What one false accusation can do to a man

By now I’m sure just about everyone within the MRM know about Dominique Struass-Kahn. Most probably know him because of the rape accusation set against him by a French maid who claims, Kahn forced her to perform oral sex. I’ll admit I hadn’t been following this case so I don’t know everything that has happened. From the little that I did read I got the impression that Mr. Kahn isn’t all that liked by anyone. None of this matters to me, however, because I care little about politics.

What I do care about is fairness. That said, even though Kahn’s innocence is already being spread across the web I wish to point out something that I find sickening. Something I find more sickening than the crime Mr. Kahn was accused of committing.

This man’s reputation was dragged through the mud by the media. This man was arrested and purposely forced to walk in front of a line of reporters. The crimes he has been charged with were spread through all media outlets as fact before his first day in court has even arrived. This man was forced to resign from his job as the head of the International Monetary Fund. This man’s chances for being a solid contender for the French presidency have been severely dampened. All of this and more has befallen this man. Why?

One accusation.

One accusation from a woman has destroyed this man’s career. One accusation from a woman has made this man a criminal in the public eye. One accusation from a woman put an electronic tracking bracelet around this man’s ankle. One accusation from a woman placed this man under armed guard where he slept. One accusation from a woman has drained millions of dollars from this man’s finances. One accusation from a woman has brought all of this turmoil down on this man and the worst part of it is the most sickening.

This accusation was never proven.

There has been no trial but according to the media and of course feminists, this man was guilty. Another sickening fact is while Dominique Struass-Kahn’s name has been spread across every news media outlet, most of the same media groups will only refer to his accuser, Nafissatou Diallo, as “the woman”.

What world do we live in where disgusting discrimination like this is not only normal but encouraged? How is it that words can destroy a career even if those words turn out to be a lie? How is it that half of the human population has the power to usurp the other half from any professional position with words?

Some would argue that evidence accompanied those words but that shouldn’t matter. There has been no trial so the evidence is irrelevant until there is or isn’t a conviction. So why is it that I know the name of this man? Why is the media telling me he is a rapist? Why is his face now known to everyone within the developed world?


I will tell you why. It is because destroying a man when a woman accuses him of violating her is a normal practice within all western cultures. Not just a normal practice, a championed practice. And if that woman happens to be lying it is considered our duty to ensure that no one knows who she is. Furthermore, we as a society are obligated to ensure no punishment befalls this woman, regardless of the damage she has done with her lies.

That is the world we live in and it fucking disgusts me.

I did not presume this man’s innocence or guilt before news of his innocence broke. But the fact remains that I didn’t even know this man’s name before this accusation was made and I still shouldn’t know it now. The same anonymity given to this man’s accuser should have been given to him.

The reason equality such as this will most likely never happen is because there are people set against the idea of equality that work rigorously to maintain the status quo. Those people are feminists. When the accuser, Nafissatou Diallo, had her name released the feminists within France gathered a group of three thousand protesters to show their disdain for what they saw as misogynistic.

Misogynistic? Really?

Feminist, Elena Rossini made it quite clear that she was outraged by how many people in France were disgusted by how Kahn was put on display in front of reporters while in handcuffs. Rossini was outraged at the mere idea that putting a man in front of the media while in handcuffs can make him appear guilty. The thing that sent Rossini over the edge, however, was the fact that real equality was allowed to take place and Nafissatou Diallo’s name was released.

Take note that it wasn’t the fact that some radio commentators weighed in with their opinions on Diallo’s attractiveness that outraged these feminists into the streets. No. It was the fact that a woman received the same treatment as a man, minus the handcuffs that made their blood boil.

French feminists marched through the streets carrying signs that read:

Sexism: Men go wild while women suffer.

No means no.

Let’s take men out of their caves.

We’re sick and tired of barbarians.

Do these colorful phrases remind anyone here in America of anything?

Now it’s obvious that these feminists have already made up their minds on the case, as usual. But it just goes to show that equality has never been the goal of feminism. These signs aren’t just bigoted; they assigned guilt where guilt had not been proven.

Light is starting to shine on the discrimination against men within western cultures and feminists know it. This is why they are now shifting the format of their message to include male issues. The ruse isn’t going to work with me. Feministing has recently put out two articles concerning male issues. One criticized the double standard in our culture, which encourages the creation of women only spaces, organizations, and social groups while shunning anything male. The other involved male circumcision. These two articles, two, have got some anti-feminists thinking that maybe some feminists are trying to change their anti-male thinking. There is also a new website, which feminists claim is a masculinist website, created by feminists who frequent and support the website manboobz.

Give me a fucking break.

Feminists do not care about the rights of men. They do not view male issues as important and will never hold them in the same regard as they do female issues. Many of them still believe that men don’t have any issues.

I have read several articles from the new website created by Ozymandias and I can tell you now it is not a website that advocates for men’s rights. It is a website created for the purpose of being a scapegoat feminists can point to when accused of not speaking of or caring about male issues. It is another “good men” project littered with “conscious” men who wish to push feminist propaganda under the guise of men’s rights. I exposed the misandry within two of their articles here and here.

As for feministing? As I read the first article that got many anti-feminists to think feminists are changing I began to smile at first. It seemed like the author was genuinely taking it to the feminist bigots who don’t view male issues as important.

Then I read the second half.

The second half of the article basically blames the problems of everyone, and I do mean everyone, and everything on masculinity. The other article about circumcision appears genuine; however, it is one feminist article surrounded by many others that don’t even recognize male circumcision as genital mutilation.

Out of all this change that is taking place within feminism we find one article that appears to be genuine about one male issue. I am not one to shun people when they are genuinely trying to change for the better but I have seen feminists employ this ruse before from feministing and many other sites. But a ploy is all it is. I believe they are only doing this now because a shift in our culture is starting to take place and they want to cover their asses before they collide with the shit storm headed their way.

About two years ago I created a video and joined other anti-feminists on youtube, putting out the message that men are suffering in western cultures and that feminism is a large part of the reason why. It was my very first video and in it I predicted exactly what is happening now.

1. Men tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
2. Feminists ask for proof.
3. Men provide proof.
4. Feminists change the subject.
5. Feminists ignore the facts.
6. Feminists laugh at the idea of male plight.
7. Unbiased men and women see this and research the facts.
8. Men AND women tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
9. Feminists realize their hypocrisy is being revealed.
10. Feminists offer to cooperate with Mens Rights Activists.

The Ozymandias website was created because of a reactionary article written by a feminist who could no longer deny the hypocrisy within her movement. However, instead of actually addressing the damage feminism has done, she and her contributors instead choose to blame everything else. They blame patriarchy (read: men), rape culture (read: men), toxic masculinity (read: men), and many other things that have nothing to do with why men face discrimination.

I won’t tell everyone within the anti-feminist movement what to do or how they should go about opposing feminism. I’m practically a nobody within this movement and my word hardly carries any weight in terms of giving directorial advice. Besides that I don’t like being told what to do so I won’t practice what I don’t like. What I will say is something I left out of my video, which is something I thought would be obvious to any anti-feminist. The offer of cooperation from any feminist will never be genuine for one simple reason. If one wishes to end male discrimination, one must challenge everything that has caused male discrimination. Feminism is not the sole enforcer of misandry but it is the primary cause for much of the legal and cultural anti-male discrimination within western societies, therefore challenging this discrimination means challenging feminism.

This is something feminists will never do.

Feminists can criticize their exclusion of men all day but that is the only thing they will criticize. You will never see feminists call for an end to the Violence Against Women Act and advocate for the creation of a Violence Against People Act. It will never happen because feminists who do this will no longer be feminists.

Ask Christina Sommers and Warren Farrell.

So for anyone considering the idea of standing alongside a feminist on the steps of a family court, protesting the anti-male bigotry within the legal system, just remember that the feminist next to you will most likely be in support of that system. And if your frustration has reached its breaking point to where you feel that life is no longer worth it, the same feminist standing next to you will accuse you of wanting to hurt your loved ones if you decide to end your pain.

Feminists do not want to stand with men they want to stand against men and women who do not share their worldview. Men are the “barbaric” enemy who need to be “taken out of their caves” according to feminists. According to feminists, men deserve to have their faces plastered over every media outlet and branded as rapists when a woman accuses them of the crime.

There is no equal treatment for men within the legal system in regards to any crime. Men are more harshly punished for every crime. One accusation from a woman can destroy a man’s life and feminists wish to keep it this way.

Bigots such as these are no allies of mine.

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Jared is a writer, activist, videographer and a lover of music. He is a regular contributor to A Voice for Men and a devout antifeminist. He is the webmaster at File 13 and his music site,

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  • Phil

    On Day 1 of this whole mess, the moment I heard about it, I yelled “False Accusation!”

    Vindication feels SO good, man.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      I had said exactly the same “False Rape!”

      So who is this French Maid, Nafissatou Diallo? A woman who capitalized on the powerful weapon bestowed exclusively for the use of and benefit of women and used at will against men. Your asking what weapon I am referring to? The weapon is the mouth of any woman who fires the word RAPE there from causing more damage than lead fired from a gun!
      [img] Diallo.jpg[/img]

  • MasculistMan

    Excellent article,bro. Feminists speak with fork toungues.

  • http://Facebook CM

    Excellent article, really puts this miscarriage of justice into perspective…

  • Beau Deters

    Excellent post. I love the 10 step program.

    I just wanted to add DSK does not seem to be playing the part of the victim here. For this, taking the fraudulent allegation in stride,

    I predict he will be elected the next president of France. He will survive, overcome, & thrive as a successful French Politician.


  • Bizzman662


    Just a shout out to Andrea Dworkin…….may she rot in Hell.

    And to think…..while we were watching football and drinking beer…..this fatty raised a rape revolution that haunts us to this day.

    Proof positive that man haters are fat and hairy but man are they effective.

    • Stu

      Even if there was a rape culture……she would never have any experience of it

      • Stu

        You would need a 14 incher just to reach past the massive depth of fat….and get your knob wet

        • Promoman

          She looks like she uses sheep for tampons and highway columns for dildoes.

        • MasculistMan

          You would need a 14 incher just to reach past the massive depth of fat….and get your knob wet

          There was nothing about Andrea Dworkin that would have caused an erection.

        • smoke

          In the words of the late geroge carlin “I wouldn’t touch her with a fake dick”.

        • scatmaster

          Bizz: I was about to eat breakfast.
          Oh well I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway.

        • Attila L. Vinczer

          You would also need to strap on a 2X4 to ensure you don’t fall in!

    • jmnzz


    • keyster

      There was nothing hateful or angry about Andrea Dworkin in her presentation or presence. On the contrary she was a very soft spoken, articulate and stoic speaker.

      That’s why so many people listened to every word she said.
      Get it?

      • Promoman

        That proves the power of the forked tongue. Adolf Hitler was a master orator and once said “The greater the lie, the greater the chance it will be believed.” Ol’ Andrea is one of many who have since proven him right, unfortunately.

    • http://Avoiceformen MRMrising

      Ahh… My eyes my eyes!!!

    • Feminist Hypocrisy Tracker


      Oh Why?

      *Drops to ground blinded*
      *Cries uncontrollably*

  • Anti Idiocy

    One good thing (twisted but good) is that these false accusations are being made more often against powerful men. If the man has enjoyed his prestige and power without opposing feminism, particularly if he has supported feminism feeling that it was in his personal interest, I figure FUCK HIM. The false accusers will be held accountable only as these accusations more often hurt the powerful.

    I just got a news alert from the New York Times, the article states that
    “When the conversation (between Diallo and her imprisoned boyfriend) was translated — a job completed only this Wednesday — investigators were alarmed: ‘She says words to the effect of, “Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing,”‘ the official said.”

    The shit is starting to hit the big mother fucking fans.

    • Bombay

      This false rape culture needs to stop!!!

      • MasculistMan

        This incident is something America is going to regret. Men like Strauss-Khan don’t forget so easily.

    • Promoman

      Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere– MLK

      The intent of the maxim holds the same truth regarding any victim of a lie. Everybody here knows how bad it is for those who have no affluence. They get fucked more often & worse than than the upper crust of society. The rich & powerful have more of a chance of not being totally FUBAR than John or Jane Q. Public but it doesn’t make a goddamned lie any less bad. All in all it proves it’s criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame decreases as the guilt increases.

      • BeijaFlor

        Good choice with the Friedrich Schiller quote.

    • Bev

      But still they try to.

      The filthy froggy is still a wart hog
      Andrea Peyser

      So Dominique Strauss-Kahn is probably not a maid-mangling
      sex fiend. Don’t pop the French bubbly just yet.

      The lowlife frog was revealed yesterday as something
      twisted. This is a man who enjoyed a glamorous doormat
      wife, a stellar career, and was fawned over by France’s
      legion of lefties.

      And DSK repaid the admiration by checking into New York’s
      posh Sofitel, and promptly bedding a much-younger immigrant maid.

      Rather, the acts in which he engaged took place standing up,
      and fully clothed.

      As soon as he was done getting oral sex, Strauss-Kahn
      checked out of the hotel as fast as a scared bunny.
      Then he had lunch with his 26-year-old daughter,
      as if nothing special had happened.

      Read more:

      • BeijaFlor

        Go back to the Women Only websites, Bev.

      • Benjamin

        “Then he had lunch with his daughter, as if nothing special had happened”?!?

        Nothing HAD happened.

        I would have lunch with my daughter, a couple hours after getting a blowjob. What the hell is wrong with that? You crazy bitch.

        He “promptly bedded a much younger immigrant maid”? Good. That’s part of what is called “good”. I have promptly bedded several young immigrants. And, I can heartily recommend the experience.

        Crazy bi-atch thinks that a man who has a successful career should “repay the admiration”? You seem to be one messed up broad.

        A “doormat wife”. Yes, that’s the definition of “wife”. She’s his, and she stands behind him. His wife was right, when she said “He is a politician; it is important that he seduce”. Powerful, wealthy men seduce young women. (That’s exactly what young women like.)

        Oh, by the way, she wasn’t a maid; she was a housekeeper. “Maids” are virgins… that’s what the word means. That woman was apparently a prostitute. That’s no maid.

        • Benjamin

          Maybe I oughtn’t have called you a “crazy bitch”. Sorry if I was angry and bubbled over, a little bit.

          Just quit it, with your twisted, manipulative language.

  • Anti Idiocy

    I’ve just gotta repeat Diallo’s statement, “Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing.”

  • Stu

    I wouldn’t allow any women that has ever supported the feminist movement to change sides. When the tide turns…..and it will eventually…’s open season on them as far as I am concerned.

    • Stu

      I suppose I better clarify that before some mangina twists it into something it’s not. Not open season on women… season on career feminists….those that have promoted hate and bigited laws against men…those that have supported that sort of thing. You…….can not change sides… best just go find yourselves a hole……make it deep….and keep your mouths shut and heads low. Do that….and you’ll be fine….it won’t be too much longer in the future though….before you will have to pay for any further misandrist crap.

      • Bev

        those that have supported that sort of thing

        Those women who take the gains and bury their heads in the sand and say I’m a feminist but…………… It really is a case of with us or agin us at this stage. Something I like to remind them of when I comment else where.

  • Nergal

    Fantastic article. Truly a cut above.

    “Bigots such as these are no allies of mine.”

    Nor of mine. Feminists had their chance 25 years ago when the MRM was first emerging from the womb. They ignored men’s suffering.

    We gave them another shot 15 years ago. They ignored men’s suffering.

    We begged them to stop hurting innocent men 10 years ago. They ignored us, and laughed at men’s pain.

    Around 6 or 7 years ago, we stopped sticking our hand out to them. They’ve bitten it every time.

    They aren’t ever going to give a shit about men who are suffering,because of THEM and THEIR bills,policies, attention-whoring and lying.

    If they pretend to cooperate, it will only be to save their own hides from impending eradication.

    Too late,feminists. Your entire movement is going down in flames.

    I hope I live to see you all scurry back under the rocks you came from. It’s been a long time coming.

    From now on, people will pay attention to men who are suffering because of what you have done. And after 50 years of walking on eggshells, caving to your nonsensical petty demands, and Machiavellian measures designed with the intent of punishing average,ordinary,innocent men for being male,the people will breathe a sigh of relief when you are publicly condemned for the pain you have caused.

    This is our revolution.

    We have nothing to lose, you have stolen our property,our assets,our very futures.

    If I were in your position,feminists, I would get on my hands and knees,surrender, make an earnest and heartfelt apology,and pray that my victims had more compassion and human decency than I did.

    You’re about to get a lesson in economics. You had your little dance at our expense for 50 years,and now you’re gonna pay the piper.

    • MasculistMan

      Excellent,Nergal. I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up.

      • jmnzz

        I gave him one for you :).

  • Anti Idiocy

    BTW, I’m not sure this has destroyed DSK’s life. Seems to me he may now be the frontrunner to be elected president of France next year. And, if he is, maybe, just maybe he’ll support severe punishment for false accusers. (I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.)

    • BeijaFlor

      “Severe punishment for false accusers” WOULD be a good start.

      • MasculistMan

        We all know the anglosphere doesn’t have the courage to that.

  • keyster

    Imagine how difficult it must be to be told your equal and then discovering your really not. They’re stronger, faster and many of them seem to be smarter too. Sure they can’t can’t get pregnant, gestate a child and give birth, but it seems they’ve accomplished an awful lot otherwise compared to you. Patriarchy is very subtle in it’s oppression I suppose.

    I often say the reason drug addicts don’t think they have a drug problem is because they’re too high on drugs to realize it.

    By the same token, the reason why many women can’t see they’re inferior, is because they are. They mistake their delusions of superiority for intelligence.

    Being told your just as good and thinking your just as good, does not necessarily mean you actually are, literally, just as good. There’s a big difference between the perception you’re told to have of yourself/the subsequent learned perception you have of yourself and who you really are, what you’re capable of, what you can accomplish.

    This false sense of self-worth is what feminism has driven onto women’s heads. It’s what the nuevo feminists want men to adapt to and accept. Not that she’s literally equal, but that she thinks she is and you need to support her by pretending she is too.

    I was hoping it would have been a woman that invented Facebook (of ALL things!) or the iPad or something, ANYTHING of recent note to prove my blatant sexism untrue.

    Imagine if feminists all joined together, agreed to stop feministing and put all those degrees to work on some groundbreaking innovation that would change the world, rather than simply complaining they can’t, because supposedly men won’t let them.

    Man ‘o man, the day I see some fantastic technical or scientific contributions to humanity from women, is the day I’ll bow down to the holy vagina. But I’m not hopeful if it isn’t starting to happen by now. Because no sooner do they reach their stride, do they do what women have done since time; they have babies. And it’s then they discover they’ve never been more happy and content as human beings.

    This is why feminists HATE babies, motherhood, mothers and the men that inseminate them. It’s the single biggest diversion and threat to women becoming men. It’s the “mommy factor”. And it’s why abortion is STILL issue numero uno.

    • Stu

      Isn’t it funny how feminists put down any sort of masculine quality, or behavior, and call it oppressive and domineering, and a whole lot of other negative terms……except when that quality or behavior is found in a woman. Then she is held up as a goddess. Masculine qualities and behavior is what feminists actually worship……but only if it’s found in a woman……and only the negative stuff.

    • Patrice Stanton

      So often I think back to that article, “The World Without Men; The World Without Women” that considered how quickly everything would unravel in a ‘manless’ world vs. in the ‘womenless’ world where it would merely move from difficult, to very different, then to meeting the extreme bio-medical challenges needed to keep the human-species from dying out.

      IF ONLY…all the men of the USA, at least, would go on ‘strike’ for a week, say, like Ayn Rand’s put her ‘creatives’ on strike in “Atlas Shrugged” to give the ‘moochers’ a big fat reality check. Then the feminists and their lapdogs (for want of a better term) would see just how they in fact can’t ‘do it all’. If only…

      p.s. I, too, ‘knew’ from day 1 something was fishy…ALL because I had recently found falserapesociety.blogspot, then AVfM. Thanks to all you authors and commentors for leading me into the ‘red-pill world’.

  • Paul Elam

    Hell of a good piece. You rock, man.


    • jmnzz

      No article is complete without Paul’s bad ass seal of approval.

      • BeijaFlor

        And you have proved yourself, once again, a signed, sealed, and approved Bad Ass. A mark of greatness. Rock On!!!

  • Eff’d Off

    Great article Jmnzz.

    Incidentally, I have been trying to upload a drawing I did especially dedicated to you for your wonderful article on Sweden’s new kindergarten. I have had no luck for a few days now for some reason.

    I’ll try again.

    [img] – Copy-2.jpg[/img]

  • Eff’d Off

    …nope, no luck again. :(

    Can someone upload it for me please ?

    My email addy is I’ll send it to you for the honours.


  • Perseus

    I could imagine trusting reptilian aliens, but I can never imagine trusting, cavorting, or in any way colluding with a fucking fiber of anything even remotely resembling the image of a distant relative of ‘feminism'; ewe, even saying or typing that word gives me the fucking creeps. There are few things as sick, as perverse, as coldly calculated, persistently for so long as the crime against humanity that is ‘feminism’. Apartheid, segregation and concentration camps are the league of things to which feminism belongs. If you think concentration camps is strong language, I’ll refer you to American prisons as well as the stated objectives of the feminist icons.

    That’s right, lesbian demons and your flock, I’ll trust you like an African-American trusts a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, or a Jew a Nazi. You’ve shown yourself for who you are, now you can’t pull a Valenti (the new Munsen) and try to ‘scrub’ the facts from reality. No, you have been tidily, and in cold calculation, making your bed of molten hot nails for over a hundred years now, stretching back to when you were busy complaining about your ‘right to vote’ while delivering white feathers to shame men for not dying in YOUR PLACE to secure that ‘right’. In the eloquent words of Rihanna, ‘[we’re] gonna stand their and watch it burn, but that’s alright, we like the way it hurts…’

    • Perseus

      correction: ‘there’

  • James Cook

    I partially disagree with this:

    “Feminism is not the sole enforcer of misandry but it is the primary cause for much of the legal and cultural anti-male discrimination within western societies….”

    I would say, rather, that feminism is both a proximate cause and an agent, but I think the primary cause – meaning the cause behind feminism – is the cult of “progress”, mainly but not entirely in its neo-Marxist form of “Cultural Marxism”, cf the Frankfurt School.

    My unsolicited advice is for MRAs unfamiliar with these terms to educate themselves on “Cultural Marxism” whose origin was in the “Frankfurt School”, so that you can know your enemy.

    In brief: After the First World War proved that Marx was wrong about “class solidarity” – and furthermore by the 1930s the ONLY Communist nation in the world was the backwater of Russia – a group of European Marxists, the “Frankfurt School”, began to try to “save” Marxist bullshit-theory by replacing economic class conflict with cultural conflict. Instead of positing the working classes of all nations as the oppressed classes (one of Marx’s ideas with which I partly agree), they said, “The only way for a Worldwide revolution to occur will be to destroy Western Christian civilisation.”

    To that end, they began to posit all groups other than White Male Christians as the “revolutionary” classes. This ideology continues to be the main one of most Western academics today, as well as of most of the so-called “Left”. And it’s why most so-called “liberals” today don’t give a flying fuck about the working class. It’s also why, for example, the so-called Left regards homosexual “marriage” as “the main social justice issue of our time” while millions of Americans are becoming destitute and literally becoming homeless.

    Know your enemy!

    • James Cook

      Here’s a primer on Cultural Marxism, “The Origins of Political Correctness”

      • jmnzz

        Thumbs up.

        Interesting stuff. I don’t know that much about Marxism although I’ve heard it be compared to feminism many times.

        I’m a simple guy. I saw an evil tyrannical movement (feminism) bent on destroying my freedom and I started punching.

        • Merlin

          Thanks for the article Jmnzz!

          Very good read indeed my friend…I tend to agree with your position regarding feminists. I mean, because they see a storm ahead, they think they can start to pretend they care? What a crock of shit!

          Let’s face it, a feminist, with its bag of societal perks and privileges, is like a Rottweiler with a kennel full of marrowbone. You may get it to give up one of the bones for a little while, but when your backs turned; you know it’s going to take it back at some point.

          Feminism is a word that’s almost tactile to ‘us’ in the know, but at the end of the day it’s just a word. It doesn’t really do justice to the atrocious one sided organisation that they stand for, and the things they have got away with, unimpeded for many years.

          Their tide of corruption is starting to dwindle in their own cesspool of shame. A light from the righteous amongst us is shining right back in their faces, and revealing the parasites for what they really are.

          A feminist is the ‘ENEMY’ and that’s the word I would use to describe one. Certainly, in the way that my life has been affected by their ideologies, I have no time for forgiveness whatsoever. And, at every given opportunity, I will expose them for the scourge of this earth they really are.

          • Perseus

            I have been looking for a substitute word for ‘feminism’, I thing you have provided in ‘enemy’.

          • codebuster

            I beg to differ. I think “pig” is a better word. One syllable is all that feminists deserve, and porculent is an appropriate association. Though I do apologize to pigs of the bacon variety for comparing them to feminists.

          • Bev


        • James Cook

          When it comes to liberty, simplicity is strength.

          • James Cook

            By which I mean, evil is complicated by nature, while moral truth is in fact direct and uncomplicated. This is why Jesus said, “Say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no. All else is evil.”

          • James Cook

            Yeah, just mention Jesus and some asshole will give a thumbs down, just like Pontius Pilate did. It never ceases to amaze me how, even after 2,000 years, Jesus remains hated by those who, for whatever reason, are brainwashed by the cult of the State. Even when Jesus speaks simple common sense, some people hate the very mention of him.

      • MasculistMan

        Political correctness explains left wing feminism. What conservatives are tackling right wing feminsm aka Sarah Palin’s feminism?

        • James Cook

          Good point. There is a difference between “right wing” and “conservative”. The mainstream American right wing of Palin and the neocon/War-Party/Empire, are NOT CONSERVATIVE! They’re revolutionaries; the neocons are literally the heirs of American Trotskyite Marxists (largely but not entirely non-religious Jews) who just recently (a few decades ago) discovered that the Russians are and have always been antisemitic, and that was how and why so many (non-religious) Jewish-American Marxists “converted” from Trotskyite Marxism to neoconservatism.

          (Gloss, to any true-believing Jews among us, I of all people am a fierce defender of Judaism, as was my hero Pope John Paul the Great. But the KIND of nominal “Jews” who have been the main proponents of the neocon creed, are the kind who regard the New York Times as their sacred scripture.)

          There is NOTHING “conservative” about waging illegal, unconstitutional wars of choice, and there is NOTHING “conservative” about bankrupting the American Republic for the sake of a neocon/world-revolutionary Empire and domestic Police State.

          And that is why, as I’m still a US citizen (albeit an expat), I will cast my vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

      • BeijaFlor

        Excellent link. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    • ProleScum

      “And it’s why most so-called “liberals” today don’t give a flying fuck about the working class.”


    • keyster

      It’s important that stalwart MRAs understand the ideological origins of the sisterhood. Marx, commune – ism, collectivism and it’s stepping stone, socialism…or communism in sheeps clothing.

      Simone de Beauvoir is still revered for her marxist beliefs. I suppose if a real men’s studies course were to exist it would include “matriarchal history”. As a feminist her writings were purposefully mistranslated from french to english to fit the American feminist agenda. She was anit-feminist in many ways.

      • MasculistMan

        How was she anti-feminist? Do you have any anti-feminist quotes from her?

  • Edmond

    Well…..fuck him. He is just another scumbag politician.
    When / if he becomes President, all he will do is give women & the State, more power to destroy men & boys, like every other President / Prime Minister worldwide. The Feminist rabid bitch has bitten her master’s hand.
    What is the worst that can happen to him, will he go to jail, get thrown out of his house; douse himself with petrol, etc..??
    Nothing as bad, as if people like us were accused.
    If he was Joe Average, then my heart would go out to him.

    • James Cook

      Thumbs up, I agree with you 100 percent about politicians, and I agree with the Psalm that says “Put not your faith in princes.” However, I don’t regard Ron Paul as a “scumbag”, I think he’s a truly decent and honest man.

      But then again, “Put not your faith in Princes”, and furthermore I think the office of the American President has become the equivalent of the office of Roman Emperor, NOT FIT for a free republic!

      After Octavian/Augustus became the first Roman Emperor, the Roman “republic” kept the FORMS of a republic for around 600 more years (until around the time of Emperor Justinian who finally demolished even the formalities), while all real power was in the military and the “Commander in Chief”. And so…

      …well, TODAY’S American Congress is no better – and in many ways is more contemptible – than the Roman Senate under Caligula, who made a horse a Senator:

      • Edmond

        Hi James,

        These creatures, say the same thing. Obama is a prime example. Whenever one retires, they end up as CEO’s for some bank.
        Why will Ron Paul or………………………. (Fill in name), be any different.
        I have spent most of my life living in many different countries and I cannot name a single politician, who has done anything for an average (poor) person. These guys like the police work for the rich and take their orders from them.
        I have never voted in my life and pay no attention to the media, in fact, I gave my TV away last month.
        I would rather have a horse for a politician than a sociopath human.
        Notice how all politicians into the below mentioned description.

        Profile of the Sociopath
        Glibness and Superficial Charm
        Manipulative and Conning
        They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
        Grandiose Sense of Self
        Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”
        Pathological Lying
        Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
        Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
        A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
        Shallow Emotions
        When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.
        Incapacity for Love
        Need for Stimulation
        Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.
        Callousness/Lack of Empathy
        Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.
        Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
        Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
        Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
        Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.
        Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.
        Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
        Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.
        Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
        Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.
        Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
        Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

        Other Related Qualities:
        Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
        Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
        Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
        Conventional appearance
        Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
        Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
        Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
        Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
        Incapable of real human attachment to another
        Unable to feel remorse or guilt
        Extreme narcissism and grandiose
        May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

        (The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.)

        Take care.

        • Gendeau

          I’m glad that you stated you were talking about politicians before giving the list. That list fits a lot of the rabid end of the feminist spectrum.

          This checklist prompts the question; With such a natural head-start in these attrbutes, why aren’t there more leading wimminz politicians?

          • Edmond

            As always stupid men, will do womens dirty work.

        • Eff’d Off

          Is this from a book called “The Mask of Sanity” ?

          If it is I recommend to all MRA’s it be read.
          I read it years ago but lent it to someone and it has long gone. I have been looking for a copy of it for some time but have had no luck.

          Very good to see this here, thanks. :)

      • BeijaFlor

        Oh, I don’t know that Caligula was so bad … at least he appointed the whole horse. We ignore the front part of the horse in our politics; many are the horse’s asses in Congress and the U.S. Senate.

    • MasculistMan

      Ah Blogovich. He probably has more Illinois state senate seats available so pick one up today.

      Illinois:the only state where you can vote twice.

  • Stu

    It would be a good thing if an elected ruler of a western country had a very deep and personal hatred of feminism. And he has good reason too.

    • James Cook

      I’ll go out on a limb here, expecting many red thumbs for this, but I can’t help but mention that ONE elected ruler of a western state IS openly against the doctrines of feminism:

      Pope Benedict, the elected head of state of Vatican City.

      Hey, come on, you asked! 😉

      • Gendeau

        By disallowing the use of condoms, he isn’t helping the health of the third world much though, is he (or the last one)? Might cut down on poverty if they could restrict family size too. How many people are dying / are dead because condoms are ‘evil’?

        The top of religious movements seem to put the interests of the business ahead of those of the poor all too often (not just your sect or religion).

        At the grass roots level feminism and misandry are reportedly rampant throughout christianity.

        Religion as a business (as opposed to personal belief) has much in common with big money politics AFAICS.

      • keyster

        This attitude I’m afraid is, and always has been common to many MRA’s. The nilihist/anarchist/let hell rain down types are a distraction and do nothing to help men, but we allow them to rant none the less.


  • Adi

    Lol, I was wondering when someone would discuss that Ozymandias site.

    One of their first articles was basically a list of “what makes a real man” and it had all the conservative “patriarchal” chivalry you’d find 60 years ago. I called it misandry and misogyny at the same time. I justified why and got future comments deleted – even when they were positive.

    In all fairness, I do believe some of the writers there are genuinely trying to reach out to men. I just don’t think they will manage that without finding themselves fighting against feminists. The two sides are not reconcilable. At least not the way feminism is at the moment.

  • yurlungur

    Most Politicians support feminism because it is in their interest not because they are particular true believers IMHO.
    If the MRM is to succeed then we have to:
    A. Make it (politically,financially,etc) painful to support feminism
    B. Generate so much heat that we generate our own bandwagon

    How many times have we seen a politician shift his view on an issue when it become convenient to do so.

    What we are seeing from the like of the ‘good-men’ project etc is an attempt to DE-toxify the feminist brand by pretending to care about men.

    If someone points to one of these “we really do care about men” articles then ask them:
    Why are we only seeing these articles now?
    What has changed since these issue where raised long before now?

    WE must continue to expose these feminists as the hateful bigots they are.

    • yurlungur

      They will pretend to care one moment, but the next moment they will lobby for more anti male legislation.

    • Bev

      Exactly Feminists have been using the tactics of fear forever.

      I’m not sure we should however. By all means get in their faces, discredit their propaganda and show people the damage they have caused but to use the fear tactic could make MRA’s look as bad as feminists. People should be allowed to change their views because the see feminism as bad not because you are threating to hit them with a baseball bat.

  • Snark

    Here’s one for register-her.

    Killed her 11 year old son, walks free from court.

    “Mother killed her son out of ‘love not malice’, says judge”


    I guess this is what they mean by ‘women are more empathetic’. When they’re strangling you, or mutilating you, or shoving red hot pokers in your eyes, they’re doing it OUT OF LOVE. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

    • Snark

      How does I submit to register-her

    • yurlungur

      Did you comment on the article?

    • SingleDad

      And they say feminism in theUK isn’t as bad as the US, stories like this make me think it’s just as bad. My theory is that desite 200 years of political separation, alot of social trends still start in the UK. Lately I’ve been wondering if feminism didn’t really start under the rule of Queen Elizebeth.

      Move is done, I’ve donated Paul, thanks for the great work your doing. Have you ever considered doing Youtube video’s, just a thought.

      Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

      • Bev

        From what I read I actually think it is worse. Commentators are saying England has totally changed for the worse and its too late (short of a revolution) to save it from disintegrating. Though they are not totally blaming feminism. Multiculturism is also in the frame.

      • Bev

        Ironic actually. English speaking nations have based their society on their culture, English Law and the “rights of English men”. Now that nation is leading the way south. Portend of the future?

    • Perseus

      Only a ‘feminist’ filth rag could open a publication with this:

      “A *loving* mother who *strangled* her autistic son because…”

      The adjective ‘loving’ interjected before ‘strangled’, just to make sure the propaganda mind-fucking is in full effect. That’s quite the ‘journalism’.

      Read more:

      • MasculistMan

        It’s journalism alright just Hearst style journalism.

  • Edmond

    It was not her fault, …………….. (fill in mans name, any name, as long as it is male) was to blame.
    Who gives a shit, it was only a boy and there are not worth anything.

    Andrea Yates (born Andrea Pia Kennedy July 2, 1964) who killed her five young children and she is a victim as well.

    Get ready for a new Conscious Men, video.

    • Perseus

      Feminists tell us their true bigotry in every move they make:

      1) Adult females are first class citizens
      2) Child females are second class citizens

      * Adult males and child males do not even make it on the list as citizens. Child males are a pestilence, and those that survive the feminist terrors to adulthood are slave labor.

      Yet somehow with their doublespeak marketing we are to believe that all of their atrocities are ‘for the children’ and ‘in the best interest of the children’. Feminists are DECISIVELY NOT in the best interests of children. Feminism is about one thing, adult female superiority and reign over all. Sniping bitches.

  • Peter Charnley

    I suspected that the accusation was false when I first read about it.

    The great irony about the outcome of all this is that Dominique Struass-Kahn’s chances of winning next year’s French presidential elections have been greatly improved.

    In the European press, and among the French people, many see this whole thing as having been a political conspiracy and are predicting a spectacular political comeback for Struass-Kahn. Opinion polls clearly reflect this.

    And guess what feminist paranoia in the guise of this lying little chamber maid has consequently thwarted ? – yes – France’s first female President. A name I cannot recall at present, but it would have been a woman who was a front runner for the leadership of the socialist party considered certain winners in next years elections.

    Struass-Kahn has now become that leading front runner provided he can clear up the legal mess in time. Which is probable.

    Sorry girls but you and your little sister with the mop and the twisted imagination, should have taken those ‘do not disturb’ signs more seriously.

    • Luek

      God, I hope he does win and big too! That would poke a finger or something else in the eye of America’s feminist clique!

    • keyster

      The french have a completely different view of sex assault. If it was deemed to be perhaps a little forceful but not violent, they’ll forgive it as “sex play”. And remember he’s accused of “attempted” sexual assault, which the french also have a different view of.

      Once this blows over it will actually help him and his chances for president.

      Oh and the accusor has a history of prostitution, but because of feminist rape shield laws, that can’t be discussed either.

      Questioning the accusor or witnesses history “going to the credibility” is only allowed in any other crime BUT rape.

    • BeijaFlor

      My sense of outrage in the DSK affair would be best assuaged by a photo of Nafissatou Diallo, in an orange jumpsuit and irons, being sentenced to the fullest extent of the law for Felony Perjury (False Rape Accusation).

      Would it be too vindictive for me to imagine the following sentence? Five years in a MEN’s prison, cleaning toilets and being passed from hand to hand among the inmates.

  • Robert O’Hara

    The issue brought up in this article is a very important one. Recognizing that feminists are using conciliatory decoys in a desperate attempt to maintain control over all gender and gender related issues will just underscore their hypocrisy.

    It is very very important to feminists and feminism that they dominate the discourse of all things gender related because the truth will hurt them most.

    • keyster

      Very true Bob, and they have a bunch of men (academics, journalists, celebrities, etc.) helping them do this…in the guise of “men’s spokespersons”.

  • SingleDad

    Don’t worry jmnzz, the nature of women will not allow them to ever see anything other than their own self interest so all attempts at appealing to men’s rights issues will fall flat, IMO.

    What I am concerned with are appeal by women who wish to unshackle themselves from feminism to mens natural desire to protect women.

    I can see women picking fights with mens rights leaders and turning other men against each other in response.

    How do we prepare for that?

    Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

    • keyster

      They’ve been trying to that for 30 years and many STILL fall for it, until the old guard steps in and clarifies their real motives. and shuts them down.

      These are typically the “humanist” types that step in to divide and conquer.

  • quackademic

    Gender-feminists believe that all hetero-sex is rape!!! Any questions??

  • Luek

    I knew this was some type of false accusation honey trap when I read that he made her perform oral sex. I doubt if oral sex can be forced on a female by a male. Unless this false accuser was endentulous the alleged perp was taking one hell of a risk to his physical well being for a few minutes of third rate pleasure.

    • BeijaFlor

      I wouldn’t dream of forcing my ‘manly hydraulics’ into an orifice with TEETH.

  • quackademic

    Edmond, Im keeping my eye out for the “Conscious men” series.

  • Perseus

    Rape must be declassified as a particularly special type of crime. It is not. It is physical assault like any other. All the ‘special’ considerations that the feminist-left has crammed into our legal system are precisely antithetical to the intent of rule by law. A fucking law applies universally to everyone without special treatment about mindreading ‘hateful thoughts’ or race or sex or whatever. Assault is assault and the more serious the assault, the more serious the punishment. Rape is not a particularly special form of assault, especially with the flagrant bastardization of its modern use to include shit like consensual ‘statutory rape’ and ‘oh I take it back, now I want to call it rape’ rape. Feminists have exploited the ‘rape’ tool, to cudgel the male populace beyond recognition. How about some ‘rape’ walks to liberate the absurdity of the ‘rape’ exploit? Rape, rape, rape that is all they ever say.

    • keyster

      When a man rapes another man it’s considered assault in many jurisdictions.

      • Perseus

        Thank you very much, keyster, this is exemplifies the point exactly.

    • SingleDad

      OMG your a pro-rape activist!


  • Things Are Bad

    Given even the limited information about the case and the accusations, it was obvious from the get-go that Nafissatou Diallo was in all likelihood lying.

  • Perseus

    I don’t know if it is possible, but it would be a great addition to this site if it could send email notices to commenters when replies are made to comments, the way YouTube does. I very much like that feature about YouTube, it really facilitates dialogue.

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  • andybob

    I always feel a pang of pity for that sofa groaning under Dworkin. Here’s something to ponder. That was actually a glamour shot. Imagine what she looked like before they hosed her down, combed her moustache and screwed the dog-filter onto the lens. Rumour has it they later found the traumatised stylist wedged up her arse because she was sitting on him – that would explain her smirk.

  • Rog

    why would feminists start supporting mens rights issues in ways that they control i.e. manginas writing articles and mangina high profile speakers showing up at recent meetings for mens rights issues? i have an idea that they know that the mrm is close to have a verry good basis for asking for funding soon and im sure in one way or another they would like to be in control of who gets that money? could you see a mangina heading the mens issues funding board? just a thot guys,, what do you think?

  • Primal
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  • tyciol

    Sweet rant. I do hold out some hope, I think a lot of what people include in feminism might be stolen out of equality books (voting being the easiest example for me to think of this late) so you can get the moderate ones as allies. I don’t think many understand the problems with some things they support unless it’s blatantly explained.

  • cornutts05

    Looks like I posted in the wrong place. A false accusation stuck…a no contact order was upheld after the trial…an order that I thought was handed down from a support hearing stating no contact either by phone or in person. She got on the phone bitching at me while I was talking to my son. I hung up and emailed her as it was withing the order. She printed the email and took it to the DA and filed a show cause for contempt…which of course I was convicted of regardless of my perfect defense and a 1977 supreme court ruling that for a violation of contempt to occur, the decree has to be written in express terms and not implied. Apparently, the circuit court set new precedence for little ol me. It was proven on the stand that she contacted me by phone, but walked away with not so much as a harsh talking to…nothing. So I have been separated for 15 months and nothing is settled because we can have no contact. Her lawyer keeps dragging things out so she can live in the house for free. Meanwhile, I have to pay the mortgage, spousal support, child support…not to mention my bills. I am going in the whole every month, I am going to get medically retired from the military, and the house is going to foreclose because I can’t afford to pay for a house that I am not living in. She is living for free, has everything I own and I can’t get any of it, and is effectively taking my son from me whom I love dearly and have always invested quality time in. The judges treat me like I’m a criminal. I am highly decorated from my service to this country and have buried several friends in Arlington. This woman won’t even work. She tampered with my witness at the trial and the DA did nothing about it. If I would have done it, I would probably have went to jail for contempt. I am completely disgusted, and about to lose everything I have worked for while she sat on her lazy ass getting fatter, but now she was the loving wife who saw to our son, and I am the quintisential dead beat father. I am ready to pack up and go “Jeremiah Johnson” on this country’s ass! If they want me they are going to have to by God come and get me…and I will be bearing arms. I am not there yet, but it is on the horizon. I am not going to be an indentured servant because the courts say it is the right thing. Where are my rights? Why can I not protect the assets that I am on the hook for? Why is the constitution thrown out when an accusation is made. There is such a double standard. The Casey Anthony trial is an example. To ensure that her rights weren’t violated, she ultimately walked free. When a man is accused, his rights are stripped, and thanks to the Leutenberg ammendment, if convicted, his second ammendment rights are gone forever. If there is ever an effective movement against this bullshit, I’m on board.

  • cornutts05

    Oh yeah, my original post was under the article…”How femenists define gender traits”.

  • cornutts05

    Here it is:

    I am new to the site, but here’s one for ya. My future ex attacked me while I was picking up the atv. She pushed me, continually blocked my path and took the keys from me. When I went to get them back she clung to them with a death grip and started a tug of war and fell her fat ass on the ground. I was arrested and charged with domestic assualt. In court, her and her best friend said I choked her and dragged her across the ground by the neck. She had a paper cut sized scratch on her finger from her ridiculous behavior clinging to the keys and that was all. I was convicted of disorderly conduct by a female judge who said that if I hadn’t had been there, my ex wouldn’t have ended up on the ground. Keep in mind that it is my house and I had every right to be there, and their stories didn’t match each other or the police report and got caught up in several lies…isn’t perjury a crime? This is the damage that the femenists are reaping upon us.

  • reality578

    The first step is a voice:
    Were you charged and convicted as an adult for a crime when you were under 18?
    Were you falsely accused of the crime?
    Are you willing to participate in a confidential university professor-led study about your
    Your story MAY be featured in a documentary, with your permission.
    Click the link below and complete the screening questions to confirm eligibility for the study.

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