UNC, Landen Gambill and false rape culture

The rape hysteria flag has been hoisted over the University of North Carolina.

The lawyers have been called; new legal eagles, big guns, have been hired by the school. University officials are issuing bland, meaningless statements reassuring the concerned public that they really don’t like their students getting raped.

And of course, rape hysteria advocates are piling on as much spin as they can.

Much of the hoopla stems from allegations that the school is systematically underreporting sexual assaults on campus.

Melinda Manning

Melinda Manning

Melinda Manning, formerly UNC’s Assistant Dean of Students, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education alleging that Dean of Students Jonathan Sauls, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Winston Crisp and the Office of University Counsel all conspired to hide the actual number rapes on campus — and subsequently created a “hostile environment” for Manning when she would not cooperate.

“Hostile environment” is legal code speak in North Carolina and elsewhere for, “Ima sue yall’s asses.”

It appears what has happened here is that Manning inflated the number of campus rapes in order to inflate the magnitude of the problem, and she got called on it.

The fact that she was challenged at all is a minor miracle, but that may be related to one of her poster children in the case, Landen Gambill (picture at top).

Gambill, one of the “rape” cases so hostilely dismissed by the evil patriarchs at UNC is quite a case herself. The credibility of her story is so low that it almost prompts one to put the word “allegation” in scare quotes.

Gambill, a woman with a history of extensive mental health problems, including a suicide “attempt,” says she got raped by her boyfriend. He raped her many times, even as she continued a romantic relationship with him. But she forgot to tell anyone it was happening.

She did not tell campus police, or city police, or her friends, or her family. But she has a lot of “pages of evidence,” whatever that means, to prove beyond a doubt that she was raped.

Gambill finally found someone to tell her struggles to; her school administration, which conveniently provides a process that places her under little scrutiny and does not carry the threat of a false police report.

The man she accused was placed on “trial” by University of North Carolina University Honor Court in the spring of 2012.

For those that do not know, the Honor Court is a tribunal conducted by pimple faced college students with a few hours of training and standards of proof so low that they were last seen in the vicinity of Monica Lewinski’s knees. The ruling panel needed only be 50.01% more convinced that Gambill was telling the truth than the man she claimed raped her.

They found him not guilty.

Of course, the fact that a superficially attractive blond could not secure support from a panel of college students appears to have been quite a blow. Gambill has been making as much noise as possible ever since. She has even been following her rapist around on campus harassing him. She has also started a vendetta against the system that “wronged” her by siding with the man who raped her.

Part of the vindictiveness demonstrated by Gambill appears to stem from her trial, where she claims she was forced to answer “irrelevant and inappropriate questions.”

“[A] woman student said to me, ‘Landen, as a woman, I know that if that had happened to me, I would’ve broken up with him the first time it happened. Will you explain to me why you didn’t?’”

Imagine the nerve of someone asking a rape accuser why she kept dating her rapist.

Wait, have I been saying rapist? How can that be you ask? The man was never arrested, never charged and never convicted of anything except dating a personality disordered bleach blond with an appetite to punish anyone who she doesn’t like.

Yet here I am, calling him a rapist.

I’m not alone. You see, the standard of evidence in some places is even lower than it is at a collegiate Honor Court. And as I said, the rape hysteria posse is deputizing.

Caitlin McCabe

Caitlin McCabe

For instance, if you read’s Caitlin McCabe’s coverage of the case, you will see her toss the word rape around like pepperoni in a pizza joint. It appears that McCabe’s standard of proof, along with her journalistic integrity, somehow managed to hit the floor harder than Courtney Love’s prom dress. Instead of covering the story, McCabe is covering Gambill’s allegedly raped but undoubtedly lying ass, perpetuating and expanding on the very serious problem of false allegations.

McCabe is joined in this total abandonment of principles by Annie-Rose Strasser, a writer for the uber-liberal, who similarly concludes the legitimacy of the “rape” and writes about it as though it were already proven in a court of law.

I wrote Strasser an email yesterday asking her for her sources justifying her language in the article, which began with:


A college sophomore at the University of North Carolina is being sent to the school’s “Honor Court” and may be expelled for speaking publicly about her rape.

I am sure you are shocked to hear I have had no response from Strasser, but you may well join me in the slight startle to learn that the school is actually looking to administer some discipline to Gambill for continuing her vendetta against an innocent man after the Honor Court had ruled on the case.

That would be an ever so slight suggestion for a correction for Strasser. Annie-Rose, she is not in trouble for talking about her rape. She is in trouble because there was no rape and she won’t stop running around lying about it.

Just saying.

The real story here is not Gambill. False rape liars are a chronic, systemic problem and not a single one of them is any more special than the other.

Annie-Rose Strasser

Annie-Rose Strasser

The real story here is the systemic part; the false rape culture. The problem is so pronounced that we now have a university scrambling to cover its collective ass for supposedly trying to hide campus rapes, even as it puts men in godforsaken laymen trials for matters that would never hold muster where they belong, in the criminal justice system.

And we have a rising voice in the media that instead of offering real coverage of the problem, is playing tag team trial by pundit, passing judgment where it cannot be credibly justified, and pawning it all off as journalism.

Landen Gambill is a nutter. And there is similar cause for concern about Melenda Manning. It is the same kind of sociopathy expressed by Annie-Rose Strasser and Caitlin McCabe, who hold the power of public perception in their hands, and choose to distort the truth in order to bend that perception to their ideology.

So much sickness, so little time.

So what do we do here? Well, as always we talk about the problem and use the reach of this website to inject some sanity into a literally insane scenario. We also try to remember that there is a young man out there somewhere who has been to hell and back over one bad relationship choice, and that right now he is watching his fellow students act like they are preparing for candlelight vigils for his “victim.”

The victim that never was.

If he wants to tell his story, and keep his name out of it, I am sure he will figure out how to contact us.

There will be some who think we should add Landen Gambill to the registry of false accusers at

There is a problem with that, however. As overwhelming as the circumstantial evidence is that she is in fact a false rape accuser, she does not meet the standard of proof to place her there, yet.

There are some places where standards still mean something.

In the meantime, we will follow this case. We will take note of whether the school yields to pressure to drop the Honor Court charges against Gambill, which she is desperately trying to bully her way into now.

If they stand with the charges against her, as they should, we will wait and watch to see whether they punish her accordingly, or simply ask her to not ruin anyone else’s life at the school for a while.

Most importantly, we will do everything we can to follow what changes the school may make in the future regarding the reporting of rape, or as it is known by Landen Gambill, “My boyfriend broke up with me.”

The pressure will surely mount on them to make handling of sex crime allegations even more draconian. There will be pressure to allow the next Melinda Manning, who wants to include allegations in reports as surely as they were proven rapes, to do it.

All we can do at this point is wait.

Well, and write.

Note: This article is also available in Spanish.

  • Steve_85

    Are men like this able to sue in the US? Defamation/slander at least surely?

    I get the feelings that the only way these false accusations are going to stop is if it becomes too painful to consider.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Yes, but it takes about 26 years.

      “Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape in 1987″ –

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Yes, I think he can sue in civil court. He’ll have to if he wants any justice. Until Gambill “feminist’s up” and reports it to the local police, she’s only guilty of harassment, slander, libel and defamation of character – a civil matter. However, if she presses criminal charges, then she runs the risk of being charged for making false allegations.

      And, even if she files a police report and the man is proven innocent, the cops probably wouldn’t press charges, which would still necessitate him taking it to civil court like this man ( who won $852,000 in damages from his ex-wife for making false allegations of child molestation. I wish more male victims would go this route. People like Gambill won’t stop unless they experience real consequences. And don’t think the media attention she’s receiving right now is a negative consequence. I’ll wager she’s loving every minute of it and is in full-blown “professional victim euphoria.”

      • Steve_85

        Why doesn’t this happen more often? I’d be mad as hell if someone accused me of rape and then got off scott-free.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          I suspect, after the public humiliation and trauma, the falsely accused just want it all to go away rather than gear up for another court battle.

          If you’re interested, this is an article, based on peer-reviewed research, that describes the personality characteristics of the falsely accused and false accusers (

          Surprise, surprise, most false accusers typically have one of the following personality disorders or a significant number of traits of borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder and passive-aggressive personality disorder (even though the APA removed the last disorder from the DSM doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — it was a political decision to mollify feminist psychologists who believed PAD was a sexist diagnosis because women were primarily diagnosed with it.)

          The falsely accused tend to be passive, unlikely to be socially aggressive or competitive and tend to lack insight into their personal relationships. This probably explains why these guys a) end up dating/marrying these dangerous nutters and b) don’t seek justice through the court system after they’re proven innocent.

          • All Contraire

            It should also be noted that, whereas in rape and sexual assault cases the accuser’s past history is strictly off-limits, a male victim suing his false accuser in court will face having her defense lawyer skewer him at length and in tabloid detail about every alleged infraction and mistake in his life.

          • knightrunner

            ” even though the APA removed the last disorder from the DSM doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — it was a political decision to mollify feminist psychologists who believed PAD was a sexist diagnosis because women were primarily diagnosed with it.)”
            Hey Doc, I smell a great article from this quote.

          • Lyndsay

            You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgusting person.

            [admin addition to this comment]

            Translation: I am a personality disordered female who has lied in the past about being raped.

          • Grumpy Old Man

            @Lindsay, if we were to believe the Feminist version of Rape Culture on our campuses we’d have to believe that all college campuses are more violent than our most violent cities. For example, Detroit has a violent crime rate of 2.5 percent. In what universe do feminist want us to believe their 1 in 4 statistic?

          • Isaac T. Quill

            @Grumpy – That’s exactly what was said in 2008:

            If the one-in-four statistic is correct—it is sometimes modified to “one-in-five to one-in-four”—campus rape represents a crime wave of unprecedented proportions. No crime, much less one as serious as rape, has a victimization rate remotely approaching 20 or 25 percent, even over many years. The 2006 violent crime rate in Detroit, one of the most violent cities in America, was 2,400 murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults per 100,000 inhabitants—a rate of 2.4 percent. The one-in-four statistic would mean that every year, millions of young women graduate who have suffered the most terrifying assault, short of murder, that a woman can experience. Such a crime wave would require nothing less than a state of emergency—Take Back the Night rallies and 24-hour hotlines would hardly be adequate to counter this tsunami of sexual violence. Admissions policies letting in tens of thousands of vicious criminals would require a complete revision, perhaps banning boys entirely. The nation’s nearly 10 million female undergrads would need to take the most stringent safety precautions. Certainly, they would have to alter their sexual behavior radically to avoid falling prey to the rape epidemic.

            The Campus Rape Myth – The reality: bogus statistics, feminist victimology, and university-approved sex toys Heather Mac Donald City Journal 2008

            I think it’s time for all students entering college to have to pass a basic Math exam – as well as being checked for defects around perceptions of basic reality.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          99.99% of the time the world, not to mention the court system, will be dead set against you.

          It’s why even the authorities don’t press charges.

      • Raven01

        This is where a man if able should sue the police force.
        Nothing brings about an attitude change like leadership being fired for costing too much by way of law suits that would be prevented by simply insisting that those under him or her actually do their jobs.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    If this other student did indeed rape Gambill, one would think she would be in fear of him and not stalking him on campus.

    This potentially looks like the perfect storm: a man-hating feminist ideologue professor and a jilted BPD student getting a buzz from basking in the glow of a false victim narrative and destroying a man’s life for not wanting to deal with her crazy ass anymore.

    • Turbo

      Indeed Dr T. She is basking alright.

      Near the end of her Youtube rant she states

      “This is not about ME’

      which we all know in Entitled Princess Feminist Victim speak means,

      “This is absolutely ALL about ME”

  • August Løvenskiolds

    The most recent figures I could find say that over 28,000 students are enrolled at UNC.

    Let’s say that half of those are female, and that 1 in 4 of those female students have been raped (as many love to claim).

    That means that 3,500 women have been raped in the last few years at UNC, and that the administration somehow managed to cover up over 3,497 of those crimes – two, maybe, slipped through.

    Attention, Cardinals: your next Pope should probably come from the cover-up patriarchs at UNC.

    UPDATE: the rapist was just arrested exiting the elevator of an Irish hotel. Police say they became suspicious when they noticed he was covered in coffee.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Jail For UC Davis Embezzler
      JUNE 6, 2011


      Former UC Davis official Jennifer Beeman was sentenced on Thursday to 180 days in jail and five years probation. Beeman must also pay back $10,525 she embezzled from a campus program she headed, according to officials with Yolo County Superior Court.

      On April 14 Beeman pleaded no contest to two felony counts of embezzlement and falsifying accounts. Neither charge involved her falsification of campus sexual assault statistics.

      For 16 years Beeman headed the UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP), established in 1979. In that cause, the highly touted administrator proved creative with statistics, charging that as many as 700 UC Davis students were victims of rape or attempted rape. UC Davis eventually acknowledged the exaggerations.

      Beeman “significantly over-reported the number of forcible sex offenses that were committed on and around campus in 2005, 2006 and 2007,” the university said in a press release. The true figures were “less than half” those Beeman reported. From 1999 to 2005, the CVPP received four federal grants totaling $3,168,923, according to a UC Davis audit.

      UC Davis officials would not tell CalWatchdog whether the university had disciplined or censured Beeman over the falsified statistics. She remained in her job, which paid $6,118.13 a month, not including benefits. In 2008, UC Davis placed Beeman on administrative leave, with pay, “in connection with allegations that she improperly charged travel expenses to a federal grant.”

      Beeman’s use of program funds led to a year-long investigation, and she was suspected of embezzling more than $10,000. UC Davis police chief Annette Spicuzza told CalWatchdog that “She was investigated as anyone would have been in the same situation.”

      Arrested last December 9, Beeman faced nine felony charges of misusing public funds, embezzlement and false accounting. She struck a plea bargain with Yolo County prosecutors, who dropped seven of the charges. Beeman will be eligible for “home detention,” but Yolo court officials provided no details as to how this would work.

      – See more at:

      • All Contraire

        Great reporting. I hope that somewhere on this site the AVfM leadership is archiving well-documented and informative comments like yours for fast research and retrieval.

    • scribe0042

      I appreciate your idea, but I’m afraid it’s not quite accurate, although you’re heading in the right direction.

      Statistics represent a population of a whole – that is, 1-in-4 women are raped *across the US*. Some locations more than others (due to various location/population characteristics), but the 1-in-4 statistic is an AVERAGE of the total distribution.

      My point is, given the characteristics of the location, the culture, the people, the legislation, etc., there is absolutely no way a sample population of Chapel Hill would fit into the center of the normal distribution of the whole population. Chapel Hill is not an accurate representation of the population of the US, so if you were to test it, it would not correspond to national numbers (e.g. 1-in-4). It would fall far short, as you’re proving.

      I understand your concerns, which may be correct, but the logic you laid forth is inaccurate. It may not correspond to US numbers, but it may be high or low for an area of its characteristics (which we don’t know, I’m just pointing out that you can’t compare apples and oranges).

      Anyway, please don’t take this as an agreement or disagreement with your position – I just wanted to address the intuition behind it. Thanks.

      • August Løvenskiolds

        Google “1 in 4 College women”. The claim is NOT 1 in 4 women across the USA, but rather, 1 in 4 College women.

        And on and on…

        UNC draws students from across the USA and beyond. To expect 28,000 students to NOT be a statistically significant sample is extreme folly that would require quite a bit on evidence to support. If the expected number of rapes is 3,500, and only 2 occur, then we have a serious challenge to the reasonableness of the “1 in 4″ claim.

        • scribe0042

          It appears this has been wrongly interpreted.

          1) Your first link: “College women” reported surviving rape “since the age of 14″. This means the women in the study were college students, but the rape did not necessarily happen on a college campus (unless, somehow, 14-17 year olds are in college). Thus, the extrapolation can be applied to US stats, not only college women stats. (It may be even more women in this case; selection bias prevents the study from accounting for women who do not make it to college, i.e. poorer, uneducated women.) It says only 3% of women reported being raped in their academic career.

          Your second link says 1-in-4 will be raped in their “academic career”. Doesn’t specify if it means high school or not, so this isn’t very useful.

          2) Regardless of the above point, the logic of basic statistics still holds. Unless you believe all college campuses are primarily white, liberal, middle to upper class, with a +60% female population, then no, we cannot conclude that Chapel Hill is a representative of the total college campus population in the US. Look down the street to any of the HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) in the state, and we can already see that this view is incorrect. Not to mention spreading this to other states, inner cities, across races and classes, etc.

          3) Again – different areas in the US will have different statistics on this number. Different colleges will have different statistics on this number. This number is an AVERAGE. That means you add the sample together and divide by the number of participants. That means some have a higher number, and some have a lower number. This means not every college campus will be the same.

          My references: Normal Distribution, Basic Statistics Class.

        • scribe0042

          One more thing: “UNC draws students from across the US, so [it would be folly to assume they don’t represent the statistic]”. (Brackets for paraphrase.)


          Students are drawn to universities based on its characteristics and their abilities. As I mentioned in my previous post, this campus is primarily white, female and liberal. A fair number of comments on this blog say the same thing. This shows that UNC doesn’t draw (or perhaps, it doesn’t accept) as diverse a crowd as you argue. So, even if someone comes from Texas to attend UNC, that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the above variables (white, female, liberal, middle/upper class). They are just from a different state.

          The uni chooses students based on particular education standards, so that rules out the poorly educated (the ones more likely to be accepted at, say UNCP, which is two hours down the road in a poor area with higher levels of crime). (SN: I’m not saying poverty leads to crime.)

          What we’re seeing is a “self-selection bias” by the students – choosing to apply to an institution based on their own preferences, many of which appear to be the same (i.e. primarily liberal), and a “selection bias” on behalf of the university (or any university) by selecting from the pool of applicants the ones that UNC thinks will be most successful and the best alumni/make the school look good.

          I’m surprised at your analysis of this situation.

          • theoutside

            In American parlance “academic career” almost always means college. I have never seen an instance in normal speech or writing where it is meant to include high school. Most likely the authors know this, but they also know that, strictly speaking, it could technically include high school. It is thus a convenient ambiguity deliberately planted to potentially expand their claim as might be needed — does it include post-docs? what about junior high? grade school? It could mean all kinds of things, as you yourself indicate. Therefore I take their use of this vague phrase as prima facie evidence of their inherent dishonesty and craftiness.

            The reports in question employ not merely statistics, but also carefully crafted, yet normal seeming, language which is designed to create a range of mere impressions, while yet remaining impossible to pin down in its exact meaning.

      • Bombay

        LOL. So if UNC (been there), is on the low end of rapes/almost nonexistent, then please cite a college/university where close to all the women are raped. That is the only way your position can be supported.

        In fact, cite any University where 1 in 1,000 women are raped. Can’t be done.

        • scribe0042

          I hope you realize you are mocking a middle-school-level math concept. You’ve been to UNC but you obviously didn’t go there. I’m not sure how you think setting food on campus makes you knowledgeable about this situation – via osmosis?

          You’re wrong on two counts.

          1) Let me explain how an average works – if you have a group of universities that have 1-in-3 rapes, and a group of universities that have 1-in-5 rapes, assuming there is the same number of universities in each group, you still get an average of 1-in-4 rapes. BUT, if one group has more rapes than another group, say if only 1 college has a 1-in-3 rape but 9 colleges have a 1-in-5 rape, then you get…1-in-5 rapes on AVERAGE. Get it? It doesn’t need to be on a sliding scale. It’s about grouping, not just about how far up or down the scale you go.

          2) I already responded to point out that the sources August provided were misinterpreted. The studies to which s/he referred chose to ask college girls if they were raped *at any point in their academic career* to which 1-in-4 of them responded yes. The study specified they asked girls if they were raped from the age of 14 or older. THUS, the statistic is NOT representative of college (unless 14yr olds are in college in bulk), but of the US population.

          What everyone heard: “1-in-4 girls get raped in college.”

          The truth: “1-in-4 college girls said they had been raped.”

          • Bombay

            Yes. Apply your math. If UNC has very few rapes, (not 1 in 4 or 1 in 10 and not even 1 in 1,000), then where are the Universities that offset the 1 in 1,000 rate or less at UNC and other campuses to arrive at the average 1 in 4? Any campus with almost all the women being rapped to offset all those campus where very few women are raped should be in the news – if they existed.

            And yes, you are operating on a simple level. During my college experience there were no women who said they were rapped. All the simplistic math in the world is not helpful when the starting numbers are fabricated by dishonest people. When my son attended college orientation, the police woman stated that there were no sexual assaults (much less rape) since she has been there on a campus of 40,000 students. Your stats are bogus and analysis flawed.

          • scribe0042

            …Are you a troll?

            I’m surprised you simply accept anything someone says…but not me. Note to self: become police officer…

            1) Just because sexual assault isn’t reported doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
            2) Sexual assault that happens off campus, but to college students, isn’t generally counted in the campus stats
            3) Sexual assaults reported off campus are generally counted in campus stats.

            Please tell me where your son went to school so I can pull up the records for you. I’m sure they’re there.

            Also, you didn’t even touch on the fact that the 1-in-4 stat is *NOT* a college campus stat. It’s a US population-based stat. Please feel free to read my previous responses. So why are you still talking about this?

          • scribe0042

            …Are you a troll?

            I’m surprised you simply accept anything someone says…but not me. Note to self: become police officer…

            1) Just because sexual assault isn’t reported doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
            2) Sexual assault that happens off campus, but to college students, isn’t generally counted in the campus stats
            3) Sexual assaults reported off campus are generally counted in campus stats.

            Please tell me where your son went to school so I can pull up the records for you. I’m sure they’re there.

            Also, you didn’t even touch on the fact that the 1-in-4 stat is *NOT* a college campus stat. It’s a US population-based stat. Please feel free to read my previous responses. So why are you still talking about this?

          • scribe0042

            …Are you a troll?

            I’m surprised you simply accept anything someone says…but not me. Note to self: become police officer…

            Please tell me where your son went to school so I can pull up the records for you. I’m sure they’re there. Although, I love your “evidence”, solid stuff.

            1) Just because sexual assault isn’t reported doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
            2) Sexual assault that happens off campus, but to college students, isn’t generally counted in the campus stats
            3) Sexual assaults reported off campus are not generally counted in campus stats.

            Of course my math is simple, I said it was. No, you don’t need to go all the way up a sliding scale. It depends on the grouping of the numbers.

            Also, you didn’t even touch on the fact that the 1-in-4 stat is *NOT* a college campus stat. It’s a US population-based stat. Please feel free to read my previous responses.

            1-in-4 college girls said they had been raped in their “academic career” (high school included). NOT 1-in-4 girls are raped during college.

          • scribe0042

            …Are you a troll?

            I’m surprised you simply accept anything someone says…but not me. Note to self: become police officer…

            Please tell me where your son went to school so I can pull up the records for you. I’m sure they’re there. Although, I love your “evidence”, solid stuff.

            1) Just because sexual assault isn’t reported doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
            2) Sexual assault that happens off campus, but to college students, isn’t generally counted in the campus stats
            3) Sexual assaults reported off campus are not generally counted in campus stats.

            Of course my math is simple, I said it was. No, you don’t need to go all the way up a sliding scale. It depends on the grouping of the numbers.

            Also, you didn’t even touch on the fact that the 1-in-4 stat is *NOT* a college campus stat. It’s a US population-based stat. Please feel free to read my previous responses.

            1-in-4 college girls said they had been raped in their “academic career” (high school included). NOT 1-in-4 girls are raped during college.


          • Bombay

            “Lies, damned lies, and rape statistics”



            “Just to be clear, and so those numbers stand out, here are the total number of reported sexual assaults for each of the three campuses in 2009, followed in parentheses by the numbers those universities should have suffered, according to the 1-in-4 figure:

            PITT: 4 (3,700)
            CMU: 6 (975)
            DUQ: 3 (1,425)

            Which means that, instead of 1-in-4, their chances of being sexually assaulted in 2009 were:

            PITT: 1-in-3,700.
            CMU: 1-in-650.
            DUQ: 1-in-1,900.

            There is, of course, a widely reported (if virtually unverifiable) statistic that says 90 percent of sexual assaults go unreported. The Trib piece took note:

            90 percent or more of those victims do not report the assault.

            If we grant that claim and adjust the numbers, then here are the total number of sexual assaults that occurred in 2009, followed in parentheses by the numbers those universities should have suffered, according to the 1-in-4 figure:

            PITT: 40 (3,700)
            CMU: 60 (975)
            DUQ: 30 (1,425)

            Which means that, even if we grant the 90%-are-unreported figure, women’s chances of being sexually assaulted while attending those universities in 2009 were not 1-in-4 but:

            PITT: 1-in-370
            CMU: 1-in-65
            DUQ: 1-in-190″

            It seems that the 1 in 4 cannot stand up to the math……..

  • Aimee McGee

    I’m thinking that one thing we could do for society is teach about evidence and standards of proof.
    The story with its enabling advocates is appearing all over FB. None of the reposters get that there are NO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS for this guy.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Aimee unfortunately and all too often special interest groups have driven public opinion and politics to preempt legal justice.

      • Aimee McGee

        Hi GOM,

        Yeah, I know. I am about to start a one woman campaign about the reposting within my aquaintance circle on FB…wonder how many defriendings I will get!

        • Nightwing1029

          Aimee, I can say I have been doing similar.
          In the last month, I lost 4 friends. One is actually my sister.
          Tread lightly.

          Having said that…
          If they can’t respect you, #&*@ ’em.

  • Grumpy Old Man


  • sevencck

    I’ve been waiting for this article. I read what they had to say over at Jezebel. Somehow the comments over there are always worse than the article itself. Nice to see someone stand up for the rights of the bloody accused, it takes balls in this day and age.

    Anyway, great article Paul, bet your cojones get placed in a museum after you die.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Anyway, great article Paul, bet your cojones get placed in a museum after you die.

      In the Smithsonian, in between Fonzie’s jacket and Archie Bunker’s chair! 😉

    • knightrunner

      All that titanium going to waste just sitting in museum. Probably would have to reinforce the floor under them.

  • Malestrom

    ”The credibility of her story is so low that it almost prompts one to put the word “allegation” in scare quotes.”

    Paul, that one almost floored me.

  • JJ

    Wheeeeewwwwww boy; the force is strong with these arbiters of public perception. You can tell from their pictures (except maybe McCabe?) that they are the Jedi Masters of self delusion.

    Manning almost looks like A certain Maine ADA’s Mini-Me.

    I can only imagine (based on that wonderfully flattering photo) what having a coffee shop conversation with Strasser would be like:

    Me: My caramel macchiato is entirely too hot for summer; but the breeze is nice. What do you think stranger? (Strasser who I fortunately don’t know yet chooses to sit down at my table with several others empty)

    Strasser: Oooohhhh, Every time I feel the breeze it reminds me of the dank, sweaty hands of an oppressor touching my perfect feminist perpetual victim coif.

    Me: For the Love of God and all that is Holy where the hell did that come from?

    Strasser: Your going to shame me aren’t you? You…you…you rape apologist!

    (Crowd at coffee shop stops and stares slack jawed)

    Me: What?! I was sitting here before you even walked in the shop; how would you know what I support? let alone rape apologia? We’ve never met.

    Strasser: I sat down because I could tell you were a rapist. So I decided to sit down and force my way into a conversation with you. By the way, you are a terrible person; and coffee is brought up by your slaves, white boy.

    Me: WTF! Are you on drugs?! How could I have slaves here? Let alone waste my time getting coffee here if I had slaves to go and get it for me? What, women’s studies degrees don’t have history class anymore? BTW, your coif looks like you forgot to pull the women’s studies degree out of the cracker jack box you brushed your hair with.

    Strasser: I’m calling campus police. You are sexually harrassing me with your eyes. You’re going to rape me, I can tell.

    This is why men need to take online classes; and leave the physical campuses to the feral dogs like Landen, Manning, McCabe, and Strasser lurking there.

    BTW way; did anyone see the preview for the Brad Pitt Zombie movie coming out?

    I sense it has some real life foreshadowing. Unfortunately for their budget of that movie they could not film at the UNC campus.

  • Coldfire

    I’m having a little trouble following the details of this story as the primary sources seem to all be written by piss-poor “journalists”. Nowhere in the Jezebel, ThinkProgress, or Daily Tar Heel articles do I see it mentioned that Gambill followed her alleged rapist around campus harassing him. She certainly seems like the type to do exactly that, but what is the source for this? Are there other articles on this story besides the three I mentioned above?

    • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

      I think I’m the only one who put that spin on it, for this reason:

      She was charged with “disruptive and intimidating behavior”.

      She never publicly identified her “rapist”, which is just sophistry, since she was in a long-term relationship and it would take approximately two seconds for anyone to figure out to whom she was referring.

      HOWEVER, she did not, in fact, use his name.

      Therefore that CANNOT be the basis of the charge against her.

      There had to have been evidence for some OTHER “disruptive and intimidating behavior”.

      I simply took a guess at what that might be.

      That’s why I’m a blogger, and not a criminal justice reporter.

      As an aside, her accusation isn’t slander, because there is no conviction. This girl is a liar, but that’s not illegal, at this stage of the game.

      If the man in question had been acquitted of rape, and then she continued to call him a rapist, that would be slander.

      As far as I understand.

      • Coldfire

        Your analysis makes sense to me. So she probably pulled the old “I’m not saying who, but he’s standing right over there” routine for harassing the guy.

        I’m not a lawyer either but my understanding of defamation law is that even if someone is acquitted of a crime, one can still get away with saying that person committed the crime as long as one is prepared to prove at least a 50.1% likelihood of it should one be sued for slander or libel. As I recall this is exactly what happened with OJ Simpson; he was acquitted because the jury believed there was reasonable doubt but there was enough evidence to establish a likelihood far in excess of 50.1% that he did it and the media was quite happy to run with that and publicly call him a murderer.

        I’m also pretty sure that publicly claiming that someone committed a crime can be grounds for a slander or libel suit regardless of whether or not there has been a criminal trial. Otherwise, I could go around telling everyone that a certain person I don’t like is a child molester and that person would have no legal recourse against me.

    • The_Other_Steve

      The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has covered it here –

      FIRE is generally fairly balanced in their viewpoints, from what I’ve read.

      • greg

        Will Creely’s article is flawed. He’s under the assumption that complaint against Landen is due to her criticizing UNC procedure. Ex filed complaint due to her Harrassment.
        I have communicated with Will about this as has John Gresham, the Falsely Accused’s atty.

  • Turbo

    I sent this to ThinkProgress direct from their website, I was going to post it as a comment under the article but I don’t have any of those accounts required to post right now.

    “I refer to the recent article titled “University Of North Carolina Rape Victim May Be Expelled For Speaking About Her Case” by Annie-Rose Strasser

    This an outrageous piece of gutter journalism. Continuously referring to the “rape” and the “rapist” without using the word alleged, when this accusation could not even pass the very low standards of evidence of the “Honor Court”, is disgusting. Annie-Rose Strasser should be made by the management of this site to publish an apology ASAP.

  • TCM

    Shameless (yet entirely relevant) self-promotion. It just so happens I have a video subseries built up around the phenomenon of False Rape Culture in Education. It documents case after case of venom spit in the faces of men and boys who are individually falsely accused of rape, and the dehumanization of male students as a group. Here is the playlist:

    • Paul Elam

      Shameless but not effective enough down here in the comments. I took the liberty of featuring this great video in the video section.

      • TCM


    • theoutside

      Great video.

  • Winstone

    The article by Caitlin McCabe is a shame. Is she a real journalist or just some feminist who attacks men on a web site?

  • Not buying it

    I really can not understand or believe what I am reading in this article, since when did the right “innocent until proven guilty ” get canceled! !! , better yet under what premises did a human being (male or otherwise) is being judged by a kangaroo court in the land of the free, the good old US of A???

    What is going on people??

    I am aware the feminazi establishment has managed to hijack even certain aspects of the US justice system, but to have it done so obvious & blatant is truly astounding.

    This will not stand regardless whether Department of Education or any other branches of the Government, it is unconstitutional period & it wouldn’t stand in the supreme court for sure, all I am wondering about is has that stupid misandrist mandate “Dear Colleagues” been challenged yet & if not when?

    These ideological demagogues need to be confronted on a higher level that would put an end to all this feminazi judicial insanity, oh my God, I feel chocked at the level of injustice being handed to human beings for the crime of being male, fffffffuuuucccckkkk.

    • MrShadowfax42

      I feel your pain my friend. This is why burnout, as described in a previous article, can be such a problem. We all see so much of this bias every single day and we see blue-pill drones defending it and not even acknowledging that men’s issues exist; or that men are even humans in their own right.

      This is why we need to learn to take a break, to disconnect. Feeling angry is sometimes necessary and “the right reaction”, but feeling angry all the time isn’t healthy. In these situations I have to do something else, anything, play a computer game, strum my guitar, read a book, visit friends, watch a show, anything. The MHRM will still be here when we get back, after all, and when we are refreshed we can support others who kept the momentum going when WE needed a break.

  • Pierce Harlan

    This is a manifestation of a disturbing culture fomented by the sexual grievance industry that encourages women to define rape in whatever manner they see fit, regardless of the harm to the person accused. This attitude was famously manifested in Catherine Comins’ quote in Time Magazine: “To use the word [rape] carefully would be to be careful for the sake of the violator, and the survivors don’t care a hoot about him.”

    Some other famous examples:

    ▲For 17 years, the University of Maryland Clothesline Project allowed purported rape survivors to publicly display shirts with the full names of men they accused of rape written on them. Jennifer Pollitt-Hill, the executive director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said a sexual assault survivor “can feel empowered by naming the perpetrator . . . .” Many of the women who scrawled names on shirts felt the justice system — both the courts and the university judicial board — was too lenient on perpetrators. “Victims feel like these things silence them,” Pollitt-Hill said, “and there’s no justice . . . .” The public discourse on this issue focused almost exclusively on the value to rape victims of writing names of young men on shirts. Absent was an acknowledgment of even the possibility that there might have been more than one side to the story for at least some, if not many, of the alleged rape claims. The university-sanctioned practice of branding presumptively innocent men “rapists” without the pretense of due process was only stopped when the school realized that the practice subjected it to liability.

    ▲In Columbus, Ohio, a Web site was set up to give rape victims a forum to post information about their alleged attackers. Flyers were passed out that said “Expose your rapist” and directed people to a Web site where they could list details about their attacker, including their names. The local prosecuting attorney gave this effort his quasi-imprimatur.

    ▲Germaine Greer is on record advocating something similar: “Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival she said yesterday: ‘I wish there were an online rapists’ register and that it was kept up to date, because we know the courts can’t get it right. When I say that to people, they get so scared, and say ‘Oh you can’t. What about privacy? Years ago I knew we would never get convictions in a court of law for date rape, so I suggested women kept an online dossier, so if a woman had a date with a guy and he did something to her, or frightened her, and she asked him to stop and he didn’t, then instead of going to the police she should put him online. Other women could check this dossier, look up a guy and see that he has form. Then she can say no, or if she does go, goes knowing it’s a high risk strategy.'”

    ▲Women in a feminist art class at the University of Maryland once plastered the campus with fliers last week listing the names of virtually every male student under the heading, “NOTICE: THESE MEN ARE POTENTIAL RAPISTS.” The women also set up large posters containing all of the names on the grassy mall at the center of the campus. The project angered some men on campus. Several advocates of the signs, however, declared that the men’s anger was the point. “I think it’s admirable that men in this school have been saying the word ‘rape’ and are being angry at the same time,” said Jessica True, 23, a freshman from Takoma Park.

    ▲A group at Oberlin College once posted signs identifying its first “rapist of the month” — a male freshman — despite the fact that the targeted youth had not been charged with any crime and was mortified by the signs because, he explained, he was not even sexually active. A female freshman told a reporter that she knew the male and didn’t feel he did anything wrong, “but there’s a part of me that is questioning him” because of the signs. The New York office of the Legal Defense and Education Fund of the National Organization for Women declined to comment on the issue.

    ▲Once at Brown University, a ”rape list” scrawled on the wall of a library women’s restroom named some 30 ”men who have sexually assaulted me or a woman I know.” Some women were not happy that university janitors continually erased the names. One woman told a reporter that erasing the names reinforces the idea that ”women are to blame for their rapes. . . . I think the writing on the wall was these women’s way of taking control, of taking action and saying what they needed to say.”

    Given the seriousness of a rape charge, and the attendant reputational, psychological, and even physical harm to persons wrongly accused of rape, this community needs to continue to insist that the word “rape” be used carefully.

    • Kosh

      Has anyone here tried flipping around any of these, eg. posting a flyer of almost all the female students in college and ALL of the Women’s Studies professors under the heading “NOTICE: THESE WOMEN ARE POTENTIAL FALSE RAPE ACCUSERS.” and writing up a “false rape accusers list” in the bathroom? Also, has Germaine Greer been added to Register Her yet? She sounds absolutely perfect for the “Bigot” category.

      • theoutside

        A good idea.

        • theoutside

          I am quite serious. This is a very practical and valid idea and should be followed up on.

  • Dan Perrins

    “There are some places where standards still mean something.”
    Damn right, something society via Acme Fem & co’s dogma have forgotten all about.
    A woman made an allegation the earth is flat, why it must be true, she also said the sun revolves around the Earth why that must be true as well.
    Meanwhile back in reality and rational thought, AVfM brings you due process. What a concept.
    Great article Paul,

  • AntZ

    I love to see the MRM mechanized armor operating deep in enemy territory. This is the kind of hard hitting and evidence based writing that propelled AVfM into the leadership of global men’s rights.

  • Kimski

    You still exhibit that..hmm, je ne sais pas..snarky, dripping, sarcasm with a bite to it, that makes it so invigorating to read your articles, Paul.

    Another home run for team, and thank you.

  • greg

    UNC. Leslie Strohm, UNC’s Vice Chancellor and General Counsel, told Trustees, “The Allegations with respect to the under reporting of sexual assault are False, they are untrue, and they are just plain wrong.”

    I read this in an article at yahoo, 2 days ago. WTF???? Someone is speaking the truth??? Doesn’t she realize that she’s going to be crucified for this?? Article made it appear that she was speaking about today’s society, when actually above quote was in regards to the lawsuit that this little tart, Landen Gambill is party to. Augh, today’s MSM and their political agenda. Appalling.

  • jimbeaux

    So let me get this straight. This woman has accused her boyfriend of a crime, which, if escalated to criminal court, could potentially ruin his life. Conviction of rape is a felony conviction. He’d be barely employable, stigmatized, forced to adhere to “sex offender” policies, would have his address and photo on public sex offender lists. His life would basically be over. And yet, these accusers are indignant that they have to answer any questions about how, when, and where it happened. The comments in the linked article were absurd. The man was found not guilty by the honor court, and yet they are incensed that he’s still allowed to be a student there. WTF? So he should be expelled even though he was found not guilty?
    These feminists want nothing more than for ALL men to be incarcerated as potential rapists. It’s the whole “testosterone poisoning” logic. If “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” then a man needs a feminist like a fish needs a deep fryer.

  • greg

    Jordan Johnson rape case will most likely go to jury tomorrow. He’s facing 100yrs for having consensual sex with a mentally ill, Psyc med taking coed who wanted a relationship.

    Horrifying case.

  • greg

    Senate version of VAWA just passed the house. Obama says it’s signed as soon as he gets it.

    God Help us All.

    • James Huff

      Bunch of fucking statist pussies. Man….I tell you, the only reason why any version of the bill passed is because the Republicans are just as vested in keeping feminists on their side as Democrats.

      I’m seeing red right now.

      I know I seem a little vitriolic in my language right now….but keep in mind I am firmly of the opinion that ALL these asshats need to frickin go. No one there on Capitol Hill can help but to be part of the fucking problem.
      Some even recognize non-support of VAWA as a trap… many voted aginst their conscience in order to hold onto their positions?
      How many capitulate because of the ruinious discourse feminism holds them in……women=feminism….as opposed to “we already have laws protecting citizens from violence”?

      • greg

        I agree. Lock them all up.

        The only sunshine in regards to this, is that the DVI/SGI will only get 660 million yearly for the next 5, which is a 17 percent decrease in funding. Fuck em I say.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    In 1961, St. Louis, a married 19-year-old tart named Mary Lou Landis falsely claimed five negroes abducted and raped her (to try to cover up a drunken revel with a man other than her soldier husband). The accusation led, unsurprisingly, to racial tension in the city. I have only recently found a photo of her and have now posted it on The Unknown History of Misandry. A vintage press photo is currently for sale on ebay for under 30 bucks. I’m flat flat broke or otherwise I would buy it, so I’m letting everybody know that this little piece of history is available in case anyone wants to snag it and make further use of it. (Just type in her name on ebay to find the listing)

    Here’s my post:
    “Promiscuous Woman’s Fake Rape Story Aroused Racial Tension – 1961″

  • Ray

    “Guilty until proven innocent” is the modus operandi for the gender-feminism ideology’s witch-hunting of males as shown in the video, “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube.

    • justman

      Ray, the video is great, but I do not agree with the liberal use of the word “Stalinist” in the video. IMO a better word would be “fascist”, but even better would be not to mix any left/right blaming into the video at all. When you misuse words like “Stalinist” you just come across as a right wing nut. Polarizing men’s rights as a left/right issue is not correct and not productive. A more neutral term, politically, might be “feminist police state” or “anti-male police state”.

      Also, can we get rid of the term “gender feminist”? A better term might be “female (gender) supremacist”. People just do not know the difference between a regular feminist and a “gender feminist”. The latter is an ill-conceived terminology — the words do not carry any inherent meaning and they simply are confusing. And many people have never heard the term “equity feminist”, which is needed to explain what a “gender feminist” is.


    Stickers and posters people, we need thousands of people to emulate the success I have had with my sticker and poster campaigns.

    99% of the work below I have done by myself…

    Below my work at the 2011 slutwalk

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Te phrase “Blame This Victim” put a smile on my face. Bravo! As Ted Nugent says, “use their own tactics against them” and “never apologize.”

    The false rape culture WILL be busted!

  • Bellator Nam Parilitas

    White Knights are alive and well it seems. These are the excerpts from a recent conflict on one if the sourced reports on this post.

    Original Post: “The “Honor Court” at UNC purports to be entirely a student enterprise and, in the linked report, it seems that the “student attorney general” contacted Gambill. While it is certainly possible that pressure from the administration contributed to the action of this student run organization it seems more likely that a disgruntled student (the rapist maybe?) made a complaint and, according to the honor code, it had to be addressed. Time will tell what the university’s involvement in this affair is. Hopefully they will eventually realize that criminal behavior by students should not be the addressed by the “honor council”. If they don’t they will be paying out some large settlements in the future.”

    My Response: “Really this man has not been convicted in any court let alone one of law of rape and yet everyone is willing to just assume that since she is saying it happened that it did. What ever happened being innocent until proven guilty?! Please people put down your pitchforks and think. Why is it she was willing to take this to the “Honor Court” but not the police? Why haven’t criminal charges been brought up where professionals can ascertain the truth?”

    His Response: “WTF is wrong with you? This young woman was attacked and brought it to the attention of the university which is obliged to provide a safe environment in which she can study. The university referred the case to the “honor court”. WTF don’t YOU put down YOUR pitchfork and stop blaming the victim here? Criminal charges weren’t brought in part because the university is doing its best to under report campus crime in violation of federal law. If you can’t read and comprehend the reports on Think Progress why don’t you just STFU? I can only assume its because you’re a rapist yourself but consider yourself a victim of a woman who didn’t scream NO! as loudly as you thought she should. I hope you have an opportunity to be a victim of rape yourself someday”

    My Response: ” really, so because I disagree with your immediate need to jump in a defend someone who is not under attack from someone who hasn’t been proved to do anything wrong, I am now a rapist? Your immediate need to jump to ad hominem attacks just shows your lack of any actual intelligent thought in the matter.

    “If you can’t read and comprehend the reports on Think Progress why don’t you just STFU?” How about instead why don’t you look outside of an obviously slanted article to find the truth. Nobody has stopped her from filing a police complaint or taking this to the Criminal Courts where it belongs. Why do you think she hasn’t? Try and think for yourself instead of buying into all the hype…Your need to be this aggressive in an online forum really makes me wonder….were you like this about the guys involved in the false gang rape allegations at Duke? Didn’t we all learn something from that? Perhaps we should not be so quick to jump to conclusion with little to no facts.”

    This is a first time for me…running into a white knight. I am used to women acting this way but a man so out to vilify someone of his own gender without any grounds or evidence. Wow…

    • Bellator Nam Parilitas

      I did not mean for that last paragraph to sound so sexist lmao. Just simply astounds me.

      • Paul Elam

        If it ain’t a lie, it ain’t sexist.

        • Bellator Nam Parilitas

          Lol Thanks…still trying to break free of the PC Ingraining.

      • gwallan

        “I hope you have an opportunity to be a victim of rape yourself someday”

        …and deserving of being raped as well.

  • malcolm

    I’m getting infuriated reading the comments on all the articles about this case. It never occurs to the majority of people that she might just be lying. Whatever happened to the principle of Occam’s Razor where the simplest explanation may just be the right one – she’s batshit crazy and that everybody with one iota of knowledge about the story believes the boy’s innocent?
    Instead they’d rather believe in a grand conspiracy. FFS, our work’s really cut out for us.
    I hope that poor fellow is weathering the storm.

  • Correctrix

    The unfunny jokes about Love and Lewinsky, as well as the references to hair colour, are unhelpful.

    • Paul Elam

      Unfunny and unhelpful to whom?

      Just so you know, I am not interested in winning a popularity contest, or in being PC. If you can think of anything unfunnier than the actions of these lunatics, please let me know.

      • Correctrix

        OK, I’ll state it more forcefully then: the references to those two women are irrelevant, contribute nothing in terms of understanding or humour, and are essentially what might be called ‘slut-shaming’ in feminist parlance. The implication is that a woman giving sex away too easily is embarrassing and a great source for lulz. The references just beg to be interpreted as misogynistic. That sort of crappy writing is just a gift handed over to feminist ideologues.

        No interest in a popularity contest? Well, that’s exactly what we are engaged in: a PR war between feminists and MHRAs. You can either fight the war to win, or you can just kind of vent online and hang the consequences for men and boys.

        • Sting Chameleon

          The reason why the MHRM has been able to make ANY gains at all is because of its ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. I fail to see how softening up our rhetoric in order to appease the large populace and defend ourselves from the feminists (because that’s what we’d be doing, walking on eggshells to prevent them from having a chance to attack us) could be of any help.

        • Paul Elam

          First, surely you understand that humor is subjective. Please tell me you at least understand that you are not the arbiter for the whole world on what is funny and what isn’t.

          I read the line about Lewinski to my partner. She thought it was funny as hell, or at least that was the part where she spewed her coffee. :)

          And to critique something I say in terms of “feminist parlance” is not going to sway me anywhere either.

          Generally speaking, I write what I write, regardless of feminist sensibilities, or what they want to choose to define as misogynistic. In fact, I make it a point from time to time to provoke them in just that fashion. I know I am not a misogynist, just as I know that making fun of Courtney Love is not misogynistic. I don’t need to prove it by wearing a gag, especially to please you.

          The day that anything on this site has to pass a feminist litmus test in order to be acceptable, is the day I will ask someone to shoot me and get it over with.

          Finally, your last (of many) mistakes is confusing what I do for venting. Did you imagine I was sitting here throwing beer bottles around the room screaming about “bitches and hos” as I type?

          Hardly. Everything I say is calculated. And at the risk of bragging I will say that it has resulted in the most influential and powerful MHRM site that has ever existed.

          In fact, had it not been for this site you would not be typing MHRM into your browser.

          Part of the reason for that is that success is that writers here can inject humor, even humor that offends someone like you, and do so without looking over their shoulder for the thought police. I’d say a lot of men have had a belly full of that kind of control and don’t much care for it.

          There is no misogyny in humor. Misogyny is hate. Humor is something else altogether. Yet we find ourselves living in times when we get judged (and by we I mean men) for telling the wrong joke or using the wrong words. And then we get treated to bullshit feminist parlance like “slut shaming.”

          This is a place where that sort of nonsense can be rejected. Which is the only reason this place has worked as well as it has.

          But by all means, go create a venue for men where feminist sensibilities prevail over free expression. Oh wait, sorry, someone already beat you to it. It’s the Good Men Project.

    • Bombay

      Do you need help? White Knights rescue me now.

      • Correctrix

        No need to make a personal attack on one with whom you disagree.

  • Turbo

    OT: On a slightly lighter note.

    Yesterday afternoon after finishing my work day, I decided to pop into my local establishment (pub) to refresh myself with a couple of light beers.

    This establishment has a TAB ( that is a betting shop in Australia, horse racing, trotting, greyhounds ) and I noticed on the screen that the “Flea Taxis” (greyhounds) were running in a race meeting in the bush somewhere. Now I am not a punter, but one dog’s name did catch my eye and peak my interest.

    It was called ” Sir Honeybadger ”

    Now there is an “Omen” bet right there I thought. I shall put 5 dollars on that dog and when it wins I shall share the profits with AVfM. And so I placed the bet.

    And guess what ???

    It came second last !! Bummer !! :-(

    • Paul Elam

      That’s ok, betting on a sure loser has done us pretty well around here. :)

  • NCFathers

    The Raleigh News and Observer (States largest Newspaper) is reporting that Landen Gambill is a Women’s Studies major, and anyone not familiar with the University of North Carolina, it is a highly liberal university and mecca for radical feminist which is why I am so shocked that they did not go with her story despite any evidence. I just emailed Paul on why I think this is a coordinated, planned, and simultaneous manufactured event for some yet to be unveiled attack on someone.

    • greg

      As of today, this False Accuser, and all future False Accusers, when they lose at Honor Court, which they should never lose at due “Preponderance of Evidence”, may now appeal their loss, and then go appeal it again.

      FIRE has a great article about this topic.

      As of todays vote, all Sons of America are Guilty.

      I still need to research if it is now Federally Illegal to cause a female, “Emotional Distress” with todays “Inclusive” VAWA.

    • theoutside

      This is a good point. LG is not just a nut case. She is an unbalanced post-adolescent who is being manipulated/paid/encouraged by forces behind the scenes.

      I have noted repeatedly that feminist professors can be highly manipulative with their female students (with whom they may sometimes have close personal relations, including sexual). They encourage them to bring false charges against male faculty. The feminist professors in their turn are the agents/dupes of other powers behind the scenes. Forces in the federal government — such as those who installed Claire McCaskill in the Senate — want more uniform “compliance” from universities on any number of issues, which is, in its turn, a further move toward cementing in place a national security police state.

  • Jean Valjean

    Does the “boyfriend” know that he’s being defamed by these other “reporters?”

    Seems a lawsuit could pay off his student loans for him and teach the University about higher journalism standards the hard way.

    • NCFathers

      This accused man would have a TREMENDOUS amount of people to sue, I have read over 200 articles on this case from the same number of companies, all who are calling him a rapist. We need to find this guy!

      • theoutside

        Yes. Get in touch with him.

      • captive

        You don’t really understand that there’s absolutely no recourse for the falsely accused. Even those exonerated after conviction after enduring multiple years of prison violence far eclipsing any sex act he may have engaged in which landed him with a false rape conviction will receive a small pittance for having everything unjustly taken from them by a tyrannical state that people are too cowardly to stand against.

  • Justice4all

    Paul – excellent article. The tide is slowly turning in the UNC community with some seeing thru Gambill’s feminist bullying tactics forcing even their liberal rag newspaper to dig for the facts as evidence by this article:

    Still this innocent young man’s name, reputation and life have been destroyed by a malicious scorned ex intent on making his life a living hell while she enjoys being a media darling.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Good. I am glad the young man has representation. Although, his statements seem as if he is handling Gambill with kid gloves.

      I also hope UNC boots her ass off campus and out of the uni. Gambill’s not going to stop. Maybe, if she’s kicked out of school, she can go on tour as the opening act for Rebecca Watson’s “Penises Are Evil – Ima Victim, No, Really, Ima Victim Tour.”

  • Lovekraft

    The photo of the accuser tells a thousand words. Nut.

    Just think of how much time and energy has been wasted on feminist pursuits. Energies that should be spent doing something constructive, such as getting an education that is practical in TRW.

    A sinkhole of waste, feminism is.

    • Bewildered

      But amazingly it seems to have unconditional social approval !

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Here’s a reasonable article on it:

    Need some MHRA’s in the comments, though.


      Just gave it a blast!

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Just got this on my facebook and looked into Snopes.

    Of course it’s fraudulent. It’s a false rape accusation.

    I’ve just had a young man (?) on Huffpo telling me the FBI says false rape accusations are rarer than people who fake disappearances!

    He even invited me to look it up…so I did.

    No such information that I could find. I told him in my life I knew of many false rape accusations, but never once an actual faked disappearance.

    I’ve no idea how many people have forwarded the “gang rape” warning, but it’s a false accusation, read and forwarded on by many, more people than those who have faked a disappearance.

    Stats stats everywhere, and not a drop of truth….

    • NeoGuyver

      It would appear the image has been (childishly) replaced with a green smiley sticking it’s tongue out.

  • Featheredhat

    My problem with your article is that it’s inherently saying that if this girl is mentally unstable and lying (and I’m buying that she is), it’s common for women to lie about rape, like as a revenge when they broke up with their boyfriend… which is sanity-breaking, even if we are considering the most immature of women.

    I suggest reading the blog Pervocracy in its entry of “Ten Shades of False Rape Accusations”, just to quote an idea: “The statistics on how many rape accusations are false range from above 40% to under 2%, and (as is usually the case) which number someone chooses to use in their argument tells you more than the number itself.”

    With the following follow-up: “When you see the wildly huge statistics claiming 40% or more of rape accusations are false, this is almost always what they mean–40% or more of rape accusations are not ‘proven true’. However, if you think that means they were proven untrue… um, I don’t have a witty simile here but you’re wrong. Guilty people are released all the time and sometimes for terrible reasons.”

    Clear, isn’t it?

    Not that I’m not saying there’s not crap media who inflates a case (while ignoring millions others without blond, middle-to-high class rape victims), or political-related intentions in blowing up of proportions or even lying about a fact for personal gain, but it’s not the same as saying and you’re wrong to say (or imply) that women would lie regularly in a “rape culture”.

    But, most importantly, the consequences of the simplistic mindset, the painful gloating-manner that leads you to celebrate peer-pressure so people don’t report rape… this is wrong!!! You can’t automatically assume the rape reported is false! because you’re victimizing the *victim* even further, but also affecting *future* cases, involving *other* victims.

    Or in other words: “Ultimately, all too often, it ends with a huge number of rapes going unreported, because sometimes it’s easier for a survivor to live with the knowledge that their rapist is free than it is for them to go through years of being under constant suspicion of being an evil false accuser. It ends with misogyny justifying and reinforcing itself, as the concept “women lie about rape” becomes both proof of and proven by “women are untrustworthy, manipulative, and malicious.” It ends with rapists who tell their victims “no one will ever believe you” being right, with society standing behind them (…) Every time we reinforce the common wisdom that “women lie about rape all the time,” rape gets a little easier to commit.”

    That’s why I cannot but cringe at your proposition of a “rape culture”. If anything, nowadays, there’s a “believing the rape is false culture”! Every lawyer in the world will say the female lies about rape. Every public case–And I mean, it IS wrong to prejudge, and here we are! All people assuming and prejudging, not only for the accused but for the accuser as well… tell me how this is not double-standards turning for the worst.

  • Zornskin

    I’m new here but I just got this email from

    “Rape Survivor Faces Expulsion For ‘Intimidating’ Rapist”

    Dear Named Recipient( I found this vaguely creepy, as they used my actual name – but I don’t know who they are),

    According to the University of North Carolina, seeking justice for assault is “intimidating” your rapist, questioning school policies is “being disruptive” … and doing both is enough to get you expelled.

    That’s the fate awaiting Landen Gambill, the college sophomore who faces a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion for daring to speak out about being raped and joining others in pointing out just how much the administration put the blame on the victims.

    Landen’s rapist still attends UNC and remains publicly unidentified, yet the woman he attacked is being targeted by the very school supposed to protect her.

    UNC is far from the only college that perpetuates rape culture and hosts inefficient sexual assault policies. Help make it one less college to fail its students: Join Landen’s fellow students in calling on the administration to drop the hearing against Gambill immediately!

    PETITION TO UNC: You should be using the Gambill case to re-examine your policies on sexual assault, not to target a rape survivor so you can cover up your own negligence. Stop efforts to discipline Landen Gambill for speaking out about her rape today!

    Click here to sign — it just takes a second.

    — The folks at

    • Bewildered

      Hope you didn’t sign it !

  • Zornskin

    No. That seemed to be a colossally bad idea. As everything appears to point to her being wholly dishonest.

    I’m just a little shocked, I guess, that anyone with half a brain would champion her cause.

  • Azur

    Newbie here. Just some thoughts on this case and what we can glean from the boyfriend’s lawyers comments (which are obviously barely reported):

    They broke up a month or so into her freshman 1st semester. It seems clear that he did pester her and was punished for it. She tagged on rape charges which (again according to his lawyer) were based on events when she was still in high school or latest the Summer before she enrolled at Chapel Hill.

    She has said she attempted suicide due to the alleged abuse and this also pre-dated her enrollment at Chapel Hill. The boyfriend is one school year ahead of her so it’s unclear if he was already at Chapel Hill the year before she came there.

    A couple of thoughts: She’s either stupid or bat**** crazy if she thinks she can charge him in University court for something that happened back in high school. I’m betting on both. Also, it seems odd that her parents allowed her to keep dating him and to even attend the school where he was going if he raped her and caused her suicide attempt. One might argue that the parents are complete idiots. That is, of course, if one assumes they were even aware of a rape or that he was the cause of the suicide attempt. It seems odd that the parents threw a fit when the boyfriend returned to campus in Jan 2013…. but they didn’t throw a similar fit when he raped her while she was still living at home and caused her suicide attempt? Sorry, but something (actually a lot of things) don’t add up in Gambill’s story.

    One might surmise that this couple brought their relationship to the big U. It didn’t survive a month or so of her being on campus. She dumped him. He handled it immaturely and tried to pester her into keeping it going. She’d had enough, but after a semester hanging around the women’s studies crowd she suddenly discovered that whatever sex they had in high school was now elevated to “rape”. She tacks this charge on for good measure but the honor board sees right through it.

    He gets booted off campus for nearly a year. Comes back and abides by the agreement to avoid her. Only when she finds out in a roundabout way he’s back at Chapel Hill does she suddenly go public and call him quite publicly a rapist. Her parents might not have objected to her dating him and following him to Chapel Hill for the simple reason that they didn’t know at the time that she felt he had raped her. If this was something she “discovered” after enrolling in college it makes the parents actions understandable.

    I would also not that the lawyer quite pointedly said the boyfriend mandatory psych evals asked him the question if he ever “coerced” Landen into sex. Reading between the lines a bit it seems like she conjured up a “barely there” rape allegation based on “coercion” during their teenaged sexual experimentation even though she obviously didn’t go to the Mooresville cops or anyone else at the time (otherwise she would have included this in her big public narrative).

    I have sons and daughters. Whenever these things happen I try to imagine if it were my son or daughter on either side of the case. Honestly, as I read the few known facts of the case, I’m inclined to believe she’s a big fat liar. She’s certainly been untruthful about the number of people who know his identity. I suspect the more light is shed on it the worse she’ll loook. But by then, those with an agenda will be loathe to even talk about her anymore. Notice how the press has gone silent?

    Anyone notice she hasn’t said a single word publicly in three weeks now? I’m guessing her lawyer has impressed upon her that what she’s doing is very much actionable in court.

    • Paul Elam

      Welcome, and thanks for the great comment.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    My God – three more genderpaths in quick succession –

    Melinda Manning –

    Caitlin McCabe –

    Annie-Rose Strasser –

  • Azur

    I don’t see any reason to go after Caitlin McCabe. She and her sidekick at the dailytarheel are about the only ones presenting the boyfriend’s side of the story. Other than the rest of the press has reported NADA from the boyfriend’s side.

  • greg

    UNC “student tribunal” was “Forced” to drop chargers against Landen Gambill.


    She Won. False Accuser’s Won!!!!

    Much more information about this case has come forward……

  • theoutside

    I will repost what I have written elsewhere:

    Might it not be possible for each state (in the US) to establish a system of state examinations for any given degree, at least in the fields of humanities and social sciences? If someone wanted to do a degree in one of these (e.g. history, literature, sociology), they could study on their own and then present themselves when ready, paying a fee, for a difficult exam or set of exams. Enough people would be taking enough exams so that the fees would finance the system, and there would be money to pay experts to grade them (and perhaps written theses as well — after all, there are many under-employed Ph.D.s). Perhaps other fields could be included, such as math. Most of the materials are already available on-line; people just need to be able to find lectures, etc. of sufficient quality. To that end, each state could set up a web site where links to approved resources for any given degree would be listed, to facilitate people finding competent instruction. Again, enough people would be taking enough exams, so that there would be money to pay IT professionals/librarians to keep the websites up-to-date, etc. It should be relatively simple. This would enable people to get degrees on their own, paying no tuition, incurring no student loan debt, and without ever having to set foot on a campus. I think there would be a strong demand, across the entire population, for such a scheme. It would also have effect that degrees would be granted entirely on the basis of ability, tested by difficult exams, rather than on the amassing of bogus “credit hours”. I think employers would have respect for that, and might even prefer it. I think there would be a mass exodus from ass-in-seat instruction, and as a result many of these worst offending university departments would simply dwindle to nothing.

    And then no young man has to be exposed to this just in order to get a degree.

  • captive

    I’d say this constitutes an illegal atmosphere hostile to men… wouldn’t you?

    Under Title IX?

  • Felix

    I got a request from to sign a petition that sounds weird so I googled the name of the petitioner and I arrived here. I am glad I found this article so I know to not sign that stupid petition.