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WWII-Inspired Feminists Favor Internment of College Men

It, therefore, follows that along the vital Pacific Coast over 112,000 potential enemies, of Japanese extraction, are at large today…. The very fact that no sabotage has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such action will be taken.Final recommendation of the commanding general, Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt, Western Defense Command and Fourth Army, submitted to the Secretary of War, 1942

One of the most shameful failures of American justice was the war-hysteria-inspired internment of Japanese-American citizens in World War II. Evidence from the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of Naval Intelligence that these American citizens were of little concern was suppressed, and the lives of these Americans were disrupted forever not because they were saboteurs but rather because they had committed no sabotage at all.

Using similar reasoning, the rape-farming feminists are at it again—using low-rape-reporting and no-rape-reporting colleges as evidence of … lots and lots of RAPE.

The mania of modern-day feminists regarding allegations of campus rape is reaching levels of paranoia and general insanity that has few parallels in history—even the high level of hostility toward followers of Islam in the wake of the 9/11 attacks didn’t result in the general internment of American Muslims. What’s more, feminists are turning their increasingly toxic attacks on each other in their frenzy to find and destroy any insufficiently unhinged writer for doubting a “rape culture” that has never existed.

In the topsy-turvy, logic-be-damned world of feminist scholarship, colleges and universities that report zero rapes—about 45% of all schools—are the most dangerous, rapey schools of all, and the most rape-prone schools are actually the safest for women.


That’s right—if you are a feminist, the more rapes, the better. To them, the very fact that no rape has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such rapes will take place.

The Stupid, It Burns.

The script for this is so familiar that it feels annoying to have to mansplain it yet again:

First, create a lie, like “Japanese Americans are dangerous” or “1 in 5 women will be raped on campus” (the real number is closer to 1 in 5,446, but who is counting?).

Second, when confronted with overwhelming evidence that your lie is a lie, claim that this evidence itself somehow confirms your point—there can’t be zero rapes on 45% of college campuses because [scream this part] ONE in FIVE! ONE in FIVE!!!!! Sabotage!

Third, demonize as a misogynist anyone who points out your lie, much like the feminist liar Mychal Denzel Smith did at Feministing:Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This has absolutely nothing to do with men’s rights. They just really, really hate women. Gotcha.”

No, Mychal, we just really, really, hate injustice—and the lying feminists like you who demand it through the ongoing oppression of gay and straight men.

Fourth, strip away the civil rights of citizens, whether they be Japanese Americans or male college students, with no supporting evidence for your bullshit claims.

Fifth, expel the targeted citizens from their homes/campuses without due process of law.

Sixth, claim that when the unjustly damaged citizens dare to fight back through lawsuits that it hurts real victims—but only when it is men who fight back.

Seventh, force them into slave labor. Well, that one is for so-called “deadbeat” fathers who have been stripped of their children, but you get the point.

Feminist Bed Death

The disturbed rants and poisonous lies of feminist writers are both cause and evidence of the death throes of feminism—more and more eyes are opening to the massive and growing failures of the largest ideology of hate on the planet. Feminism lies moribund on its deathbed, stinking of human waste and lashing out in imagined agony, calling out to its supplicants in the vain hope that it can abuse them one final time. The heroine wants one final dose of heroin to ease her passing, but no one is left to care except her cats, who wait and swish their tails, knowing that the feast is just a few minutes away.

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Once he stumbled onto GirlWritesWhat's videos, August Løvenskiolds, aka The Bibo Sez, started eating red pills like they were tic-tacs. He likes debating feminists, but knows this stage will pass soon enough.

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  • PlainOldTruth

    Yep, I’ll paste it in again:

    Marie Petti, feminist, 1922 —– “Man is but one of a million humble fertilizers. Nature intended woman to reign supreme. Modern man, in his pose of superiority, is but a mere contemptible imposter, who must be subdued. Woman’s superiority has been scientifically established. At the beginning of organic life, woman, created man, and ruled him. He was a parasite, and a slave. At best, man is but an afterthought of nature.”

    • John Narayan

      “Nature intended woman to reign supreme.”

      Oh yea, but only when men gave this cow, and her type, indoor plumbing, harnessed the power of electricity, the printing press, mass transit, big daddy government to do her bidding, oh and above all, invented the cafe latte.

      If Marie Petti is so smart why did she not invent, build and maintain all this herself, and for 77% less then her male counterparts.

  • Scatmaster

    no one is left to care except her cats

    I just opened my new online business. I am going to make a fortune.

    • DukeLax


    • John Narayan

      When you make your millions don’t forget to hit the donate button.

      Hmm for some odd reason I feel like two slices of bread and butter complement the photo.

      • Scatmaster

        Talk to the ladies in the sammich mines.
        They are behind in their work.

        • Doug Hart

          Sammich Mines!?!?!?! Fucking hilarious!

  • pinetree

    The hysteria is so bad now that one cannot even talk to a unknown woman. Now women eye each man as a potential rapist.

    • TPH

      According to college feminists there are penis monsters behind every rock and bush on college campus’s these days. Look for the 1 in 5 b.s. stats to change to 3 in 5 during the next election cycle indicating a war on women, congealing the female voting block.

  • politicalcynic

    The level of hate this sort of behavior by feminists engenders will only serve to further reduce the number of men in US colleges.

    I have come to believe it is an aim of feminism to ensure that men are not EDUCATED. Why? Because as any despot can tell you, one of the biggest dangers to a tyrant is an educated populace.

    • DukeLax

      American gender-feminists are creating such an environment that the only boys that are getting an education…are the white middle class who can afford to send their boys to a private school. Folks there is a reason that the early Americans were not fond of dynasties, and these perversions that gender-feminists are pushing onto the public are de-facto……”dynasties” for families that can afford it…….

      The rest get the matriarchal underclass education for their children!!!

      • DukeLax

        public schools on average hire 12% male teachers…while private schools on average hire 50% male teachers.

        In todays America…..if youre a boy, not born into a family dynasty that can afford a private school for you….you will be kept dumb and down.

        What a stain the American education system has regressed into!!!

        • Masculist Man

          It’s feminists and their partners,the unions that are dumbing down our boys.

          • DukeLax

            I agree….the unions are now protecting teachers that simply can’t teach shit!!!

          • Masculist Man

            Also it’s practically impossible to fire a bad teacher. That is why instead of firing a bad teacher they just transfer them. John Stossel has done an excellent job in covering unions:

          • DukeLax

            Another example of the massive pork bloated bureaucracies that are choking out the American economy!!

          • Masculist Man

            When I think of “pork” the first association I get is “democrat” or should I say “femocrat”.

          • DukeLax

            Democrats have been…. “buying the administrative / bureaucrat vote”…for decades now!! Promising more state and federal pork bloating …Is a way to in effect….. ” Buy the vote”…of nearly all state and federal bureaucracies!!

          • Masculist Man

            With the influx of illegal aliens pouring across our borders I’m sure Obama is looking at them at potential voters. Unfortunately we live in a country where one party is ruthless,the democrats while the other party is gutless,the republicans. I wrote about the border crisis here:

          • Masculist Man

            Speaking of Obama:

            Music and photos.

          • DukeLax

            Any American who runs a business, and believes in free enterprise…understands these massive administrative pork bloating triangles, and all their make work practices to expand their paper shuffling “Pork Holes”……are un-sustainable!!

          • DukeLax

            Many of the problems American men now face…Are simply a matter of these massive “pork bloating triangles”..and their make work practices!!

          • DukeLax

            Perversions in the American “bureaucratic class” has made it so “America the great”….no longer harvests the greatest minds in America!!!!

            These pork bloated bureaucrats only seek out the dumbed down politically correct auto ma tons… for their federally pork bloated bureaucrat positions!!!

          • Masculist Man

            Taking out the unions will free the schools and lead to better student attendence and test scores. That is why charter schools are so popular with parents yet the unions hate them.

          • DukeLax

            Privatize the schools….and let the dis-functional ones fail!!!

          • Masculist Man

            Sounds great to me but the unions will have a shit fit.

          • DukeLax

            bush had a great plan…allow each student a certain amount to spend per year on education…the good schools will pass and succeed…the rotten ones will fail!! It is that simple!!

    • donzaloog

      You’re right. They want to drive men of the college campuses. Take education away from men, so there will only be women left to take those precious CEO positions they’ve always wanted.

    • TPH

      “I have come to believe it is an aim of feminism to ensure that men are
      not EDUCATED. Why? Because as any despot can tell you, one of the
      biggest dangers to a tyrant is an educated populace.”

      Spot on!

  • TheBibo Sez

    More feminist death throes: The online magazine “Feminist Times” just died.

    They are the same lovely folks who had a “Solanas” membership level named after feminist murderer Valerie Solanas.

    • gary959

      These dinosaurs are on the run -

    • Doug Hart

      And none too soon!…….They invent new words faster than I can look them up.

      • Bewildered

        ROFLMAO ! ROFLMAO ! That has been feminism’s singular achievement.
        But what baffles me is why has the general public kowtowed to their gibberish.and allowed them to butcher the language ?

  • mythago

    One day were gonna miss the hateful clit-bait articles and reading the hysterical responses to the deleted comments. or not.

    • TPH

      clit-bait. LOL!

  • AMRA

    Brilliant Article.

  • Shamednomore

    We need to support academicians who advocate to remove feminist centric women courses from universities on the grounds they are not an academic pursuit…they are nothing more than radical political indoctrination. Dr Janice fiamengo comes to mind along with others. That would FTSU wrt their trying to create a false campus rape culture when there is none.

  • Bombay

    Very nice article and comparison. You hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  • Gerald Vrooman

    We used to have all male colleges like Harvard and Yale. Then feminists complained that they were being discriminated against and insisted that they be admitted to them. Now feminists are complaining that they are being raped all of time. Maybe it is time to go back to having separate colleges for men and women. It is obvious that coeducational colleges are a failure.

    • Seele

      Insisting they have the absolute rights to step into the middle of the road any time they want, and then trying to ban all motor vehicles because there might be a chance of them getting hit. That’d makes sense to them too.

    • MGTOW-man

      But no! We must change everything everywhere for everybody no matter the fallout. The same can be said about the military. Those women really do think their feelings must be the center of the universe. We will never be able to satisfy the self-absorbed.

  • Doug Hart

    This article makes me think of how Libya was economically sanctioned after Muammar Gaddafi helped to bring down Pan Am flight 103. He actually had one of his own commercial flights shot down by the military and tried to blame it on the sanctions and the hardships it created in maintaining the fleet of commercial airplanes.

  • Stu

    Well I”m not sure who the cats are at the end of this article, but I think they may be being optimistic assuming the feast is going to start soon. I think a lot of them will starve to death waiting. I never ceased to be amazed at how much bullshit feminism can spew fourth, and survive, and even continue growing from. It’s like it’s own bullshit acts as fertilizer for itself.

    I imagine a lot of Jews thought…..”LOL now he’s done it, what morons are going to buy that crock of shit”

    Never underestimate the level of stupidity of the masses, or their need to hate someone.

    • MGTOW-man

      The power for feminism to continue in spite of its internal flaws is coming from duped men who cling to the notion that manhood depends on pleasing women, no matter, now to the point that men compete for women using feminism’s lies and selfishness. It wasn’t like early people weren’t all warned about the eventual outcome if feminism persists: “we will have weak men and disorderly women”—Tocqueville.

      • Daniel Freeman

        I recently re-read Alison Tieman’s “The One Good Man,” and the writing wasn’t as good as I remembered; it’s good, but she’s gotten better since then. That’s when I realized that the reason why it had such an impact on me was because of the concept itself. The idea is so true that merely stating it out loud has great power.

        Men hear the horrible things that our culture says about men, and assume that they’re talking about some other man, not him, because he’s not like the rest; other men are bad, but he’s the exception. He’s the one good man.

        Thing is, he’s wrong. They’re not talking about someone else; the other man is you.

    • Phil McCracken
    • Masculist Man

      Never underestimate the level of stupidity of the masses

      Politicians count on it.

  • dreamjoehill

    Is there a historical connection between feminism and Japanese internment?
    Well actually, yes, and the connection is none other than Gloria Steinem. When she was being paid to run front groups for the CIA, Gloria published articles written specifically for her psyops projects by John McCloy, who was in charge of implementing the internment of the Japanese in the Roosevelt Admn.
    McCloy had absolutely glowing words for Gloria, in his now published correspondence with Steinem’s handler, CD Jackson.
    McCloy was also responsible for nixing the bombing of rail lines to the NAZI death camps

    • mramra

      Hey, do you have links for that? Sounds like an interesting read.

      • dreamjoehill for a review of the Steinem McCloy connection. The facts are gleaned from Kai Bird’s biography of John Mccloy.

        The most complete account of Steinem’s CIA activities see Hugh Wolford’s The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America published by Harvard University Press. Available through most library systems.

        for an interview by Mike Wallace of a very young Steinem discussing her CIA activities and praising the agency.

        • mramra

          Thanks for the links. Will check them out.

          • dreamjoehill


  • Roby 83

    It is a shame that feminists can die in their beds, after the evils that they committed against men and boys.

  • Andybob

    I enjoyed reading this sentence from the article you linked to about feminism in
    its death throes:

    “What with man-bashing and the erosion of the traditional masculine and feminine roles or family structure, Americans also apparently associate feminism with things other than, say, equal rights – and it is problematic.”

    Problematic for feminists, that is. They are having a problem convincing the person in the street that feminism is about equal rights. This tells me that the NAFALT brigade have radicalized to the point where they aren’t interested in ‘equal rights’ any more than the extremists they used to pretend were an embarrassment to their movement. They just don’t promote the ‘equal rights’ claim with the same passion they used to because most of them just don’t believe it themselves.

    Excellent article, Mr Løvenskiolds. The final paragraph is priceless.

    • Seele


      To my mind, it is past the phase where feminism has to convince the public that they are about equal rights etc; it has gone so mainstream that they can claim to be about equal rights but at the same time interfere with those who do not agree. Say if you do not agree with feminists, they would say you are against equal rights, and that also means you deserve to be nailed to a tree, or something. In this manner, there’s no need for them to believe in equal rights at all; it becomes merely a claim, an excuse, to get more power, and the power to exercise said power arbitrarily.

    • MGTOW-man

      The final paragraph is priceless.

  • Riku

    Surprised? After all, for decades the oppression of men and the prioritization of female lives over male lives was used as undeniable proof of misogyny and patriarchy. Disagree? Well, you’re just a raging misogynist and should check your privilege.

  • knightrunner

    Excellent article. Love the ending.

  • Ted Harrold

    “The Stupid, It Burns” sums up everything a feminist does.

  • Ted Harrold

    Funny aside, I actually am seeing less of an issue of internment camps for men than I did before. We won’t have to do shit. We’re supported by the work of others. And pretty much All civilization halts, which means that in a generation, two at most, no more feminists because no one will breed with them – and no advances on science to create replication sans semen. Franklh, self-imposed exile could work well. Then upon return, destroy everything that could lead to a return of feminism.

    really it’s like any cataclysm event: we’ll survive, and evolve after the event. I don’t see the issue to be blunt. Just use Australia lol.

  • TPH

    As I learn more and more about how feminism and universities/colleges collaborate with each other with the draconian support of the U.S. Department of Education, I am beginning to see the beginnings of a push for “Separate but Equal” policies on university/college campuses.

    What parents would send their daughter to an educational institution where daughter would face a 20% chance of being raped by those penis monster male students? If the parents and their daughter(s) believed that bullshit, there would be very few women in college today.

    Colleges and Universities cannot afford to continue demonizing male students, without their tuition and contributions by Alum’s, the Colleges and Universities would fall on hard financial times and would either raise tuition to astronomical levels, or cut staff, departments, and programs. Big Papa Government could step in and provide more money and more strings thus creating the perfect politically correct feminist higher educational system, perhaps a select few male toadies would be allowed in.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    The answer, I suppose, is gender-specific colleges and universities.