Teach men to not rape

Do you think men should be taught not to rape? Do you think that men, and by extension, boys, need to be taught not to rape?

If so, then you are, in all likelihood, a feminist. That’s the polite term – the term serving to obscure the reality. To believe that half the population – based only on their sex – are biologically inclined towards the violent crime of rape is to enthusiastically embrace hatred for the entire male half of the human race.

Teach men not to rape.

It’s an increasingly common feature of feminist public messaging. It appears on posters glued up around university campuses, with the endorsement of those school’s administration and student societies. It’s printed in neat block letters on placards and displayed on signs at public gatherings of feminists too. Sometimes, these are called slut walks. A reminder to any men present that they, lesser humans that they are, will be tolerated, only so long as they can remember to behave as if they are fully human, and not rape the women they attend classes with, rape their female colleagues, or swing from the rafters while flinging their poo at passers-by.

By contrast, “Teach n***rs to not steal” isn’t included in student or faculty public messaging. Nor does the CBC run ads reminding Jews to not cheat. And nobody is carrying a “teach Chinamen to drive” sign, marching through the downtown of any North American city. And no one runs “teach homos not to molest children” either.

Of course, unlike non-thieving blacks, non-cheating Jews, everyday gays, and the car-driving Chinese who we don’t need to publicly “educate” in order to not steal, cheat, disrupt city traffic, or molest children, since they don’t do those things – the men-folks presently still allowed to walk around freely in public, almost as if they are human beings, certainly DO need to be continuously reminded to not rape. Right? Right?!

Some feminists who also happen to be unfortunate enough to be male, even think so too. Of course they’re not like those other, bad men. They’re different, they’re the few good ones – the male feminists. The ones who, by superior education and socialization manage to not rape their mothers, sisters, female friends and colleagues. After all, men, when properly socialized can be trained to perform a number of different tasks, and can even be used as a source of revenue by careful female management.

Teach men to not rape.

Interestingly, the term “rape culture,” widely popularized to indicate that our culture’s values include support for, and promotion of female victimizing, male perpetrated rape, is now quickly falling out of fashion. Partly because, apart from not being an activity supported by anyone’s cultural values, rape is a major crime. In fact, it is second only to murder in our legal codes, and in prison, where convicted rapists go, a rapist is about as low in the social pecking order as it’s possible to be apart from the sexual abusers of children. Barbara Kay of Canada’s National Post newspaper, The American Enterprise Institute, and even largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US, RAINN – have all publicly repudiated the term as unhelpful, and fraudulent, and as the hysterical fear mongering propaganda of an out of control cult of gender, hate and proxy violence.

No doubt some new, cleverer imprecation of male identity will soon spill from the mouths of the modern cult of hate.

Here, wear this white ribbon to show us you’re not one of the bad ones. You properly loathe yourself, and you’ll help us hunt the non-conforming, disobeying male animals still kept around to do heavy lifting or dangerous and dirty work.

Skipping forward 50 years, when your grandchildren discover your gender studies textbooks in the basement or an old, antique USB drive with photos of you in your youth attending a slut walk, will you be ashamed that you were one of the last to abandon that disgraceful cult of hate from the past?

Will your neighbors roll their eyes or shake their head at you, the obsolete, but now harmless old bigot? Will you fly the flag proudly, reminiscing of the good old days when we could still shoot coons at night? How many modern Americans have preserved knowledge in their own families of slave ownership? How do modern Germans feel, I wonder, knowing that some of their grandparents, or great grandparents wore the uniform of the Third Reich?

Teach men to not rape.

If, today, this rhetoric is something you give voice – then shame is what you should properly feel, and extinct is where your particular ideology of hate is headed.



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  • gwallan

    Over years of involvement in advocacy for and work with male victims of sexual abuse I’ve developed a very strong understanding of the impact of shame upon those victims. I have absolutely no doubt that in teaching boys, particularly prepubescent boys, to “not rape”, to be ashamed over matters relating to sexuality, that quite a few of them will develop the same symptoms as are seen in actual victims. It is a very dangerous, cruel and spiteful notion.

  • Seele

    Another sterling article, JtO.

    As far as slogan goes, “Teach men not to rape” is actually quite effective on many levels. First of all it goes well with the knee-jerk reaction shared by a lot of people. When there’s no rape cases around, they can say it’s working well. But as soon as a rape case (where a man is the perpetrator) people would say, “see? Men are rapists, so better teach them not to rape!” By the way it’s also why the definition of rape has been expanded beyond reason, nearly encompassing all kinds of normal social interaction.

    Like most – if not all – feminist assertions, it’s something that goes both ways. If a man shows interest in a woman, he’s a creep at best and rapist at worse, but if he shows no interest all the shaming tricks get rolled out. That said, it’s easier for women to think that all men are after them all the time, it’s better for their egos, hence “slut walks”.

    I do not know if you are aware of British television comedy, I think “The Minx Twins”, recurring characters in the old sketch comedy show “Goodness Gracious Me” are probably the precursors of today’s slutwalkers.

  • Ewan Jones

    Excellent article.

  • DukeLax

    What will happen in the US, if we cannot dismantle all the law enforcement pork bloating triangles and manufactured statistics alliances???
    I mean think about this folks, Boys are growing up under constant attack from rape hysteria agit-prop in high school, then they get to college and meet the gender- ideologue Klan, who attack anyone of the wrong gender. ( The wrong gender here is referring to the hetero-male gender).
    Then they see one of their buddies being lynched by the perversions in American law enforcement ( or the campus Kangaroo rape courts) that give any ex girlfriend the right to call “Rape” if she see’s you with another girl.
    Mens rights activists are like a candle in a hurricane of lies, perversions, federal pork bloating dollars, mass hysteria, and a wall of “media lace curtain” that keeps all these rats nests, pork bloating triangles, and perversions from the light.

  • Kimski

    Skipping forward 50 years, if they keep going with this insanity, the theme of the slutwalks could very likely be “Teach men not to use vasalgel and marry”, because the birth statistics have been plummeting for a couple of decades, and the “Where Have All The Good Men Gone?”-articles turned out to be only the beginning of men’s determination to not get involved with women anymore. Even after feminism has evaporated into gusts of sickly green, toxic fumes.
    To every action there’s usually an unexpected reaction of some kind.

    “Here, wear this White Ribbon…”
    “ they come in black with a swastika in a red circle, while you’re at it?”

  • Ohone

    The idea that male children should be taught not to rape like we teach children not to steal is misguided.

    Its far better to teach women not to be abusive towards male children so that there are fewer sociopaths out there with issues with women.

  • ManWithPlan

    You’re giving average people WAY too much credit for intellectual honesty and rigorous thinking. The best we are ever going to get from the average joe / jane on the street is some variant on “not all feminists are like that.” and the best we are ever going to get from the feminist movement is an emergence of a kinder & gentler form of female supremacism, probably allied with chivalrous traditionalists.

    • Kimski

      Not all feminists are like that = Enough feminists are like that.

      I sort of chuckle every time I see the expression ‘feminist movement’ or ‘women’s movement’.
      The only thing they’re ‘moving’ is finances from the other half of the demographic into their own.

  • Jared White

    They won’t have my sympathy.

  • Stu

    Feminists believe we live in a rape culture because it’s still possible for a man to legally have sex with a woman. The way in which a man must engage in this renders the sex, as such, that no woman would be interested in it anyway, and any man following the rules of feminists for having sex with a woman, would be rejected by the woman after the first encounter…….leaving her regretting ever having bothered having sex with him in the first place…..due to how boring…..unspontanious…..lack luster…..and just down right useless that sex was……and of course her regret, would mean it was rape, even if she didn’t know it. So the mere fact that a man can, in theory……wait for a woman to beg him for sex, and then proceed by asking for permission before each and every touch, of every part of her body, and before altering any activity, position, etc……the fact that he even has a way of legally having sex with said woman……is intolerable to feminists, and is rape. I mean……what normal woman would seriously willingly engage in sex with a man who was following the feminists rules for engagement? They have made the only legal sex……..such shit sex, that no woman would want it anyway…….so anytime a man actually has sex with a woman……it must be rape, of course. Now do you understand :)

    • Seele


      With a hand on my heart, I really cannot say I believe the proponent of “rape culture” actually believe in its existence, the sheeple who follow them might believe it though, despite the obvious mountain of evidence on the contrary. They are well aware of the fact that the easiest, and quickest way to get a vigilante mob to inflict violence upon someone is to simply cry rape. This “rape culture” also comes with the ever-expanding of the definition of “rape” and “sexual assault”. So this “rape culture” gives women total power over men without responsibility and accountability; give them a taste and they’re hooked.

      As an aside, the worst bullies I have ever met were those who were most vocal against bullying: as soon as a bully takes him or her under his or her wings and gives him or her a taste of blood, all bets are off.

      What you have described is how a man – a person who’re at the receiving end of this power – have to behave just to avoid getting the full brunt of it. This, of course, is the price a woman has to pay to have said power.

  • cryrex

    Sadly, we are headed toward a feminist world where boys will no be taught very little else. Male energy is considered dangerous, male thoughts are wicked, and male agency is privilege.

    • politicalcynic

      You neglected to mention the last one: Female responsibility is misogynistic.

  • Dagda Mór

    Men don’t need to be taught not to rape.

    • Carlo

      Well, we teach children not to steal, not to hurt others, etc…
      We teach children how to live in society and, specifically, that rape is something beyond awful and that is, at least, true for the last couple hundred years. So we need to teach them and we already do.

  • Steve

    Great article, powerful ending. Bravo!

  • Kimski

    OT, but we have a blog war going on over at CNN, who apparently thinks feminism is no longer a dirty word.
    Everybody is invited to participate!

    • Turbo

      Some serious work you did over there Kimski, and it was pleasing to see you had plenty of support as well.

      • Kimski

        Aww, thanks, Turbo. My strenght lies in these blog wars, and that’s the second time I’ve hit CNN in about a week. Each time I’ve spent more than 10 hours kicking the living daylights out of the usual suspects with facts, so it’s really nice when someone joins in to share the burden.
        I managed to get roughly 6-8 persons in total leave with a different view on the issues, but even just one would still be considered a win.

  • plasmacutter

    They’re clearly misogynists who don’t believe mothers are fit parents. They are, after all, present upwards of 85% of the time.
    If sons are not “getting the lesson”, feminists are obviously blaming women.

  • CloudKicker

    It’s interesting how many people aren’t able to see the inherent sexism of this rhetoric without the aid of an analogy on racism. It reminds me that we are very much still fighting an up-hill battle. Not only do we need to prove that the bogotry within feminism is harmful, but we need to first “prove” that it is, indeed, bigotry.

    I guess it’s just aggravating for me that something so obvious needs to be so explicitly delineated.

    • DEDC

      “Not only do we need to prove that the bigotry within feminism is harmful, but we need to first “prove” that it is, indeed, bigotry.”

      Yes, the well has been poisoned and too many cries of wolf here. Hate to say it. There is no such thing as bigotry toward an ideology, yet fuckwads push that one to the front every time, whining about oppression. Where do you think feminism learned it?

      From religion…

      For what is religion but an obsolete ideology?

  • dkmeller

    I have a better proposal right away…
    Teach feminists not to be so BOSSY!! Ban Bossy…feminists!

    • DukeLax

      ” Ban Bossy Feminists” Now theres a meme for the facebook crew!!

  • David King


    It’s precisely because some people seem incapable of recognising that sexism against men is every bit as unacceptable as sexism against women that these analogies must be drawn. If it’s not okay to stereotype black people as thieves nor Jews as fraudsters nor women as feeble-minded, why is it okay to stereotype men as rapists who need to be told not to rape because it’d never occur to them (left to their own devices) not to?

  • politicalcynic

    You say that the present level of misandry “is not as bad as….” The problem with that claim is that it implies that to some degree you consider sex-based bigotry “appropriate” or “more acceptable” or “proper”.

    Where do you draw that line? How did you decide that there were “degrees” of “acceptable sex based bigotry” which men should be expected to tolerate? Why should anyone tolerate hate directed at them based solely on what they are, and not on any actions they have taken?

    • Eilís

      I never denied that the lesser evil was an evil. Nor did I deny the intolerableness – or minimise the potential perniciousness – of existing evil. But I do think that people should refrain from comparing big evils to little evils in a way that undermines the enormity of big evils. And things like ‘don’t be that guy’, ‘teach men not to rape’ and ‘Schrödinger’s rapist’ – whether you think they’re ‘evil’ or not – do, in my opinion, undermine the enormity of something like the Holocaust.

      • plasmacutter

        The very fact that you continue to post to this board defending the continued, legalized enslavement of, murder of, and kidnapping from men proves you just don’t consider them human.

        please disappear to whatever rock you crawled from you hate-monger.

        • Eilís

          And the very fact that you continue to post on this board writing libellous things about me proves that you don’t have a case.

  • RSDavies

    The phrase is offensive because it presumes that men as a whole need teaching not to rape. The overwhelming majority of men know rape is wrong and never rape any woman. Rape has been a crime for as long as we’ve had the sense of community.
    The man who rapes is a failure as a man. He is a failure because he cannot persuade that woman and or any woman to engage with him as a sexual partner, or he is so inadequate as a person he needs to have power over and abuse someone. Every man knows this.
    In war when there is systemic rape of women, it is about humiliating the men and oppressing the women. The humiliation is that the women’s fathers, husbands, brothers & sons couldn’t protect them and have failed as men. For the women it is the dominating humiliation of the abuse and loss of care & protection, as well as being forced in some cases to carry the enemy’s child.
    In regards to dress of course women may wear what they like, but the clothes that women chose to wear often deliberately emphasises their secondary sexual characteristics presumably to attract men. While that may be appropriate in a social setting, it is reasonable for boys / men to expect that girls / women tone it down in school & work. That girls / women knowingly wear clothes that heighten their sexual attractiveness to men in such settings illustrates the indifference that girls / women show to towards men, and their expectation that somehow girls / women can determine how any man should react to them. Heaven help the man who reacts too intently, and heaven help the next man who doesn’t react at all.
    The problem at the heart of the issue is that women want to attract men via very public symbolism as a low risk approach, but naively expect that they will only attract the men they find attractive. Sadly any form of public advertisement can attract any member of the public.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    “In fact, it is second only to murder in our legal codes”
    I believe arson tops murder as a serious crime. But I could be wrong.

    • Pedro

      Not at all. If someone is killed, the murder and arson charges are separate.

  • olden

    It’s true that you would not be able to get away with attacking any other demographic in the way feminism demeans men as a whole but it’s just that I’ve been so exposed to this type of messaging – Films, media etc that that I’m pretty much desensitised – It’s like I know what I see is outrageous but the reaction is merely ‘meh’. Feminists certainly know how to ram a message down your throat…

  • Tallwheel

    And why do women feel good dressing that way? Because it makes them feel attractive. That’s a circular argument.

    I agree that the media over-sexualizes certain body parts, but it is certainly not only the media that is to blame, and to think that changing the way such parts are portrayed in the media will fix the problem is naive. Humans have used body parts as indicators of good genes and fertility for as long as humans have existed. Even apes and other animals use the visual cues of the buttocks and genitalia to choose which apes to procreate with.

  • Miranda

    I’m sorry, no, you misunderstand me COMPLETELY, maybe that’s why you can’t find the logic in it– perhaps you simply skimmed my comment? Allow me to try and explain this again.

    First of all, women do not HAVE any actions to “take accountability for” when they dress a certain way. That is not an action. Having a certain outfit on is PASSIVE, not ACTIVE, and therefore, they have nothing for which to be accountable. Which is exactly why the phrase “teach men not to rape exists”. Because we are asking men, or women, or anyone who takes the way an individual dresses as an excuse to harass them, to simply RESPECT THE INDIVIDUAL AS A HUMAN BEING and acknowledge that the amount of clothing they are or are not wearing in NO WAY gives ANYONE the right to treat said individual like less of a person. Yes, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, I, like most feminists, am defending men. It’s not fair that men are treated like “natural aggressors”. Society should not assume that you would not be able to control yourself just because a woman dresses a certain way. So, instead of taking your “natural aggression” for granted and “accommodating you” by demanding women dress a certain way, why doesn’t society just raise men NOT to assume “aggression” and “strength” are his only options?

    To reiterate, while the PHRASING of this message SEEMS problematic and sexist, you must understand the CONTEXT behind it– which this article did NOT provide– to realize that it, in fact, defends BOTH genders.

    • gwallan

      Being passive does not mean it is not aggressive. It is sexually aggressive towards men no matter how much you wish to deny it. It is aggressively competitive towards other women as well.

      I work in a very busy retail and commercial area flanked by two large secondary schools. Bare bum cheeks pass by my office window on a minute by minute basis. I’m expecting there to be visible genitalia within about two years at the current rate of gradually increasing exposure. It’s not alluring. It is not attractive. It is offensive and I have every right to be offended by it.

      If you were working in the same environment as I with your open cleavage and short skirt riding up your backside half the time you would find yourself the target of a sexual harassment claim so quickly it would rotate your eyeballs.

    • Stephanie

      “Teach men not to rape” doesn’t seem problematic, it IS problematic. The wording creates a huge disparity between the intended message and the perceived message. Because of that there is no context at a glance. You can’t go off at people for taking something out of context when the context is not given. “Teach men not to rape” is a cheap shot at the practice of teaching women how to prevent rape when we don’t teach men how to prevent rape. That’s the context. The intended message is that men need to be taught how to prevent rape too, it can’t be solely the woman’s responsibility. The phrasing is problematic and offensive because it implies that all men need to be taught about how to prevent rape is how to not rape. Even if unintentional or inadvertent, the phrase “Teach men not to rape” attacks men. Thinking otherwise is naive.

      You are accountable for how you dress. So are men by the way. Choosing and putting on an outfit is ACTIVE not PASSIVE even if having the outfit on your body is PASSIVE and not ACTIVE. You need to take responsibility for your choices and the impression they leave. You’re the one who chose to put that outfit on. The clothes didn’t wrap themselves around you on their own. What you do not have to take accountability for is how people act on those impressions.

  • MRAAlternate

    Well, realistically, in a world where 80% of sexual incidents classified as “rape” involve no restraint, violence, or threats on the part of the “rapist” (I.E. 80% of rapes aren’t rape) I think it would be unwise to not teach boys that society has it out for them. That women will get drunk and hit on them and crawl into bed with them and have sex with them and then call them rapists. It’s important for men and boys to understand that they are the prey in society and if they ever forget that for a second with a woman – he could spend the rest of his life in jail and without a loving relationship.

    Everyone is rooting for them to be the star of a snuff film and it’s important that they be apprised of that extreme risk to their safety. It’s important for all men and boys to know that society wants them dead or enslaved.

  • gwallan

    So the shaming of boys in classrooms over something they have never done is all in the interest of “satire”?

    Pull the other one.

  • plasmacutter

    but not because they think they can “attract” or “have power over” men or any of the other things with which so many of this site’s articles villainize women.

    Another “not all women are like that” argument.

    I have a brain wave for you here:

    ENOUGH women are like that, and those that are like that have been “empowered” by feminist-driven law to the point they can perpetrate the injustices detailed on this site with impunity!

    Every man knows at least one man in their life who has been pillaged by women acting manipulatively with the backup of the state.

    If you want the vilification to end, you must advocate for the reforms necessary to give men redress against such injustices.

    If “not all women are like that”, then it shouldn’t be a problem denying the few who are like that the legal mechanisms they use to pillage, enslave, and kill men.

  • plasmacutter

    So, you support misogyny, miranda?

    You are, after all, implying the 90% of men raised by their MOTHERS are rapists-in-waiting, and thus that women are unfit parents!

  • plasmacutter

    I’m a jew Eilis, and I agree with the parallels being driven.

    Don’t you dare try to speak for me or my people, I can speak for myself, and my people have a nation and military to speak for them if lobbying is not enough.

    You insult the memory of my family’s dead by using them as a prop to attempt to shame into silence those giving voice to injustice and against bigotry, the same type of bigotry that placed them into unmarked mass graves.

    If you still believe your “not as bad as” remark, I suggest you go read Sheehy’s book on how to legally kill your husband.

    • Eilís

      And many other Jews (some of them scholars, some of them popular, high-ranking religious leaders, some of them devout, some of them “racially pure”) would disagree with you. Why does your opinion deserve to take precedence?

      You are the cynical one, not me. I believed what I said earlier about the comparisons made in this article being flippant. And I believe that the majority of the Jewish community and the secular community would agree with me. I also think that in emphasising the Jewishness of many of the people who suffered at the hands of the Nazis and presenting their humanity as a secondary characteristic or ignoring it completely, you dehumanise them. People don’t find the Holocaust disturbing because it was non-Jews doing terrible things to Jews, but rather, because it was people doing terrible things to people. That’s what makes it so poignant and so relatable and so tragic.

      • plasmacutter

        So let me get this straight, you claim to speak for me and my people, use them as a prop to push your extremist ideology, then when I call you on it, you proclaim me the cynical one and accuse me of doing what you are doing. Further, after holding up jews as victims, then hearing from one of many jews who disagree with you, you think so it’s OK to dismiss our opinions and act as if we don’t matter because it doesn’t serve your political point.

        And you call me cynical….

        What a classic example of DARVO, the prime method of psychological abuse used by narcissists:

        You are a disgusting individual.

        • Eilís

          You shamelessly misrepresent everything I say. When have I ever claimed to be speaking on behalf of anyone other than myself? You accuse me of using the Jewish community as what you call a “prop”. But the thing is, it’s YOU with the agenda. It’s YOU who doesn’t seem able to see beyond heritage and politics. It’s YOU who brought up the Holocaust. It’s YOU emphasising the Jewishness of many of the victims of the Holocaust. It’s YOU who says uses phrases like ‘my family’ and ‘my people’ and ‘us’ to describe the Jewish community. It’s YOU who bases all your arguments on your Jewishness and my assumed lack of it. It’s YOU accusing people of racism and anti-Semitism if they don’t agree with you. It’s YOU who seems to think that you can unilaterally declare something right or wrong, respectful or disrespectful, permitted or forbidden on behalf of your entire community.

          I deliberately “de-emphasised” the Jewishness of the Jews precisely because I didn’t want to politicise them! They were PEOPLE. They deserve to be remembered as PEOPLE. They deserve to be talked about as PEOPLE. They deserve to be mourned as PEOPLE, not as JEWS. There was way more depth to their life stories and their characters than just their race or their religion. Constantly de-emphasising and de-valuing their humanity in favour of their Jewishness isn’t helping to bring that to light. Who’s really reducing who to cardboard cut-outs? Who’s really putting words in whose mouths?

          • plasmacutter

            “You shamelessly misrepresent everything I say.”

            Your posts are there and uncensored for anyone to see. If I were doing so I’d be down-modded into oblivion.

            “When have I ever claimed to be speaking on behalf of anyone other than myself?”

            — when you posted, repeatedly, trying to use my and my people’s name to shut down debate.

            You accuse me of using the Jewish community as what you call a “prop”.

            Justifiably so.

            It’s YOU [ad infinitum]

            Deny, attack, reverse victim and offender. DARVO. It’s what you’re doing. I called you out and now you’re trying to accuse me of it.


            It’s YOU who is purporting to speak for me, and for us, and no amount of fox-news-esque DARVO will absolve you of the fact you’re using jews as a prop to excuse the censorship of debate.

          • Eilís

            I have never once claimed, implied or insinuated that I spoke on behalf of you or on behalf of the Jewish community. And if you’re going to keep insisting that I did, you should prove it. As I’ve said before, I think that putting excessive emphasis on the fact that the Jews were Jewish is dehumanising. What difference does it make that Hitler particularly hated the Jews? What if Hitler had particularly hated the Muslims or the Buddhists or the Hindus? What if the Nazis had all been Jewish? Would that alter our cultural values regarding respect and disrespect? Of course not.

          • plasmacutter

            Now you’re just being blatantly dishonest with yourself, me, and everyone else who reads this thread. My proof is your own posts from the beginning of this thread forward.

            Keep spinning DARVO, keep spinning.

  • Justice4All

    Where to even begin here? Teach men not to rape is just another provocative quiver that feminists use to aim their hate-filled ideology at mankind. It is part of their overall strategy to stir up as much public resentment and generate outrage against men as possible and it fits nicely into their need to keep the message short and concise, just like other anti-male directed slogans such as: “rape culture”, “take back the night”, “slut shaming”, etc… Clearly, feminists are embolden by the excessive amount of coverage they receive from a sympathetic media AND by politicians who line up like frenzied sharks smelling blood pandering to feminists to gain the women vote. Forcing their toxic ideology upon mankind is their plan to destroy civilization and remake a world that fits their twisted image. Make no mistake, the objective here is not equality of the sexes but superiority of womanhood. Feminist believe strongly in the zero-sum game concept. The disturbing part of all this is that most men are either completely unaware, indifferent or dismissive of what feminists are up to, not realizing how men are being destroyed in the process until they are personally caught up in it, which for the most part ends terribly for them. History has shown that once hate-filled ideologies like gender feminism are exposed they are often defeated but the price to be paid is often a high one. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Bewildered
    • Eilís

      I don’t that website is a reliable source.

  • RSDavies

    Miranda, surely being attractive is possessing the capacity to attract? Whom are you intending to attract.
    So much of female culture is about presenting an attractive image in order to attract men and encourage men to take the risk of making the first overt and definite step. For the most part enhancing attractiveness through clothes and make-up is risk free for women, and produces results. It is so entrenched in our society that women have linked it to feeling good about themselves, and industry is happy to exploit this market as it is very valuable.
    The challenge for men is in determining what women intend. Is the fact that a woman presenting herself as “attractive” merely her acting out something solely for her own pleasure, or does she intend to invite approaches by men. Misinterpreting either can lead to anger & accusations.
    What I find peculiar is that despite half a century of feminism, women still perceive themselves as feeling good when they present themselves in ways that are designed to attract men. Surely women should have set this aside with equality and be willing to be equals in all things with men?

  • Ludovic Urbain

    If you dress to elicit sexual impulses, you dress to elicit sexual impulses.
    No matter how you think about it, that’s what it is.

    As a man, I can tell you that right out of the army (yay muscles), a lot of girls would look at me just because I wore an open shirt in the summer.

    I got glances, looks, smiles, and even a gay guy who said “hot body there” or something – that flustered me I wasn’t expecting it…

    I was just feeling hot and not trying to get any attention, but I was still getting attention, and the main reason was that a sexy young male is sexy, and an open shirt makes it obvious.

    So when you are pretending that you should be able to miniskirt without eliciting sexual impulses, you are just asking for causes to have no consequences and that is not going to happen outside of your brain.

    It is fair to take responsibility for the attention that a sexy dress will get you, if you choose to wear a sexy dress.

    This has of course nothing to do with rapists, unless they do pick their targets using sexyness ratings, which seems to be the expectation among sane males, who of course know nothing of the inner workings of sexual predators.

  • Ludovic Urbain

    Actually, if your own standard is short skirt and tank top, it means YOU are formatted to please males, because that’s exactly what pleases males, and it is NOT a coincidence.

    MY girlfriend prefers clothes that are comfortable to wear, and surprise, most of them do not fit in the category “sexy clothes”.

    The dress code inflicted upon women by society says that tank tops and miniskirts are hot, and you’re a tool for following it and thinking you’re being independent.

    About the nonsexual parts of women, I really wonder what part you think is nonsexual in nature, what part of the body no woman enjoys being touched during sex.

    I think lovemaking is about two bodies, in their entirety as much as possible, so I don’t know what you intend to exclude but I’m sure you’ll find lots of people who disagree with you, whatever the part you pick.

    ANY revealing of more flesh is sexual in nature, because sex is in general something you do naked, the more naked you are, the closer to sex you are.

    • Bewildered

      The dress code inflicted upon women by society says that tank tops and
      miniskirts are hot, and you’re a tool for following it and thinking
      you’re being independent.

      She makes an informed choice and refuses to take responsibility. So typical ! so hypocritical [with the culture’s blessings].
      Feminism has truly empowered blatant hypocrisy and renamed it as LIBERATION.
      But you don’t really need an ideology to liberate you from SANITY !

  • Elizabeth Chubbuck

    LOLOL. The most pathetic site I have ever seen. Guess what MEN. If a woman is raped , its YOUR FAULT.

    • Pedro

      Guess what, girl. If a woman is raped, it’s the rapists’ fault, not of all men who never raped and never will.

    • Bewildered

      Don’t try to prove that you are your parents’ biggest blunder.
      FFS don’t be so obvious,trolling too is an art you know ?
      People don’t get angry at clowns.

  • Pedro

    Excellent article. The comparison with the stereotypes of minorities is perfect to expose the absurdity of the claim that “teaching men to not rape” is not only ineffective, it’s offensive to men. It only makes sense for the feminists who start from the premise that all men are potential rapists.

  • Mikasi

    You all may be very surprised but as a conservative woman who instinctively fought the feminists way back in the seventies I agree that Teach men or boys not to rape is stupid. Rape is an act of violence and brutality that has nothing to do with sex. Elderly women get raped in their homes all bundled up in flannel. So it’s a dumb progressive ignorant idea. But I wouldn’t go to the other extreme and not give credit to women who see through the feminist crap, know how negatively it’s affected the family, our culture, our children. These screaming ugly completely unwomanly harridans make our life tough and call us every filthy name in the book. They make me cringe and so do their metro-whatever male friends. They are a minority and know it. Their days of bullying are coming to an end, they know that too and get more outrageous. Like wanting to be called W-O-M-Y-N because it’s more feminine. None of them has an once of femininity and they know it. They drive off men and women. They will never be satisfied. Arguing with them is useless.

  • Bewildered

    Why does it have to be a male versus female argument instead of a
    reckoning on the distinct lack of respect, honesty and values being

    We are in deep shit precisely because very few people ask this question.
    The humongous cognitive dissonance of the culture is both amusing and maddening.
    On the one hand it unabashedly infantilizes women but on the other claims women are ‘equal’ to men!

  • udolipixie

    Your contrast is quite illogical and playing on emotions as noted by how you used slurs to identify the groups when no slurs for guys were used. Guys are the major perpetrators of rape so it’s reasonable not a cult of hate to teach them not to rape. Blacks aren’t the major perpetrators of theft, Jews aren’t the major perpetrators of cheating, Asians aren’t the major perpetrators of bad driving, homosexuals aren’t he major perpetrators of child molestation.

    You seem to have no defense against why not to teach guys to not rape other than it’s man hating to suggest guys need such teaching. People seem to generally learn what is right and what is wrong by what they are taught. In my opinion considering studies on male views of rape it’s seems guys do not know to not rape as well as don’t even know what rape is.

    – In a survey of guy college students 84% of guys who committed rape did not label it as rape
    Koss M.P., Dinero, T.E., Seibel, C.A. Stranger and acquaintance rape: Are there differences in the victim’s experience? Psychology of Women Quarterly. 1988:12:1-24.
    Malamuth N.M. Rape proclivity among males. J Soc Issues. 1981;37:138-157.
    It’s seemingly okay to teach gals not to get raped but it’s not okay to teach guys to not rape?

    – In another survey of guy college students, 43% of college-aged men admitted to using coercive behavior to have sex, including ignoring a woman’s protest, using physical aggression, and forcing intercourse 11% acknowledged using physical restraints to force a woman to have sex.
    Rapaport, Karen R. and C. Dale Posey. Sexually Coercive College Males. Acquaintance Rape: The Hidden Crime, edited by Andrea Parrot. John Wiley and Sons, 1991.

    – In a survey of male high school students, 76% of the guys believed forced sex was acceptable under some circumstances.
    Rapaport, Karen R. and C. Dale Posey. Sexually Coercive College Males. Acquaintance Rape: The Hidden Crime, edited by Andrea Parrot. John Wiley and Sons, 1991.

  • Bah

    Team men not to rape?
    I’ve been taught not to rape my whole life. I’ve sat through mandatory & curriculum led grade school lessons (for the boys only, the girls got an extra recess!) a few times, then again in middle school, several times in high school where again only the boys were made to provide personal examples of how they ‘have been aggressive to women’ (while they sat giving us dirty looks), then more mandatory seminars in university residence where again only the men had to give personal of essentially why we are mean, aggressive & dangerous men. Flash forward 20 years later, I’m married with children now if my wife & I have an argument she throws something at me or hits me. I have been taught not to hit, rape, etc., but regrettably my wife has been taught through the same systems that as a man I’M the only problem. I’ve grown up practically feeling ashamed and dirty because I was born male. Guidance counsellors didn’t take me seriously, I was excluded form bursaries & scholarships because of my maleness, am excluded from the YMCA on’women only’ nights.
    Perhaps by focusing only on one demographic we’re losing the strength of the lesson – sexual assault, assault, malintent, etc. should never be done by anyone regardess of gender, culture, etc. There are bad people out there and for those excessively aggressive & horrible men who do perform these cowardly acts this may be further polarizing them. The streets aren’t even safe for me to walk around alone when it’s dark and I can take care of myself.
    I’ve read the example that a women should be able to sit nude on a man’s lap without him doing anything – if a man were to do that if would be considered a form of sexual assault.

  • driversuz

    Speaking of straw men, how stupid does one have to be to believe men don’t know rape is wrong? How stupid does one have to be to believe that telling a rapist not to rape, will stop him or her from raping?

    “men are the main perpetrators of sexual assault against both MEN and Women- of rape.”

    Well isn’t that a handy “fact?” – a product of bad statistics and and intentionally biased definitions which erase the existence of female rapists. How very convenient for you.

    Since most rapists were sexually assaulted during childhood, by females, wouldn’t it be more effective to “teach” women not to rape? Wouldn’t the best rape prevention be to stop the abuse that turns people into rapists?

    I would suggest that you either learn something here, or leave. We don’t tolerate trolls.

  • Nunya Bidness

    Teach women not to lie about rape.