So Many Lies

The 1 in 4 lie is one of the traditional falsehoods of mainstream feminism’s cannon. That it is still used after it’s been so thoroughly and repeatedly debunked – should alert anyone in hearing of the lie’s repetition of the foundational fraud of big-feminism’s premise.

The number comes from a study conducted by Mary Koss in 1984 in which she surveyed 3,187 college students with a questionnaire. 1 in 4 women answered yes to at least one of a subset of three questions on this questionnaire – and in Koss’s conclusions, these were determined to be the 1 in 4 victims of rape.

8. Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because a man gave you alcohol or drugs?

9. Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because a man threatened or used some degree of physical force (twisting your arm, holding you down, etc.) to make you?

10. Have you had sexual acts (anal or oral intercourse or penetration by objects other than the penis) when you didn’t want to because a man threatened or used some degree of physical force (twisting your arm, holding you down, etc.) to make you?

That 27.5% of those who answered yes to any of these three questions is where the 1 in 4 number comes from. The veracity of the study is somewhat diminished by the fact that Koss herself admitted in 1992 that her question relating to sex after consuming alcohol was misleading– and that if omitted from the study the actual number of Koss-defined rapes is 1 in 9. When considered in the context that of Koss’s identified victims, only 27% self-identified as rape victims, the number drops to 1 in 33.

The 1 in 4 lie has been soundly debunked many times before, and much more thoroughly than here. And yet, it’s still endlessly recycled by rape-culture dogmatists. In fact, recent recitations of the “rape-epidemic” line are now tossing out a 1 in 3 number. Who can blame them – if you’re going to cook the books, there’s no point in telling anything but the biggest and most outrageous lies. Outrage is, of course the goal. Women must be outraged and terrified, and men must feel shame and remorse. And everybody must pony up a few dollars for the women’s shelter, oh yes.

Pay-up brothers and sisters, that way you wont feel so [female:angry] or [male:shamed].

None of this is new information, but it provides context. It’s a very popular lie, and has a life and momentum independent of the truth and critical thinking. But the actual falsehood doesn’t even matter – because behind the 1 in 4 lie is a subtler deception.

It goes like this:

A: [Some number] B: [of women are the victims of] C: [some terrible thing]

[A] is a number, it doesn’t matter what number. 1 in 4, or 1 in 99 – who cares, it’s just a number.

[B] is women, and whatever awful thing is happening, it’s women who are the victims of it.

[C] is a terrible thing, maybe rape, maybe domestic violence, maybe even being killed.
(although probably not in the workplace)

It’s a simple and effective formula.
[Some number] [of women are being victimized by] [a terrible thing].

It doesn’t matter what the number is, or what the terrible thing is, in fact, it even works if you use real numbers! Just plug in the formula and you get automatic moral panic, and quick access to everybody’s wallet.

The deception lies in what’s left unsaid. If 5 out of 6 women are sexually harassed at the office in their lifetime – is that a lot or is it no big deal? Is it normal? How can anybody determine what the number means when it’s presented in isolation from any context? I don’t know how many women are sexually harassed at work, I made up the “5 out of 6” number.

But what if we discover that 5 out of 6 women are sexually harassed at work, and 4 out of 5 men are sexually harassed at work. Ignoring that the numbers are imaginary, we finally have context.

The presentation of [some number] of women victimized by [some terrible thing] – with no comparative statistic of what happens to the other half of the human race – is a statement designed to cultivate outrage, but not to inform. Every time a number of victims is waved in front of us in isolation of context – we are being deceived and manipulated.

Setting aside the factual falsehood of the 1-in-4-women-is-raped lie, the structure of the statement itself is built to deceive and control. It means nothing without context. How many men are raped while these claimed 1 in 4 are being supposedly victimized?

It happens that for sheer volume, twice as many men within the walls of prisons are raped each year as the number of women raped in america’s non-incarcerated public. How many men in that same public are also victims of rape is unknown, largely because nobody’s bothered to fund a comprehensive study. I know with certainty that it’s more than zero.

In a world of two sexes, presenting the bad outcome for a fraction of just one sex to promote outrage, fear and shame is deception by design. But it pays well.

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  • Ben

    Discerning, concise, informative, and convincing as usual Manuel!

  • Perseus

    Nailed it Manuel. “deception by design”

    The two primary tools of feminist fucknuttery:
    1) double-speak
    2) the lie that is the half-truth

    BREAST CANCER! (STFU about prostate cancer and that men die 8 YEARS prematurely)

    RAPE! (STFU about male rape victims)

    PEDOPHELIA! (STFU that the MAJORITY of pedophiles happen to be female and mothers)

    DOMESTIC ABUSE! (STFU that MOST DOMESTIC ABUSE occurs within LESBIAN couples and is perpetrated by FEMALE EMOTIONAL TERRORISTS in hetero relationships)

    SEXUAL HARASSMENT! (STFU that every female goes out of her way every day to dress sexually explicitly and sexually provocatively to visually and olfactorily HARASS MEN in the workplace and attract their attention)

    FEMALES are not in STEM! (STFU that it’s by their OWN CHOICE and that MALES ARE NOT EVEN IN COLLEGE)


    and on and on and on and on ………………..

    Can you conceive of a creature more depraved than she? The lie that is the half-truth is primal feminist witchcraft. FTSU.

    Hunt female supremacist filth.

    You’re heinous 1 in 3 lie slanders and defames at least 1 in 3 of my male friends all of whom I know not to be violent rapists. A righteous wind will deliver your justice.

    • Lucian Cross

      I stop listening to most (read:all) feminists and women-children whenever:
      a) they spout their victim/numbers without evidence, verifiable sources, and context; OR
      b) they dismiss/ignore but simultaneously demand the status quo of (particularly) male suffering

      I *WILL* however talk to self-identified feminists, and I eat a lot of flak for this, if they:
      a) are willing to accept and/or present verifiable FACTS; AND
      b) acknowledge & seek to understand the concept of causal reality; AND
      c) acknowledge & seek to understand ecological/economic theory; AND
      d) accept the idea of Equality demanding Accountability in direct proportion; AND
      e) pain, suffering, and victimization are not uniquely female experiences; AND MOST IMPORTANTLY
      f) in their pursuit of ‘gender equality’ they actively protest the advantages granted favoring women.

      In my life, I have personally known 4 feminists who meet all my criteria. 3 are unfortunately dead.

  • Merlin

    Good article Manuel

    “Every time a number of victims is waved in front of us in isolation of context – we are being deceived and manipulated”

    And as we all know, that’s pretty much most of the time…

  • AntZ

    A very timely story.

    November is almost here, and the feminists are cooking their annual “big lie”.

    I wait with baited breath.

  • Allan

    Mr Mic Hunter, who I know, is quite an authority on some of which you speak. His book, Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse in America’s Military is very good for telling the truth. The vastly larger proportion of men in the military leads to there being far more male victims than female of course. has a lot of information about how the popular 1 in 6 boys number is justified. It’s really quite complex and difficult a thing to estimate.

    My point would be that statistics on these issues are very complex and uncertain. Many questions remain: patterns, effects both short and long term, disclosure patterns and responses, services for victims, responses to disclosure,

    So 1in 4 is wrong. Or not the whole story. Is that all you have to say? I’m glad you are speaking of male victims because the lack of recognition of them creates the shaming, damaging silence they feel bound in. There’s a lot more you could be doing and talking about!!! Tons more.

    Support male victims, listen to them and speak out for them when they can’t.
    Lobby for the Prison Rape Reform Act.
    Write about the truth instead of the lies. Got it. They’re wrong. But what’s right here???

    I’ve lead a support group for male victims, virtually alone for 3 years. Every week men are there talking about being molested, raped, abused as adults and children. Yes, something like 20 to 40% of the perpetrators are females: mothers, baby sitters, brother’s girlfriends, teachers. I suppose a couple hundred men total have attended. I desperately need help to continue this. And trust me: MRA’s are not beating my door down to help. Why not?

    I’ve gone public with my own story at times though it’s not unusual or special. It’s common and the story of millions of other men. I was part of the Oprah 200 Men show a year ago. Have you seen it? If not, …. why the HELL not? Because “she’s a feminist”?

    In short, don’t get hung up on somebodies statistics. DO. SOMETHING. MORE! Why is that so hard for you?

    • Lucian Cross

      I think the key is first talking about issues so that once they have been identified and understood, things CAN be done with integrity about them as a movement. So I think it’s a good thing this discussion is occuring and I think it’s great what you have done. But more so, it’s brilliant that you have asked for help.

    • Manuel Dexter

      Hi Allan, your questions appear to be rhetorical, but ill answer them anyway.

      Why don’t MRAs join your efforts helping male victims of abuse? Because they’re busy. Most people are already busy with their lives and jobs, MRAs are busy with their lives and jobs and doing whatever aspect of mens rights work suits them, which means they very likely are helping male victims of abuse. To suggest they should drop that and join your preferred flavour of activism seems short sighted.

      Why haven’t more men watched your episode of Oprah? Why should they? It’s a TV show, maybe it was a particularly great episode, but its still just more TV, which at the best of times is not very interesting or useful.

      Next you say don’t get hung up on statistics, do something more. Like what Allan? Drop what we’re doing and follow your example? You say you’ve helped a few hundred men, thats good, Im glad you’re doing it, but brother – This site reaches thousands per day. The radio show is also growing the scope and reach of the mens rights movement. Taken in isolation, just this site and the radio show[s] take a major fraction of the time of PE, JTO, Keyster, Dr T, Robert Ohara and others. Then there’s all the contributors here, dozens of them who devote time and energy for free, and then there’s people who donate their own hard earned money to pay for web hosting, press releases, a blogtalk radio broadcasters account and a software to manage the show.

      But I guess none of that counts, because we’re not doing exactly what you are, or following you.

      • AntZ

        “You say you’ve helped a few hundred men, thats good, Im glad you’re doing it …”

        No, Dexter. I have had this kind of “help” when I was young, and it does more harm than good. To deny the ultimate source of the privilege and power of the perpetrator is to deny the victim the opportunity to recover. Men and boys are better off alone, recovering by their own devices, than they are in an environment where feminism is present in any form. Feminism is the face of the beast that assaulted and wounded these men and boys. To have that same face return (now with a fake smile) and offer “therapy” is inexcusable.

        • Merlin

          I’m glad you said this Antz because otherwise I would have…

          In more recent times I have been in environments where it’s deemed to be a neutral environment, only to find that it was still infected with feminist ideals and opinions…it may have been subtle due to feminism being under scrutiny, but nevertheless it was still there staring you right between the eyes like the ever present poison it is.

          • AntZ

            My life and the lives of my three brothers are testament to what I consider to be a core MRM truth:

            “The only thing worse than being HURT by a feminist, is to be HEALED by a feminist.”

            I have had both, and I can tell you without reservation, I will take the open-punishment over the poison-medicine any day of the week.

      • Paul Elam

        Manuel, please allow me to introduce you to Allen’s brother, Larry.

    • AntZ

      Allan, you are completely confused.

      These three struggles are so distinct that they are almost unrelated:
      1) The struggle to recognize and protect male victims, a core MRM issue
      2) The struggle to recognize and punish female perpetrators, a core MRM issue
      3) The struggle to end the culture of female victim-worship, a core MRM issue

      Here is why they are different:
      1) Recognizing male victims requires an emphasis on the suffering of men and boys, and requires a challenge to the feminist lie that men and boys are immune from discrimination due to the protection of a mythical patriarchy.
      2) Recognizing female perpetrators requires an emphasis on the feminist double standard for legal accountability, and a challenge to the feminist lie that women are morally superior to men.
      3) Ending victim worship puts the focus on the erosion of prosecutorial standards and civil liberties and the presumption of male guilt (which ultimately lead to unacceptably high number of false accusations and wrongfully convicted men).

      There is no possibility of cooperating with feminists on cherry-picked areas of superficial common interest. Deeper down, feminism is the enemy, the cause of unmeasurable suffering by men and boys, and the tyrannical source of our collective oppression and our birth right as indentured servants. There can be no peace with an enemy so heartless and devoid of compassion.

      You are fighting on the wrong side, and you are doing great harm.

    • Stu

      Allen, you are dealing with one group of men who are victims of sexual assaults. Now, just because women portray female victims of sexual assaults as the worst most vile life destroying thing that can happen to anybody……’s not. You seem to think that your group of victims should trump everything else that is happening to men everywhere. That… feminine thinking. Wo is me…….I’ve suffered more then anybody in the history of the universe…….because I was raped…..or forced or coerced into sex that I didn’t want. Men are sent overseas to come back without legs and arms……and heads. Men are used as disposable appliances everywhere we look. Not going to list here…..but I’ll say the same thing to you that I say to women who waffle on about rape and sexual assault……boo hoo….cry me a river.

      Not that I think your group of men don’t count…….they do…….very much. But what you have to realise is that they are just more examples of the problem of men not mattering……..there existence is symptomatic of the feminism…….manginerism….and white knightism…and chivalry.

      You want everyone to treat your particular pet symtom……..we wan’t to focus mainly on attacking the disease…..which is the root cause of all the problems…..and the main cause of all your male victims and their female abusers……being able to do what they done and nobody gives a fuck. Highlight the plight of these men……just don’t expect the world to stop and everyone to focus on their victimhood… works for women……but it shouldn’t………and thats what we want to put an end too.

      • Stu

        Oh, I fogot to add……how about calling into the radio show……how about posting on here…….it is……..a voice for men after all. You can write articles too you know……you can be a guest on the show too……so can the men in your group.

        And while you’re here……go check out

        A site set up and operated by Paul Elam also……that is putting female abusers under the spotlight.

      • AntZ

        ” …because WOMEN portray female victims of sexual assaults as the worst most vile life destroying thing that can happen to anybody …”

        I think this is what you mean (not that I would presume to speak for you):

        ” …because FEMINISTS portray female victims of sexual assaults as the worst most vile life destroying thing that can happen to anybody …”

        You are right, by the way. Reading “Lord Foul’s Bane” under the tutelage of a feminist was far worse than sexual exploitation by the same feminist.

        As far as the choice of book, don’t ask. I have been scratching my head about it for years. I guess sometimes feminists are so crazy that they are simply beyond comprehension.

    • Ray

      “There’s a lot more you could be doing and talking about!!! Tons more.”

      “I was part of the Oprah 200 Men show a year ago.”

      A few weeks ago, I had a chance to be in a taping of a Dr Phil show about d.v. – – – in the audience, but I guess in Allen’s eyes I blew it, because I declined. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about that. They wanted men who’d experienced domestic violence. I actually felt like I did something right in refusing to be on Dr. Phil’s show in any capacity. Here’s my response to Dr. Phil’s production assistant:

      “Domestic violence law is largely a scam, a gender feminist fraud. Why, oh why, would I ever attend a show that won’t admit that? :-/

      Here are a couple of videos I made that will explain it to you.
      Los Misandry

      Witch-Hunting Males

      Sincerely, xxxx”

    • Primal

      “And trust me: MRA’s are not beating my door down to help. Why not?”

      I can’t speak for MRA’s but I can share some general perspectives:

      The Pigman Cometh recently did some serious work on male-male rape ( Male-male rape isn’t really a MRA (read anti-feminist) issue…other than as part of combating the lies that feminists tell about rape in general. Men regularly joke about male prisoners getting it up the ass as part of their ‘punishment’. To me, condemning male on male rape starts and ends with us. This is especially the case for man-boy rape. My personal hero here is William ( Lobdell. I urge the ‘boo hoo cry me the river” crowd to respect the RELATIVE seriousness of male male rape after reading these references. Much as I support men such as Vladek Filler, there is simply no comparison relative to what boys suffer from man-boy rape. IMO we need to work on first things first. Males have no moral authority to speak about male rights AT ALL as long as we tolerate or ignore male apologists who coddle male rapists be they the Pope or more common male monkeys.

      As for female-male rape, read the 170+ pages of vile comments linked in this post: You’ll notice that men often celebrate female-male rape or shame/ridicule the victim. It’s hard as hell to fight feminist lies by adding some balance to the stats when your own sex refuses to see female-male rape as an incredibly serious crime. The research (see Incest: Origins of the Taboo) shows that of all forms of parent-child incest, mother son incest causes the most serious damage by far (high rates of insanity, or suicide or murder of the perp). That suggests that woman-boy rape is likely to be far more serious for boys than man-girl rape is for girls. Men (particularly the fathers who haven’t already been destroyed or castrated) need to secure boys (sons) from female predators and especially from female predators in the home. Again for the boo hoo crowd, it’s one thing to burn oneself to death as a grown man in front of a court house to make a political statement. It’s quite another to drown in silence as a boy who has nowhere to go because his male elders are too chickenshit to even the odds for him. The rage, disgust and hopelessness that the standard male response to female-male rape engenders (along with feminists who worship the rape of boys as ‘true love’) is impossible to communicate.

      There are many reasons IT”S SO HARD FOR men in general to DO SOMETHING/MORE. I believe the biggest reason is that most men have not even begun to liberate themselves sexually or emotionally from everyday female (or sophisticated male) predators…and thus are totally unable to do more for boys or other men. Another big reason is that feminists are systematically trying to turn all men into homosexuals, metro-sexuals or eunuchs so as to further the female supremacist racket. When there are hardly any strong men left who worship maleness/masculinity in all it’s glory/’gory’, it’s very hard to find men to defend boys/men from female predators. That means that we will have to depend on women to protect us from female sexual predators (which is no nice prospect) until we become far more capable than we are now.

      To Manual Dexter: It ALL counts but to be truly be taken seriously MRA’s had better begin to seriously begin to address boys rights. There is some sort of priority setting in any legitimate program. By any measure men who have been butt fucked or cunt-fucked AS BOYS deserve to be front and center as some of the most serous casualties of this feminist-addled male-cunt/cunt world.

      To Antz: For sure but recovering alone is impossibly risky. Short of some solid male support, boys who suffer from female or male sexual predators often die before they are able to talk. This results in perfect impunity for the predators and for tne feminists who spread the lies that Dexter wrote about.

      To Stu: is brilliant. How nice to see Jessica Valenti rise onto page one so rapidly. I’d really love to see feminists like Kate Winslet or Laura Kipnis added for calling female-male rape ‘romance’, ‘true love’ or other apologetic nonsense that men would be crucified for even suggesting were the sexes reversed.

      To Ray: Thanks. That’s the ticket for Oprah too.

  • Rad

    The particular groups that pile on for a handout with their “statistics” and sob-stories are not the real problem. Whether it’s feminists or marxists or union lackeys or lazy fuckers or whatever — it’s all the same shit.

    The problem is a government that has not outlawed special interest favours. None of these attempts at polarization (by feminists or others) could work if special interest favours were illegal. Lobby groups would effectively be destroyed. Not only would we win a victory in our immediate concerns, all the other flatulent aspects of Western society would be blown out into the atmosphere as well.

  • Robert Full Of Rage

    Good luck explaining misandric lies to anyone outside this website. How are you supposed to get through to a man who has been divorced three times but still believes in chivalry? How are you supposed to help a man who worships women and believes he was put on Earth to please them? How are you supposed to explain misandry to a man who cares more about the welfare of women than he does about his own son? (These three men are people I know in real life).

    Women need to stop drinking the misandric kool-aid and hold themselves responsible. I hope the men in America follow suit with the men in Japan. While some women like Dr. Tara, Izzey, and Bev get it, a lot of women continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole. I know that some women will not be affected by MGTOW because they will always find a man they can use and abuse, but more and more men are going their own way, which mean more and more women will find themselves alone and miserable.

    I stand by what I said on last night’s radio show. If you were offended by what I said, then you are part of the problem. If you couldn’t relate to what I said, then consider yourself lucky for not having to deal with some of the nightmare women that 50 years of feminism has created.

  • operationoptout

    This is ground breaking!! A message to Robert Full of Rage, you have my full respect and your message on the radio show last night was right on point. Your anger is completely justified and your healing will have the most positive impact on your life. We have all been there and I equate the journey into the light as being reborn. Never easy but always worth the journey!! Take care my friend!!

  • morfy

    1)If 1 in 3 women or 1 in 4 women are being raped.
    2)If women only lie about being raped 2%
    and whatever other feminist lie you can add it( like “ just a few rape are reported”) imply millions of men in prison right now!. Do the math.

  • keyster

    The ABC formula is meant to stir chivalric behavior in men and outrage/distrust against men in women…a potent combination of propagandist brilliance. The fact that its sexual in nature also titilates the imagination.

    The latest figure being bandied about is “1 in 5″ women on college campuses are “sexually assaulted”. “Sexual assault” being defined as “any unwanted physical touching or contact”, buried very deeply in the FINE PRINT.

    It seems no matter how often this lie is debunked, they keep using it, from Christina Hoff Summers to Manual Dexter, we need to keep repeating the truth until its believed. It’s so engrained in the public conscious it’s difficult to de-program people from it.

  • Ray

    Speaking of women’s bogus victims status, Biden was recently on “The View” spreading his lies about domestic violence. At SAVE’s behest, I sent the White House, Valerie Jarret, Biden’s Office, etc. this “polite” email:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    When will the domestic violence industry and V.P. Joe Biden recognize women who batter men? Vice President Biden has called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) “his baby,” but Biden should be ashamed, not proud, of his misandric piece of gender feminist, legislation, which excuses and rewards women’s domestic violence against men (including teen dating violence by women), thereby fueling more domestic violence against men by women.

    Among dating partners, U.S. Centers for Disease Control surveys have repeatedly documented that females are more likely than males to be the initiators of partner violence:

    – According to the 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, 10% of teenage boys were victimized by dating violence in the past year, compared to only 9% of teenage girls experiencing dating violence ( – Table 12)

    – According to a national survey of young adults ages 18-25, in cases of one-way violence, females were the aggressors in 71% of the cases, and males the initiators 29% of the time. (Whitaker DJ et al. American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 97, No. 5, 2007)

    According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and DOJ statistics, more kids are killed by neglect and abuse in a year (1,460 in 2005), than all the female intimate partner homicides in in a year (1,181 in 2005). And mothers are the single largest group of kid killers. They have a rate twice that of fathers, yet the taxpayer funded (gender feminist run) domestic violence industry would have us believe that women don’t egregiously batter men too. They’re lying!

    As shown by HHS statistics, the age range for those child homicides is about ten times narrower than that for female intimate partner homicide, making that rate of child homicide far more concentrated. Yet funding to prevent those child homicides is minimal, compared to the billions that go to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

    Credible research overwhelmingly shows that the ratio of d.v. is at least 50/50 between women & men. According to one study by researchers who work at the CDC, in 70% of domestic violence incidents, where the domestic violence is not mutual, it’s women who initiate the domestic violence.

    V.P. Biden recently called violence against women, “the very worst abuse.” The very worst abuse is valuing one life less than another for having been born the wrong sex, or the wrong age. Under Biden’s Violence Against Women Act the wrong sex is men and the wrong age group is children. Shelter and services are virtually non-existent for male victims of domestic violence (and in some cases men and their children) so those options out of a bad relationship, that are routinely available to women, are very often not available to men. Men wind up gender profiled and often falsely accused by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry, because of gender feminist ideology controlling the domestic violence industry. Men are often battered by domestic violence, and then battered again by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry.

    The taxpayer funded domestic violence industry has largely mischaracterized the true nature of domestic violence from the beginning and continues to mislead the public. Domestic violence law, following the gender feminist agenda/ideology over facts in evidence, does great harm to many innocent men and children (and also many battering women who need help) as shown in “Los Misandry” at Youtube, and as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube.


    Please respond.

    Sincerely, XXXX

    • Robert O’Hara

      Writing an article on that right now!

      • Ray

        Thanks Robert. I appreciate your hard work on this, and all the other issues.

  • KatieCaliente

    these hoes lie about everything, and I might say it again, i dont appreciate the AMA and the APA turning gender reasssignments over to these kooks and crackpots….here i am…drinking to get myself drunk RIGHT NOW. because someone decided these jacklegs should be in charge.

    I had this hoe i picked up, and this was in conjunction with me actually having money. She had had FIVE abortions at that time, and I says to the hoe, if i get you pregnant, i want my baby. don’t kill it, bitch…although the womens will twist that story because i had a sex change.

    I had to kick her out on the street before and then she had her uncle and her chinese relatives trying to put pressure on me not to treat her bad.

    One time i punched a chick in the head for running her mouth at me…she didnt call the law thank god!

    I dont date women at all anymore, and why should I?
    couldnt please them before
    Do i stand a chance now that im a lady?

    you got to let a hoe be a hoe.

    and i know not all women are whores….

    for example, my boyfriends mother refuses to call me a woman, because she’s 70
    but it’s not to be nasty, it’s because it used to mean something to be a woman!


    • Hayden Hanna

      Troll? Rebecca? Drunk?

  • scatmaster

    Was I really seeing things in the chatroom last night when I saw Jessica_Valenti online who disappeared immediately after mentioning it?

    • Atlas Reloaded

      No sir you were not. And if that one did leave that quickly once the name was mentioned then I can believe it really may have been her.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Another great Manual. Leave me able to say one thing and one thing only…..

    F…..T…..S….U with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!

  • Allan

    @Manuel:Men’s rights covers a pretty vast array of issues and situations… Doesn’t it? My comment was about a little part of a piece… I’m asking, where’s the detail? You’re busy doing what? “do something more. Like what Allan?” I listed some things. It’s so easy if you stick to this big picture theme against “feminism”. You don’t seem to want to get your hands dirty with the details.

    Another said it’s harmful. (“Men and boys are better off alone, recovering by their own devices, than they are in an environment where feminism is present in any form. “) Better to deal with it alone. Interesting they said that. The people who’ve studied this for years say that isolation is in part why we have high suicide, chemical dependency and other problems in men. Yet it’s a core issue. “The struggle to recognize and protect male victims, a core MRM issue”

    @ Stu:”how about calling into the radio show……how about posting on here…….it is……..a voice for men after all. You can write articles too you know……you can be a guest on the show too”. What would you want me to talk about? This group isn’t interested in what I’m saying. “You’re completely confused.” Mostly disagree (the +/-).

    “boo hoo….cry me a river.” Huh. It sounds like you just think sexual trauma is a big hoax. There are tons of books, scientific papers, personal blogs on the issue by men and about men. (all women and feminists aside). Just “victimhood”.

    Ok then. I’ll leave you all to rage on at your keyboards. Sorry to bother you.

    • Paul Elam

      Hey Allen, I have a much better idea, kindly fuck off and go do what you do. I’d like to keep pointless blather at a minimum on this website.

      Mr. Dexter explained to you in enough detail that anyone interested in said detail would have something to sink their teeth into. And you are replying with an appearance of obtuse disregard for what he said and continuing your attempt to lecture.

      Not cool.

      It is true, we trace a lot of problems to feminism and address that in our own way here. Do you hear that or is your hearing as impaired as your sense of self-importance?

      We have unfortunates in here like you that stumble in from time to time, squawking like seagulls, flapping around and shitting on everything, and then they fly out to go do whatever it is they do. Get to flying Allen. If you are not part of this program here, or don’t agree with it, fine. But NO ONE has to explain a damn thing to you. You have already gotten more info than you can handle anyway.

      And by the way, I did two decades of pro bono work with men whose lives were shattered, directly in the trenches. But I have never taken that service work and attempted to invade the terrain of others saying “Hey, hey, look at me! Do what I do or your not doing anything!!”

      Alright, enough of you. I will allow you the opportunity at this point to apologize to Mr. Dexter, and admit publicly that you’re a tool that came in here and stuck your foot in your mouth. Anything else you post will be promptly deleted and you will be banned.

      Have a great day.

      • Primal

        I respectfully suggest that trashing/banning Allan is precisely the kind of tactic that feminists are so infamous for. You’ve obviously got plenty of people here who can handle his ‘pointless blather’. There is something in every post that adds to the ‘program’ even (or especially) when there is disagreement.

        Why indulge in slanderous censorship? How will that add to your support? How will that show that you are ready for Prime Time?

        I prefer pointless blather, appearances of obtuse disregard, lectures, un-cool comments, many ways of looking at things, overly arrogant senses of self-importance, squawking, flapping around, shitting on everything, and people that aren’t part of the program…to ignorant (read feminist) doublespeak or censored cult-like silence. I urge you to consider using Constitutional standards to encourage free speech here so that, over time, you distinguish your ‘program’ from the female supremacist Program you rightly condemn.

    • Manuel Dexter

      Hello Allan, thanks for your most valuable feedback. Just one thing I’ll mention about your comment:

      You don’t seem to want to get your hands dirty with the details.

      – would you like me to make a list of what I do and submit it for your approval? Its a long list, but I’m sure you, in your superior judgement will find I’m doing it wrong, or doing the wrong thing, or holding my mouse wrong, or something.

      You actually have no fucking clue what I do Alan – or how much, or how little, and for who I do it, but you’re welcome to fly in, drop useless advice and fly back out. If you’re so gravely concerned that this site, the radio show, and the meat-space activism done by MRAs represented here is ineffectual – I invite you to do better. Don’t bother claiming you know better, just show us, get off your ass and do it. Where’s your results?

      Thank you for your kind attention, and have a lovely day – you dipshit

    • Stu

      No I don’t think it’s a big hoax Allen. I thiink it is one thing in whole range of abuses against men. It deserves attention with everything else. You, however seem to think it is the only thing that deserves attention and nothing else matters. When you come in here and start telling people like Paul Elam to do MORE……because he’s not doing enough…….well how many decades of work for mens rights is enough Allen…..he works practically every waking hour fighting for mens rights…….and has a lot to show for it…….so do many others here.

      Allen…….men like you are the reason mens rights organisations have such a hard time growing and getting recognition……because you demand that everyone follows you……does what you do…….anyone focusing on anything other than your pet project is just a miserable excuse for a human being and a waste of space……you want support mens rights activists and would rather add your voice to the knockers …….along with the feminists and manginas…….because we won’t drop everything else we are doing and support your cause solely

  • ScareCrow

    Every 5 seconds in America, a feminist scholar spreads another lie about men, because she needs the money, because her Womyn’s Studies degree didn’t get her a 6-digit salary job like she thought it would.

    This one is actually true…

    • Robert Full Of Rage

      These women are able to lead easy lives because of men, yet all they do is disrespect men.

    • Hayden Hanna

      Ha! I don’t feel compelled to fact check that one even though I suspect 5 seconds is a bit conservative due to underreporting.

    • Lucian Cross

      I’d dispute that only because the idea of a gender studies scholar seems to be misleading. It may be me but my experience is that scholars welcome from various perspectives rational debate, mutually beneficial dialogue, and a critical anyalsis of their work/ideas.
      Correct if I’m wrong but aside from the mantra of “oh that isn’t my feminism…” such things simply do not occur as gender studies is still taught and about one perspective with no room for internal let alone external debate…

  • Zarathos022

    I do believe this article will come in handy when the femmie group at my college wants to throw out more “statistics” about rape.

  • Raven01

    It seems people are not interested in truth so much as preserving priveledge.
    My response at 5:56 was,
    “No issue should “remain closed”. No matter how controversial.
    Dialogue is absolutely REQUIRED when there are two large sides as oppossed as these two.
    Oddly, I fit into neither camp and there does need to be more middle ground, a solution that does not outright make abortion illegal but does not see it used as a substitute for contraception. Teen pregnancy and backroom abortions were not an epidemic as girl-power pushers would have everyone believe. People knew there were consequences for their action and because of that made wiser choices.
    I have no desire to live in a country that is so bubble wrapped and foam padded that not even the least intelligent person is capable of hurting themselves. Because to do so we have to infringe on the rights of the majority (and frankly infringing upon anothers rights majority or minority is just plain wrong). For instance in all of this feminist power we have, a woman has legal right to abortion, contraception and is the sole arbiter of these choices…. Why then are men (and not always even the ones that were involved in the pregnancy in which they had no say) held liable for a womans choice? There is no option to raise the child on his own if she does not wish to have a child, no option to allow her to raise the child on her without his support, or the option to voluntarily be involved in the rearing and parenting of the child along with its’ financial obligations.
    As divisive as this topic can be it MUST be discussed. Without the childish name calling and personal attacks that are par for the course.
    Finally, I’d have been much more impressed if they tabled a bill giving men the exact same reproductive rights/freedoms/choice that women currently enjoy.”

    36 thumbs down to 7 up.
    Oh well everytime a feminist screams in rage ,i smile at the truth of the beast being revealed.
    There were other comments but I am sure they will be stopped by the leftwing censor happy mods at CBC. They frequently muzzle people following the submission guidelines to the letter out of disagreement with the sentiments offered.
    One of the feminist arguments on this is there are whole cities worth of dead women from backroom abortions……… While some did no doubt die this way their figures are so grossly exaggerated Hitler would be proud of how much they took to heart his theory about how to lie in Mein Kampf.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    1 in 4 women are lying feminists…..

  • andybob

    “Automatic Moral Panic = Quick Access to Wallets” – Mr Manuel Dexter

    Feminists spew slogans and mantra with glee. Easy to remember and embrace. They love ‘em. But I don’t think they’ll love this one. Chomping on the bit to try it out on the next deluded fembot who 1 in 4’s me. I notice they are suspiciously defensive when the monetary aspect of the whole Sexual Grievance Industry is even alluded to. Oily grifters bandying fraudulent stats for easy bucks: ours.

    Erstwhile AVFM guest-from-hell, ‘Alan’,attacks Mr Dexter’s article. He reveals a stunning failure to recognise that truth cannot be uncovered without first revealing the lies that obscure and distort it. I could not fathom ‘Alan’s” gripe with this article and AVFM in general. If he wanted to promote sympathy and concern for his ’cause’ (and this is the last place where anyone will belittle another man’s pain – unless he’s an in corrigible douche) then surely the 1 in 4 meme is a massive stumbling block. Overall, a sad shoots-self-in-foot moment that was uncomfortable to witness.

    Great article. Another weapon I can wield with Dexterity.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “Sexual assault” being defined as “any unwanted physical touching or contact”

    Some questions:::

    How does one know what is “wanted” or not unless (and until!) one touches or makes contact?

    Why does the “crime” depend on whether the toucher is the Elephant Man or Brad Pitt?

    Why is the “one” who must always initiate a male?

    What happens to men who don’t make contact, who wait for “equal” wimmin to make first moves on THEM?

    How do women treat passive, hesitant males sexually?

    Why aren’t males encouraged by PSAs to file complaints when females make “unwanted” comments. looks, touches, etc.?

    • Raven01

      Equal application of the law would be great. Too bad most men are too afraid of being labelled “that guy” and wouldn’t dream of charging a woman that sexually assaults him according to our current laws.
      Maybe we could encourage gay MRA’s to start that particular ball rolling.
      Even just a dozen women charged with sexual assault for acting like the majority of women act would definately make headlines.

  • Allan

    Okay then.

    It seems you have a very narrow message here. Basically, feminists say some really crazy shit. (and sometimes pass laws) Agree completely. You can find 100 examples a day. And write rebuttals all day long. I wasn’t disagreeing with Dexter or anyone here, but trying to recognize a broader context and see a bigger picture from your point of view. I don’t see how that’s an attack of some kind at all. So, yes, Dexter, Paul, I’m sorry if you felt attacked.

    Nor was I saying something like, you should be or do like I am. It’s a big world. Rather I was curious if you would see my efforts as fitting into your mission of “Don’t Get Fucked” in some way. Or some context. But I guess not at all. In the slightest. Admittedly, all that goes way beyond what Dexter was saying. Soooorrrryyy.

    Odd you would tell your supporters and would-be contributors to Fuck Off. I’m gone.

  • Primal

    Where does reality fit in here:,0,5720055.story ? We gonna see carnal knowledge of a man by a woman, carnal knowledge of a woman by a woman or carnal knowledge of a man by a man in feminist-perverted definitions? How about boys raped by women/girls raped by women or boys raped by men?

    Where is the interest in current affairs?