. She should be making little rocks out of big ones while chained to the inmate next to her, under the watchful eye of a guard sporting a 30.06.

Here is a link to the Bay Area Divorce Lawyer Blog and an article written by family law attorney Lorna Jaynes:

Ethically challenged client and California divorce attorney trick ex-husband into drunk-driving after setting him up with hot-tub blonde on

Bay area family law attorney Lorna Jaynes apparently at one time represented a client and her opposing counsel was Mary Nolan. Jaynes bowed out of the case when she realized who she was up against. In Jaynes’s post on this blog, she commented on the Nolan case and titled her article, “Ethically challenged client and California divorce attorney trick ex-husband into drunk-driving after setting him up with hot-tub blonde on”

So I guess a guy involved in a nasty divorce going out for a few drinks with a hot blonde who was leading him on is deemed “ethically challenged” by Ms. Jaynes. The guy probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind and should have realized that he shouldn’t get behind the wheel, but Jaynes doesn’t seem to think Mary Nolan, who was involved in a criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, falsifying official court records, accessory to emotional child abuse, fraud and fraud upon the court, wiretapping, and income tax evasion is “ethically challenged.”


This is the mindset of a large segment of family law attorneys in California and everywhere else. Convictions for multiple federal felonies are considered to be, or may not be, an inherent violation of moral turpitude, not worthy of commendation by professional legal associations and oversight bodies, and not worthy of disbarment.

What do these corrupt lawyers have to do in order to get disbarred: commit a murder on video and then confess to it?

Here is a link to the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, which shows that Nolan is serving her time at the Dublin California Federal Correction Institute, where she is scheduled to be released in December 2015. FCI Dublin is a minimum security prison for females.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Lookup

Using this search tool will find:

Register Number: 17613-111
Age: 62
Race: White
Sex: Female
Located at: Dublin FCI

Release Date: 12/01/2015

This is the address, phone, and email for FCI Dublin, and if you are as outraged as I am, then please feel free to exercise your First Amendment rights by politely voicing your displeasure with the warden with the slap-on-the-wrist sentence given to Nolan and oppose any early release. It would be nice to see her serve every second of her sentence.

FCI Dublin
5701 8th Street, Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568
Email: DUB/
Phone: (925) 833-7500
Fax: (925) 833-7599

It’s plain to see the vast amount of damage that just this one corrupt family law attorney has caused, yet the legal system does not seem to share the same level of disgust that the trail of victims she left in her wake and others do.

Let’s hope that the plaintiffs suing Nolan will prevail, and let’s hope that she never practices law again, ever.

Here’s your chance, readers. Let the FCI Dublin warden hear your voice.

And Mary Alice Nolan, may you rot in hell.

About Michael Conzachi

Michael Conzachi is a retired three decade law enforcement veteran in Southern California, and private investigator with approximately 35 years of law enforcement and private investigative experience. He serves on several child abuse and victim advocacy group boards, is a contributing writer for several similar advocacy organizations and has authored a restraining order legislative change proposal to the California State Senate.

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  • PlainOldTruth

    We the people paid to have the prisons built. And we want them filled properly: with unethical officers of the court (judges, lawyer, prosecutors) and all the unfaithful public servants we can find. And we want all their assets seized and returned to the victims who are the actual owners of said assets. A government as bloated as this one cannot any longer operate as a proper service-provider and as a whole can merely operate as a traditional warlord mafia protection racket.

    In deference to those whose faith requires it however, outside every prison (excuseme, I meant to say, in newspeak: “correctional facility”) there will be a shrine built, so that government worshippers may perform their ablutions to the priests, pastors, nuns and demigods of the Church of Government Worship which are corralled inside those thick razor-wire topped walls.

  • Bombay

    This was an organized crime and all participants should be charged with racketeering.

    • Jesse James

      Yeah well, good luck getting that through the unconstitutional abstentions the federal courts use to deny hearing these cases.

      Title IV-D funding corruption goes all the way to the top. Tricks like this attorney know that as long as the federal big whigs see their lions share of the cut, they can carve up the rest of the families earnings. Both mom and dad, because as long as they fight the fees just keep building.

      • PlainOldTruth

        True. But since the gov’t debt in US, UK, and elsewhere is mathematically unsustainable not to far from now there will be epic shake-ups. Every person’s (not just family court human-sacrifice subjects) savings and earnings will be targeted to pay for the unearned salaries of the parasites who rob and cage us. Building the will, the principled mindset, strategies and tactics in advance will influence the outcome. — Some men and women are so un-narcissistic that the can have the character to hold a family together and protect their children from the vile teachers’ union toadies of the top-down control freaks who want the children’s minds AND their bodies.

        This is the history of humanity. Self-preservation (of self AND of offspring) in the face of a multitude of threats. Nothing new about it. Takes character.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Oakland, CA is the second most unfriendly city in the world:

    After reading of this corruption and this woman getting what is effectively a pass, it should be number one.

    She should be legally nailed to the wall, and disbarred from ever practicing much more than a harmonica.

    And they wonder why we don’t trust lawyers, it probably should be the most regulated industry in the world, answerable and punished by those OUTSIDE of it.. The American Bar Association needs to enforce a better system of ethics.

    • Jesse James

      Usagi, come on…tricks are for kids. No offense!

      But the fact is, the attorneys know we know they are corrupt. Yet half the populace, or close to, knows their corruption is to their benefit; the other half is either helping to condemn the other portion of their population. Or does not care enough to even write about/talk-to others about it.

      So why should they stop? They have no “incentive” to do so.

      • Usagi Yojimbo

        If any profession needs government oversight…

    • sig.other

      I wouldn’t call 2 years in a federal penitentiary “effectively a pass.” This ain’t gonna be “Orange is the New Black: Season 5.” Federal time is no summer camp, especially for some silk-collar 60 year old who’s never had to ask permission to go the the bathroom during her adult life.

      Secondly: the American Bar Association is a lobbying/professional organization; it gives out as many law licenses as the NRA gives out concealed carry permits (zero, just in case you don’t get the analogy). It has no disciplinary authority. All attorney licensing and discipline is handled by each state. And in this situation, the California State Bar disbarred Ms. Nolan, so yes, she is legally prohibited from practicing law in California (and every state I’ve ever heard of refuses entry to someone disbarred in another state).

      As for “answerable and punished by those OUTSIDE of it” – your lack of knowledge about the basic functioning of this system kind of indicates why that’s not workable. Professional organizations always monitor their own because you have to understand what it is (i.e. be one yourself) in order to monitor it.

      • michael conzachi

        Sig – In some respects you are correct, but the State Bar doesn’t have to just rely on a criminal conviction. They have the authority and the responsibility to conduct their own investigation. They could have just as easily pursued additional charges against her, interviewed her male victims as to the conspiracy issue, the fraud upon the court and all of the other violations that she committed. They didn’t. They just sat back on their hands, did nothing and relied on purely what the feds were doing. That is one of many problems with the State Bar. If someone else is investigating, they sit back and wait for them to finish, then in most cases; if nothing is done, they claim, oh well the feds investigated and nothing happened, were done.

  • Estlin

    Thank you for writing this, nice job. We need a whole lot more articles like this one, I think. The pussy pass dynamic may have contributed to human survival for a time, but I have my doubts that we will survive with it now.

  • Andybob

    All of the ex-wives were in on it, but weren’t even given slaps on the wrists. It is my understanding that the excuse given is that prosecutors needed the testimony of every one of them to ensure a conviction.

    I wonder if they printed a special jumbo-sized Pussy Pass especially for this occasion, or stuck with the standard issue.

    Predictably, several hand-wringers show up in the comments section of one of the linked articles to archly lecture on the impropriety of the male victims of this scam in participating in sending the mothers of their children to prison. Others note their sadness that Nolan will be leaving prison, aged 64, with her retirement plan in tatters.

    Nolan’s criminal campaign of terror against ex-husbands on behalf of their vengeful ex-wives gets her a year of yoga sessions and tennis matches – what, no spa facilities? The ex-husbands’ lives are destroyed, while their ex-wives simply walk away enjoying the fiscal benefits of instructing their lawyers to commit crimes on their behalf.

    It is hardly surprising that all of this is happening in a world with judicial systems that struggle to comprehend the concept of ‘moral turpitude’.

    • michael conzachi

      Andybob – OUTSTANDING comment, and yes, the wives were given a pass, but the cavalier attitude by the bar associations really says it all. In their mind, even serious federal felonies are just given nothing more than a passing thought. This is not an isolated incident, this kind of criminal behavior is routine in family law, it just so happened that this lawyer got caught up in a larger corruption scandal. I wonder what would have happened if this came about as just of a complaint from one of these men. The bar probably would have kissed it off.

      • CuriosityKilledTheCult

        Is there a resource on this site that lists fair and competent family law attorneys that fight for father’s rights?

        I’m one of the 6% that got sole custody. I’d like to provide the name of my attorney but I don’t know if it would be appropriate. They are licensed to practice in CA.

        Let me know what you guys think.


        • Stu

          Yeah but did you win because your attorney was kicking arse on your behalf, or did you win because your ex is a coke addicted violent phycopath who was currently locked up in a mental institution for the criminally insane after microwaving the neighbors kids and trying to serve them up for dinner passed off as pork…..with an apple in their mouths?

          Sometimes a guy can win, without his attorney even being on his side.

          • CuriosityKilledTheCult

            I can’t answer that. There were extenuating circumstances, (I don’t know if that’s the right term) on the exes side, as well as having a male pro tem judge. I thought my attorney did a fair job, but I might be biased by the outcome.

            Maybe I was just lucky.

            I still think it would be an important resource to have a list of father’s rights friendly attorneys on, or linked to from the site.

            We have Dr. T and Mr. Golden who are friendly mental health people that tell us what to look for in a good therapist.

            At the very least, one of the attorneys associated with this site should post an article or video explaining what to look for in an attorney.

          • michael conzachi

            Stu – LMAO but I think there are some like you described that get restraining orders, full custody, major alimony and child support, the house, the cars and everything else. It might, and I say might be different if they nuked a small country, then maybe, just maybe, they might only get 50-50 custody.

        • michael conzachi

          C – There are some, but unfortunately they are few and far between. There’s just so much money that can be made that it has become the primary motivating factor. I am unaware of anyone at AVFM making a recommendation for an attorney, but there are articles with some positive things that some good attorneys do. I don’t know what the management of AVFM would say, but if you are presenting it that your attorney did you right without recommending him/her, I don’t think there would be any problem with that. If I am wrong, then I stand corrected.

          • sig.other

            Attorney referrals from a third party non-attorney are tricky, especially on the interwebz. For example, CA R.P.C. 1-400 isn’t as restrictive as some states, but it’s still a lot of hoops to worry about. Generally as a consequence, a smaller firm, which family law firms tend to be, won’t put much or any effort towards being involved with such a listing or group. But if the idea comes to them, it might get off the ground. It could be a good idea if some attorneys are looking for an extra bump in the male-representing family law niche.

        • Lee

          I would be interested in your recommendation. I’m working on a documentary on the subject of Father’s Rights in CA.

      • sig.other

        The site is a “license check” feature. It only lists attorneys’ status as one of four things: active, inactive (left practice or left the state), deceased, or “not eligible.” It isn’t designed or intended to convey more information than the status of their license, and if they have been officially disciplined (there are unofficial disciplines that are not reported on that page). It is functioning as designed. Also, your beef with the bar page seems odd; it’s reporting the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding (disbarment) and the factual basis for the discipline. What more do you want? (also, a 9.20 notice is the professional equivalent of a sex offender registry, for what that’s worth. She’ll never practice here again).

        Furthermore, a license to practice law is a government entitlement; the Bar must follow due process to revoke it, because rules and stuff (i.e. the Constitution, the Bill of Rights). The rule is that attorneys get disciplined for acts of moral turpitude: fraud, deceit, stealing, lying, and egregious felonies demonstrating a lack of judgment and/or a danger to clients (murder, extortion, arson, rape, burglary, kiddie porn), which are usually defined by the State Bar jurisprudence or rules. So if someone is convicted of something that is de facto moral turpitude, they get the axe without further deliberation. If it’s not de facto moral turpitude, they have to proceed with their (due) process.

        Therefore, the State Bar Prosecutor’s office has a script when an attorney gets convicted of a crime: 1) is it a valid conviction? They wait until it’s pled out or a final verdict, because money (the bar has a budget, too, they can’t fully prosecute every case, so if someone else is doing it, they wait. Just like the DMV does for DUI’s – it’s common practice for non-criminal punishments to follow after the criminal system works because res judicata and the highest standard of proof for criminal convictions saves lots and lots of time and money). 2) Is the crime necessarily one of moral turpitude? Some crimes, like eavesdropping, can be indicative of moral turpitude, some are not. It’s a “wobbler.” Embezzlement would clearly be moral turpitude; reckless driving would clearly not be. 3) if it’s a wobbler and might be turpitudinous, the CA Bar Prosecutor reviews the facts of the plea/conviction (again, burden of proof, prior decision at higher standard = saves lots of money), and then they make a determination.

        You’re bashing the CA Bar Prosecutor for following due process here, which is silly. It’s understandable though, most people (dare I say most attorneys) don’t even know (or remember) that much about the system, and it’s not something you can easily pick up from wikipedia or such.

        • michael conzachi

          Sig – I have to commend you as you make very good and valid arguments. I suspect that you are an attorney. The reason for my bashing of the State Bar, is that the Bar does have the responsibility of policy change and changes in the professional rules of conduct. With the problems that are already known and the groups and individuals who have filed complaints, they should have; a long time ago, proposed various reforms to the judicial council, specifically in the area of family law. This should have been a golden opportunity for the State Bar, the State Bar Court and the Judicial Council to take up the issue of family law reform. It wasn’t and how long would it have taken for a member of the State Bar Court to author a letter to the Judicial Council to discuss this case in their regular meetings, call for reforms, announce that to the general public and hold public comment periods, They didn’t and they won’t. Let’s not blame it on budgets and case load. Tell that to the guys who got caught up in Nolan’s corruption who shelled out tens of thousands and probably have to work 2 or 3 extra jobs to pay for it, and see if your argument holds water.

  • TPH

    This article is about ONE divorce attorney and her crimes against men. Extrapolate a bit and you begin to see the whole picture of Divorce, Inc. It is truely terrifying to think that sick and twisted individuals like Mary Alice Nolan have sunk to the depths of organized crime with the cops, courts, and law at their back.

    The family courts and divorce proceedings are a fucking cancer on society, they have been co-opted internally by blatant criminals.

    This absolute puke of a woman will serve her paltry sentence and go on to write man hate porn for feminists and hateful women. Perhaps she’ll get her 15 minutes with Oprah.

    Remember, this is just ONE feminazi who got busted. Her hate and women and men like her drive the family courts agenda.

  • James Williams

    I smell Pussy Privilege on the sentencing here and it stinks of more than fish.

  • Frodo

    Has anyone seen the movie Divorce Corp?
    Pretty well shows how corrupt the divorce courts are.
    I think everyone should see it.

  • John Narayan

    I love it!

    As I have said before future generations will spit on the graves of the second generation feminists. They will be remembered with the same disdain as Hitlers, Mao’s, Polpot’s, and Stalin’s etc inner circles.

    • Stu

      Yep, and he’d be doing long hard time, and his cell would probably be bugged, and people would be listening in, and laughing, as Bubba taught him how to toss a salad.

      • John Narayan


    • michael conzachi

      I don’t think future generations will just be content with spitting on their graves???

  • Bryan Scandrett

    Yes please. A whole new set of statutes. A raft of tit for tats. No, not tattoos of spiderwebs on her tits. Or tears in the corner of the eye for me to bath in.
    She screams rape, she goes away for the same sentence he would have.
    You take his kids and money, he gets them back with a brown paper bag of her money.
    She quotes 1 ion 5, banned from science for life.
    Etc, etc.

  • Reason

    A toxically unjust combination of white-collar privilege and female felon favoritism. If anyone deserves hard time in solitary it’s this professional homewrecker…

    • sig.other

      Judge Breyer is very fair, highly intelligent, and an accomplished and extremely competent article 3 judge. If he gave her two years, that’s what she deserved. If you have any doubts about the sentence imposed, they’re misplaced.

      • Reason

        Two years of “punishment” hardly constitutes fair, considering that essentially she corrupted the entire justice system and helped ruin lives. There is no way that some poor, uneducated bastard doing the same things would see the same sentence. Remember, the court lowered the prosecution’s more-reasonable (and publicly supported, I’m sure) sentence. She will be in a situation more akin to a rehab than a prison. Not bad for a hard core felon.

        The merits of the judge has no bearing in things. Federal judges are appointed by the president, and ultimately tie back to politics. We know too much about the political base and bias of the Democratic leadership, who keep pushing the 1-in-5, wage gap and bad-father crap. Look over the enormity of her crimes again. She belongs – unapologetically – in hard time, with all the other greaseball thugs, and not with a bunch of wealthy women who made minor mistakes.

      • michael conzachi

        The criticism is not directed against the judge. The criticism should be directed at the State Bar. They could have and should have pursued additional violations against Nolan for a whole host of violations, but sat back on their hands, let the feds plea bargain her criminal case, and then said, oh well, we did our job, we suspended her license and may revoke it but will leave the window open for her to get her license back. Shameless.

  • Roby 83

    Al Capone was caught for tax fraud

  • Craig Martin

    I cannot believe what I have just read!
    Entrapment, fraud, psychological distress, professional misconduct, abuse of power, corruption…
    She should have been given 10-15 years.
    Surely the destruction and distress, as well as the potential for instigating mental illness and increased risk of suicide constitutes a cruel and unusual punishment.
    Every penny she earned from these cases and every penny won by ex-wives who were wilfully aiding these actions should be given to the men stung by this. On top the ex-wives should also serve a sentence for fraud and deception – this would serve as a strong reminder to their children that truth and integrity have far greater value personally and socially than zinc, nickel and bragging rights.

    I feel sick.

    • Mike Gibbs

      Welcome to the Twilight Zone where even the shock of such blatant malphesance gets burried.

      • michael conzachi

        You hit the nail right on the head as the majority of the legal community has the same attitude, oh well, no big deal, she just ruined the lives of who knows how many men and their children, confined men to a life time of having to contend with the aftermath of her corruption, and oh yeah, where are we going for lunch?

  • Lastango

    This disgusting episode points toward what might be called “entrapment culture” — a key weapon in the War Against Men. There’s an article elsewhere on the site today about men at college starting to actively reduce the risks of associating with women who attend their own school. When I read about contraception for men, some commenter always mentions men being able to protect themselves from being tricked into 18 years of child support payments. Men are starting to get it.

    Good on AVfM for reporting this item. Like Marvin Gaye sang, “Talk to me, so you can see what’s going on.”

  • Borneonawind

    Keep up the good work.

  • Malcolm H. Johnston

    If women just ran the world, how peaceful it would all be

    • Rick Westlake

      Yes … after the Great Collapse.

  • Daniel F. Walsh
  • Jim Untershine

    I have done time in Los Angeles County, CA. All sentances are concurrant and you only serve 10% time. A 2 year (730 day) sentence will be served in 73 days (2.5 months). Anyone can do that standing on their head.

    • michael conzachi

      That is pretty accurate in Los Angeles County where actual punishment for criminal conduct is virtually non-existent. Federal time is a little different and there are so many rules and policies that change all of the time so it is hard to determine exactly how much time she will actually serve. I did my part and emailed the warden, opposing any early release and suggest everyone else do the same.

  • Kenneth Hollander

    As published in Psychology Today 3-13-13 letter

    Regarding Kelly Rutherford’s attorney, David J Glass PhD

    Child abuse by design

    Dear Ken ,

    It’s been more than a year since the letter of 2/12/12 and the apparent
    subsequent closing shortly thereafter of Glass Family Law. I
    understand he is now not promoting himself as uniquely blended in
    Psychology and Law but is at another firm doing probate work.
    Interestingly enough his resume at FMBK Law has claims of credentials
    I understand you believe are false based upon you direct written
    response from organizations Mr. Glass claims to be a member or
    associated with. Who does that reflect upon him or the diligence and
    propriety of the firm which now employs him?

    It occurred to me that the complete contrast in our cases is almost
    deafening in the way it shouts hypocrisy, maleficent practices, and
    flat out perjuries within statements written under penalty of perjury
    and oral statements within hearings and written statements within
    submitted briefs screams of the manipulation of parents. This IMHO by
    attorney’s, the bench and minor’s councils within the family
    court system in CA at least. Given I was asked to waive my Fifth
    Amendment Rights in family court? And did so .The issuance of
    restraining orders on both of us within 3 weeks of my letter of the
    12 of February under quote Justice Convey in your instance (“by the
    slimmest of margins”)one has to wonder at the coincidence…Right?
    Of course I was judged as having stalked by proxy because I hired a
    PI to prove my daughter was being housed with a felon (cultivating
    under a Federal Indictment),,, and the mother knew it.

    Indeed in your instance you were
    falsely accused of molestation by the mother of your son seven ( 7)
    times and then of stalking (8th)when the child was too old to falsely
    accuse the father of abuse .I note your minors council never
    interviewed your child even though Sammy was ten (10) . In your case
    no abuse took place yet you were put on monitored visitation and
    visitation reduced to police station pick-ups permanently. It would
    seem logical Ken that at some time you become a safe parent. When is
    that after your four (4th) parenting class? Or after the third 3rd
    interview with the District Attorney’s Office. How about after the
    8th sheriff or 13th DCFS investigations. What grade gives you a pass?
    Or is it like our friend who ponied up a Million dollars.

    In my case I alleged that the mother was negligent or deliberately sub
    parenting in a manner as was provocative .Lj was taken to UCLA med
    center at three & half (3 ½) .and on morphine and intravenous
    feeding for 6 weeks after the neighbors call the police because they
    could hear her screaming. I had previously stated the mother did not
    have the skills or empathy and may have been suffering some mental

    two (2) years later numerous blood noses (daddy don’t put sunscreen
    on …its very sore) and Minors counsel accused me of overreacting
    etc. Yet my daughter now is showing a scar across her nose as her
    face has grown. Also when the symptoms that caused the first
    hospitalization reoccurred I took Lj to the Doctor without custodial
    privileges and was again accused of being alarmist yet the child’s
    diet was immediately changed by the mother and things improved.

    Not forgetting being accused of 10K in support arrears that the judge
    threw out as falsified spreadsheet CSSD said I never owed anything.
    As well as the LCSW saying the Mothers accusation I yelled at our
    daughter and threw a phone at her was a work of fiction. Perhaps that
    is why we have a letter from the Bar suggesting we pursue “civil

    Given all this I am the one who is separated and monitored.

    My point is you are not a molester as the DA stated yet you are
    punished and to the opposite I can prove the mother has been ,may
    still be or is a least using sub care of my child in a provocative
    manner where my child may be suffering yet I am punished,. Quote
    (LCFS,,‘ The Mother is not currently negligent”)


    Finally we have our friend who only after paying a million dollars was taken
    of monitoring, all accusations and interference stopped and can see
    his children when he wants.

    is the situation Given the violence in society killings in families,
    how much damage has been done to children and women, mothers Fathers
    parents and extended family by the propagation of this kind of
    duplicitous behavior within what seems to be a culture of deceit
    built around self-aggrandizing and financial self-serving that in
    fact amounts to fiscal abuse of children. What training skills and so
    on are lost in funneling the parent’s income to third party leeches
    using false or manipulated circumstances to serve their own

    my case I spent more than $ 47,072 seeing my daughter for twelve (
    12) hours each month for the last year.

    kept my second residence in California, (rent) paid child support,
    Airfare from NY once a month air fare for a weekend from oversees
    and monitor costs including the monitors meals , go-cart rides,
    Taxis/transportation , lunches, entertainment, getting around,
    clothes, toys, books & games and adventures that I as her father
    are able to spend upon the daughter that I have raised!

    What type of enhanced opportunities could a different approach have made?

    If fathers are the enemy what will mothers become once a more robotic
    agenda is achieved .They will be phased out as well. Women should
    consider the short amount of time science is giving them to make the
    correct adjustments to this situation and police their own ranks from
    peers lawyers and malevolent individuals who care little for
    children, and will eventually throw mothers to the wayside in
    preference of the state. I mean do little girls really need to be
    born with a womb anymore?

    The societal cost of the emotional and mental anguish to children and
    subsequent family killings from person caught up in this situations
    is surely not worth the salaries of a the firms and government
    agencies who benefit from this culture…>All mothers, children
    and Fathers are at risk and more so daily as those uneducated to the
    manner they will be manipulated and have their conflict orchestrated
    to the fiscal advantage of others.

    My being asked to waive my 5th in family court because a stated somebody
    was a dead man walking, professionally speaking .It would seem I know
    what I’m doing as David J. Glass Ph.D. is now hobbled from abusing
    any more families and a judge who asks me if I wished merry Christmas
    to a Jewish Lawyer as a hateful gesture seems to be setting me up for
    something, especially since you had received notices mailed to your
    residence disclosing that David Glass would be on vacation during the
    “Christmas holidays”.

    Yet you Ken are a longtime Jewish friend and my father spent weeks in a
    cattle car on his way to Stalag IVIII in Poland.

    Was it not the Nazis who first separated children from parents?

    And then when I request the transcript from that hearing, I pay for it I
    and then get not the original but a copy and my money order is handed
    back to me and no one will say who was given the original?

    says to me at age of 6 when I tell her mom loves her and will always
    be in her life

    state’s to me …“She’s going to live a lot; she’s never
    going to die?”

    What is this child going to hold her mother responsible for and by what
    means will she do so?

    The enabling of conflict by those who seek to gain financially is simply
    evil and no different from an arms dealer who supplies both sides
    .The killing of life be it on an emotional ,intellectual, financial,
    mental, spiritual and /a or physical level is a death and no
    different from actually using a mechanical device. Too knowingly do
    so to children whose spirit is pure is inherently foul.

    To surmise IMHO the individuals and associated firms in our cases are
    only the tip of the iceberg.

    Michael J Kretzmer. David J.Glass Ph.d, Lori A. Darakjian, Elise Greenberg of
    Carlson & Greenberg, Psychologist Angus Strachan Ph.d of Lund &
    Strachan ,FMBK Law , Kolodny & Anteau represent a blight upon
    what was once a noble profession .

    Please get back to me with your thoughts, I am thinking about copying this
    letter and the letter of 2-12-2012 to the California Attorney