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The real Rape Culture

The feminists are correct when they say we live in a rape culture, but not as correct as they’d like to be. Youtuber Goodfella breaks down the feminist narrative for us:

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  • Laddition

    His series of these was something I’ve been long partial to

    Gender Studies: An Introduction – complete with Hatie Harman rear-right, the alleged paedophile enabler.

    • earth one

      Brilliant – shades of Monte Python.

  • hatredisfoolish

    6oodfella rocks!

  • comslave

    You can’t claim to declare a culture to be based on that which we abhor. It is absurd.

  • earth one

    Having spent way too long, years back, reading the comments section of Huffington Post, I noticed it was often liberals who were in denial, who were laughing, about stories where female teachers sexually abused/raped their young male students. Very sad but true. Comments like “Dude I wish she had been my teacher when I was that age.”

    This indifference to the abuse of young males seems to be pretty common in the liberal press. The “hot teacher” is celebrated as a female icon, the rape is characterized as a “romance.” These women are never characterized in the press as rapists, except on the rare occasion that their crimes are later given that legal definition.

    It’s far more likely that they will be portrayed as women who are horny, wild, and living it up, having a good time, with the young males they are victimizing. And the courts, it’s true, treat their crimes as unimportant and their victims as not worthy of justice.

    That is Rape Culture.

    Google “Mary Kay Letourneau”.

    • Crash

      Just read a recent LA Times article about Mary Kay Letourneau. The opening sentence says it all “It has always been a challenge to know what, exactly, to think of the saga of Mary Kay Letourneau …” How the hell is it hard to know what to think? She raped a 12 year old boy multiple times and this arsehat journalist doesn’t know what to think?

      I’m sure that if the genders were reversed then she wouldn’t be so uncertain.

      Later in the article “They became lovers when he was 12, in the sixth grade …” FFS, they were lovers where they? So if a male teacher has sex with a 12 year old girl from his sixth grade class are they lovers too?

      If a woman doesn’t like the way a man looks at her it’s a “micro-rape”. If a woman has sex with a 12 year old boy, “you go girl”.

      There is definitely a rape culture alright, but it’s not the one that feminists keep screeching about.

      • earth one

        Thanks Crash!

        They became lovers when he was 12, in the sixth grade, and she was 34.

        Jesus Christ.

        One would expect a pedophile to describe a 12 year old as a “lover”. And here we have a female journalist using the exact same language to describe the rape of a boy – because the perpetrator is a woman, she’s not raping him, he is her “lover”. This is beyond repulsive.

        This article is truly shocking, attempting to paint the perpetrator sympathetically as the product of a bizarre childhood, and as a celebrity cashing in on her ‘infamy.’

        That’s Rape Culture.

        • The_Other_Steve

          The biggest problem with the infamous Letourneau case will always be that her ‘victim’ married her, and that they are still together. He has never considered himself a victim. Insisting to someone that they are a victim when they themselves refuse to see it that way strikes me as something that feminist ideologues would do (Koss survey, anyone?). I feel uneasy standing so close to those types.

          Letourneau and Fualaau only muddy the waters where instances of female on male statutory rape are concerned. Those waters need to be clarified, if anything. Better to focus our attentions and efforts elsewhere, in order to attain justice for more clearly identifiable victims.

    • thatdogguy

      I too, used to read the Huffington Post and comment, until they banned me for not being politically correct when it came to women as victims of men. What amazed me was just how many women were doing this. Not a week went by without a story about a female teacher and a young boy, and yeah, the same idiots commenting about “The lucky boy” used to drive me crazy. Even when it goes beyond sex to abuse and mutilation, so many think it’s funny when a boy or a man ends up on the wrong side of a woman.

  • sadman365

    I love godfella’s videos. They all should be a must-watch for all boys…and yeah, all those brain-dead/brainwashed sheeple, especially the guys.

    So fu(king true. If I got a penny every time some hypocrite female-on-male rape enabler and supporter parroted the same old BS like “he’s lucky to have been raped by someone like her”, or “where was that teacher when I was his age”….? I would’ve been a billionaire, not just a millionaire. Because I guarantee you most of the sheeple -especially the men- support this kind of RAPE. To them, it’s not even rape at all. Amazing the hypocrisy and the sickening double standards and also the ignorance in our so-called “civilized” society.

    “rape culture” !! Fuck you, you feminazi scum. I’ve never ever heard of even one man making fun or supporting rape (of women by men), but I can honestly say I’ve heard many men support rape of men by women and not seeing it as rape at all. Or how about the rape of 100’s of thousands of men in prisons (the most common rape of all)? Apparently to our SICK misandrist society male rape by other males is something funny and entertaining. Then the feminazi whores cry “rape culture” !!
    Let this whole fucked in the head race (the human race) go to hell.

  • Andy Bob

    Brilliantly articulated breakdown of the savage hypocrisy at the heart of feminist claims that we live in a rape culture that victimizes females – and only females. Boys who are raped by women are the only group in our society that has to contend with a culture that condones, encourages and tolerates their rape.

    It is another example of how feminists have identified and exploited existing prejudice to help tighten their grip on what should be public discourse on such issues, replacing them with self-serving narratives. The lack of humanity revealed by feminist tactics never fails to enrage people who genuinely believe in human rights. They are shameless.

    • thatdogguy

      And feminists are johnny on the spot to say that it’s not rape when an adult woman does it to an underage male. It’s only rape when a man does it to a female. What a bunch of hypocrites.