Register-her.com goes worldwide

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Contact: Candice Howe
Phone: 832-506-4578
Email: Candice.howe@register-her.com


New Online Registry Targets False Accusers

(Houston, Texas) September 13, 2011. Register-her.com, a public service website has been launched providing a registry of individuals who have been known to make false allegations of rape and other crimes.  The site creators point to the following information:

  • A study published in 1994 by Dr. Eugene Kanin of Purdue University concluded that 41% of rape allegations in North America are fabrications.[1] Kanin’s study covered a 9 year period and was conducted with the cooperation of civic government in cities surveyed.
  • The Orlando, Florida Police Department made a public appeal for false rape allegations to stop because they were putting a stress on police resources and creating a climate of undue fear in that community.[2]
  • The Baltimore Police Department reported that 30% of the reports of rape to they received proved to be without foundation when investigated.[3]
  • The Innocence Project reports that the number one crime for which they secure the release of wrongfully convicted individuals from prison is rape.[4] 153 of the 268 exonerations, or 57.1%, noted by the Innocence Project were convictions for rape.

“When someone is falsely accused of rape or abuse, the consequences are swift and severe,” says Dr Tara Palmatier, a clinical psychologist who has counseled victims of false allegations.

“Some of my clients have lost their jobs, homes and good reputations,” she adds. “Some have been blocked from spending time with their children. Those who are falsely accused of rape or abuse are immediately presumed guilty by society. They are publicly vilified while their accuser’s identity is protected. When allegations are proven false, it’s far too late: the damage has already been done. For the accuser there is rarely any downside risk.”

Frequently the false allegations go unpunished or under punished, with many of those who commit them being referred to counseling, community service or probation. [5][6][7][8].

The consequences for those accused are frequently severe; resulting in false imprisonment, damaged reputations, financial devastation, loss of employment and even suicide.[9][10][11] Dalton, Georgia police officer Paul Sparks killed himself after a rape allegation was leveled against him. The allegation proved to have no merit. Engineering student Olumide Fadayomi attempted suicide after being falsely accused of rape, and another student, falsely accused by the same woman in a separate incident, succeeded in taking his own life.

“This kind of public service is long overdue.” says Register-her.com spokesman Paul Elam, who added, “The devastation of these acts continues long after the false claims are disproven.”

Register-her.com was established to heighten awareness of this problem, and to help ensure community safety by creating a clearinghouse of information on known false accusers. It also provides a method for victims to put individuals who have falsely accused them on public display.

Register-her.com is a public service provided to heighten awareness of the false allegation problem and to publicly register individuals known to have made false criminal complaints. For more information please contact Candice Howe at 832-506-4578, or by email at Candice.howe@register-her.com


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  • http://jmnzz.wordpress.com jmnzz

    Hell…it’s about time.

    Shit’s about to pop off.

  • Muk

    Things are going to get interesting

  • Cumbria

    Exciting news! I’ll help spread the word (and the link). Congrats!!!

  • Merlin

    Great news! And here’s to FTSU…

    Congratulations on this marvellous project one and all.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Action of the activists. – Love it.

  • Zorro

    Notice how it’s described in non-gender terms, and yet it seems to only apply to women:


    According to Angry Harry, the UK is thinking about abolishing all women’s prisons.

    WTF?! Princess Cunt is getting awfully special.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      In that article it says:
      “The state of California should save about $6 million a year under the program, the CDCR estimated.”

      Yeah… um, so that means that none of the females released will ever commit crimes again, right ?

      That’s right, no future repeat offenders jamming the courts, tying up police time or for that matter doing any crimes where the state has to come in as a coffer.

      I tell you, this is really farsighted stuff.

      • JinnBottle

        Dr F – I’d heard rumors, but you mean to say they’re TRUE!?! Anyone know how close Califemmia is to actually legislating this madness?? This is the same state that says if a woman says “I’ve changed my mind” at the moment of orgasm, the man is supposed to perform a back-suction operation that BP Oil would like the patent to.

        …And if he fails to perform this miracle he faces up to 35 years imprisonment, am I right?

      • Stu

        Yeah, and since far more money would be saved by closing all mens prisons then it would by closing women’s prisons, i suggest we close all mens prisons…….since we are using the saving money justification for letting criminals off and not even having a jail system anymore to lock them back up in when they reoffend……why not close the system that costs the most……mens prisons.

        • Raven01

          Yeah, I just don’t get it. I understand shortening or commuting non-violent criminals sentences to save money. Enforced community service is a viable alternative.
          But, basing it on gender? Don’t you have laws against exactly that sort of thing in the US?
          Man, I won’t even donate to UN charities, them I expect to be misandrist, only helping women and letting men die. But, I thought the US had laws that if applied correctly would prevent that kind of discrimination.

  • Eoghan

    Up on my blog.

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    The haters are going to show and I for one can’t wait.



  • Boxer

    This is actually good news from a long term perspective. Turning a huge number of the worst female criminals loose upon the streets of California will go much farther toward damaging the collective perception of women as a whole than anything this or any other web site will ever be able to do.

    Think about this process from a historical perspective: While sites like register-her.com are invaluable, they largely preach to the choir. When Jane Doe rips off the family down the street or murders another toddler at the elementary school, it’ll be one more example of how shitty women are, and simultaneously a new example of how women are coddled at the expense of society.

    We ought to also look at it from a Leninist perspective. The government of the USA officially hates men as its national policy, with the support of both the official parties. More criminals (female or male) on the streets will hasten the eventual downfall of the USA and of the State of California. As Lenin said: worse is better. :)

  • Stu

    I suppose the complaints and threats will start to arrive soon. The thing is, they will draw more attention to themselves and to register-her with each lawsuit.

  • andybob

    The reach of Register-her.com will be like tentacles slithering around the necks of false accusers and other unsavoury womenfolk. Modern-day public stocks to name, shame and vilify these evil women who have long escaped justice by hiding within the enabling cloak of feminism. It’s spotlight time. Sincere respect and appreciation to all who have devoted time and creativity to this sterling enterprise.

  • J3DIforce1

    wOOT!!! let the registers begin : )

  • tm

    Great resource!

    Re: Crystal Mangum. I found references about her on the website, but I couldn’t find her name on the list of offenders.

  • BobbyL

    //Just googled Jessica Valenti and her register-her page is now on the second page of results. Maybe we should email her our congratulations. (Makes an evil grin).

    • dejour

      I have it as 3rd on the first page.

      1) jessicavalenti.com
      2) her wikipedia
      3) register-her.com

      • BobbyL

        It seems that google “personalizes” the results so you may get different ones from me.

    • Adi

      You’re right. It’s currently on 11th place.
      That is very good for such a new page. Chances are high that, as more link to it, and as the page grows and ages, it will feature among the top 3 results.

      • BobbyL

        Yup. (Breaks out in another evil grin).

  • Mr. XY

    Great news! Great work!

  • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

    Major thanks to all contributors.

    If this succeeds in wiping the smug expression of aristocracy off of just one female supremacist face, I will be pleased.

    A great service here, Dr. Paul, JTO and all…

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Razlo5000?feature=mhum Raz

    Is crystal Mangum not on it?

  • tm

    I couldn’t find Crystal Mangum on register-her.com for some reason. Obviously she now could be listed under more than one category 😀

  • keyster

    Man ‘o man that looks good!
    The first of many more I hope.

  • tm

    Do stalkers qualify for register-her? Just found this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14913053 😀

  • Mark

    NEW YORK (AP) — A TV meteorologist admitted Wednesday she’d made up claims of being repeatedly attacked by a stranger on the city streets, allegations that sparked an extensive investigation before police said she told them she’d invented the story to get attention.

    Heidi Jones, who has worked for stations in New York and Texas and filled in on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false-reporting charges.

    Her plea deal calls for three years’ probation, continuing psychiatric counseling and 350 hours of community service — the amount of time police spent looking into her phony claims, prosecutors said. Jones is due to be sentenced Oct. 26.

    Jones wanted to take responsibility for the episode and express “her deepest regret and her apologies for any inconvenience that was caused,” said her lawyer, Paul F. Callan. Jones declined to comment outside court, where her remarks were limited to yes-and-no answers to a judge’s questions.

    “Hopefully, this resolution today will make it possible for her to move on with her life and to make amends,” Callan added.

    Suspended after her December arrest, she no longer has her job at New York’s local ABC station. Callan declined to comment on the circumstances of her departure.

    Jones, 38, told police Dec. 1 the same man attacked her while she was running in Central Park last September and again outside her Manhattan apartment in November, authorities said.

    After she provided a detailed description — including the alleged attacker’s race, height and clothing — detectives spoke to possible witnesses and canvassed the area to look for a suspect.

    Ultimately, when a detective interviewed Jones again around midnight on Dec. 13, she admitted she’d concocted the assaults, according to a court document prosecutors filed in January.

    “I made it up for attention. I have so much stress at work, with my personal life and with my family,” she said, according to the document.


  • orry

    Is there any such software that can scour the internet daily by using keywords and certain phrases to catch these offenders when they appear? Whenever an article is posted anywhere in the English speaking world about these women we need to know. We shouldn’t let any of these vermin slip through our fingers.

    Additionally, how can we keep these profiles updated when these women get married and their names change? Or they change their names themselves?

    Paul, are you separately keeping HTML screenshots of the articles as a backup to dead links? News sites won’t keep these articles forever. A backup is needed to follow these women for the rest of their lives. FTSU real good!

  • http://www.cyclotronmajesty.net CyclotronMajesty

    Good work. Stay Brave.

  • Teerex

    Enjoy your last few moments of uncontested, corrupt, feminist dogma ladies. I think the human race in the western world is about to get a long overdue case of balance.

  • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

    The false accusation rate for rape is 60%,according to a U.S. Air Force study which is mentioned in Warren Farrell’s The Myth Of Male Power”.

  • John Narayan

    Is the website still up?

    • YeahNope

      It’s still there, but essentially defunct as far as I can tell, likely due to legal issues.

  • Maskulinist Blog

    Here an article on female sex offenders: http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/39783/8/