Accusation hitting the mark

It is time, past time actually, to give you good people an update on And the news is that the site is already exceeding expectations for early performance.

The new web portal, while still awaiting some minor aesthetic changes, is fully functional. Users may now go to the site, enter information on a known false accuser, or other female criminal, add a photo and an information source and submit it for approval.

Our press release is finished and will be going out on Tuesday, provided there is no media consuming event in progress. That should help with promoting the site, especially if some robust news outlet does a story on it. Knock on wood, folks.

On the other front, the actual promise of the website is already being realized.  It was our intent from the beginning that we would create a service for falsely accused men, allowing them to target their accusers for public exposure.  With that being the primary goal, consider the following:

A google search on Andrea Davio-Michaud, who was placed on the registry for a false accusation of rape, returned her listing at the very top of search results. The same is true for Liselle Ellis, false rape accuser. The pattern repeats itself as many of the women listed on the registry come in at or near the top of search results with their listing at  The way Google displays the results is very appealing as well.

There seems to be only two factors that prevent anyone listed on this registry from coming in at the top of returns. The first is in cases where the offender happens to have a very common name, or a name that is also the same as that of a public figure with a strong internet presence.

The other case is when the offender herself already had a strong showing on the internet, either from heightened media coverage of her criminality, which also serves us well, or because they had a strong internet presence for other reasons.

Jessica Valenti is such a case. The return on her thus far is buried on page 3 of returns.  But that will change with time.  The site is already in growth mode.  While we are still an emergent site, we have gained over 500,000 slots on Alexa since launching.  As we market the site and acquire backlinks from more websites, even those on the registry still enjoying some distance from our listing will have that play out on them, Jessica Valenti included.

So live with it.

Not that she is what really matters here. The important thing is that now, any woman making a false allegation is subject to have her misdeed follow her for the rest of her life.  Any prospective employer, or anyone else that invests in Googling her name, will find her listing and undeniable proof of the kind of person she really is.  And in an increasingly web savvy world, this will be the rule much more than the exception.

My prediction is that within 6 months to a year we will have our first litigation, maybe sooner, which is why I have secured an agreement for services with the Randazza Legal Group, a firm that specializes in First Amendment issues and internet law. The attorney I made contact with there is very supportive of the MRM.

We are going to go ahead with this full steam, damn the torpedos, and bring to bear the considerable expertise in making these things happen that AVfM is beginning to amass in earnest.  It is one of many FTSU efforts we are going to undertake, but I am particularly proud of this one.

The legal system does exactly squat about false allegations. Worse, it enables them with neglect and depraved indifference. With time, some hard work and a smidgeon of luck, the day will come that become a known entity in the world of finger pointing liars.  It won’t stop all of them, but it will stop some, and it will punish those too stupid or emotionally labile to consider the gravity of their actions.

If they make the mistake of getting caught, it won’t be swept under the rug or fade into the past the way it always has before.  If they tell that lie, they better fucking pray their parents had the good sense to  name them Mother Theresa.

  • andybob has already assisted me very ably when discussing the phenomenon of FRA’s. The faces of the men (interested) and women (startled) to whom I mention the site speak volumes on its effectiveness. It will be the a guide and a deterrent, spreading its ripple effect across the world. Nowhere to run or hide. The simplicity of each cut and dried profile, groaning with verifiable fact is genius. The evil these creatures have wrought will be spotlit for all time. The glare will not be kind – nor will it ever go away.

    Thank you to Mr Elam and his team for this gift that will keep on giving.

  • Dr. F

    Not wanting to go all Opera on anyone but I swear this:

    Every time I read stuff like this I get a warm fuzzy all over and a tingle down my back that has me squirming like I’m having an orgasm.

  • Just1X

    Great work, congrats.

    Perhaps I can suggest another rich vein of functional misandrists?

    The false memory recovery brigade?
    Daddy was a satan worshipper
    Daddy raped me when I was a baby etc

    Not that what these people do is inherently misandrist, it’s just that men get the overwhelming number of accusations. Most easily targetted, deepest pockets etc (as usual)

  • Just1X

    BTW there appears to be a rendering problem with the kellet page of register-her

    • Manuel Dexter

      I’ll fix that tonight. Thanks for the alert

      • Just1X

        No problem. Love the site, nice work

  • Merlin

    Awesome…just bloody awesome!

    Now this is something rather special indeed…at last it’s starting to make an impact. Well done to Paul and the team behind it. I’m certainly going to make use of the service and forward offenders as and when they come to light.

    I’m going to crack open a beer and celebrate…

    • Paul Elam

      That is the most important thing anyone can do. The more content added the more powerful this tool becomes. And keep in mind, there are still many offenders not listed. We are counting on MRA’s to help with the mission.

      MD has set up the forms to warn users when they are attempting to enter someone already on the registry, so we won’t have you wasting time with duplicate entries.

  • Whitney

    There is a glitch in your algorithm for lexicographical ordering of the names on the register-her site.

  • Jean Valjean

    If we post on other websites we could mention in conversations. Those posts stay up for years and are read repeatedly. It’s a good way to market the site. Especially when we are talking about these horrible people in the first place.

    I think I’ll use the site as a threat as well when dealing with certain feminists.

    “Careful or I”ll put you on for bigotry.”

    • scatmaster

      Good idea Jean.

    • Paul Elam

      It is more than a threat. If they have a public record of bigotry that you can link to with source information, we have the “bigot” category for them.

  • Quartermain

    If there a section for soon to be ex-wives that use false allegations against husbands to dig the gold, I think Trey Pennington’s evil widow should be there.

  • Dan Moore (Factory)

    All I can say is “Hee hee hee”…

  • keyster

    You mean to tell me if I falsely accuse someone of raping or assaulting me, all any prospective employer, school admissions board or date has to do is Google my name and it’ll show up there? Finally the punishment is going to fit the crime.
    Finally the public can see, all in one place, just how pervasive this problem has become.
    It’s snatching “female victimhood” legal bias right back out of the hands of feminist jurisprudence; perhaps to the point where they can focus their attentions on REAL rape and violence when it actually occurs…rather than the vindictive, vengeful set up rape or “I think I was raped, but I’m not sure because I was drunk”, feminist defined rape.

  • Boxer

    I am very optimistic and grateful for this! It has the potential to be a good source of information.

    One minor caveat: I hope that the web masters continue to hold high standards in regards to submissions. If this becomes a place where Joe Bleaux can “register” his ex-girlfriend because she dumped him for the DJ, then it will lose credibility immediately.

    Great project! So glad it’s up and running.

  • Paul Elam

    A request. I just posted this to r/mensrights. I don’t think the fembot lurkers there will much appreciate it. Some up votes please?

    • Dr. F

      Good one Paul, I left this comment:

      “If the fembots are uncomfortable with the creation of a site that holds illicit behaviour of women accountable then I can only say publish and be damned.”

      It only takes a minute to register and no need to present an email addy. so please folks leave your stamp there too.

      It’s all the more satisfying when you remember that your words aint going anywhere and if it ticks off a femmo flat-skull just once then you’re doing something right.

    • Whitney


    • Tim Legere

      Another Up Vote.

    • Merlin

      Upvoted…all done and dusted, complete with comment.

      • Paul Elam

        Thanks guys. The upvotes really help. The article is getting tons of traffic out of reddit as well as other sources.

    • Patrick Henry

      Another up vote from me. 😀

  • Adi

    Many of you can help get Jessica Valenti’s register-her profile to the top of Google search. Here’s how:

    Google uses links to determine the relevance of pages. So the more links point to that page, the higher it will rise in the search results. So everyone who has a blog or website should link the name Jessica Valenti to that page. It’s important to use that name as a text link. This goes for this website too; every page that says anything about Jessica Valenti, should have her name turned into a link to that page.

    Every single link counts – and it’s even better if the link comes from a related page (about Jessica Valenti).

    • Paul Elam

      on it.

      • Adi

        Awesome. With combined MRA forces, we can get that page to the top of Google.
        Here are some more points to note:

        1) Don’t spam links, one or two coming from each related page is plenty.
        2) Don’t expect immediate results. Google is deliberately elusive about the exact mechanism for ranking.
        3) Best to have links from many different websites (many MRAs here have their own blog.
        4) not all at once. If Google sees 100 new links from one day to the next, it will raise the spam alarm.
        5) The higher authority the page has that points to Jessica, the more weight that link carries. The front page of this website has a Pagerank of 4 and that is pretty high, so having a link to Jessica’s page form the front page of would be quite a strong link.
        6) Age is good. The older a page the more Google likes it.
        7) This whole thing is called SEO (search engine optimization) and is a science of it’s own from which some people make a living.

        • scatmaster

          Well I do not get much traffic at all so no worries there.
          Of course if you guys hit my link and then hit the embedded link.
          My traffic will go up. win win.

      • Jeremiah

        You could see if Ferdinand Bardamu would be interested in doing something similar to the Vajazzle Google bomb except it would be a Valenti bomb:

    • scatmaster
  • demiurgency

    Does anyone want to join me in an SEO experiment?

    Be signed into Google. If you have a Google+ account, all the better.
    Google “Jessica Valenti”.
    Scroll down in the list of results until you find her entry on
    Give the result a +1
    Check back in a week or so and see if a Google search “Jessica Valenti” has higher up in the search results.

    I’m not sure yet if Google +1s count toward its page rank or not. See the following articles.

    But I’m pretty sure it can’t hurt.

    • Paul Elam

      I did it. I wonder if google tracks those things and adjusts ranking.

    • scatmaster

      I did it as well.
      I am seeing no upswing in traffic to my woeful blog to the Jessica Valenti link. Every little bit helps to the cause people. I could not give a shiat about my stats as I have no adverts, etc. Just posting to try to get the word out. Help a brother out and it helps us all out.

  • Whitney

    I would also suggest you distribute copies of register-her to various places and have backup plans to ensure it remains up at all times. Think Wikileaks.

    I really like this working together. It’s like a voting block and a boycott block in one. We can hammer a website with traffic, letters, protests, etc.

    Take back the democracy.

    • Paul Elam

      Ayuo. Another way to help the traffic is to include link to the site when making comments on major media websites when they permit links. Can you believe I Am still getting a small amount of traffic from TED on a single comment I made on the ?Hanna Rosin video?

  • Zuberi


  • Paul Elam

    UPDATE, this article has gotten a lot of attention. It is the most well read piece in its first few hours since we launched the new site, and that alone is a payoff.

    When I posted the OP earlier, Jessica Valenti’s profile at RHC was near the bottom of page 3 of the google returns on her name.

    The RHC site and her profile spiked in traffic today and now she has already rise to nearly the top of page 2. She is two slots away from first page returns.

    See how easy this is? More FTSU on the way.

    • Merlin

      Excellent news…

      This really is activism at it’s finest…roll on the top of the listing for Jessica Valenti then. Hopefully it won’t be too long before she’s getting the unwanted attention she deserves. Smokin!

    • Adi

      On my search she’s still on page 3. Perhaps you got personalized results. Google tracks what pages you visit and favors them in your search. You can deactivate that but I just use a separate browser for testing search results.

      Personally I’m not a big fan of SEO. It makes you spend lots of time which you would otherwise spend making content. Ultimately, making good content is the best SEO in the long run.

      But definitely the MRA network should get into the habit of linking to each others pages and get OUT of the habit of posting the same articles in different places. Google hates duplicate content (because web surfers hate it).

  • Pierce Harlan


    I feel compelled to comment on two things.

    First, your wonderful closing line about Mother Theresa. Classic!

    Second, the great job your team has done on this registry. A completely professional, and responsible, job.

    It would not surprise me to hear angry complaints by members of the sexual grievance movement. That would be ironic in light of their tradition of encouraging women to name their alleged rapists in public places (and to leave out the “alleged”).

    Three quick examples — and this will show how resonsibly you are acting compared to the extremists on the other side:

    (1) At the University of Maryland Clothesline Project endeavor, for seventeen years, purported rape survivors were permitted to publicly display shirts with the full names of males they accused of rape written on them in connection with an annual rape awareness event.

    Did you catch that? Seventeen years.

    This barbaric practice was finally stopped by the university, for legal reasons, in 2007. The usual suspects chimed in to condemn the university’s belated but correct decision. “The essence of the Clothesline Project is to let victims express whatever they feel they want or need to say,” said Jennifer Pollitt-Hill, the executive director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Pollitt-Hill said a sexual assault survivor “can feel empowered” by naming the alleged perpetrator.

    Think about it: for seventeen years at a major university, innocent victims of vicious public rape lies had no way to effectively combat the worst kind of university-sanctioned libel against them. The trial for the hapless male was over before it had begun. He had been convicted in the court of last resort — the university sanctioned clothesline project — and he would be known all over campus as a “rapist.” His friends, teachers and acquaintances would forever harbor suspicions about the allegation. All because a lone woman or girl decided to destroy him. And the university allowed her to do it.

    (2) Another time, at Brown University, a very liberal liberal-arts school in Rhode Island, a ”rape list” scrawled on the wall of a library women’s room named ”men who have sexually assaulted me or a woman I know.” The list named 30 men. As soon as janitors scrubbed the wall clean, someone wrote the ”rape list” on it again. A sexual assault advocated called the list ”an act of desperation in an attempt to get Brown to act responsibly and provide us with a system where we can air these grievances publicly as opposed to bathroom walls.”

    (3) Last year, an American University college woman identified two males by name as rapists on her Facebook account. We wrote to the president of American University where the accuser and the accused men are students, urging him to investigate and condemn this public identification. We never received a response. I didn’t think we would.

    • Paul Elam

      With your permission Pierce I am going to use some of this excellent comment on the show on Tuesday.

  • Pierce Harlan

    Paul, you can always use anything I write in any capacity. I am honored.

  • glitch627

    falsly accused of Domestic Violence by my “best friend” who was off her meds for bipolar disorder. We were married for 5 years & now through what I believe to be false “projections” from her mental illness & her possessive mother/family on to me we are divorced and I am in 3 separate court houses accused of everything from theft to breaking the restraining orders & other such things she or the family are guilty of completely as God has seen EVERYTHING they’ve done or insenuated I’ve done as well. The OJ simpson system of “who ever calls the police first is the victim” is wrong. I NEVER HURT MY ONLY LOVER,WIFE & BEST FRIEND & can prove it the world over but no one took the time to properly investigate why I took Karen home for help in the first place & how we were both set up to fail by the mother who “doctor shopped” or perscribed her own dosage of this & that to make her daughter experience twice the side effects of double the dosage to while Karen had not only dropped her helath insurance that year but chose to go off meds as well… THIS IS A TOTAL FARCE!! My bride was “brainwashed” against me to be “drugged up or down” in court & have advoctaes now defending her while the mother knows she’s in trouble w/God whom brought us ALL together in the first place… I have proof of my innocence & love for Karen as her only care giver other than Saturdays after she spent a week at home where the mother took over ALL of our finances & planned to end us faster than she set us up on her schedule to marry 5 years earlier. TOO MUCH NONSENSE w/the cousins & an uncle being juvinile enough to face book friend request me as they throew 3rd party restraining orders on me weeks after separation. Karen wasn’t well enough to make a terrible decision like divorce on her own for what was an isolated incident. Our system has me under one judge who went/goes to our church where I met Karen,served as volunteer by her side as she was church secretary there, and this man had me in DV classes when he & the world knows I called Karen the “KareBear” and NOTHING of what I heard these men call their wives or girlfreinds. There no abuse!! Still facing jail time for just saying “I love you” & “I’m sorry”. lost my whole family & jobs thanks to these false accusions… Please help me!! Thanks!!

  • Iron John

    Hello Paul and everyone else. I’m wondering if would be willing to add a category for false accusations which exist outside of criminal prosecutions? God knows how many men have been accused of rape and had their social lives destroyed because of some screwed up or evil woman decided to spread lies in lieu of going to the police with a false report. We could offer these men some sense of justice as well as protect other men from potential damage. In the situation I’ve described above there really is no recourse for these men.

    • Paul Elam

      We are willing to entertain any and all suggestions, but right now we have to focus on adding more false accusers to the registry. One we have a couple of hundred more, we will look at other ways to expand. So If you know of documented false accusers not already on the registry please help us out by submitting them.

  • Jeremiah
    • Paul Elam

      Yeah man, looks like you brought the mountain to Muhammad just by making the suggestion. It also prompted me to start something I have intended to for a while: Linkage is good for you posts, in the Bardamu tradition.

      • Jeremiah

        Yeah I probably should have just thrown an e-mail to Ferdinand myself. Feeling a bit disillusioned lately.

  • Denis

    I remember some previous discussion about a permanent archive of the news stories (pdf or whatever).

    The link for this killer is already obsolete:–_Killer

  • scatmaster

    OT: I received a reply from Ms Alli’s flunky in the
    Department of Education.

    I assume it is a copy and paste

    • Paul Elam

      I got the same one.

      • scatmaster

        As I suspected copy and paste.

    • nigeles175d

      Snap! I got the same. It seems Ms. Ali remains insufficiently concerned that she can ignore us directly.

      I’ve linked to Jessica Valenti’s register-her profile, +1 on Google search results for register-her’s link for “Jessica Valenti” and +1 on reddit men’s rights too.

  • scatmaster

    Another woman behaving badly. Allegedly.

    I will keep an eye on this one to add to the registry when and if (and its a big if) she is found guilty.
    She will probably get a suspended sentence like the murdering bitch in the link below.

    Paul how does one edit on register-her. The Effert case has had a conclusion. She received a suspended sentence (of course) The source is no longer valid as well needs to be updated.

    • Denis

      I knew that was going to happen. She strangled the baby to conceal it from her parents, wrapped it in a bag and threw it over the fence. The most damning evidence against has was that she continued to lie about it and said she gave the baby to her boyfriend.

  • Raven01

    Almost added the same Edmonton story Scat.
    This site has a photo of the offender, and might be a good parnter site for
    I also submitted a comment linking back to TDOM’s latest article on psychology, feminism, and misandry here:
    The mod’s are pretty heavyhanded there so crossing fingers and hoping to generate some traffic and open a few minds.