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“Can’t explain” – the evil of Parental Alienation

An excellent look at a persistent evil that hurts parents and children alike.

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  • Angelo

    I am a male victim of PAS, UK institutionalised misandry, CAFCASS the SS, etc.. Thank you for posting this Dean.

  • Shrek6

    Parental Alienation Syndrome, refers to the psychological state of the abused child and that child’s behaviour toward the victim parent, who is called the ‘Targeted Parent.’
    The perpetrator is referred to as the ‘Alienator.’

    There is a myth circulating that PAS support groups and the junk science psychology industry, that if there was a situation where men had greater levels of custody or indeed full custody and women had the same contact with children that men have today, we would see a reverse trend with the fathers being the dominant abuser in this evil crime.

    I reject that outright, as nothing but pure feminist crap and Purple Poodlery.

    I have no proof to back up my claim, because none exists. Why does none exist, because we have already had that situation happen and the reverse trend NEVER occurred. It may have occured on some occasions, but it never happened on the scale we see today with women being the perpetrators/alienators.

    Remember that in past times when a marriage broke down the children were usually left with the father, because the mother often did not have any means to support herself or the children. This is the time period I am referring to and from that point in our history, I have not ‘yet’ been able to find proof that this is a non-gendered behaviour of the custodial parent only. I believe it to be a female trait, not a male trait!

    I have been involved in the PAS support arena for more than a decade, which includes not only moderating 2 websites, but also co-owning one other website. I know longer take part in this anymore, because the support groups have been taken over by feminists and Purple Poodles.

    A snippet of my history. I lost my 2 children in 1987. That’s it. That’s my history. They are now married with children, so I’m led to believe. And I wouldn’t know any of them from a bar of soap, but the agony of this abuse is still as raw to me today as it was back in 1987. The agony of loss can never been reconciled with and the grieving process is halted for all time in the ‘suffering and loss phase.’

    Here is my belief on this question or myth that men would perpetrate this crime like women do today, if they were given the chance to do so.

    We never saw alienating of mothers on a large scale back in the past as an abuse perpetrated by fathers, who had full custody of their children. This auto-custody was widespread across all Western Nations and I have failed to find any articles on the internet that show that such an abuse existed. Plus, the feminazis never used this in widespread campaigns against the ‘patriarchy’ during the days of their protests and even till this day. All they complained about was the loss of their children.

    Secondly, it is my belief that this behaviour is a female trait, because it is inextricably linked to ‘gynocentrism and traditionalist values and typical erratic and illogical female emotional and psychological behaviour after divorce.’

    I believe women do this, because they have been conditioned over the past 50 years to believe that they OWN the children as their property and that mothers are the only parent necessary for children to grow into healthy adults.
    Men have been seen as superfluous for all this time and in fact women, and I do say at least 95% of the female population, believe that they are the only ones who can raise children and if the father had time alone with the children after divorce, then he would harm them.

    Mind you, he never did when they were married and she left him for hours or longer to care for them. But that’s not the point. He is still a risk and the children are her property.

    It is usually women who are paranoid, delusional, emotional, needy, manipulative and all those other very bad traits that are used as weapons against men (and boys) even in intact families, but the attacks are heightened post separation. These are female traits (in general that is) and not male traits. Yes you do get men like that who would commit this evil of alienation, but they are not a representation of the ‘norm.’

    Parental Alienation is THE MOST HEINOUS form of child abuse known to Mankind, in my opinion and perpetrators should spend a very long time in prison for it. But that will never happen, because the perps are mostly women!

    • Chris Wedge

      If the proof to your hypothesis is that nothing disproves it, the exact same can be said of the hypothesis which you reject outright.

      • Shrek6

        You could say that. However, I am relying on Feminists to not overlook a golden opportunity to demonise men/fathers with the most heinous form of child abuse, which is parental alienation.

        If this WAS happening during the early parts of the 20th century up until the 1960s, then it would have been a well talked about social phenomenon, resulting in all sorts of opportunity for feminists to use as a weapon against the patriarchy and fathers during their campaigns of hatred.

        Well, they couldn’t use this opportunity could they. They didn’t use it, because hey had nothing to use.
        Parental alienation as a widespread abuse like it is today, never occurred during the time when fathers were the default custodial parent.

        Sure there would have been some mongrels who would have brainwashed their children into hating their mothers, but they were not numerous in number and were not a representative of the norm.

        I reject this outright and will not accept that this is a non-genderless form of abuse that is only perpetrated by the custodial parent.
        Just because we lack statistics collected from double blind studies, but actually do have history to show it never happened like it does today, doesn’t mean that what I am saying is poppy cock.

    • Rob

      sorry you lost your kids… its a bummer.
      haven’t seen my little girl since she was 18 months old ( and I was the primary carer!)

      I think the reason it may not appear in past literature is because we wouldn’t have called it that. But I do believe some men/ women have done it in the past for one reason or a another ( just we didn’t cal it pas then). The amount is liekly to be small due to any number of factors inclusing the stigma of divorce.

      why do women do it today? control and punishment egged on by whomever ( self interest groups)

      • Shrek6

        Rob, really sorry to hear you have not seen your daughter since she was 18 months.
        How long ago did you lose her?

        Being the primary carer of your daughter, would have meant you had a very close intimate relationship with her. I can just imagine the pain you suffer from being separated from her.

        Sadly I have no words of consolation for you, because there are none!

        There is nothing more gut wrenching than to have your children torn away from you in a most horrific manner, but even worse to have them turned against you, where they will speak all kinds of evil against you.

        Once upon a time back in 1987 when my daughter was 6 and my son was 3, we had a very close relationship. I was so close to both of them. But you wouldn’t know that now, because they have been turned against me completely.

        I pray this does not happen to you Rob. Most especially for the sake of your daughter.

        • Rob

          thank you
          i lost my daugther at the end of 2011. attempted to bringher back to UK from the gulf, but was held by the police until they let me go but kept back my daugther.

          I had a very close relationship with my daugther and my seperated wife was very jealous of that. I became primary carer from day 1 on advice of doctors since my daugther and I share the same genetic sensory disability, so I understood exactly what she needed, wife unfortunately went into denial of our daugther condition. my wife was a major breadwinner whereas I was at home dad.

          eventually my wife used the shaira court there to hold full custody and they refuse to let me have despite the abuse my wife inflicts on her.
          I have NO parental rights at all as I don’t live in that country despite none of us being nationals or citizens of that country or the region and the UK govt just washed their hands off it( didn’t want to lose the trade)

          hope your situation with your kids turns around for you one day

          • Shrek6

            Mate, that’s really bad. The only hope any of us have, is that one day maybe, MAYBE our children will come looking for us.

            I’m not sure mine will. Who knows. But I don’t hope anymore, because it just keeps the pain boiling over all the time. Best to distract myself and try to live my life and maybe one day they’ll turn up.

            I hope your daughter comes looking for you Rob!

  • notinline

    Here is yet another area where men lost their rights because feminists constantly worked toward their goals while most men thought of little other than their next beer and getting “laid”.