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Fair Warning

Some of you know that I have been considering moving from strictly writing / postering to other forms of activism. To add to my activist tool-box I’ve been attending courts to bear witness, and to support men who are experiencing corruption in those courts. There will be more of me attending courts in Southern Ontario. Things are changing for the better folks. – DP

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  • SlantyJaws

    Well said sir.

    This is what an MRA looks like.

  • Sammich Heist

    FTSU is getting real.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    I’m with that guy.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    Could we get an analogous litany of all the American statues which are routinely violated to subjugate men. That was sage.

    That’s a good lookin bestie ya got there, Dan. Loyal indeed

  • http://menaregood.com Tom Golden

    Right on Danny! We all need to do something like this and keep a watchful eye on a hateful system and expose the misandry! Well done Sir!

  • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com Mike Buchanan

    Danny, a solid piece. Thank you. Great to see more of this practical activism. We’ve just posted a link to it.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)


  • http://Yahoo lugger2010

    Amen Dan !!!
    However, I fear a couple of things might be in store……….
    1- You being barred from court procedings
    2-Being arrested at a court house following a complaint/false accusation by an angry, vengeful Crown Attorney, or Judge- ecpessially if you start naming names…..
    3- Sheehy will abuse her “influence” to have you brought before the (Selective)Human Rights commission.
    God be with you Brother, stay safe, and FTSU !!!!!!

    • MGTOW-man

      The truth…especially the natural… is their number one enemy. They despise it with every ounce of their existence. They will find a way to shut out its dispersal…re-track everyone.

      But the work Dan is doing is powerful…a powerful example, powerful to show them “we” are watching them, and a powerful boost to our arsenal of activism that is getting started. I am proud of your example.

      Dan’s head will not be hung in shame when, in the very near future, the boys look to the men of tomorrow and say, “What did you do to try to stop the misandry, anything?” There are a growing number of us men who refuse to be the ones who will answer, “nothing”.

      Brother Dan, the man. Thank you.

  • Javiroll

    I salute you Dan for giving active support to men left facing the wrath of the corrupt courts.