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Possible new honeybadger?

Women who speak common sense. Is it just us, or are there more and more of them all the time?

Image by Spencer Holtaway

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  • Bombay

    As creative women go where no rapist has gone before, the definition of rape 5-10 years from now will be anything a man/boy does that the woman does not like. Then the feminist Utopia can be realized.

    • destroy_all_monsters

      By then 80-90 percent of men will be in prison and they’ll be slut-shaming each other and playing all kinds of games to get the very few that are left at the highest income levels.

    • Alex Cockell

      And what about male victims of female-perpetrated rape like me? Will we be safe?

      • Bombay

        No. Women cannot rape per feminist defintion – this is part of the “As creative women go where no rapist has gone before”.

  • earth one

    That was awesome!

  • Shrek6

    I think I like this woman. As for the sicko who wants the destruction of a male who changed positions, is in my opinion not only a rapist herself, she is also a criminal of a high degree and should be in prison for at least 5 years, if she dares to have this guy charged.

    This rape crap is really being ramped up around the world now. They are screaming through the media every time a female is raped. They trawl the news items in every country, trying to find horrific stories of the rape of women or girls, so that they can make up this false belief that there is an epidemic of vicious rape, which there probably isn’t even an increase.

    A female judge in the US recently (sorry don’t have a link) gave an alleged rape perp 5 years of probation for the alleged rape of a girl. The judge then dressed the girl down, because of her bad behaviour in sleeping around. This of course has set the seething bitch brigade on fire. Oh, can’t forget the comments for the Purple Poodles too.

    There is definitely a huge increase in false rape allegations. This is why to most men today, when they hear of a female being raped, they shrug their shoulders and shake their heads, agree that it is bad, don’t get too animated about it and don’t seemed that shocked. But then again, they aren’t convinced that the alleged victim isn’t lying, or whether she may indeed be the perpetrator of a horrendous crime against an innocent victim either.

    This happens so much now, that once upon a time men considered the rape of a woman something close to the murder of a woman. Not so much today. Yes, those of us who have not been desensitised by the crime against women bullshit we are constantly fed by the media, still see these crimes as horrific, but rape has lost most of its effect on the community now, because the majority of alleged victims, have stolen the truth from the real and true victims of rape.

    Men are also raped by women on a very regular basis. We don’t need stats to tell us that, because in a man’s world, we all hear what happens to other men AND boys, even if those hearing the stories take the piss and don’t consider it rape. They are ignorant fools, who are among those who have caused this evil to continue on. The stories have been there forever and we have all heard them!

    The rape of a woman is nowhere near as bad as many other crimes, yet feminists have convinced the world of women, and some men, that rape is worse than death. Rape will never be recovered from and when it occurs, the whole world should stop doing what it’s doing, hunt down the perp and destroy “HIM!”

    I’m sure a woman/girl could get over a rape much better, if she was given all the right kind of support, help, love and understanding, AND time!
    Being fed all this disgusting vomit from feminists, is only going to keep her a victim, plus have all the other women running around thinking they are going to be raped by a man at any moment.
    Oh they wish!
    Well over 98% men (my guesstimate) aren’t even interested in you, you stupid women. There is little to no chance of you ever being raped, so grow up and stop acting like a jerk every time a man smiles at you and says Hi.

  • politicalcynic

    This was great to see. Thanks for sharing!

  • Heisenberg

    Like a ton of bricks … of logic. Well done!

  • destroy_all_monsters

    “Spontaneity is a part of the patriarchy”

    Awesome. :)

    Yet another well-spoken thoroughly cogent criticism from our friends in the great white north. I really hope she continues doing these kinds of videos.

  • Dawn Blast


  • Incubus

    I don’t think she’s Honey Badger material. It’s good that she can acknowledge how ridiculous it is to call that rape, but anyone with common sense can do that. What sets the Honey Badgers apart is that they’ve gone far beyond any other woman in our society in understanding the opposite sex’s point of view. They even make me, as a man, rethink some of the prejudices against me that I’ve just taken for granted all my life.

    Also, notice how she says that when a person is accused of rape, people will look at him or her differently for the rest of their life. A true Honey Badger would know that women who are accused of rape get off virtually scot free. It’s good to try to be gender neutral in a lot of cases, but not when discussing something that honestly affects one sex in a completely different way than the other. That’s not a mistake the Honey Badgers would make.

    • Mark

      She is only 22. I’d cut her some slack there. It’s a long journey unravelling everything your taught. She’s got the right frame of mind and attitude to make that journey.

      Actually isn’t “I thought this was just common sense” what Katie Roiphe said when she received such hate for “The Morning After”? Common sense is a good start.

    • dkmeller

      She’s still young! She hasn’t won her honey badger “teeth” yet, but a year or so listening to, and perhaps corresponding with Karen Straughan or Alison Tieman , and watching Janet Bloomfield “Judgybitch” videos will sharpen her up.
      Let’s see more videos and posts from her, and in a year or two, take it from there!
      The more honey badgers, the better!

  • Orange Man

    If she’s down with Repzion she probably has a little ways to go, but that video was golden. Props, Alice.

  • Neil Westlake

    I like this woman. She is a natural.

  • Bewildered

    Yep! she’s a class act and would fit in comfortably in that elite group.
    Nevertheless the femtards will harp on the fact that she has never been raped/sexually molested/.. which means she’s ‘privileged’ and hence is in no position to comment !

    • Stu

      According to feminist version of rape, every woman has been raped. Unless the only sex you have ever had went like……”now that I have sucked your right tit, may I suck the left” And now that you have cum from the oral, may I mount you in the missionary position…..please. Now that I have performed my first thrust…..may I perform another. And of course afterwards……after seeming permission for a cuddle…..he has to ask before playing with your hair.

      If that ain’t how it’s gone…….you a victim baby.

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        Dave Chappelle did a skit on the “Sex Contract” which was hilarious. I actually recall there was a SciFi movie from decades ago where they made a reference to entering into a contract before you have sex.

    • Mark

      That’s the problem with feminists. They don’t like having to change their position.

      • Bewildered

        Ah! that means you have never experienced the pleasure of ” variable enthusiastic consent ”
        Once upon a time not very long ago only children had the luxury of prevarication.
        But nowadays in keeping with the ‘progressive’ nature of the culture in full bloom it has become a woman’s enshrined privilege.
        A fart has become predictable than her consent.
        With the accusation of rape always round the corner “To Fuck or not to Fuck” has become the most important question of our times.
        It is surprising that no one realized that it was but a short step from ” Girls gone Wild” to “Girls gone MAD “.
        Our ancestors were far superior at fathoming female psychology than modern psychologists.
        Above everything else women were being protected against themselves !

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Well it was inevitable that we were bound to run across a woman who hasn’t been raped at some point.

      • Bewildered

        It’s time for a poster campaign as an antidote to the hysteria that has been spread by the femtards.

  • Mark

    Wow! She is good! Actually bought a tear to my eye, because it’s just so refreshing to hear rational people speak their minds. I really don’t understand why anyone who understand the true horror of real rape would condone feminist goalpost moving on the definition. Having a number of friends who were victims of actual rape, and at least one friend who was a victim of false accusation I find the politically correct silence over this disturbing trend a cause for concern. I can only think that the siege mentality of the feminists makes them unable to call each other out on each other’s bullshit. Along with the belief that to question an accuser’s victimhood is considered insensitive, whereas not questioning the accused’s guilty status is a necessary course to ensure justice is done! This is pretty much what Katie Roiphe was making a warning about in “The Morning After”.

    When Naomi Wolf was angering other feminists for trying to exonerate Assange she reported that the Assange case was certainly being treated differently to other Swedish rape cases: “According to rape-crisis advocates in Sweden, one-third of Swedish women have been sexually assaulted by the time they leave their teens.”


    One-third? That seemed a bit absurdly high. I mean that’s higher than the Mary Koss statistic of one-in-four which we know to be false (or certainly seventy-odd percent of that one-in-four believed it to be false!). And then further in the same article she elaborates “cases accompanied by a significant amount of evidence were seldom prosecuted.”, a volunteer from Terrafem, a Swedish rape advocacy group explained that this “was because most rapes in Uppsala, Stockholm, and other cities occur when young women meet young men online and go to an apartment, where… what began as consensual sex turns nonconsensual.”

    Most?! Most?! Seriously? Did she just say, most? I tried to rattle my brain to imagine a scenario in which this was even a likely scenario, let alone the “most” prevalent. I guess if the guy wanted to try something else (like anal maybe) and the girl wasn’t in to it, but he insisted anyway, then that might turn into a rape situation, or maybe if she wanted to leave and he wouldn’t let her because he hadn’t had his fill, but I struggled to see how this could comprise MOST cases. It hardly seems to be in anyone’s interests to try to rape someone you’ve just had consensual sex with. If rape is, as I understand it, a violent crime motivated by the desire to do harm, then it hardly seems to be something likely to be perpetrated by someone whose head is still swimming with post-coital oxytocin.

    The volunteer went on to say: “this is exactly the scenario that Swedish police typically refuse to prosecute. Just as everywhere else, Sweden’s male-dominated police, she explained, do not tend to see these victims as “innocent,” and thus do not bother building a case for arrest.”

    Huh, well maybe in some of those cases they, despite being “male-dominated” might have a point. But hold on, why isn’t Naomi querying this frankly odd statistic? I guess because only in Assange’s case can she see “The Patriarchy’s” vested interest in a false accusation. No woman would ever think of doing anything of such a kind on her own initiative. In fact I can’t see many people, of either gender, doing such a thing on their OWN initiative without ideological incitement, but maybe I have an overly optimistic opinion of human nature.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Within a decade it will be 4 in 1 women will have been raped. Because each distinct personality will be counted as well.

  • LaVar Patridge

    Excellent! But it still highly annoys me that this sentiment isnt just common sense.

    • Bewildered

      In which case this wouldn’t be so remarkable !

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Really? You expect the words common sense and feminist to appear in the same sentence?

  • James Williams

    I like her.

  • James Williams

    It’s at the stage when dating, that a man has to ask the question before it gets initmate: “Are you a feminist?” If the answer is yes, then he should run a mile and call it a close shave with ruination.

    • TheBibo Sez

      “feminist” and “shave” in the same comment. I see what you did there.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I actually don’t outright ask. Feminists, even stealth feminists are pretty easy to flush out. You just make sure your first date is a coffee date so she hasn’t already sunk her claws into your wallet.

      Feminism…Selective equality.

      • James Williams

        Check out this amusing little clip

        Feminist Dream Date 4m 44s

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    She actually says that she watches a lot of the AmazingAtheist who has been critical of Misandry in various videos and has mocked misandric feminists in many of his videos because they (For no reason at all) hate him, note that he says that he has a lot of feminist friends and calls M.(H.)R.A.’s ”just as delusional” but Feminists take a special case against him because he dares to criticize them, and he explained in multiple of his videos that he thinks that the patriarchy once existed, I disagree with him on MANY topics, but I appreciate and respect his world-views, and I’m a subscriber, but the enemy of our enemy doesn’t make them our friends, as long as no-one knows what we in the M.(H.)R.M. & ”Manosphere” do people will probably never respect us, we should make our message clearer, I don’t see her as a honey badger, I see her as a rational person, someone who doesn’t accept misandric bullshit.

    There are many people who see misandry everywhere and rarely speak up against it, these people (people like the woman in the video) are people we need to recruit, we should show them that they are in fact not the only ones who see it, I often see people say ”¿why don’t men organize against misandry?” and ”¿why isn’t there a meninism or masculism’?” these people literally don’t know that we exist.

  • Flo

    She gets my vote

  • Kelsey da Silva

    This…is AWESOME. Her response…just….just….GAH. You’re my hero, Alice! Honeybadgers unite!

  • Magnus

    haha that comment about cleavage.
    Seriously if you wear clothing that “show off your body”, people will stare. Same with a guy that wears a tank top to show his “guns” or a guy at the beach in a speedo.
    You wear clothing not only to stay warm and be comfortable, hell half the time women would rather freeze than wear something warmer than a miniskirt, you wear clothing to send a message.
    All clothing does this.
    I tend to wear t-shirts with funny prints on them, people will stop and ask to read it, then they laugh, and we go on with our day. Other times I will get comments that are not so nice. But I still wear my shirts, because it sends a message about what I like, and that I’m rather laid back.

    But I have to take the bad comments with the good comments, and accept that in some situations I need to wear a collared shirt, because THAT message is needed.

  • Imdefender Mra

    becouse Of “spontaneity part of the patriarchy” I now have to clean my keyboard …
    god that was funny

  • Paul

    2014 is turning out to be a fantastic year for the men’s movement.